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This chapter contains of almost 6000 Hanzi words, so i have to divide into 2 part so i can post quickly.

Tong Kingdom Capital City, Tong pond.

Recently, Luo Deng, the chief in charge of Xiao family's shipping business, his heart is really blossoming ah.

Heavens blessing, Xiao family ancestors spirits is there.

The old master's blood is not a thing of the ordinary, the young master has great business skills, over time it will become a generation of outstanding great business!

Luo Deng's family background is very similar to that of Luo Ning, also from his father's ancestors, Luo family has served Xiao family. So long as he grew up, Luo Deng of course, wholeheartedly hopes that Xiao family will remain strong in the business world.

To say that he's not afraid of dead, in fact, as the supervisor and the chief in charge of the Xiao family shipping business, Luo Deng has always been weak than the old master Xiao Zong in swordsmanship, all year around he's showing no interest in Xiao family business' Killer Group, he has many unspoken disagreement.

Knowing that Xiao family has been famous all over the world for its shipping business for centuries, this is the foundation of Xiao family. The killer group and so on, just a sideline business, not the root passed down by the old ancestors.

However, Xiao Zong, the master of the previous generation of Xiao family, was born with a root of a swordsmanship who almost inseparable with the sword since he was born and had mind in swordsmanship for his whole life. Practice day after day, in order to practice the sword he ignored everything, the more he practice the more he put the business of the Xiao family ancestors behind his mind, the better he practice the swordsmanship, the more famous his reputation.

Later on, when people in the world talked about Xiao family, the first thing that came to mind was not the shipping business, it was actually the swordsmanship and the killer groups.

If the Xiao family ancestors who had created the Xiao family shipping business knew ahead of time, maybe they would sit up and vomit blood inside the coffin!

Remembering this, Luo Deng shook his head secretly.

Although there are no people dare to intervene Xiao family's shipping business and the annual income is still amazing, but it is not about the way their business has improved, it's just that the other businessmen are afraid of Xiao Zong's sword, dare not to rob Xiao family business.

Over the years, the Xiao family's proper business lacked of the care of the Xiao family's master, it can be said that it is standing still but there's not much improvement.

Who would have thought, just when Luo Deng repeatedly sighed at the future of Xiao family's business, it blew up one by one.


The old master Xiao Zong had a woman few years ago!


This woman is now the world's famous poison master Lady Yaoye!


This woman also gave birth to a son for the old master!


The son of this woman is actually Xirei Duke Ming who is very famous!

In other words, Xirei Duke Ming became their Young Master, under the letter from the old master Xiao Long, all the wealth and business of the Xiao family went to this young boy!



Boom Boom Boom!

As a result, even the louder is still behind.

Xiao family's Young Master Feng Ming is actually full of all kinds of creative ideas for doing business! That Aman River's newlywed honeymoon travel packages, that loyal partner rewards policy, and that bundled sales of local specialties in Eleven countries... What's even more remarkable is that Youzi Wine of the Fen City is also included as the miraculous local specialties item, the Young Master also proposed to acquire a large inn and a wine kiln in Fen city, and planted hundreds of Youzi trees next to the inn, later become that kind of luxury-class resort area.

Luo Deng is almost burst into tears.

Xiao family's ancestors spirit, you've finally blessed from the heaven, passing the root of money-making to the new generation Young Master.

But ...

"Young Master, what is resort area ah?"

"Resort area? It's just..." There's no outsider, Feng Ming's habit of scratching his head can't be changed, he scratched his melon seed head for a while, he thinks of the words used in ancient times for a half day. "Oh, it's the pavilion, but if they live in our Xiao family's place, they must give money. En.. it'll be good to count the money by the number of days they spent."

"It turns out to be so."

Luo Deng suddenly bows his head and adds a line to the already densely written cloth, he puts down the pen and smiled. "I wrote down what Young Master said, I'll set it up as soon as possible to ask the people to follow Young Master's words, thinking about how to start planning, I will ask them to check the situation in different places and see if doing these new businesses makes a lot of money, I also need to figure out how much money I need to put in, in less than 20 days, there should be preliminary news to the Young Master."

"En." Feng Ming nodded.

It feels really good, it seems that the chairman of a multinational company is also enjoying this.

If there is any idea, he can talk about it by himself and someone immediately go to investigate the market to collect information, if it is possible, he can invest immediately and profits are coming in an unending stream.

He always eat, drink and sleep from Rong Tian's, now it's Rong Tian's turn to eat, drink and sleep from him.

Haha, It's interesting to think about it.

Luo Deng also said: "Young Master is talented for doing business, has so many ideas for making money." He will write Feng Ming's business ideas with blow-dry ink on his clothes and carefully put it in his sleeve, "Right, the last time i'm about to explain to the Young Master about Xiao family shipping's deputy-chief and everyone in charge... "

Oh God, It's the list again! As soon as Feng Ming heard this he says with bitterly, "Luo Deng manager, can you spare me today, since i've arrived in Tong pond, I'm busier than the gyroscope being pumped ah, it's either the royal banquet or Xiao family business, and we must also meet the demands of so many powerful people in the Tong kingdom. Today as soon as I got up, I was caught to see that divine godly official of the Tong kingdom. Unconstructively exchange conventional greetings for two hours, Rong Hu has also encouraged by you, to have the opportunity to force me to learn Xiao family's books, and Luo Yun is more hateful, he's staring at me all day, as soon as he sees me he just want to catch me to practice the sword.... " seeing Luo Yun glance at him coldly by the side, Feng Ming spit out his tongue, he quickly added, "I also know that sword practicing is needed, but hanging out also makes people to take a breather."

Luo Yun says, "Young Master wants to quickly back to the room to rest?"

Feng Ming is being hit by the nail on the head, his selfish calculations being tabbed, he suddenly smile embarrasedly.

Of course I want to go back to my room.

That guy Rong Tian recently slipped out every day, only until the dawn he return craftily, the time they spent getting along with each other is getting less and less.

With great difficulty today he's well behaved and unexpectedly he said to Feng Ming that he would stay inside the room all day and will accompany Feng Ming in the evening.

Just because of this, when Feng Ming was dealing with Xiao family's business today, all he was thinking about is Rong Tian, if it wasn't for by Luo Yun, he had long abandoned the responsibility of Xiao family Young Master to rolled back into his room.

Feng Ming pitifully look at Luo Yun, "I've met the guests and I've handled Xiao family's business pretty much too, now can i go back?" Luo Yun gently scoffs and turns his face away, "Young Master want to go back to the room or not, can this subordinate turn down?"

On the side Qiu Xing's attitude towards Luo Yun is very unpleasant to the eyes, hands on her waists, her speech both fast and loud, "Luo Yun you damned kid, did you take the wrong medicine these days ah? All day long neither croon nor laugh like dead person's cold face, there's no respect for Duke Ming at all, he's your Young Master! And ah, I have long wanted to ask you, Qiu Yue looked uncomfortable when she came back from the yard last night, isn't it your good deed?"

Feng Ming asked in an astonishment, "Qiu Yue is sick? I asked you this morning, why did you tell me she was going to embroider new handkerchief and only come to serve at night?"

Luo Yun's cold face even give a rare faint hint of surprise, it was only after half a day before he sank and asked, "she's sick?

Qiu Xing stared at Luo Yun, "Humph! look at your guilty conscience-like look, I knew you must have pulled your sword again to scare her. What Xiao family killer group master, you're clearly a bully who only bullied girls." Seeing the look on Feng Ming's pretty face turns worried, she immediately changes from the witch into angel as tender and soft as water, her lips smiles and says, "Duke Ming don't worry, Qiu Yue doesn't get sick, it's just that she came back last night looking weird, as if she frightened, I asked her what happened, she said she had lost a handkerchief, when walked around the yard, i casually asked her who's the person bumped into her if she had seen it.She wouldn't tell me who she bumped into in the yard, but as soon as I guessed it, it must be this nasty guy Luo Yun" After finished speaking, she then takes a look at Luo Yun.

Luo Yun remembered that night, his mind was in a mess, the swordsman's slogan to keep their mind calm didn't know where to fly, for a long time, his tongue seems to be stiff, don't know how to ask.

Fortunately, the silly-headed Feng Ming acts as a good person again, he asks for him, "Qiu Yue was scared? She's not sick? What the hell is going on now? Gee, I should go to see her, and you, why don't you tell me? Wasn't she lying alone in the room for most of the day?"

Qiu Xing says, "just a little scared earlier, she's fine now. She really embroidered handkerchief in the room, if Duke Ming doesn't believe it, just look at her is fine."

Feng Ming rest assure and says, "I'll go and see." He greet to Luo Deng and go to the door.

Luo Yun doesn't say anything further only to follow behind, suddenly he feels someone behind him, instinctively he uses his hand to grab, Qiu Xing's hurtfully cry comes in his ear, only then did he know that he catch Qiu Xing's hands, he then quickly let go.

He is practicing sword, how strong his hands are, Qiu Xing is delicate, only with one grab, her wrist has been red, her pain eyes are red, her glaring eyes is even more angry, "you... Why are you such an outrageous person? No wonder Qiu Yue said that you are a big bad guy, and I was saying good things for you, i'm really blind!" She stomp on her foot, biting her lower lip and go.

It doesn't matter if she's gone, but she left the phrase behind "Qiu Yue says you're a big bad guy," leaving Luo Yun like among the swords.

He's sad and lost, standing still and painfully thought for a long time.

When he looked up, Feng Ming and Qiu Xing have long since disappeared.

Feng Ming personally goes to Qiu Yue's room to see, sure enough Qiu Yue is good, sitting under the window sill pinch the needle to hold the thread. But Qiu Xing said one thing wrong, Qiu Yue is not getting a new handkerchief, but helping Feng Ming to make a new leather armor.

This leather armor is very fine, all sewn up with a good beast's skin, the chest is deliberately thickened double layer, to protect the vital organs.

The beast's skin should be forced to offset the sharpness of the hard weapon, but also lighter than the metal armor, it's a more advanced body armor than metal armor.

Qiu Yue sees Feng Ming come over, stood up at once, she looks very happy, "Duke Ming is just right on-time, i've worked hard all the way and finally got it right today, just one arm is not well done, come and try it out, I'll see if the size is right."

And with Qiu Xing's help, the set of the beast's skin leather armor put on Feng Ming's body one after another.

After it put on, it's comfortable and the size is just right.

The skin of the beast exudes a good smell of leather, Feng Ming laughs first then touches the leather armor, the dark red beast's skin is soft and resilient, at first glance you'll know it's a good thing. He can't help but ask, "what kind of skin is this, as if i've never seen it."

Qiu Yue says, "This thing is the first time I see it, it's Rong Hu who found it in Xiao family's treasure-room, it was said that this Nanling buffalo's skin is hard to get, soft and tough, it's the best thing to make leather armor. Didn't Duke Ming say the last time, that the leather armor you wore is uncomfortable? Rong Hu just got this and ask me to make a good leather armor for Duke Ming, after you wear it, you're not afraid of being uncomfortable."

Ronghu is actually still so considerate...

Feng Ming's cheeks blushed, he says: "I didn't know that armor was so precious before and still said how uncomfortable to wear it, i really live in plenty without appreciating it, it makes people shame to think about it again. After meeting Wu Qian, I realized that how difficult it was for an ordinary soldier to have a set of armor. Alas, it would be nice if anything can be done to improve the armor production and materials."

Qiu Xing laughs pfft.. "Duke Ming is now more and more like an adult, everything about people and soldiers, this armor is still missing a piece of arm that was not sewn, take it off first. Qiu Yue can eat a lot of hardships to do this, the beast's skin is the most difficult to sew, consuming power, the needle is also easily to hit the bone, you see her fingers are red".

Feng Ming turns around to see, sure enough, the end of Qiu Yue's fingers to pinch the needle is red, he feels greatly guilty and quickly gripped with both hands, he carefully rubs, "Does it hurt?"

Qiu Yue's face is blushed, she pulls her hand out, "Duke Ming don't listen to Qiu Xing's nonsense, pinch the needle for a long time, of course my red fingers are red, even if just embroidered handkerchief it will be red! Qiu Xing you're so courageous, i will discipline you in behalf of Duke Ming." Picking up a fruit on the window sill and throw it toward Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing bend down to avoid the half-emptied fruit, she claps and says, "finally you get a little better, you pulled a long face since you came back last night, talking also lazy, you ah, only now when facing Duke Ming your mood will become good."

Speaking of last night, Feng Ming says, "By the way, what happened to you last night? Does Luo Yun really pull his sword to scare you? If so, I must do justice for you, do you want to catch him and scolded him?"

Qiu Xing on the side, her face is strange, says in her mind, among Duke Ming, you and Luo Yun, it seems like the one who will be scolded is usually you...

After Qiu Yue listening to Luo Yun's name, her heart jumps without a reason, it's like a thief gets caught, covered her forehead with the hair, shyly says, "What's the matter with Luo Yun? Pull sword to scare me, dare he? Oh the sky is going down quickly, shouldn't Duke Ming have dinner? Go back soon, be careful that Qiu Lan has made the food in the inner room and wait anxiously".

Feng Ming suddenly jumps up, his face changes dramatically, "It's bad! It doesn't matter if Qiu Lan waits, but it's not good for that guy Rong Tian to wait a long time. When I went out in the morning, I promised to go back to him early today......" As he speaks he slips out of the door.

In the inner room, as soon as he enters the door he sees the handsome and leisurely silhouette of Rong Tian, sitting at his desk and reading the new information sent by Mian Ya. Feng Ming stops at the door, he sticks his head out and look inside.

Rong Tian realized he was back, put the information down and extended a hand toward him. "Remember to come back?"

Feng Ming see he doesn't get angry, he set his mind, cheers up, cheerfully jumps into the room and headed straight towards Rong Tian, Rong Tian hold his waist to sit on his lap.

"What did you promise when you went out today? Only now you remember to come back, i really want to beat your little ass." Rong Tian like a smile yet not smile, hold him to lie down on his own knees, the mischievous-looking unyielding handsome young man is turned upside down, ass up.

The big palms dubiously rubbing the buttocks.

"Do you want to be beaten?"

"I am already pitiful enough, do you still want to beat me?" Feng Ming scoffs, comfortably lying on his thigh, says one by one, "Do you know how busy I am today? it's like a war. Just sent away that Tong kingdom's official, Hong Yu came and continue to talk about the metal workshop matter, after finally Hong Yu gone, Qing Zhang came over there and said that the 30th next month is the birthday of Tong kingdom Great King Qing Ding, the ceremony was first held in the Tong An courtyard of Qing Li, he ask me if i want to attend, just to show that i innocent, after that guy go, Luo Deng ran over, why Xiao family have so much businesses ah? Just look at the management roll of names, my brain has gone up two laps.. "

Rong Tian stroking his soft black hair, laughing at him while listening to the long-winded complaint.

Feng Ming feels so comfortable, put his neck to one side, he holds Rong Tian's hands and press by his side neck, with big grin he says, "There, help me massage my neck muscles."

Rong Tian did according to what he said, gently massage him.