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The wooden door of the inner room was gently closed by He Di with his foot.

Yaoye turns around and facing He Di, "His Highness Prince should have guessed why I invited you in?"

He Di shrugs indifferently. "I guessed a little bit, but it's better to ask The Lady to explain herself to avoid misunderstanding."

"All right, let me get it straight. I see Zi Yan's eyes, not only he's anxious but also frightened, as if he's afraid to get along with the prince. Did the Prince do any evil deeds to him? This is Feng Ming's subordinate after all, as a mother, i have no choice but to ask."

If it's not impossible to speak, Zi Yan must have shouted.

Never expect this Lady Yaoye who is well-known to be cold, indifferent and merciless woman, to know He Di's true identity by his evil face.

Xiao Holy Master has a good eye, the woman he choose is really awesome.

Zi Yan is so thankful that he almost cried.

He knows his responsibility, so he can't help but pretense at complying with He Di, but if Lady Yaoye knew the truth, at least he could stay in the this courtyard temporarily, and then give him back to He Di when his strength has been recovered.

If he was brought back by He Di and needs his help for eating, bathing and urinating, then his life is worse than death.

He Di is asked by Yaoye, without guilty at all he shows a charming evil's smile, and approves, "The Lady is so attentive that she can guess so much from her eyes." With a sigh of relief, he says lightly, "Why don't we be frank with each other, please The Lady tell me directly what The Lady wants from me in order to help This Prince hide this little secret?" He glances down at Zi Yan, whose eyes are shining with hope.

Zi Yan my little baby, you are happy too soon.

If this woman wants to help you, why would she invite me into the inner room? In this case, she clearly wants to take advantage of the opportunity to blackmail me.

Zi Yan apparently thought of this too, and his eyes suddenly dimmed, and his black eyes which are greatly disappointed and rubbed with grief and indignation, become more and more attractive and lovely.

Lady Yaoye shakes her head and smiles, "His Highness Prince misunderstood, you formed an alliance with Feng Ming and promised to open the dual luminous sand route to protect Feng Ming from the severe punishment of his dad, this is the best thing Yaoye can get from you. Beside that, what else does Yaoye want?"

He Di doesn't like her and staring at her coldly, "Does Lady ask me to come in just to tell me that you saw through Zi Yan's eyes?"

"Of course not." Here comes the negotiation. "I asked His Highness Prince to talk privately because I want His Highness Prince to assure me personally that not only will your Dan Lin royal family help Feng Ming open up the dual luminous sand route, but also Feng Ming has something to ask for in the future, the prince must give everything he has and do anything his best to help. The chaotic world has arrived, since your Dan Lin Island Kingdom is independent and will not be affected by the war. At the critical moment, maybe you are my son's savior."

He Di stunned by her lion's big mouth words for a moment before he shakes his head and says sarcastically, "Lady really knows how to ask a price, but it's a pity that This Prince is not interested in your words at all. Think carefully, there's no bargaining chip in Lady's hands, what will i do about Zi Yan later when we go back, You and I know it, but do you have the courage to tell Duke Ming? You are more worried about the dual luminous sand route than Duke Ming himself, how can you stubbornly stand up for a merely imperial guard and break the agreement between Dan Lin and Duke Ming? Let me tell The Lady clearly that the man i'm holding in my arms is the exchanged for the dual luminous sand, which is more expensive than gold. As soon as he's in my arms, the dual luminous sand route is opened and as soon as he leaves the area under the control of This Prince, the agreement will be cancelled immediately."

(t/n: 狮子大开口 Lion's big mouth : The metaphorical asking price or the conditions mentioned very high, which also describes people as greedy).

Both sides speak out openly, there is no need to cover it up any more.

He Di erases the hypocritical smile, his face darken, his ferocious words became sharper and sharper. "A word of advice to The Lady, do not be too greedy in dealing with the people who live in the Dan Lin sea. Your son can get the dual luminous sand route, which is a big deal, for nothing, but you still has the nerve to ask my royal family to be ready to give everything i have and try my best to help him. Is he really an indispensable ally? This is the first time I've heard of such ridiculous delusion, but I don't care about it for Zi Yan's sake. But things can no longer be done again, if the Xiao family is so rude in the future, please forgive me for not giving face to anyone, and I will immediately tie Zi Yan up and throw him on the ship, then tear up the agreement, and go away, so that everyone in the world knows that Xiao Young Master is a loser who can't maintain the alliance. If you are not afraid of death, come and chase after him, in the sea area of Dan Lin, who is Laozi afraid of?"

With a throbbing cold snort, the nobility of the royal family and the domineering of the pirates are shown incisively and vividly at the same time.

He is difficult to deal with, but Yaoye also not so easy.

Yaoye can still laugh at the intimidating momentum and threat of He Di, and she seems to laugh very happily.

"His Highness Prince has a point, but there's something wrong."

"Oh? What is wrong?"

"His Highness Prince said, I have no bargaining chips."

"Is there any bargaining chip in Lady's hand that I don't know?"

Yaoye nods and point her fingers at He Di's arms, "This is my bargaining chip."

"Zi Yan?" He Di Haha laughs. "Even if The Lady can barely keep him today, what good will it do? That will only allow This Prince to immediately cancel most of the plan of the dual luminous sand route. Moreover it's your baby son who has a limited time for the development of the route, not This Prince, delaying time is not good for him. At the last, don't you still have to obediently give Zi Yan to me and ask me to continue my alliance with the Xiao family?"

Yaoye also agrees with his words, she softly says, "Leaving Zi Yan is indeed harmful to Feng Ming. So I have no intention at all to stop His Highness Prince from leaving with Zi Yan. As long as His Highness Prince is willing, he can now leave with Zi Yan and close the door after returning, His Highness Prince can do whatever he likes. I am not interested in exposing such boring little secrets to Feng Ming or Rong Tian. Does His Highness Prince understand my wish?"

He Di looks at her leisurely manner, knowing that she was wrong, it's not proper for him to be so alert, "Lady is so understanding, it really makes This Prince a little uneasy."

Lady Yaoye smiles, "If I am not understanding, why would I deliberately add a little thing to the detoxification powder when i helped Zi Yan to detoxify him so that he can't move now and have to obediently let a man to hold him? If i hadn't guessed His Highness' mind, how can His Highness enjoy the joy of embracing his sweetheart?"

Zi Yan, who can only act as a spectator, suddenly realized.

It turned out that the symptoms of the magic incense and poisonous plants could have been resolved immediately, but but for some ulterior purpose the woman deliberately applied another poison during detoxification so that he could only let He Di hug him here and there.

So hateful!

In Zi Yan's eyes the woman who made him grateful just now changed and immediately becomes the number one vicious and despicable woman in the world, even if she's Duke Ming's biological mother, that's unforgivable!

He Di heard Yaoye's words, his cheek twitches and his eyes shines in a frightening glow, he calmly asks, "The little thing that Lady added to the detoxification powder may not only make people feel weak for 24 hours, right?"

Lady Yaoye laughs and laughs coquettishly, then she glances at He Di, "His Highness Prince is also very clever. But don't worry about it yet, I will give you the antidote for this year first, feed him and after 24 hours he'll probably recover, just like I said in the beginning. It's just... "

" It's just what?"

"It's just that there is no complete cure for this poison and it will recur every year. If the toxicity recurs after one year, whether the antidote can be delivered on time or not depends on how His Highness Prince treated my silly boy Feng Ming."

He Di squeezed out an unnatural smile, "I don't know what kind of situation this poison will recur?"

"What kind of situation? That's hard to say." Lady Yaoye smiles unfathomably, "I can only tell His Highness Prince the words ―― wonderful. As for how wonderful it is, if His Highness is not regret it, don't ask me the antidote next year, just let him poison and you see."

He Di secretly takes a breath.

Even though he lives on the island all the times, he had heard the name of Lady Yaoye using poison.

Today his weak spot unexpectedly being caught by this woman's hand and he fell head first.

But he's the person who ruled the sea and can take whatever comes. He looks down at Zi Yan and his mind changed sharply, after a moment, he had made a decision, he raises his head and looks straight at Lady Yaoye, he says with a chic smile "Indeed worthy of Xiao Zhong's wife. All right! From today onward, I , He Di will always be eternal loyal ally of Xiao family Feng Ming's. Once he is in trouble, Dan Lin will do the best to support him, and will die together with him!"

Every word is powerful and resonating.

Lady Yaoye says with satisfaction, "The prince is a straightforward man." She takes out two small clay bottles from her sleeves and hands them to He Di.

He Di startled, "There are so many antidote in a year? How to take it?"

"This small bottle contains an antidote and there is only one in it, when you go back, mixed it with water to feed him. Just don't blame me for not reminding in advance that his body toxicity changes every year, so the antidote needs to be reformulated every year. His Highness Prince, please don't do anything reckless to offend me, the only prescriber. "

He Di wonders secretly if he should send someone to sneak into this courtyard, grabbing the antidote for dozens of years at once, being warned by Yaoye and knew nothing can be done, he laughs lazily. "Lady is joking. Who dares to be reckless in front of The Lady? En, this bottle is the antidote, so what is the other bottle?"

Lady Yaoye mysteriously smiles, "I feel very uneasy about how much I have offended His Highness today. The things in this bottle are secretly made by me in my spare time and they are so effective that they can be regarded as my compensation to the prince."

"What?" He Di understands and laughs, "It's actually aphrodisiac? Haha, It's such a wonderful gift that This Prince had to praise Lady's understanding again." But he thought to himself, this woman is unscrupulous in doing things, she gave me aphrodisiac, naturally she didn't mind that I will eat Zi Yan and swallow him clean, so then i fell deeply in love with him and finally had to subject to her for the sake of Zi Yan.

But it doesn't matter, I can't help myself anyway.

As long as her aphrodisiac is really as powerful as she says.

Thinking of happy thing, he bows his head and kisses Zi Yan's lips fiercely in front of Lady Yaoye, and then blows a breath of hot air frivolously into the upright face, and says with a smug smile, "As you have heard, this is the way your Duke Ming's mom came up with for the future and safety of Duke Ming, the method is directed by her. The aphrodisiac also given by her, This Prince is straightforward and upright, but he is helpless. Beside i listen to her is because of you, who made you accidentally being poisoned by others? I reminded you in advance." He kisses Zi Yan again without shame.

Zi Yan is so angry that his eyes opened wide and round, but he can't spit out a word.

Of course, he has been scolding no less than a thousand times in his stomach.

Lady Yaoye coughing gently by the side, "Does His Highness Prince still need a little medicine for the eyes swelling?"

He Di doesn't takes these to his heart, he shakes his head, "No need, it's just a little injury to add fun, it's enough to do things. It's getting late, I won't bother The Lady anymore." Putting away the two bottles of precious pills, he walks out of the inner room with Zi Yan, who is dying of shame and anger.

Feng Ming has waited outside for a long while, when he saw He Di comes out with a smile on his face, he asks curiously, "What took you so long to take some tonics? Does my mom tell you something else? Aih, she's so mysterious today, she said that she has something secret to talk with Rong Tian, doesn't say anything to this son."

He Di perfunctorily says, "It's nothing important, Lady Yaoye just taught me some skills to take care of the poisoned person."

"Taking care of the poisoned person, is it useful?"

"Useful, of course useful." He Di smiles strangely, without further delaying he says goodbye to everyone and embraces the unlucky Zi Yan whose eyes full of resentment, and follows the person who lead the way.

It's over, and no one else stays long. As soon as Lady Yaoye walked leisurely out of the inner room, Feng Ming and Rong Tian say goodbye directly, take the imperial guards to leave.

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