Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 2.7 / Chapters List

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After a while, Luo Yun, who stood beside Feng Ming, reported in a low voice, "Young lord, all the men are really ours. They are safe and sound."

Sighing in relief, Feng Ming nodded in understanding.

Following Luo Yun's good news, came bad news from Rong Hu. "Duke Ming, the ship cannot last any longer. When the time comes, we will have to swim to reach ashore."

Feng Ming vaguely acknowledged his words as he observed the river's surface.

Taking advantage of the chaos between the main ship and the attackers, several of the Xiao Family ships and Tong Kingdom's royal ship had slowly reached the shore side. It appears that He Di had no intention to wipe them all out. His fleet did not bother trying to prevent the other ships from getting to safety.

From the perspective of those on the shore, with the appearance of a decrepit, worn down ship that could sink at any moment, the Xiao's main ship floated in the middle. Alone, they were facing off against an enemy whose fighting abilities surpassed theirs.

Luo Ning and the other men could only look at the situation from afar. They did not know if they should remain on the shore doing nothing. However, they couldn't just head on over and start another round of killing since the situation appeared to be in their favour at the moment. God knows if their arrival would somehow ruin everything.

If the young lord unexpectedly met with a mishap, then it would be a good matter. It would please his younger sister incredibly if Feng Ming were to die...

But Luo Yun, that silly child, was also on board the ship. Any unfortunate circumstances occurring would be bad if he is present.

"Leader Luo, we're not going to just stay here, right?"

All the experts that followed him felt unsettled regarding the mysterious events. The group of trained assassins rarely felt so anxious. One man after the other kept approaching Luo Ning, inquiring if they should go and fight.

Their reaction was not odd since their young lord was still aboard the main ship.

What if he were to die as we just watched from the side? How could we face the old Master if we actually on the riverbank watching when it happened?

Externally, Luo Ning appeared calm and collected, however internally, he was so anxious his entire body sweated profusely.

If Luo Yun were not on the ship, Luo Ning would have already ordered them to attack. Even if they are in the middle of a negotiation, he could still borrow the knife of the enemy to kill Feng Ming. If he were to die, Luo Yun would have the opportunity to shine.

"We will wait," Luo Yun silently and coldly continued to watch the river.

Back to the scene occurring on the river's surface, both sides had now moved on to a new agenda.

Dan Lin's second prince conversed with the other side using an amiable and agreeable tone.

Even though it was obvious he had committed some horrible things, he still feigned innocence. With an arrogant demeanour, he continued to insist that he had done them a favour.

Purposely pretending to be weak against an unyielding enemy, this Feng Ming's actions really makes him seem cute. Looks like he's been learning from experience how to form a relationship with someone stronger than him. Like old saying, one's had to lower their heads when they were beneath someone else's roof.

Even though internally he was extremely reluctant his outward appearance however appear to be showing gratitude towards He Di. Because of that he was rewarded with his men's freedom.

Moving on...

"I have spent many years on the seaside watching the scenery at night, however it is only today that I realized that the view on the river is not bad either."

"Your Highness."


"Please forgive me for my rudeness, but right now Feng Ming is incapable of engaging in small talk with Your Highness about the scenery."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Because..." Feng Ming elegantly shrugged his shoulder as he made a gesture towards the deck that was increasingly angling towards the water. "...our ship is about to sink."

"Don't worry." He Di, with a sly smile invited, "My ship is not sinking. Kong Liu, bring our ship closer to theirs. Let us invite Duke Ming on our ship for a chat."


Clink! Clank!

Almost instantly, the sound of swords being removed from their sheaths could be heard.

It wasn't only the people surrounding who pulled out their swords, even Feng Ming had removed his.

HD: "What is the meaning of this, Duke Ming?"

"I do not mean to trample over your kindness, Prince." Feng Ming's black eyes shined brilliantly as he calmly replied. "It's truly embarrassing, but I am a timid person that tends to get kidnapped. I get frightened quite easily, you know? Your Highness and I have a great disparity between our strengths so to be inviting me over right now to your ship might cause some misunderstandings."

He Di teasingly smiled and said, "But your ship is sinking."

"It does not matter." Feng Ming spoke unhurriedly. "I can swim!"

"I'm sincerely trying to help you. How could you doubt me?"

Feng Ming unyieldingly replied, "Prince's big favour, Feng Ming does not dare forget. Feng Ming will surely return this kindness in the future. As long as your highness is willing to fall back, in the future, Xi Lei, including Dong Fan, and the Xiao Family will consider Dan Lin's royal family as friends.

"It is no problem for me to retreat." He Di nodded his head without hesitation.

This person's outward appearance made him look wicked, but unexpectedly, their discussion, repeatedly, resulted in agreeable results. A truly surprising outcome.

He Di absentmindedly spoke, "Since Duke Ming has already declared that our countries can be considered friends, why don't you and I sign a peace treaty?"