Chapter 220: Brother Replaced The Cultivation Partner




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Shouts and sounds of swords piercing flesh sounded in front of the pavilion.

After the person in the late *Foundation Building* stage was dealt with, the remaining four cultivators in the early *Foundation Building* stage were not even worth mentioning.

Ye Anping, with just his sword, took down one person every ten steps. In about forty steps, there were four more bodies with their heads separated in front of the pavilion.

As the snow continued to fall from the sky, Ye Anping scanned the five corpses around him to make sure that they were all dead. Then, he walked to Feng Yu Die, who was now sitting in the snow by the cedar and pulled down his mask.

"What happened to *secretly* following?"

"Ah... hehe..." Feng Yu Die had a silly smile on her face, looking quite embarrassed. "It won't have much impact, right?"

"Fortunately, no."

Ye Anping sighed, clamped the sword in the crook of his arm, and with a forceful jerk, wiped away the remnants of blood, then he put it back into the storage bag. "Luckily, the other late-stage *Foundation Building* cultivator took Yun Yiyi and her sister away first, or else we would have had a problem."

"Ahaha... sorry."

Feng Yu Die pursed her lips and said defensively, "I just slipped on a branch earlier."

Ye Anping didn't say anything. He looked at her swollen right wrist, and he thought it was probably dislocated, so he suddenly grabbed it.

"Bear with it."




Feng Yu Die's face turned pale, and she held her breath for a long time before she recovered. Then, she turned to look at the other person who was just standing there not far away and asked, "Young Master Ye, who is that girl?"

"It's none of your business. Can you walk now?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem!"

Feng Yu Die nodded and tried to use her sword as a crutch, supporting herself to stand up. But as soon as she stood up, she stumbled, lunging toward Ye Anping.



Somewhat helpless, Ye Anping had to support her. It seemed that her meridians were likely affected by the shock, but with Feng Yu Die's constitution, it would probably take half an hour to recover. He helped her sit down again.

"Replenish your Qi."

"Oh! Okay~"

Without paying any more attention to Feng Yu Die, Ye Anping walked back to the five corpses and picked up their storage bags one by one. He used his spiritual sense to investigate the contents inside.

Except for the person in the late stage of *Foundation Building* who had some spirit stones and magic weapons in his bag, the rest were all paupers.

After he moved the spirit stones and some useful things into his storage bag, he casually picked up a sword in someone's hand and walked toward Yu Shuiting, who was still standing there blankly.

Seeing him approaching, Yu Shuiting finally came back to her senses. She looked at the sword in Ye Anping's hand in horror and couldn't help but take a half step back, but didn't turn to run.

Ye Anping stopped ten feet away from her, then took out Ye An's pendant and pouch from his storage bag and threw it in front of her.

"Miss Yu, your partner has died by my sword. What will you do? All his belongings are in this storage bag, including the jade pendant symbolizing your love."


Stunned, Yu Shuiting looked down at the blood-stained bag that had fallen at her feet, and her face instantly turned pale.

Ye Anping carefully examined her expression and said distantly, "If you want to avenge him, I will give you a chance. Or you can take this storage bag and leave, and I will let you go. It's your choice."


Yu Shuiting's lips trembled slightly, and her body shivered with fear. She had just witnessed how easily Ye Anping severed the heads of those four cultivators in the *Foundation Building* stage.

All she could see was that those four people were decapitated. As for Ye Anping's sword techniques or movements, they were almost unattainable in her eyes.

Now, this man gave her two choices.

He claimed to give her an opportunity for revenge, but if she chose this option, she would end up like those people...

Yu Shuiting swallowed hard and glanced at the four grotesque faces lying around her. The fear in her heart intensified.



Yu Shuiting gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and took out her sword from the storage bag.

She sniffed and looked up at Ye Anping. "Well... sniff--"

Seeing her like this, Ye Anping sighed helplessly, feeling slightly sorry for her.

In fact, he really wanted Yu Shuiting to choose the latter option of taking the storage bag and leaving. That way, it would save him the trouble. But since Yu Shuiting insisted on choosing to die for love, he wouldn't stop or persuade her.

"Have you made up your mind?"

Yu Shuiting bit her lip and nodded resolutely. "Mmm."

"Well, okay then." Ye Anping let out a long breath, and his eyes narrowed as he raised his sword slightly. "Come."

Considering that Yu Shuiting was a girl, Ye Anping didn't want to make her suffer. He planned to behead her with one swift strike and give her a quick death.

However, just as he was about to swing his sword...

"Wait wait wait!!!"

Feng Yu Die, who was leaning against a tree nearby, interrupted in a loud voice, causing both Ye Anping and Yu Shuiting to stop what they were doing and turn their heads to look at her.

She had been eavesdropping on their conversation and guessed what was going on, so she quickly said, "Young Master Ye, please wait a moment."

"...What is it?"

Feng Yu Die pursed her lips and looked at Yu Shuiting. "Miss Yu, don't be so hard on yourself... life is precious... you have to cherish it... Just take the storage bag and go away. If he said he would let you go, he would definitely let you go. Young Master Ye keeps his word."


"And isn't it just a cultivation partner? If he dies, he dies. You can find another one later."


Yu Shuiting frowned slightly and replied softly, "But my lord Ye said..."

Feng Yu Die hurriedly interrupted. "Ah, men's mouths are deceitful. Don't listen to that man's nonsense promises. My master once told me that with men, you never know if they'll abandon you for someone prettier in the future. You don't have to sacrifice your life for a man, right?"


"Look, are you doing this for spirit stones? If so, how about I lend them to you? I can come up with several hundred thousand spirit stones as long as you remember to repay me in the future. I won't charge interest, how about it?"

As the saying goes, first is resolve, then uncertainty, and then comes exhaustion.

Yu Shuiting pouted. She had just mustered up the courage to face death, but this interruption from Feng Yu Die shattered it all, extinguishing her will to die.


The sword slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Ye Anping sighed and put his own sword back into his storage bag, then said, "Take this storage bag and go."


After a moment of silence, Yu Shuiting slowly squatted down and picked up Ye An's storage bag from the ground. She glanced at Ye Anping and Feng Yu Die, then turned around and ran into the snowy forest.