Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 4 Chapter 6 / Chapters List

Feng Yu Jiu Tian Vol 4 Chapter 6

"Feng ming, we are not running away." Rong tian hugged Feng ming. We can't ran away. Under the decision, there is no objection.

Rong tian was King. Xi Rei's king.

Rong tian was not wrong speculating.The toxic smoke spread all over and not leaving any room and lingered through the drilling hole from Rong hu.

Feng ming has already ordered Lie er:" Find some fabrics, wet with water, in the middle wrapped in wet soil, cover on the nose and mouth.

Temporarily, it's not sure whether the gas mask was effective. All people are in hurry to wore the mask on the face.

They looked at each other, they all in weird appearance, but at this time, nobody had a joking mood.

The toxic smoke is just the first round of attack.

As expected, after the toxic smoke, there was a roaring sound, not far from the toxic smoke infiltrated place, a big hole has been pounded by The Li army. Chunks of rock soil dropped from the ceiling of the underground palace.

"Our only way out is while Ruo yan is expecting us to be poisoned, we will rush out and fight back," Rong tian quietly watched the crowd.

His cronies are here, Rong hu, Lie er, Xi rei's warrior, and the Earth-Moon tribe's last power, also Chiu yue Chiu xing the maid servants added together are not even more than 700 people.

The sword had been held in the hand, Feng Ming had quietly stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Rong hu silent, but couldn't help to speak:"Great King please stay in the underground palace, i will lead the troop to fight and Great King took the opportunity to escape." Seven hundred people to fight ten thousands army, even the raid, no chance of winning.

Rong Tian slowly sighed. He also knew that this war was hopeless. But he shook head:"If we don't take this opportunity to rushed out, The only way out will be gone. It's hard breathing in the underground palace, it's inevitably to be caught by Ruo Yan.

"Underground palace have many paths, it's not even sure that we will be found by Ruo Yan," Lie er said:" If Great King refuses to escape from the Li King, please let me protect Duke Ming, let us flee to the depths of the underground palace."

Feng Ming's heart tighten, Pearl black eyes stared at Rong tian.

Rong tian turned his head and smiled toward him, lightly said: "Feng ming won't leave my side."

Feng ming felt touched, can't help but move his feet, until his shoulder touched Rong tian's, he turned around and stared at Rong tian.

The light yellow smoke had drifted here, condensate in the air, strangely scary, Rong hu wore Feng ming's simply made gas mask, breathed deeply in the thick yellow smoke. The crowd waiting with bated breath.

In short while, Rong hu turned around, make a gesture.

Sure enough it could filter the toxic smoke, Feng ming suddenly relieved. How poisonous the ancient toxic was, still couldn't even matched the modern chemical weapon. Not even sure that the soil in this underground palace could filter the air in tiny particles.

But anyway, it was still God blessing.

The sound of the bell was ringing from afar, disrupted the mind.

"Ruo yan is using the bell ringing sound to bring the people who poisoned out," Rong tian said,"We just need to pretend that we have been poisoned, quietly walk toward the bell sound. Listen to my order, as long as Ruo yan show up, we will kill him. Only by killing Li King, the Li troops will be in chaos, then we can escape."

Everyone nodded. Their eyes showed Inexpressibly perseverance.

The yellow smoke was thick, not faded away, but slowly forward. The crowd was using the gas mask to walk through the thick smoke, passing a very long path, the light had been faintly showing.

"It's strange, there is no smoke around the place where the bell sound coming. God bless my Xi rei." Rong tian removed the gas mask first, breath deeply, frowned and said,"You all can remove the gas mask, there is no toxic smoke in here."

They had to pretend being poisoned to attack Ruo yan. But of course not while wearing this odd gas mask.

The sound of the messy footsteps echoed in the tunnel.

Ruo yan was smiling standing in front of the entrance of the underground palace, looked at the crowd that walk with the stone ladder with blank expression.

The exit is in Feng ming's previous room, this moment the surrounding walls have been demolished. Thousand of troops armed with swords surrounding around.

The people of Xirei and The Earth-Moon Tribe Procrastination stuck out their heads, no eyes widely opened, getting together.

The last to appear, are Rong tian and Feng Ming.

One was an imposing appearance, while the other one was a pretty and fascinating appearance, stick close together. Ruo yan seem unacceptable for a moment, these two people can't obediently stand in front of him.

"Hah, really infatuation, being poisoned still stick so close together," Ruo yan examined the two people, handing the bell to Miao guang, lifting Feng ming's chin, smiled and said," Duke ming, how have you been?" Silky and soft skin making people heart throbbing, make people fascinated by his magic.

Still showing beautiful eyes, suddenly his eyes looked fixed, like meteor flashed through his eyes.

Ruo yan startled, hurriedly jumped back.

"It's a scam." Although he screamed fast enough, but it's already too late. The sword behind Rong tian's back had been pointed at his face. Calmly in one swing, though Ruo yan had used fast speed to jumped back, but still bleeding.

Rong hu shouted:"Attack!"

The crowd gathered, Their eyes flashed killing aura, there was no slightest slack.

"Catch King Li!"

Brutal Killing, fresh blood spattered everywhere, roaring sound in around.

The guards around Rou yan caught off hand, screams sounded again and again. For a moment, Ruo yang and his guards being circled by Xi rei's troops in the center.

The outermost of the circle was the thousand troops of Li Kingdom.

"Brother King!" Miao guang felt anxious.

What a chaos.

Rong tian shouted:"Ruo yan, take my sword!"

Fierce withdrew, the sword hit the armor, making sparks. A sharp pain  made him frowned. When he turned to took his sword out to block the sword, he got attacked by Rong tian.

He stagger backward. block the sword again. The guards desperately blocked the attack that came from everywhere. Ruo yan face to face against Rong tian.

The king of two kingdom, attacked in the chaos.

Tragic,  The troops in outermost eager to protect the king, surrounded and killed the people in the middle.

There was fleeting opportunity, Rong tian attacked three times in a row, although injured Rong tian, but it was a hopeless situation. The rest people beside him, lack of number with only two hundred people.

The Li troops had been attack into the Xi rei troops, gradually moved closer to Ruo yan that were in critical situation.

Rong tian didn't wait to think, turned and pulled Feng ming.


Breakout? from where to breakout? Feng ming looked around, Li troops were everywhere, Screams were everywhere, Rong hu and others covered with blood protecting around.

Sea of blood, had already difficult to differentiate between sky and earth, life and death.

Common sense had gone, the sword in the hand swung wildly, every each swing carried blood. Ruo yan, he was nearby.

They tried to move slowly to avoid the Li troops, but it's just wishful thinking. But they already moved to the cavalry of Li troops. Rong tian swung the sword, killed people, snatched the horse.

Turned around, suddenly holding Feng Ming onto the horse:" Go!"

He also grab himself a horse.

Rong tian whipped at the horse's back. Rong hu was smart, he already snatched a horse and rode on it.

The underlings had been killed or injured and exhausted. Lie er struggled, the flower beads on Chiu yue's hair had been crushed to pieces.

Rong tian brought only a few people to fight, Ruo yan's howling being heard:" Catch them, Catch them for me."

Great and mighty, there is unmatched in the world.

Rong tian in this moment was making people stunned.

Swing the sword, life and death.

Feng ming turned around, Rong tian's back had carried one person, a small body struggled in Rong tian's arm actually is Miao Guang.

" Ruo yan, don't you want your sister's life?" Rong tian roared.

Li troops trembled.

Since when Miao Guang fell to Xi rei King's hand.

In a gasp, Rong tian had brought people to rush out the surrounding. Speckled with blood all the way.

Rong tian forced the horse to turned around, smiled at Feng Ming. Thousand troops, in critical moment, he still smiled so warm, Feng Ming was absentminded.

"Feng Ming, i'm really not willing."

Ominous feeling suddenly came.

"No", Feng Ming suddenly screamed:" No!"

He rushed to the front, he being hit on the back of the head. He suddenly felt unconscious. Before fell to the ground, a hand caught him.

Rong Hu.

Rong tian's eyes flashed praise to him, slowly said:" Go first."

Ruo yan was not a mediocre person, a Miao Guang in enemy's hand wouldn't hold him long.

Rong tian was a King, only Xi Rei King can messed Li troops.

Rong hu not saying a word, holding Feng ming and rushed away.

Fierce wind, diseased horse.

Rong tian smiled lightly, proudly looked at faraway Ruo yan.

"It's surprising that you actually quite love your sister."

Ruo yan also smiled:" You think they can escape from Li Kingdom?"

Rong tian didn't answer, hit fainting the struggled Miao Guang in his hand. Pulling the rope, the horse collaborate, as if it knew the one riding is a true hero.

"Ruo yan, for me as your opponent, you must not want me to die easily." Rong tian leisurely said:" How about we compete in a battle."

The wounded ribs had been bleeding profusely.

"I will let Miao Guang go, before you killed me, don't let your troops to catch Feng Ming."

Ruo yan laughed coldly, his dark eyes, had a slightest appreciated.

His hand gently loosen, the fainted Miao Guang fell on the ground.

Ruo yan raised his hand:" Trasmit order, Lu Wei army surrounded nearly tn miles. Seeing Xi rei King, not allowed to kill, we can only catch." Receiving the bow from the guard beside him, Ruo yan smiled cruelly:" Today, i will personally hunted the so called Great King from Xi Rei."

The last sword to protect himself, also being threw by Rong tian to the ground.

He coldly reminded:" before you killed me, you're not allowed to catch Feng Ming."

"As the King i promise." Ruo yan said:" Don't worry."

Rong tian smiled lightly. Although he hadcovered in blood, no weapon, but still very noble.


He trusted Ruo yan.

"Rong tian, how long you can delay for Feng Ming?"

"The longer, the better."

Rong tian laughed loudly. turned the horse.

Whipped the horse, the moment the horse flew, Ruo yan had raised the bow. The arrow like meteor had been flying toward him. Pierce deep into the right shoulder.

The blood spatter.

The horse shrieked and bolted.

Ruo yan saw him went far away, whipped the horse to go forward.

"Rong tian, i want one arrow after another, slowly take your life away."

The clear sky, you're surrounded by thousand troops, unarmed, If escape this fate to be shot into a hedgehog?