Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 14 Chapter 8.2 / Chapters List

Edited by : Minak Amie

Frightening sounds, loud as thunder, echoed throughout the ship. The ship rocked and swayed violently, causing Feng Ming to almost fall off the bed.

Suddenly, the sound of screaming pierced the night sky.

The small lamp in the room shook, like it wanted to fall over. Almost as if it was feeling distress from the mysterious events, the flame blew out.

The surroundings immediately turned pitch black.

"Duke Ming!" Luo Yun shouted. He got up quickly, anxiously wondering about what was occurring outside. He raced over to the bed and pulled Feng Ming off, throwing a robe over, he coldly told him, "put it on."

Calmly, Feng Ming put on the robe and casually asked, "What happened?"

He felt a cold object being placed in his hands. Recognizing the thing in his hand as his sword, Feng Ming immediately felt the urgency of the situation. There was a chance his sword would have to be removed from its sheath if things turned bad later.

Boom! Crash! Bang!

A series of loud, violent sounds resounded through the swaying ship. The helmsman must have been too late taking control of the wheel, causing the ship to turn violently. Several people on board were thrown off balance and almost fell down.

The angry roars and terrified screams of the guards and women mixed together in the chaos.

"Please stay here Young Lord!" Luo Yun shouted to Feng Ming as he rushed towards the cabin door.

Feng Ming wanted to go out, sword in hand, as well, but was blocked by Luo Yun who told him to remain in the room.

"Duke Ming!" Rong Hu yelled out anxiously amidst the chaos as he ran over with several guards to protect Feng Ming.

The loud, roaring sounds continued to increase. Throughout the ship, people were staggering left and right due to the rocking of the ship. Those on board were repeatedly flung around and collided with one another while attempting to protect Feng Ming in a protective barrier.

FM: "What is happening?"

"Our fleet is currently under attack!" Rong Hu simply replied. "They chose the perfect time to set a trap. The strong river currents are carrying wood down the river and ramming into our ship. I'm afraid the ship will sink if this continues."

FM: "How are Chiu Lan and the others?"

RH: "I have already made sure they are safe."

Feng Ming felt his anger quickly build up. "Who dares to attack the ship of the Xiao Clan's master?"

RH: "Duke Ming, now is not the time to discuss this matter."

With the violent swaying of the ship, everyone was using all their effort to stay standing by leaning on something.

Suddenly, the atmosphere seemed to change.

Everything turned deathly quiet and still.

The nerves of everyone present seemed to have been stretched to the extreme. They all looked at each other, feeling the same sense of distress. Despite feeling anxious due to their ignorance of the situation, they all held their positions surrounding Feng Ming, protecting him.


Without warning, the shocks started up once again. The ship began trembling and making wailing noises. Fear struck their hearts, and courage left as they realized the floor under their feet was beginning to tilt.

Unable to control his feet, Feng Ming staggered and stumbled in all directions. Luo Yun quickly got a hold of him, preventing him from being thrown around any further.

Feng Ming gave him a look of gratitude. 

Making a decision in his mind, Feng Ming looked over in the distance and announced,

 "Everyone, let's head out."