Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 6.6 / Chapters List

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"The distance from here to the city of Fen is approximately 350 li."

[TLN: Li = a Chinese unit of length(=1/2km)]

A man's deep voice could suddenly be heard from behind, causing Lie Er's body to tremble.

A pair of beautiful hands slowly caressed Lie Er's shoulder, pushing him back down on the bed. Even though he wanted to resist, his body had no strength and could only succumb to the action.

Because of that, his line of sight had no choice but to land on a pair of sinister and cruel eyes. With a blink, the cruelty disappeared and was replaced by a deceptive tenderness and affection.

Tormented physically and mentally, Lie Er decided to promptly shut his eyes.

Yu Lang sighed, "Lie Er, why do you hate me so much?"

His fingers touched the pale, bloodless lips. The touch felt as if a venomous snake was biting him. Lie Er abruptly opened his eyes and gritted his teeth. "Don't touch me."

He felt anxious as his eyes grew sharper and watched the elegant gestures of the invulnerable man before him. "You set up a trap in Fen City in order to harm my king. Yu Lang, you... whose orders are you following?"

Lie Er had been a spy for a long time. For many years, he had remained hidden within Yong Yin's Imperial Palace. All his actions were sharp and had purpose.

After he woke up, even with a splitting headache, he immediately analyzed his situation. He clearly understood the true aim of the ruthless and cruel man in front of him.

Many years back, Lie Er had met Yu Lang in Yong Yin. At that time, he gave off the impression of an unconventional noble.

They didn't just merely meet, Lie Er had fallen in love with him at first sight and was almost willing to abandon everything in order to follow the distinguished and admirable youth.

However, because he was afraid to offend Yong Yin's king, Yu Lang refused to take Lie Er away with him. Not only did he break his heart, he also ruthlessly sacrificed him. Yu Lang in every possible way, had caused Lie Er much mental and physical suffering.

Everything about him was an illusion.

Yu Lang was a spy.

He was the same as him, a spy planted among the nobles and influential officials.

"Within Yong Yin's circle of influential officials, other than Yong Yi, I'm afraid none have the ability to order you around. However, if you are one of Yong Yi's men, it is impossible for me to not know."

Yu Lang allowed him to speculate. He smiled, showing his white teeth. "His honourable Highness Yong Yi really treats you well. He unexpectedly is willing to share everything with you?"

Lie Er smiled disdainfully in reply. Clearly and unhurriedly, he answered, "Yu Lang, a person like you will only trample on the sincerity of others. The trust and confidence between me and Yong Yi are things you will forever be incapable of understanding."

Even though he was in the position of a captive, he still brazenly provoked his capturer. Yu Lang, however, only smiled in a cold and indifferent manner.

"Since you are not one of Yong Yi's men, I can only guess that you are a spy that has infiltrated from another country. The problem is, what country?"


"Li's King, Ruo Yan, you are one of his men."

He voiced out his guess with a tone of confidence.