Chapter 961: , Seniors And Juniors

Brother assist was rather depressed. He had been busy all this while, running back and forth online and offline, but in the end, he did not get to see any good shows. How could the gossipy brother assist bear this? Once he was right in front of him, he would forever be dead. Even if he were to ask around for a thousand miles, he would be long gone by now. Brother assist looked at his two short legs and could only sigh.

However, his feelings at that moment were very complicated. After he was resurrected, he had stayed in the respawn point for a long time. It was not because he was afraid of being ambushed or being pursued, but it was just that his conversation with someone who defied the natural order of things made him feel very uncomfortable. He thought that he would be able to face everything calmly, but in the end, he realized that even he despised his own actions from the depths of his heart. How could he accept this. He started to reminisce about his gaming career while he was at the Resurrection Point. He was stunned for a long time. He was an old player. His gaming career was very, very long.

On Yunduan City's side, the various large guilds had obtained extraordinary gains from their attacks. In comparison, the battle on the very heaven-defying side was the most suspenseful and tense, but the losses were the smallest. This was completely determined by the way the battle was fought. The other guilds were fighting a sea of players. Facing such elite equipment experts, although there was no suspense in exterminating them, it was all done with the lives of the players. Those who survived and picked up one or two pieces of equipment were naturally the lucky ones. As for how the equipment was to be controlled, that was the business of the respective guilds. There would inevitably be many grudges, but as for the battle against the workshop, the task had been successfully completed.

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The bosses of the workshops were all ashen-faced. At this point, the two puppet armies that each of them had sent out had been completely annihilated. Not a single one of them had returned alive.

The equipment that dropped could still be tolerated by these rich and powerful bosses, but this meant that their plans had been completely destroyed. What should they do next? Everyone looked at unrivaled super hero in a daze.

Unrivaled super hero's expression also changed several times. When he first heard that Yunduan City's players had attacked like this, he thought that the opportunity to stir up a storm had come. However, the scouts later reported that Yunduan City's players were simply staring at the puppet armies of their workshops. Meanwhile, the real players from the 26 guilds were still stationed near the bell tower without any movement. The two sides that they had originally wanted to stir up a dispute actually did not have any direct conflict.

At that time, unrivaled super hero did not pay any attention to this because the eagle squad that he led on Eternal's side actually met with an extremely heaven-defying expert. He felt that this was an opportunity because he had a secret expert on his side, Chen Qiyi, thus, he hurriedly sent Chen Qiyi over, wanting to take this opportunity to annihilate the extremely heaven-defying expert.

In the end, just a moment ago, unrivaled super hero received the news that eternal squad had been annihilated, and Chen Qiyi actually fought with thousand miles drunk, who had caught up to the line, for a while before fleeing in panic. Moreover, according to the Hawk Regiment's subordinate who received the news, based on what he heard, this Chen Qiyi seemed to have some sort of relationship with thousand miles drunk.

This made matchless hero feel depressed even if he wanted to. Chen Qiyi was his trump card, the trump card that restricted all the major studios. He was the trump card that eliminated the most heaven-defying aces in battle, the trump card that suppressed thousand miles drunk in a one-on-one fight. The outcome was surprisingly not that fragile either, disappointing unrivaled super hero. He sent a message to Chen Qiyi to ask about the situation, but he had yet to receive a reply.

Chen Qiyi had been sprinting all this while, so he had no time to look for any news. If he were to compete with Gu Fei purely on kung fu, he would not have run away so quickly. However, Gu Fei's intention was clear: if he wanted to compete purely on kung fu, he could, but it was definitely not now. Everyone still had their own teams, and if he were to cause trouble for them.., then, he would just have to use a spell to kill him..

A spell... Chen Qi really wanted to vomit blood when he thought of this. This plaything that did not exist in the real world had perfectly countered the Tai Chi Kung that he was good at. If he were to use other kung fu, it would indeed be enough to deal with an ordinary player, but in front of a professional like Gu Fei, it would truly be a fool's errand. One had to know that there was a saying in martial arts: it was easy to change one's strength when fighting, but hard to change one's strength when fighting. There was even a saying that it was hard to find someone who had practiced tai chi for three years. Chen Qiyi specialized in tai chi, so his other martial arts were really just for show. For example, those who practiced both internal and external martial arts like internal and external martial arts were all martial arts prodigies. There was only one such person in this world, and that person was the opponent in front of Chen Qiyi. To be honest, even if Chen Qiyi were to use tai chi to push Gu Fei's hand, he was not confident that he would be able to push Gu Fei, not to mention that Gu Fei had to use magic to do so..

Still, if he was not a match for Gu Fei, Chen Qiyi would not be able to escape without even giving him a heads up. He really had something to hide, so he would explain it to him later!

Chen Qiyi thought to himself as he continued to run without stopping. He did not know how many rounds he had run, and he did not even know where he had run off to. In any case, he had not seen Gu Fei appear behind him all this while. Chen Qiyi finally stopped running when he reached a place where there were very few people. He was about to take a breather when he heard someone call out to him!

"Grandson!"He had just leaned against the wall when he heard someone call out to him. Chen Qiyi could already feel that someone was calling out to him, so he already knew who it was. He leaned against the wall and coughed loudly twice. Turning his head around, he saw that it was indeed Gu Fei.

"Who are you calling? !"Chen Qiyi asked.

"Aren't You Chen Qiyi? Quickly come over and greet your four grandmasters,"Gu Fei said.

"You, you, you..."Chen Qiyi still did not dare to say "Your grandmasters"even after saying "You"for a long time. This well-educated person would not lose his sense of propriety no matter what environment he was in, even in the game.

Now that they had caught up to him, Chen Qiyi knew that it would not be easy for him to escape. He took the initiative to approach Gu Fei, wanting to greet him.

"Forget it,"gu Fei waved his hand casually. Chen Qiyi did not greet Gu Fei with a big bow, but he still had to greet Gu Fei with a small bow. In the end, he pulled down his mask and called out, "Fourth uncle, how are you, Old Man? !"

Tell me, how can I stop Chen Qiyi from running away? Back then, when he and thousand miles drunk had met, he had already cursed inwardly when he saw Gu Fei flying down from the rooftop. If he had known that thousand miles drunk was actually Gu Fei, he would definitely have thought of a way to avoid this matter. In the end, they had already met, so he had no choice but to accept the challenge. Back then, he did not dare to say a single word, afraid that his identity would be exposed.

If his identity had not been exposed, he could still pretend to be muddle-headed. If his identity was exposed, he would have no choice but to go up and pay his respects. If a person did not show any courtesy, wouldn't he have to kneel down?

Actually, there was a 100% chance that they would be polite to each other. Although their seniority could not be messed up, they were of the same age after all, so it was fine if they could avoid it, so as to avoid the awkwardness between them. However, Chen Qiyi was very worried that Gu Fei would deliberately not be polite and pretend to be an elder in such a hostile situation.

When the two armies faced off against each other, with everyone watching, once the opponent's main general entered the field, he would directly kneel down instead of fighting! He would immediately kneel down! !

Under such circumstances, anyone would have to run away.

Since there was no one watching, he might as well kneel down. In the end, wasn't Gu Fei habitually being polite? Chen Qiyi was still thinking about the situation back then. If his identity was exposed, would this guy be polite or would he pretend to be ignorant?

Gu Fei looked at the person in front of him and chuckled, "Your son is pretty good, right?"

"Pretty good. He's very lively,"Chen Qiyi said.

"You're really good. Using your son's name as an alias in a game?"

"Heh..."chen qiyi giggled foolishly, his face filled with the happiness and intoxication of being a father. This man's real name was Chen Zizhang. His seniority was a level lower than Gu Fei's, but his age was on par with Gu Fei's. Moreover, he was already married, and his son was already three years old. His son's name was Chen Qiyi.

"What are you doing with your job?"Gu Fei asked.

"Nothing much,"Chen Zizhang said simply, and Gu Fei understood what was going on. All of this was something he had the opportunity to experience in the past, and what eternal dominion was currently experiencing was being invited by the studio to do an efficient grinding routine! When Chen Zizhang saw that there was an opportunity for him to earn some milk powder money out of thin air, he did not pay too much attention to it, so he accepted it. Honestly speaking, there was nothing much to be concerned about. Gu Fei was not too pleased with the intrepid studio, but the studio was still a legitimate businessman. They did not steal or rob from him; they just had a few more tricks up their sleeves. However, it seemed that after the failure of their previous collaboration with Gu Fei, they did not pull any more tricks this time, and the benefits they offered Chen Qiyi were rather generous.

The Chen family was also an aristocratic family. Although they were not as wealthy as the Gu family, they were not as poor as the small families like eternal dominion and the others. However, martial arts was still a very expensive activity. Chen Zizhang intended to nurture his son, Chen Qiyi, as well, so Chen Qiyi's milk powder money was no ordinary milk powder money, thus, Chen Zizhang did not stand on ceremony when he discovered that there was actually an opportunity to earn money while playing this game.

"What should we do now? Should I call you little qiyi or Zizhang?"Gu Fei asked.

"Call Me Zizhang!"Chen Ziyi quickly replied. Using Chen Qiyi's name was nothing to others, but to Gu Fei, it was akin to calling him a grandchild. It was already depressing enough to be a generation younger than his peers, but now that he was two generations younger, it was even more depressing. Chen Qiyi was now regretting it. If he had known that he would encounter this hero in the game, he would not have used his son's name as an alias.

"AH, the boss is calling me. I have to rush back,"Chen Zizhang saw the message and saw that unrivaled super was currently asking him a question!

"What should I say when I get back?"Gu Fei asked.

"What else can I say? I've just run into a relative, and he's still an elder, so I can't do anything to him..."Chen Zizhang said gloomily.

"Even if I do, I can't do anything to him. I think you should emphasize this point,"Gu Fei said.


"Alright, you can go ahead. If you follow the workshop to make a move again, I'll just use my spells to chop you to death. Let's forget about it this time. On account of you using Little Qiyi's name,"Gu Fei said.

"Then, thank you for being old!"Chen Zizhang said with a smile. In truth, they were of the same generation, and they were still young. They would not be too calculative about their seniority. For example, when Chen Zizhang addressed gu fei as "Your elder", he was not addressing him respectfully; it was a form of taunting to Gu Fei. Becoming an elder among his peers was not necessarily something worth being proud of. Just take a gathering for a meal or something like that. Chen Zizhang and the others would definitely be seated at a table where the young dominated, while Gu Fei would often be seated at a table full of white-bearded old men. Chen Zizhang would rather not have such an honor.