Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 6.2 / Chapters List

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His heartbeat was strong. Even though it was separated by layers of meat and skin, the proof he was living and breathing was still clearly transmitted.

With his hand pressed against Rong Tian's chest, Feng Ming seemed to be lost in a trance as he felt the vigorous beating of the heart.

After some time had passed,

Feng Ming whispered, "I... I want to be with you... forever. I want to be forever remembered by people in the future."

"What they will remember is... my name. For the later generations, my name and yours will be considered synonymous."

"No, not just that."

Feng Ming raised his head and bared his soul out before Rong Tian's inquisitive eyes.

He simply looked at him for a moment before his lips slowly curved up into a brilliant smile. "Rong Tian, I will make you the happiest king in history."

There was a trace of childish resolution in his expression.

Even though Feng Ming was reborn into a powerful family, accidentally landed himself the position of an important and influential person, and gained the exceptional status of Xi Lei's Duke Ming and the Xiao Family's Young Lord, he never acted with a haughty and overbearing attitude.

He still managed to retain his unique temperament and clear conscience.

At that moment, Rong Tian couldn't help but feel a mysterious feeling well up inside of him.

He knew he was destined to struggle in wars and deal with conspiracies throughout his life. The fact that he was able to meet Feng Ming was a fortune that comes only once in a lifetime. He never thought he would one day be this blissful.

"Feng Ming, I am already the world's happiest king."

"Not yet." Feng Ming used his finger to stop Rong Tian's omission. "Rong Hu once said, a King, in this world is the most lonesome person, the most wretched. Because behind them there's no one to rely on and there's no one to be their protector. Once a King fails, all that he loves and protected will be destroyed. Therefore, as a King, no matter how much it hurts, as long as he still breathing, he has to remain upright, confronting his enemies to protect all the things they cherish."

Inside, Rong Tian was sighing, but his face was smiling.

"Rong Tian... there are so many things I want to say to you."

"I am Xi Lei's Duke Ming and I can also be called a King..."

"Of course you can be considered a King, however..."

"Therefore, you don't have to be lonely, and you don't have to be the only one hurting." Feng Ming's body moved closer to press his ear against Rong Tian's chest. He listened to the "thump, thump" of the heart as it sped up and spoke softly, "Although I am stupid and slow, and also timid and afraid of dying... I still want to follow our Prime Minister's plan to continuously enhance myself and become a King that can also protect others.

With a voice that was barely audible, Feng Ming uttered the most important promise of his life.

"From this day onwards, if I am hurting, there will be you."

"When you are hurting, there will be me."

"Rong Tian... behind you, there is me for you to rely on."

"I do not know whether it is beyond my ability or not, but, at least Prime Minister already give me a road to test my bottom line."

"No matter the danger or suffering, I must endure and continue moving forward."