Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 14 Chapter 8.7 / Chapters List

Luckily Luo Yun timely aid intercepts it and he kicks the pirate into the water afterward. While looking at him he spoke to Luo Deng, "Captain Luo, you continue. Young Lord I will protect".  

When the time is critical there's no need for word, normally they recognize what are the most important things.

Feng Ming immediately being ushered by Luo Yun at the centre  to be protected by him and the elite guards . Unexpectedly because of this one person it's already become a rescue squad. The place they suppose to besiege, turns out they have to swoop past it to rescue Feng Ming.

With the 2 ship and one small boat of Xiao Family at the same place, two enemy equivalent of one Xiao men on the ship fighting to the death can be seen on the ship. The other party are large in numbers, in addition earlier they have use arrows with anaesthetic drug to shoot at Feng Ming's people and many have been injured. On Feng Ming's side, the military strength are insufficient, but Xiao Family men are not cowards and very fierce when they fight, each one of them also has a great experience and with Rong Hu in high position ready to aid with the powerful force of the archers, gradually they are getting the upper hand..

At this time, Feng Ming already kill until his muscle feel very weary, lifting his head, he gaze at the river's surface with a sense of foreboding.

Now only he already at the main ship, watching all the other ships on their Xiao Family fleet on the wide river surface, even only doing hit long-range attacks on enemy ships, everyone just resist like they are not afraid to die, black arrows and fire arrows fills up the sky, a lot of big sails caught on fire and burn. Luckily the ships' surfaces has been smeared with fireproof substance, if not earlier also had been burned. 

At the shore, fire arrows also being fired nonstop to the enemy's ship, it's appear that General Zhuang Pu land troops has been alerted and came to support the Xiao Family men, it's just too bad that the river is too wide making the troops feel helpless.
The enemy choose this place where the river is wide really for a sneak attack, they are really extremely brilliant.    

At a place upstream, one slightly larger than the other enemy warships quietly anchored there, apparently, this is the real enemy's main ship, so leisurely, enjoy an entire progression,really make this one completely admire this person shameless conduct.

Luo Yun fighting by Feng Ming side during the whole battle, beheading enemy's head and the whole face already full with blood, saw Feng Ming looked at the front, also following his line of sight, heart beats accelerated , looking at Feng Ming worn-down expression  and asked "  Young Lord, what should we do?"

Luo Yun open his mouth, slightly hesitated asking Feng Ming, afraid to disturb what Feng Ming has been thinking inside his head. 

However, Feng Ming did not care, sizing up the enemy main ship, frowning and said, "I do not know."

Xiao Family shipping business, in this world nobody dare to offend, this kind of people earn profit by killing people, before this nobody dare to move against Xiao Family Fleet, mostly also fear the personal retaliation from the powerful Master Xiao. 

Even if  Xiao Family fleet, the characteristic are mainly half merchant half and half warships  in nature , compared to his ship, of course consider very good, but to fight pirates who really good in battling on water, the situation already seems bleak. 

Moreover this attack is totally without warning.

Feng Ming in a low voice said to Luo Yun, "If they once again attacking aggressively, I am afraid our main ship won't be able to make it, if we got to that moment, we will use strong rope and shoot it using arrow to connect the ship, Xiao men can then climb into enemy's ship, for us long distance attack is not our strength compare to them, if close combat maybe we still have a chance, those girls do not know how to fight, I hope you can protect them."

Luo Yun hand holding a sword trembles a bit, and then tightly grab his sword, in silence unable to retaliate.

When both of them are discussing, the battle on the ship's deck behind them has slowly ended, the enemy inside their ship's collision had either been dead or captured, already without strength to fight. Everyone from the centre pool of blood has struggle to come , also cannot help to spontaneously come over to Feng Ming side, and see the situation on the surface of the river, in their heart already knew, tightly clenched their sword without any words. 

On the river surface, several other ship still continue to resist, on the Xiao Family main ship however , the deathly quiet resembling a cemetery. 

Duuuuu.......... Horn sounded! 

Loud yet mysterious sound of horn, coming from above the enemy ship ran shrilly. The horn blast pierced night sky with clouds that obscured all light from the moon and stars, and the sky looks like an opening to release tens of millions of unseen evil dangerous spirit from its inside.

Everyone was holding their breath, watching with eyes wide open at the flashing light of the enemy ships.

All the muscle strength surpasses their limit, almost all the ships suffered major damage and the main ship almost sank. Although the enemy warships were completely wiped out, they still have the ships that hadn't participate during the battle.

Great disparity between strong and weak can be seen.

If the second round strong impact start, it will be inevitable for Xiao Family to be defeated.