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Map of the Feng Yu Jiu Tian World!

The red highlights the Xi Re Kingdom. 


Terminology and Background.

 The (Seven) Warring States Period: 475 BC- 221 BC, Ancient China was separated into 7 major states, which were continuously at war with each other. During this period, Agriculture, industry, economy, weapons and technology flourished. So did the legacy of war tactics written by tacticians of that time from that era which are still respected and studied in this age. This was a complete mess for the country itself, there was no time to develop the societies and culture until the next period of Ancient China were unification was beginning.

Bamboo Shoots (edible): Bamboo budding from the earth is harvest as food in numerous Asian cuisines. It has been part of the Chinese diet since the ancient periods.

The shoots themselves require several rounds of boiling, and is mostly enjoyed for its acrid taste and crunchy texture. It is often found in stir-fry dishes and dumpling dishes.

Gates of Hell In Buddhist beliefs in Ancient China, those who die would arrive at the gates of hell and would be sentenced accordingly to an underground punishment level-chamber where their souls will atone for their earthly sins. This is an intermediate stage before reincarnation.

Time (measurements): In Ancient China, time was told by 'Xiu Chen', this was basically the equivalent of two hours in our modern world.

Social rankings

Traditional China had very distinct class systems, much based on your blood lineage, such as royalty, nobility, government officials, military, mercenaries and the very poor peasant class. It was expected that one should respect those who are above them as it reflects their honor and dignity as a citizen of the kingdoms.  Regardless of class they were expected to "know their place" in society and to give the family name a good reputation. Often, the poor would sell their children to the rich as "servants".


Honorary name suffixes honorifics

Emperor (Huang di) the title given to the king of kings (Huang di)

King (Wang) a head of state or someone of high nobility and status, title can also be given by the Emperor.

Prince (Wang zi)

Master someone of nobility or an individual highly respected for their wisdom or expertise in a skill. I haven't found a better alternative for the high court noble in this chapter, as the Chinese character that follows his name means "Old man" but he isn't one, his actually around 17-18 years old! It's one of those things that often get lost in translation. So instead, I've called him Master.


A new character yay!

Rong Tong, Tong Yi (yi sounds like a term of endearment here - like child I need to clear up the name later but let's leave it as what it is for now). He uses the same character as Rong Tian. He is the child of a Xi Re Princess and a high nobleman. He acts superior and is rather reckless. He treats Rong Tian like a brother hence he is very close to him, and learns the art of sword fighting from him. He starts to develop discontent towards Feng Ming as the story unfolds.


Feng Yu Jiu Tian Chapter 2

Feng-ming toke a big gulp of the more palatable liquid which Chiu-lan had newly dispensed for him, followed by a gargle as he rinsed the unpleasant aftertaste into a silver pan brought by the servants.

By this time he was meant to have a meal, but felt a bout of drowsiness cloak over his mind; perhaps it was a side effect of the wine he forced down. He released a yawn, and proceeded to sprawl back to rest on his bed.

Chiu-lan stood by his bedside and advised the frail young man with a gentle voice, "Prince, you should have a meal."

However, Feng-ming was unresponsive as he already began to gradually slip away.

His aching body was blissfully sinking into comfort until he was completely aloof to even answer and not long after he drifted into a deep sleep. 

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Once he awoke again, the sky had clearly darkened outside. Feng-ming pondered about how the time was calculated in his new environment, by the looks of it at least three to four hours had passed.

It was a usual habit of his, to take a few hours to sober from the daze of sleep before rising out of bed. His roommates would often give him an earful for his habit.

Considering his new circumstances as a Prince of a Kingdom, which appears like a joke some meddlesome gods have created for him, there was bound to be at least good things! He was certainly going to make use of the entitlements that came with his royal title.

Within his daze, he heard an unfamiliar voice mock him.

 "Well, I was surely given the impression that you were dead but in fact this was a scheme to terrorize the palace, such tasteless tactics." Spat the voice rather bitterly.

Feng-ming felt the hostility in the sharp words that targeted him, piquing his awakening.

He was alone in this new world and understood that he had to carefully cover his flaws, even if it included having to implement self restraint over acting brashly to provocation such as this, so instead he chose to sensibly listen, feigning his slumber.

As a matter of fact, the owner of the hostile voice was not far away from his bedside; permitting Feng ming to be his audience.

The speaker was clearly full of disrespect and contempt towards the Prince.

 "If he puts up this act next time, just solve the matter by delivering him his beloved wine, we will avoid such an unsightly uproar within the Royal palace."

Chiu-lian replied with a hint of reservation "Master Tong, the Prince yet to awaken."

Upon hearing such words, Feng Ming was taken aback.

Since he was the protagonist in this story and cast the role as the Prince, a title of a high noble in the kingdom he was deserving of respect. What was with this poor mannered Master Tong? He dared to be so openly and audacious with his apparent dislike towards the 'Prince' within his own private room.

Judging by the volume and the tone of the voice, the individual clearly had no fear of the Prince, even if his highness was to overhear him.

Nor was there any discontent reaction from the maids that were devoted to serving Feng-Ming. There was no defense on his behalf; no one was even willing to step up to defend him as he was disparaged.

With indifference in his stride Master Tong Yi ordered the servants one last time, "I'll take my leave, ensure you keep him under close surveillance, he better not stir any more trouble."

Just as the man pivoted from the bedside to depart, there was an abrupt authoritative voice that coldly commanded him to halt in his steps.

"Stop right there." Ordered Feng Ming as he hoisted himself up from his rest.

This sudden demand startled the occupants of the room.

The dominating manner the coming from the Prince's familiar voice was an extreme abnormality.

The Prince's voice, had long been associated as submissive, however, today's was tough riddled with nerves.

Master Tong Yi gave a yelp of surprise.

"Eh?", and spun around to come face to face standing tall and overbearing in front of Feng Ming and raised an eyebrow.  

"After taking a nice tour to the Gates of Hell, it appears you've grown yourself some guts." He remarked arrogantly.

When the figure turned around and presented himself to Feng Ming, allowing him the opportunity to size up his opponent. According to Feng Ming's estimates the rude and obnoxious voice belonged to a young man, around 18 to 19 years old, with lips a rich shade of red framing nice white dentures, overall he was actually quite a beauty. 

Regardless of his attractive appearance his poor mannerism in language was unfitting and imperious which greatly displeased Feng Ming.

"The one with the guts here appears to be you!" condemned Feng Ming with an unyielding force. Standing his ground Feng Ming mimicked the cold tone he was delivered, he leant on his bed-rest and gestured with both his hands.

 "Chiu Lan, tell him, what the punishment is for the act of disrespecting the Prince." He ordered and used his eyes to signal his maidservant.

 Truthfully, Feng Ming wasn't aware of the Punishments handed down in respects to the offense, especially having no idea of the history of this Dynasty he was making home to.

Although Feng Ming's voice appeared rather guarded inside he was at unease, considering the outcome of his venture may not be a good one. At this point he wanted to cue Chiu Lan to cover for him. It seemed like a good move.

His casual use of his maidservant sent her in distress, Chiu Lan starred for a few moments at his Highness, waiting for a change in the odd behavior, but it never arrived.

The Prince was especially full of spite and fighting spirit today, and his eyes beckoned her for a prompt answer, so she fulfilled her Master's wish.

She abided and shifted herself to face Master Tony Yi whose expression darkened a few shades. Both men were of high status, and she was just a meager palace main, she could not afford to offend either party. Her heart was screaming from the position she was deadlocked in, after much hesitation, with a cold swear and a guilty conscious she spoke.

"To disrespect the Price, following the laws of this great kingdom, it is punishable by hanging."

Simply said, it was a death sentence for assaulting the dignity of Royalty.

It looks like this kingdom highly values the pride of the Royals. As he heard the result, Feng Ming could calm down, as he had the upper hand.

With a sincere smile he asked, "Well, this person here, shouldn't we be taking him out to the gallows?"

Master Tong Yi had a notorious history of insolence towards the Prince and he had never suffered any reprimand for his ill-manners or actions. In fact the real Prince had always tried to avoid confrontation and remained a constant victim to bullying. Today's events enraged the young man, how dare that incompetent fool dare to condemn him and make him accountable of his "mistakes".

The young man was on the edge of releasing a fit of rage, a normal reaction towards the useless Prince, he was often the victor forcing the Crowned Prince to surrender to his oppression. Just as he was about to let loose, he caught the fiery gaze of the Prince's large dark eyes, surging with control over him. Which triggered the reality of the truth behind the words exchanged, the Prince was none the less part of the Royal Family, and treading on the Pride of the leader to be of the Kingdom was a rightfully punishable criminal act.

Even if the Prince scolds him, if the man was to order servants to carry him out and take his head, no one would be able to intervene.

Throughout the years, Tong Ti had never been made to feel the difference of status and identity between the two. He was shaken to have this "Prince" suddenly threatening and defiant alive and kicking.

With much hesitation, he dropped his gaze yielding to the man with more power, withdrawing his pride momentarily and pleaded:

"I have offended your Highness, may the Prince be generous and forgive me and my actions."

One that sentence was concluded with such courteous words; the serving maids in the house all stood with stunned faces.

What on earth was this? Was the Prince the main actor for a play?

Feng Ming bowled over, not expecting such an outcome and was foreign to how he should properly react.

Without putting much thought into it, it wasn't like he was ever going to take action upon his words and send Tong Yi to his demise. So instead, he composedly nodded his head to grant a pardon.

"So be it, I'll forgive you today." He offered calmly.

Biting his bottom lip in pure scorn, Tong Yi was welling up with anger inside.

Hearing the casualness from his pardon, he lifted his head to throw Feng Ming a piercing glare.

Who would of thought, that there would be a day Tong Yi would have to "submit" to this incompetent Prince. Tong Yi felt like a complete laughing stock, he could just hear the people mocking him. At his weakest moment, he had been stripped of his prestige and power by that pathetic being. Without any further exchange, he turned away and marched angrily out of the Prince's Halls.

Seeing the rather disgruntled Tong Yi leaving hurriedly out his space, Feng Ming motioned to Chiu Lan.

"I'm hungry now, I haven't eaten anything, could you serve something to me now?" he asked weakly.

Chiu Lan's eyes darted back towards the door and beyond before returning to her Master.

With a shaking voice Chiu lan spoke quickly, "Prince, you have deeply angered Master Tong Yi."

 "So what? Challenging the Prince, I haven't even made him accountable for his actions. I didn't even get angry at him"

Considering our statuses, the one who should be angry would be me!


Chiu Lan has witnessed the oppressive life the Prince had suffered. However, his actions today was flourishing with dignity, who knows what tomorrow may bring and how much her master would pay for the costs of his recklessness.

She has been serving the prince for two years, so she had developed and an attachment, her expression soured at the thought of the possible outcomes.

"In case Master Tong Yi informs Rong Wang, how would we handle that?

"Rong Wang? Rong Wang, who's that?" He queried with little interest.

Feng Ming saw the colour drain from Chiu Lan's face, quickly realizing he asked a foolish question, but to cover his mistake he reminded her of his earlier misfortune.

"I fell into the river remember, it looks like the water filled my brain, I've forgotten about a lot of things!" he exclaimed.

With a long blank look, Chiu Lan finally relinquished the information just going along with her Prince.

"Oh, I see the prince has lost his memories fir this certain area. Well, Rong Wang is Xi Re's Regent King. He is currently in charge of the government and military power of our kingdom"

So it's like that, there's a Regent King in my stead.

Acting in this charade, certainly hasn't been as easy as actors have made it appear on television, let alone having such a heavy burden to pose as an important figure in this Kingdom's society! Feng Ming did not want to make any more callous mistakes, so he retired his questions and switched his attention to his surroundings once more, looking around with dull interest upon his face.

In a short while, his supper arrived.

Feng Ming had vividly imagined an exquisite banquet of delicacies that filled a whole table to be served to him in the grandest feasting style fit for a king. This was squashed, when in place, around 11 to 12 different dishes were served to him on the table in his room.

He soon realized he couldn't underestimate the effort placed into each plate, as they were all intricately designed with carved decors created from fruits and vegetables.

Feng Ming picked up his chop sticks with a little bit of apprehension.