Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 18 Chapter 6 part1 / Chapters List

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Lie Er gasps and opens his eyes, his vision is still blurred.

His strength has become weak since he was drugged and the overnight runaway exhausted his energy, falling and rolling in such way made him became unconscious, when he opened his eyes, he stared at the moon in the sky in a daze, there is only one thought in his mind —— Yu Lang was hit by an arrow.

He heard Yu Lang's scream just now.

If he hadn't been seriously injured, a master like Yu Lang would never fall off the horse.

If Yu Lang wore the phoenix armor, this might not have happened.

Pain, like a cold thin blade pierced through his heart, the world turned pale within emptiness.

Lie Er ferociously quivered, that he can't help leaning his face to Yu Lang's neck.

The skin touched lightly, but Yu Lang he who has fallen on the ground suddenly moved and jumped up alertly the next second.

His movement is like energetic dragon and fierce tiger, showing no sign of injury.

(t/n: 龙精虎猛 the metaphor for energetic and high-spirited).

Lie Er seems to have been hit hard on the chest by something, and after a big shock, he immediately wakes up. "Are you not injured?"

Yu Lang looks intently at the rushing water not far away and said in a deep voice, "I almost fainted when I hit my head when I rolled down, but luckily I woke up in time."

Lie Er went back and forth from heaven and earth, hadn't yet breathed a sigh of relief he found that Yu Lang obviously had a plan, he immediately became vigilant again, he says, "Even if you jump into the water, Yong Yi will send someone to search downstream, you cannot escape."

Yu Lang is at the point of life and death, how can there be time to talk nonsense to him, he picks up the bow and arrow that fell on the grass when he fell and hang it on his body, he pulls out the dagger and actually pierces the skin hanging on his waist. This skin was taken by Yu Lang from his bag and hung on his body, Lie Er always thought it was filled with water, now that he saw it, he's greatly surprised.

Red blood-like liquid gush out of the skin and flow to the grass.

Yu Lang rushes to the edge of the water at the fastest speed, creating traces of the red liquid flowing all the way, when he reached the water's edge, he takes the skin and throws it into the water.

He does all this without any delay and happen to hear the sound of hoofs and voices coming from the back of the hillside.

A little hesitation at the moment is a dead end.

Using both hands and feet Yu Lang quickly climb a tree with the most dense branches.

The horses hiss more clearly.

When the chaser troops climbed to the top of the slope and looked down at the situation at a glance, Yu Lang has just had time to hide his body in the three fork branches of Maoye tree. That was a close call!

From the beginning to the end, Lie Er was bound by his back.

"It's here!"

The horse's hoof sound louder, closer and closer, stop under the tree where the two are hiding.

Someone suddenly says, "His Highness is here."

Yu Lang carefully plucks away a few leaves and peers down.

Lie Er is lying on his back and he can see a little from the side of his neck, his heartbeat suddenly increased.

He saw Yong Yi.

Limited by angle and line of sight, it's impossible to see clearly, but from a distance, Yong Yi looks a lot thinner and haggard, he seems to have a little stubble beard on his chin.

Yong Yi has dismounted and was standing on the grass silently watching the thrilling 'blood'.

The pool of 'blood' dyed the grass red and an intermittent red trace extended from the 'blood' berth to the water's edge.

The subordinates surrounding Yong Yi are all oppressed and uneasy by the atmosphere of silence.

It takes a long time before someone whispers, "Your Highness, from the look of this, they should have suffered a rather serious trauma. Probably unwilling to be captured alive, they walked to the edge of the water and jumped down."

Yong Yi stares at the pool of blood, he says with calm voice without undulations, "They? Who are they? Is the one who was shot by the arrow the man who captured Lie Er, or Lie Er? Have any of you seen it clearly?"

Some of the people who shot the arrow just then trembled and dare not to look up.

Ying Wei is Yong Yi's confidant, he understands Yong Yi's feelings for Lie Er better than everyone else, after hesitating for a while he comforts him, "Your Highness should not be worried about Lie Er Young Master, the night is so dark, there is a distance between the chaser troops in the forest, no one can clearly see the appearance of the man on the horse. However, according to this subordinate's opinion, neither of them would be Lie Er Young Master."

After a pause, he continues to analyze, "Your Highness thinks about it carefully, the thief is very smart and quite resourceful. In such a terrible situation tonight, if Lie Er Young Master is really robbed by him, he will certainly use Lie Er Young Master in exchange for living conditions. Anyone knows that this is the most advantageous and safest way. But he was chased by us in the middle of the night, trying hard to escape, and even injured and dived in the end, but he never mentioned that he wanted to negotiate with Your Highness, from this we can see that he has no bargaining chips at all. The person riding with him must not be Lie Er Young Master."

Yong Yi thought that this pool of blood on the ground might have been left by Lie Er, and he was heartbroken a long time ago. After listening to Ying Wei's analysis, he's more willing to believe Ying Wei's feeling. He sighs and reluctantly feels a little better, saying, "Am I really wrong? But looking at the back of the person on the horse from afar, I have always been feel strongly that it's Lie Er. "

Ying Wei knew how many days he had planned and was looking forward to rescuing Lie Er, to finally ended up with such a result, he can imagine how sad he was, he summons up his courage and says "This subordinate is also very familiar with Lie Er Young Master's body, when this subordinate chased him closest, he looked carefully at it and the back was a little wider than Lie Er Young Master and doesn't have the same presence as Lie Er Young Master. It should be a fake. Your Highness only misses Lie Er Young Master so much that he has an illusion."

"Illusion?" Yong Yi squeezed out a self-deprecating smile, shakes his head and asks, "If the person on the horse not Lie Er, then where is Lie Er? This person broke through the siege I set, which is unbelievable that he must be the mastermind behind the scenes. If Lie Er is not in his hands, who will it be? If the person imprisoned in the cellar is not Lie Er, who will it be? What exactly did the people who capture Lie Er do to Lie Er?"

He asked a few questions but he couldn't even answer one of them, his expression suddenly become quite emotional, he says trembledly, "When I saw the chains and nails in the cellar, my heart was almost broken. Has Lie Er ever been imprisoned somewhere? Or am I doing my best, but stupidly chasing the wrong direction? Lie Er, are you suffering? Why do I hear you calling me to save you every time I close my eyes, and every night I dream of you being tortured in places I can't find? Lie Er, Lie Er, where are you?" He raises his head and calls out in pain, his heart filled with grief and sorrow.

Lie Er is trembling with excitement behind the dense branches and leaves above his head, listening to what Yong Yi's said his tears flowing down like a broken line.

His disappearance made Yong Yi so painful!

If Yu Lang succeeds in escaping with him this time, he will be more careful to hide in the future. Yong Yi will continue to suffer in pain, and instead of doing so it is better to open up and risk this life, let Yong Yi know that he's here and they will no longer be tortured by that kind of pain which life is worse than death.

Although the drugs have not disappeared and his hands and feet are weak, after all he can still speak, if he tries his best to scream at the moment he can alarm Yong Yi who stands under the tree.

The more Lie Er thought, the more blood surged upwards and just then he felt the cry comes out, even if Yu Lang immediately cut his throat ruthlessly, as long as he could die in Yong Yi's arms, it would be worth his life.

At this moment, he even forgot about Duke Ming and Wen Lan.

Yu Lang is most accustomed to dealing with such an extremely dangerous situation, and his alertness is surprisingly high. He found that after Yong Yi had said that, the body behind him trembled, his breath suddenly accelerated, and he was obviously very excited. He ponders for a moment, and suddenly guess about Lie Er's plan.

Knowing the moment of life and death is at hand, Yu Lang almost doesn't blink, lowering his voice he decisively says to Lie Er, "As long as Yong Yi finds that we are here, I will shoot Yong Yi first, then cut your throat, and kill myself with a dagger."

While talking, he's moving quickly but not alarming the troops below.

When the voice fell, the sharp tip of the arrow has already passed through the thick leaves and is firmly aimed at Yong Yi directly below.

In a calm tone, every word is indicated to Lie Er that once Lie Er doesn't cooperate, he won't hesitate to do what he said.

In Yong Yi's current position, facing Yu Lang's dreaded achery, Yong Yi will undoubtedly die.

Lie Er who lies on his back suddenly becomes stiff. For a moment, he trembled fiercely again.

Hot drops of water fall on the back of the neck, Yu Lang stupefied for a moment, then came to understand.

That is Lie Er's tears.

Ying Wei's voice come from below, "Your Highness has not closed his eyes all night, please go back and have a rest. Just leave it to this subordinate."

After Yong Yi vented for a round, his mood is slightly calm, ignoring that Ying Wei's advice that wanted him to rest, he only says, "Send the order down and increase the number of people searching downstream."


"Regardless of whether the wounded is Lie Er or not, I want you to try your best to catch him alive. All of you should bring a good wound medicine so that they can be found alive and treated immediately."

Ying Wei agrees, but still can't help but saying, "This subordinates will seal the river downstream tightly and send additional staff along the shore. As for the mountain village, everyone will be interrogated again to see if there are any missing clues. Your Highness, please listen to your subordinate and sleep for at least two or three hours. If this goes on, if the body is damaged, who will rescue Lie Er Young Master? He must still be there waiting for his Highness."

Yong Yi listens to Lie Er's name and stupefied for a while.

He also knew that Ying Wei was telling the truth, he was restless about sleeping and eating recently, he stayed up all night to arranged a secret plan, hunting the mountain village, chaser troops, and stretched his nerves to the top at every moment.When he suddenly relaxed at this time, he felt as if his strength had been exhausted and finally nodded. "Okay, I listen to you."

Ying Wei is overjoyed and immediately ordered escort Yong Yi to leave. He personally led the rest of the subordinates to the downstream to monitor the hunt.

Lie Er helplessly watches Yong Yi leave, but he can't do anything, so uncomfortable that his heart was almost torn apart. Yu Lang held his breath and watched everything.

He leans on the tree, watching the crowd disappearing behind the slope from the distance and waiting vigilantly. Knowing that the enemy had really left, he exhaled a long breath and jumps off the tree with Lie Er on his back.

The pool of blood on the grass was still there, it was animal blood that had been carefully configured and added with special drugs to keep it from coagulating, and it was specially prepared to confuse the chaser troops.

If Yong Yi and others stay here for a little longer, they may find something strange because the 'pool of blood' does not solidify for a long time.

After the crisis, the wetness on the back of his neck become more apparent.

Yu Lang sighs slightly, stretches his hand backwards and fumbled for Lie Er's wet face, he wipes the water marks on his face with his fingertips.

"Don't cry, okay?" Yu Lang whispers.

Lie Er is extremely stubborn and hates to shed tears and lose face in front of people.

It's difficult to restrain himself and had almost cried this time, but after listening to his words, tears came back like a spring tide, gushing out of his eyes again and rustling down.

He abhors his lack of pride, weakens himself in front of the man, grit his teeth, and keep a straight face, trying to force his tears back. He tries so hard that his shoulders trembled, but it was useless.

Don't know why, it's even more heartbroken than just now.

Yu Lang listened silently, after a long time he loosen the cloth rope on his body, and sighs helplessly, "Don't cry, Lie Er, you're breaking my heart."

Lie Er glares at him with tearful eyes, his heart is really crushed by all this.


Tong Ze, He Qing Prince Palace.

The sky is slightly bright. Rong Tian opens his eyes and sits up gently on the bed. Turns his head to look at the side.

Feng Ming curls up in a ball, half of his cheek against his waist.

The thin quilt was kicked away by him irregularly.

This little drunkard, Rong Tian shakes his head with a bitter smile.

Last night he received a letter from Yong Yi, saying that after many investigations, he finally found out the whereabouts of Lie Er, although he didn't dare to say that he was already 70% to 80% sure and also saying that he would make arrangements to rescue Lie Er and severely punish the gangster who kidnapped Lie Er.

This great good news makes all those who are worried about Lie Er feel relieved. Yong Yi is not a reckless person, If he can write a letter and report the news, it can be seen that it is certain that he will be able to save Lie Er.

Within a day, not only exposed a vicious plot against Feng Ming, but also the long waited news of Lie Er. When good things come in pairs, everyone is very excited and naturally it was necessary to celebrate it.

Gosh... I really hate Yu Lang. It's almost...just a little shout...but it ends just like that.

Only reading it already made me exhausted, not to mention Lie Er who experience it.. How will they end, i'm curious.