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Story 3: Skill Raising Start!

Even though Leona was still a baby, she had a pair of big and beautiful round eyes.

Perhaps she will grow into a beauty in the future is what I thought. Anyways, I was a useless childhood friend at one point in my past life.

Though It's still good while I'm a baby, when I come to the stage of me being able to talk, my communication problem will be exposed.....then my childhood friend will be caught in my [Charm] skill and we would get along well.

Well above all else, though I thought that I couldn't do anything in my period as a baby, I understood that I had to get more skills.

After Sarasa-san returned to her house, my father ― Ricardo-san and the Husband of Sarasa named Heinz returned from their work in the forest.

Ricardo-san's gathered timber and the raw materials from the monsters he subjugated are sold and turned into money which seemed to be 15 silver coins and several copper coins.

Since he only rests for 1 day each week, the average income of our household is 300 Silver coins ever half of the month.

From all the lumberjacks in the town, Ricardo-san is the one who earns a lot.

So that Remillia-san won't suffer from our household finances, when the tired Ricardo-san returns home, she serves him a Stew with Venison inside and some toasted bread.

"Thank you for the hard work today, Ricardo. A while ago, Sarasa-san from the Household of Heinz-san went here."

"Yeah, it's wonderful to have a good relationship between neighbors. Oh Hiroto, Have you been energetic today again?"

Ricardo-san who was in front of his meal stood up and went to my cradle and held me up in his arms.

Being held up by my finely muscular father, normally a baby would be so happy and go "Kyaa Kyaa", but my face became sullen. [1]

Though in my inner thoughts, I was very glad that my father is carrying me but as always, I couldn't skillfully show it to him.

"Hmm, you still aren't attached to me as I thought. Well maybe it's because were both men."

"About that, this child seemed to be attached to Sarasa-san a while ago"

"What, Is that true? You shouldn't poke your head on places like that Hiroto boy, She's the wife of my best friend you know"

"...kuh..." [2]

I just made a sound to express my complaint since I can't talk yet and Ricardo-san raised his eyes and started to laugh.
No matter how you see it, this guy looks like a handsome Hollywood actor.

Since I succeeded his blood, will I have a different face from my past look......?

Since I still haven't looked at a mirror yet, I had no idea what I looked like.

I remember. [3]

Ricardo-san with a wild evil face like that and had a powerful body like those gladiators in Rome.

Since Remillia-san is using a ponytail hairstyle, she had an impression of a sporty girl to me.

When compared to Ricardo-san, Remillia-san has the appearance of an innocent angel so Ricardo-san now somewhat has a criminal smell in him....

Well, the women in this world get married early. Late marriages in japan are popular so I unexpectedly compared it.

"Well I'm also a man so it's not like I don't understand you. Though you're mother is also beautiful, the wife of Heinz is also considerably beautiful."

"Oh wait just a minute dear, I can hear you, you know. Please don't teach weird thing to Hiroto now."

"So-so-so-sorry sorry. But you shouldn't worry since, my Remillia is the only woman I need."

"Sigh...You're always like that darling."

Though their communications was too vanilla for me but since they're just a newly married couple then I'll just overlook it for now. Since a virgin like me has a virgin like philosophic view in these situations.

Since after giving birth to me, though I can't see well at night, it seems like I'm gonna get a little brother or sister.
Though I had a little brother in my previous life, he was more successful in life than compared to me and he got along with Kyousuke too. [4]

Well if I didn't hear the news from my little brother then I wouldn't have known that Kyousuke and Hina was going out and I wouldn't end up like that.

However gradually, when I recall my past life like this, I don't get sad anymore.

Though I won't forget about my past, since my consciousness today is focused in this world, I don't think much about the past nowadays.

In the World of [Eternal Magia], where no one can defeat me, the place where I belong.

Though my past life was impossible for the communication disordered me but in this world will become a necessity to other people.

Not just for my parents, I want other people to acknowledge my existence as a necessity for them.

While think about this in my still luxurious lifestyle.....I'll accomplish it...someday.

"Ara Ara, it seems like Hiroto is thinking about something. So does this mean babies also have things the think about deeply?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if he's thinking about love affairs right now. Alright Hiroto, You'll be taking a bath with papa later."

"......Ugya,Ugya?!" (TL note: disgusted baby noises)

"Darling, you're sweaty and smell bad from working all day in the forest. I'll take a bath with Hiroto so you should take a bath alone for now."

"Muuu......Then I'll just leave it like that but if he always takes a bath together with his mother then won't he grow up as a weak man?"

The sulky Ricardo-san made an apologetic sad face as I am held up by Remillia-san and went inside the bathroom.

When I take a bath together with papa, it hurts a little since he can't control his scrubbing well enough...oh well, I'll just wash his back when the time comes where I can stand up on my own.

At the mid afternoon of the next day, Sarasa-san visited us again while holding up Leona. Though I thought that the she would be released from the [Charmed] state after a day passes.....
・[Charmed] state continues.

・noticed you.

・ muttered, 「Hiroto-chan, you look very energetic today......That's good......」
[H-Her state isn't resolved yet....Wait, The bad status hasn't been released yet?]

The only reason that I can think of from why the [charmed] state hasn't been released yet is because Sarasa-san's affection rate went up too much.

If only I could see her [Detailed Status] then I would understand how much her Affection rate for me. However, it is impossible to see it with just the [Charisma] skill and that's why I can't make a conclusion for Sarasa-san's behavior.
・is cuddling Leona.

・is delighted.

・looked at you.

・cheeks blushed.
In the game, if the person watches you and their cheeks blushes means that their affection for you is [Considerably likes you] and means that their affection rate is still rising.

That means that unless her affection rate goes to [Not thinking about you] then she won't be released from the [Charmed] state.

Is that it....? There's no one near here who can recognize Sarasa-san's abnormal status though.

"....Remillia-san, it seems like you can't release your hands from weaving huh."

After Sarasa-san said her monologue, she proceeded to where I was while still holding Leona.....Thi-This is...

◆Dialog ◆

・is trying to use the active skill [Breastfeed] on you. Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO
[I-I knew it......uwah....!]

Sarasa-san brought her baby to her other hands and easily took out her senses have already becoming strange too.

Half elves have long lives and while Sarasa-san is already 123 years old, even if you look at her in different ways, she would still look like a girl in her 20s.

If a person like that easily shows her breasts to me many times then my morals would get twisted easily. [5]

"I knew it, One's mother is still better than others....I'm sorry for making you do something unreasonable."

Leona immediately stuck to Sarasa-san's nipples with a *Paku* sound.

The information in the Log flowed into my brain which was about Leona's [Magic Attainments] leveling up.....ku, The skill level rises and hunger is satisfied which makes this an ideal opportunity for the me who is seeking an efficient play style.

Though I didn't select anything from the dialog a while ago, a new Dialog flowed into my mind again which means that Sarasa-san hasn't given up yet.....Sh-she's so persistent.......

◆Dialog ◆

・is trying to use the active skill [Breastfeed] on you. Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO

This powerful pressure....because she's in the state of [Charmed], she would do anything no matter what it takes just to breastfeed me.

If this happened in the game world then I would have used my mouse to click on Sarasa-san for my character to suck her milk until her mana is all exhausted.
Since leveling up [Magic Attainments] skill would take a considerable amount of time, it would be great to raise its level as much as possible while I was still low leveled.

However, if I was going to do the act of drinking breast milk then my conscience would become a hindrance to it.

Isn't it alright for me to suck on breasts for milk since I'm a baby right....?

"You don't need to hold back that much you know...? Since Remillia-san is a noble by birth then it's normal for her to have a wet nurse. Instead of the young lady, the wet nurse is the one who will breastfeed the baby."

"...ah.......uh...." [6]
Sarasa-san is earnestly persuading a 0 year old baby.
Because of the [Charisma] skill, she now sees me an independent existence which is making me feel like I'm doing something illegal.

The affection rate of a person in the [Charmed] state can't be lowered.

Since I can't do anything about this situation then shouldn't I just recall the soul of the "Top Player" I used to be and proceed to greedily raise my skill levels?

[Remillia-san.......I'll be taking the first step of adulthood right now.......!]

Though my mother won't be pleased with a decision such as this, I chose [YES] with my thoughts still trembling.

In the end, I only felt like I was brave, powerful and apologetic.

I was allowed to suck on her other breast opposite to where Leona was sucking.

A white mountain began to draw near with its different colored tip.....and the nipples became erect at the time of breastfeeding.

I wasn't thinking of any perverted lines like "That is because breast milk is nature's Divine providence" or something like that.

I didn't also think something like "I don't want to just suck on her breasts....I also want to fondle them."

"Uhn...... Nku...... Pu......" [7]

"I-I'm sorry, It seems like I used a bit too much force. Please suck more slowly milk won't run out so easily~."

The maximum value of Sarasa-san's mana is 264 and one use of the [Breastfeed] skill consumes 10 mana points.

10 rounds of breast sucking won't be a problem considering the natural mana recovery rate.

Though stopping at 1 round would be more gentleman-like.


・ You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill. Your HP has been recovered.

・[Magic attainments] skill has grown

・is now in the state of ecstasy.

◆Dialog ◆

・is trying to use the active skill [Breastfeed] on you. Will you permit her to use it on you? YES/NO
[I knew it......Even if I end it at one round but as long as I order it, how many times could I receive her breastfeeding?.....Until her mana is exhausted.......?]

The last time I used [Choices], I consumed all of Sarasa-san's mana and she immediately went to sleep right after she got home.

There's a possibility that one would lose consciousness after consuming all their mana and there's also a possibility of going mad when it becomes - 100.

Maybe one should also watch out for their MP likewise to their HP.

With this conclusion, I'm also at fault for consuming Sarasa-san's what I thought.

However, when my skill level rises and my HP recovers, I get a blazingly hot impulse which makes me think "I want to keep on breast sucking as long as [Magic attainments] skill is leveling up!"

[The truth is......The truth is that I want to bathe in her milk while sucking on her nipples. I'm really sorry for Remillia-san but I really want to glomp on Sarasa-san's breast and suck its milk.]

".....Leona seems to be full now and she fell asleep, I'll borrow the bed for a little bit so I can lull her to sleep. Let's do it again after this~."

The way she said that was so EROTIC. Is that really alright? I'm a 0 year old you know.

Oh well, It's not a problem since I am a 0 year old, right?

What a good excuse......

To receive and suckle breasts of another man's wife without angering the husband, one just has to reincarnate to another world. [8]

Well, you just have to be skillful in using your skills for these to happen.

Afterwards, I seek confirmation from the log.

Since I now have a Breast phobia, my memories of what happened flew away already.

I don't really understand who I'm making these excuses for though.


・You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill. Your HP has been recovered

・ [Magic attainments] skill has grown

・ You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill. Your HP has been recovered

・ Nothing happened

・is now in the state of ecstasy.

・You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill.

・ [Magic attainments] has rose by 1 point ! 12 points have been added to your mp. Magic can now be skillfully used.

・embraced you in a way someone would embrace the one they love or hold dear. Your body became hot.

・ You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill.

・ [Magic attainments] skill has grown

・ You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill.

・ You have acquired the skill [Pharmacist]

・ You are now receiving 's [Breastfeed] skill.

・is now in the state of [Fascination]. The success rate of seduction went up.

・opened the door.

・held you in her arms.

・had an embarrassed look in her face.

・is now in the state of [Jealousy].

Remillia-san got jealous over Sarasa-san who was found secretly breastfeeding me because she hasn't taken care of me for a while now.

For the peace of our household, I was having an, I was suckling in order to raise my skills in a moderate pace is what I was thinking.

Thank you. I obtained 2 skills from suckling her which looked like a "Job skill" and a "Race skill".

I was expecting to get the [White Magic] skill but apparently, it's impossible.

However, I luckily got the Sage job skill [Pharmacist].

Normally, one would have to join a Pharmacist guild and do a quest in order to get this skill.

"Th-then.....I'll be excusing myself for today. L-Let's take it easy and have a conversation again sometime."

"Yes, please visit our house AFTER I do my job at being a mother to Hiroto, Understand Sarasa-san?"

"Dah.....dah....." [9]

Though Remillia-san is retraining Sarasa-san, she lowered her anger for the charmingly cute Leona in Sarasa-san's arms. It really is a fact that cuteness is justice.

"Good grief.......I can't lower my guard now. Hiroto, it's not good to always suck on other women's breast when you're hungry okay?"


Even though I showed a cute apology with all of my might, it didn't seem to be cute at all and Remillia-san just made a wry smile.

Though if the passive skill [Charm] is invoked then my cute apology would still work on way or another.

No, it's not really good to depend on skills that much.

TL Notes:

1. Happy baby sounds.
2. You have been judged Guilty for the Crime of NTR.
3 and 5. I understood that Reference - Captain America
4. Haha Mr. Gender be- ◆Log◆Translator-san was stabbed to death.
6. Understanding baby noise.
7. Hyper Sucking baby sounds- Dayou~

  1. Words of wisdom from a 0 year old baby.
  2. Scared at yandere mom baby sounds.