Chapter 896: Trading The Territory Of The Human Empire!

"As long as the three of you understand."

"As for the Subjects of my Great Xia Empire and the Heavenly Barbarian Empire, you don't have to worry. I will be responsible for transferring all the Subjects of these two human empires to the Primordial World."

"After we reach the Primordial World, you don't have to worry about not having a place to stay."

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"As a Middle World created by Regal Pangu, the Primordial World is infinitely close to the Boundless Universe. It's extremely vast and can accommodate ten trillion human Subjects. Don't worry and move all the human Subjects over."

The Yellow Emperor said.

Among the five empires of the human race, which one of them was not built by the human race after spending a long time resisting countless foreign enemies and burying the blood of countless humans?

If one had to say that he couldn't bear to, "He" was more reluctant than any of the higher-ups of the human race present.

However, there was nothing he could do now.

The outcome of moving the empire to the Primordial World was better than the human empire being destroyed by the enemies of the people of foreign races after all.

"Yes, Your Excellency."

The upper echelons of the human race spoke one after another, but they were still not in a good mood.

"Oh yes."

At this moment, the Yellow Emperor suddenly thought of something and looked at Zhou Zhou. "Sixth Speaker, are you interested in making a deal?"

"What deal?"

Zhou Zhou, who was originally in a heavy mood, could not help but be stunned when he heard this.

"After the five human empires and other human factions move to the Primordial World, the territory we were originally in will definitely be occupied by the surrounding people of foreign races."

"Since it will be occupied by others no matter what, why don't we just let you take over?"

The Yellow Emperor smiled.

"Let me take over?"

Zhou Zhou was shocked.

The Yellow Emperor nodded.

Zhou Zhou shook his head and said, "The supreme agreement won't allow it, right? Besides, I can't take over the entire human territory."

If the Lords of all races could take over the huge human territory as they pleased, then there was no need to continue the Lord of All Races Contest. They would directly let the Lords of all races of the top races take over the territory of their own race from the great civilizations behind them. Then, they would directly fight a decisive battle with the Lords of all races of the other great civilizations to decide the final candidate for the Lord of All Races.

The Yellow Emperor shook his head and smiled as he explained,

"If I give it to you for free, the Supreme Agreement will definitely not allow it."

"But if you buy it from us humans, it won't be considered a violation of the supreme agreement."

"This is just like how you used a divine artifact to recruit human God Spirits to fight for your Blazing Sun Kingdom."

"This is a fair trade, not behind-the-scenes racial aid like cheating."

"As for taking over the entire human territory, you naturally can't do it at the moment."

"But if you only accept one or two human empires, I believe you can still do it, right?"

The Yellow Emperor smiled.

In terms of military strength alone, Zhou Zhou's Blazing Sun Kingdom was no longer inferior to an ordinary empire-level Lord faction. Therefore, "He" hoped to hand over a portion of the human empire's territory to Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou came to a realization.

So that was what the Yellow Emperor was thinking.

"If Your Excellency leaves with the Subjects and the empire, what else will be left for me in this human territory?" He pondered for a long time and asked.

"The vast land, the rich variety, the extremely high production, the various mineral resources that have yet to be mined or mined, as well as all kinds of natural resources, monster resources, materials resources, and other ordinary and rare resources.

"In addition, there are a large number of self-built buildings left behind after our human city moved. As long as you put the corresponding Building Blueprints into them, these self-built buildings can restore the functions of the original blueprint buildings."

"It's mainly these few types. There are many other small benefits. As there are too many of them, I won't mention them. You can slowly understand them in the future."

The Yellow Emperor said truthfully.

Zhou Zhou's heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

The territories that the humans possessed in the high continent were not worth mentioning in the eyes of other high-level bloodline races. However, in the eyes of a Lord of a myriad race that was not even an Advance Kingdom, it was already quite a vast area.

In addition, this human territory was filled with the various benefits mentioned by the Yellow Emperor.

If he could really inherit these inheritances left behind by the human race and make full use of them, he would definitely be able to make a profit!

"Your Excellency, when do you plan to move everyone to the Primordial World?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"The enemy is aggressive and determined to destroy our Human Race. We naturally can't delay." The Yellow Emperor sighed. Then, his expression became firm. "In three days, this is the deadline left for our Human Race. Within this deadline, we will accept as many Human Race factions as we can into the Primordial World."

"Three days later, the Primordial World has to close and enter the deepest part of space to hide."

"At that time, those humans who have yet to enter the Primordial World will stay in the High Continent and split up. They will survive until the day we humans see the light of day again."

Zhou Zhou pondered for a moment and said,

"With my current ability, I can only go and occupy the territories of the Divine Sword Empire, the Knight Empire, and the Saha Empire after they leave. As for the other two empires and the other scattered human territories, I'm helpless."

There were too many scattered human territories, and they were too scattered. Even if Zhou Zhou had an army of ten billion, it was impossible for him to send them to the entire supreme continent to search for these scattered territories.

As for the Great Xia Empire and the Heavenly Barbarian Empire, Zhou Zhou did not want to occupy these two human empires purely because they were too far away from the Blazing Sun Kingdom and were not conducive to occupation and rule.

After all, a few days would have passed by the time he arrived. By then, the two territories would have already been occupied by the surrounding people of foreign races or Scarlet Lord forces.

The Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, Bai He, and the Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light, Royegar, thought for a moment and nodded.

It was already very rare for the Lord of The Blazing Sun to be able to do this.

"They" could not let Zhou Zhou do too much. It was better than being occupied by other factions after all.

"If you want to take down the territory of the three empires... How about this? How about 50 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores and 20 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates?"

"Among them, 50 billion Legendary-Tier Mist Cores will be the price of the previous 500 billion skill books and 500 billion equipment. As for the 20 billion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificate, how about you slowly pay it to the humans in the future?" The Yellow Emperor said.


Zhou Zhou agreed without hesitation.

There were probably more than 100,000 regional territories among the three empire-level Lord factions!

In addition, there were countless mineral resources, materials, natural resources, and other types of ordinary and rare resources...

Zhou Zhou felt that he had made a killing.