Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 1.1 / Chapters List


Kingdom of Li secret camp.

On the top of declining city wall, filled with dark and long green moss. You can smell the turn of the season. It's already spring.

This moment, the spring time night on this secret camp, the atmosphere besides have a raging frame burning timber sending out "pi li pi li" sound, in addition of the barely audible sound, there's also floating smell of wild grass in the air.

The king, have he finished looking at the sealed letter or not?

Si Qiang mused. He is currently sitting on a rock, with a pair of attractive leg hanging unrestrained looking thoughtfully at the King's tent not far from there.

After nearly fifty years, the baptism of fire due to war in this small town still leave its traces. Weeds can be seen everywhere, desolate ruins lay there as an extension of darkness, leaving evidence to symbolize the Li Kingdom King's magnificent honour and supremacy. Piercing half of raging red frame of the burning timber is a sword. With a cold expression, ins and outs, inside and outside, guarded by Li Kingdom elite guards, making the entire situation of this city of desolate ruins does not fit the normal.

TLN : 里里外外 lí lǐ wài wài

phr. ins and outs, inside and outside

TLN : 格格不入 gé gé bú rù

idiom. (of persons) cannot get along with others

The reason for everything, all because of that renowned figure, Xi Lei Duke Ming!

Someone loves by God, a man like that probably hold a lot of possession. It is said that Xi Lei King loves him madly; the common people of Xi Lei also love and worship him and his father famous in this land under heaven as a grand Swords Master also as the richest man. Even enemy also have other type of respect and yearning upon him. It is said that previously King Ruo Yan does not spare any expenses to obtain him, until he was highly reluctant to escape at one time even with his life in danger.

Duke Ming ah Duke Ming.... In the palm of your hand can filled with how many things oh.....

Things you want you can have, things you don't want will come to you, things you care and things you don't care all give to you, the God really completely love you and give you everything.

Even when you are far away at the Tong Kingdom can also let this powerful Li King, who doesn't put the world high in his eyes, willing to give up the magnificent palace and stay at this city of desolate ruins to wait for you.

Night wind occasionally blew past, sweeping off the grass on the ground making its sway to the rhythm and produce a calming "shuu..shuu.." sound.

Si Qiang raises his hand to brush away his silky black hair that has been swept by wind on his forehead, making him feels a bit tickles. Cautiously, those thick pretty eyelashes look down to the earthen floor, closing his thought on this matter that can never be revealed. Not letting anyone to see his tormented expression. 

Even though, he didn't actually need to.

The off duty men sit around the bonfire to enjoy a hard to come by calming situation, while the on duty guards each one has their eyes trained on cautious , the attendants from the palace were transferred here to serve as King's maidservants busy doing their errands diligently afraid to make a slightest mistake.

There's no one would be paying a slightest attention to this boytoy.

TLN : 娈童 luán tóng  meaning a boy who has a sexual relationship with a man. So I just put there boytoy only ba. 

Although these days, he is the only one who served the King overnight, but it seems that everyone knows from the king's way of doing things it has no deeper meaning to it. Intercourse for him is only a way for men to divide the stress, as to vent the bodily needs. So, anyone pleasing to the King's eye will do, does not need flowery thoughts upon being treated like that.

His former Master has said, as long as you can please the powerful, can obtain his favours, you can do whatever you want and have everything you want. But sadly this law, for a king famous for being cruel, domineering and decisive like Li King, is simply won't work.

Si Qiang sighed softly, could not help but once again tilting his head, watching the King's tent while lost in thoughts.

Sharp thorn made from pure gold were seen on top of the tent, representing  Li Kingdom highest authority, bonfire light reflecting the gold thorn's surface in the night sky shining red and gold lights showing its radiance.

"Si Qiang gongzi, the King has summoned for you to go inside, "a cautious voice suddenly appears from his behind and withdrew afterwards.

Si Qiang listening to the voice, jump off the rock and quickly walk to the King's tent.

TLN : will use gongzi if the raw state it like that since i cannot be using Mr. Its totally would be awkward...