Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 16 Chapter 1.5 / Chapters List

Chapter one finished. Thanks to Minak Amie for editing. This post is quite long...Enjoy!


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Xi Lei’s Duke Ming already occupied a high position in people’s hearts. In addition to his elegant, unrestrained appearance, and the mildly indifferent expression on his face, the impressions of him slightly improved.

“When God created all things below the heavens, he definitely did not wish for their lives to be defined by status. Rather, his wish was for them to live free and at ease. They were to enjoy the gift of heaven and make use of their natural talents to cheerfully live their lives.”

Everyone was stunned.

To think that Xi Lei’s Duke Ming, the Xiao Family’s young Lord, who had been tolerant for so long while confronting Xi Lei’s ambassador and his assistant’s forceful interrogation, would suddenly begin a passionate counter. However, should he not have at least begun his rebuttal with a strong and clear argument?

Who could have known that the first sentence Feng Ming would say would be filled with emotion and a poetic sentiment. In addition, on his face was a genuine melancholic expression that made his audience praise and gasp in admiration for him.

After being taken in by surprise, the audience, whom originally harboured the intentions of merely watching a good play, could not help but go with the flow. They looked on with smiles towards Feng Ming’s vision for such a future, immersing themselves in his brainwashing.

“Between a monkey and a fish, which is superior and which is not? Monkeys are adept at picking wild fruit by climbing trees. In the mountains, they live wild and free. And fish in water are unrestrained as they travel along rivers and lakes.”

As for farmers and soldiers, who is more valuable?

Farmers work in the fields to cultivate crops so that this world’s royals, nobles, and commoners have food to eat. Soldiers protect the kingdom, which is why all the talented people within the kingdom can live comfortably.

Nobles and commoners, are they really that different from each other?”

Feng Ming’s eyes slowly swept across the faces of the audience within the hall.

His clear, black eyes did not have a shred of indignation or dissatisfaction. There was only an image of a naïve and pure child merely seeking a simple and just answer. This image gradually captured and moved countless hearts.

“Within the nobles, there are indeed many talented individuals. There are brave generals who guard their kingdom’s territory and protect the commoners from being harmed by their enemies. There are also many talented people who take charge of a kingdom’s affairs and keep it running smoothly and unhindered. Judiciaries are strict and impartial, helping the ordinary citizens resolve their grievances and disputes.”

His idle chatter praised the nobles, but he suddenly turned and spoke loudly and clearly on another aspect. “But… what if a kingdom had no nobles or commoners, what would it be like then?”

The hall had become even quieter.

So quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Even idiots know, a kingdom without commoners is impossible.

“Without farmers to grow food, nobles will starve. Without soldiers, can just one brave general withstand an enemy’s line of assault alone? Without artisans, the cups, bowls, and dishes at this banquet… where would they come from? Without fishermen, we cannot eat delicious fish and prawn. Without weavers, we would not be able to wear such beautiful and comfortable clothes, right?”

Towards Feng Ming’s chain of questions, the answer was only silence.

Most of the influential officials at the banquet had an uncomfortable look on their faces, however many of their maids and attendants, including those kneeling outside the hall such as the dancers and musicians waiting to be summoned for entertainment… all their faces revealed a quick expression of approval.

Many of them had come from ordinary and small family backgrounds.

Although they were chosen to serve nobility, obtaining more rewards than ordinary commoners, while their food and clothing were indeed better, the bullying and oppression… how could they forget it?

Su Jin Chao had been looking forward to his time to shine, but was now standing stiff in the center of the hall while thinking of a way to refute. With a “humph” to disguise his nervousness, he rebutted, “What you mentioned just now are all things expected of the commoners. Working on the field, serving the army, and so on, are the things they were naturally born to do. How could this point erase the difference between them and nobles?”

Feng Ming’s clear eyes that people did not dare to look at directly, were currently measuring Su Jin Chao up.

Being stared at from head to toe, Su Jin Chao felt extremely uncomfortable. His disdainfully asked, “What are you looking at?”

This was the exact sentence he was waiting for him to say!

Feng Ming secretly praised him. Brother Su, you really are good at lending me a hand. I was worried you wouldn’t ask this question. If you didn’t ask, then this game would not be interesting enough. History has proved that a two-man show is more entertaining than a one-man show…

Even though facing such a big crowd made his legs feel a bit weak as he worried that he would slip up and expose his false bravery, he wanted to do as much as he could to help Rong Tian win back his country. Therefore, no matter what he did, his goal was to achieve the best result so they could obtain a complete victory.

Hey…Hey… perhaps if his performance is good and Rong Tian is pleased by his meritorious service, he could ask for a tiny demand as his reward… maybe tonight, he could be the one on top?

Thinking till here, his good mood suddenly increased.

“I am looking at you.” Feng Ming revealed a charming and friendly smile. Looking earnest, he circled around Su Jin Chao and with a cold expression, looked at him with his clear eyes and sighed in lamentation before speaking. “You are wearing clothes weaved by a commoner. On you is a beautiful piece of jade that was excavated painstakingly deep in the mountains by a commoner. You eat food cultivated by a commoner and live in a house of brick and wood laboriously built by a commoner. Assistant Su, all that you eat, wear, and use, without exception, come from the common people. Without them, you would not have a house to live in, a vehicle to be transported by, food to eat, and clothes to wear…”

He sighed with great emotion as he listed all the benefits Su Jin Chao would lose without the help of the commoners and finally mentioned another problem. “The commoners, with great trouble, have provided so many things for Assistant Su. Their existence allows Assistant Su to spend the days comfortably up till now. May I ask… ultimately, where should their significance be put?”

The question followed closely after a large list of the commoners’ merits, with a single remark, he pierced straight to the truth in a straightforward and unreserved manner.

Zi Yan’s heartbeat quickened hearing Feng Ming’s remark. He raised his head to see Su Jin Chao’s dumbfounded face. The silly expression on his face from the question was quite amusing. Zi Yan’s lips unconsciously curved upward. The solemn expression that was always on his face now had a tiny but of a sunshine-like radiance.

That man’s smile!

The smile He Di had repeatedly imagined in his mind had finally appeared right in front of his eyes. A sharp, wolf-like expression could be seen on his face that he temporarily forgot to conceal as his eyes unreservedly looked at the kneeling slender figure.

Zi Yan immediately noticed him looking, he raised his eyebrow in warning as he gave a He Di a discontented glance. Afterwards, he no longer paid attention to him and turned his eyes back towards Duke Ming.

The smile on his lips, as if it were just a momentary dream, instantly disappeared.

As if it never was there.

He Di’s exquisite eyes narrowed.

This man… truly is… captivatingly obstinate…