Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 4 Chapter 7 / Chapters List

Feng Yu Jiu Tian Vol 4 Chapter 7

Flash of blood, the shade of sword, roaring sound of the dying people, surrounded all over.

The heavy air was clawing out, there was only darkness around, pressured over.

Rong tian's last smile.

Heartbreaking smile, in a blink of ayes turned into a blood-red.

Half opened wings were thrown in the air.

"No......" Feng ming Struggling to wake from the dream, suddenly sat up, his forehead was full of cold sweat.

He opened his eyes, the surrounding was in the dark, he felt the silence different from the dream.

He breathed heavily, listened warily. There was a slight sound of water.

"Duke Ming" The heavy sound.

"Rong hu?" Feng ming also down the voice,"Where is this place? Where s Rong tian?"

"We are in a ship that carrying Li Kingdom's rich family, There are Li troops everywhere searching for us"

"Where is Rong tian? Where is he?" Feng ming asked," Also Lie er and others, Where are they?"

In the darkness, Rong hu only silence.

Feng ming hold a breath, wait quietly.

For a long time, Rong hu said softly," I don't know"

His beating heart was like being hold in a palm. Tighten, tighten, and tighten.

"Are they all dead?" Surprisingly calm, a little numb lips spit these words.

Rong hu leaned over and touched the narrow bilge. He repeated heavily," I don't know. Duke Ming, the situation is critical, please take care of yourself."

Tighten, tighten, the gurgling blood from the heart was flowing from the fingers.

Feng ming closed his eyes, slowly leaned against the wet bulkhead of the ship.

"Do they still have a chance to live?"

Breathing had become a painful torment, every time, felt like piercing the heart.

Rong hu answered,"Perhaps."

Silence, shrouded by darkness.

"Rong hu" Feng ming asked slowly,"Can i cry for a moment?"

"The people on this ship will hear you," Rong hu's voice was actually a little choked.

All the pain was desperately being suppressed, Feng ming kept silent in the bilge. Severely biting his lips, the smell of blood filled the mouth.

After calming down a bit, Feng ming's voice sounded a little bit husky.

"What time is it now?"

"Midnight. Duke Ming had been sleeping for two days," Being scared of Feng Ming refused to leave Rong tian, so he just used violence.

"Are we on the way back to Xi Rei?"

"Ruo yan would have blocked the road leading to Xi Rei. We are heading to Bo Jian first, we will detour to back to Xi rei. This ship just happened to heading toward Bo Jian."

"You're doing great." Feng Ming opened his eyes, his eyes were shining in the dark:" If something happened to Rong tian, only the empress can take over the overall situation, i must go back to help the empress."

Rong hu always scared that Feng ming would argue to go back saving Rong tian, Rong hu relieved at the moment:" If Duke ming understand the overall situation, then i can rest assured."

"Don't worry about me."

Feng ming's voice, having a little heavy perseverance.

It turned out that pain can change a person's part of themselves.

Rong tian, you smiled at me so gently, whether you know that i will appreciate your intention? Although I hate to sacrifice your wishful, but for your smile, I will take good care of myself.

If i can't pay you with my life, then my life will belong to Xi Rei, the place you belong to and protect the most.

Traveling in despair, Feng ming only supported by the last hope he got in going back to Xi Rei.

Feng ming was lying on the bilge for a few days, not talking, seemed like he had lost half of hus soul. The sound of water under the ship, keep flowing, sometimes, it made Feng ming thought that it was Rong tian's blood dripping nonstop.

The bilge of the ship was dark and wet, make them not aware of day or night, also there were no other people coming in here. Feng ming didn't sure how Rong hu dragging the unconcious him to this place. Rong hu every day would go up there some foods and drinks, they didn't know the outside information at all.

"Duke Ming, after passing a few days, the ship will pass the border of Bo jian and Li kingdom," Rong hu said," As long as we leave the Li kingdom, we must immediately landed."

Feng ming didn't have any appetite at all, he forced himself to eat a little food and leaned on the bilge's wall.

Rong tian's smile always flash back in his mind. Due to that smile, he constantly hovering in the survival and despair.

Rong tian, where are you exactly now?

Since the first time Feng ming came to this space, he really fled away a lot of times, but he never felt discouraged nor stronger than this moment.

Feng ming spent the day at a loss.

The ship suddenly stopped, it crashed a little.

Rong hu concentrated to hear," To the border, it must be from the Li troops in search of vessels crossing."

"That ship..."

"Duke ming don't worry, the owner of this ship is a very powerful person in Li kingdom, No one would embarrass his family." Rong hu calmly said," The troops will search for a while for showing obeying the rules, and then released the ship."

Waited quietly, the ship still didn't move. Otherwise, it came the voice of a little quarrel.

Rong hu frowned," What happened? Don't tell me Li king is so strict, even this kind of ship have to be thoroughly searched?"

Feng ming stood up, silenced for a moment, holding his sword in his hands.

"Based on my calculation, Ruo yan must have known that we won't go straight back to Xi rei," Feng ming said," it is difficult to go back to Xi rei, I've guessed it."

Rong hu concentrated in hearing, and suddenly he looked stern," This is bad, they really want to search thoroughly on this ship, the guard on this shon can't even stopped them." He suddenly stood up, said to feng ming," Duke ming, We can't stay here any longer, i will go up there first, when Duke ming hear a chaos outside, hurriedly go up there. This river is heading east-west, after jumping off the river, Duke ming must swim to east direction, when Duke ming see hurdles, Duke ming must immediately go ashore to find another path, because there will be trap under the water." While talking he went toward the wooden stair.

In this situation, the last person beside him also had to sacrified himself.

Feng ming held his sword, his slender fingers as if wanted to embed in to the hilt.

Noisy, it really sounded crowded outside. Roar, mingled with the sound of touching Weaponry. Feng ming gritted his teeth, rushed outside. Dazzling sunshine shine so bright, piercing the eyes that had already long not used to the sunshine until he squinted his eyes.

The chaos in the hull, ten soldiers were surrounding Rong hu. Rong hu jumped to the side, one on ten fight seemed couldn't beat him up. When he swung his sword, one soldier got wounded, and it made the soldiers even angrier.

Rong hu saw Feng ming rushed out, shouted loudly," Xi rei Duke ming is here, and you all dare to obstruct him."

After hearing that he was the Duke ming that the Li king looking for, they turned to attack Rong hu, they would not wasting their time to attack the unknown man behind. Feng ming looked deeply at Rong hu, he held his sword tightly and jumped off from the ship to the river.

"Caught the Duke ming, will be rewarded." Ancient time didn't have camera, of course, the identification of a wanted person will had less accuracy. Rong hu had admitted himself as Duke ming, he provoked more attacks.

Rong hu had followed Rong tian for years, he was fearless like his little brother, he laughed loudly," i'm not playing with you all anymore, i, Duke ming will excuse myself." After saying that, he jumped off the river.

After jumping off the river he just realized something wad wrong.

"It's bad!" When Rong hu wanted to swing the sword, there suddenly some waves arose, he was being dragged out from the water by giant net.

Li troops, unexpectedly had set a giant net in the river for waiting the prey.

After being dragged to the ground, he heard a mocking laugh," If there is no order to catch alive, how come we will let you jump off the river? are we that useless?

Rong hu frowned," So the one responsible for this searching is Li kingdom's big general, but fortunately the general hadn't seem Duke ming's face, so he desperately catching him.

Rong hu being caught to the ground and tied.

"Wait, it seemed wrong." The general looked at Rong hu carefully, his face darkened," Who are you really?"

Rong hu calmly said," Xi rei king's subordinate, Rong hu."

"Rong hu?" The general was very smart, hurriedly asked," So the other jumped off person is the real Duke ming?"

Feng ming stayed in bilge for days, he was not changing his clothes that full of blood stain and sand, his face was not exposed clear enough, so the general didn't recognize him. Otherwise, he must had recognized Feng ming from his appearance.

Rong hu smiled," Isn't is a little bit too late for you to just realize it now. After Ruo yan know that Duke ming escaped in front of your eyes. i don't know how angry he will be."

"Not late." the general leisurely said," The under water is not only trapping net, but also drug. After he jumped in the river, Could he escape it?"


"Don't you feel an unbearable headache and your body feel weak?"

Being told by the general, Rong hu really felt his body loses strength. He had been standing, actually thanks to the Li soldier's support.

It's bad, Feng ming being drugged under the water.

"Hurry, You must fast rescued Duke Ming," His head felt heavy, Rong hu still didn't forget to shout loudly before he fainted.

"No need to hurry, after being drugged by my special-made drug, he will naturally floated." The general smiled," The coastal area here is 5 miles away, there are soldiers guarded there, when they saw someone floated, they will immediately report."

At that moment, there is a soldier reported," General, there is someone floated not far away, seems to want to dive at east direction."

"Bring here."