Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 5.2 / Chapters List

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I'm changing the maids' name. I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Actually in Pinyin, their name would start with Qiu=Autumn. So, Lan-Blue...Yue-Moon...Xing-Star... and I am mainly translating based on Pinyin translation. I'm too lazy to change previous post so see when my mood come I'll change it.


Now that Qiu Lan was a married woman, she had slightly grown immune to this type of situation. She merely brushed it off with a soft laugh and teasingly said, "Duke Ming can just pretend that we don't exist." She then placed a silver basin of hot water down gently and prepared a towel for Rong Tian and Feng Ming to wipe their faces.

Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing had long been exposed to the duo's unrestrained love-play while serving in the Imperial Palace. However, seeing Rong Tian's unbridled advances on Duke Ming still brought a blush to their faces and caused their hearts to race. Laughing shyly with their faces lowered, the two maid carefully prepared the morning tea and several types of pastries. They then brought the items to the bedside for Feng Ming and Rong Tian's convenience.

Waiting for Rong Tian's hold to grow lax, Feng Ming finally managed to escape the King's embrace with much difficulty. His face and neck showed traces of red marks scattered all over. The redness somehow complimented the beautiful black hair that fell seductively over his shoulders. His appearance right now was completely captivating to the eyes.

Feng Ming glared at Rong Tian. "If I knew you were going to behave like this, I would have accepted Qing Zhang's invitation. Hmph, I should have left you here to be alone."

While he complained, he could see Rong Tian closing his eyes, fully enjoying Qiu Lan's meticulous care in wiping his face. Watching them, he couldn't help but move closer to snatch the towel away from the maid and hatefully demanded, "Let me do it!"

At first, he fully intended to wipe roughly at the irritatingly good-looking face, however seeing the fatigue that remained in his expression, his heart couldn't help but fill up with distress.

Rong Tian knew of Feng Ming's usual childish habits and was aware of his ill intentions when coming closer, however he still closed his eyes and silently indulged his lover's whims.

After a fleeting moment of hesitation, Feng Ming began to use the soft towel to gently clean Rong Tian's face, from eyelids to cheeks, tracing the outline of the face he had missed.

Thinking about his life, he had someone who he loved from the bottom of his heart. This kind of feeling was something he found hard to believe.

He could only curse himself for being so unrestrained. Suddenly, the disgusting proverb, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" appeared in his mind.

Living by Rong Tian's side, even the most common and trivial matter could fill him up to the brim with sweetness and joy.

The 3 girls standing nearby felt like the beautiful moment shouldn't be disturbed, covering their smiles, they simply stood on the side and silently waited. They secretly exchanged grins and meaningful glances at one another.

Waiting until Feng Ming finished his rare special service, Qiu Lan stood ready to take back the damp towel in his hands. Rong Tian opened his eyes and looked at Feng Ming in a warm and loving way, asking in a gentle tone, "Me...You...eat something first, okay?"

"No, no... Not like that!" Feng Ming laughed adorably and responded, "Me...You..."

[TLN: I think I need to explain this"Me..You"sentence - It is directly translated from the raw. I think this some sort of their love-talking jokes originated from Vol 1 when they first met and Feng Ming fainted after being assaulted by Rong Tian. At that time he asked him something like..Me..me..you..you.. did  you do me..ha ha something like that. For above sentence, whoever said "Me "first is the one who serve the other..]

The two clever sisters did not need to wait for any order, immediately bringing forth some of Rong Tian's favorite pastries to Feng Ming. Choosing a piece, Feng Ming bit off a small amount in order to taste it.

"Eat this one, it suits your taste. However, it seems to have a stronger flavor than usual..." Feng Ming proceeded to put the partly eaten pastry directly in Rong Tian's mouth.

Rong Tian took his time chewing it, trying to identify the source of the difference. "It appears something like a sweet-based plant has been added in order to improve the taste," he praised. When it came to food, Qiu Lan had always been the most skilled in creating delicious meals.

[TLN: Direct Translation: sweet grass/vanilla but later Qiu Lan would identify this plant as Pu Luo.]

Qiu Lan had been standing on the side waiting to serve the tea, however when she heard Rong Tian's praise, she couldn't help but slightly tremble, spilling some of the tea as a result. Her heart swelled with pride as she shyly bowed and said, "Your Highness' praise is too much, this servant has done nothing great. Indeed, within, I had included Han Ruo's special commodity, Pu Luo. This servant had tasted it and thought mixing it within the dough would create a good flavor, so I tried it out on one of the pastries' recipes."


After reuniting with Feng Ming, Rong Tian's mood had been extremely good. Therefore, towards his servants, his demeanor was more kind and pleasant. After acknowledging Qiu Lan's explanation, he wanted some of the tea.

Qiu Lan immediately went to serve him and waited until he drank a mouthful.

Rong Tian casually spoke, "These pastries are delicious. Feng Ming, get me another one."

"Yes, my King." Imitating the maids' subservient tone, Feng Ming laughed cheerfully and complied with the request. He took about 2 or 3 pastries at a time for Rong Tian.

Rong Tian's huge endeavor had caused his appetite to increase. Currently, he was relaxed as he comfortably leaned against the headboard surrounded by three maids and the charmingly cute Duke Ming. This scene could be described as "enjoying the world's greatest blessings." Soon, the small plate the pastries had laid upon was completely clean.

Feng Ming ordered Qiu Yue to bring more and teasingly winked at Rong Tian. "Is it because I'm serving you that your appetite has become so big?"

Even though he was laughing, inside, his heart was painfully hurting.

Following their separation, Rong Tian had rushed all the way to Dong Fan and back in order to get to his side. He had to travel a much longer distance than Feng Ming did, and in addition, he had to do it secretly in order to avoid their enemies. In such conditions, who knows what kinds of foods had been eaten along the way.

Rong Tian no longer leaned on the headboard when Qiu Yue returned with a new plate. Sitting up straight, he pulled Feng Ming back into his embrace and said, "Come, let this King feed you."

Despite their bodies being a part from one another for a while, the Wolf King's perverted nature had not disappeared. Placing a pastry in his own mouth, the maids stood in shock with bulging eyes as they saw him lean his body towards Feng Ming, using his mouth to feed the other.

"Don't...ah..." Feng Ming felt embarrassed. He tried to protest and push the other man away, but the small pastry had already been delivered into his mouth by then.

The supposedly ordinary breakfast had suddenly changed from innocent to indecent. Not only eating, even drinking had been fed mouth to mouth.

Feng Ming felt a deep sense of remorse when it came to this loathsome person. In the near future, he would most likely be teased and made a laughingstock by Qiu Lan and the others. Right at this moment, what he desired most was to give a strong kick towards Rong Tian. However, he was incredibly hopeless at resisting and ultimately, the food ended up either in his or Rong Tian's mouth.

In the midst of his suffering, Rong Hu entered smiling ear-to-ear, happily reporting, "Good news! Zi Yan has returned."

Feng Ming was pleasantly surprised and abruptly sat up on the bed. "Zi Yan is back!?"