Chapter 91: Attracting Attention

Four days later...

It was nightfall in Millfall, and it was raining moderately over the city.

The streets were virtually deserted, and smoke billowed from the many chimneys around the city, warming the homes of the locals from the chill that usually accompanied this time of year.

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But while most of the people in town were in their homes resting or socializing with their families, in a building further away from the center of town, many people were having fun.

The lighting in this building was somewhat different, with warm colors that matched the red walls of the interior of this building.

A special scent surrounded the entire interior of this place while music played, helping to drown out the many conversations of the people in the area but also cheering up the many customers there.

Beautiful ladies in little dresses circulated around the area, all of them attractive and always with a smile on their faces.

If Rory saw this place, he would realize what was being sold there...

But while in some corridors of this building, 'characteristic' sounds came from the throats of men in 'dancing' women, there was a luxurious office on the top floor of this 4-story building.

There were five men, most of them very well dressed, in this office of about 200 square meters, which even had a bathtub, but it was not being used at the moment.

At one end of this superb office, the men sat around a large desk, where the bigger seat in the area had its back to a glass wall that overlooked much of the city.

"Boss, a group on the rise has been attracting local attention lately." A man standing next to the table said in a grave tone but without expressing much concern.

"A group attracting attention?" A tall, strong blond man asked, looking at the standing subordinate.

Meanwhile, the boss sitting in the largest chair narrowed his eyes and asked. "Why haven't I heard anything about them if they are attracting attention? Is this group, by any chance, operating outside of our territory?"

The subordinate explained to his leaders. "I expressed myself badly. Sorry. This group has attracted the attention of some merchants in the city area that no other group controls.

This group of mercenaries started offering their services to two taverns a few days ago. After only a few days of operation, they already protect 6 taverns and a store in the area.

It is growing rapidly and slowly becoming big enough to attract attention with its operation."

"Oh? A group on the rise? What are they doing?" A tanned, balding man asked as he sat across from the group leader.

"They protect the facilities. I have heard that some of the subordinates of our less important members have already been affected by this group. They are dealing with petty thieves and improving security in the area." The subordinate said, speaking calmly, for although he was there to inform, he didn't feel threatened.

As far as he knew, the group mainly consisted of Apprentices and relied heavily on strategies that wouldn't work for long or against any kind of competition. As far as he was concerned, this group would grow a bit and then stagnate.

However, as someone who worked for an important person who might be interested in this little group, he had to report on it.

It wasn't his job to decide if it was important!

"That sounds a bit like what we do, right?" A black-haired man asked, looking at his boss.

They acted a little differently, but they also provided protection. Protection from themselves!

Those who did not want their establishments to be threatened, looted, or robbed within the territory of this group had to pay a monthly fee. These businesses could operate normally, even at night, by paying this fee.

The members of this group would not take action against such places, and if someone did take action in their territory, they would have problems with them!

The boss of this criminal organization heard this and said. "Parker, keep an eye on this group. If they get to the point where they generate enough to cover the cost of a battalion, send someone to connect us with them immediately.

But if they turn out to be on the side of our enemies, do not hesitate to order the destruction of these amateurs.

"OK, boss!" The subordinate who brought the information said before leaving, determined to assign someone to watch over Vicente and Rory's group!


Meanwhile, at the estate where Nina and Eve lived, they were having a special dinner together with Vicente and Rory today.

After Vicente became Benson's new disciple, days passed, and Rory had finally advanced to the second level of the magical rank, Intermediate Apprentice!

As a vital member of this family, his advancement delighted everyone there, and tonight, they were celebrating together.

But that was not all they had to celebrate. Days after the previous situation with the Peters family, they began to feel the effects of their success.

Now, six taverns like Zander's were under their protection, and this morning, an extracts shop had begun to be protected by this group.

With the right subordinate, Vicente created another group in the local mercenary guild to justify his actions without exceeding the number of people in his group.

This was a corrupt society. Some laws hindered those who did not know or have the means to corrupt the right people. But with the courage to bribe and coins piling up in his hands, Vicente had used this to keep up appearances and bring his group "within" the law.

He now had 7 establishments under his protection, and another 3, a magic shop, a blacksmith shop, and an inn, all in his neighborhood, would join his operation in the next few days.

These 10 establishments were located within 3 blocks of the area where his group was based, his territory for the time being.

In this area, in addition to the men who guarded the establishments, men were strategically positioned around the main streets.

Gradually, the value of their territory increased, and the most recent agreements regarding these 3 new establishments even included higher monthly fees for Vicente's group.

Instead of 1 gold coin, these establishments would have to pay 3 gold coins per month!

This was not much, but it was enough to improve the group's savings. Not only that, but this small amount was important to increase the group's territory.

Depending on how one looked at the situation of this group, one could see Vicente's action as charging rent for an area that was not even his!

Once he was recognized as the "owner" of the area, he could raise the prices as he pleased!

As they ate with Eve and Nina, Rory and Vicente laughed heartily, pleased with what they had done so far, but much more to come.

Vice announced when everyone was silent for a few moments. "I'm sorry, Nina, I won't be able to have dinner with you tomorrow. Next night, we are going to meet Baron Irwin."