Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 8 / Chapters List

Chapter 1


(Returning Trip of Swaying Air)


 They currently reached the borders of Bo Jian in the beginning of Spring.

The city gate of Han Gui refused to open and many people are wondering the reason for the delay.

When the city gate finally opened up a bit, everyone was relieved and overly excited to rush in, but the guards stopped them and told them they cannot enter the city yet.

The Chief Gatekeeper ordered everyone to stand aside while the guards wipe clean the gates. Someone asked when the gates will be opened to enter, but the Gatekeeper just told them that when the time comes, they will open it up. However for now, they shouldn't block the entrance.

Not knowing when the gates will open, the peddlers decided to set up in front of the entrance and sell their items.

A distance from the center of excitement, there was a horse carriage that did not stand out and drew attention. There were about dozen bodyguards far and near protecting the four corners of the carriage. Behind the carriage was an important cargo with three people protecting it.

Feng Ming was curious and poked his head outside of carriage curtain. Before anyone could get a good look at him, he disappeared back inside.

Who could have guessed, the people sitting within the horse carriage with several bodyguards surrounding it were the future ruler of one - Xi Lei Rong Tian and his most important person Duke Ming who was rescued from Dong Fan.

  "It hurts..." inside the carriage, Feng Ming pulled his neck in, turned his head around and stared. In this world, the people that could only pinch Xi Lei Duke Ming's ears are not many. He rubbed his just pinched ear and let out a sigh: "I just wanted to have a look."

RT: The time is crucial, having a look can bring about danger.

FM: Rong Hu stated, once we get through Han Gui and continue onward for one day, we'll reach the border between Bo Jian and Yong Yin. Once we enter Yong Yin, we will be safe. Ai,

 Rong Tian...

Feng Ming pulled himself closer to Rong Tian, lowered his voice and revealed a strange smile. RT: What do you want?

FM: There's a lot of peddlers of various kingdom outside.

RT: And so?

FM: Since we're outside, can I...

RT: No.

 FM: But...

 RT: But what? You still haven't learned your lesson from Li Kingdom and Dong Fan, haven't you?

Feng Ming didn't realize how strict Rong Tian was and his whole body was stiff. He lowered his eyes and didn't say anything. Sitting around feeling depressed, he grabbed a bowl of rice and started counting each piece.

Rong Tian sat silently reading the book in his hand, while secretly observing. He saw Feng Ming with his head down and his eyes carefully stealing glances at him from time to time with a bit of caution, which became more pathetically cute. He couldn't help but sighed and threw his book

 aside, waved his fingers and said, "Come here."

Feng Ming glanced at him and slowly stood up. He walked in front of him with his frowning face, refusing to lift his head up.

RT: Why aren't you saying anything?

FM: I was wrong, I shouldn't be self-willed. My action is very dangerous and can harm everyone....

RT: Feng Ming...

FM: I won't commit the same mistake, I was wrong, I should restrain myself and not cause trouble.

Admitting his fault like he had memorized them, Feng Ming then timidly lifted his head to look at Rong Tian.

Having Feng Ming looked at him, Rong Tian's heart tighten.

RT: Why are you looking at me that way?

FM: I...Rong Tian, are you really dissatisfied with me? Do you really hate me?

RT: Dissatisfied? Hate? Feng Ming, why do you think so?

FM: You don't think so? You seemed to be fiercer with me each day. The time when we

 returned from Fan Jia to Xi Lei, we were also hiding inside the horse carriage, but you didn't treat me like this.

RT: Feng Ming...

Rong Tian sighed and pulled Feng Ming onto his lap, placing his forehead against Feng Ming's forehead and asked.

RT: Do you know that right now among the eleven kingdoms, who is the most well-known person?

 FM: It's you.

 RT: (shook his head) It's you. It's reported to me that your portrait has now spread to all eleven kingdoms. Right now, among the eleven kingdoms, from the Great Kings, to the royalties, and small level officials might not recognize me, but 90% of them can recognize you. Do you understand what this means?

FM: It means....I've become an international fugitive? ....But that does not explain where you are more fierce with me these days. These past days, every time I speak with you, you would have a serious face, every time you speak with me, you also have a serious face. Your face darken in seriousness, I feel uneasy....

 Feng Ming continued to ramble on, Rong Tian can't help but frown, using his hand he rubbed Feng Ming's ear and asked softly: "Does it still hurt?"

FM: Of course it hurts. (nodded his head vigorously). You're always reading a book inside the carriage, ignoring me, and ... (his cheeks rapidly turned red, but he still gritted his teeth to say) Why aren't you with me these days?

RT: Haven't I been together with you these days?

FM: What I mean is... (his neck was burning red)... that kind of together...

Rong Tian looked at Feng Ming strangely.

FM: What are you looking at? (He angrily asked and then looked down to whisper) Discussing about this issue is just a normal thing...

RT: We haven't been....that kind of together for how many days? FM: 10 days. (replied without hesitation)

RT: Ten days ago, who was the one who told me that he absolutely does not allow me touch one single hair on him?

Feng Ming's face reddened all over.

FM: It's because you were overindulgent and didn't care whether I was dead or alive.

 RT: How about eleven days before when someone demanded to have fun and made 23 marks on my back?

Feng Ming's ears were red.

FM: Then does that mean that just one line telling you can't touch a single hair on me, you would treat me like smelly robe and toss me aside for 10 days, like a puppet and toss me aside to live on my own, even with every little request I've made, you would give me at least an hour of harsh accusations?

 RT: Actually, it's not just because of that one line telling me I can't touch a single hair of

 yours...I did that because of another line you said. FM: I have said something else?

Feng Ming thought hard and was suddenly surprised. He lifted his head and met with Rong Tian's gaze.

FM: That doesn't count! That line doesn't count! (he continued shaking his head). RT: How does that not count?

Rong Tian laughed and quickly wrapped his arms around Feng Ming.

 RT: Someone had sworn that he will never take the initiative to mention about 'the painful situation that can kill people (sex)' and if he breach the oath he will lose his privilege/say in bed.

FM: That doesn't count, doesn't count!

Rong Tian faced his bright red ears and gave a flirtatious blow.

RT: You're trying to deny again, I wanted to not talk to you for a whole 10 days.

FM: You are a dignified King, you shouldn't use despicable means like this? You clearly know that I was sad and yet didn't stop me.

Rong Tian laughed and was about to say something when Rong Hu's voice from outside the curtain echoed in.

RH: Your Majesty, I just inquired and found out that a special guest is expected at Han Gui; therefore, requested that the city gates be cleaned up, covered with red carpet at the checkpoints to show respect.

"A special guest?"

RT: Bo Jian has a custom for royalty to enter first and commoners afterwards. If they meet with royal family or someone with special status, they would honor them by allowing them to enter the gates first. Since that special guest has not entered Han Gui yet, all the other people cannot


FM: For a small honorable tradition to put so many people behind the city gates, it's no wonder Bo Jian cannot be a powerful kingdom.

RT: (laughed) Xi Lei also had a similar practice, in order to show the status of aristocracy, we had wasted a lot of resources. After my coronation, I have abolished all of these practices.

Rong Tian called out for Rong Hu, "Who is the special guest arriving today?" Rong Hu glanced quickly over at Feng Ming, "It's an acquaintance of Feng Ming." FM: An acquaintance? ...the Fourth Prince of Bo Jian, Bo Ling?

 Rong Hu shook his head.

 FM: Then is it the Third Prince Bo Qin?

Rong Hu shook his head.

FM: Could it be...Bo Jian King personally arriving?

Rong Hu continued to shake his head.

RT: So is this the great intelligent Duke Ming, why whenever I'm next to you, you have become stupid all of a sudden?

FM: Since there is only one answer, only one person can come up with it, no need to have two

 people use their brains for it...Also, you will always tell me the answer.

RT: I'm guessing that this person is Princess Miao Guang from Li Kingdom.

FM: Miao Guang? (surprised, he looked towards Rong Hu)

Rong Hu's eyes were full of admiration towards Rong Tian.

RH: How did Your Majesty guess correctly? From what I have inquired that special guest is Miao Guang.

FM: Hold on! That's impossible, Li Kingdom and Bo Jian had never got along, Ruo Yan also made several attempts to infringe Bo Jian, even if Miao Guang appeared at Han Gui, she wouldn't be subjected to such a respected treatment.

RT: There is a case that can make Miao Guang gain a respected treatment like this.

FM: What case?

RT: Miao Guang must had promise to marry Bo Qin, becoming the Bo Qin's Princess consort.

FM: You shouldn't forget that when Miao Guang kidnapped me, she had tricked Bo Qin, killed all of his bodyguards and caused him to be in such a state that he can't deny it. Even though Bo Qin likes Miao Guang, but after going through those things, how can he still be willing to marry Miao Guang as a wife?

 RT: (objected) Those ten days I didn't care about you, lectured you strictly and ruthlessly, but aren't you still obediently sitting on my lap?

Feng Ming suddenly blushed red, like a rabbit having someone stepped on its tail, he jumped up from Rong Tian's lap.

Lie Er received the news early and ran into the carriage sitting in a corner listening to them. FM: Even if Bo Qin agreed, Bo Jian King must not have.

 RT: Ruo Yan is serious injured; if he died Miao Guang will become the ruler of Li Kingdom.

 Receiving a daughter-in-law and acquiring a large powerful nation at the same time without having to waste a bit of strength and effort, Bo Jian King is a Great King of a kingdom, how can a simple matter before be worth anything?

FM: But Bo Jian has four different Princes, Bo Qin loves most is freedom, he wouldn't want to become the Great King.

LE: You're too naïve Duke Ming, I already told you that Miao Guang is a woman you can't underestimate. With her treacherous nature, Miao Guang agreed to marry Bo Qin with conditions of becoming the future Queen to have connections with Bo Jian in the future. That Bo Qin is crazy for a wife, even if he has to become a pariah he would still agree, since it's just

 sacrificing a little freedom to inherit the throne, what does that matter?

RH: Within Bo Jian, there are four Princes, but only three of them are of the Queen; therefore, Bo Jian King and the Queen are favorable towards the three Princes, hoping that one of them will inherit the throne. Therefore, if this Miao Guang suggested with conditions to have Bo Qin become Bo Jian Crown Prince, then she would have reached her goal of becoming Bo Jian Princess Consort, who wouldn't wish for their son to inherit the throne?

Hearing them say that, it seems that Miao Guang's plan is too perfect that Bo Jian King, Bo Jian Queen, and Bo Qin are all willing to fall into her trap. Feng Ming continued to shake his head in objection.

FM: That's not right. Bo Jian King had said that choosing the Crown Prince is an important matter and purposely brought up three conditions to be fulfilled.

LE: Those whimsical conditions, whether it's right or wrong is up to Bo Jian King to consider, how is that fair?

FM: But...

Rong Tian stopped Feng Ming and pulled him back onto his lap.

RT: Feng Ming, why are you so worried?

FM: If everything we said is true, then Li Kingdom and Bo Jian will become allies, this would be

 a threat to Xi Lei.

RT: That's right.

Feng Ming feeling powerless, he simply fell within Rong Tian's embrace.

FM: Rong Tian, that time when Miao Guang came to Xi Lei Palace, you spared her because of me, right?

RT: No.

FM: You lied to me.

 RT: That was my own decision.

 FM: It was me who had affected your decision, am I right?

Lie Er and Rong Hu looked at each other, they knew this didn't involved them so they silently left.

RT: Feng Ming, look up at me. What are you thinking inside that little head of yours? FM: Rong Tian...

RT: I'm here.

 FM: If I wasn't soft-hearted, then this harmful Miao Guang wouldn't be left behind, right?

RT: Feng Ming, let's see...Miao Guang is Ruo Yan's little sister, the princess of Li Kingdom, she cannot be compared to a single strand of hair on your head..

FM: But right now, she is not only the little sister of Ruo Yan, Princess of Li Kingdom, but is Princess consort of Bo Qin, future Queen of Bo Jian.

RT: Even though her status might changed, her power might be stronger than before, but... (nibbled at Feng Ming's soft pinky) she cannot compare to one finger of yours.

FM: Is my finger worth more than a Queen? RT: Of course.

FM: Rong Tian...

RT: What is it?

FM: You bit my finger so hard it hurts! (Feng Ming stared at him)

RT: (laughed and whispered) It's been a long time since I got a taste of Duke Ming, oh, your finger smells good.

Feng Ming wanted to bite back at Rong Tian's ears but suddenly loud noises of hoofs came from outside the carriage. There were about at least a hundred or so soldiers coming from a

 distance towards them that cause the earth to tremble beneath.

"Princess of Li Kingdom, Miao Guang has arrived! Hurry and open the gates to welcome Her Royal Highness!"

Rong Tian lifted the corner of curtain, looking from afar he sneered.

RT: what a glorious welcome for Princess Miao Guang...Ah, she and Bo Qin have not officially married yet, but Bo Jian has elevated her status to become equivalent to that of a royal family, it seems that a wedding has been agreed upon.

Feng Ming quickly glanced outside, lifting the sleeve of Rong Tian.

 FM: I suddenly remember something.

 RT: Is it the fact that Miao Guang is the future Queen of Bo Jian so why would she personally come to a small city within the borders of Bo Jian to meet up?

Even Feng Ming had to admire Rong Tian as he glanced up at him. FM: Sometimes I wondered if you are a worm in my stomach.

Rong Tian chuckled: "It's not the stomach." His long finger gently pointed at Feng Ming's chest and whispered, "I'm right here."

Feng Ming whined that Rong Tian hasn't answered the question as to why Miao Guang would

 come to a small city in Bo Jian for. Rong Tian tells Feng Ming that he still hasn't come up with an answer as to why Miao Guang would come to Han Gui for. He then switched the topic and asked Feng Ming why he has been suspicious of many things.

FM: Who told you to have a 180 degree change in attitude, of course I have to be cranky. RT: Ah, it's been a long time since we've done ...that together in one place thing.

FM: Rong Tian!

Feng Ming was about to give him an elbow when Rong Tian suddenly said, "Be silent."

They looked outside, the group of carriages finally arrived, all line up in one row. More than a dozen servants gathered around Miao Guang when she stepped down from the front of the carriage. More than a hundred guards with swords followed behind. The surrounding civilians watch a little bit closer, but was warned by a sound of a whip to move aside.

Rong Tian quietly observed Miao Guang's every move. Feng Ming also noticed that the guards escorting her were wearing Bo Jian's palace guard uniform and thought that was strange since palace guards are usually responsible in protecting Bo Jian King, the Great King himself.

Rong Tian stressed that Bo Jian King takes the matter of protecting this future Queen very seriously.

Feng Ming noticed that Rong Tian's face suddenly darkened and asked him why.

 RT: I just saw a familiar face within the crowd of guards. FM: Who?

RT: Take a guess.

FM: I have to guess? ...Your Majesty Xi Lei King, I already know that I'm not as smart as you, don't use this method to hurt my self-esteem. How am I supposed to know how many people you know within the 11 kingdoms?

 RT: You need to use your brain more often, don't forget; you are currently Xi Lei Duke Ming, the

 well-known intelligent person.

FM: My brain is tired....unless there is a prize.

RT: You want a prize for this? Fine, what do you want?

FM: If I guess correctly, then tonight I get to hold you.

RT: If you guess wrong, then in the future I get to decide who holds who. Feng Ming made a bitter face and hesitated for a long time before replying.

 FM: Fine, let's do it. However, you can't turn your back on it, let's take an oath.

RT: I also don't like it when Duke Ming shamelessly plays dirty.

They clapped three times.

RT: Alright, take a guess, who did I see? I'll let you guess three times, if after three times you got them wrong, then you have to comply to your promise and not go back on it.

FM: Putting out a hard problem like this and only three guesses. Ah....a familiar person you saw within the crowd, could that person be...that person be...

Feng Ming deliberately frown for a long time and suddenly laughed like he already figured it out.

FM: It's the Great King of Tong Kingdom, Qing Ding, am I right?

RT: (surprised) How did you figure it out that it is him?

FM: Because I also saw him within those people, the disguise of Tong Kingdom is not very good, very far from the crafty disguise skills of Miao Guang.

RT: Has your eyesight progressed that much? But you have never met Qing Ding, how did you know it was him?

Feng Ming won the bet and went back inside to bow down at Rong Tian.

FM: Thank you Your Majesty for sending Rong Hu to be my teacher. He formerly taught me

 about each of the eleven kingdoms and forced me to memorize each kingdom's monarch portrait in my head. Haha, my precious little Rong Tian, tonight I will love you dearly.

RT: That prize...

FM: No, you can't go back on your words! You can't! Come here, my darling Rong Tian, let me give you kiss....

While they were fooling around, the two carriages started moving slowly. RH: Miao Guang has entered the city, the city gate is now opened.

 RT: First, find a place to stay; afterwards send someone to inquire about Miao Guang's

 whereabouts. RH: Understood.

FM: Hold on, Rong Hu. Since we're staying overnight in Han Gui, you have to remember to find the most classiest inn, pay for the most luxurious and ...Forget it, Han Gui is a small city, I'm afraid there won't be a first class inn. It doesn't matter, anything is okay but the most important is to find one with a comfortable bed...Ow!

Feng Ming was interrupted by someone pinching his ears again.

 LE: Duke Ming, why are you suddenly in a happy mood?

Feng Ming got his ear pinched by Rong Tian again and so he didn't dare to tell the truth.

FM: I was just thinking of after leaving Han Gui, we'll be entering Yong Yin and will soon meet Chiu Lan and the rest of them again. I really missed Chiu Lan.

LE: Duke Ming can miss Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing, but let someone else miss Chiu Lan. Oi!

Didn't know when Rong Hu switched to the other side of carriage, but he mercilessly slapped Lie Er's behind with his scabbard as a warning.

"The gate is opened!"

The people that had been waiting outside of the gate rushed inside.

This small city near the border of Bo Jian probably had never had many well-known figures gathered in one area.

Chapter 2

 After searching for half an hour, Lie Er finally found an inn that said they were high class; however, it wasn't quite high class at all and not even decent enough. Judging by how busy the

 city was and with so many people entering it would be hard for them to find another inn.

Feng Ming asked Lie Er where's Rong Hu and Lie Er stated that his brother is outside buying a few things and will quickly come back.

Feng Ming understood that Rong Hu is probably inquiring a few things and didn't ask more. He went inside the room and told Rong Tian that he's hungry.

Rong Tian said it's still early, Lie Er said it's the afternoon, and Feng Ming just said that if they finish eating then they could sleep afterwards.

Feng Ming saw that the corner of Rong Tian's mouth curved upward and asked.

 FM: What are you secretly smiling about? You already promised me, you can't take it back.

 RT: (laughed) I was just happy. Traveling for so long and you're still energetic like this; it goes to show that after leaving Dong Fan, your body has become quite healthier.

Lie Er brought the food over and set it up for them. Seeing Feng Ming winked at him several times to give a signal, not knowing the real truth behind it, he immediately said, "I'll take my leave now."

After heading out of the door, Lie Er told two of the guards, "I'll be heading out a bit. Carefully guard and don't make any mistake." Walking two steps forward, he turned back, lowered his voice and said, "If you hear anything strange on the inside, don't mind it."

 Those guards have been serving Rong Tian for several years so they understood the absurd relationship between Rong Tian and Feng Ming. They replied, revealing a knowing smile, "Well, the horse carriage is not as comfortable as the bed."

LE: When Duke Ming comes out, you have to put on a natural face like you don't know anything, his face is tender (meaning easy to blush and be embarrassed).

"No need to ask."

All of them giggled a bit before Lie Er turned and walked away.

After finishing their afternoon meal and getting rid of Lie Er, Feng Ming looked around room with only just Rong Tian and the large bed, Feng Ming was so excited his pores were like singing. He looked up and down Rong Tian just like a big wolf staring at a little rabbit.

But Rong Tian was not a little rabbit, he smiled and stood there allowing Feng Ming to stare at him.

RT: If you want to look, then I'll let you see everything.

Standing in front of the windows, he closed them; turning around to face Feng Ming, his hands started removing his waistband.

When a beautiful person undress it's very alluring, however when a handsome man undress, the allurement is overwhelming. Rong Tian readily threw the waistband next to his feet, he

 gently pulled the strap that was tied to his cloak and let it float softly to the ground. Feng Ming watched his fingers unlock the buttons, freeing each one each one in an elegant way that seemed hard for anyone to breathe naturally.

Every movement that Rong Tian made was like a slow paced dance, very leisurely but not losing a bit of masculine beauty, yet bringing about temptation to the person viewing him.

The figure that the Gods had meticulously carved out, the piercing black eyes, slender fingers, together with the shapely neck muscles and shoulders that emerged from beneath the robes, created a thrilling temptation trap.

  The world's most simplest stripping and yet when he did it, it was no longer a simple stripe show but became a form of art. At first, Feng Ming's heart was pounding like a frighten Mustang, but gradually it was like he was drugged by anesthetic and didn't know where he was. He thought to himself: the world is big and yet I am the only one who can see Rong Tian like this, for him I am the same.

Before long, all the clothes on top were removed, Rong Tian's masculine bare chest was


He saw that Feng Ming's eyes were widened and that he couldn't utter a single word, Rong Tian softly said.

RT: Take it easy, the best is yet to come. (reaching his hands out to untie the strap on his trousers.)

FM: Ah!

Feng Ming seemed to awaken from his lovely dream and shouted out. FM: No! You can't!

 Feng Ming charged towards Rong Tian and in the moment of emotional outburst, his feet

 weren't steady but luckily Rong Tian pulled him back up.

FM: It's your fault, every time you're always the one stripping my clothes, making me confused and I always agree to remove my clothes. This time no matter what, I have to remove your clothes.

While complaining, Feng Ming tried to pull Rong Tian's strap and while crunching for awhile with sweat on his forehead, he impatiently said.

FM: This knot was always easy to untie, how come today it's so hard? So hateful! So hateful! Rong Tian saw Feng Ming fighting with his strap filled with determination, he couldn't help but

 laughed and lend a helping hand.

RT: First thing, let's make it clear, if you want to hold me, you have to make me feel satisfied.

FM: Of course.

RT: There won't be something where I'm not satisfied and yet you're already tired, alright?

FM: Definitely not. Haha!

Feng Ming suddenly lightened up, he looked up and announced: "It's removed!"

As his fingertips moved, the trousers along with the strap fell to the ground.

On Rong Tian's body was only a pair of shorts, but without feeling shy, he openly allowed Feng Ming to enjoy.

FM: You don't have to worry, I will definitely take good care of you, let you be completely satisfied.

RT: That's good. (Rong Tian spread his arms) First thing, carry me to bed.

FM: (surprised) What?

RT: When I took the initiative, wasn't I always considerate and carry you to bed?

 Every word Rong Tian said was true, making Feng Ming grimace inside.

Since he said that he will satisfy Rong Tian then he must be gentle and considerate. Once a word of Duke Ming has been spoken, it cannot be taken back.

  After Feng Ming "dragged" Rong Tian onto the bed and was panting hard, without even a chance to get a kiss, Rong Tian said: "I want to drink water."

This person didn't learn all the good things, but yet learned to imitate Feng Ming's spoiled behavior perfectly.

Feng Ming was about to get angry, but remembered that since he agreed to be gentle and considerate, he held it in.

 FM: Can you wait until we're done to drink?

RT: No, no. I want to drink water. I want you to give it to me mouth to mouth. Feng Ming jumped up and shouted.

FM: Hey, I have never mentioned such request before.

Rong Tian immediately put on a sincere look and said.

RT: You can make this request in the future; I will definitely feed you willingly.

 Feng Ming's face was bright red, but he had to fulfill his lover's wish. He stared ferociously at

 Rong Tian and stood up to get water. Just as he turned around, his arms were held back by Rong Tian.

RT: Enough. I can't imitate the cute whiny behavior of yours. If you want to hold me, then hold me to your heart content. Just next time, remember my grievances and understand me a bit.

Feng Ming straightened himself, suddenly cheering loudly and smiling brightly, he jumped onto the bed.

FM: Rong Tian is the best, I love you the most.

 The slick slender body is now officially like a fish on a platter.

Just a touch was intoxicating, only a faint touch of the tip of tongue savoring the unique salty taste of Rong Tian's skin was more ecstatic than being within the heavens of the Gods.

The heavy breathing continued to ring out, after a long time, there was a soft whisper. "Do you like me?"

"I do."

"Do you love me?"

"I do."

"Are you going to listen to my words?"

"I will."

Rong Tian stroked Feng Ming's back with his hands. He closed his eyes to enjoy the nice smooth skin of his partner.

RT: Hearing how you obediently reply to me like that, should I let you hold me more often? FM: Of course! Of course (nodding like crazy )

RT: Good, then, I'll let you hold me one more time. What position do you like, your choice?

 FM: Still more? We've done it many times already.

Feng Ming was paralyzed on top of Rong Tian, on Rong Tian's chest appeared many hickeys. RT: The number of times I was erect were only a few fingers.

FM: But my back hurts.

Rong Tian opened his eyes and said sadly.

RT: I'll help you rub it.

He placed Feng Ming gently onto the bed and his big hand placed over his waist: "Is it here?"

 FM: Ah...

 Rong Tian's skill was very good, having him rubbed the area made Feng Ming a bit more comfortable that he became excited.

FM: That's the spot, use a bit more force.

RT: Can I also rub here? Turn around and don't move. FM: Alright.


 In the late afternoon, Lie Er came back to report the news regarding their journey to Yong Yin.

 LE: Yong Yi has arranged for people to wait for us at the border of Yong Yin. Your Majesty secret troops have also followed your orders and came to Yong Yin already, as long as we reunite, there shouldn't be any problems. Even if that Tong Er knows that Your Majesty is still alive, he will need to increase his own troops if he wants to deal with us.

When he finished, Lie Er glanced over at the mess on the bed and faced Feng Ming, giggling. LE: Congratulations Duke Ming, your afternoon nap must be comfortable and satisfying. Feng Ming gave Lie Er a strange look. Lie Er appeared surprised and whispered to ask.

LE: What's wrong? You didn't have a good afternoon nap?

FM: I did sleep.

He shook his head and let out a sigh, he wanted to say more, but only blurt out a few words.

FM: But in the end....

LE: What happened in the end?

FM: In the end... I just turned over a bit ... (he closed his mouth and his two cheeks blushed red)

Lie Er was really quick-witted and already saw Rong Tian's grin like a fox that was just full. He

 understood half of it and gave Feng Ming a sympathetic expression while respectfully saying. LE: Duke Ming must always remember this lesson well, next time don't turn your back.

Lie Er was laughing hard inside.

FM: This matter, don't let Rong Hu know.

Just when he finished speaking, the door of the room burst opened. Rong Hu, covered in sweat walked in, seeing Rong Tian there he decided to tell them.

RH: The group of spies we sent to Bo Jian to investigate had just arrived in Han Gui. The one in charged reported that Miao Guang formally promised to marry Bo Qin, causing Bo Jian to be in

 a complete mess. Right now, the royal family of Bo Jian is watching the development of the

 current situation. Miao Guang's trip to Han Gui this time, on the outside it seems that she is buying silk for her wedding, but everyone knows that this is false. With her status, she could have send for every silk suppliers out there to come to Bo Jian's capital instead.

RT: For her to come here, it must be related to Qing Ding of Tong Kingdom. Does one little Miao Guang think that she can shake the foundation of Xi Lei?

LE: The troops of Li Kingdom is not weak, also Bo Jian and Tong Kingdom are a big threat to Xi Lei. Your Majesty should never underestimate the enemy.

Feng Ming moved to the chair behind Rong Tian and sat down, one hand gently pressing on

 Rong Tian's shoulder. He thought for a moment and then said.

FM: The enemies of Li Kingdom, other than Xi Lei, there is Fan Jia. Xi Lei is an enemy for many years, but the main enemy in front of them is Fan Jia King - Long Tian. Long Tian was originally a pawn of Ruo Yan used to seize the throne of Fan Jia. He was being controlled by Ruo Yan's poison and didn't dare to make a move. Right now, Ruo Yan is like a dead person, and the possibility of Physician Yi curing his (LT) poison is high. Taking into account of Long Tian's ambition, I don't believe that he would be willing to take orders like a puppet for Li Kingdom.

"That's right, Miao Guang's agreement to Bo Qin's marriage must have been a last resort compromise. Because of that, if Li Kingdom does not handle the relationship well with Bo Jian, then once Long Tian attacks Li Kingdom, Li Kingdom might fall into a dangerous situation with two enemies from both ends."

RT: (asked Rong Hu) Did you find any news about Fan Jia's Third Princess?

Fan Jia's Third Princess was the wife of the former Xi Lei King's little brother. If looking at her status, she would be considered an Aunt to Rong Tian. Because her husband suddenly died in the palace of Xi Lei, in order to avoid the good relationship between Fan Jia and Xi Lei to suffer, Feng Ming was forced to impersonate the Crown Prince of Xi Lei and acted as an envoy to Fan Jia, bringing Third Princess Fan Zhi to the capital of Xi Lei to be cherished.

Unexpectedly, after that, Fan Jia's Third Princess conspired with her lover, Bo Ling. Took advantage of Feng Ming's compassion and kidnapped him to Bo Jian, becoming a bargaining

 chip for Bo Ling to become the Prince of Bo Jian.

RH: In the beginning, Miao Guang's departure from Li Kingdom to Bo Jian was a secretive trip. Even the royal family among the vast majority of people did not know about it until Bo Jian King gave a formal decree, announcing that Bo Jian and Li Kingdom are in alliance. It was then that our people realized Miao Guang's first move of action. She secretly intended to dispose of any royal member that most likely opposed the relationship between Li Kingdom and Bo Jian. The first few people were Fourth Prince Bo Ling and Fan Jia's Third Princess.

FM: So how's the search for them? They didn't try to deal with Miao Guang did they?

 RH: (shook his head) It's too late, we couldn't find a trace of them. It seems as if they suddenly

 disappeared into thin air.

LE: That's obvious of course. Secretly setting a trap and then making a sudden attack. Eliminating the enemies in a mysterious way, that is the forte of Miao Guang. These two prideful people, wishing to reach for the Bo Jian throne, even though their status is of royalty, but they don't have much power. With Miao Guang and Bo Jian King's forces combined, wouldn't it be easy to deal with them (Bo Ling/Third Princess)?

"Under such circumstances, I'm afraid that they have been murdered."

FM: (feeling sad) If they have been killed, then shouldn't there be at least some shocking news.

 Even though Bo Ling is not the Queen's child, but he is a prince after all.

RH: Because of Bo Ling's status as a Prince and Third Princess's identities are sensitive, their deaths would be secretive and their bodies would be cleanly disposed of. If not, the whole kingdom would have been in shock, the charges for killing the brother of Bo Qin, the future heir to the throne of Bo Jian will be very detrimental. (seeing Feng Ming's sad expression, he tried to say something comforting) Everything is just our guess, if someone were to secretly help them escape then maybe they are still alive.

LE: What about the two other Princes who are also very interested in the Crown Prince's position?

RH: Those two Princes have recently claimed to be studying hard and locked themselves within their residences without showing themselves. Whether they have been killed or under house arrest, we still don't know.

LE: (looked over at Rong Tian) Your Majesty is still silent and not saying anything. Is there something wrong with our discussion?

FM: All the things that we've said, did you hear them all or not? Does Third Princess and Bo Ling have a chance?

Rong Tian was thinking hard about a problem that was difficult to solve. His pupils look at Feng Ming, his facial expression twitched and he suddenly stood up.

 All three of them were startled by his action. "What's wrong?" RT: Immediately pack up.

LE: Your Majesty if we are to leave right now, then tonight we have to spend the night outside. The number of guards are very little, in case we are attacked outside...

RT: I said immediately pack up and leave Han Gui. RH: Understood!

The door was opened and they acted quickly.

 They all left the horse carriage and rode off at full speed to Yong Yin on horseback. Riding for

 half an hour, they stopped.

FM: (talking to Rong Tian) I love to ride horses, but I still wish you tell us why you rather ride horses than stay comfortably in the inn?

LE: Does Your Majesty notice something is unsafe within Han Gui?

RT: Lie Er is more intelligent than Feng Ming.

Feng Ming was angry.

LE: But Lie Er is still not clear, how does Your Majesty know that Han Gui is unsafe?

 RH: That's right. I've inquired into the circumstances and head back, I was carefully observing guards and everything within the city. Other than Miao Guang's sudden arrival, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

RT: Did you assigned people to monitor every movements of Miao Guang?

RH: (nodded his head) Of course. The person that came to Han Gui today was familiar with the guards of Bo Jian. I ordered him to not return to Punta, but to monitor Miao Guang's every move.

RT: I ordered for us to leave Han Gui immediately because Han Gui will impose a martial law, every room in the city will be raided.

FM: How do you know? Don't tell me it's just your intuition.

RH: Your Majesty must have seen a flaw somewhere and knew clearly there was a hidden scheme.

LE: (nodded forcefully) Your Majesty sure has thought far (intelligent). FM: Don't be secretive like this, hurry and tell me what's going on?

RT: Qing Ding had to sneak into Han Gui, which means that Miao Guang is in connection with Tong Kingdom, and Bo Jian King doesn't know?

 FM: Ah, he doesn't know.

RT: Miao Guang will not stay long in Han Gui so their meeting should tonight.

RH: That's right. I've also presume that as well.

RT: Miao Guang is surrounded by Bo Jian King's bodyguards. She must escape from the guards in order to meet up with Qing Ding.

LE: That's true!

Feng Ming looked left at Rong Hu and right at Lie Er, he muffled.

 FM: Why do you two have a calm expression of understanding? He still hasn't let us know why

 Han Gui will have a martial law.

RH: Duke Ming, if the bodies of Tong Kingdom King, Qing Ding and Li Kingdom Princess Miao Guang were found within the city of Han Gui, Han Gui's martial law will go into effect.

FM: (looked over at Rong Tian) You aren't intending on doing something stupid, are you?

Rong Tian smiled without saying a word.

FM: (looked over at Lie Er) If we head to Yong Yin we will be safe, then recapture Xi Lei and then send our troops to deal with them, wouldn't that be great? Doing this is very dangerous!

 LE: Miao Guang and Qing Ding are secretly meeting up, there will not be a lot of guards around them, if they die, Tong Kingdom and Li Kingdom will condemn Bo Jian. The biggest enemy alliance to Xi Lei will be immediately neutralized. We have run into this wonderful opportunity, it's too tempting to resist not assassinating them.

Once he finished, Lie Er even pull out his tongue and licked his lips as if the assassination of these two were a delicacy.


 Even though Miao Guang and Qing Ding were not good people, but to take advantage of their meeting to assassinate them and provoking the relationship among the kingdoms, this was something Feng Ming did not concur to.

Feng Ming was going to say more but someone suddenly tapped his shoulders, in which he turned around.

RH: Duke Ming please come with me, let's us talk privately. The two of them rode their horses to a private place.

 FM: Didn't you have something to say?

Rong Hu was stalling and didn't say anything until Feng Ming yelled at him several times. RH: Duke Ming feels that we should not assassinate Miao Guang and Qing Ding, am I right?

FM: This...I know that with national issues one cannot be kindhearted, but Miao Guang just wants to protect her country, her situation is pitiful and not to mention, assassination is a dirty method.

 RH: If the assassination was planned tonight, would Duke Ming prevent the Great King from

 being involved?

FM: That is of course. If he's in danger, I will...what will happen to Xi Lei then? A King should not create danger for himself, there should be no reason to put his life at risk.

RH: If the Great King was persistent in killing Qing Ding himself, and refused to change his mind, will Duke Ming be willing to stay behind and wait for His Majesty to return?

FM: (shook his head) How can I? Wherever he goes, I have to go along with him! Although I've said it already, I'll say it again, I'm still not in favor of assassination, this behavior...

RH: I want to ask Duke Ming, you must be aware that Tong Kingdom had been taunting us at

 the borders, causing Xi Lei to annually waste a lot of military strength? Feng Ming was in shock, he didn't know this.

RH: Does Duke Ming clearly know about this?

FM: I ....didn't.

RH: If Xi Lei were to go against these countries on the battlefields, do you know how many soldiers of Xi Lei will die?

FM: I.... many...

RH: The assassination plan is a hasty decision; the enemies are within the city, the situation unclear, it's best to have a commander present. This matter puts everything at stake, we will soon be able to join forces in Yong Yin and punish the Tong family to take back the throne. If His Majesty were to bring assassins to kill Qing Ding and Miao Guang in time to clear rumors of his death, not only will the enemy kingdoms dissolve, it can rebuild His Majesty's image, allowing the people of Xi Lei to wish for his return. That time, recapturing Xi Lei will not sacrifice many lives. With the circumstances like that, does Duke Ming still want to prevent the Great King from bringing assassins into Han Gui?

FM: I'll follow him back to Han Gui then.

RH: Your status is special Duke Ming, and your swordsmanship is not the best like those elite

 guards next to His Majesty.

FM: Even if my swordsmanship is not the best, I can still help out.

RH: Does Duke Ming guarantee that His Majesty will not be distracted by you? FM: ....

RH: There are a lot of things, even Duke Ming will understand the reason behind them. It is that the heart usually goes against the mind. This is a human weakness, the mind usually knows what to do, but in the end the person always chooses the wrong approach.

 FM: I know what you say is right, but for me to stay here, feeling uneasy and waiting for Rong

 Tian's news, that is a torment to me.

RH: Does that mean that Duke Ming is willing to be separated with His Majesty temporarily, let His Majesty personally carry out the assassination plan?

FM: (nodded his head, shook his head, and let a sigh) What to do? Even if I were to agree with you, I'm just afraid that when I see him leave I will run after him and refuse to leave until he brings me along. To prevent oneself is very hard.

RH: Duke Ming still doesn't realize why I have brought you out here for, right?

 The corner of Rong Hu's mouth revealed a relieved smile. RH: His Majesty already left with Lie Er and half the troops.

Feng Ming was surprised, he took his horse and rode back onto the small slope. Sure enough, Rong Tian and Lie Er were no longer there. Mian Ya, who was in charge of the rest of the troops that were left behind greeted Feng Ming.

MY: His Majesty ordered me to tell Duke Ming that they will return shortly and for us to wait here, no need to worry.

Rong Tian's actual words were for Feng Ming to "obediently wait here" but Mian Ya didn't dare to say that to Feng Ming and so he voluntarily removed the word "obediently."

FM: How can that be! This damn hateful Rong Hu, I was almost scared half to death. RH: Duke Ming believes that I am hateful, but did I do anything wrong?

Feng Ming glanced over at him.

RH: I have served His Majesty every since he was young and have never seen him hold an important place for anyone. Ever since His Majesty had Duke Ming, he became very happy, because of this, I have swore to use this life of mine to protect Duke Ming.

He turned to face Feng Ming.

 RH: There is something I have kept inside for a long time, does Duke Ming want to hear it? FM: Go ahead, I'm listening.

RH: Duke Ming might be the person that His Majesty love the most, and the person that understands His Majesty most is also Duke Ming. In Duke Ming's eyes, Rong Tian is just Rong Tian. But in reality, Rong Tian from top to bottom is the Great King, during the most important time, he is not Rong Tian, he is a King. Loving a King is not an easy thing, Duke Ming will have a hard time distinguishing between personal and public affairs. If Duke Ming cannot distinguish between personal and public affairs, then it will affect His Majesty's choice when dealing with

 personal and public affairs. That day when Princess Miao Guang safely left Xi Lei was because

 she pass through this loophole.

FM: What should I do then?

RH: Does Duke Ming really want to hear my answer?

FM: Just tell me.

RH: Alright. I request that Duke Ming remember my words - only Xi Lei King is allow to decide the fate of Xi Lei, only His Majesty has the right decisions.

Feng Ming finally understood why Rong Hu chose to say these words before they return to Xi


He cannot challenge the King's decision, no matter who it is, even Feng Ming, cannot make the decision for Rong Tian.

He is the King.

If he wants to go to war, then it's war, if he wants peace, then it's peace.

Feng Ming rode his horse down the slope and found a rock to sit on.

Rong Hu's worries weren't without reason, when Rong Tian deals with state affairs, he should not be affected by his comments.

Just like the U.S. president dealing with defense issues, he will also not hold the first lady's opinion into the decision making.

He belongs to Rong Tian.

But does Rong Tian belong to him?

FM: That is the problem of love...being involved with politics just leaves a person with more headaches. Does that mean that whenever Rong Tian does anything dangerous, or if he decided to place me somewhere, I have to obediently obey him?

Feng Ming looked up and saw Rong Hu.

 FM: You don't have to say anymore, I will think about everything you said carefully. Even though my thinking in the past was different, you still need to give me some time to change. By the way, you are not always going to put on a stern face to lecture me from now on are you?

RH: Why would I dare to lecture Duke Ming? I'm here to inform Duke Ming what we found while in the Han Gui...

Before finishing, Mian Ya came down from the slope and reported that they have returned and are on their way back.

Both Feng Ming and Rong Hu were surprised and rush to them.

 RT: I was planning on quietly embracing you from you behind to surprise you, but you have

 spotted me first.

Lie Er was riding behind Rong Tian and winked at Feng Ming.

Feng Ming cheered loudly and jumped onto the horse, Rong Tian gave a deliberate scream, held onto Feng Ming and they went off the horse rolling two times onto the grass, laughing.

RT: This is the way Duke Ming welcomes me?

FM: Why is so fast? I thought that you might come back after two hours at least.

Rong Hu also saw that they all came back in one piece without any trace of hard fought battle.

 RH: Was the plan canceled? Or did something else happen?

LE: Indeed something happened. An unexpected turn of events. We did not even reach Han Gui when we received news that the martial law was in effect. As a result, we head back without even entering the city.

FM: Could it be that the news was leaked? Miao Guang was aware. RT: I'll give you....one more chance.

FM: I really can't figure out the reason. Don't tell me before you all entered the city of Han Gui, someone else already killed Qing Ding and Miao Guang? Who would be bold enough to do that?

LE: Haha! (clapped his hands) Duke Ming indeed is Duke Ming. A hard to guess answer like that and yet you've guess correctly.

FM: What? How is that possible? FM/RH: Who was it?

LE: (shook his head) We just heard the news and immediately head back. Who did it, who's behind it, no one knows right now.

RT: Don't know who that person is, but his thoughts are just like mine. The specific

 circumstances behind it, I'll send people to inquire about, let us continue our journey to avoid encountering the troops of assassin in Han Gui.

RH: That's right. If we were mistaken for to be the assassins, wouldn't we be wrongly accused?

FM: My horse! When I heard of your return, I reacted quickly and forgot to bring the horse while running here. I'll go get it.

Before he could take a step after turning around, Rong Tian already held him back. Feng Ming looked back at Rong Tian.

RT: Are you angry?

 FM: (confused) What for?

 RT: I made Rong Hu hold you back and didn't bring you along. You're not angry with me? FM: Ah...I'm not, you didn't trick me to go fool around in brothel, so what's there to be angry? RT: You're really not angry?

FM: I'm not.

RT: Even being a bit upset, you're not?

FM: I am not that narrow minded. I'll go get the horse.

 Rong Tian glanced over at Lie Er, but Lie Er just scratched his head and felt puzzled. Basically, they were both confused as to why Feng Ming seemed to be so understanding all of a sudden.

While riding a bit, Feng Ming told Rong Tian that he is tired and want him to hold him. Rong Tian chuckled and moved closer to him, carried Feng Ming off his horse and onto his.

RT: Rest on my chest, I guarantee that you'll rest comfortably.

There was another guard that followed quickly behind and took in Feng Ming's horse.

Lie Er asked Rong Hu what happened to Feng Ming.

RH: What can I say, I just told him about the current situation, hoping that Duke Ming will understand His Majesty's difficulties.

LE: What else?

RH: Is there something else? How can I talk to Duke Ming casually?

Lie Er frowned skeptically.

LE: But today, His Majesty left behind Duke Ming and Duke Ming did not made one complaint, making other people feel very strange.

RH: Duke Ming had always been reasonable.

 LE: Really?

RH: Isn't that so?

LE: Is that so....

Rong Hu looked over at Lie Er under the moonlight, the corner of his mouth revealed a faint smile.

That Yong Yi, he must be anxiously waiting at the borders of Yong Yin.


 They finally reached the borders of Yong Yin. Feng Ming was still lying asleep within Rong Tian's embrace.

They joined up with the other the troops. Rong Tian was afraid that the noises might wake Feng Ming and was about to give a signal for them to quiet down, but Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing notice the immobilized Feng Ming in Rong Tian's arms and started shaking him and asking what happened to him.

Before Rong Tian could explain anything, Chiu Lan rushed forth and started crying, believing that something bad happened to Duke Ming.

 Feng Ming was sleeping soundly, but when hearing the sound of someone crying next to his ears and being pulled by another, he had to wake from his beautiful dream. With his half-closed eyes, he muttered as he frowned.

FM: Knock it off...the day is still early, kind-hearted Chiu Lan, let me sleep a bit more.... When Chiu Xing heard him speak, she was shock and then overjoyed.

CX: Duke Ming is okay! Duke Ming is alright!

Feng Ming was still dazing off until he noticed Chiu Lan and had his eyes wide opened that he excitedly screamed out and bounced up from where he was. Rong Tian was caught off guard and almost dropped Feng Ming.

Everyone was happy, Chiu Lan was crying tears of joy as for Chiu Xing and Chiu Lan, they looked over at Lie Er and scolded him for not telling them earlier that Feng Ming was alright.

LE: How can I explain? I didn't even get a chance to open my mouth...

"Lie Er!" A sudden shout was heard and the sound of horse galloping was heading towards them. The person on the horse was trembling all over with excitement, his horse grazed next to Lie Er and that person held his hand out to grab Lie Er.

Lie Er's eyes suddenly lit up, he didn't avoid that person's hand and immediately jumped from

 his horse over to the other person's.

The two people sitting on the horse, one was Lie Er, and the other person of course was Prince of Yong Yin, Yong Yi.

They both sat on the horse and gave the other a soft intimate kiss. Yong Yi didn't pay any attention to Rong Tian, only focused his attention on Lie Er: "Lie Er, Lie Er, Lie Er..."

Lie Er rolled his eyes.

LE: I went through many hardships and just came back, but yet you didn't even ask if I was injured or anything.

 YY: You're injured? Where?

 Yong Yi anxiously stroked his hands all over Lie Er, not even showing the slightest appearance of a Crown Prince of Yong Yin.

Being touched all over the place by Yong Yi, Lie Er felt ticklish and couldn't stop laughing, he begged for mercy.

LE: I lied, I'm not injured. Yong Yi stop touching now!

As for Feng Ming, he was surrounded by Chiu Lan and them and they wouldn't stop crying, so he also begged for mercy.

 FM: My body is all better, my head is also better too. Everything is fine, so please don't cry anymore.

RT: Everyone has travel for a long distance, must all be tired, let us first return to the campsite.

So everyone grabbed a horse to return. Even though Lie Er had a horse of his own, Yong Yi refused to let him ride alone. Chiu Xing and Chiu Yue decided to ride together on a horse, leaving poor Chiu Lan feeling alone.

In that moment, Rong Hu grabbed hold of Chiu Lan by the waist and carried her onto his horse, resting her back on his oven hot chest.

RH: Duke Ming is hungry, let our horse rush full speed back to the campsite. You are unfamiliar with horseback riding so ride along with me, alright?

CX/CY: Rong Hu is so manly! (applauded loudly at them)

Lie Er faced Rong Hu and started whistling, then turned his head towards Yong Yi and gave him a sweet smile causing Yong Yi's heart to skip a beat.

Rong Tian holding Feng Ming, laughed out.

RT: That's right, this is my order. I will give the order that from now on when there's a time we need to ride horses, Rong Hu will protect Chiu Lan at all cost, without any mistake.

Rong Tian whipped the horse, shouted loudly and took the lead heading straight to the

 campsite. Everyone followed behind leaving a huge dust bowl.

Chiu Lan's cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment, she elbowed Rong Hu in the chest and whispered: "Why aren't you going?"

RH: It seems that if I brought you along and catch up to them, then we'll be leaving behind Lie Er, Chiu Xing, and Chiu Yue.

However, Rong Hu quickly caught up to Feng Ming and Rong Tian.

FM: Where's the campsite? Is Empress Dowager already there ahead of us?

 RT: Empress Dowager separated with us halfway through the trip. She didn't cross Bo Jian so

 she's probably there four days ago. The campsite is within a beautiful valley within/along Aman River. Once we get there, I guarantee you will love it. However...there's...

The wind was loud and rustling at Feng Ming's ears that he couldn't hear Rong Tian's last few words. While resting within Rong Tian's embrace, his hands were idle so he stroked both of Rong Tian's thighs.

Rong Tian's pupils dilated and he tried to restrain himself.

RT: Feng Ming, do you want me to pull the horse over and punish you right on the spot? Feng Ming turned around and saw Rong Tian's eyes emitted flames of desire and knew his

 teasing was too far, stick out his tongue and quickly withdrew his hands and held onto the horse's mane.

At the same time, Rong Hu pulled up beside Rong Tian and told him.

RH: Prince Yong Yi said that he and Lie Er have something to talk about, a little later they will follow back to the campsite.

Feng Ming and Rong Tian almost had a moment of passion and now it seems that Yong Yi must have found somewhere to "punish" Lie Er at the spot.

Feng Ming thought: That Yong Yi seems to be a nice person, yet it seems that he is more of a sex addict than Rong Tian.

Just when he looked up, he met with Rong Tian's pensive eyes, he suddenly was alarmed and severely warned Rong Tian.

FM: You better not have any crazy ideas, I won't agree to it even if you kill me.

Rong Tian made a sad sorrowful expression.

RT: Fine, luckily the campsite is not far from here. (He lowered his head and gave a quick kiss)

Soon they came upon the entrance to the valley. Rong Tian signaled everyone else to head into the valley while he and Feng Ming stay outside for a bit. Feng Ming was sitting by the lake and

 felt something was off.

FM: Is there something you wanted to tell me?

Rong Tian stood next to the horse and didn't say anything.

FM: Rong Tian, you're rarely hesitant like this.

Feng Ming stood up and pulled Rong Tian's sleeves to make him sit down along with him.

FM: If there is something on your mind, just tell me. Duke Ming is very understanding, I will absorb everything.

 RT: Inside the valley, there is someone you might not expect.

 FM: Someone I don't expect? You're not going to...

Before he could finish, Rong Tian reached out his arms and held Feng Ming fiercely.

RT: Feng Ming, no one can change the past, they can only look towards the future in order to do great things.

Feng Ming was being held by him so tightly that he could hardly breathe. FM: That person...

 RT: That person is inside the valley.

Rong Tian revealed a handsome smile, he stood up and placed Feng Ming on the horse.

RT: There was something you said that is right, if something happened then let it happen. Let us head inside the camp.

When they first entered the valley, they could see a twenty feet high stone wall surrounding the front. On the outside there were several high posts, within the walls, a roof made of wood was visible. Just like that, with one glance, one can tell that it was camp that was hastily built. It was built on a large scale, if you don't see it with your own eyes, then it would be hard to imagine.

As they entered, they were welcomed by many soldiers. Standing at the door were many people, among those people were Rong Hu and Chiu Lan. Feng Ming also noticed a familiar beautiful face, Mei Ji.

Feng Ming had already somewhat expected her, but he still had the same habit of elbowing Rong Tian in the chest.

RT: Are you angry?

FM: (tilted his nose) I am Xi Lei Duke Ming, why would I be jealous?

When he got off the horse, Feng Ming greeted Mei Ji.

FM: Is this the place that you've reside at? Mei Ji, this time it's thanks to your help, Xi Lei again

 owe you a big favor.

MJ: (shook her head) Duke Ming has misunderstood. Mei Ji is just an ordinary woman, why would I need a huge camp to reside at? This valley is the place that I resided at after leaving Xi Lei, but everything that Duke Ming sees in front of you is with the help of Master Xiao.

Her finger gently pointed at someone.

Feng Ming had noticed this man standing next to Mei Ji earlier because ignoring his presence was very hard.

Was he Mei Ji's new lover or perhaps one of Rong Tian's subordinate?

 This person was wearing a simple plain robes, standing next to Mei Ji, his body exuded a faint

 male charm beyond a normal person, and snatched away half of Mei Ji's limelight.

His features did not seem particularly attractive, if examined carefully, he seemed a bit rough, but his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, once combined all the roughness changed into a harmonious mature man. His deep bottomless eyes, matured but no sign of aging. Looking at his face, there was no way to guess his age.

His figure was tall, comparable to Rong Tian. Well-proportioned physique and his two hands naturally resting on both sides of his thigh.

Feng Ming was not familiar with him, his gaze fell on the man slender fingers. His heart

 suddenly jumped and asked.

FM: Your swordsmanship must be extraordinary.

That person smiled. "Duke Ming's observation skills are impressive. During your disappearance, after I received a letter from Xi Lei King, I have lead many people night and day to create this secluded barrack and at last have finally completed that task Xi Lei King entrusted me with.

"Thank you, holy master."

Feng Ming felt something strange inside, he turned his head to look at Rong Tian. He had been beside Rong Tian for some time now....and had never heard Rong Tian speak to anyone with much respect like this.

Rong Tian patted him on the shoulders and introduced the person to Feng Ming.

RT: Feng Ming, this person is my mentor, he is the number one swordsman within the eleven kingdoms. Master, this is Feng Ming. (he paused and then continued) Feng Ming's mind is like a child and often has weird thoughts. His speak his mind without thinking, if he offended you; I request that Holy Master forgive him.

Feng Ming looked at Master Xiao and could feel a sudden terrified shock, he quietly paced backward and lean himself near Rong Tian.

 Master Xiao didn't care much, just smiled and nodded his head.

XZ (Master Xiao): Xi Lei Duke Ming is renowned throughout the world, having this talented person is a great fortune for Xi Lei King. Let us head inside and discuss some more.

He turned around and brought them through the main entrance.

It took twenty or thirty people to push the heavy wooden door and slowly closed it behind them.

"Time is limited, although the barracks are completed in a timely manner, but there are still some areas that need further reinforcements. I have set up a total of seven posts, four tall ones and three short ones, all within dark places so it can act as a sentinel station to hide..."

 Hearing them discuss about the architecture of the camp made Feng Ming yawn, he silently

 stepped backwards standing side by side with Rong Hu.

FM: What kind of teacher are you? The number one swordsman is clearly call Holy Master Xiao, but you mistaken him for a disciple, making me lose face in front of everyone.

RH: (tried hard not to laugh or cry) Xiao Zong is his original name, Holy Master Xiao is what everyone called him respectfully.

Chiu Lan was standing one side and pointed at the embarrassed Feng Ming.

CL: Duke Ming wasn't listening during lectures, and yet blames Rong Hu for not doing his job


Feng Ming looked at Chiu Lan and sighed. He can't believed that his trusted maid is now siding with an outsider and not on his side.

CL: I'm just saying the truth.

RH: Duke Ming must be careful. Master Xiao is known for his notorious erratic temper. Even though he is not a King, but his power compared to a kingdom is much more. Under his command are a group of talented elite men who will fight for him. Just seeing how within a short amount of time, he can build such a huge campsite like this can tell you how impressive he is, so you can't offend him.

CL: That's right, even His Majesty and Mei Ji wouldn't dare to speak his real name, only call him Master.

FM: Is he the Master of Rong Tian, how come I never knew that?

CL: I only served inside the Crown Prince's quarters, the details of Rong Tian's master, how should I know?

Feng Ming didn't have a chance to switch his gaze towards Rong Hu, when he suddenly said. RH: His Majesty is looking for Duke Ming. (pointed in front of him)

RT: It must be that our discussion is very boring, since we can't finish everything today, come,

 I'll take you to see our place.

MJ: Mei Ji will head to the kitchen to prepare the wine and food for Your Majesty and Duke Ming to use. After Your Majesty and Duke Ming take a rest, I'll have the feast prepared in the main hall, is that alright with you?

RT: That would be great, we'll bother you then.

Rong Tian turned around to face Xiao Zong and took his leave. He took Feng Ming's hand, brought along Chiu Lan and Rong Hu, and lead them to the place.

 The space was a courtyard designed by borrowing the mountains and trees within. On top of the

 mountain, half of it was covered with dug out caves and trees, very imaginative. Even though the space was small, it had everything. The main hall, side hall, and small kitchen were all carefully arranged.

Rong Tian and Feng Ming took the master bedroom, as for the bedrooms they were divided up among Rong Hu, Chiu Lan, and the others. More than half of the guards were place in the empty rooms outside the courtyard.

Feng Ming was curious about the new place and started touching everything.

FM: The soldiers outside all wore different outfits, are they not from the same army?

 RT: It's rare that your observation skills had improved, knowing how to observe your surroundings. The barracks have soldiers from Xi Lei, the elite soldiers whom I secretly trained, Prince Yong Yi's soldiers, Mei Ji's private guards, and the people around Master Xiao.

FM: No wonder, I thought I was imagining things....How come I never heard you have a famous Master like this?

RT: Then who do you think I learn my martial arts from? (he patted Feng Ming's head and smiled) This is top secret. Master rarely take in disciples, he doesn't allow this news to spread outside, who dares to go against his words? That day, when Tong Er and I were battling, I had already wrote a letter to Master to request for help, he was willing to come out and help out unexpectedly. If it wasn't for Master looking after every move of Tong Er, I could have rescheduled my plans for coming to Dong Fan a month later.

Feng Ming was taken back, during that time, he was in a crisis situation in Dong Fan. At one hand, Lu Dan was sick, the other hand, Jun Qing and Jin Ting could easily betray them. Don't even mention one month, if Rong Tian was late ten days, his small little life could been disposed of.

FM: How did your Master help you watch over Tong Er while being in Yong Yin?

RT: (laughed) If you were Xi Lei King, you perhaps would have been turned to dust. While we were in Dong Fan and causing a havoc, wouldn't you think that this news have reached Tong

 Er's ears by now? He guessed that we will be returning to Xi Lei and perhaps send assassins on the road to ambush and kill us.

Along the way, Feng Ming was worried that their whereabouts were exposed and that enemies might chase after and kill them. At this time, he finally realized that there was a high possibility that Tong Er could have sent assassins to kill them.

FM: That's right, how could Tong Er not know about our news in Dong Fan?

 RT: No need to worry. If we speak of ambush and assassination, even with 10 Tong Ers they

 are not an opponent of Master. I'm sure that all of those assassins he sent out haven't even left the capital had already been taken care of never to be heard again.

At this time, it's clear why their journey was smooth and it was not because of shear luck.


 Chiu Lan prepared all the items for Rong Tian and Feng Ming's bath. Feng Ming was super excited since on the road, they hardly had a chance to take a bath so he can't wait to take a

 warm hot bath in a large wooden tub. Chiu Lan told Feng Ming that there are no wooden tubs here.

Rong Tian carried Feng Ming and said he will personally serve Feng Ming during the bath. They head out of the bedroom, through the courtyard, cross over a long hall outside the door to the rear of the campsite. Walking a short distance ahead, they reached a hot water spring.

Feng Ming cheered loudly and leaped from Rong Tian's embrace. He went to examine it. FM: It's hot, definitely a hot spring. How did you find this treasure?

He stretched his arms out to wrap around Rong Tian's neck.

RT: The treasure I found is right here.

Rong Tian tapped on Feng Ming's nose.

RT: This place was discovered by Mei Ji. Because of that, we deliberately chose this valley as a hidden base. We will be borrowing it for a bit.

FM: Ah, then we need to seize the opportunity and quickly wash ourselves.

Feng Ming pulled Rong Tian into the spring and they both were standing waist deep in the warm water, their whole body wet.

 RT: Feng Ming, we haven't even removed our clothes yet.

FM: When did Xi Lei King became so well-behaved? You have always done dirty tricks so let me have my share for once, okay?

Feng Ming heard footsteps on the grass and turned around. Chiu Lan and Chiu Xing brought over some scented oils and soap for the bath, they weren't scared of wetting their shoes and sat on top of the boulders next to the spring.

Feng Ming was curious as to why there were only the two them and what happened to Chiu Yue. Chu Xing paused a bit before telling Feng Ming that Chiu Yue is in the kitchen busy with something.

 CX: Isn't that right, Chiu Lan?

 A pair of hands reached out from behind and started removing Feng Ming's clothes. Rong Tian nibbled on his neck with a seductive voice, he said.

RT: Who just said that they wanted to seize the opportunity to wash? Here, allow me to help Duke Ming remove his clothes.

Just when Feng Ming's clothes were being removed, his lower body has fallen into the hands of Rong Tian.

FM: Rong Tian.....you dare mess with me....

 Feng Ming groaned and clenched his teeth. He fell back within Rong Tian's arms and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Gasping heavily and with each breath, he asked: "Is anyone...going to...rush in?"

Rong Tian's actions were swift, before Feng Ming could finish his sentence, all the clothes on his body were removed, exposing the white jade like body. His delicate skin covered in water, reflective like smooth silk.

Chiu Lan and Chiu Xing were already familiar with this scene but couldn't help from blushing. They looked at each other and giggled. They rolled up their sleeves and walked behind Rong Tian to help wash his back.

RT: Don't worry, the whole place is guarded.

Rong Tian knew that Mei Ji's feast would start soon and was intending on teasing Feng Ming a bit, but seeing how Feng Ming is weak all over along with his unsteady appearance, how can he just have a "tease"? His big hands stroke Feng Ming's lower half and continued to use force to caress it.

He purposely did so in order for Feng Ming to climax, the desire flowing throughout his body, his feet softened, but while they are in the water, he could only groan and plead.

FM: Rong Tian...hold me...I...I'm going to fall into the water...

 Rong Tian's throat had tighten, he laughed in a hoarse voice.

RT: Good Feng Ming, just lean on me, I'll support you and won't let you fall into the water.

After hearing that, Feng Ming took a few steps backward; his hips suddenly touched something that was erect. This time, he knew what Rong Tian mean when he said "support", the shame changed to anger, he lowered his voice to scold.

FM: This perverted bastard.

RT: I have endured it for some time, if not then I would have "punished" you when we were on the road.

 Rong Tian laughed and put his arms around Feng Ming's waist, one hand reached for the

 scented slippery soap Chiu Lan had placed beside him. Using his finger, he placed it within the cute and seductive area of Feng Ming's and slowly placed yet another finger inside.

After the third finger entered inside, Feng Ming couldn't endure it much longer, he faced Rong Tian and gently pulled closer.

FM: Hold me.

Rong Tian had waited for these words and happily replied. RT: As you wish.

 He pulled his fingers out and his two hands clasped onto Feng Ming's waist. He turned around and Feng Ming is now facing the rocks on the shore.

Placing Feng Ming's upper body onto the rocks, Rong Tian whispered.

RT: Be good and don't move around. I'm going to enter and accompany you.

His pelvis slowly thrust back and forth.

Feng Ming was not accustomed to standing on the same level as Rong Tian, his eyelashes fluttering closed, he moaned like a kitten whining loudly.

FM: Slow down.

Rong Tian immediately slowed down his pace, retreating and then slowly entering once again. And just continued like that, after a short while when Feng Ming finally got used to the pace, did Rong Tian dare to increase the rate of speed and enjoyed it.

Chiu Lan and Chiu Xing had already stood to one side, looking from afar at Rong Tian embracing Feng Ming and openly enjoying themselves.

They both were relieved that Duke Ming is in good spirit and energy.

While holding Feng Ming down for a long while, he heard Feng Ming's moans filled with satisfaction that cannot be described into words.

 FM: Rong Tian...I...I can't anymore... RT: Wait a bit longer.

Feng Ming gasped for mercy, his demeanor was well-behaved and lovely. He had grown a bit taller, his limbs were more slender and his arms fiddled aimlessly on the rocks, which Rong Tian couldn't help but lower his head and nibble gently on the slender arm.

When he lifted his head, a figure in the distance suddenly appeared within view. Rong Tian was instantly shocked and almost stopped his movements.

FM: Ah?

 Feng Ming also raised his head. With not enough time to straighten himself up, Rong Tian held

 him down again, his strong upper body firmly pressed Feng Ming so that lifting his head up was hard to do.

RT: Just wait a bit longer. (he whispered softly in his ear.)

That foreign object once again stood up as if even mightier than before. The most sensitive place was deliberately entered, a bit and bit more. Feng Ming laid prone close to the rocks, his small mouth opened slightly, constantly gasping that he couldn't even open his eyes.

Rong Tian continued pressing Feng Ming, using full power to possess the body under him. On his handsome face, there was not a trace of a smile, only the absolute determination of Xi Lei

 King as he looked ahead.

Xiao Zong appeared from another section of the cliff, with his sword next to him, he waltzed through the front of the spring. Because of Rong Tian's focused stare, he realized that this hot spring was taken over by two naked men in heat, he leisurely glanced down over them and turned away, without a bit of concern he walked off in the direction that Rong Tian and the others had come in from.

Rong Tian held his breath as Xiao Zong left, this time he glanced down lovingly at Feng Ming who was disoriented. His waist suddenly moved very vigorously causing Feng Ming to moan out.

FM: Can't....can't....anymore...

After they climaxed, Rong Tian carried Feng Ming onto the rocks to sit down. He instead climbed up shore on the other side of the hot spring as Chiu Lan placed a simple robe on him.

 RT: What is that cliff over there?

 Chiu Lan just who just saw Xiao Zong passing by a moment ago, was startled, and her face was still pale.

CL: That place is where Master Xiao practices his sword techniques; Master Xiao doesn't allow anyone to enter there.

RT: You didn't send anyone there to guard?

CL: Your servant was mistaken... That place is a dead end, so your servant thought since Master Xiao hadn't been practicing for a few days at that place, when Your Majesty return

 today, he will not be there....

Rong Tian had on a serious face and hmphed coldly at her.

CL: Your servant deserves punishment...

Before Chiu Lan could kneel down, Rong Tian pulled her up and whispered.

RT: This situation today, you can't let Feng Ming know anything about it, you and Chiu Xing need to be more careful, you hear me?

After leaving the warning, he walked in front of Feng Ming. Because of the passionate session earlier, he was still recovering. With a large blanket, he wrapped it around his body and stroked his face.

RT: Let's head back to put on some clothes, seeing you like this, you will need to eat something to recover. Mei Ji's cooking is not bad, since she is willing to cook, we will have some delicious food to eat.

Holding Feng Ming, they turned around to head back to the courtyard.

Returning to the room, Rong Tian gently laid Feng Ming on the bed. Feng Ming was just in a moment of passion with Rong Tian so his whole body felt weak. He had now just used his hands and feet to turn over in bed and sat up. His waist suddenly felt a stinging pain that he involuntarily lay back on the soft bed.

 He didn't have any clothes on his body, just a big blanket around him. With a slight movement, the blanket slipped from his shoulders to the hips, revealing a bit of his lower half. Feng Ming tried hard to cover himself and didn't know that he was displaying a lovely view until he heard the sudden sound of heavy breathing above him that he looked up and his eyes clashed with Rong Tian's gaze.

Feng Ming was aghast, and let out a warning.

FM: Don't you dare lay a hand on me, don't forget that Mei Ji and Master Xiao are waiting for us to come to the dinner feast.

 Rong Tian was at the peaking point and had just come only once so how can he feel satisfied.

 Seeing Feng Ming wrapped in the blanket lying on the bed, without closing his eyes he could already imagine the scene under the blanket. But he knew they shouldn't be late for Mei Ji's feast that was prepared specifically for them so he had to endure.

RT: I'll wait for you outside.

Taking advantage of the little self-control he still had left, Rong Tian quickly left the area influenced by Feng Ming.

When Rong Tian went outside, Chiu Lan and Chiu Xing helped Feng Ming with his clothes. They made a brand new sky blue robe for Feng Ming to wear. They were shocked to see Feng

 Ming's chest with hideous scars and started crying, asking who could have been so heartless.

Feng Ming told them that these scars were nothing and he received them while fighting in Dong Fan.

CL: They must be really painful, the Great King is...how can he be so careless like this?

FM: Rong Tian already did his best, Chiu Lan don't cry, if you already cried after seeing these small scars, then what will happen if you see Rong Hu's scars?

Chiu Lan wiped away her tears.

CL: Rong Hu's skin is thick and rough, it doesn't matter if he received more scars on his body.

CX: That's right. Duke Ming's body is so beautiful, those times of killing, how can they have the heart to lay their hands on you?

Feng Ming reluctantly examined himself, to be honest, with a deadly battle that happened in Dong Fan palace, for his body to just receive a few scars is something that the Gods had blessed him with.

In fact, the recovery ability of this body was very fast, other than the deep wounds that left a few traces, the other small wounds have completely healed and were almost invisible.

FM: Alright, aren't you two supposed to help me change?

 Feng Ming tried to cheer them up while they dressed him.

FM: It's nothing, I'm not a woman, going out to war and receiving a few scratches is normal. Maybe in the future, I'll fight and receive even more wounds....

CL: Ah! Just these scars are already terrifying, Duke Ming still wants to fight more wars? Do you want our hearts to break so you can be pleased?

CX: We will carefully serve Duke Ming, however we're afraid that Duke Ming will harm yourself. From eating, drinking, dressing, bathing, grooming, everything is all attended to, and yet Duke Ming is mocking us and you're still not trying to take care of yourself.

 They then tried to see if there are any type of medication that can easily remove scar marks

 since they don't want Rong Tian to see Duke Ming's horrible scars and then...

When Feng Ming thought about Rong Tian not being more intimate with him because of these scars he said.

FM: That can't be, Rong Tian saw these already and didn't say anything at all, he's still in love me as usual. What do you think, if he sees more of these wounds, he wouldn't slowly start to despise me would he?

CL/CX: Why would he despise you? His Majesty would certainly be distressed to the point of dying.

 Feng Ming came out of the room and saw Rong Tian waiting in the hall. Lie Er also came back from who knows where..

LE: Haha, there has to be Chiu Lan and the others to help. If we were to serve Duke Ming, I'm afraid he wouldn't be this beautiful.

CX: That's for sure, all you have are round hands and clumsy feet. For Duke Ming to follow you, I don't know how much bitterness he had to suffer.

Rong Hu's face was calm, but his eyes appeared to be laughing inside as he stood silently in a corner.

Rong Tian grabbed onto Feng Ming's hand and pulled him close.

RT: It seems that after the bath, you smell even lovelier than before, how about a kiss?

Without waiting for Feng Ming to agree, he already laid a deep kiss on him.

Feng Ming was afraid that "sex" was on his mind again and that they might not even have a chance to reach the dinner feast, he firmly pushed Rong Tian away and looked over at Lie Er.

FM: Why is there only you? Where's Prince Yong Yi?

Just hearing Feng Ming mention that, both Chiu Xing and Chiu Lan who loved to argue with Lie Er, deliberately looked at Lie Er in a scrutinizing way, hoping to see him blush.

 Unexpectedly, Lie Er was experienced in these type of situations, shrugged his shoulders, and bluntly confessed.

LE: He had wasted more energy than me so his recovery is not as fast as mine. I'm afraid that he is still taking a bath right now.

Lie Er had already cleaned himself and put on a new change of clothes, so it's clear that he had already finished bathing.

Chiu Lan and Chiu Xing listened to his shameless talk and ended up being embarrassed instead.

 Rong Hu tells them that they should hurry since it's getting late. Rong Tian agreed that they

 shouldn't keep Mei Ji and Master Xiao waiting.

Just as they were walking off, Chu Yue came running after little Cai Jiang who ran in front of them and hid himself behind Feng Ming. Feng Ming knew that this little child was An He's son and was a product of this body. He picked Cai Jiang up and asked him if he knew who he was, which the little boy said "Duke Ming." Rong Hu tells them they will be late so Feng Ming handed Cai Jiang over to Chiu Lan to look after and they finally arrived at Mei Ji's feast gathering.


 Mei Ji prepared a huge banquet with lots of seafood ingredients for everyone. They all started by drinking some wine and complimenting each other. Mei Ji gave a toast to Xiao

Zong representing all the females in the world for bringing up and teaching Rong Tian.

Feng Ming drank some wine and started telling Rong Tian what a perfect woman Mei Ji is, in which Rong Tian tells him that he had enough to drink and ordered Chiu Lan to remove the wine bottle from him.

Once all the food was brought up, they all ate and when it was almost over, Xiao Zong glanced over at Feng Ming and requested Feng Ming to walk over to where he is sitting so he can have a better look at him.

Feng Ming was surprised and glanced over at Rong Tian, he then walked over to Xiao Zong.

Xiao Zong only took one look at Feng Ming and with a disappointed look on his face, he told Feng Ming to return to his seat.

Feng Ming didn't know what he did wrong, but obediently went back to his seat. Rong Tian tried to comfort him by gently patting his thigh.

Being the number one student of Xiao Zong, Rong Tian had a better understanding of Xiao Zong than anyone else. Xiao Zong's actions awhile ago were not of bad intentions; instead, this number one swordsman was planning on accepting Feng Ming as a disciple.

Feng Ming held tightly onto Rong Tian's hand and stared at him since Rong Tian's hand (either

 due to habit or whatnot) was touching in an area that it shouldn't be touching during a banquet.

Mei Ji asked Rong Tian what was on his mind and Rong Tian replied that he is worried about Empress Dowager. They haven't seen Empress Dowager ever since Dong Fan and she wanted to head back to Xi Lei first to prepare everything for the return of Rong Tian.

Feng Ming finally realized that Empress Dowager had left to sneak back to Xi Lei. Xiao Zong tells Rong Tian and them to not worry. Judging by his words, Rong Tian felt relieved and thought to himself that Xiao Zong probably send some men to help protect Empress Dowager.

 When the banquet ended, Rong Tian asked to escort Xiao Zong back to his (room?) and then

 told Feng Ming that he will be coming back later. Mei Ji told Rong Tian that it was a good thing since she wanted to talk with Feng Ming tonight. Feng Ming stated to Rong Tian that even if he went back to his room, there's not much for him to do, so it's best to have Mei Ji keep him company.

Rong Tian nodded his head and gently stroked Feng Ming's face, he couldn't control himself and gave a quick peck on Feng Ming's forehead before running off behind Xiao Zong.

Feng Ming asked Mei Ji where they should go to gossip and such.

MJ: Duke Ming is a special guest, of course Duke Ming should have the best treatment that

 every men in this world have dreamt about.

FM: The best treatment that every men in this world have dreamt about?

MJ: (chuckled at Feng Ming's cute innocent state) To enter the bedroom of Mei Ji, isn't that the best treatment that every men in this world have dreamt about?

Mei Ji pulled Feng Ming towards her bedroom, but both Rong Hu and Chiu Lan were following behind. She asked them if she could have some time alone with Feng Ming. If it was someone else, Rong Hu would disapprove, but since Mei Ji was someone who had helped Rong Tian on two different occasions and was also a woman who Rong Tian trusted besides Empress Dowager, he told her that they would be waiting outside.

Once Feng Ming and Mei Ji went inside the room and lifted the curtains, there were two people already sitting at the table...

MJ: I've finally brought him here.

"It's been a long time, Duke Ming." The familiar gentle voice startled Feng Ming, causing him to pause in his footsteps.

Feng Ming turned to look at the smiling Mei Ji.

FM: It seems that the safest place can also turn into the most dangerous place.

 MJ: Please don't be angry Duke Ming, Mei Ji guarantees that no one here has any ill intentions.

FM: How can I be angry? I'm already on the platter.

Since he had been tricked to this place, how can he have a chance of escaping?

After thinking for a bit, Feng Ming finally remembered that Mei Ji was a citizen of Fan Jia. He turned his head to look at the pair of lovers with ill fates in front of him.

FM: Let me guess, within the city of Han Gui, the plan of assassinating Qing Ding (King of Tong) and Miao Guang was the idea of the two of you?

 Having Miao Guang forcing them out of Bo Jian is something that even chopping Miao Guang

 into several pieces wouldn't suffice. Other than Bo Ling and Fan Jia third princess, Fan Zhi, these ill fated lovers, then who else?

Bo Ling revealed that he managed to chop off the head of Qing Ding, but Miao Guang escaped.

Feng Ming asked Bo Ling since he didn't managed to kill Miao Guang, if he is planning on taking it out on him. If that's the case, it's very unreasonable according to Feng Ming.

They just told Feng Ming that they are here to give him a present as a token of their sincerity.

Bo Ling held out his hands and brought over a square box. Just when the box reached Feng Ming's eyes, even though it was wrapped up carefully, it couldn't hide the smell of fresh blood

 blowing into Feng Ming's nose.

Without guessing, Feng Ming already knew what was inside and told Bo Ling that he doesn't need to open it up.

FM: You all tricked me here and even sent a present, is there really something good like this in this world? ... What is it that you need, just say it already.

BL: Does Duke Ming really don't want to see the head of Qing Ding a bit and be happy for Xi Lei King?

FM: Killing is not something that someone like me enjoys seeing.

Those two who were pleading to Feng Ming, they were planning on using the situation to threaten him, and then using the head of Qing Ding to deal with him.

Using both soft and steady methods, they thought they could succeed. However, their new method was only used halfway when Feng Ming's attitude changed so they glanced at each other.

Seeing that their plan had an unexpected change, they immediately fixed their attitude and kindly smiled.

BL: What Duke Ming said makes sense. Death and killing is not a good thing.

 The third princess went straight to the topic.

FZ: This time we came here to ask for Duke Ming's help on this one matter.

Going through many life lessons, Feng Ming had learned a lot from experience. Within those experiences, he learned that many people who wanted to deal with Rong Tian would usually choose him (FM) to lay their hands on.

He seems to be the weak link to threaten Rong Tian. How hateful.

 Even though he wanted to pour out his anger, he couldn't forget that Bo Ling still had a sword in

 his hands, so his anger didn't boil over, he thought for a bit and said.

FM: The Third Princess wants a person?

Bo Ling and Fan Zhi were surprised that Feng Ming could guess what they wanted.

FM: Perhaps the Third Princess can remember that before Miao Guang came to Bo Jian, she had come to Xi Lei and had met me?

FZ: What Duke Ming meant to say is.... FM: What I'm trying to say is....

 Feng Ming's mind was quickly rotating, trying to find something and within a blink of an eye he found a flaw and since the people in front of him were not quite good people, he decided to use the same method he did with Lu Dan and simply said.

FM: The whereabouts of the Third Princess and Prince Bo Ling, I have already guessed earlier.

BL: (chuckled) What Duke Ming said doesn't make sense. If you already knew that we were here, then why did Duke Ming still choose to meet us by yourself?

Feng Ming silently reorganized his thoughts.

I don't know why Rong Tian went with Xiao Zong for what matter, but why hasn't he come looking for him. Feng Ming felt worried and coldly laughed.

FM: Miao Guang is being threatened by Fan Jia - Long Tian right now; therefore, she ran to Bo Jian for a marriage allegiance with the hope of protecting herself. All the efforts that you two have tried to build in Bo Jian have been destroyed by Miao Guang and with a bit more could have lost your lives, so you decided to run back to Fan Jia. The Third Princess is of royal bloodline in Fan Jia, Prince Bo Ling is both well-versed in literature and martial arts but it's a pity you don't have any power or else you could have risked your life to take back the throne from Long Tian.

BL: I'm still not clear, why would Duke Ming disregard the danger and come see us?

 Feng Ming inhaled a breath, trying to display his upmost sincerity.

FM: Because your request, I was already willing to agree to.

Just when he finished, Bo Ling had a "hard to understand" expression on his face. Feng Ming saw that his reaction was not right (how he imagined it would be), he silently thought this was bad and wanted to withdraw himself to the back.

BL: For us to be alive now, it's all thanks to Mei Ji who still cares about the royal family of Fan Jia. She heard the news of Miao Guang coming to Bo Jian and sent people to alert us, allowing us to escape in time.

 Looking at Mei Ji with a sense of gratitude, he continued.

 BL: We wanted to enter Han Gui to set up an ambush to assassinate Miao Guang. Coincidentally, we've encountered Miao Guang secretly negotiating with the Great King of Tong, Qing Ding; we were planning on using the opportunity to kill Miao Guang. Who would have thought that we've only killed Qing Ding.

An opportunity of a lifetime and yet they have let Miao Guang escape. Bo Ling and Fan Zhi both clearly knew that to defeat this enemy would be even more difficult in the future.

Feng Ming also kind of understood.

These two people right now are not only in the list of those Miao Guang wants to kill, but also on

 the list of those Tong Kingdom want to kill.

"With the matter as it is, we no longer have a place to live peacefully and can only return to Fan Jia to try to take the throne, in hope to have a peace of mind."

When The Third Princess mentioned Long Tian, she gritted her teeth. FZ: The culprit in charge of killing my family, I have to get revenge!

FM: The Third Princess shouldn't be so upset. Long Tian is not a good person, this I already know. Tong Kingdom is an enemy of Xi Lei and you have already gotten the head of Qing Ding so that could be seen as a good deed for Rong Tian.

Feng Ming secretly thought, if the Third Princess could retake the throne then Miao Guang would have another enemy kingdom nearby, therefore, this was not a bad idea.

FM: How many people does the Third Princess need? FZ: How many?

FM: Didn't you wanted to borrow troops to attack Fan Jia?

BL: Duke Ming is clearly tricking me. We don't need any troops, we just need a highly skilled assassin/master.

 FM: An assassin/master?

BL: One that could kill Long Tian.

FZ: The troops within Long Tian's grasp, the majority of them are troops of Fan Jia. I'm just afraid that Long Tian used his despotic power and therefore those troops do not dare to rebel.

BL: We also have connections to numerous officials in Fan Jia, as long as Long Tian dies and the Third Princess appears, we can immediately take over everything.

FM: What highly skilled master can casually kill a king of a country?

 FZ: (revealing an extremely beautiful smile) Other than Master Xiao, who would have the ability

 to do so?

Feng Ming's mouth dropped.

So their main target is Rong Tian's master!

FM: The person you want is Master Xiao, then why did you come looking for me?

BL: It seems that Duke Ming has no knowledge of your background.

FM: My background?

Feng Ming tried to appear that he clearly knew his own background. But to be honest, he wasn't

 really sure himself.

He was originally the Crown Prince of Xi Lei and later was changed to a son of Duke Rong, but the unfortunate General of Dong Fan who passed away, Chang Yen told him that he looked like a person he once knew. What Chang Yen said made sense, even if Duke Rong didn't have a heart, he couldn't use his own son as a scapegoat for the Crown Prince of Xi Lei.

Mei Ji was sitting to the side silently when she finally spoke and asked.

MJ: What connection does Duke Ming's background and Master Xiao have?

BL: It's because Master Xiao is Duke Ming's father.


His head was like it was knocked hard by a hammer; Feng Ming couldn't hide the surprised expression on his face and just stood there in shock.

Feng Ming couldn't believe that his origin is quite impressive, being the son of the number one martial arts master of this generation, Xiao Zong, who is viewed as an uncrowned King.

Feng Ming asked them if Xiao Zong has any other children since he seems to have a handsome face with lots of talent, so women must flock all over him. Mei Ji replied that he doesn't have any other children, but everyone knows that he had wanted a son for a long time.

 Feng Ming was shocked, Xiao Zong must not have a lot of living children outside, but how many of them would even know of their origin. This one respected man, how can he not have any children?

If Master Xiao only has one child, him..no, An He, then isn't that more extraordinary than Xi Lei King himself?

Everyone was thinking the same thing and all their eyes focused on Feng Ming. During that silence, there was the sound of steady footsteps coming and it traveled fast into their eyes. Soon it was just outside the curtain door. Before anyone can react, the curtain had been lifted and a tall figure had blocked the entire door.

 Rong Tian stood there, his face as usual, but his eyes were sharp like an eagle. First he looked

 at Mei Ji, leisurely swept over at Bo Ling and the Third Princess, and then glanced over at Feng Ming.

RT: Feng Ming, come over here.

Although he was not angry, but everyone in the room felt their heartbeats rapidly increase, even breathing was difficult. This was the first time Mei Ji saw the cold eyes of Rong Tian and couldn't let go of the shock feeling she had. Rong Tian's power made Bo Ling and the Third Princess feel uncomfortable as well.

Feng Ming saw Rong Tian and was a bit scared; however, he obediently walked over next to

 Rong Tian.

Bo Ling was planning on dealing with Feng Ming, but who would have thought that Rong Tian would suddenly appear.

Bo Ling knew he couldn't point his sword at Feng Ming anymore and knowing that he no longer had the advantage; he stood up and greeted Rong Tian.

BL: I won't lie to Xi Lei King, this time Bo Ling and the Third Princess asked for Miss Mei Ji to help us. That time, we've kidnapped Duke Ming to Bo Jian, it's understandable that Xi Lei King still holds deep hatred for us. Right now, if we hadn't come to a dead end, we wouldn't dare come to see Xi Lei King. I have clearly thought it through; this matter will only have two outcomes. One is that Xi Lei King will kill us, and two is that Xi Lei will help us. The possibility of former is more likely than the latter.

Bo Ling sighed and looked up at Rong Tian.

BL: However, dying in the hands of Xi Lei King is better than dying in the hands of Miao Guang or Long Tian. If Xi Lei King still remembers the mistake I've made in the past then just lowered your hand (means to just kill him).

Rong Tian never changed his demeanor and after hearing Bo Ling, he finally calmly answered. RT: What the Fourth Prince said is correct.

 Everyone was trembling inside and pondering the meaning of his words. RT: I will definitely not forgive anyone who cause harm to Feng Ming.

Rong Tian waved his hand and Rong Hu, who was kneeling behind him immediately handed him a sword. Rong Tian's sword was removed and now pointed straight at Bo Ling.

The Third Princess screamed out for Rong Tian to have mercy, but Rong Tian didn't pay any attention to her. The sword that was placed on the table by Bo Ling was flung in the air and flew towards Bo Ling.

RT: I don't kill people who don't bear arms, pull out your sword.

 Bo Ling knew he couldn't easily defeat Rong Tian in sword fight and threw his sword behind

 him, coldly laughed and looked over at Feng Ming.

BL: Doesn't Duke Ming want to know who your mother is?

An He's mother?

RT: If you tell us honestly, I will ensure the safety of the Third Princess.

When he came into the room, he already could guess that Bo Ling had a secret plan up his sleeves in dealing with Feng Ming, and this matter happened when he wasn't around, so how can he easily let Bo Ling go?

 FZ: Thank you for Xi Lei King's kindness, we have already planned to live and die together, Fan Zhi will do anything otherwise.

Rong Tian withdrew his sword. Since Feng Ming was kind hearted, Rong Tian didn't want him to witness a pair of unpredictable lovers having their blood spattered on the spot. He shouted out.

RT: Rong Hu, I leave these two to you, before tomorrow evening, I want an answer.

MJ: Your Majesty, please listen to me. The Third Princess doesn't have any ill intentions. They came here to surrender to you. Long Tian is a common enemy, for everyone to band together and defeat him, wouldn't that be a good thing? Also, for you, they have killed Tong Kingdom Qing Ding and brought his head as a gift in exchange.

RT: If it's to surrender to me, then why do they need to see Feng Ming first? Rong Tian sighed, took his sword and placed in back into its sheath.

RT: Mei Ji, why are you even doing this to me?

A hint of disappointment appeared on his face. In the most secure camp, Feng Ming unwittingly was lured into a trap by his most trusted woman. Why do all these people find every possible way to take Feng Ming away from him?

Rong Tian's eyes were sharp as needles, penetrating Mei Ji's heart and leaving a sudden pain. Her whole life she was the world's famous beauty and was favored by people everywhere. She

 always understood Rong Tian and tried her best to be gentle and polite. But at this moment, just by one look of Rong Tian, she had finally understood.

Everything she did to build up had been ruined as of today.

After today, her position within Rong Tian's heart will no longer exist. And it's all because of Feng Ming.

 Any person within this world, as long as Rong Tian feels that that person will bring danger to

 Feng Ming, then from that day on, that person will no longer be qualified to be near Rong Tian again.

Because of Feng Ming's moment with Bo Ling and the Third Princess, she had painstakingly hidden the tenderness of love for many years and now it's all gone.

MJ: (with a sad smile) Does Your Majesty want me to just stand by and watch the last royal bloodline of Fan Jia be destroyed and not allow me to lend a helping hand? Even though Fan Jia is not the best place in this world, it is still my hometown. Needless to say, since I promised them, then I should already know that I'll make you angry. Even so, Mei Ji dares to swear that even if Xi Lei King hasn't come by, Mei Ji would never take the opportunity to cause harm to

 Duke Ming....Does Your Majesty also want to hand Mei Ji over to Rong Hu as well? RT: (shook his head) No.

Feng Ming was worried that Rong Tian would continue to be mad at Mei Ji, at this time he gently sighed and quickly held onto Rong Tian's hand.

MJ: I have to rest, if you don't plan on locking me up then I request that Your Majesty and Duke Ming please head back. Since the Third Princess is the last hope for the royal family of Fan Jia, I hope that Your Majesty will take into account of their accomplishment in killing Qing Ding for you and not use torture on a woman.

She took the box holding Qing Ding's head and slowly pushed it forth.

Tong Kingdom and Xi Lei are neighboring countries and have always seen each other as enemies. The head of Qing Ding is a great achievement and although Rong Tian doesn't like Bo Ling or the Third Princess, he cannot overlook this great gift.

The way he handled matters was very meticulous, knowing that Feng Ming didn't have the guts, he softly told Feng Ming: "Close your eyes."

Rong Tian turned around and opened the box, the head of Qing Ding was clearly inside, his two eyes were opened wide with a dismayed look on his face before dying. He doesn't know where Bo Ling had found a top-notched corpse master to prepare something so lifelike.

 Although Bo Ling is hateful, but he had eradicated an enemy for him, so it can be considered a little contribution.

After seeing his enemy's head, Rong Tian quietly closed the box. RT: Alright, I will promise you, I will not let the Third Princess suffer.

Rong Tian called out to one of the guards outside the door and told him to meet Rong Hu: "Withhold the torture of the Third Princess, treat her with courtesy."

 Feng Ming saw the tension was easing slightly and was a bit relieved. When he thought about

 the biological mother of An He, he couldn't help but have a headache. He told Rong Tian that they should leave and let Mei Ji rest a bit. Just when he was about to hold onto Rong Tian's hand and lead him out, he noticed something red on Rong Tian's hands and was planning on wiping it off.

Before even touching Rong Tian's hands, Feng Ming was pushed away and fell down. The person who pushed him was Rong Tian. Rong Tian told Feng Ming to not come near, even Mei Ji was surprised.

Both of them didn't know what was going on and asked Rong Tian what happened.

 RT: It's not a big deal...

Rong Tian stared at his hands as if they were an enemy to be reckoned with. He exhaled a long breath, calmed down and shouted out: "Someone, call Rong Hu, tell him to bring Bo Ling and the Third Princess here."


 Rong Hu had brought Bo Ling and the Third Princess back, who were both chained up. While both of Bo Ling's hands and feet were chained, the Third Princess only had handcuffs which was considered as 'preferential treatment.'

Rong Tian was sitting in the middle with his sword. At his two sides were Mei Ji, who had a pale face, and an anxious Feng Ming with a panicked expression. Between the three of them, only Rong Tian had a calm demeanor.

While Bo Ling and Third Princess were staggering and pushed down in front of him, Rong Tian calmly asked, "Who was the last person to place Qing Ding's head into the box?"

Bo Ling and Third Princess thought that Rong Tian wanted to question them about Feng Ming's mother, but after hearing Rong Tian's question, they looked at each other in puzzlement.

 Bo Ling was very straightforward and frankly said, "A person's head is easily decomposed so we didn't know whether or not it could be seen by Xi Lei King. Therefore, we brought the head to an expert in order to preserve it. The last person to place the head inside the box was the expert herself."

Third Princess cautiously looked over at Mei Ji's unpleasant expression.

FZ: Is something wrong with the head of Qing Ding?

Feng Ming still didn't know what the red spot on Rong Tian's hands was; he just knew it wasn't something good. The longer Rong Tian remained quiet on the matter, the more worried he felt.

 Feng Ming couldn't help but blurt out, "That box..."

 Before he could say anything further, he had felt someone's gaze upon him. Looking up, he was confronted with Rong Tian's glare.

"Stay calm," Rong Tian said. After letting out a slight smile, Rong Tian turned his eyes towards Bo Ling. "For a person to preserve a head as if it was still alive—that requires great skill. The expert that you mentioned—could it be Lady Yao Ye?"

This was the first time Feng Ming had heard of the name.

The faces of Bo Ling and the Third Princess became pale as their entire bodies trembled. They slowly lifted their heads as they looked at Rong Tian in fright. They had not expected that Rong

 Tian would uncover their hidden card.

RT: This person, Lady Yao Ye, is the mother of Feng Ming?

This time, even Feng Ming was startled. Only Mei Ji appeared to have guessed earlier and was staring at the Third Princess in utter disappointment.

Bo Ling froze for a moment before regaining his composure. He gently sighed before answering, "Xi Lei King is truly magnificent. I wasn't expecting you to guess it correctly."

The Third Princess was just as surprised. "How did Xi lei King guess this?" she asked.

"Does this matter still requires guessing?" Rong Tian replied nonchalantly. He pulled out his hands, revealing his bright red palms.

Third Princess lifted her head to look and was suddenly shocked speechless. "Lover's Blood?"

"Lover's Blood?" Feng Ming asked. "What is Lover's Blood? You all...what kind of poison did you use?"

"Poison?" Both Bo Ling and the Third Princess were surprised at this. They were still for a moment before breaking out in cold sweat.

BL: Duke Ming, please don't misunderstand. We did not place any poison! That box...that box... His voice trailed off as he glanced over at Rong Tian's palms. He could not prove himself

 innocent, no matter what.

Lover's Blood of Lady Yao Ye is renowned throughout the world. The symptoms of the poison were known by all. That woman was notorious for her eccentric viciousness.

But since Lady Yao Ye had no previous connection with Bo Ling, why would she suddenly help them preserve Qing Ding's head, escape from Han Gui, and escorted them to Yong Yin?

Could it be that her purpose was to poison Rong Tian? Or Feng Ming?

 The more Bo Ling thought about it, the more likely it seemed, but should he and Third Princess

 be taken advantage of and die for it?

"What is Lover's Blood? How toxic is it?" Feng Ming asked in a frantic voice.

Seeing the frightened expression of his lover, Rong Tian found it interesting. He smiled weakly and said, "No need to worry—this is not a fatal poison. I just didn't imagine that this matter would be related to Lady Yao Ye."

Rong Tian turned to Rong Hu and ordered the guardsman to remove the shackles from Bo Ling and Third Princess.

The situation had suddenly changed but Rong Tian was still calm as he pointed to the other side

 of the table. "Sit down, let us resolve this matter before it becomes worse."

Third Princess and Bo Ling noted that even though the king was poisoned, he was still able to speak in such a serene way. They were secretly impressed by his composure and sat down with caution.

MJ: Third Princess, please explain the matter to everyone.

If this situation was a conspiracy against Rong Tian, then wouldn't that mean Mei Ji was an accomplice in poisoning the king? She had agreed to help them out of compassion for the royal family of her homeland, and yet she had been taken advantage of. Mei Ji was left with mixed feelings. A taste of bitterness was stuck in her throat.

Third Princess and Bo Ling exchanged quick glances. If they did not cooperate at this point in time, then they would only be heading towards the death road.

FZ: I did not expect that things would come to this... We originally snuck into Han Gui with the motive of killing Miao Guang. While we had managed to take Qing Ding's head, Miao Guang had escaped. As Xi Lei King can see—we've been pushed to a dead end. Miao Guang of Li Kingdom, Long Tian of Fan Jia, and even Bo Jian—the homeland of Bo Ling—all of them want our lives and now even the Tong Kingdom, who recently lost their Great King. Even though the world is large, there is no place where we can live peacefully.

BL: Just when we had no other options, Lady Yao Ye suddenly appeared. This lady is well-

 known for being vicious, and under normal circumstances, we would never collude with her. However, our pursuers from both Bo Jian and Li Kingdom were always chasing behind us. What other choice did we have? Unexpectedly, Lady Yao Ye didn't know us, but yet she offered to lend a helping hand. Not only did she help us avoid the pursuers, she also made sure Qing Ding's head was well-preserved and even showed us a way to escape.

RT: Hmph! You should have known that her unexpected kindness would carry ill intentions.

 BL: Lady Yao Ye said that she is the mother of Duke Ming and that Master Xiao is the father. As

 long as Duke Ming makes a request to Master Xiao, then Master Xiao would immediately promise to assassinate Long Tian.

Bo Ling looked depressed after understanding that he and Third Princess were like two fools being played. They were also a pair of fools who were looking for death.

MJ: Is Duke Ming really the son of Master Xiao and Lady Yao Ye? This is something that is hard to believe.

FZ: If someone else were to say these words, then we would not believe it. However, Lady Yao Ye had treated us with kindness. Although she is known for being vicious, she isn't the sort of

 woman who would casually speak nonsense.

MJ: But isn't Duke Ming the son of Duke Rong, who was used to substitute Xi Lei's son to enter the palace and become the Crown Prince?

"Could it be...that Duke Rong just found a baby from outside to bring back, and the child he took was the child of Lady Yao Ye and Master Xiao?"

FZ: How could this be possible? Lady Yao Ye and Master Xiao are well-known figures. Who would have the courage to abduct their son? To take their child and give him to Duke Rong to bring into the palace?

Offending one devil was scary enough, so why would anyone offend two devils? If someone were to offend those two people, then they would die a painful death without burial. There wasn't anyone who was that stupid in this world.

Even if there was such a dumb person, who would have the ability to kidnap the child of Master Xiao and Lady Yao Ye?

Everyone's eyes couldn't help but stare at Feng Ming in a weird way.

Feng Ming couldn't resist anymore and blurted out, "First off, we shouldn't care about who my parents are. The most important thing right now is finding a cure for the poison on Rong Tian's hands."

 BL: Duke Ming, this Lover's Blood is a strange poison. Only Lady Yao Ye—the inventor of this poison—can cure it. If you want her to cure the poison, you must first understand what her motive is. From there, Xi Lei King can think of the best method on how to deal with her.

Rong Tian added, "Didn't you once say that after knowing the enemy and knowing yourself, one can prevail over any obstacle?"

It was rare to see Feng Ming feeling worried for him, and Rong Tian felt quite happy. However, it was a pity that he couldn't hold Feng Ming closer.

MJ: I still don't believe that Lady Yao Ye is the mother of Duke Ming.

 Feng Ming thought about the poison that was coated on the inside of the box. His heart was full

 of anger and so he continued to deny it as well.

FM: How can she be my mother? She poisoned the inside of the box. She... she told Bo Ling to bring Qing Ding's head and to present it to me... she was already planning on...

RT: She was planning on poisoning you, but unfortunately for her, someone else had opened the box. The poison that Ruo Yan used was much more lethal than this, and yet we had managed to cure it. The toxicity level of Lover's Blood is much less potent compared to Ruo Yan's poison.

It was Rong Tian's intention to comfort Feng Ming, however his words had the opposite effect.

 After being reminded of his previous experience, Feng Ming felt even more depressed.

BL: After she placed the head inside the box, she constantly reminded us not to open it. Otherwise, the moisture from the intrusion will rot the head before Duke Ming could see it.

RT: She was really kind to the both of you—even afraid that you might open the box and accidentally get poisoned.

BL: She was just worried that she wouldn't poison the right person.

Bo Ling and Third Princess already had several enemies including the Li Kingdom, Fan Jia, Bo Jian, and Tong Kingdom. If they could not help Rong Tian cure this poison this time, then they would have yet another enemy like Xi Lei to deal with.

If that was the case, then Bo Ling and Third Princess shouldn't even try running away. It was better yet to just commit suicide now.

FZ: Why does Lady Yao Ye want to harm Duke Ming? If Lady Yao Ye is the mother of Duke Ming, then she wouldn't want to poison her own child, right?

MJ: But why would Lady Yao Ye pretend to be the mother of Duke Ming? She never bothered with political affairs, so why would she start by poisoning the well-known Duke Ming of Xi Lei?

FZ: Could it be that someone requested Lady Yao Ye to deal with Xi Lei? The person behind this—which kingdom would he be from?

 MJ: If she was really sent by someone, then that person must be enemies with Duke Ming and Xi Lei King. If Duke Ming or Xi Lei King were to meet with misfortune, who would benefit the most?

Feng Ming was upset and shouted out, "Killing is killing. Since a person is already poisoned, then there should be a reason for it. Yet she won't tell us her purpose, so how can we guess? Even leaving a note is good too!"

The room suddenly grew silent as everyone was staring at him. "What?" Feng Ming asked.

 Bo Ling glanced at the table. "The box..."

 That was when Rong Tian stood up and opened up the box containing the head. Since he was already poisoned, he was not afraid of the poison within it. He pulled out the head of Qing Ding, and at the bottom of the box laid a silk card.

Rong Tian held up the card which was inscribed with a few words. Feng Ming asked what was written on it and Rong Tian showed it to him.

"Xiao Zong, if you want to save your son, then marry me immediately. If you don't see him as your son, then I will not see him as my son."

There was no signature at the end, but it was needless to say this was the handwriting of Lady

 Yao Ye.

It was clearly a forced marriage proposal; an impressive letter worthy of admiration.

The card was passed in a circle around the table. After reading the contents inside, everyone had the same weird expression.

Bo Ling shook his head in exasperation. "I have heard that Lady Yao Ye doesn't have a lover, but resorting to such methods, it's..."

What kind of mother would poison her own son in order to force the father to marry her? BL: Did Lady Yao Ye really gave birth to Duke Ming?

MJ: To figure out this issue, isn't it really simple? There is someone who can answer it.

Master Xiao held martial arts as his highest priority, but he should know all the women who gave birth to his children, right?


 Feng Ming stood up and shouted.

 FM: That's right, no matter what we have to see Xiao....

Just thinking that Master Xiao might be (this body's) biological father, Feng Ming felt a little strange and continued.

FM: ....Master Xiao, he is the master of Rong Tian, if he knew that his favorite disciple is poisoned, then he will definitely help, right?

Rong Tian did not have the same optimistic smile.

RT: You don't know the man, how can you simply think like that.

 MJ: If Your Majesty trust me, then please allow Prince Bo Ling and the Third Princess to

 temporarily stay here. Before you come back, I will make sure that they will not leave here.

Bo Ling and Fan Zhi were surprised at Mei Ji's request and were grateful for being under her protection. Rong Tian didn't make a big deal of it and just ordered Rong Hu to retreat outside and have the guards surround the place.

Rong Tian was hoping on seeing Xiao Zong all by himself, but after seeing Feng Ming's almost crying face, he didn't have the heart to leave him and brought him along to see Xiao Zong.

Lie Er also received the news and led several guards to follow behind in a distance.

Master Xiao likes peaceful areas so he stayed at the other end of the campsite, a long distance

 from Mei Ji's.

FM: I have never heard of the name Lady Yao Ye before, and Rong Hu never mentioned her.

RT: It's because I told Rong Hu to not mention her. This woman is...I just thought that you will never get to see her.

FM: So what exactly is her background?

RT: I heard that she is an aristocrat of Yan Ting Kingdom and is highly skilled in using strange poison. Not only is this woman heartless, she doesn't follow any rules and will often harm people with no reason at all. Even if that person has no relationship with her, as long as she's in the mood, she will poison him.

Feng Ming was an orphan in the modern world and had never enjoyed parental care, now learning about the parents of An He, Feng Ming couldn't help but be a bit envious of the original owner of this body.

RT: An He is such a cowardly and incompetent person but yet he has parents like this, a smart and lively son, and also a lover who truly loves him.

FM: I just need only you.

Rong Tian suddenly stopped, which almost made Feng Ming bump into him.

 RT: Feng Ming, do you know what kind of poison is Lover's Blood? FM: Isn't it a just a poison?

RT: There are different types of poison. The person that is inflicted with this poison is no different from ordinary people, just one thing is different...

FM: (lifted his head) Ha?

RT: ...the person that is poisoned cannot be intimate with their lover. FM: Cannot be intimate? What is considered intimate?

 RT: The person cannot be in physical contact with his lover or else both will immediately die.

 To be exact, they cannot be intimate in bed, cuddle, or even kiss. Even if they were to simply hold hands, the poison will immediately spread and be fatal.

FM: Then does that mean that you cannot be in contact with anyone?

RT: Only you.Only the person you love the most cannot be touched, all the other people do not matter.

It seems like their only hope is Master Xiao. Hope that he still has a bit of moral and obediently marry the mother of this person so she will quickly bring out the antidote. Even though Master Xiao has the most profitable shipping business in the world, he is not someone who likes to play

 around. Instead, he holds high respect for the natural course and cultivation of oneself than to pursuit fame and fortune.

When Rong Tian and Feng Ming came to see him, he was already asleep. If the person requesting for him wasn't his beloved disciple and wanted to discuss with Xiao Zong on an important matter, than his personal attendants wouldn't dare to disturb him in his room.

Master Xiao came out of the room without a slightest hint of being asleep. Knowing that his master didn't have the patience of listening to a long lecture, Rong Tian briefly talked about Bo Ling and the Third Princess and went into the main topic of Lady Yao Ye.

RT: Does Master know who Lady Yao Ye is? Xiao Zong let out a sigh and a faint smile. XZ: We are more than just acquantainces.

Feng Ming listened to Rong Tian's instructions and just stood next to him without interrupting. After hearing Xiao Zong saying that, his heart beat faster and realized that Lady Yao Ye must not have lied. Xiao Zong seems very likely to be the father of this body.

RT: Lady Yao Ye told Bo Ling that she had given birth to your son and he has grown up. Feng Ming nervously stared at Xiao Zong's reaction.

 Xiao Zong still had the same non-responsive face, nodded his head and said.

XZ: That's right and he has grown up. (He turned to look over at Feng Ming) And that person is Duke Ming.

During the banquet, Rong Tian had guessed earlier when Xiao Zong wanted to see Feng Ming's hand. Xiao Zong had knew of this and wanted to confirm it then.

Feng Ming was very surprised.

FM: Xiao...You...You knew I was your son?

 XZ: That's right, I have seen your hands when you were born and during the banquet, I have

 recognized it. Your hands and also your face, I could recognize it. To me, the hands are more reliable than the face. Although there might be changes when growing up, but lines on the palm can be found. As long as I read over your hands once, I can easily recognize them in the future.

RT: If Master and Feng Ming have finally reunited, then why at dinnertime, you did not immediately let it be known?

XZ: (shook his head and sighed) Unfortunately, you are my most talented disciple, but yet you still don't understand the meaning of pursuing the pinnacle of a swordsman. When I was young, I had demonstrated superior swordsmanship, until I was 20 years old, no one could defeat me. From that point on, I had decided to devote my entire life in studying martial arts. When I was 25

 years old, I realized that would be a long journey without end, but a human life has a limited time.

FM: Oh! So you and Lady Yao Ye decided to give birth to an heir.

Ever since Xiao Zong admitted that he was the father of Feng Ming, he didn't bother with him as if Feng Ming was nothing to him. When hearing Feng Ming speak at this time did he looked up and replied.

XZ: Finding a suitable woman to give birth to an heir of my liking is easier said than done. That time, I was well-known throughout the world, the shipping industry was also flourishing, as long as I spoke out, all the women of every kingdom would immediately nod their heads. (what a prideful man, isn't he?)

Although these words were a little excessive, but thinking about it carefully, Xiao Zong's condition that year was impeccable. Since right now, he looks quite decent for his age, he must have been an extremely handsome young man back then.

A high level diamond bachelor in ancient times. Feng Ming could imagine all the women flocking themselves around him and yet Lady Yao Ye won the chance of bearing a son for him which can be seen as a rare victory.

RT: So Master ultimately selected Lady Yao Ye?

 XZ: Yao Ye? That's right, I've finally decided. The time that I spent with Yao Ye was very blissful like the fairies. It was the first time I placed my sword aside and concentrated on enjoying life. But after Yao Ye got pregnant, I knew I was mistaken.

FM: Where was the mistake?

RT: You had fallen in love with Lady Yao Ye? XZ: I've fallen in love with Yao Ye?

A daze fell over Xiao Zong's face and once again he restored his original serenity and continued to recall.

 XZ: After Yao Ye got pregnant, I asked her to leave immediately. I told her, if she gave birth to

 a son then she should immediately bring him to see me. If it's a girl, then there's no need since we would not meet again.

Feng Ming thought that maybe Lady Yao Ye had became like this because this man is the culprit in changing her.

RT: But Lady Yao Ye gave birth to a son. Does she hate Master so much that in order to vent her revenge she deliberately prevent Feng Ming from returning to your side?

XZ: You're wrong. She came to see me. I remembered clearly that she was holding the newborn to see me. Just like a young girl who had just grown up, her face was filled with tears,

 both emotional and happy.

"Then why?"

XZ: Because he was useless. Although he was my own flesh and blood, but his body did not look anything like mine. Especially the hands for holding a sword, that pair of hands, just with one glance, I knew he would never become a number one swordsman. I couldn't believe that the son of mine is a fool with no talent of harboring swordsmanship and had wasted a year of my life. I wanted Yao Ye to carry him away and to never appear in front of me again.

Feng Ming's head seemed like it was about to explode, his face was pale white.

Rong Tian was about to hold Feng Ming's hands to comfort him when he suddenly remembered that he was poisoned and abruptly stopped himself. Fearing that he couldn't control himself, he moved a bit farther away.

RT: What Master did was too heartless. The mother and son had wasted one year of your life, but you have destroyed their whole life, how can you be heartless?

No one had dared to lecture him face to face. With his temper, even his most beloved disciple as long as they anger him, he would not be merciful.

RT: (without fear) Master, are you really that heartless?

XZ: Am I really that heartless? Swordsmanship is a road of unbearable loneliness, I understood

 this from the very beginning. Since I have chosen the path, there is no way to turn back. The most pitiful thing is that no one in this world has the talent of swordsmanship beyond mine, I'm just afraid that this talent will follow me to the grave.

He turned to glance over at Feng Ming. Feng Ming knew that he was blaming this useless son of his, with two normal pair of hands that cannot be used for practicing swords. But Feng Ming will not feel guilty for this, Xiao Zong is the one that should be feeling guilty.

FM: (angrily said) The person that had no choice was not you, it was Lady Yao Ye and the son of yours. They were abandoned by you, one person in the palace... and that person...was being bullied in the palace. (he glanced over at Rong Tian) Lady Yao Ye had a major change in

 personality. She became the most fearful lady that everyone hated. Their tragic fate was

 brought by your stubbornness and devotion to swordsmanship. You cause an innocent woman to become like that, which is just selfish in wanting an heir. You clearly did not know what love is.

Rong Tian saw how angry Feng Ming was and he was pouring layers of cold sweat. Xiao Zong's swordsmanship has reached the highest point in the world and if he were provoked and drew his sword towards Feng Ming, even if Rong Tian was standing in front of him, he is afraid that he won't be able to block it in time.

Xiao Zong did not appear angry and murmured.

 XZ: Besides swordsmanship, everything else in my mind should take as little space as possible. What is love, it's better to not know than understand it. Everyone's face in my mind is like an outline, no difference. That's why I don't remember human faces clearly and only remember their hands. But that one year, it was the first time I remembered a person's face and that was Yao Ye, different than other people. Her nose, her eyes, her red lips, her dimples...Only her, I could recognize her face.

RT: Lady Yao Ye must be close by. She had poisoned me and left a message for you, hoping to be together with you. It's obvious that although so many years have passed by, she is still in love with you like before.

FM: There is now a chance in front of you to return to those days, to cherish it and have happiness with Lady Yao Ye.

Rong Tian pulled out Yao Ye's letter and gave it to Xiao Zong. Xiao Zong did not accept it and shook his head.

XZ: There's no need to read it. What kind of poison did she place on you? RT: Lover's Blood.

Xiao Zong was surprised and then burst out laughing for a long while before letting out a long sigh.

 XZ: Her temper has not changed.

RT: Will Master agree to Lady Yao Ye's request?

XZ: To marry her, right?

Xiao Zong did not answer but bent over and pulled out his sword hanging on his waist.

Feng Ming had never seen the sword of this swordsman and thought that it must be something extraordinary. This sword blade was longer than the average sword, the color was a bit darker, simple, but was firmly gripped by the shapely hands of Xiao Zong in a way that no one would dare to deny its greatness.

 XZ: I have used one year to remember Yao Ye's appearance to be able to recognize her, but it

 took fifteen years for me to forget her appearance. After that, I was able to quickly improve in my swordplay.

His answer was like a stone ruthless smashing Feng Ming's heart. It was clear that Xiao Zong didn't have any intention of marrying Lady Yao Ye, so how can they receive the antidote?

FM: Even if you don't want to marry Lady Yao Ye, then you should at least create a scheme so we could get the antidote. ...Rong Tian is your most talented disciple, you certainly don't want to not have a good disciple to inherit your talent. Why not just pretend to agree to the marriage, once the antidote is in hand, save Rong Tian and then we'll discuss about ways to deal with

 Lady Yao Ye.

Xiao Zong was not easily persuaded and shook his head.

XZ: First of all, even though Rong Tian's talent is a bit better than my other disciples, but when it comes to being my heir, he is still not qualified.

This was the first time Feng Ming heard someone say that Rong Tian was not qualified for something.

It was clear that for someone to be the heir for Xiao Zhong, that person has to be the genius of the geniuses. With a difficult request like that, for Lady Yao Ye to not give birth to someone like that is quite understandable. Rong Tian's demeanor did not show any signs of embarassment, it seemed as if he had heard Xiao Zong say this many times.

XZ: After I had chosen the most intelligent woman, many people hated her to the bones. For many years, no one could do anything to her. Your cheap tricks can't fool her.

FM: But the poison on Rong Tian's body must be cured!

XZ: Why must it be cured?

FM: Because...

Not being able to be intimate, would be best to die than to live.

XZ: The Lover's Blood can be considered a good thing instead of a bad one. Removing himself

 from love and concentrating to improve his swordsmanship. Even though he can't exceed beyond my talent, but it should be enough to deal with other people.

Isn't this considered shooting oneself in the foot, how does one go around what was said above?

An He's life is really not good, not only did his mother want to poison him, even his father is a hard person to deal with.

FM: What is so good about improving swordsmanship? Rong Tian is a Great King of Xi Lei, protected by thousands, so what's the need to be a great swordsman?

 XZ: With a reputation as Xi Lei King, wanting to unite a world under one ruler and establish

 oneself, then he needs to concentrate hard and not allow love to chain him down. If you truly wish for Rong Tian to achieve his ambition then you should know what to do.

Xiao Zong is usually quiet but when he speaks, his words were even sharper than his swordplay. Feng Ming was silence by his words.

RT: If a person's life is to put all his concentration on the most important thing to him, then I'd rather put all my energy and focus it all on Feng Ming. The world or Feng Ming, if I need to decide, then I will choose Feng Ming.

Feng Ming's heart skipped a beat, his whole face blushed red.

 Xiao Zong couldn't believe Rong Tian would say something unwise like that. Towards the unwise words of Rong Tian, he gave him a look of deep disapproval and pity.

XZ: Xi Lei King is an intelligent person, why do you succumb and lose yourself in sensual love?

RT: Is being addicted to something considered a bad thing? I'm addicted to Feng Ming just like Master is addicted to swordplay. I chose Feng Ming just like how Master chose between swordplay and Lady Yao Ye and in the end chose swordplay.

XZ: This mere love, how can it compare to swordplay?

RT: Of course love can be compared to swordplay. No matter what our decision is, what the choices are, they are all for our own satisfaction. Master believes that swordplay can satisfy you more than Lady Yao Ye, while I believe that Feng Ming will bring me more satisfaction than the world. A person's desire is nothing more than this, therefore there are many different choices, if the choice is not there, for outsiders, it is hard for them to understand. Your dedication to swordplay, aren't there many people who will not understand it? Even Lady Yao Ye cannot understand.

This remark was so plausible that even Xiao Zong couldn't respond back.

Feng Ming wanted to applaud, Rong Tian's eloquent demeanor was really amazing and if it wasn't for the Lover's Blood, he would have already rushed towards him and gave him forceful


Xiao Zong lowered his head to think a bit and then suddenly laughed.

XZ: Your reply is very impressive, but what is the use of it? Yao Ye will be an obstacle for me in pursuing my swordsmanship, I will not agree to marry her. It's your own matter, I'll let you think of a way.

He swiped his sleeves and went back into his room without coming back out again. FM: What are we going to do now?

RT: Nothing.

 Rong Tian already thought that Xiao Zong would be of no help in this matter, so his

 disappointment was not much.

RT: Master will not help us in dealing with Lady Yao Ye. FM: Then the antidote...

RT: We'll just have to find a way on our own.

FM: Is he truly that heartless?

Feng Ming knew his words were redundant. That man could abandon his lover and child so why would he even bother with a disciple and his need of being intimate with his lover and marry a


FM: Is there a way to deal with Lady Yao Ye?

RT: (shook his head) Even Master praised her skill, this woman is not easy to deal with.

FM: Master Xiao also refused to cooperate, it seems like the fake marriage stealing antidote trick is hopeless. I don't know how her martial arts skills are, if she's close by, can't we capture her?

RT: After capturing her, what will we do? Are you planning on torturing her in order for her to hand over the antidote?

Every road leads to a dead end, Feng Ming felt that his head was about to explode and gave a pitiful look at Rong Tian.

If it was the usual, then just seeing his pitiful look, Rong Tian would quickly hug him, but at this time Rong Tian was afraid he couldn't hide quickly enough and took two steps back.

RT: You have to remember to remind me not to touch you, not even a single finger. FM:Isn't there another way to cure this poison?

RT: This poison cannot be cured. However, there is a method that we can touch each other the next day.

 FM: Why didn't you say so earlier?

RT: As long as we don't love each other, the poison will not spread if we touch, because Lover's Blood is only intended for the lover of the one being poisoned.

This method nearly caused Feng Ming to faint, he weakly said. FM: Then we might as well die before dealing with it.

RT: Yes, we might as well die before dealing with it.

 Rong Tian's tone was just the same as Feng Ming. He couldn't believe that at this time, Rong

 Tian was still in the mood for teasing him. He looked up in hope of scolding Rong Tian, but saw that Rong Tian's face did not have a sign of joking around and was just as depressed as him.

FM: Don't worry. (After a long while, clenching his fist) Even if I climb up the highest peak, jump into a sea of fire, fly across the sky or dig below the earth, find the Monkey King, the Great Goddess of Mercy, Jesus, ask Einstein or Newton, I must - find a way for Xiao Zong to marry Lady Yao Ye!

I will not believe that my knowledge's collection of five thousand years cannot match that of a mere old swordsman. And also an old swordsman who left his wife and child heartlessly.


 Feng Ming and Rong Tian returned to their own place where Chiu Lan, Chiu Xing, and Chiu Yue were waiting for them. The three maids had heard the situation from Lie Er, and seeing everyone's faces, they knew the matter was still not resolved.

Rong Tian asked them if anyone else knew about this, and the girls replied that other than them, Rong Hu, and Lie Er, no one knows.

Chiu Lan brought Feng Ming into the room to change his clothes. While helping him, her tears just kept falling. Feng Ming tried to cheer her up, stating that the poison is not fatal and that it only prevents lovers from being able to touch each other.

Chiu Lan then started crying and blamed Rong Hu for being useless in not being able to protect them. Because of this, she vows to never take notice of him again.

Feng Ming told her to not blame Rong Hu as it was just an unfortunate matter that no one wished to happen. He then tells Chiu Lan that it was very hard to restrain himself from not touching Rong Tian, and even the walk back was a bit difficult.

Chiu Lan tells him not to joke around as she has heard that a lot of lovers had died because of

 Lover's Blood. She also asked Feng Ming how he is going to deal with this situation. Feng Ming replied that he will force Xiao Zong to marry Lady Yao Ye. As for now, his mind was a mess and he would like to rest for the moment.

Chiu Xing and Chiu Yue entered the room and informed them that Rong Tian was taking a walk outside to think about a few things. He also reminded them to take good care of Feng Ming and to let him sleep until tomorrow afternoon. After fixing the bed for Feng Ming, they gave him some tea which secretly contained calming medication, just as Rong Tian had ordered. After drinking it, Feng Ming eventually went to sleep.

 After waking up from his sleep, Feng Ming demanded to see Rong Tian right away. Chiu Lan

 was the only person in the room and told him that Rong Tian was not back yet. Feng Ming was also curious as to where the other maids were. Chiu Lan replied that Chiu Yue was taking care of Cai Jiang, Chiu Xing was brought outside by Lie Er. She asked Feng Ming what was the rush as she helped him dressed.

Feng Ming answered that he had dreamt that Xiao Zong was begging him, and told him that he'll agree to anything Feng Ming wanted.

Before Chiu Lan had a chance to ask for clarification, the curtains were lifted. Feng Ming raised his head and his two eyes brightened up.

 FM: Rong Tian, I've finally found a way.

RT: I've also thought of a way.

"What did you think of?" they both asked at the same time.

Rong Tian didn't answer Feng Ming's question immediately, but turned around and ordered Chiu Lan to leave first.

After Chiu Lan had left and only the two of them remained in the room, Rong Tian answered Feng Ming: "I was thinking of ordering someone to make a pair of lamb skin gloves and clothes. That way, we can avoid skin contact and I can finally touch you."

Feng Ming didn't feel that this was right. "Xi Lei King, you can give up. After thinking all night, you only thought of something as simple as that?"

RT: Of course it's not simple like that. At night, the important matter is...using the gut of the lamb to create a lining to cover the bottom area—that way I can still make love to you every night.

Feng Ming couldn't believe that Rong Tian would come up with something like that, and his mouth was wide open. "You...you...thought long and hard for one night, and finally ...finally...invented the condom?"

"Ha? Condom?" Rong Tian's eyebrows were creased. "You have also thought of a name—

 could it be that you already thought of this?"

FM: An important duke like myself does not have time to invent such things. This is something that only a sex pervert would come up with.

RT: Then what did you come up with?

FM: I have thought of something that will force Xiao Zong to cooperate with us. Rong Tian examined Feng Ming from top to bottom and asked, "What method?"

 "I plan on..." Feng Ming inhaled a breath of air before shouting out, "stealing Xiao Zong's

 precious treasure! And his precious treasure is that mighty sword!"

Didn't all wuxia novels usually say that a sword is the life of its swordsman?

FM: What do you think?

Rong Tian's expression was strange. If the person standing in front of him didn't have such a serious face, then he wouldn't have held in his laughter.

Instead, Rong Tian only shook his head. "If only I wasn't poisoned by Lover's Blood, then that would be great."

 Feng Ming couldn't understand his reaction. Rong Tian had burst out in laughter.

RT: Just by that foolish method of yours, I could have pulled down your trousers and forcefully give you a beating on the behind.

Rong Tian sat on the bed. Using a blanket, he forced Feng Ming to sit on top of his lap. He explained to Feng Ming that not only was Xiao Zong a highly skilled swordsman, he had beside him a number of highly-skilled bodyguards. How were they supposed to steal his sword?

Not only that, his swordsmanship has no limit and he didn't have the need to completely rely on his sword. Even if it was a normal sword, there would be no difference.

After hearing Rong Tian's explanation, Feng Ming was completely depressed. Rong Tian decided to comfort him, and with only the blanket separating them, he held Feng Ming tightly. They stayed like that for a while until Rong Tian felt anxious about the silence. He lifted the blanket and saw tears streaming from Feng Ming's face. Feng Ming tells Rong Tian not to let anyone know that he was crying.

Just as they were talking, Lie Er appeared and told them that Lady Yao Ye had arrived. FM: She's here? What is she doing here?

LE: I'm not sure. She just told me her name and requested to see His Majesty immediately. RT: Have you confirmed that she is truly Lady Yao Ye?

 Lie Er glanced over at Feng Ming and answered, "Her appearance look exactly like a mirror image of Duke Ming. How could this be a mistake? Does Your Majesty wish to meet with her?

Seeing Feng Ming's worried expression, Rong Tian suggested that he will go see her first. Feng Ming shook his head and argued that since they will both eventually meet her, then they might as well go see her together.

Rong Tian warned Feng Ming that Lady Yao Ye might not care much for their mother-son relationship, and told Feng Ming to prepare himself. Feng Ming stated that he doesn't have much hope for her to see him as a son.

 Lie Er followed behind them as they walked toward the guest room. Rong Hu informs Rong Tian

 that they had set up traps to capture Lady Yao Ye if he wished to do so. Rong Tian tells him that if it's not an emergency, they should not use it.

When Rong Tian and Feng Ming saw Lady Yao Ye, they were completely surprised.

She was wearing a white robe, her black hair adorned with an ordinary hairpin. Although the lady was dressed in a simple fashion, she still looked utterly captivating and seductive. Anyone who laid eyes on her would be mesmerized by her beauty. Her appearance inspired longing and desire in the hearts of others.

It was disconcerting that an evil witch was blessed with such remarkable looks.

 Turning around, Lady Yao Ye looked at Feng Ming and mocked, "You are useless—even afraid of a dried-up human head! You didn't even have the guts to open the box. Luckily, your lover is more courageous than you. This Lover's Blood poison—whether you have it or he has it—it's all the same.

Although they have been told that Lady Yao Ye looked exactly like Feng Ming, the striking resemblance still came as a surprise when they saw her for the first time.

If Feng Ming wasn't standing right beside him, Rong Tian would have been mistaken. The two of them stood in shocked silence, unblinking as they gazed at her.

Rong Tian and Lady Yao Ye continued their discussion. Rong Tian suggested forming an alliance and offered to help her find a way to marry Xiao Zong. Since they were going to be allies, it was only customary to start off on good terms. He proposed that she could begin by giving him the antidote.

Lady Yao Ye, however, believed that if a person was poisoned, he would be more genuine in his willingness to help her. She then tells them that although she could not give Rong Tian the antidote now, she has brought them another gift.

Lady Yao pointed to a box sitting on the table, similar to the one that was in Mei Ji's room earlier.

With the memories of last box overshadowing his thoughts, Feng Ming cynically wondered if this

 one would contain another human head. Lady Yao Ye asked if he dares to open the box this time.

Feng Ming looked at the face that looked exactly like his. At that moment, that person expressed an attitude of deep condescension causing his heart to feel like it was stabbed forcefully, painful with each stab. He couldn't endure much longer and raised his voice to ask:

FM: What did I do to cause you to hate me so much, to harm me like this? I...aren't I...your own flesh and blood?

 Rong Tian was worried for him and unconsciously took a few steps closer. Feng Ming turned his

 head to face Rong Tian and shouted out loudly.

FM: You don't have to worry, I'm alright! I just want to ask her personally.

Even though his mouth said he was fine, his tears were already rolling down his cheeks, each teardrop dripping from his chin to his clothes.

Lady Yao Ye had never spoken with her own son and now seeing that he is all grown up, standing in front of her with a face exactly like hers, she felt a bit frightened. In that one moment, she felt as if she was seeing her own younger self when she was crying to Xiao Zong and accusing him of being heartless.

 She was lost for awhile and when she recovered from her daze, she calmly said. YY: That's right, I used to hate you.

She paused for a bit and asked Feng Ming.

YY: Your swordsmanship is not good, am I right?

Feng Ming lowered his head and said: "Yes."

YY: Your strength isn't good either, right? .. Just learning how to hold a sword also took some time, right?

FM: Ah...(He glanced over at Rong Tian).

His swordsmanship was taught by Rong Tian, from the time that he started training, because he was complaining of boredom and grievances, he spent a long time mastering it.

If it wasn't because of the complicated situations and that he was obliged to train hard to protect himself along with Rong Tian's patience and consideration in teaching him, then maybe his sword skills wouldn't even be presentable to others.

Speaking of swordsmanship talent, there was nothing Feng Ming could debate about. He really wasn't talented.

 YY: Even your appearance does not look anything like your father. FM: ....

Feng Ming didn't even have anything to reply to this.

For a boy to look like his mother is a common phenomenon, but at least the nose, eyes, etc..should look like his father. But his appearance and stature was like his mother, they were exactly like twins, which is very rare.

Lady Yao Ye gently sighed.

 YY: I know that I'm unlucky, but even my son who I was pregnant with for 9 months dare to talk

 back at me? Your appearance and your lack of talent, how can Xiao Zong recognize you as his successor?

Feng Ming rubbed his nose and sadly said: "I...I..."

Rong Tian was standing to one side and after seeing that, he frowned.

RT: What Lady Yao Ye just said is very unfair. He is the son you have given birth to, whether he has talent or not, or grown up to look like who, isn't it partly your responsibility? Hold on, let's not drift off topic, so what exaclty is inside the box?

Feng Ming suddenly remembered that there was still a box on the table. He wanted to run over

 there and open it up but was stopped by Rong Tian's winking.

YY: None of you want to open it because you think I might have poisoned it right?

Rong Tian laughed without replying and remained silent.

Seeing how similar Rong Tian was to Xiao Zong, from his laughter to stature, she grew angry.

YY: That's fine, I'll open it for all of you.

Lady Yao Ye walked over to the table and opened up the box. Inside was a silver bowl placed on a red velvet silk.

Feng Ming gave a sigh of relief after finding out that there was no head inside. As for Rong Tian, he went over to the table to take a closer look at the bowl. On the bowl there were the words Fan Jia carved in it.

YY: That's right, this is an item within the palace of Fan Jia. RT: Is it an item of Long Tian?

Lady Yao Ye laughed and exclaimed: "Xi Lei King is indeed Xi Lei King. Very intelligent, no wonder my dear Xiao Zong valued you so much."

She glanced over at the confused Feng Ming, giving a sigh at the thought of knowing that she

 gave birth to a useless fool.

Rong Tian could guess what Lady Yao Ye was thinking inside and he felt extremely dissatisfied with her. In his heart, Feng Ming was both intelligent and cute. In this world, there was nothing more endearing than him, so why does his mother despise him so much?

RT: This is nothing, there is only Long Tian in the palace of Fan Jia right now, if it isn't his than who else? What did Lady Yao Ye use to poison his food?

After Feng Ming heard that, he finally understood a bit of it.

 Lady Yao Ye gave Rong Tian this gift to show Rong Tian a way of dealing with Long Tian. She

 is an expert in poison and could have already placed poison within Long Tian's food and drinks, using this small bowl as proof.

YY: Does Xi Lei King remember how the former Fan Jia King passed away? FM: (suddenly remembered) Man She? Isn't it the poison that Ruo Yan made?

YY: The method of creating the two lethal poisons of the world, do you think that just Li Kingdom knows how to make it?

RT: Man She is a type of poison that is slow acting that requires consistent poisoning for a long period of time. Long Tian has a lot of blood in his hands and fears being poisoned. He must be

 on high alert to prevent being poisoned, even if you have the poison, how can you even poison Long Tian's food?

YY: Everyone has their own method, Xi Lei King isn't planning on knowing every specific details of my method, are you? Honestly, if I want to poison someone, don't even mention Long Tian, if it was Xi Lei King hiding in Xi Lei Palace, he wouldn't be able to escape!

After she finished, Rong Tian did not bother asking anymore. He just smiled and motioned his hand to request Lady Yao Ye to sit down.

RT: If you can truly kill Long Tian, this will be a great deed for Xi Lei, the best gift ever. However for me, the priority is still the antidote.

YY: As long as Xiao Zong agrees to marry me, I will immediately give you the antidote.

Feng Ming also sat down on one side of the table. He knew if he were to open his mouth, he would continue to say more wrong things; therefore, he kept silent. Feng Ming kept wondering if she already told him that he is her child then should he also be truthful and tell her he isn't An He?

RT: If Master agreed to marry you then we wouldn't be sitting here making negotiation, would we? If Lady Yao Ye wants me to cooperate then you should show your upmost sincerity.

YY: Isn't the life of a kingdom's Great King enough already?

 RT: When does the poison take effect? YY: Within three months.

RT: However, I'm afraid that the Lover's Blood on my body can't be restrained for more than one month.

YY: Xi Lei King is an intelligent person, you should know how to restrain yourself and keep a distance from your lover.

Rong Tian suddenly stood up.

 Feng Ming was shocked, thinking that Rong Tian was furious and wanted to immediately order

 the guards outside to rush in. However, when he looked up, Feng Ming saw an enigmatic smile on Rong Tian's face.

"Shi Mu (term of respect for your teacher's wife)" Rong Tian held out his hands to greet her respectfully.

RT: Shi Mu, please be direct with Rong Tian. Shi Mu is very intelligent and clever, you clearly know that Master will not agree to your request and yet you still came to see us, brought us a gift to express your sincerity. It's clear to see that Shi Mu has another way to deal with Master and to my understanding, it involves us, am I right?

 Rong Tian was that clever, using the words "Shi Mu" to help scratch that itch for Lady Yao Ye. Even though Lady Yao Ye didn't have a change in expression, her tone of voice was clearly different.

YY: Xi Lei King, please sit down. You are also an intelligent person for knowing that I didn't come here without a motive.

Rong Tian again sat back on the chair and together with Feng Ming listened in silence as Lady Yao Ye spoke.

YY: When he received my letter, what was his reaction?

RT: Master is a very calm person, but when he received the news, his face became pale. It seems that your name had brought up a lot of emotions for him. According to what I think, Master must still be missing you in his heart, but he is too stubborn and persistent with pursuing martial arts.

Even though Xiao Zong did have a slight reaction, it was not as exaggerated as Rong Tian said. But for their "sex life" they needed to say something to please Lady Yao Ye.

After hearing that, Lady Yao Ye's face lighted up in delight, but later regained back her calm demeanor.

YY: I can't believe Xi Lei King would smoothly lie to me. I understand Xiao Zong's personality very well. Even if he is in extreme shock inside, he will not let it appear on his face. However,

 even though you lie to me, I still like it very much. (Straightened herself up and looked straight at Rong Tian) After many years, I still don't want to let go of Xiao Zong because I know that I am the person he loves the most.

Feng Ming thought silently to himself: For Master Xiao, Lady Yao Ye gave birth to a son without talent in martial arts, but he immediately abandoned them, how can she says that she's the one he loves the most?

 No matter what he thinks, she was still his mother and after being abandoned by Xiao Zong, she

 had suffered many years of emotional torment so she can earn some sympathy. Also, the antidote to Lover's Blood is still in her hands, so these words can't be spoken out directly.

RT: What you said is correct. I have trained under him for a long time and to speak of the person that Master Xiao cannot easily forget would only be you. All of us know about this so I request Lady Yao Ye to continue.

YY: I had waited for him for many years and now I can't wait silently anymore. At first, I use the Lover's Blood to see if in his heart he still pities his son.

FM: No need to look, he didn't pity me one bit. Last night, Rong Tian and I went to see him, he

 flatly rejected the offer, even a little hesitation was not seen at all.

YY: That is alright. I know his temper the best, for him to personally say that he loves me is not something easy to do. If Lover's Blood was so effective, why would I wait all these years?

FM: If you already knew that it was useless, then why did you still use it?

YY: I threw you away when you were still young so you must really hate me. If I were to ask you to help me, you would definitely be unwilling to help. I thought for awhile that it was best for me to rely on myself than others. I had to poison you and because of the antidote, you would definitely listen to your mother, right?

Feng Ming felt his head pounding heavily. Because of a stupid reason like that, his mother decided to poison her own son whom she had never met for 20 years. He was both angry and mad, but he couldn't laugh and only mumbled two words.

RT: Lady Yao Ye has thought this thoroughly. If this antidote can threaten Master then that would be great; however, if he is not threatened because of it, it can still be used to threaten us. What can we help you with?

FM: That's right, what is it that you want us to help you with?

Lady Yao Ye slowly stood up, her eyes that looked exactly like Feng Ming glanced over at Rong Tian and then landed on Feng Ming's anxious face.

 YY: I want you ... (looking at Feng Ming) to stay beside Xiao Zong.

This time, not only was Feng Ming stunned, but Rong Tian who never changed his facial color even if the sky collapsed, was stunned as well.

RT: What do you mean?

FM: It can't be...

YY: I want Xiao Zong to always think of me. I want him to know that he likes me—he likes me to be next to him and - he likes to see my face every day. I want you to be next to him, make him remember the times we were together. Let him remember the past when we were together

 happily living in paradise. Something that is even better than following the road to become a


Feng Ming saw her eyes flashing bright, causing him to feel alarmed. He silently thought, this woman must be crazy, does she really want her son and her husband to do that?

RT: So what you want is to let Master come face to face with his past, if that is the case, why don't you go find him yourself? Or even take the opportunity of staying here for a few days and being together with Master for a period of time.

YY: No. Does Xi Lei King see me as a low woman? I want him to remember the happiness he had in the past, acknowledge his mistake, come in front of me and plead with me and then I'll

 see him.

After Feng Ming heard that, he wanted to faint. He couldn't believe that this prideful woman wants to make Xiao Zong change his mind and come ask her for her hand in marriage in order to satisfy herself. However, it was also hard to see Lady Yao Ye taking the initiative and standing in front of Xiao Zong to gently care for and be friendly with Xiao Zong.

FM: Isn't your method not thoroughly thought out? To be honest, Master Xiao is like a rock under a pit that is both stinky and hard. He has lost his heart after following the swordsman's route. I guarantee that even though my face might looks exactly like yours, appearing in front of him, he will not suddenly remember about that short period in his past and cry out begging you to return to him.

Rong Tian suddenly remembered something and asked Feng Ming what Master Xiao said last night when they told him about Lady Yao Ye. They remembered Master Xiao saying that it took him 15 years to forget her face and after that his swordsmanship skills increased rapidly. Rong Tian started to guess.

RT: First Lady Yao Ye tried to poison Feng Ming, then use the antidote as a way to force marriage. Not only does this allow Master to know that Feng Ming is his child but you also use this method to make him remember about that period in time he spent with you.

Lady Yao Ye let out a smile indicating that Rong Tian had guessed correctly.

 FM: Fifteen years, fifteen years?! Ah! After reaching your first step, there is a second step. Your second step is for me to be next to Master Xiao, be friendly with him so then he will hate seeing this face that looks exactly like yours because it will hinder his concentration in martial arts.

RT: A mind that is not distracted can reach the peak of martial arts. That year, Master had to use 15 years to forget about you and now if he were to remember, he will have to use a longer period of time to forget. Ah, but how many 15 years does one person have?

FM: There are two reasons why you tried to poison me. The first one, you want to expose the father-son relationship between me and Master Xiao. Doing this will make him think of you, which you have already accomplished. The second reason is you want me to constantly bother

 Master Xiao so he will be distracted, which I will agree to do. Since we have reached an

 agreement, you should give us the antidote and I will immediately find Master Xiao and cause trouble for him.

Lady Yao Ye saw Feng Ming's cute demeanor and couldn't help but stare at him for a moment. YY: You silly kid, not only do you not resemble Xiao Zong, you're not even a bit like me.

Of course she will not hand over the antidote easily to them. Lady Yao Ye stood up and bid her farewell. Before she could leave, Rong Tian told her to wait and had the guards surround her.

She thought that Rong Tian was planning on capturing her, but Rong Tian asked her to clarify her method of his Master falling in love with her again since having Feng Ming distract him

 doesn't mean that he will be willing to marry her. Lady Yao Ye tells Rong Tian that if she has a first step and a second step, she will most definitely have a third step, but it's too early to discuss about it.

After saying that, she turned around. The guards didn't receive any further instructions from Rong Tian so they didn't take any further actions.

Rong Tian stood there without moving, Feng Ming slightly bit his lips without saying anything else. They both stood there watching Lady Yao Ye leave.


 After Lady Yao Ye had left, Rong Tian and Feng Ming wanted to step closer to each other. However, they remembered that Rong Tian was still poisoned by Lover's Blood, and so they stood an arm length apart and discussed what to do next.

Rong Hu had to alert all the guards from the forest behind to dissolve the ambush, from which he became tired afterwards. As for Lie Er, he asked them what Lady Yao Ye wanted Duke Ming to do.

Feng Ming told him that his mother wanted him to go bother Master Xiao to the point that he no

 longer could concentrate on his martial arts. Lie Er was confused by his reply. At this time, Chiu Lan came in and reported to Rong Tian that Mei Ji wanted him to stop by her place to discuss something.

Rong Tian nodded his head. "Ah, I'll come over there in a moment."

He turned around to ask Feng Ming, "Do you want to come along too?"

Mei Ji's place currently housed Third Princess and Bo Ling, who were both imprisoned. Feng Ming had almost been lured into their trap, and so Rong Tian didn't really want Feng Ming to come along.

 Feng Ming thought for a while and then replied, "Let's go over there together. They can't

 possibly trick me again, right?"

The two of them went to Mei Jei's place, along with Rong Hu, Lie Er, and Chiu Lan who were following behind. On the way there, Feng Ming had to constantly remind himself to keep a distance from Rong Tian.

FM: How are you going to deal with Third Princess and Bo Ling?

Rong Tian turned his head and looked at Feng Ming. Feeling suspicious, he asked, "Are you feeling soft-hearted and wanted to plead on their behalf?"

FM: Mei Ji has already done so, and there is no need for me to do so as well. However, Lady

 Yao Ye did said that Long Tian didn't have much time to live. Thinking about this, I thought about Third Princess and felt that...you can put out an offer.

What Feng Ming proposed was interesting, causing the corner of Rong Tian's mouth to curve upward.

RT: What kind of offer should I make?

FM: If Long Tian dies, Third Princess will have the opportunity of becoming the Queen of Fan Jia. Next to Fan Jia is Li Kingdom, and if Fan Jia can become an ally of Xi Lei...

His head suddenly felt a tickling sensation, as if something was placed on him. Feng Ming was so scared that he almost jump up in fright, he lifted his head up.

FM: Rong Tian! Did you forget that you are poisoned?

Rong Tian looked down at him and started laughing. "Silly, I just used a branch to touch you a bit. Seeing that you are more aware of political affairs these days, I'm very happy. Tonight, when we return, I'll reward you."

Feng Ming thought about what kind of reward Rong Tian would give him. In the past, whenever this sex-addicted pervert said "reward," it would always carry a hidden meaning. Now that Rong Tian was affected by Lover's Blood, they couldn't have skin contact, so exactly how would he reward him?

 Feng Ming continued walking as he was left deep in thought. His face was half red when he stopped in his tracks and thought about Rong Tian's idea earlier.Oh my... He can't seriously be the first person in this world to invent the condom, could he?

RT: What are you doing, staring off into space? Walk a bit faster. Feng Ming realized that they have reached Mei Ji's place.

Because of the earlier incident, Rong Hu, Lie Er, and Chiu Lan also went inside Mei Ji's room along with Rong Tian and Feng Ming. It was in the late afternoon when they had arrived.

 Mei Ji was sitting at the table with Third Princess and Bo Ling. They had just finished their

 lunch. It appeared that Mei Ji didn't have much of an appetite since her food was still there, without signs of being touched. She stood up to greet Rong Tian.

Feng Ming saw that she was smiling happily last evening at the banquet, but now her face was a bit slimmer. He knew that the situation with Rong Tian must have caused her be uneasy.

RT: I heard that you wanted to see me?

They all sat down, Feng Ming made sure to sit a few feet away from Rong Tian. MJ: I heard that Lady Yao Ye came to visit. Did Your Majesty see her?

 RT: I have.

Rong Tian retold the encounter to Mei Ji since there was no reason to hide it from the rest of them. When he came to the part about her gift—Long Tian's bowl—Third Princess couldn't help but let out a sigh. She tilted her head a bit in excitement, but was afraid to make glances at Bo Ling.

If Lady Yao Ye could actually kill Long Tian, then they will have a chance to take over Fan Jia successfully. But the most important right now is for them to return to Fan Jia in one piece.

Rong Tian had been poisoned with Lover's Blood because of them, and if he could not receive the antidote, then he might very well kill them to relieve his anger.

As of now, they could only rely on Mei Ji's love for her homeland as protection.

MJ: The personality of this Lady is really strange. Your Majesty must take extra precaution in dealing with this person, who is both intelligent and unpredictable. I wonder what was the third step she mentioned?

Rong Tian smirked.

Mei Ji asked in a surprised voice, "Could it be that Your Majesty has already guessed what it is?"

Rong Tian thought for a moment and then shook his head. "I have only guessed half of it. Once

 I fully understand it, I will tell you."

Mei Ji looked over at Feng Ming. "If that's the case, then Duke Ming will need to cooperate with Lady Yao Ye in order to receive the antidote to the Lover's Blood. However, Master Xiao is not the type of person that is kindhearted. He regards martial arts as of utmost importance, if Duke Ming takes action to distract his cultivation, then you must be extremely careful because Master Xiao can be ruthless."

Feng Ming had already thought about this problem on the way here. He bit his lower lips and shrugged his shoulders. "That is the reason why my mother, Lady Yao Ye, decided to poison me. If it weren't for the antidote, I wouldn't go to bother Master Xiao for no reason."

 Because of Lady Yao Ye's predicament, the future of the pair of older lovers and the pair of

 younger lovers have been entwined together as one.

Third Princess was planning on saying something but then stopped herself.

This made Rong Tian question her. "Did Third Princess want to say something on your mind?" he asked.

Rong Tian's tone of voice surprised Third Princess and Bo Ling.

Feng Ming knew that Rong Tian was prepared to bring up the offer of an alliance with Third Princess. After all, having more allies makes life a bit easier than having more enemies.

 When Bo Ling heard Rong Tian say that Long Tian was poisoned, he was thinking inside and came to an understanding.

FZ: I just find it hard to understand—if Duke Ming is the son of Lady Yao Ye and Master Xiao, then why did he appear in Xi Lei palace? Could it be that when Lady Yao Ye was abandoned by Master Xiao, she tossed her own child away and Duke Rong was there to bring the child to the palace?

Feng Ming realized that when he saw Lady Yao Ye today, he had only the antidote on his mind, and did not think to ask that question. When he thought about it, Feng Ming felt that what Third Princess suggested could be true since Lady Yao Ye did have an eccentric personality.

Mei Ji shook her head. "I don't believe there could be such a coincidence like you described. A little child was being taken in by Duke Rong, and yet Duke Rong's son became the disciple of Master Xiao. I believe that when Lady Yao Ye discovered that Master Xiao had accepted His Majesty as a disciple, her pride was wounded and therefore she had left her son at the Rong residence.

It was pitiful for the small child who didn't know a single thing. Just because he was born without the strength and talent of learning martial arts, he was looking down upon by his own parents and was carelessly tossed away by his mother.

However, they didn't know that Feng Ming was not really the fake Crown Prince, An He, who was brought up in Xi Lei palace. He was neither Duke Rong's foster child nor the son of Lady

 Yao Ye and Master Xiao.

FM: This matter we can ask Lady Yao Ye to clarify. Since it is still early, let me go visit Master Xiao a bit.

RH: Let me accompany Duke Ming over there.

After bringing additional guards along, Rong Hu escorted Feng Ming to Master Xiao's place. A large portion of the people inside Mei Ji's room had left. Several maids brought over some fruits and placed them on the table. Mei Ji wiped down the fruit and gave it to Rong Tian.

 Rong Tian chuckled in gratitude, accepted the fruit and ate it.

 Mei Ji was afraid that because he was poisoned, Rong Tian would distance himself from her. Seeing that Rong Tian's attitude was still kind and gentle, she was feeling happy inside, but the corner of her eyes was a bit red.

Out of the people present, Rong Tian and Bo Ling were the ones with an interest in politics. Bo Ling noted that although Feng Ming had left, Rong Tian was still here. It was clear that XI Lei King had intended to discuss political matters with him.

As Mei Ji handed fruits to Rong Tian, Bo Ling took the opportunity to wink at Third Princess. BL: If what Lady Yao Ye said is correct, then Long Tian must have been poisoned with 'Man

 She'. This would mean that Fan Jia will soon have a grand funeral. When that time comes, what actions will Xi Lei take?

The royal succession and the future of Fan Jia was an important matter.

When Rong Tian opened his mouth, both Third Princess and Mei Ji focused their attention to listen.

However, Rong Tian was merely expressing his interest in the fruits, savoring the sweetness of them within his mouth. Then, he grinned and looked towards Bo Ling.

RT: What suggestion does Fourth Prince have?

BL: Xi Lei King is a young and intelligent ruler with grand ambitions of conquering the world. However, this world is largely divided. Without including the Eastern Sea, there are still eleven kingdoms secretly vying for power. If Xi Lei King wishes to fulfill your ambition, wouldn't you need to build alliances?

Rong Tian softly chuckled. "Please explain it clearly, Fourth Prince."

BL: As of now, Third Princess is the last of Fan Jia's royal bloodline. The common people wish for the royal heir to return, and for her to ascend the throne to rule once again. I can guarantee that just as long as Third Princess and I return to Fan Jia, we can establish contact with several officials who are loyal to Fan Jia's royal bloodline. Once Long Tian dies, Third Princess can

 reappear to take back the crown. With outside protection and the internal machinations arranged by myself, the royal throne of Fan Jia will return to its rightful heir.

Bo Ling explain further, "Although we had unpleasant relations with Xi Lei in the past, it was due to external factors that were forced. I, Bo Ling, can swear that I never had any ill intentions towards Xi Lei King and Duke Ming. With Fan Jia bordering Li Kingdom, Pu Rong, Yan Ting, Yong Yin, Zhao Bei—if we become allies, we can help one another. In the future, if XI Lei King ever intends to march against the kingdom of Li, the armies of Fan Jia will immediately rally forth in your aid. With just one letter from Your Majesty, we will supply rations and send in military troops. With our combined efforts, Xi Lei will not need to worry."

 "At the moment, Ruo Yan is still unconscious. We can take advantage of his condition to defeat

 the kingdom of Li first. After eliminating a powerful enemy, the smaller countries are left vulnerable. By then, there wouldn't be anyone left to pose a threat to Your Majesty or Xi Lei, am I correct?"

Bo Ling had spoken with passion, depicting a beautiful and exciting scenario for everyone. Third Princess especially loved his talent for discussing politics in a calm manner. Her sparkling eyes appeared to be praising him.

Even Mei Ji silently agreed that Third Princess's choice in men was not bad. If this person could sit on the throne of Bo Jian, wouldn't he be a ruler with great promises? Unfortunately, his luck

 wasn't great, but this was no fault of his own.

Rong Tian had a inscrutable smile. He finished eating the fruit and spat out the pit, then took a warm towel to wipe his hands. While cleaning his hands, Rong Tian turned his head to look at Lie Er.

Lie Er was quick-thinking and understood that it was his turn to take the stage. He laughed and slowly said, "Prince Bo Ling sure harbors grand ambitions. At the moment, your lives are at stake and you are still dreaming about the future. isn't that quite funny? Our King is still poisoned—could you have forgotten this fact so easily?"

It wasn't that Bo Ling did not think this through. The prince just believed that with Rong Tian's personality, he would not let go of the opportunity to capture Fan Jia and increase his strength in unifying the world.

If Rong Tian had the opportunity to capture Fan Jia, he would not let go of Bo Ling or Third Princess so easily.

BL: Fan Jia is only a small kingdom. We would not dare to challenge a large, powerful force like Xi Lei, not to mention that Third Princess and I still owe Xi Lei King several favors. In our alliance, Xi Lei is indisputably the dominant leading power, while Fan Jia is just the secondary cohort.

FZ: So as long as I can ascend the throne of Fan Jia, Fan Jia will adhere to the ways of a vassal state and will make tributes to Xi Lei. And if Xi Lei is ever in a war, then we will immediately

 send troops to aid Xi Lei upon receiving a letter from Your Majesty.

RT: It isn't just following the ways of a vassal state, but simply becoming a vassal state. The world is constantly in strife; the people are in displacement, and the main reason is because these small kingdoms prefer to follow their own ways and thus, the disputes continue. Unity is just a matter of time; it's falls upon finding the person with the strongest grip. Prince Bo Ling and Third Princess are both intelligent people, so shouldn't you understand the meaning behind it? Feng Ming once said something very interesting—a smart bird will know where to land. Aren't these words very reasonable?

 Bo Ling and Third Princess glanced at each other in silence.

 If they agreed, it would be like handing over Fan Jia to Xi Lei with their own two hands. They have fought painstakingly for the throne and yet all that effort will have gone to waste.

RT: However, I will allow you to be just like Dong Fan. As long as Third Princess is still alive, her royal power will not be restricted. In fact, I will punish anyone who tries to harm the royal heir of Fan Jia. What does Third Princess think about this?

Bo Ling took a quick glance at the guards within the room from the corner of his eyes. At this time, it wasn't "choosing the right place to land," but if they did not nod their heads, he was afraid that their heads would no longer be attached to their bodies.

 Did they want to be a headless ruler, or to become a ruler for only one generation? This was not a hard decision to make.

FZ: Fine, we will follow Dong Fan's example, but I have a few conditions. RT: Go ahead and say them.

FZ: One, Xi Lei King must treat all the people of Fan Jia with kindness. RT: Of course, they will become my people after all.

FZ: Two, the royal descendants of Fan Jia—although though they cannot become King—they must be made nobles of Xi Lei. I would ask that Your Majesty allow them to hold important positions, such as court officials or generals. My descendants must have a place in the future of our unified kingdoms.

RT: Of course. Fan Jia's royalty are of noble status, so how can they be treated as commoners? Also, in addition to being the royal bloodline of Xi Lei, they will become nobility of highest rank. I will formally declare this matter to the entire world. The 'Fan' royal family has played a large part in helping Xi Lei unify the world. It is only appropriate that they are rewarded.

Rong Tian was the king of Xi Lei, and every word he spoke was affirmative. There wasn't anyone who would dare to disbelieve it.

Third Princess saw that he was agreeable to all her conditions and knew that since this matter

 was urgent, she couldn't continue to hesitate and loudly respond, "Good."

She stood up and walked towards the place where Rong Tian was seated and gracefully bowed three times.

Rong Tian straightened and after accepting her three bows, he helped her up and said, "If anyone plans to hurt Fan Jia's royal family in the future, Xi Lei will immediately kill that person. Third Princess should have nothing to worry about."

Fan Zia was trying not to cry in front of so many people. Her voice was scarcely above a whisper as she asked, "When is Your Majesty going to allow us to return to Fan Jia?"

 RT: What suggestion does Third Princess have?

 BL: The sooner the better. We need time to contact the loyal officials in order to prepare everything.

RT: Third Princess can immediately leave at any time. Ah, but the journey to Fan Jia is very dangerous and Princess does not have any soldiers beside you... for this matter, I will send 3000 disguised soldiers to secretly escort Princess back to your homeland. In addition, I also have friends in Fan Jia, so I'll write several letters for Princess to bring along. So if anything were to happen, Princess can use those letters to ask for help. As long as they see my handwriting, they will make every effort to protect Princess, but....

 Third Princess and Bo Ling were overjoyed upon hearing this, but when Rong Tian had suddenly change the subject, their hearts were beating irregularly.

MJ: Your Majesty, but what?

Rong Tian laughed, "But Miao Guang is still in Bo Jian and is secretly plotting away. If she were to become the Queen of Bo Jian, that would be a huge complication for Xi Lei. I intend to invite Prince Bo Ling to stay here a few days so I can learn a bit more about Bo Jian."

Both Third Princess and Bo Ling's faces went pale. If Bo Ling becomes Rong Tian's hostage, then Third Princess will not dare to act rashly.

RT: How is that? Prince Bo Ling does not agree?

Third Princess looked hesitantly at Rong Tian and then turned her gaze at Mei Ji to beg her, "Miss Mei Ji..."

Mei Ji was very happy about Rong Tian's plan in unifying the world. What he mentioned did not endanger the royal bloodline of Fan Jia. It was just a measure to protect his interests.

At this moment, Mei Ji revealed a charming smile and said, "What His Majesty had offered is superb. Does Third Princess have an opinion about it?"

Even Mei Ji refused to help them, so Third Princess and Bo Ling knew that their situation was hopeless. If they refused Rong Tian's suggestion, then it would clearly announce that their talk

 of alliances and vassal states was just a ruse to buy them time to escape.

BL: This is all very good. To be of help to Xi Lei King is great fortune to Bo Ling. Please rest assured, I will fully cooperate and report any details about Bo Jian that Your Majesty wish to know more of.

FZ: Prince...

Bo Ling did not dare to look at her and continued smiling at Rong Tian. "Because we are soon to be separated, Princess is feeling somewhat dejected. Will Your Majesty allow me and Third Princess to speak privately for a few words?"

 RT: Go ahead.

 BL: Princess, please follow me.

Bo Ling took Third Princess's hand and the two of them left. They went into a

smaller adjoining room to speak in private. Lie Er, along with a few guards, surrounded the area outside.

Bo Ling entered room and closed the doors behind them. He turned around to face Third Princess.

BL: Princess should not try to be brave. For us to have reached this far, our expectations have

 already exceeded.

FZ: He wants to make you a hostage! I..how can I...

BL: As long as Princess can return to Fan Jia and retake the throne, my life will not be in danger. Only by holding me prisoner can Rong Tian rest assured and allow Princess to take the journey back without any suspicion.

FZ: But you...what will happen later?

BL: Right now, we need to overcome this hurdle first before thinking about the future. We have been through so many difficulties in the past, yet we have managed to face them together. I do not doubt that we cannot overcome this one as well.

He took Third Princess hands and looked at them with sadness.

BL: These beautiful, delicate hands now have been tarnished by so many blisters, and it's all because I'm useless. Fortunately, you still have hopes for regaining the throne. When that time comes, you will no longer have to suffer like this anymore.

Bo Ling was trying to comfort her, but when Third Princess was finished listening to his words, her tears poured out.

Bo Ling quickly helped her wipe away the tears.

FZ: Your life is in someone's hands. Even if I became the Queen of Fan Jia, my heart cannot be

 at peace if you are not beside me. Rong Tian still has the the poison in his body. and I do not believe that he does not hate you for it. If he dies because of the poison, then his men will kill you to vent their anger. Even if he receives the antidote and I able to regain the throne—but to live in separation from you—how is that fate any different from dying?

BL: Do not be afraid. I will stay alive, just listen to me. To stay next to Xi Lei King can be seen as an opportunity.

FZ: What opportunity?

 BL: This world will soon descend into chaos, and if we were to discuss who has the qualification

 to unify the eleven kingdoms, there aren't many people. Ruo Yan of Li is a risk-taker, but after the event at Aman River, he is no different from a dead man. Duke Ming may seem like a fool, but during his journey to Fan Jia, Bo Jian, Li Kingdom, and Dong Fan, he has wreaked havoc wherever he went. Ultimately, Duke Ming was behind the demise of the brilliant Lu Dan. In my opinion, Rong Tian has the potential to achieve great things. If that is the case, then by staying next to him, I might be able to build a brighter future for myself.

Third Princess finally understood the situation. If the unity of the eleven kingdoms was

really inevitable, then forming ties with the future emperor can be advantageous in securing a position later on.

 FZ: Do you really believe that he will achieve great accomplishments in unifying the world?

BL: I'm not sure, but there is a possibility. If I stay beside him, I can examine the situation more closely and gain a better understanding. If Rong Tian has that ability, I will pledge my full allegiance to him. If he is just a paper tiger, then... at that time, your power in Fan Jia would have been secured. I will help Xi Lei on the inside, while using his influence to regain the throne of Bo Jian. From there, we will slowly conspire.

Rong Tian and Mei Ji were waiting in the other room, enjoying the fresh fruits for more than half an hour. Rong Tian saw that Mei Ji was feeling melancholic and tried to comfort her.

RT: I am the one poisoned, so you're not the one suffering. Also, Lady Yao Ye has already arrived, and from what I can tell, she doesn't want to take my life.

Mei Ji softly sighed, "Any poison is fine, but it had to be Lover's Blood. This will only cause Your Majesty to suffer internally. Luckily, Xi Lei King is understanding. As for other people, they will say that I purposely caused Your Majesty to be poisoned in order to separate you from Duke Ming. Thinking about that, Mei Ji would feel endless shame.

She sighed for a moment and then changed the topic, "This situation with Third Princess, Your Majesty has properly dealt with matter in a rightful way. When I first met Third Princess, she was the most beloved daughter of the former Fan Jia King. Who would have thought that after his death, she would have to wander the world like this? She is actually a kindhearted person, but

 she fell in love with Bo Ling and was led astray by him. For Your Majesty to monitor Bo Ling, it is just like monitoring her.

Bo Ling and Third Princess had returned to the room and they were both quiet. Mei Ji saw that the corner of the princess's eyes were red, and guessed that she had been crying, so Mei Ji stood up and helped Third Princess sit down.

RT: What have you all decided?

Third Princess glanced over at Bo Ling and gently nodded her head.

FZ: Fourth Prince will stay here. I request Xi Lei King to take good care of him.

 RT: Princess can rest assured. Rong Tian swears that I will not let Fourth Prince feel any


Mei Ji saw that the time has finally come. She ordered her maids to bring over a white piece of silk, some ink, a knife, and a basin of water. Rong Tian and Third Princess wrote down the oath and marked it with their blood. All of this took about two hours.

Rong Tian saw that the situation was finally resolved. He felt a sense of satisfaction as he stood up and made plans for Third Princess's departure.

RT: Before Third Princess departs, Prince Bo Ling will still stay at Mei Ji's place.

Rong Tian bid farewell to Mei Ji, and a number of guards were left behind at her place to watch

 after Bo Ling.

When Rong Tian had left Mei Ji's room, the sun was slightly heading West. One of his confidants, Mian Ya, rushed forth. He was one of the guards who had followed Rong Hu out and was sent to protect Duke Ming.

Rong Tian stopped and asked him, "Weren't you with Feng Ming? Why did you come back alone?"

Mian Ya replied, "Duke Ming went to visit the Holy Master Xiao, but he was practicing with his sword and didn't want to meet with anyone. Duke Ming refused to leave and asked his attendants to inform him several times saying that he must see Master Xiao.

RT: And what happened?

MY: What happened was really strange. Master Xiao allowed Duke Ming to come see him as an exception, but no other people are allowed to go in. Rong Hu brought the rest of us to wait quietly outside the door. At that time, there was a delivery by Xi Lei army that was sent over. Rong Hu saw that is was a delivery and didn't want to delay it, so he ordered me to give it to Your Majesty to look over.

After finishing, Mian Ya gave the envelope to Rong Tian. Rong Tian opened it up and upon reading it, he frowned.

 RT: How can this be?

LE: Your Majesty, did something major happen?

Rong Tian was about to answer when a sudden burst of unorganized footsteps came running forth. Two people sprinted towards him, trying desperately to catch their breath.

Rong Tian noticed that they were his guards.

RT: What happened?

"Your Majesty, not good!" The two guards yelled out, "Master Xiao, he...he stabbed Rong Hu!"

 Lie Er's face become pale. He rushed in front of Rong Tian and clutched one of the guards'

 shoulders and shook him a few times.

LE: How could this be? How severe is the injury? Why did Master Xiao stab my brother?

"We were all waiting with Rong Hu outside the door. We didn't know what exactly happened, but we heard Duke Ming yelling out and so Rong Hu immediately rushed inside. When we all ran in the room, we saw that he was lying there with his body covered in blood...."

Before he could finish his words, a tall figure rushed in front of him, causing him to gasp. This time it was Rong Tian who grabbed him and asked him sternly.

 RT: Feng Ming? What did he do to Feng Ming?


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