Chapter 894: The Yellow Emperor's Decision

Zhou Zhou and the Yellow Emperor then discussed the specific details of the transaction, and finally decided to sell nearly one trillion pieces of equipment and skill books to the human race for 50 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

Zhou Zhou promised to hand over the Mist Cores and the skill book to the human race after the Supreme Council meeting.

The human race promised to hand over 50 billion Mist Cores to Zhou Zhou in batches within a month until the transaction was completely completed.

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Both sides were happy, especially Zhou Zhou!

Zhou Zhou had already prepared this trillion amount of equipment and skill books, and it would take a long time to sell them, and the expected profit from the sale was only about 40 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

Now he has not only found a buyer for the 100 billion worth of equipment and skill books, but the other party is also willing to spend 50 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores to complete the transaction between them.

This has far exceeded his expectations. How could he be dissatisfied?

After the thorough discussion, Yellow Emperor smiled and said:

"Sixth Speaker, do you know what confidence I have to buy your equipment and skill books with 50 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores without compromising the current interests of the human race?"

After he finished speaking, not to mention Zhou Zhou, even the eyes of other senior human race officials were full of curiosity.

Honestly, when the Yellow Emperor proposed the idea of acquisition, they themselves were shocked.

As one of the ruling parties of the human race, they naturally know the situation of the human race thoroughly.

Logically speaking, the human race shouldn't have that many Mist Cores to purchase such a large amount of equipment and skill books right now?

After Zhou Zhou finished listening, he pondered for a few seconds and said:

"Is Your Excellency going to sell it to other forces?"

"Haha, you guessed it." The Yellow Emperor smiled and nodded amidst the expressions of people who suddenly realized, "Yes, I am planning to sell this batch of your equipment and the Mist Cores to the people of foreign races who are close to our human race."

"And this is what I planned to tell everyone at the end of the meeting."

"However, that can wait. You probably have something more to discuss, judging by your expression."

"That's right, I have two other types of commodities to sell other than the equipment and the skill books." Zhou Zhou said.

"First category:"

He waved his right hand and three items appeared in midair. One was powder, one was ointment, and one was medicine.

"This is a special profession creation called 'Dark Walker' from our territory."

"They are called the second generation Demon Vanquishing Powder, the second generation Demon Concealment Ointment, and the third generation Sacred Redemption Medicine!"

"Among them, the Demon Vanquishing Powder can eliminate the additional strength increase obtained by the fog monsters after entering the night. It also has a 10% weakening effect on their strength."

"The second-generation Demon Concealment Ointment can be applied to life forms. It can also make life forms that are covered in the Demon Concealment Ointment have a high chance of treating living beings that use the Demon Concealment Ointment as members of the fog monster camp when they encounter fog monsters, thereby preventing the user from being attacked by fog monsters."

"The third-generation Sacred Redemption Medicine can be consumed by living beings that have already transformed into fog monsters and turn them back into normal life forms.

"However, there's a limit to using it. The time it takes for the other party to transform into a fog monster must be within 20 years. If it exceeds 20 years, it can't be reversed."

"Our Blazing Sun Kingdom has already mass-produced these three potions. If everyone is interested, you can cooperate with our Blazing Sun Kingdom for a long time. As long as you don't do anything inappropriate, we welcome anyone to trade with us."

After "He" finished speaking, all the higher-ups of the human race looked at the three potions in a daze, especially the last Sacred Redemption Medicine.

It could actually turn a creature that had transformed into a fog monster back into a normal life form?!

Tens of thousands of races had tried this kind of exploration before. Even though a very small number of races had success in their research, the cost of building it was extremely high and could not be popularized on a large scale.

Now, the King of the Blazing Sun had actually told "Them" that "Their" Blazing Sun Kingdom could already mass-produce this reverse medicine. How could "They" not be shocked?

Just as they were about to say something, Zhou Zhou took out the last item.

It was a Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate.

"Imperial soldier type Class Change Certificate?"

When Yellow Emperor and the others saw this Class Change Certificate, their eyes lit up. "Are you selling Class Change Certificates like ours? How many copies are there? What price are you planning to pay? We'll take them all!"

This was a good thing. Moreover, it could immediately increase one's combat strength. No one would think that it was too little.

Zhou Zhou thought to himself, Not only do I have this Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate.

He also had the Class Change Certificate of the Soul Absorbing Demon Spirit and the Taboo Mage, these two empire-level soldier types.

However, these two empire-level soldier types were too evil. If they were nurtured, not only would they be a threat to him, but in the end, they might even be useless and nurture subordinates for the enemy faction.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou did not even put them in the Monster Ranches to nurture, let alone trade them to the humans.

"I do plan to sell this Class Change Certificate."

"As for the price... one Epic-Tier Mist Core and one Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate."

"In terms of quantity, I can take out a billion copies of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate every day."

"Your Holiness, if you can eat them all, I can sell them all to you." Zhou Zhou said.

That was not all that he had. His monster ranches could provide him with 1.8 billion copies of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate every day. He kept 800 million copies behind just to prevent any accidents.

After he finished speaking, everyone was shocked and then overjoyed.

One billion Empire-level soldier type Class Change Certificate!

If what this Sixth Speaker said was true, then this one billion imperial-level soldier type Class Change Certificate could completely allow all the close combat soldiers in the human empire to be promoted to imperial-level close combat soldiers!

If the Sixth Speaker could provide one billion empire-level soldiers every day, it would not be difficult to change all the melee soldiers in the human race to empire-level soldiers!

When all the melee soldier types reached the empire level, the strength of the entire human race would probably increase by more than five to six times!

"Then we humans can take them all!"

The Yellow Emperor said without hesitation.

As long as what Zhou Zhou said was true, "He" would buy it on behalf of humanity no matter the price.


"Then from tomorrow onwards, I'll start sending the empire-level soldier type Class Change Certificate to the human race." Zhou Zhou said with a smile.

With one billion copies of the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate, even if he only bought one Epic-Tier Mist Core per copy, he could easily earn 100 million Legendary-Tier Mist Cores.

Not to mention that his monster ranch would expand in the future. At that time, he would be able to sell even more Class Change Certificates.

"Oh yes, if you don't have enough Mist Cores, I'll temporarily accept the use of life elemental gems and death elemental gems to exchange for Mist Cores." Zhou Zhou added.

The upper echelons of the human race pondered.

Even though they also wanted to use the two gems to trade, they would naturally use such treasures that could increase the level of their territory. There was not much left...

Zhou Zhou didn't say anything else when he saw this. Instead, he looked at the Yellow Emperor and said, "Your Holiness, I'm done."

"Then I'll start."

"I've decided."

"From today onwards, we humans will shrink our forces in all directions. We can even give up most of the human territories for this. We need to move all the human Subjects to the Primordial World to recuperate."

The Yellow Emperor's words were earth-shattering and the expressions of the upper echelons of the human race immediately changed.