Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 15 Chapter 8.1 / Chapters List

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Tong Kingdom's banquet officially began at you shi (5 - 7 pm).

The location was the spacious and grand main hall of the imperial palace.

The royal family and the nobles considered the banquet very important. This could be seen through the number of influential guests and the venue it was located.

Just now, a prominent figure in the Tong Kingdom, Royal Uncle Qing Zhang, had personally accompanied Feng Ming to the banquet. Their arrival sparked looks of excitement in the eyes of those present.

"So many people..." Feng Ming frowned and with a low voice whispered to Rong Hu. "Why is Tong so small, yet has so many officials?"

The bureaucracy was too overstaffed, in comparison to Xi Lei, it was much more rotten.

In a similar tone, Rong Hu replied, "Duke Ming, the people inside are either from the royal family, an official, or a noble from an influential family. However, they have also brought their favorite pets, be it girls or even boys, and guards." He also included his own analysis of the situation. "Duke Ming must remember, Tong is currently divided into 2 factions, Qing Zhang's and Qing Li's. That is why everyone has brought their own guards."

Oh? Feng Ming chuckled.

They only have their own system of bureaucracy to blame for their internal problems.

Nevertheless, having an internal conflict within the kingdom was not good for their image.

The imperial palace's main hall had been decorated beautifully with silver and gold in a rather extravagant manner. If it were compared to the palace in Dong Fan, then the ambiance of wealth was dominant, however the aura of nobility was lacking.

"Xiao Family's young Lord, please sit here on this seat of honour." An official responsible for guiding the guests brought Feng Ming to his designated seat.

The spacious hall had been arranged with seats paired with short, small tables. Each table had a pillow to sit on. All those who were qualified to attend the banquet knew of the kingdom's love for luxury. The seats would definitely be soft and comfortable.

Almost all those that were invited had arrived. A space in the middle of the hall had been prepared for the purpose of what appeared to be a performance. There was a large, round rug in the space, and the guests' tables had been arranged in a circular pattern with multiple rings around the space.

Personages like Qing Zhang, Qing Li, Xi Lei's ambassador, and Feng Ming were of course seated in the inner ring. This was the so-called, seat of honour.

In an elegant manner, Feng Ming thanked the guide and sat down. Rong Hu, Zi Yan, and Luo Yun, 3 people equipped with good looks and imposing mannerisms, served as Feng Ming's guards. With their hands on their swords, they kneeled down and sat behind him, virtually increasing their striking momentum.

"Zi Yan will be responsible for protecting Duke Ming from any surrounding dangers. The food and drink will be tested by me for poison." In a low voice, Rong Hu discussed the tasks with the other 2 guards.

Luo Yun calmly looked at the front as he said, "Let me test the food and drink first, then Rong Hu can test it again afterwards."

With Rong Tian, Feng Ming had participated in plenty of royal banquets, however this was his first time attending one with such a large number of participants. Feng Ming watched as the other guests took their seats. Those of lesser nobility began leading their own guards and favourite concubines to the seats that correspond with their ranks.

Everyone was whispering to one another and exchanging conventional greetings and smiles.

They flaunted their wealth with their clothing and all sorts of magnificent accessories on their shoulders (肩  饰  ) that would make others stare at in admiration.

Feng Ming observed everything with interested eyes. "Unexpectedly, Tong's imperial banquet is incredibly lively."


(肩  饰  )- Shoulder's ornaments ...so pwetty isn't it!!