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That night, Qiu Lan did everything her best to cook several good dishes that took a lot of effort.

Small celebration is arranged in the inner room, except for Luo Ning who has no time to attend due to in charge of the outer guards that night, regardless of the Xirei group or the Xiao family group, all the confidants who knew that Rong Tian was currently in Tong Ze took part in it, and everyone had a full table.

Feng Ming finally put a half-down the hanging heart that was caused by Lie Er, there were so many tricks on his head, with him taking the lead in making trouble, Qiu Yue, Qiu Xing and other surrounding him were all enthusiasts, the table was in full swing, talk cheerfully and wittily.

Wonderful delicacies assailed the nostrils.

On this occasion, it was even more unavoidable to have a mellow aged wine, Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing held a silver jug and first forced Rong Hu to drink three glasses. He didn't even blink at the three cups of wine, but as soon as he changed his style, he drank the three cups unconstrainedly, in return, he forced Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing two little villains to have a drink.

Qiu Lan laughed with covering her mouth aside, she said to Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing, "You see right, if you stir up the fire, you will get burnt."

Unexpectedly, this fire became uncontrollable, and no one was spared.

Needless to say, Mian Ya couldn't escape the clutches of Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing, but he also cleverly begged for mercy, brought out the grand excuses for working early tomorrow morning, he changed shape in a single shake and cooperate with Qiu Yue and Qiu Xing to deal with others.

Rong Hu became the focus target of the crowd from the beginning to the end, almost refused no one who came, Qiu Lan was beside him, and so he was happy to drink two or three glasses.

Luo Yun is very strict in self-discipline and is the most impatient with the boring things of drinking and having fun, but by Qiu Yue's big eyes complainingly looking at him, half annoyed and half hate, bright and beautifully touching, his heart seemed to be spilled with a whole bottle of bone water. Suddenly there was nothing left, not to mention wine, even if it was poison, he drank it like honey. Of course, Feng Ming had to be toasted, as the result he drank more than Rong Hu.

He wassitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm, very safe, all the drinks offered to him were blocked like a shield by Rong Tian, the king of Xi Lei, who no one dared to offend, but how can the lively Feng Ming be at peace in such an atmosphere? Seeing everyone drinking too much, he unexpectedly felt itchy and gave him a cup.

(t/n: 稳坐钓鱼台 sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation)

Although he was not the one who drank the most among the people present, he was definitely the one with the lowest alcohol tolerance among all the people.

It goes without saying that it also became the first guy to drunk.

Among the confidants of the Xirei group, no one knows about the alcohol tolerance of Xirei's Duke Ming.

Feng Ming who was drunk didn't know what he was doing, he was so extravagant, laughed and cried heartily, and finally pulled Rong Tian's collar, just like grabbing the life-saving straw, he shouted, "I'm a belt, I'm a silk tight belt, Rong Tian ​​tomorrow you have to remember to tie me on your waist, and bring me together... must bring me..." As he spoke, he spoke like a child and cried loudly.

What kind of demeanor Duke Ming, dignified young master, all had become bullshit.

Luo Yun was in a state of intoxication and was completely stupefied by the young master who didn't know what was that being reserved.

Rong Tian was hung by this foolish who was heavy and smell of wine all over his body, didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, reached out and pulled up half of his slippery body, and smiled with a doting smile, as if to comfort Feng Ming with a sentence or two, but suddenly stopped, didn't know which word to say.

Suddenly, sour and bitter tastes welled up in his chest and all his internal organs burned, and even a restrained person like him could hardly bear it.

Only then did he know that the pain of parting was not really so light.

Under the soaring great ambition and great goal, which was like water yearning a hole to flow, erode beyond measure.

(t/n: like water yearning a hole to flow,erode beyond measure: is metaphor 'to drill when you have time')

At this point, Rong Tian's three-point drink was long gone, At this time, Rong Tiantold everyone who had long been drunk to finish up and personally hold Feng Ming, who had cried enough and began to yawn, to bathe and change clothes.

That night, Rong Tian was unusually well-behaved.

Feng Ming was so drunk that he didn't sleep well, in the dark he often murmured a nightmare, and then he was quiet for a while, then he started to kicked over again and unconsciously putting his head on Rong Tian's shoulders, as if he were restless in the dream.

Rong Tian stayed up for most of the night, caressing his cheek, kissing his forehead, and holding him in his arms, but couldn't pacify him. Feng Ming also didn't know what uncomfortable dream he had, his eyes were closed and his brows were furrowed. Both hands were always fumbling in uncertain direction, as if looking at something.

"Feng Ming?" Rong Tian patted him gently.

No response.

Rong Tian couldn't help it, seeing that he was scratching his fingers again, he tucked a corner of his sleeve.

Feng Ming grabbed something in the palm of his hand, was unspeakably content, mumbled with unknown meaning, and turned over again.

Finally he completely quiet.

With such a grasp, he did not let go.

Until the sky was slightly bright, until Rong Tian sat up, looked down at the dead Feng Ming sleeping next to him, and held the corner of his clothes contentedly.

Mian Ya was ordered to set out with Rong Tian, he didn't dare to snub so he got up early last night, changed into sturdy black clothes, fully equipped, came over on time, sneaked up to the bedside, and lowered his voice, "Is it time to go, Great King?" Looking at the sleeping Feng Ming, he knows very well that his Great King is reluctance to part at this time.

(t/n: the past tense used because the scenes happened before the last paragraph of previous part)

Rong Tian stares at Feng Ming for a long time and gets out of bed as lightly as a cat. With gritting his teeth fiercely, he takes his eyes back from Feng Ming's face and stands up, but he's a little fettered.

The sleeve was grasped by Feng Ming, Rong Tian exerted a little effort at first, but he can't draw it out. Rong Tian is a little lost, he sighs for a moment, takes off his clothes and put on a new one.

No more delay, he takes Mian Ya by the back door while the sky is not bright.

Feng Ming had no idea when Rong Tian was leaving, strong alcohol is always his big nemesis. He is confused, as if floating deeply in his dreams, sleeping until the sun hang high, and the headaches caused by drunkenness had not completely gone.

Feng Ming is confused and remembered that Rong Tian is going to follow the Xirei ambassador delegation today, and so he reluctantly struggled to wake up.

As soon as he sat up, his head hurts as if to crack, he can't help but holding his head and groans.

Qiu Lan and other maids have long come and are cleaning up the room, they are originally walking quietly on tiptoe afraid to wake the Duke Ming up, now that they see Feng Ming sit up on his own they surround him immediately.

"Duke Ming is awake?"

"You don't look well, do you have a headache?"

Feng Ming shakes her head, as if to shake off a little burden from his heavy head, raises his head, and looks around, "Where is Rong Tian?"

"The Great King left early in the morning." Qiu Xing also pointed narrowly at the palm of his hand, "When Duke Ming fell asleep, he still clung to the corner of the Great King's clothes and refused to let it go, so the Great King had to take off his clothes and change another one!"

Feng Ming looks down and sure enough, his five-finger clutch a piece of cloth like a treasure. He may have dragged it for a long time, that he used to it, if it hasn't for Qiu Xing say it he can't notice it for a while.

Qiu Lan brings hot water and says, "Let this servant wait for Duke Ming to freshen up, okay?"

Feng Ming looks at the sky, it's already bright, maybe it's close to noon. He drank too much last night, unexpectedly sleeping not to know to wake up and even he missed the opportunity to say goodbye to Rong Tian.

Don't know if Rong Tian is unhappy.

He can't help but feeling lost, after sitting in bed for a while, he suddenly finds that the room is strangely quiet, only to see several maids carefully peeping at his face.

"What's wrong?" Feng Ming laughs, "You're so naughty last night, but you've become a good girl today?" Loosening Rong Tian's clothes, he gets out of the bed by himself, stretches his waist, moved his muscles and bones, and immediately felt a little cheered up, he then turns back and asks, "While Rong Tian is going to do his business, we can't be idle. Hey, Qiu Yue, why didn't you go to your master today?"

Qiu Yue feels the same like Qiu Lan, she's worried that Duke Ming will be sad when the Great King is gone. Seeing Duke Ming as relaxed as usual, more or less she guessed that there's a bit of reluctance, but it's better than sighing.

Qiu Yue used to work with Qiu Xing to help Feng Ming sort out the wrinkled robes he slept in, says with smiling. "Report to Duke Ming first that this servant doesn't go to the master today, not to be lazy, but to have very important thing to do."

Feng Ming asks curiously, "What's very important thing you have to do?"

Qiu Yue reveals the pride of a little girl, "To take a few days to carefully write down the manufacturing method of the world-famous Emperor Purple dye, is it important?"

"Have you learned everything?" Feng Ming is even more surprised, he clicked his tongue a few times and looks at Qiu Yue up and down. "It turns out that your master has the right eye and really picked a talented one. I can't believe it took only a few days to learn and the secrets of other people's ancestral heritage have been learned. However, if you copy it out like this, if you let others see it, it will be tantamount to revealing the top secret. Won't your master scold you to death? I think You'd better ask your master about this first."

Qiu Yue laughs and waves, "How can all be learned? Don't look at it as a simple dyeing, there is a lot of knowledge in it. I've learned the beginning now."

Qiu Lan half-kneels on the left, helping Feng Ming to fasten his boots, at this moment, she looks up and put a sentence, "Qiu Yue stop talking in riddles, Duke Ming has been confused by you. Want me to talk about it? When Duke Ming set out from Yue Zhong city at that time, didn't the Prime Minister tell Duke Ming to collect ancient books or secret recipes, so that these precious materials will not be destroyed in the future? The Emperor Purple dyeing of Fu Qi Men can also be regarded as a stunt. Qiu Yue asked his master to agree to borrow the ancient book of dyeing skills treasured by Fu Qi Men and make a copy for us to collect."

With such a reminder of Qiu Lan, Feng Ming remembered that Lie Zhong Liu had indeed given him this task.

It's just that along the way, he encountered one thing after another and didn't even have time to catch a breath, this less important task was mostly forgotten.

Fortunately, these little things around him are smart and clever.

Feng Ming is surprised and delighted, sincerely praises Qiu Yue, "Qiu Yue, you are very smart that you can get this kind of thing. I heard that many people would rather die than take out all the secret books handed down by their ancestors. What method did you use to persuade your master?" He looks at Qiu Yue very curiously.

Qiu Yue shrugs her shoulders honestly, "This servant didn't do anything! Seeing the master take out the old ancient book and turn it over, this servant remembered what the prime minister said to collect the ancient book. Originally, this servant was also not sure, after talking to the master, who knew that the master was very excited".

Feng Ming says, "Of course he's excited. If you ask me for my ancestral book, I'll be very excited too."

Qiu Yue laughs, "Duke Ming misunderstood. The master was so excited that after listening to the words of this servant, he was stupefied for a long time, and his subtle eyes were wet and said yes again and again. The master said a lot of things and this servant couldn't remember that much, anyway it's all praising Duke Ming. Those who are far-sighted and who know how to cherish the painstaking efforts of the common people for generations are the truly promising ones. Then he shakes his head and sighs for a long time, saying that he had the right person after all."

Feng Ming scratches his head and says with a puzzled expression. "Your master's reaction is really special... but this old man is originally impulsive man." Just look at the fact that he accepted Qiu Yue as an apprentice.

"Duke Ming, you think wrong." Qiu Yue firmly says, "The master is old, but he is not muddled at all. When he gave the ancient book of Fu Qi Men to this servant, he gave an advice seriously. He said he has lives for so many years and has seen the real wars, when the general waved his sword, there was a river of blood below, when the city was breached by the enemy, the people became lambs. In that kind of season, they can burn what they can burn, they can kill what they can kill, human life is cheaper than grass, who can take care of any ancient ancestral recipes. In the past many famous secret recipes have been lost just like that. This Emperor Purple dyeing technique has cost them several generations of painstaking efforts, several lives were lost when they went to sea, and finally it was difficult to pass it on. If it is really extinct in the flames of war in the future, it will be so sad. So he asked me to make a copy and stay with Duke Ming, even if something really happens, at least future generations will know that there was Fu Qi Men in the Tong Kingdom, and there was a stunning color of Emperor Purple. People live all their lives, isn't it just to leave something for future generations?"

Qiu Yue is lively and active, often laughing without saying a word, rarely being serious like this.

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