Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 1.4 / Chapters List

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The messenger replied, "To report, inside this box contains God's grass. This grass extremely precious and Yu Lang gongzi has specially seek for it to offer to great King, so that in the future can be use when Duke Ming is in great King's hand".

"God's grass?" Ruo Yan narrowing his sharp eyes, "Is that the grass that people continuously trying to grow, but repeatedly has ended as failure?"


This messenger before set off has repeatedly being imparted with this grass advantage, immediately words by words the same explanation was given, " This grass thin like a needle, when to use that time only need one, just plunge it to the rear opening to warm up, ** soon will be like fire burning. Even the most powerful man in this world also cannot endure after 2 hours and will be begging for sexual intercourse. And after having sex he will feel wonderful and incomparable pleasure, same like being a god. Most wonderful thing is, as long as using the same member continuously for twelve nights as well as one piece of grass and every time will be pleasured by same man time after time, afterwards, only the same man can make him happy. This drug's effect forever will not disappear."

On Ruo Yan's lip, a smile appears that can make any man trembles, "So you said, if Duke Ming uses this precious treasure, This King only need to embrace him well when he beg that time. And after 12 days, even if it is Rong Tian, can never satisfy him?"

"Correct. Not only unable to be satisfied, it will also make him suffer considerably. Only the great King's body have the ability to give him happiness."

"Truly an interesting thing, no wonder it got the title as God's grass. This King wants to test it at once and see if it is as magical as told."

Si Qiang who has been quietly listening all this while suddenly is being hit with cold shivers.

Ruo Yan lowers his head, looking at Si Qiang nestled inside his bosom, complexion already pale, and his rarely seen gentle expression appeared.

"Si Qiang, what is your lifetime biggest wish?"

At once Si Qiang startled, shaking his head blankly.

Ruo Yan spoke lightly, "No one has none to desire and things they want to acquire. Everybody have something they think to posses and you also definitely have something you wanted."

Si Qiang once again startled, lights in his eyes rising trying to think about Ruo Yan's words seriously, his courage not that big so while nodding his head simultaneously he is also shaking them.

His timid and lovely demeanor is extremely amusing. Ruo Yan watching him suddenly lowers his head and blows a breath of warm air to his pearl-like earlobe.

This manner of intimate actions is totally unprecedented, suddenly making Si Qiang's heart jumped. He cannot believe his eyes.

Ruo Yan biting gently his earlobe, calming voice, like a drug trying to entice, "If you help This King with this thing, This King promise you, will fulfill any of your desire."

It cannot be possible, this kind of promise to fulfill whatever he desire for.....

What the great King just said, can he hold up to that promise?

He knew a King absolutely cannot violate his promise, especially to his surrounding people.

Si Qiang nervous stare reflected on his eyes, unconsciously biting his lip, his breathing urgently changed to anxious.

"Are you willing to try it now?"

Ruo Yan's questioning voice is getting huskier opening the mystery door of greatest desire inside Si Qiang. His feelings are all over the place warring inside; do not know if he is frightened or excited.

Sucking a deep breath, his lungs suddenly ease and his breathing loosen up. Si Qiang finally feels his trembling body quieten down. A flash of expression appeared on his small face shows off timid and hesitant feelings. Lifting his head, he looks at Ruo Yan and nods his assents.

Ruo Yan gave out a small laugh, "Good boy". He let Si Qiang go and ordered him,"That box, bring it inside."

Si Qiang obediently picks up the box.

The box is big however it is so light.

It is wrapped in an expensive silk, exposing the box elegance creation.

He grasps the box and followed Ruo Yan's to go behind the screen and then kneels on the soft bed there.