Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 18 Chapter 4 part1 / Chapters List

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Out of the Tong Ze city gate, sure enough there are signs left by the Xiao family masters along the road can only be recognized by the Xiao family killer group. This leader Luo Ning is very careful, he still arranged two or three men along the road to provide support.

After finding the brothers who were left to provide support, Luo Yun found the mountain forest where Lady Yaoye was located more easily, but the guards who stayed outside the forest reminded that Mian Ya once said that the road here shouldn't be walked around, because it's easy to be poisoned.

Fortunately, the seemingly ordinary "farmers" in the valley can help them send in letters.

Rong Tian was talking with Lady Yaoye when suddenly he heard the news from Luo Yun, Zi Yan and others, he couldn't help but stupefied.

Rong Tian says, "Luo Yun and Zi Yan are not easily panic people, if they came here, something must have happened. Lady, would you mind letting them in?"

Will Lady Yaoye care?

This group of people protected her foolish son, knowing they were so hurried to see him like this, there was something bad in her heart, she immediately calls a subordinate to lead the way for Luo Yun and others.

After a while, except for some unimportant guards who are left at the entrance to the forest, Zi Yan, He Di, and Luo Yun are all brought in. Luo Ning, Rong Hu, and Mian Ya, who were originally outside the door, are also called into the house by Rong Tian.

Zi Yan speaks first, "Great King, this subordinate rushed here in an emergency because he learned from Princess Chang Liu that Duke Ming had come into contacted with a dangerous strange man, which may have serious consequences." He explains the process of communicating with Chang Liu in Tong An Courtyard in detail and adds a sentence, "Luo Yun has seen the portrait and confirmed that the man who boarded the ship that day and the man in the portrait are two people, it can be said, the fake Du Feng. I don't know what's his purpose, so he doesn't hesitate to risk getting close to Ming Wang."

Rong Hu's face changed greatly as he waited.

On the day when the man boarded the ship, they were all next to Duke Ming, and they unexpectedly let such a man with ulterior motives get close to Duke Ming, if he was an assassin, would it be fine?

Needless to say, everyone will be unable to escape the punishment of misconduct in the first place.

At this critical moment, Rong Tian is the most calm instead, he mutters, "The man spent so much effort lying about Wen Lan to win Feng Ming's sympathy. It can be seen that Wen Lan must be the key in his plan." With that, he cast his deep eyes on Lady Yaoye.

Lady Yaoye certainly understood the meaning in his eyes, elegantly and gently, shaking her head, "Although Wen Lan is rare, but it's not toxic, not only it's non-toxic, but also its floral fragrance has the effect of relieving the mind and relieving headaches. Even if Feng Ming come into contact with Wen Lan because of this person encouragement, he wouldn't be harmed in any way."

Luo Ning is secretly happy, but pretend to frown anxiously and put in a fluke tone, "Maybe that person's purpose is not to hurt the young master?"

"No." Rong Tian says in sunken voice, "Feng Ming's name is too big. Whether it's the enemy of This King or the Xiao family, if they choose the target of the attack, the first one will be chosen is Feng Ming. This person's goal must be Feng Ming, but we haven't been able to reveal his tricks."

Rong Hu also made a detailed report to Rong Tian on the day the 'Du Feng' was on board. Even if he was as savvy as Rong Tian, ​​he couldn't hear anything strange at that time. If it wasn't for Zi Yan piercing the 'Du Feng' is impersonated today, I'm afraid no one would have thought of it.

Rong Tian instructs Rong Hu and says, "Tell me more aboutthe day's events again in detail, and not leave out any single details."

Rong Hu complied.

He has a good memory and the scene where Du Feng boarded the ship and met with Feng Ming was very memorable, it's repeated systematically and in full detail at once. Luo Yun stands aside and will immediately reminds him if Rong Hu couldn't remember, secretly comparing what he said with the one he remembered, and he couldn't help but admiring it secretly.

Rong Hu started from the flute's sound to the long talk between Du Feng and Feng Ming. Lady Yaoye heard the word 'Anshen Stone' and her face suddenly changed.

(t/n: Anshen Stone:Tranquilizer Stone, as i used Chen Yu and Wen Lan, i also will use the Chinese names of thisTranquilizer Stone)

Rong Tian immediately noticed, "Why does Lady's face change? Do you notice something wrong?"

Lady Yaoye has a deep complexion and her brows frowned. "Originally, I didn't think Wen Lan would hurt anyone, but when I heard Rong Hu mentioning the 'Anshen Stone', it suddenly reminded me of something terrible."

Everyone froze.

"What terrible thing? Lady, please makes it clear." Rong Tian asked.

"Anshen Stone is the most precious treasure in the world. It can calm people's minds and help them fall asleep, but at the same time, it's also the only antidote that is very toxic."

Luo Yun's face turned pale, "very toxic?"

In fact, among the people present, apart from Lady Yaoye, he's the most closely blood-related to Feng Ming.

Although he is not as loyal and obedient to this inexplicable young master as to his old master, he has another sense of protection that blood is thicker than water, not to mention that Feng Ming is always naive and makes people can't help but regard him as a child who has not yet grown up.

Everyone else was worried about Feng Ming, but He Disecretly paid attention to this seemingly the coldest imperial bodyguard in front of him who's on the contrary lost his voice.

Lady Yaoye's eyes are dignified, "Wen Lan is indeed non-toxic, but once the aroma blends with Chen Yu, it will become highly toxic and the only thing that can be detoxified is the Anshen stone that fake Du Feng deceived from Feng Ming. But..."

"But what?"

Lady Yaoye seems to encounter a difficult situation and puzzled. "But Wen Lan is rare, Chen Yu is even rarer, even if Feng Ming finds Wen Lan, he won't be poisoned if he doesn't take Chen Yu. What is the use of doing all this?" Looking up at Rong Hu, "after the man got on board, did he ever take anything to give for Feng Ming?"

Rong Hu resolutely replies, "Absolutely not. Wehave always been careful about Duke Ming's diet. For such a stranger who had just met, even if he really delivers food, how can we let Duke Ming to eat?"

Rong Tian suddenly remembered something and his eyes suddenly became sharp, "Although Du Feng did not give Feng Ming food, he did give him the jade flute!" He reaches into his arms and takes out something, "Lady, Please take a look."

Feng Ming loves this jade flute very much, Feng Ming couldn't put down the jade Xiao and talked about Du Feng all day. No matter how big Rong Tian's tolerance was, he couldn't help being jealous. A few days ago he simply confiscated the jade flute from Feng Ming.

Lady Yaoye takes the jade flute, glances at it, touches it with her hand and sniffs at the tip of her nose, her face is pale.

Rong Tian asks, "What does The Lady see?"

Yaoye is silent, as if not sure, then palely taps the jade flute on the corner of the wooden table.

The jade flute collided with the wood, making a murky sound, although the jade flute doesn't break, it left a lot of jade-colored powder on the edge of the wooden table.

After seeing this, Lady Yaoye grits her teeth, "This is Chen Yu. Has that boy ever used this flute?"

"He used it and really like it, he play and practice it every day."

Lady Yaoye sighs, "Chen Yu has soft jade's character, it seems he has swallowed a lot of Chen Yu powder. Fortunately, we found it earlier, if I really did what he asked and gave him Wen Lan, the consequences would be unimaginable."

Then with the Phoenix Eyes and showing an expression that is definitely not easy to mess with, she orders a guard," You go outside and call him over, this little fool doesn't even know that he has been poisoned by others, scaring this old lady like this, i should teach him hard."

(t/n: Phoenix Eyes:almond-shaped eyes with the inner canthus pointing down and the outer canthus up)

Rong Hu and Mian Ya suddenly thought of a possibility, when they looked at each other, they all felt numb in their scalp and blurted out in unison, "Does Lady plant Wen Lan in a separated courtyard?"

"That's right, Wen Lan is planted in the other courtyard. Why?" After Lady Yaoye answer casually, she takes a sigh of cold air and glared at the two, "He... he won't be ... "

Before the words were finished, everyone had acted.

Rong Tian was the first to rush out of the house like a tiger down the hill.

The other courtyard is quite large, don't know where Feng Ming slipped away.

If he really succeeds in stealing the flower, he will have to pay a heavy price.

Rong Tian takes the lead, Rong Hu and Zi Yan follow suit, everyone look nervous. Only He Di was being sloppy attached to Zi Yan's side and pulls his sleeve. Zi Yan was in such a hurry that he was on fire, he turns back and shouts angrily, "What?"

"Remember that I saved your Duke Ming's little life."

Zi Yan doesn't hesitate, turns around and quickly follows Rong Hu.

"Starting from this courtyard, Rong Hu and Luo Ning are responsible for the east side, Mian Ya is responsible for the south side, Luo Yun is responsible for the west side, Zi Yan and Prince He Di are responsible for the north side, beside that please The Lady order her people hurriedly, anyone who sees Feng Ming, bring him here immediately" Rong Tian commands everyone with the fastest speed and clearest voice, and then turns his head and whispers. "As for The Lady, please take me to the location of Wen Lan immediately and order someone to block the road leading to that place, so that Feng Ming has no chance to approach."

Yaoye nods, "that's exactly how it should be."

Suddenly the order is spread out.

Everyone go in different directions to find Feng Ming who didn't know where to hide in the other courtyard.

For a moment, different shouts echo over the other courtyard.

"Feng Ming"

"Duke Ming"

"Young Master"

Rong Tian with Lady Yaoye rush to the secret garden where Wen Lan was planted, he's so worried that he shouts "Feng Ming" while walking, in case the little fool was walking in the direction of Wen Lan, maybe he heard him yelling will look back.

"Feng Ming! Where are you? Come out now!"

Fly up to me.

(t/n: because Feng in Feng Ming's name means Phoenix, so Rong Tian ask him to fly up)

Feng Ming runs out of breath and collides into Rong Tian head-on, his nose hitting the strong chest heavily, he covers his nose but before he had time to cry out in pain, he was held tight by Rong Tian excitedly. "Oh my God, you little fool, you little idiot, I should really beat you up..."

Rong Tian got the treasure of the world, hides him carefully in his arms and can't help scolding him a few times, he then felt that his heart, which was almost scared out of his throat, had returned to the original place, he shakes his head helplessly and sighs. "If you dare to run around without telling me next time, I will find a chain to lock you up." The hands which hugging Feng Ming tightly is a little loosened, so that he can poke out and breathe.

Feng Ming lifts his face in his arms, "Are you done talking with my mom? What interesting thing did she say to you? Tell me quietly! Okay? Oh, right!"

Showing a smiling face brighter than the sun, Feng Ming says cheerfully. "Good news for you, I finally stole Wen Lan! There are strange flowers everywhere, thankfully I remember Du Feng said it was black. You see." He difficultly pulled out an orchid with black flowers and green leaves from his arms and shake it to Rong Tian. "Oh no, it's almost flattened when I was squeezed by you, don't know if i can keep it... Why do you look so ugly?" He looks at Rong Tian strangely.