Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 6.7 / Chapters List

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Yu Lang smiled widely and tenderly praised, "Lie Er, you are still as beautiful and shrewd as ever. I'm so happy." He lifted up the covers and sat on the bed.

A graceful hand reached out to embrace him. Lie Er tried to dodge, however his drugged up body prevented him from resisting, causing him to be captured in the man's arms.

Warm lips gently nibbled on his delicate earlobe.

"Your guess is not wrong. Indeed, I have been a person of Li all along. I am not a mere nobody either but am of noble lineage. If the genecology of my family were actually traced, I am afraid that even the king would have to call me cousin brother."

The suppressed body in his embrace slightly trembled in shock.

Yu Lang continued indifferently, "You might think I am lying, after all, as long as I am a spy, being discovered as an enemy would only lead to a cruel fate where I can only beg for a quick death. If I was truly of a noble background, why would I choose to lead this kind of life where I can only be anxious day in and day out about whether or not my life will be extinguished at any moment? If I were to stay in Li, I can enjoy good wine and food, be served by numerous fair maidens, and play around lavishly everyday... that kind of life would be better, right?"

Lie Er knew this person was born with a strange force that attracted him, but he had resolved himself with the idea that he would "rather die than surrender." The two of them absolutely could never reconcile. 

He could listen to the words in silence, but he could never allow himself to be pulled in by them.

He hated the fact that he was not strong enough to completely ignore everything the man said to him.

Lie Er gritted his teeth without saying a word.

Yu Lang had a strong personality and was cunning and smart. He halted his speech for a while and unhurriedly included, "It does not matter if you believe everything I just said. After all, you are already in my hands. There is no use in lying to you."

With a gentle voice, he sighed while holding on to Lie Er's black hair. "Do not think that I am strong, I actually believe you are greater than me. If it was not for you being captured and ingeniously escaping from the Li Kingdom, I would not have received the information to confirm my suspicions. The boy I originally knew as Fu Qu who I saw smiling naively in Yong Yin's Imperial Palace unexpectedly turned out to be Xi Lei's King, Rong Tian's trusted subordinate. Having to keep a close eye on you these days, I finally learned your real name is not Fu Qu, but rather Lie Er."

Yu Lang smiled gently and spoke with an exceptionally sweet voice.

Lie Er could feel all the hairs on his body stand up.

This person was cruel and merciless. With expressionless face, he could resort to any means to humiliate someone. He had personally experienced that cruelty himself. At one point, he was truly in so much pain that he considered suicide. If he did not consider that he might have wronged Rong Tian, and if Yong Yi had not appeared in his life, perhaps he would only be a pile of bones now.

Hatefully, at this moment, he was in the arms of the very person who caused him such pain. Despite that, he still felt the sensation of being wrapped in a spring breeze in the warm and solid embrace, just like all those times in the past.