Re:Monster Day 201-210 / Chapters List

Day 201

Moving through a rather confusing maze of rooms and corridors and slaying the myriad of attacking monsters along the way, I continued to make progress further and further into the dungeon. The further I managed to get, the wider each unique floor became, and the more difficult it became to progress.

Though, thanks to my [Mental Map Creation] and [Intuition], I was able to find and take the shortest route possible without receiving any injuries. Because of this I was able to rest on the 11th floor today.

Yesterday was the cause of a fair amount of frustration as problem after problem occurred to ruin my mood. To begin with, the number of simple traps constantly increased which ended up delaying me. My abilities allowed me to avoid damage, but the constant traps led to many problems.

Compared to the beginning of the dungeon, the number of overhead traps increased greatly. Those ones were actually rather deadly and their effectiveness increased with a terrible speed with every floor I cleared.

If I didn't have [Sensor Phased Array], I would never have been able to avoid them all and my ability to progress through the dungeon would have been further delayed. The main problem, however, would be the dungeon's [Vessel Water Spirits] that are abundant within this dungeon. The dungeon itself seems to be shrouded in the [Divine Blessing] of some water spirit, so it has a great many water-related monsters.

To give an example, I recently got out of a small room that was filled with monsters. The moment an unsuspecting person enters the room and steps on the trigger in the entrance, the room will rapidly fill with water while the water-element monsters attack. Thus increasing the danger several folds.

The monsters are mostly water types which is usually not a problem, but for adventurers who are not a member of an aquatic race such as the Mermen, being either waist deep or submerged in water is extremely dangerous with these types of monsters. The chances of death for those who get caught in traps such as that one are very high. If not careful, entire parties could meet their doom when caught in those types of traps.

In addition, if the trap is activated, there is simply no way to stop it. The room will inevitably flood with water and can take up to 20 to 30 minutes before the water levels begin to decrease. The exit will open after that.

Luckily for me with [Water Body] and [Oxygen-less Function], even if I was caught in that trap, I would have been fine.

The severity of this dungeon is already rather high, but the lethality is only furthered because of the constant onslaught of monsters. During battles, there will often be monsters suddenly appearing from the deep water. Even if one is not knocked down and can receive the sudden monster's initial attack, the balance of the conflict can be greatly upset at critical moments. On top of that, pitfalls are even worse as weapons will come flying out of the hole as you fall in. Even if you dodge the pitfall initially, the water will rapidly flow downwards into it, pulling you towards it. The pressure of the water within those is usually so enormous that armor would end up crushed like paper.

There are also sudden torrents of water that will flood a corridor. These torrents are filled with monsters that will tear unsuspecting victims apart as a party's formation is shattered.

Due to the fact that everything about this dungeon is deadly, even if I managed to get through without taking damage, I still suffered a great deal through those trials. Though, it was mostly troubling because of just how many different traps simply led to a massive horde of monsters attacking you. Those took time to deal with and there were monsters constantly appearing in a near endless cycle.

Along these floors, the only monsters of note ended up numbering just 5.

There were the Giant Steel Toads that hid themselves within the environment, waiting for their prey. They were giant bull frogs almost 2 meters tall with steel scales and razor sharp teeth.

Another was the Combat Helmet Octopus that were clad in a knight-like armor, armed with live weapons in each arm. It was very skilled and was not hindered by the number of weapons, becoming a deadly beast.

The 3rd monster were the Hidden Jaw Sharks that typically hid behind corners or within crevices in the wall. As a person approached, the 2 to 3 meter body shot forward, grabbing the victim in its monstrous mouth.

The least deadly of the beasts was the translucent monster that floated in the air of the corridors. These were the Deadly Jellyfish that were roughly 80 centimeters in height.

The final monster was the Armored Blue Shrimp that was armored in a blue, chitinous shell, that would quickly rush and attack the victim.

To briefly go over what these monsters did, I suppose I'll describe them.

[White's Note: "AHHHHHHH, ROU, PLEASE NO, NOT ANOTHER 10 PAGES OF MONSTER DESCRIPTIONS! .... Oh look... only 9 pages of monster descriptions... thank's for being considerate for me Rou... just don't describe how each of them tast-.... oh gosh darnit all..."]

First was the Giant Steel Toads. They were the most common in the corridors and if you ended up getting distracted by the smaller monsters, they will target your legs and feet, breaking them into pieces. Since that was the case, it is necessary to be careful and alert at all times. According to the information I gathered, the toads have caused suffering to countless adventurer parties. Able to break through even magic armor, metal leggings, and various equipment, the monster has a huge mouth and sharp teeth. Even for adventurers who had managed to get to this point would suffer no small risk to life and limb when encountering them.

But, if one is able to detect them, the monster is rather simple to deal with. Though it does have a solid armor, the downside is that the monster is rather slow and is unable to dodge the attacks of the adventurers capable of reaching these floors. If the monster's surprise attack is foiled, then most adventurers would be able to handle them with ease with a single mighty blow to a weak point.

Having the easiest of times finding them underwater, I used an offensive ability to smash down on them, obliterating them in a single blow. To me, they simply aren't a threat. Whenever I detect them, I often would stick them with my halberd and fry them crispy with some lightning, allowing me to enjoy a skewer whenever I so desired. If I had the time, I'd have preferred to add some soy sauce and bake it until it was crisp to eat it whole.

Ability unlocked [Underwater Breathing]

The skill basically allowed me to breath underwater, but since I already have [Oxygen-less Function], I don't have a current use for the skill. Perhaps I'll find a use for it at some point.

Next was the Combat Helmet Octopus. They were typically within the range of 1.4 meters, but the main body was always protected by a knightly shell.

Each monster's shell is unique, I even saw a Norman's cross helmet on one of them.

Depending on the shape, decoration, color, they will end up having different equipment. Perhaps it isn't specifically limited to their armor, and is a way to distinguish their genders. Though in all honesty, I don't really have much information on it and lack the desire to find out.

Well, as is the same with their armor, each of their weapons are living weapons such as swords, spears and axes, but the shapes and decor of each of them varied greatly.

Each arm of the Octopod carried a weapon and was defaulted to rather high combat skills. The Octopods were able to fight both on land and on water. Their body's conventional strength was superior and were able to recover their limbs with frightening speed.

Each attack was like a wave of weapons, fast, accurate, and deadly. The weight behind each blow coupled with the weight of the weapons only furthered the lethal potential of every strike. When attacking simultaneously with 8 arms in perfect coordination, it was rather difficult to predict.

In addition to all of that, they would always be gathered in groups of either 4 or 5, significantly increasing the risk to life and limb. Their armor is so strong that it is able to block a steel sword with the greatest of ease. The only weak point on their entire body is their eyes.

Well, attacking them head on is no less dangerous as there were even some of the Octopod monsters that were magic based, allowing them to deal area of effect attacks. Inept adventurer parties could be broken in a matter of moments.

They were rather stiff and crisp, but as is most things, the more I ate, the more I want. It made me crave for more alcohol as well!

They are even advantageous to my appetite as all I had to do was rip off each of their limbs and leave it sit for several seconds. New legs will appear, allowing you to enjoy the meal even longer, though after several dozen repetitions, the monster's vitality starts to decrease.

Ability unlocked [Suction Cup Generation]

This ability basically allowed me to generate a suction point anywhere on my body at will. Rather well suited for stealth missions.

The Hidden Jaw Shark lives in the burrows of a variety of monsters. If you manage to detect them, they are hardly dangerous. If you avoid the holes, they will not come to attack. That's only if you discover the hole. If you are careless and wander too close, then you won't even be able to notice how you're torn to shreds at an incredible rate.

My 1st encounter with them was on the 8th floor. I had just happened across a conflict between the Octopods I mentioned earlier fighting against a party of adventurers. There were 10 of the Octopods remaining against the 6 adventurers. When I came across the battle, the adventurers were outnumbered, but were showing a sheer superiority in coordination. The leader of the party was well experienced in both leadership and sword technique, leading them to an eventual victory.

Every one of them were highly trained fighters, able to dodge attacks while countering and inflicting wounds. If they couldn't dodge, they were able to competently block and negate most of the damage.

As expected of a group capable of coming into the lower levels of a dungeon from the [Age of the Gods] series. They were able to get past the 1st boss, so I can even give them a certain level of respect.

But then I noticed one of their members that was fighting on the front lines against a toad in their defensive formation. He was wielding an interesting sword that was exuding heat, while admiring the blade, I inadvertently approached several burrows of the Hidden Jaw Sharks.

Since they were busy with the enemy, the young man failed to notice the 2 sharks that launched from their holes and attacked him. It happened all in an instant before they returned to their holes. The young man lost both of his legs and fell to the ground, his abdomen ended up being pierced by the toad he was fighting. The water was stained red.

At that moment the adventurer party recovered their friend who lost his legs, apparently he managed to survive his injuries. As soon as they recovered him, they began to retreat back and the battle moved to another location.

After they left, I carefully approached the burrow of one of the sharks. Their appearance was a dazzling white body that was covered in fat. Meat within was a pure white meat that was both dense and rich. When mixed with the fat, it was an enjoyable taste that I would be happy to enjoy again. There wasn't even a fishy smell to the meat.

Ability unlocked [Violent Frenzy]

The Deadly Jellyfish floated through the corridors, though unlike all of the other monsters, they are rather harmless. They often swim in groups of 6 to 10, often blocking the entire corridor with their tentacles.

If I had not had [Poison Resistance] already activated in conjunction with [Pain Resistance], I'd have been gifted a few hours of writhing in pain.

Well, it turned out that they weren't extremely toxic, but the effect was achieved by a direct stimulation on the nerve endings of a victim. Since it wasn't actually a toxin, it was actually rather dangerous to me as it did have a slight effect on me. I opted to shoot them from a distance and carefully consume the body.

They tasted rather similar to jam, practically like a dessert.

Ability unlocked [Slow]

The Armored Blue Shrimp were constantly storming the corridors. The huge 2 meter tall body covered in blue chitin was pushed by its powerful tail, flying at the enemy at great speeds.

Well, a single hit to the head using their own force against them was more or less enough for me to kill them. It's just when there are dozens of them attacking you at once, clogging the hallway, is when they become a problem.

The meat was, to make it simple, a pure delicacy. The soft pink color of the meat invited an indescribable flavor shooting down one's throat.

This could become a present even for the Tomboy Princess.

Ability unlocked [Steel Shell of the Blue Shrimp]

While wandering through the corridors, not only was I able to gather a handful of abilities, but I was also able to gain huge quantities of experience. In recent days it hadn't been raising at all.

I was also able to level my different combat [Jobs] and [Arts] along the way. It was eating 2 shrimp for the price of one.

At that point I had finally reached the 10th floor where the 2nd boss room was located.

With the exact same type of opening as any other door in the corridors, I made my way inside.

The space inside was almost the same as the one on the 5th floor, a 100 square meter room with patterns on the ceiling and a circle in the center.

But unlike last time, the water didn't gush out from the center, only a gurgling sound of bubbles came from it.

From the circle appeared... to put it simply, a lizard-like skeleton called the Skeleton Raptor, that moved around inside of a blue slime.

It was just under 4 meters tall and it's overall structure was actually reminiscent of a Black Skeleton Knight, though it's tail made up a third of its size and there were an innumerable amount of thorns.

The teeth in its mouth were like daggers, the empty eye sockets glowed with a dark red light, seeming to focus on me.

The creature that covered this skeleton reptile was a furiously driven blue slime. The slime core was the the same color and was hidden away within the skeleton itself, the size of it was on another level than the other cores I've seen thus far.

This boss is apparently called the Skeleton Raptor with Slime Armor, the boss of the 10th floor.

Frankly speaking, because of the earlier designs that were designed with the sole purpose of cleansing the undead, I wondered what would happen if I pulled out the skeleton, but since it was a rather pointless venture, I gave up on it.

At the beginning of the battle, it summoned 2 massive living weapons that took the shape of swords, the slime itself now covered with hundreds, if not thousands of hands. It had the visage of a deity would look like.

Quite a few of those hands were able to use a variety of ice magics, mostly ice arrows or ice blades, and command water simultaneously. The number of variants exceeded 20 easily, the onslaught initiated immediately. The magic attacks never exceeded the 2nd tier, but simply because of the sheer volume of magical attacks, it had a serious advantage.

By this point, the Skeleton Raptor itself closed the distance on me and began attacking with its swords.

The attacks were as fast as the wind, so if you failed to dodge, you'd surely be sliced like paper. Both blades cleanly cutting through the air.

Honestly, with the continuous assault from the Skeleton Raptor was rather intense. Each blow of its swords were both powerful and fast, added to the endless wave of magic resulted in numerous chain attacks.

It was apparently designed specifically to fight numerous enemies at the same time, though unfortunately I was alone, and I am quite capable of handling 20 attacks at once.

Well, it could have been done faster, but the battle still only took a small amount of time.

[Boss Floor Skeleton Raptor successfully eliminated]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the right to progress, continue past boss floor Skeleton Raptor is available with a choice of promotion without battle]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the bonus of the treasure box [Clammy Corpse of the Water Lizard] for 1st elimination success]

[Achiever Yatendouji, is granted the rare ability [Water Arm of War] for the achievement of [Solo Kill]]

Well, it seemed that this boss's power was higher than the Warpidron, but only the same amount of endurance. Thus the battle only took roughly half the time as the Warpidron.

Normally, the non-stop physical and magical attacks from the Skeleton Raptor would result in more damage than the Warpidron, but given that it is my specialty, the battle resulted in a contest of power, where the difference was made clear.

Now, just as in the previous battle, I got myself another box of treasures. It seems like if I follow this tactic with the remaining I'll get more boxes of treasure. The box was the same as the last, just covered in the same slime as the skeleton was.

I decided to continue to collect these chests without opening them so that I could open them all at once, thus I put them into my Item Box.

I then went to swallow up the body. The bones took about 20 minutes to chew, which shows that it was certainly a high-level monster, and also meant that it tasted great.

You could probably compare it with bone soup full of juice.

The remains of the thing that covered the Skeleton Raptor, the Blue Slime, tasted like juice. The core that came from it was the size of a goblin's head. I sent it to the advanced [Demonic Great Whale Mouth].

The slime tasted similar to soda, but it was also cool, refreshing like mountain ice.

Ability unlocked [Sword Dance]

Ability unlocked [Parallel Use]

Ability unlocked [Symbiotic]

As a result, I gained a few interesting abilities. The [Sword Dance]'s use is rather apparent. It probably involves some sword form with 2 swords.

[Parallel Use] is likely the ability that will allow me to cast multiple spells at once. After I activated it, I could form various magics on each of my fingers, collecting water, forming a mini funnel of winds, forming a stone, and sending sparks out. This ability is extremely useful. In the past, I could always do the same with my abilities, but the limitation had been with my magic.

[Symbiotic] on the other hand is a rather funny ability.

It increases the chance of a parasite's infection. Now, not only do my parasites have the ability to influence others, but now can also increase the body's overall ability.

It serves to overall increase the body's combat potential.

Well, all of this was yesterday, today I started out with the 11th floor. According to my information, this floor is the best to gather materials. Perhaps a bit later than planned, but I think I'll be able to make the time up.

Loot is waiting for me, I can feel it.

[White's Note] "I noticed that I actually almost had this Day finished, so I finished it up. But since this was before Champ released his, I'll leave his version right here since I hadn't used his, but the machine translation from before he posted it. There probably are differences between the two."


Day 202

I decided that I would take a rest yesterday after arriving at the stairs that led to the the next floor, floor 15.

Because the corridors from the 11th to the 14th flood had a much simpler structure than the ones I've passed thus far. Hmm, I probably would have arrived to the 15th floor sooner if I was actually moving at my full pace. However, since I got great results during the day, it wasn't really that much of a problem.

If I had to summarize the 11th through 14th floors, i'd have to call it akin to a beautiful lake.

Even though it's completely underground, there's a blue sky with white clouds. There was even a pseudo-sun that shone brilliantly over each individual floor. A countless number of trees grew around the lake, even though there was such a small amount of land.

I was curious, so I few up to check it out and it turned out the blue sky and white clouds were simply an image on the ceiling roughly fifty meters above the ground.

It doesn't really move, but from afar it really looks like the real deal. Well, even though it was rather pointless to elaborate, I was still amazed if but for a moment

As I stood on the land that was in the center of the floor where this huge lake spread, I see a countless amount of big and small lakes scattered around on the horizon. The diameter of the huge lake slightly exceeded 1 kilometer. The surrounding lakes have extreme differences in size, ranging from a few ten meters to a few hundred meters, where the depth of this huge lake in the middle looks to be the deepest. The limit seems to be around 50 meters.

Only small plots of land seem to separate one lake from another, and they're submerged to the point that one's feet are already underwater.

I'd say that the ratio of water to land would be around 8 to 2.

Because my current location is pretty shallow and filled with spring water, it is transparent to such an extent that I can see the bottom. I can even spot the shadows of the dungeon monsters that are swimming around, and it almost seems like their bodies are swimming in the sky.

The feeling of being cooped-up that I had up until has disappeared due to this huge space, and the atmosphere has changed entirely.

When I drank it, the water had a nice clear taste, and the scenery was so beautiful that I had to admire it. This is a very good spot for sightseeing. Though, it really is dangerous.

......Hmmm, ya, this is really nice...

Ah, I suppose I should mention that the monsters that appeared on those floors were different. Dungeon monsters that spawned in the hallways and corridors seemed to have favored quantity over quality, or at least in the first ten floors as it switched to quality over quantity for the 11th through 14th.

The amount of monsters that I've found here thus far has been considerably lower, probably three at most, though I suppose I shouldn't be careless as their strength easily is equal to that of several monsters from the 10th floor.

Additionally, the monsters here seem to blend in with the plants that grow naturally around the lake, so it's actually quite difficult to advance over the land than the water. However, I concluded that the dungeon monsters that lurked underwater are even more vicious than those on land. Sigh, I can't even lower my guard for a single moment to enjoy the atmosphere of these floors, I suppose that's what being a [Demigod] entails.

I see....

That said, while there is a substantial level of danger, the 11th through 14th floor are famous places to make money. While I haven't made it there yet, the 15th sounded like it was the same. The reason being that the chance to encounter monsters is far lower, and having a select group of excellent scouts in your party makes it all the easier to evade them. Not to mention that the monsters are delicious, though I suppose it's not just that as there are very rare items that can be obtained with ease here. Though, while harder, I recall that there are other locations you can obtain them. The quantity you can obtain them here, however, is what draws such a large amount of adventurers.

The items that I was able to obtain this time were extremely varied:

"Golden Carrots" that grow in the wild on very special pieces of land on the floors

"Cannon House Onions" that I was able to gather on some wooden ship that was at the bottom of the lake

"Steel Scaled Arowana[1]" that one can easily catch in the lakes that swim around 10 meters down

"Silver Scaled Pirarucu[2]" that can be caught with some effort at around 100 meters as long as you use the Arowana as bait

"Golden Scaled Coelacanth[3]" these can be caught several hundred meters down as long as you bring a few Pirachu along with you for bait

It was also possible to use the Coelacanth as bait in order to hunt ultra-high class ingredients that have various effects. One of those that I encountered was something called the"Fish Lord of the huge lake ・Great Catfish"

There were also some high purity "Medicinal Plants" that generally grew around springs that have a high healing effect. In addition there were "Spring Water Crystals" that endlessly produced water until they deteriorate into powder. Ah, there was also a magical item that I found of super-high quality called the "Large Fragment of the Suspicious Sun" that I obtained from destroying the pseudo sun on the ceiling with my vermillion spear.

In addition, there were plenty of wonderful treasure chests that lay on the bottom of the lake, completely untouched. Their contents were received by my item box with a warm welcome.

There also was a dormant deposit of rare magic metal in an underground canal that connected each lake to one another, to which I, with great humility, mined as much as I physically could.

It seems that the only thing that normal adventurers without a specific race or special ability could do was target & gather materials in the shallow as well as land. This must explain why all of those materials and valuables were left untouched on the bottom of the lakes, given that there were very strong monsters that made such areas their lairs.

Sadly, I didn't have the time I would have liked to explore every inch of every single lake between the 11th and 14th floor, but still had a sense of satisfaction by the end given the amount of untouched valuables that were added to my item box.

Even the items that could were on the land and shallow regions of the water were already quite expensive pieces. Thinking on it, those goods were already quite rare themselves, I wouldn't allow a single eye-catching item escape my gaze for even a moment.

Hmm... I should bring Kanami-chan with me next time, she'll enjoy the sights I can show her..

Enjoying thoughts like that, I finally moved onto the 15th floor early that morning.

The same view of the land being swallowed by several lakes didn't change though so I decided to just travel through it quickly while collecting materials of worth. I was mostly aiming for the stairs that led to the lower floor near the deepest area of the floor. It only took me a few minutes to get there at full speed, though given the looks of the area around them, it was likely that i'd have to fight the next floor boss. The circumstances this time looked a bit different though.

The stairs were surrounded by an arch of rock that hadn't been there for the previous floors, isolating them from the rest of the floor.

Inside, the floor was pure sand that echoed my steps as I progressed inside. From there, I noticed a small pond of spring water that was opposite to the stairs. Advancing on foot, the entrance behind me was suddenly blocked by a large bolder that rose from the ground. At the same time, the stairs suddenly disappeared behind a large torrent of water. A literal waterfall pouring down upon them from the ceiling.

Though there was always an escape path up until now, this one certainly looks like it's impossible to simply run away from.

It was pretty obvious that this one was kill the floor boss, or die from it.

The floor boss was just a huge crab.

It had a thick shell that was comprised of irregular blue and red patterns, with it's back covered of hexagonal prisms that formed of various stones and crystals. It's figure was rather massive with an oppressive figure that faced me, it kind of reminded me of something like a bulldozer..

It's right hand was saw-like, similar to a fiddler crab that vibrated at high speeds and sparked whenever it touched anything solid, producing a high-pitched sound at the same time. It had four red, compound eyes that stuck out the front of it's body, silently observing it's surroundings. Lovely red and white bubbles were coming out of the front, dissolving anything they touched. "King Crab ・ Crysora".

It was delicious.

Oh, and the shell was covered with high-rank magic items..

[Floor boss [King Crab ・ Crysora] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [King Crab・ Crysora] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Crystal Crab's Bubble Poetry] ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Crystal Resonance] as a bonus for a solo kill]

The crab easily had the defense of the Warpidron, combined with the War Salamander's offensive abilities. It possessed superior mobility compared to its size and weight, the claws vibrating at a high speed that was easily capable of breaking right through powerful and magical weapons. It had a ranged attack that used the countless bubbled that it released from it's mouth, dissolving anything they touched. It proved rather difficult to evade given the sheer amount of them. The crystals on its back also released a powerful sound wave that you couldn't see coming, let alone avoid if you didn't instantly comprehend the principle behind it. The red light that it emitted also debuffed physical strength while also appearing to drastically increase its own abilities. That threw me off for a brief moment, I suppose. Then, when I was about to cut it down, the King Crab jumped almost all the way to the ceiling for a good several seconds. It let out a powerful strike with it's scissors, targeting the ground with its full might. The attack didn't finish there, as the energy from the impact converted to an electrical surge that pulsed out in countless electrical snakes that threatened to vaporize anything they touched. The sand and water were blown away instantly.

Even if it were me, a direct hit like that would have been instant death. Even just avoiding it would have turned me to pulp by the force of the debris and lightning strikes, a truly dreadful attack.

Well, if I didn't use any abilities of course.

I instantly activated [Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor] , throwing up just over one thousand defensive shields around my person in an instant. I was greatly surprised by the result, it actually managed to destroy my first 53 layers! Truly frightening..

I suppose any normal body would have been killed, even mine would have at least taken some serious injuries.

Nevertheless, the King Crab named Crysora died in just under twenty minutes. I took my time with it to keep it intact as much as I could, put it's corpse in my item box, then advanced to the 16th floor.

The 16th floor seems to be an entire underground lake.

The stairs just ended in a carved-out circle in the rock with water in the center. From here on out, I had to go underwater, advancing towards a tiny speck of light in the far distance of this gloomy lake.

It's possible to breathe while progressing through here as there are spots that will sporadically spout out air bubbles, and even places that had small rooms of clean air that form from the air bubbles.

The number of traps also have decreased by a significant margin, though, I had to instead focus on the below-freezing water. It was cold enough to even drive me to shivers, a nasty condition to be sure if it went too far.

Ah, to mention for those that had managed to come here before, given that the entire floor is an underground lake, it's likely that those who could advance from here on were very few if any. It's the main reason why most challengers of this dungeon are more than satisfied with selling the items of the 11th through 15th floors. If you managed to gather items here, however, i'd say you'd be able to easily have the money to go on an extravagant spree for a good period of time. Though, it's certainly a form of compensation if you risk your life like that diving into this lake.

I suppose i'll dive further and further, since there's no doubt that the magic items and drops that are obtained from here on out are beyond incomparable with those that are found on the 11th through 15th floors. Thus, I shall continue.

As it turns out, after a little while the ice-cold water wasn't a big deal anymore and I was easily able to make it to the 18th floor by the end of the day.

In the darkness of the underground lake, fish type monsters were swimming - such as the "Regular Backer Chub[4]" of around 60 centimeters that uses its thick lips to attach itself to one's meat in order to weaken and remove it, and the "Super Characin[5]" of around 1 meter that attacks with its fangs and fins that are as sharp as the edge of a knife -- and even though I had to plunge into the deep gloom to approach them.

I didn't mind though, everything that came to me was very delicious.

It was surprising though, advancing in such gloom and darkness was far more mentally tiring than I thought. If I had been untactful, my body would have been easily cut to shreds by the razor-sharp rocks that protruded from every angle.


Day 203

Yesterday, I hid myself in a small cave in the ceiling of the underground lake.

For breakfast: the King Crab・ Crysora that I didn't eat yesterday. Seeing as it was crab, I wanted to boil it in a pot, though I enjoyed the raw meat nonetheless.

The leg I pulled out had tender meat inside.

It's odd that a fragment of the meat of the leg didn't become tense, as it supported a big frame of a few dozen tons and still made it possible to do high-speed movements. The meat had a firm elasticity, as I bit off enough to fill my entire mouth.

And as I ate the crab bite by bite, each bite was accompanied with a burst of rich sweet flavor. The surge in flavor on my tongue hit my brain like a jolt of lightning, almost overloading me with dopamine and pleasure substances.

To be honest, it was more delicious than the Wyvern meat. The meat had a peculiar flavor, which made it very delicious. It's a very rich taste, which you wouldn't expect for a crab. Somehow it's refreshing.

[Ability learned [Bubble Breath ・ Acid]]

[Ability learned [Crystal ・ Quartz]]

[Ability learned [Pressurized Lightning Cannon]]

Being overjoyed because I obtained many offensive abilities, I continued to swim in the underground lake today.

The underground lake has fewer traps than the others, and there weren't a lot of dungeon monsters either. But because there are rocks sticking out randomly, making some locations very narrow, I needed to be precise in my movements.

Looking around, I spotted small caves here and there, all of them on their own, without any direct connection between them. It is necessary to swim in order to go forward, and because it's so dim I am often close to being cut by the rocks.

However, once I got used to it, there were hardly any crashes and I was able to gather items along the way, while I went forward as fast as possible.

I was able to arrive at the deepest part of the 20th floor just before noon.

A large circular space was hollowed out here, very different from bare rock surface that remained, with a diameter slightly exceeding 100 meters.

Large bubbles bubbled up from countless of empty holes in the ground of about 10 centimeters. There appeared to be a small enclave near the ceiling that was filled with air, though it was very small. Overall, the battlefield was set in water.

The sources of light on the ceiling and the floor only consist of small amount of glowing shellfish and glowing moss growing naturally on the walls, making this a beautiful place filled in blue transparent light.

The name of the floor boss that you need to fight here is "Vortex Shell Turtle".

It descended the hollow-out circular space in the center, defended by a massive, extremely solid, moving shell. This huge blue turtle is around 8 meters.

The shell has a hardness that equals dragon scales, with a dozen of pointed protrusions existing on top of it. The protrusions are hollow on the inside, it looks somewhat like the image of a syringe.

While the Vortex Shell Turtle is not moving it manipulates the flow of water in the space with its protrusions. They suck in a large quantity of water, compress it and spew it out again. This creates a huge vortex that can catch an invader trying to attack and can suffocate him.

Even if the opponent doesn't die, he would have to pass through the solid shell protecting it and try to scrape it off with his attacks. *chima chima* This combined with the terrain makes it a formidable adversary.

Honestly, an effective capture method doesn't exist.

The thick shell has the ability to complete negate any damage below a fixed amount through either intense heat, lightning, ice and/or physics.

If you assume it's possible to win, you have to forcibly smash up the facade for which it's essential that you use overwhelming violence.

[Floor boss [Shell Turtle ・ Vortex] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Shell Turtle ・ Vortex] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Shell of the Vortex Mary River Turtle[1]]as a first time subjugation bonus ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Sinker] as a bonus for a solo kill]

Though the defense of the Vortex Shell Turtle was solid, once you force your way through the vortex, it's relatively easy to cling on for a moment and finish dealing with it.

It was simple work for me to destroy the shell as I beat it endlessly with my silver arm. I did need some time because it was a big bird to bring down.

After I killed it, I collected the corpse and the chest that was in the form of a turtle and continued to the 21st floor.

The 21st floor was an overturned river with pillars of milky white stone pillars next to it. There were 3 ships of magic metal.


Day 204

From the 21st floor until the 25th floor, I had to go forward by boarding a ship and going down the river that was surrounded by milky white stones.

At the bottom of the stairs, there was a mooring where 3 kinds of ships were prepared.

A small ship to board a single person.

A medium-sized ship to the extent that several people could get on it.

A big ship that can hold up a lot of people.

They're common ships that move through the magic power of the person entering it, and it can freely move by the will of the person that's registered as the captain.

I wanted to take them back home but I wasn't able to, because I couldn't put them in my item box. They look to be recognized as part of the dungeon.

It's disappointing, as they'd be very useful if I could take them back with me.

Each ship has a specific trait. The small ship is the fastest, but more fragile than the others. Its initial shape can be changed to resemble a surfboard to some extent.

The medium-sized ship is slightly slower than the small ship, but much stronger. In additional it also has a few ballistae installed. It's best suited for hit and run tactics. If you'd be in a basic party, this would be your first choice.

The big ship is the strongest, but the slowest. It has a lot of ballistae, and it's possible to generate a temporary defensive force-field by supplying additional magic power. As long as there are a number of people it will almost never sink.

That's the impression I have.

I chose the small ship.

I wanted to avoid useless mana consumption, since its power comes from the magic power of the person aboard. Besides that, I also wanted advance quickly.

And so, my choice is not wrong.

Dungeon monsters lay hidden throughout the entire river and something like a fort has been built behind a section of milky white stone, hidden in the surroundings, shooting off an attack in order to mercilessly sink the ship.

The sensation I'm having is that of surfing on a wave, which was incidentally caused by the cannonball I knocked down into the water just earlier.

If I wasn't on the small ship, it would have been a bit more troublesome. Even if I was able to protect the bigger ships, tiny holes might form, and it might sink.

Still, I somehow felt the attraction to this feeling, as I was secretly having a little fun.

By the way, the river was absurdly long.

The length of this space seems distorted and expanded to the extent that even if the ship travels at high speed, it would takes several hours to descend this floor.

Incidentally, along the way, there was a waterfall that dropped about a dozen meters, but through manipulating gravity, I advanced along the space that would normally be seen as the ceiling and walls.

And after traveling along the way, I finally arrived at the 25th floor. Apparently, the entire 25th floor seems to somehow be the battlefield for the floor boss.

As my small ship starts to descend, the river spreads out and becomes 5 times larger. I cautiously observe my surroundings as I propel the ship, while someone riding a huge fish appeared in the water.

It's a Gillman of about 4 meters high with its entire body wrapped in a husk of silvery blue scales.

Its looks were sharp and well-featured with fish-like characteristics: on its cheeks, the top of its head and the back of its elbows were sharp fins with an indigo membrane. Its fat, long limbs have grown slender and well-proportioned. Webbing ran between its fingers and toes, made up out of an indigo membrane like its fins. You couldn't discern where its dark blue pupils were looking at. It wielded a 4-pronged spear colored in a sickening violet in its hand. All of its vital spots were naturally protected by barrel-formed scaled shells "Scale Armor". Looks like descendants of the former Gillman hero actually exists - "Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider".

This is the floor boss of the 25th floor.

By the way, the huge fish that Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider was riding, is a carnivorous shell armored fish type name "Ragon".

This monster fish was over 7 meters long, like a whale.

The battle with Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider was a drawn-out one.

At first, Dominaria・Gillman Lord Rider didn't approach.

Basically, distance attacks seem to be the main way of attacking, as Ragon attacks by sending out a tidal wave with his gigantic fin, or spitting out a water ball from his mouth, while the 4-pronged spear automatically returns to the owner's hand after a throwing attack.

There's also dash attack where Ragon comes out of the water at high speed and the spear is thrust at me. Even though they can also perform short-range attacks, their frequency was extremely low.

Even so, I cut him in the intervals between his long-distance attacks, and as his physical strength fell below a certain value, he began to summon a countless amount of its "Gillman Knight" followers after that.

With traits resembling various fishes, such as sea devil and tuna, the Gillman knights, armed with tridents, circled the ship at high speed and concentrated their aim on the small ship instead of me.

Looks like they intend to sink it.

Because the Gillman knights that were attacking from the water were annoying, I kept evading their attacks with [Hydro Hand], while enjoying surfing. I occasionally thrust my halberd when I saw my chance, and enjoyed the fresh flavor.

If I would add soy sauce to this sashimi, it would surely be even more delicious.

Because I liked them, I put several of them in my item box, as the back and forth continued.

As it accumulated more damage, the close combat gradually increased as well, and while it became easier to hit him, I was having more difficulty dealing with his 4-pronged spear.

Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider has the skill [Spear Master] which makes him an expert in wielding spears. His basic skill was higher than a Gillman Lord across the board because of his lineage, in addition to the bonus from the dungeon. Each single blow was fast and heavy.

Moreover, his spear is a magic item that has 4 abilities corresponding to the total number of spearheads -- [Automatic Return],[Deadly Fish Poison],[Mental Contamination],[Physical Contamination] -- it does wonderful damage even if you get grazed by it.

Especially [Mental Contamination] and [Physical Contamination] are troublesome.

If you continue to receive attacks, your body and mind gradually lose energy and you ultimately die.

I managed to avert his attacks with my halberd, though it grazed me several times while I was repelling it during the fight. Because of that I had to endure the pressure that gnawed at my body and mind each time.

When I was finally able to defeat him, the strong pressure subsided after some time, and I felt relaxed once relieved.

[Floor boss [Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Ancient Flower Petals of the Silvery Blue Fish]as a first time subjugation bonus ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Water Ride Johnny] as a bonus for a solo kill]

I collected the body and the chest that appeared, and as you'd expect after long battle, I took a short break before I advanced to the 26th floor. The 26th floor was a floor that was dominated by 1 giant whirlpool, which made it into a rapids[1] zone.


Day 205

I can't really say anything about floor 26 to 30.

The basic structure is that of a huge basin.

Because it has a diameter of several kilometers, the slope is gentle. The closer you get to the center, the deeper it gets.

In addition, there's a huge whirlpool in the basin. The whirlpool influences the entire basin.

Even in the shallowest part of the circumference, my waist is submerged in spring water and if I relax, I'll be sucked into the rapids.

The stairs to the lower floor is in the middle. In other words, it's in the center of the whirlpool. If you surrender yourself to the whirlpool, it'll drag you to the next floor, though sometimes you have no choice but to swim against the current.

By the way, it was impossible to fly.

The moment I started to fly, a huge amount of spring water sprung up from the whirlpool and formed a water barrier blocking the entire sky. And when I wanted to charge through, the water became extremely hard, denying anything from passing through physically.

Even if I drew out my best attack, I was able to only penetrate a few hundred meters. If you'd compare this with the distance to the stairs, I would need around 10 minutes to arrive there. But because the hole was closed up immediately after, I have no other choice but to swim in order to go forward.

For the moment, traps are nonexistent in the whirlpool. - it can be said that the whirlpool compassing these floors is a fatal trap in itself -- while it's aided by monsters that generally appear.

In this situation, it becomes very difficult to evade because of the vortex, and caution is necessary as there's a possibility to be killed one-sidedly.

It was troublesome because I was being pulled from one place to the other. And when it became difficult to advance naturally, I began to swim forcefully in order to go forward.

Because there was a considerably low amount of treasure chests and dungeon items, there're not a lot of delicious things here. The only things were the monsters that appeared up until now.

It can be said that this is a kind of floor where you can advance very quickly if you want to.

And so, I arrive at the 30th floor faster than I expected. Despite it being surprisingly small because it was far away, I was able to see the boss of the 30th floor that waited at the center of this huge whirlpool: "Grief Charybdis[1]".

Like with Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider, the entire floor seemed to be a battlefield for the floor boss.

And because the whirlpool was influencing this floor, this greatly increased the complexity, more so than before. It became more and more violent as I got closer to Grief Charybdis. Looks like it'll be considerably troublesome to defeat it.

I intended to snipe it from a distance, but the moment I thought about it, countless of water barriers appeared and surrounded Grief Charybdis. Looks like I won't be able to subdue it by sniping it from a distance.

Thinking about the huge defense formation that was just set up, I'll have to accept that I have no other choice.

It seems to be difficult to approach the Grief Charybdis. It has a feminine body build, long hair in a blue-green color that expands to its waist, and a porcelain white skin. I'm not sure where she's beautiful as she covers her face with a white mask. Only judging by her figure, she's a high class beautiful woman.

While trying to imagine what her real face is, I immediately jumped in the whirlpool, though I advance slowly due to its excessive intensity.

In order to get close to Grief Charybdis, I needed several hours.

[Floor boss [Grief Charybdis] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Grief Charybdis] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Maiden of Grief]as a first time subjugation bonus ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Vast Vortex of Grief] as a bonus for a solo kill]

The Grief Charybdis was disappointingly weak, as I was able to easily subdue her once I reached her.

With no way to defend herself, she was vulnerable to being hit. Because she was so weak, I was able to finish it in one hit piercing her abdomen. Though I was reluctant as there was a beautiful Western face under the mask. Alas, I digress.

However, because she's so weak that she'd be killed immediately when approached, getting to the heart of the whirlpool that is generated around Grief Charybdis was very dangerous.

While Shell Turtle ・ Vortex attacked with whirlpools as well, the scale of this was remarkably different.

The whirlpool around Grief Charybdis encompassed the entire floor.

The whirlpool around Shell Turtle ・ Vortex only influenced the enclosed boss room.

The volume of water is different, the distance to approach is different, and above all the performance of the monster is different.

If it wasn't for [Anaerobic], this would have been a lot harder. I might have drowned.

After I caught my breath, I collected the chest and the corpse, and went ahead.

The 31st floor had a structure with a higher degree of difficulty.


Day 206

"Day 206"

Kanami-chan, Supesei-san and the others were working on various things outside, but I wanted to capture the labyrinth first.

I ate Shell Turtle ・ Vortex and Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider for breakfast this morning.

I wanted to eat Shell Turtle ・ Vortex completely before it disappeared by being consumed by the labyrinth. Inside, it had the heart the size of a hobgoblin. I sliced that and its huge liver in the same way as sashimi and took the opportunity to barbecue two legs and eat it.

Instead of a particularly delicate flavor, the sashimi of heart and liver had a crunchy texture when I ate it. While I haven't eaten this unique taste often, it isn't bad. It would be tolerable with a swig of liquor.

I ate Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider together with a side-dish of Ragon.

I tensed up because the firm Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider had an enriched flavor, and while it was heavy, the aftertaste was refreshing. When I put it in my mouth at a specific temperature, its texture was out of this world. Inadvertently, I ate too much.

Ragon was a huge fish with plentiful tallow, which had a delicate taste while still being tough. Its pink body had a hint of sweet fragrance, which stimulated my appetite.

All these dishes were delicious, as I ate it heartily.

Because both floor boss were high-level monsters, my whole body brimmed with power with every mouthful.

[Ability learned [Hardened Scaled Husk Generation] ]

[Ability learned [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman] ]

[Ability learned [Erupting Thorn Generation] ]

[Ability learned [Shell Generation] ]

[Ability learned [Multiple Shells] ]

There were a lot of generation abilities in particular this time around.

[Hardened Scaled Husk Generation] and [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman] from Dominaria・ Gillman Lord Rider.

[Erupting Thorn Generation], [Shell Generation] and [Multiple Shells] from Shell Turtle ・ Vortex.

It can be said that each ability goes well with each of their characteristics.

I immediately use [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman], and a Sahuagin[1][2] appears, a monster that is one class higher than the lowest Gillman -- like hobgoblins relate to goblins. At best, I was able to summon a black Gillman Lord.

In addition, they possessed a moderate amount of intelligence, and they seemed to be able to act autonomously.

Though detailed instructions are unnecessary because they can move independently, in order for it to move with more precision, you'll need to direct it. I'm sure that for high-ranking ones, I won't have to say anything for it to act, but for now, it's good enough to go forward, I guess.

This makes subjugating a little easier, and they'll be a reliable big help in the future.

Thinking of this as a good omen in the morning, I continued my dungeon conquest.

From the 31st floor onward, it seems that you'll need to follow a myriad of waterways running in mid-air.

The stairs that I just descended earlier came out onto a single foothold, a semicircle of about 10 meters. Aside from that, there's nothing.

I cannot spot a ceiling above nor can I see the ground below. Really, there's nothing.

My current situation is like I'm standing isolated at an altitude of 2000 meters, perhaps that makes it a little bit easier to imagine.

Besides the foothold, it gives of that vibe.

I separated a part of my body in order to test it out, and a little while later it somehow appeared above, as it uneventfully passed by in front of me and continued falling.

Apparently, the space here looks looped.

After falling to a certain altitude it got transferred to the sky and... it fell again. Even though the possibility of crashing to your death disappeared, I cannot be careless as one awkward mistake will put me in this loop endlessly and will make me starve to death.

In order to advance, it was necessary to travel through the water cylinders of several meters thick.

I wanted to take a shortcut by flying this time around, but as I thought it, I wasn't able to fly because of a mysterious power on this floor. I tried it several times, but a limit was put on flying.

I gave up advancing in an easy way, and proceeded to steadily go through the waterway.

However, I'm not swimming.

Compensating with my magic, I used [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman] and summoned a black Gillman lord, which I used as a surfboard.

Because of the effects of the rare skill [Water Ride Johnny], I was able to go forward without getting tired.

I truly think that there are a lot of uses for these summoning abilities.

The rules are as following: if one waterway is running below another waterway, it is possible to switch by dropping from one to the other, though once transferred to the one below, you're unable to go back to the one in the sky. As this is different from the planar variant I've come across so far, I had a considerably hard time with this three-dimensional maze.

Though the structure in itself is difficult, it's even more troublesome because of the dungeon monsters that are attacking without mercy.

The "Four-sided Rebelling Mantis Shrimps[3]" have the size of a big bear. In general, they have the shape of prawns, with their whole body wrapped in a hard exoskeleton that didn't even get a scratch when attacked. A single blow from their hard tail with a sharp thorn can even cut through rock, while their four huge characteristic fists demonstrate a power like a bombardment.

"Blue Mermen Knights" attack in groups that are, regrettably, only made up out of males. Their well-trained upper body is equipped with a blue magic metal armor. The lower half of their body is that of a large fish that can swim in the waterway at high speed. Their hands wield excellent weapons such as a spears and thrusting swords that are easy to use underwater.

"Riot Sharks" are huge sharks with 5 eyes and they have a special organ that produces lightning from their body. Its pectoral fin is as thick and as strong as an animal's leg. The attacks follow very strange trajectories as its 9 fins have involved into a sort of tentacles with such suction cups like the ones from an octopus.

And so on.

As everybody is trying to throw me in the space outside the waterway, it might take me a few hours to ward them off.

Though as I arrived at the 32d floor yesterday, I was able to reach the deepest part of the 35th without taking as much time as I thought.

The floor boss of the 35th floor reigns over a huge water dome that is formed by a countless amount of waterways combining into one point.

In the dome, there was a perfect sphere of six meters, with a very smooth surface where I can't even discern a single unevenness.

It's not clear what material it's made out of, and despite the transparency, it was hard to see it inside the spring water. I wondered how the "Aquarium ・Ball Golem" attacks without limbs.

Does it attack by basically charging at high speed and using its super hard body? Well it also has 2 kind of water cutters that temporarily absorb water from the surroundings and release it reticulated, making it difficult to evade.

Its internal core can rampage and cause a great explosion, though I don't need to mind that for the time being as it looks to be a self-destruction technique and will practically not be used for that reason.

Compared to the Shell Turtle ・ Vortex of the other floor, it would be a close call in terms of its high defensive power. Just how much is needed to kill it?

You could say that this is the worst floor boss.

What's worst about this fellow in any case, is that it keeps on running away.

It's very difficult to attack it head-on, because its flight is fast and complex.

[Floor boss [Aquarium ・Ball Golem] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Aquarium ・Ball Golem] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Pursuer of the Fleeing Ball] as a first time subjugation bonus ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Underwater Stalker] as a bonus for a solo kill]

The special characteristic of the Floor boss Aquarium ・Ball Golem, is that it used the battlefield to its maximum.

Despite the fact that the water dome was the final destination of the waterways, the moment you almost seem to approach or attack it, it flees at high speed into the countless nearby waterways that surround the dome.

Although the conventional floor boss tries to kill you with all its power, it looks like this one is set on running from one place to another without fighting.

This strategy is surely effective.

This place, and this golem above all, give off the vibe that it's absolutely not necessary to kill you. In other words, until you run out of energy, or until its body is broken, this existence will keep on running endlessly.

And the magic that serves as energy for Aquarium ・Ball Golem is drawn from the dungeon, though a living body will become tired. It can escape endlessly, and if you keep on chasing it, your endurance and willpower will be exhausted.

It does a loop from top to bottom when you try to ambush it, and because it was easy to flee from battlefield through the myriad of waterways that act as ways to escape, it's difficult to corner this thing.

Really dirty tactics.

As it was hard to see and very quick, it was hard to capture.

Fortunately, it basically didn't attack me.

The moment I lose focus for a brief second and I lose sight of its appearance, it uses that interval to keep on fleeing.

I was waiting on the opportune moment to approach it, but it didn't appear.

Did I need to proceed under certain conditions or something? Though I don't understand it, I was sure that I couldn't attack it.

In the end, by summoning a large amount of Gillman Lords through [Intermediate Summoning: Fishman], and used [Human Bomb] on them. On top, I used [Parasite] in order to raise the temperature of their body liquids to use as fuel. And so, I used [Kamikaze] tactics in this confined space.

In the end, through the damage of the explosions that happen one after another in short succession, I aimed to dull its movements in order to take careful aim with my red spear and kill it by skewering it.

Though I had the feeling that it went through the nucleus, it looked like I didn't break it and could eat it later.

The moment I knocked down Aquarium ・Ball Golem, the stairs temporarily appeared underneath the water dome. The stairs didn't have a shape or a silhouette a little while ago. As the stairs appeared in midair as well, it somehow was a strange spectacle.

While fatigue has piled up from the subjugation, the bottom floor is near.

I charge my fighting spirit for a minute, exit from the water dome and set foot into the 36th floor.

The 36th floor is a huge wetlands, with countless of waterfalls pouring down from the ceiling.


Day 207

The 36th floor resembled the floors between the 11th and the 15th. There were not a lot of dungeon monsters and I was easily able to collect the dungeon items on this floor.

The waterfall poured down incessantly from the ceiling into the basin below, though there was a spot where I could enjoy fishing safely.

Aside from the "Steel Scaled Arowana[1]" and the "Silver Scaled Pirarucu[2]" that I caught in the previous lakes, there were also fish like "Seven-Colored Loach[3]" and "Cherry Blossom Rainbow Trout[4]". It's possible to obtain these delicious ingredients and bake them covered in salt.

Because there are only a few people that come here, and the fish are not accustomed to be allured, they are quickly biting after I attached bait to my line and cast it.

They're biting at every cast.

I only let the line set in for several seconds, before reeling it in and catching the fish. After pulling a few of them, the fish learned from it, and the amount of biting became worse up to a certain degree. I'll settle for now as I was able to catch a dozen of them.

In addition to the basin of the waterfall, there were places where the spring water came up to your ankles and a dense vegetation grew. I was able to obtain vegetables such as "Famous Spring Eggplant", "Golden Watermelon", "Red Emperor Tomato" and "White King Cabbage".

My personal favorite was above all the "Famous Spring Eggplant".

Even though it's so delicate that it can already get damaged by rubbing it lightly, its bright violet skin and plump appearance looked really delicious.

It really was delicious.

When I took a bite, a large amount of juice overflowed from of my mouth, and it had the sweetness of an apple or a strawberry, even though it was an eggplant. Because the aftertaste was a little sour, it was hard for me to stop eating. Even though there were several, I had to put them away before I ate them all up in no time.

They're raw now. If you'd cook them, they'll be even more delicious.

The recovery speed of my body's magic increased just from eating them. Seeing as my physical strength recovered somewhat as well, this is a convenient item. I gathered them for as long as I could.

It normally takes a suitable period before new ones grow, but this a dungeon.

I'll harvest them again when I return home.

I roughly explored the place and understood that instead of dungeon items, there's an abundance of ingredients here. Chests and metals seemed to be scarce.

Though delicious items are welcome, it's disappointing they only grew here.

Perhaps, if I didn't have any obligations, I would have likely stayed here for a while. It is a very comfortable floor.

A splendid air fills my lungs. You won't lose interest in the large number of first-rate ingredients and no matter how many of them you eat, you'll spontaneously come back. The temperature is being kept at a moderate, comfortable level. The overflowing clean water can be used in countless of ways. There's no boredom because there are a lot of noises coming from large dungeon monsters that you occasionally meet and try to kill each other. Ha, this is considerably good.

I guess it might not be bad to build a cottage near the safe fishing spot by adjusting the Skeleton Centipede in a few ways.

Well, I actually must go back because there are various things going on outside. This must be a dream.

Because of the characteristics of this floor, I advanced without any particular hardships and arrived at the depth of the 40th floor.

There's a huge waterfall in the center here, and a basin of a corresponding size spreads out. The temperature here is low because of the spray of the waterfall that is flying around along the way the wind blows.

The surroundings are encircled by a rocky mountainside, and the location is overgrown with plants. There are also marshes with high viscosity.

Because the ground is not as steady as it was before, you have to pay attention to your foothold in order to not lose your footing when push comes to shove.

On a battlefield that looked more or less the same as the one where I fought King Crab Crysora, something lay in wait. It's a four-legged beast with a strange appearance that reminds me of either a dog or of a wolf.

Its long, thick forelegs seem to have developed in a way to catch prey. Each paw had four sharp claws. Its thick, powerful hind legs were smaller than its forelegs, but exhibited an excellent sense of stability no matter what the state of the ground below is.

Eight pairs of short, thick, transparent blue feelers grew on its back and were wriggling back and forth. Water charged with electricity dripped from the tips of the feelers. *drip drip (sfx)*

Its tail was as thick as a tree and twice the length of a normal animal, with three claws on the tip that moved as skillfully as fingers. The sharp claws emit a light blue color, and it will likely use it to attack from a blind spot, using it as a fifth limb.

Its whole body is covered in silky, turquoise body hair that looked like it would feel good despite the fact that it can stiffen immediately like an armor of a countless number of blades upon impact. If you touch its body carelessly, that part of you will be cut and torn to pieces.

Serrated teeth grew in the front of the wolf's mouth and extended forward, like those of an insect. A long tongue flickered from the opening, with a blue liquid covering the tip and dripping down from it.

The head had three transparent blue eyes and was firmly protected by a white exoskeleton resembling a mask. A pair of twisted horns extended from its temporal regions.

And so the floor boss "Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi" raised a roar to indicate the start of the battle.

It was an overwhelming howl like the one from Minokichi-kun. As the shock rippled through the surroundings, it made my body shiver. *biribiri (sfx)*

Right before the roar stopped ringing, a countless number of bulges appeared around Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi. Things jumped out of them as they split up. I recognized a countless amount of dungeon monsters coming out of the underground.

Four-sided Rebelling Mantis Shrimps, Blue Mermen Knights, War Helmet Octopus and Riot Sharks. All were dungeon monsters that I encountered while coming here, and there appeared to be around fifty.

However, they were not in their normal state.

Some had broken arms, others had crushed heads with their eyeballs hanging out. Some had missing body parts, others had their entrails hanging out.

The one thing in common they had, was that each one of them was dead. Were they so damaged up to the point that there wasn't even a drop of blood left?

Apparently Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi drains the blood of the prey it kills until its appetite is satisfied.

When eating, it can also bite off an extremely low amount of meat, with the majority being left.

Though normally it would be left as is, Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi uses [Parasite]to grow a parasite inside the beasts' body. It has the trait to make the corpse into a hotbed.

The parasite will absorb nutrients from the host's body in order to grow up until into a specific stage. It will act as a vanguard for Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi, who needs a large amount of blood. It manages the dead body for the sake of hunting, becoming somewhat like a partner.

Normally, it's my duty to purify the undead from this dungeon but seeing as these corpses are manipulated by a parasite, they're technically not undead. It's like that.

You could say that the technique of manipulating a corpse looks similar to that of a certain Great Hero of the Devil Insect.

The vanguard searched for the new prey, me, and the battlefield was immediately filled with wild excitement.

[Floor boss [Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Behemoth's Collection of Manipulated Corpses] ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Master Manipulator - Water Intermediary] as a bonus for a solo kill]

The bodies of the summoned dungeon monsters were used as sacrificial pawns, while Lethal Dead ・ Blood Eater ・ Pochi moved around silently and at high speed, using the gaps to attack with its sharp claws and the tentacles on its back

A swing of its sharp claws creates a violent wind. The electrified water that's gushing from the tentacles can melt any skin it touches and burns the body from the inside with an electric shock.

Because of [Thunder Attack Nullification] the damage probably wouldn't be of such an extent that you could call it high, but I don't think I would want to be covered in that strong acidic liquid even when using it.

Aside from its individual ability, he was pretty troublesome because he was accompanied by its subordinates. Other floor bosses up to now didn't have those. In the end, I succeeded in subduing it.

The price for killing a myriad of dungeon monsters was that my halberd became almost useless, but I guess that was unavoidable.

I threw it into my item box because it's still in a state where it could potentially be repaired. In its stead, I take out my [Giant's Long-Lasting Carving Knife].

Even though it's pretty much a kitchen knife, this magic item temporarily becomes something like a long sword for someone of my physique. While this kind of sword is hardly any better than other long swords, but it was better than nothing and above all there's the advantage that it'd be easy to make fresh sashimi.

I decided to stick with this for a while.

Nevertheless, while my abilities are now limited and I'm severely slowed, you might say that it was still up to a level that I'm able to manage somehow or another.

After collecting the treasure chest and the corpse, I pushed my feet forward to advance to the 41st floor.

On the 41st floor, there wasn't any land.


Day 208

"Day 208"

From the 41st floor onwards, a world of transparent spring water spread out.

Simply put, all the floors are lakes.

Only huge sacred lotus leaves could be used as footing. There was nothing else that could serve as a foothold. If I didn't move, there was no flow of air either. Not even one ripple could be seen on the water's surface.

The stairs ended on the sacred lotus leaf that seemed to be the biggest one around. I'd say it was around fifty meter in diameter? It had a stability to the extent that it wouldn't sink even if there were dozens of people standing on it.

In front of the first sacred lotus leaf, a straight path was made by a series of leaves of different sizes, with diameters going from several meters up to several dozens of meters.

At a point where the sacred lotus leaves split into left and right, I examined the possibility of flying straight forward, but it wasn't an option. I understood that I couldn't fly here.

Because the forks gradually multiplied as I went forward, it became more complex.

Even if the pathways had no walls, they looked similar to corridors. In other words, it's a labyrinth made out of sacred lotus leaves.

Because there were hardly any obstructions, the view was favorable. I was able to predict a rough route because I could see the previous area. On top of the sacred lotus leaves, I could confirm the wonderful ornaments of treasure chests and strong dungeon monsters that are clearly waiting to perform an ambush.

Though it would be difficult to gather everything because of the complexity.

From afar, I was unable to thoroughly see the extensive complexity. There are a lot of things that looked reachable, but that I was unable to reach, which was very irritating. Though if given more time, I would have been able to get there one way or another but I gave up because I didn't feel like it.

The one thing above all that made this floor difficult is that if you temporarily fell off of the sacred lotus leaves, you would be instantly returned to the first sacred lotus leaf at the stairs.

Like the floor before where the ceiling and the floor looped, I was able to deduce that this floor returns you to the beginning the moment you fall into the water.

There were fish-type dungeon monsters here that will push you into the water without mercy. There were also sacred lotus leaves that sink temporarily once you stand in front of the treasure chest that were placed on top of them. I was sent back to the beginning several times.

To be honest, stress was piling up. Nevertheless, I advanced while continuing to be careful.

While collecting treasure chests and corpses of the strong dungeon monsters that I took on, I arrived at the deepest part of the 45th floor at night.

At the deepest part, there was a sacred lotus leaf as big as the one at the stairs in the beginning.

However, the road on the sacred lotus leaves didn't continue as before, and the way I came from temporarily disappeared. The sacred lotus leaves that were there a while ago, seemed to have sunk the moment I arrived.

Only a slight ripple showed any remaining trace of it, and even that was gradually disappearing.

The floor boss of the 45th floor that fights on the sacred lotus leaf, appeared at the same time the leaves sank. Two beautiful women were the only thing left standing on the very large surface of the lake.

The name of the floor boss was "Red Armed Geminyuvia".

Blue, glittering long hair extended to their waist, reflecting the light. I stared at their blue eyes that drove their prey that sank in their blue eyes to insanity - I have to mention it didn't happen to me this time. The cold, murderous intent of these smiling twins was hidden by their beautiful, doll-like faces.

They were wearing beautiful mercury evening dresses, decorated with an ornament that had a skull-like gem embedded in the seedbed of blooming water lilies. Red dress gloves covered everything until halfway up their upper arms. They wore scarfs so pale, they were almost transparent.

They were approximately 160 centimeters high, and had a very thin, delicate build in general. Nevertheless, because of their soft feminine curves and nonchalant behavior, they gave off a strong sex appeal. It looks like they had a natural [Charm] magic, like dryads.

Intending to look frail, they looked like they could be beaten by just looking at them.

Red Armed Geminyuvia is related to the Vivian race, a water fairy consisting of 2 persons.

The Vivian live near watering holes such as lakes and are, in essence, a gentle race. That being said, everything has its exceptions.

Red Armed Geminyuvia, being one of the exceptions, adored to torment others. They're a dangerous monster that would kill any fool that was done in by their pretty face and [Charm].

Their red dress gloves seemed to be composed out of the blood of the creatures they killed. Looks like a deep-seated grudge dwelled in them. Anyone flirting with them gets mesmerized and any liquid they touch gets boiled. Through their magic, any liquid could become as hot as 500 degrees Celsius.

So if you got bewildered by their beauty, there's the possibility that you'd get killed the moment you get touched, because even your blood will boil when touched.

By the way, if you decapitate one of the Red Armed Geminyuvia, while the other is still alive, she gets revived immediately. It's necessary to kill both at the same time in order to subdue them.

And, seeing as they're a water fairy, they can absorb magic if there's a large volume of water nearby, which apparently also restores some health.

Seeing as the surroundings of Red Armed Geminyuvia are a place filled with water, it became their weapon, making it their perfect hunting ground.

[Floor boss [Red Armed Geminyuvia] successfully eliminated. ]

[Achiever Yatendouji is permitted to proceed to the next floor, floor boss [Red Armed Geminyuvia] can hereafter be passed without battle ]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Red Armed Lady] ]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Hot Water Torrent] as a bonus for a solo kill]

A tsunami of hot water approached the sacred lotus leaf from all sides.

The twins cooperated and manipulated the hot water, creating many dragon heads.

Several hundreds of them were floating midair, creating an artillery targeting the water dome.

The knitted sacred lotus leaf was burnt down after their relentless fury ended.

Because of the variety of attacks, it was hard to defend against the wide array of water attacks.

I was very likely to receive splash damage if I avoided a direct attack, and there was no other way to deal with its attacks. Even if there would have been, it wouldn't have made any difference. Because of the high volume of water, defending against it would have gradually whittled me down.

One annoying thing about the twins is that they kept a constant distance from me. One took up position in front of me, another behind me. I had to fight while trying to kill these two at same time.

Red Armed Geminyuvia rotated intelligently, circling around the lake's surface while attacking me remotely. Honestly, I was fed up with it.

Eventually, I used one of the abilities of my Vermillion spear combined with my marksmanship. The extraordinary power of my fourth-grade Demise magic bombarded them and pierced both their hearts at the same time. And so, I subdued them.

I collected the treasure chest and the corpses, and descended the stairs that appeared at the center of the sacred lotus leaf.

The 46th floor introduced the final levels, and had characteristics of all the floors that I went through up until now. It is a fantastic space!


Day 209

The 46th floor and everything under it consisted of a waterfall that poured down from the ceiling. A countless amount of waterways stretched out in mid-air, while the ground below held a countless number of neighboring lakes and subterranean lakes.

The structure and its characteristics were somewhat similar to what I'd seen before.

There's the vertical loop trap that surrounds the countless number of waterways in mid-air. In the lakes, there's also the trap of the sacred lotus leaves that returns you to the beginning. The small rooms in the underground lakes also held sinking traps.

There are some places where you can collect items where your ankles are submerged like in the wetlands, there are rapids, and there's even a place where a rainbow is created by the spray of the waterfall that is pouring down.

However, there are also things that weren't there up until now.

In the center of the floor, whereas the waterfall only counted as one floor, it has now become a huge cascade that is several kilometers in height that pierces through every thick layer separating each of the floors between the 46th to the 50th.

The heart of the waterfall connects to the lowest part of the 50th floor. It would be one method of reaching the bottom floor immediately by leaping in and plunging down. Nevertheless, there's a high probability that one would die if one were to jump.

The surroundings of the huge waterfall have been set up as an area where you cannot fly and where you have no choice but to fall. If you'd jump in the huge waterfall, you'd first of all be confronted by an enormous quantity of water and its corresponding water pressure. That alone might crush one's body.

And, even if you're fortunate enough to arrive at the lowest level, you'd have fallen down several kilometers from the sky.

When doing this, you'd surely feel an impact that's harder than being thrown into solid concrete. You wouldn't even be aware that you'd have died the moment you hit the water. And even if you didn't die, it would be more than likely that you'd end up with a considerable serious injury. On top, you might not even be able to surface by the constant volume of water that falls on top of you.

Only a fool would challenge the dungeon boss in this situation. Because of these reasons, I basically decided not to be lazy and travel down the stairs in a normal fashion.

While I advanced normally, as I expected of the final levels, I came across a rampant amount of dungeon monsters that frequently appeared on the previous levels. The area here is so wide, it cannot be compared to anything I've seen before.

On top, there were:

"[Warpidron] children, who are inferior to the [Warpidron] floor boss

"War Skull Lizards"

"Crysora Crab Lords"

"Vortex Turtles"

"Lord Gillman Riders"


"Ball Golems"

"Blood Eaters"


If you classify floor bosses as underbosses, these give of the feel of being powerful enemies like mini-bosses.

A mini-boss is not a floor boss, but it is still an existence with a considerably delicious taste if you defeat it.

Because I also earned the extravagant treasure chests they are guarding when I defeated them, I found it more useful to eat the corpses.

The treasure chests often held [Ancient]-class magic items and even when I got unlucky, they still held a lot of magic metal ingots and a large amount of gold coins.

After killing the mini-bosses that caught my attention, I went ahead and advanced. In the middle of the 48th floor, I spotted a party of 8 people fighting. They were still considerably far away. Their party was composed of a vanguard consisting out of 3 people, a middle guard out of 2 people and their rear guard of 3 people.

The last party I saw nearly died trying to capture the 15th floor.

I'm guessing their leader is the [Swordsman] whose body is wrapped in crimson armor. He probably is either a [Hero] or a [Great Hero].

His presence closely resembled the Avenger and the Hero of Darkness, and by that I mean that he looks more delicious to me than a floor boss.

I observed the state of the fight because I was interested. The roaring downpour of the waterfall evaporated for several seconds because of the high temperature created by a blaze of hell fire that covered the leader as well as the large sword he carried. He vaguely resembled Minokichi-kun. There's no doubt that he received a divine blessing of a [God ] from the Fire lineage.

Though I don't understand it in detail, but I wonder if it's close to the [God of Fire Arts ] or the [God of Flash Fires ].

For sure he's a considerably strong [Hero], possibly even a [Great Hero].

For him to dive into an [Age of the Gods dungeon], while having a poor compatibility with his blessing... I'm pretty sure he's aiming to shut down his weak points.

He's likely challenging this dungeon because you receive a rare ability related to water if you subdue a floor boss here under specific conditions.

If an enemy aims for your weak point by using an attack of the water/ice system, it's possible that it doesn't exhibit its original attacking power if you've already acquired the skill.

Even if you didn't obtain the rare ability, you can still learn how to fight an enemy that you're not compatible with, which is almost like raising a level. Though there's still the apparent disadvantage, there's still a big merit to it.

Having said that, it's not something that can be easily done. To capture a dungeon that is overflowing with strong monsters that focus on attacking my natural weak point, is something quite difficult.

There are quite big obstacles to overcome, such as the floor bosses. In order to overcome them, a corresponding amount of ability is needed.

The ones that only depend on unskilled usage of their abilities, would end up being killed without mercy.

Even when speaking in terms of a [Hero] or a [Great Hero], when their time has come, they'll still die in the end.

Putting aside this explanation...

Considering the potential of a party that is on the brink of diving the deepest part of a [Demigod class] dungeon, is indeed really appetizing.

All party members present seem competent and their weapons are solid. Making them subordinates through [Enslave] might also be good.

Can I attack them? I would certainly attack them if we were outside of the dungeon.

However, because we're in a dungeon at the moment, I decided not to do it.

I'm close to reaching the dungeon boss, and I shouldn't get worn out for no reason.

My goal is to capture this dungeon. And I should give priority to that above all else.

On top, I want to start doing business in the labyrinth city. I exhibit some self-control for the group members that are looking forward to my hasty return.

Him and his party members, for sure I want to meet them in a different location in a more hostile environment.

By the way, it looks like the ones over there noticed me over here as well. And seeing as I look like a monster, with him motionlessly gazing at me, it must look like a scene where heaven and earth are upside down.

Though when I didn't notice any further reaction anymore, I advance in a direct path towards the stairs that descend to the next floor which results in me continuously fighting with the mini-bosses. I use my [Giant's Long-Lasting Carving Knife] to dismantle the bodies of the nine mini-bosses while they were still alive.

Even when I arrive at the stairs, I still felt their eyes behind me staring at me. I ignored it and pressed onward.

Around the time where it would normally start to get dark outside, I arrive at the bottom of the floor, at the stairs that lead underground to the 50th floor.

Because I allowed myself a slightly longer break, I didn't have any problem with my stamina or magic.

I restricted my abilities in order to look and see how far I could go in this state, and set off for the bottom floor of [Aquarium ・ Forlia ] where the dungeon boss lied in wait.

The battlefield where I'll fight the dungeon boss was an enormous basin of a waterfall. This enormous basin was right under the huge waterfall that poured down from the 46th floor to the 50th floor. The 50th floor became exactly like the name [Waterfall Basin of Spring Water - Aquarium Forlia ].

When I jumped down from the stairs that are suspended in mid-air, I ended up underwater and my body got pulled down immediately.

Spring water filled the entire floor and trashed around violently because of the huge waterfall.

In general, it's different from the large vortex at the Grief Charybdis, because that one was whirling in a constant direction. Top to bottom, left to right... Every sense of direction disappeared the moment I entered the water here.

The air got forcefully squeezed out of my lungs by the furious rotations. And when the oxygen is gone, the mouth will open reflexively. And so, a large amount of spring water flowed into my mouth. My esophagus expanded, while my windpipe closed off and my stomach got filled up.

If I didn't have [Anaerobic], I would have suffocated at this stage. Is my consciousness becoming hazy as well?

This place... I honestly wanted to avoid fighting here, if possible.

Oh dear, such wishful thinking never comes true.

In the center, in the deepest, most tempestuous part of this waterfall's basin, it appeared.


Day 210

The battle with the dungeon boss has been going on unbroken since yesterday.

After a day of fighting in a location where the likelihood of drowning was very high due to the swift currents in the basin of the huge waterfall, it was settled.

Even though I honestly didn't think I'd be able to graze it while my abilities were restricted, I was able to finish it off.

I beat it in the following manner:

The name of the dungeon boss of [Aquarium ・ Forlia] was "Shark Head ・Bolt Wyrm".

It was a kind of lesser dragon. A big shot with a snake-like body of 50 meters in length and 5 meters in diameter.

When it attains a size like this, it normally becomes a [Wisdom Dragon ]. But it's classified as a lesser dragon because its intellect is still low and it basically acts instinctively.

Its head closely resembles that of a shark. Its whole body is protected by a rough skin covered in dragon scales and dragon shells. A countless amount of dorsal fins made out of thunder gems are on its back. Sharp pectoral fins made out of thunder gems spread out on its side like wings.

While its whole body always emits a blue light, it changes from blue to yellow when it attacks. Red aposematic lines makes this easy to understand.

A basic method of attack is a large torrent created by the fins made out of thunder gems. It basically becomes a sort of a sound attack that moves faster than on land and tears up one's body. It uses its fins for a slash attack that can even slice and cleave apart the torrents momentarily. After one would take a great deal of effort to weather through this, it would charge at high speed with its big frame. By manipulating the water currents, it can raise itself to ultra-high swimming speeds. It demonstrated a strength that was appropriate for a dungeon boss.

The best part was the fact that it could swim freely in these rapids. It wore a dignity fit for the master of the basin of the huge waterfall.

Even though it was a lesser dragon, its existence rivaled that of a dragon nonetheless. The creature's status slightly exceed that of a Lord.

Though, right now, its head was sliced clean off. I rolled over its long body and sliced it in several pieces. Even though I cut off its head, it still lived for quite a while. In the end, it finally seemed to have died.

My limbs were blown off several times, half my body was shaved off and I was comparatively in a serious half-dying state. But I survived.

Even though I had restricted myself, this is what happened in a [Demigod rank] dungeon. What would happen in a [God rank] one?

I can't even imagine a [Great God rank].

How long will I have to wait for those delicious dishes?

I unconsciously started drooling. *slurp slurp (sfx)* I shouldn't do that.

While I'm thinking about all of that -

[Floor boss [Shark Head ・Bolt Wyrm] successfully eliminated. ]

["Lost God Psalms" Condition to Clear [Aquarium ・ Forlia] Achieved: [Solo Kill][Fall of the Lesser Dragon][Drowning Capture]]

[ Achiever Yatendouji has been Assigned the Rare Skill [Ruler of Aquarium] as a bonus for a solo kill]

[Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the [Lesser Dragon Shark's Placoid Lightning Scales] as a first time subjugation bonus ]

[As a privilege to the one who captures the dungeon, the restriction on the use of the Warp Gate has been lifted. ]

[Please note that only those who captured the dungeon can use the Warp Gate. ]

[For Those Who Have Awakened the Psalms/The Key Figures of God's Lost Psalms, a portion of the [Demigod of Spring Water]'s divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Great God, the quality of the Divine Power collected is inferior]

[The portion of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[Yatendouji has obtained [Spring Water Deity's Treasured Stone Rings - Ankletorium] !!]

-- That's the announcement that resounds in my head.

A treasure chest appears in front of me, containing a bracelet made out of 5 rings tied together with a golden chain.

First of all I collected the corpse and the treasure chest and put them in my item box. After that, I try to read the information on the gem with [Magic Item Appraisal]. When I touched it, I could feel a powerful surge of extraordinary magic.


Name: [Spring Water Deity's Treasured Stone Rings - Ankletorium]

Category: [■■/ Ornament]

Rank: [■■■■] Rank

Abilities: [Ankletorium][Five Divine Water Treasure]

[Spring Water Fountain][Increased Abilities]

[Divine Damnation][Divine Power Conversion]

[Subordinate Promotion][Form Alteration]

[Unholy Penetration][Life Force of the Five Spirits]

Description: Yatendouji cleared [Aquarium ・ Forlia] in the Lost God Psalms. The ■■■■-grade ornament was obtained because of the rejected Divine power.

The design of the bracelet was 5 rings tied together with a golden chain. Each ring on the bracelet is decorated with an ornament resembling a blue jewel.

Only Yatendouji and those he has given permission to touch this ornament are able to do so. Any person who touches it without permission will have an unimaginable disaster befall them.

There are some rare exceptions, but since it is ■■, destruction is fundamentally impossible.

Do you wish to view additional information?

<YES> <NO>


This is great.

It has more released abilities than Hisperiol.

Does this stack with the bracelet of black silver that I already had equipped on my right arm -- [Fury of the Haughty King - Beowulf]? If that's possible, my equipment will become even more excellent.

I thought about trying to bite it, just in case.

It's hard. I don't seem to be able to eat it though. When will I be able to eat a magic item like this? I feel dissatisfied and uneasy for a moment, but I decided to return as I was tired.

It's honestly surprising that a transfer system like the warp gate exists in this world. At any rate, it's here in this [Age of the Gods dungeon].

I guess it wouldn't be a miracle if something like this transfer system existed somewhere else as well, and it's most welcome if you think about the fact that collecting items could be made easier by this.

Hrm, it took me longer than I thought to successfully capture this [Age of the Gods dungeon]. After a long time, I'm finally outside again.

Feeling the sun again after such a long time, it felt more radiant than I remembered.