Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 14 Chapter 8.6 / Chapters List

Luo Deng steered the ship's head completely straight on,  the enemy ships, so bright, have been burning with fire arrived in front of them, even the heart feels horrifying, two enemy ship one in front and one at the back directly crashed with Xiao Family ship.

Boom! Extremely loud crashing sound can be heard during the gloomy and dark time, everyone cannot stand firm with the swaying of the ship, wood cracking sound makes everyone heart jump, Xiao Family ship side was hit by a large portion suffered crashed, big waves surged the Aman river clashing into deck scattered the messy arrow  from the fighting.

Feng Ming jump from the deck. He already make a bet on this precious treasure, the other side should have been a war ship but Xiao Family ship is too big, not so easy to sink even after the hit. Now the other ship already hit their corner and their body stuck together.

Two ships intersect, now is the most favourable situation. The Xiao Family expert can now join the battle.

Without waiting for  Feng Ming further instruction,  the  Xiao Family expert  roared, bounced in between  two ships and rushed at connected opposite. This elite assassin group accustomed to using rope, while some are making "sha,sha" sound while they're flying so fast to the other side, echoes to the ears.

"Kill ah!", the shouting can be heard. 

"Your Grandma, turned out to be a pirates!" Luo Deng roar reverberates throughout the river.

Because their ships already crashed with the enemy, he does not need to be at the helm, of course, he would rush forward to join the fun of killing the enemies. One would not have expected this usually amiable person who always wear a smile on his face, can also be so ruthless when he started to curse.

Xiao Family Young Lord, Feng Ming, straightening his neck to observe froze for a moment when he listen to Luo Deng's  curse, gnashing his teeth feeling rather anxious , he softly said under his breath"  Aren't pirate suppose to be near the sea area? How to escape? Why they come to Aman River?"

Feng Ming preparing to jump out to the plank board that has been position between the ships  when Luo Yun pull him back from behind, with a grouchy look, asking," Young Lord, what are you doing going over there?"

Seeing the battle so close starting to make Feng Ming eyes fill with fires and makes his blood boil.

" Eh,how can a person like me who on ordinary day bold and unconstraint, so handsome, so talented, distinguish and amiable, just sit here and do nothing when everyone is risking their life ba? Where to put his face ne?" Because of that Feng Ming glance at Luo Yun and condescendingly said,"I am Xiao Family Young Lord, do you want me at one side just stay cool and watch ba?

Luo Yun have never seen him look so heroic, make him feel so surprise. Feng Ming once again turns around to jump past the railing to the other ship and this time Luo Yun just let him go and stay close to him. 

River torrents violently rushed into the deck, the men on the Xiao small boats saw the Lord's ship suffered a collision and quickly they rushed below the ship with Rong Hu leading them on board, already felt the unstable condition of the ship, swaying and almost fall down the third floor platform.  Looking down from a high position, he led the Imperial bodyguards with the best archery ability to provide aerial support.

TLN : 居高 jū gāo lín xià

phr. look down from a high position

Really what goes around turns around, and now it's their Xiao Family Men turn to suppress the enemy with their arrows.

Feng Ming already immersed in the fighting and bleeding quite a bit. Sword in his hand not just a toy because after jumping to the enemy ships he already attracted the fighting's and bloods can be seen all over his body. He even went to fight at Luo Deng side and save him from being stab by his two enemy.

Luo Deng turns his head to offer gratitude but what he seen then scared him to death, "Young Lord, at your back", Luo Deng told Feng Ming.

Feng Ming at that time didn't realize an enemy was behind him and it's already too late when he notices.  Long sword drawn to his waist and he no longer has time to evade. 


Note : There's so many idioms and phrases use on this books and i love them. So, i just put the translation note just to share with you the original characters written. Hope you don't mind it!!