Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 7.1 / Chapters List

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On a bed filled with silk pillows inside a large carriage sat He Di, who looked at the scenic view that passed by with a pleasant mood. In a free and unrestrained manner, the carriage was headed for Tong's capital, Tong Ze.

His exceptionally good mood was not a product of the cup of fine liquor in his hand or the picturesque scenery made up of Tong's mountains and river.

Rather, the sole reason for his mood was because of Duke Ming's careless decision to sign the peace treaty.

Numerous twists and turns of fate had left the prideful smile on that quiet and cold face engraved in his mind. 

The memory made him feel feverish and had already hooked him in completely.

But finally, thanks to politics, that man had been sent straight into the palms of his hands.

Compared to blackmail, this method of obtaining him made He Di more excited.

During the past few days, the number of times he laughed was more than he had the whole year combined.

At this moment, nothing could be more interesting than the matters with that bastard called Zi Yan. From the ship, he had arrogantly jumped without flinching despite the countless number of arrows that were shot at him. Never once did he turn his head while in danger. But it would not be long before he would be forced to comply with the treaty and follow him back to his territory. 

"He he..." The corner of He Di's mouth turned into a sinister smile.

His hands itched to get a hold of that man.

There was not the slightest worry that Xi Lei would break the treaty. He Di never worried about his calculated moves.

Xi Lei's Rong Tian was a smart man, therefore breaking the treaty would be an impossible move for him. The profit that would come from the luminous sand as well as the opportunity to obtain high quality weapons was too good to let go.

What He Di offered was bait that no man or kingdom could refuse.

The only thing Dan Lin had to do was choose which kingdom had the highest potential as their ally.

"Kong Liu."

There was a difference between normal open carriages and the one He Di was riding. A golden pillar stood upright as support and there was roof that provided shade. It was convenient for He Di to move around and the rays of the sun were blocked, but he was still capable of seeing the scenery that passed by as they moved.

He turned around and languidly called his subordinate who was riding a horse by his side. "How much farther is it from here to Tong Ze?"

"Your Highness, it not much farther. In roughly about 3 to 4 li, we will reach the outskirts of Tong Ze." Kong Liu spoke in his usual deep voice, keenly sensing his master's concealed anxiety, he smiled respectfully.

 "Subordinate has already sent someone to contact Tong's Prince Qing Li asking him to arrange a temporary residence. The emissary who will receive us is most likely already waiting outside the city gates."

"Qing Li? Heh, that useless bastard..." He Di laughed loudly.

On their journey, they had obtained an insignificant harvest.

Late at night on a certain day, his guards managed to capture a masked woman who tried to ride past their procession.

He moved his hand in a simple manner, commanding them. This time, the men He Di brought half consisted of Dan Lin's imperial guards and the other half, Dan Lin's pirates. Disregarding the guards, each and every one of the cold-blooded pirates were constantly wary of their surroundings.

An unmarried woman journeying alone with a veiled face and making an evasive maneuver was clearly a nervous one. How could they possibly not suspect that she was merely pretending to bypass them when in reality she might be a spy checking on them?

Unexpectedly, after searching her in front of He Di, they discovered an interesting sealed letter.

The letter, as it turned out, was from the very man who delivered Zi Yan into his hands, Duke Ming of Xi Lei. Not only that, the content of the letter was surprisingly appealing.