Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 16 Chapter 3.1 / Chapters List

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Before returning to the Qing mansion, Feng Ming had to listen to Qing Zhang’s endless praising. He let out a big yawn as he led Luo Yun and the other two back to their courtyard. Qiu Yue and the other maids expected him to encounter troubled waters. The moment he returned, they flew to his side welcoming him with hush greetings.

[TLN: troubled waters: a difficult or confusing situation]

[hush greetings: xū hán wèn nuǎn – a Chinese idiom, when someone asks another person about their wellbeing. For instance, asking if they are too cold or too hot. Do they have enough food to eat and clothes to wear?]

“Duke Ming… did you meet that scary crown prince, Qing Li?”

“Is he fierce?” “Were you able to see Princess Zhang Liu?”

“Were there a lot of people at the banquet?”


His maids chattered non-stop. He had yet to answer a question before another was asked. On the side, Qiu Lan listened to the others while ushering them in as a cluster.

Once inside, he was upset to find that Rong Tian had not returned yet.

Qiu Lan spoke up, “The King had not informed Duke Ming… but tonight, there is something important that needs to be done. There is a chance he will not be back by today.”

Rong Hu said, “At tonight’s banquet, Duke Ming showed off a domineering presence that gave face to His Majesty.”

The maids had just finished helping Feng Ming bathe and change clothes. With so many meddlesome hands, he did not have the chance to say anything. They still had not heard anything about what happened at the banquet, and after hearing Rong Hu’s words, started asking for details. It was Rong Hu’s responsibility to guard Feng Ming. He originally wanted to leave, but sitting inside the room served the same purpose. He told them the events of the banquet from start to end.

Listening to Feng Ming’s grand performance at the banquet, Qiu Lan immediately cried out and highly praised him.

Feng Ming noted that Zi Yan’s complexion did not look well. “Yiii… why do I feel like you have been absent-minded this entire time? Zi Yan, is there something wrong?”

After considering the matter, Zi Yan decided to not tell Feng Ming. He firmly shook his head and replied, “Subordinate rarely participates in palace banquet and am probably not used to it.”

A Xiao Family guard came in to report, “Young Lord… there is someone called Kong Liu who has arrived. He claims to work for Prince He Di of Dan Lin.”

Zi Yan’s face silently changed.

Since Feng Ming’s current impression of He Di was good, he burst into laughter the moment he heard the guard. “It turns out to be him. He must be here to talk about our agreement. Aiya, I just changed clothes and now have to change into formal clothing again.”

The guard spoke up, “Young Lord, that person said that it is already late, and he does not dare to trouble the Young Lord’s rest. However, he said that Prince He Di is anxious about the business matter and hopes the envoy will be dispatched earlier in order to properly discuss things. He hopes the Young Lord will agree.”

Feng Ming looked at Zi Yan. Inside, Zi Yan was truly irritated and was secretly grinding his teeth. However, seeing Feng Ming look at him, he couldn’t show his expression of rage. He deliberately cupped his hands together as a sign of respect and coldly said, “This is subordinate’s responsibility. Duke Ming, please allow this subordinate to deal with this matter.”

It indeed did pertain to him, so letting him deal with it was correct. Feng Ming was already tired from his considerable effort at the banquet. He finally had the chance to catch his breath and avoid the feeling of weariness. Covering his tiny yawn, he nodded his head and said, “Well then… I will give you this matter to deal with.”

Zi Yan turned to leave, but he suddenly heard Feng Ming call out to him as he reached the door. “Zi Yan.”

He turned and faced Feng Ming’s concerned expression. “Even though He Di is our ally, he is currently living in Qing Li’s official residence. You might run into Qing Li when you go there… His hostility towards me is really deep. You have to be very careful to not be harmed by him. Wait… I should write a letter to He Di asking him to take care of you (lol). Qiu Yue, bring me a pen and ink…”

ZI Yan whispered in his heart… Telling him to be careful was correct… However, the person he should be wary of was not Qing Li, but rather, that poisonous snake, He Di.

He declined his good intentions and said, “Duke Ming needs not to worry. Subordinate has been sent by His Majesty to many places in order to handle business. From an early age, subordinate had learned how to look after himself. Duke Ming… this subordinate will take his leave now.”

Without hesitation, he left after greeting Feng Ming.

Zi Yan’s departure left only Rong Hu and the maids to accompany Feng Ming. Because of Rong Tian’s secrecy, Rong Hu had deliberately left Luo Yun outside to guard while he remained inside.

Feng Ming had intended to wait for Rong Tian. But by the time midnight arrived, he had yet to return. His eyelids began to grow heavy as he fought his sleepiness.

Qiu Xing felt distressed looking at Feng Ming and said, “Duke Ming should go and sleep first. The King may return some time around dawn.”

Feng Ming sighed. “I am worried. Only when he comes back can I sleep well.” He continued to sit next to the candle with both hands supporting his head as he waited in a daze.

Even for someone with great vitality, midnight was the most attractive time for sleeping.

Although Feng Ming insisted on waiting, his eyes unconsciously closed and the hands supporting his head were already half lying on the table. Qiu Lan and the others watched him with closed lips. Qiu Yue took the candles and moved them elsewhere. With the light dimmed down, Feng Ming fell into a deep sleep.

“Duke Ming? Duke Ming?” Qiu Lan called out in a low voice. Seeing that he didn’t make the slightest movement, she knew that he had probably fallen asleep. She beckoned Rong Hu over.

Walking over, silent as a cat, Rong Hu gently picked Feng Ming up from the table and brought him to the bed.

Not long after falling asleep, in a dazed state of dreaming, Feng Ming felt like something was pulling on his hair. He listlessly struggled and slightly shifted his body. But for some unknown reason, he suddenly remembered that he was waiting for Rong Tian and immediately woke up.

He did not know where his energy came from, but he extracted himself from his muddled dream and sat up on the bed. He rubbed his eyes and muttered, “How did I end up falling asleep?”

He opened his eyes and suddenly cried out with a “Yaa.” A smile was on his face as he said, “You’ve returned?”