Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 6.1 / Chapters List

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Rong Tian had slept for about one to two hours before being awakened by the enticing scent of delicious food. He opened his eyes and turned over to search for the source of the smell. As expected, on a table not far from their bed were a few dishes neatly arranged on delicate looking plates, along with some bowls and chopsticks.

Qiu Lan and the other two maid probably didn't want to wake them up, so left quietly after setting up the meal.

He felt something move slightly within his embrace.

Lowering his head, Rong Tian watched Feng Ming, who was lying on his arm, squirm for a bit. After a while, his misty eyes opened to look dazedly at him.

Rong Tian gazed at him with eyes full of tenderness. "Hungry?"

"En?" Feng Ming rubbed his eyes sleepily and once again dove back into Rong Tian's embrace, lying on his stomach.

Although both felt hungry, they felt reluctant to leave each other's embrace. The two remained lying in bed, holding on to one another.

Feng Ming simply treated Rong Tian like a body pillow, refusing to move even a little from his comfortable position. He continued to languidly lay there for almost half an hour before he finally let out a short breath and opened his bright, beautiful eyes. He was finally completely awake.

"I'll take you to the table to eat, okay?"

"Not hungry... I want to lay here for a bit longer."

Rong Tian gently laughed as he replied, "alright."

His hands caressed Feng Ming's soft, black hair.

In Rong Tian's embrace, Feng Ming smiled sweetly as he whispered dazedly, "If only we weren't facing a serious predicament with military exploitation or trying to unify the world. We could stay like this, holding on to each other, having fun, and enjoying just eating and sleeping. That kind of simple life sounds really good."

Hearing Feng Ming's heartfelt words, Rong Tian felt a bit of pain in his chest. He hugged Feng Ming more tightly and kissed his hair. "Feng Ming, is this really hard on you?"

Feng Ming silently contemplated his question for a moment, then sighed inexplicably as he answered, "I never thought I would one day kill a man with my own hands. And never would I have imagined that after killing one, another will appear, followed by another. My sword is stained with their blood and so are my hands..."

Rong Tian immediately spoke, "Then, we won't go to Tong's capital. Instead, we'll immediately set off for Dong Fan. Our Prime Minister is currently there. With him, you won't be in danger and will have no need to kill anyone. After I deal with all outside matters, I will come back to see you."

Buried in his embrace, Feng Ming slightly shook his head.

"Feng Ming, listen to me for once. You aren't suited for fighting. You have never been formally trained to fight in wars. We will have to deal with plenty of sly and treacherous people during our battle, it's too much for you. You and I are different. When I became old enough to understand the world, I already knew that I was fated to confront these conspiracies and have my hands stained with blood."

Listening to Rong Tian's serious, but tender advice, Feng Ming couldn't help but feel a bit startled. He lightly bit his lip, but just like before, shook his head left and right.

After the ambiguous atmosphere had faded, Duke Ming's delicate and charming face changed from red back to its former fair and tender condition. His handsome outline revealed a rare stubbornness, but still possessed his innocence and straightforwardness.

Every detail of this scene was secretly engraved in Rong Tian's heart as his arms continued to hug him tightly. He held Feng Ming with more force, as if he was unwilling to let him go for the rest of his life.

He softly sighed in lamentation as he continued to ask, "Why? Do you know you being like this hurts my heart? If one day you leave me, my heart will completely shatter."

He grabbed Feng Ming's hands and placed his slender, beautiful fingers against his strong chest.