Re:Monster Day 261-270 / Chapters List

Day 261

When I looked out the window, the sun had long since risen.

Apparently we had overdone it, and partied all night.

[ED: Beginning from now, there is missing content since it is describing the banquet, check Google Translate for more detail. ~Azoraxxx]

During the battle with the boss, we stayed awake all night, which was quite a normal thing, but to spend the whole night in a party... it's been a while.

After drinking a golden liquid with a pleasant aroma from the glass in my right hand, a rich and complex flavour spreads delicately throughout my mouth. It tasted similar to an aged sake, if not better. As this wine has a abundance of flavours, every sip would taste unique for different individuals. Personally, it tasted like sweet nectar and I would say it ranks in the top 5 alcohol that I ever had.

[ED: Tried to make more sense of the paragraph and phrase it better. -Anon (Xest)]

This drink was from one of the two types of liquor that was acquired when clearing the Psalms, received for the execution of [History] [Demonic Spirits [Inexhaustible Demonic Hop]]. 

As amazing as it is however, it's still inferior to combination of dragon meat and the[Demon Liquor: [Drop of Neverending Evening Cherry Blossoms]].When ingested, it brings about a warm sensation that spreads top down as the liquid smoothly flows down the throat and into the belly, afterwhich the warmness spreads evenly throughout the body down to the fingers and toes. Even I would be temporarily drunk not to mention others. Paired with the dragon meat, it's simply divine as the flavour compliments each other. 

Afterwhich, a tingling sensation could be felt and it persisted for quite awhile before it went away. Again, you can't help to think how could liquor be that good.

[ "And reverberations can also be enjoyed long after drinking." I'll infer it as above -Xest]

I was only a little annoyed that the container is small.

Well, this discontent is quite trivial because the bottle has a wonderful property. Once it's empty, and a set time has elapsed, the content of the bottle returns back to the original amount of demon liquor. So such complaints should be hidden. I put back the bottle but I was still left with the feeling to drink more. It's quite a shame but it can't be helped.

Well, I would feel like I was in paradise even with the liquor alone, but this time, in the banquet, we prepared three kinds of meat to pair with this special wine.[Minor edit here and there -Xest]

The first one was grilled Dainamazu. This type of monster was in the [Jindai dungeon] caught in a [waterfall Akuriamu-Foruria Shimizu], or "huge lake of spring water fish-Dainamazu" of [Akami-kyu]. I wondered about that dungeon monster, it was like a giant catfish. That's the first thought that I had. The most important feature was that it was so large, it was thick with stored fat. There was a sense of satisfaction as if I was eating meat rather than fish. The odor that it gave off as it was being grilled was almost odorless but the taste was full of protein. It is bland but very thick the flavor becomes very good by adding a thick sauce. The fish then tastes like grilled meat. Sake is a must to accompany it. Even anyone would be enticed to eat it all if you eat a single bite. [ED: Oh god another hard one. I have absolutely no clue what the original was trying to say but i'll try to edit to make as much sense as possible without straying from the original too much.~Limit]

The second is the boned rib corner of dragon meat. The soft dragon meat of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] was used as an alternative to the boned rib of pork. The texture was as if it was melting on the tip of your tongue. It features a slightly sweet sauce which was a little thick. It is a dish that can make you shed tears of gratitude. Also separately, accompanying the meat was the labyrinth alcohol. There were also two prepared vegetables to go along with the meat and alcohol. The "green gold Ryoku bok choy" or the "Tianbao Ten spinach" together, its appeal is further improved. The texture of the vegetables gave you a crisp feeling. All combined the texture became one of stew as they all melted on the tongue. Harmonious taste of harmony, it would be no sure getting tired to eat much. [ED: Same with this one. "such as melting on the ass and tongue"LMAO~Limit]

The third was dragon meat steak. Unlike the boned rib of the Empress, the steak that was used was the somewhat harder dragon meat from the Dragon Emperor. By carefully cooking it, it has become softer to the extent you could cut it easily without feeling resistance by using forks and knives made out of Mithril. The surface of the dragon meat steak was burned to a brown color, but it was exquisitely cooked so that it still had some redness inside. The crunchiness of the grilled steak with the tenderness of the boned rib corner is simply delicious. It overflows in the mouth with the juices of the meat like it is gravy that it makes hard to resist. And once you tried a little, your hands will be unable to stop until there is nothing left in front of your eyes. [ED:Not as hard but still bloody difficult.~Limit]

As such these three types of meat have been arranged all over the banquet table in front of everyone. This array of food is a tremendous rarity, each one is very appealing to eat, I can not choose one without thinking carefully and if you eat a bite then you will want to eat until there is none left. People who have never eaten any of these before got lost in all these delicacies. [ED: "Such three types of the knob" LMAO~Limit]

Very difficult problem. There's no answer, it's answer is that it is a problem.

Well, to truly enjoy each of the three types of meats at the end of the banquet, you've to be worried after all. The refreshing taste of the grilled catfish, the sweet melt-in-the-mouth boiled rib corner of dragon meat, and finally, a rich and fulfilling meat steak. If you eat a small knob of each of the attractive exhibits, your eyes get bigger than your stomach and your appetite increases by leaps and bounds. The food and liquor made us greedy and we gorged ourselves on everything. [ED: Whaaaaaat the fuuuck? Look at this nonsense. Just know that everything was delicious and their hunger was fueled even more by the sight of the food and they had good liquor too!~Limit] [fixed it somehow, but good god, its a pain in the ass~ Random Chap]

There was nothing else important to do so the group decided to pamper themselves.

And enjoy the food and drink full glasses of[Demon Liquor [Demon's Drunken Slaughter - Inexhaustible]]while enjoying the afterglow, I turned around. And saw the members in the banquet, the butlers and maids who were hired in the mansion, and hundreds of people together, such as tomboy princess and the first queen was participating too. The result was completely different than last night.

First Kanami-chan, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, the group resistant to alcohol, they had been eating and drinking or talking to me, we have been up all night.

As a result of the night banquet, next to the table, laid a mountain of empty barrels that used to contain liquor.

According to my approximate estimates, the number of empty barrels already exceeded fifty or more stacking up to be like a wooden mountain. Wine barrels are usually made of special wood, durable wood for special requirements, because they looked almost the same.

Because of this, the barrel mountain was stable, and even if one of the barrels was taken away from it, I didn't think it would collapse.

Although we consumed nearly the entire mountain of barrels,  Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan still sat right next to me, drinking wine straight from the labyrinth barrels, and there was no doubt that we could still easily continue.

I wonder how much they will get. Well for starters it would be necessary to remove the accumulated barrel-mountain pile into the item box.

Minokichi and Asue heroically poured a drink, but Kanami-chan behaved differently.

She elegantly enjoyed a drink out of the labyrinth liquour, as if tasting the wine from the silver wine glass.

Her movements and gestures exuded elegance, this spectacle is worthy to be printed on a picture. A great masterpiece.

She has become a member of one of the races that stand at the top of the [Vampire] race, and now her body exudes the constant aura of a [Ruler] even from a casual gesture, and that's not because of [Charm], but due to her beauty. If there was a person who could resist it, he would have gained my respect.

And just right behind her, as if trying to hide it from others, the entire tower of empty wine bottles was placed regularly, despite the fact that each of them was of the highest quality, and cost a king's ransom.

We can thus assume that even if the outside seems dinified and elegant, the person inside is as greedy as before.

All this, she drank alone. Now she's drinking the [Shanburu Dunessa], a little sweet wine that is acquired from lower level bosses of the underground [Demigod] class Age of the Gods dungeon.

Because of the difficulty of obtaining it, the price for a single bottle easily exceeds several gold plates.

A large amount of such an expensive commodity, even for the nobility, now rested in her stomach.

She very well liked it, for it was difficult to obtain expensive wines, thus it will be necessary to plan the next dungeon conquest to gain more of it.

Trying to drink sake from many other places, in itself is not bad.

Yet, as we drank, Burasato was not here. She carried Supesei, like a princess in her arms, into her room.

Of course, it was late at night, but it took several hours, and she never came back. We waited in vain, with so many drinks left. Maybe she fell asleep in between. I wonder what happened... [ED: Above is suggesting the naughties. ~Azoraxxx]

Of course, she could, from fatigue change her mind and go to bed, as her room was nice and it was very close to the bedroom of Supesei.

Yesterday, the day after they conquered the labyrinth, they probably felt tired. That time when she was carrying Supesei, I happened to notice on her face, a seductive smile. It is also conceivable that something is happening.

The probability of this is quite high.

She clearly had the eyes of the hunter. Or the eyes of a predator, staring at the weakened prey.

Well, whatever it was, I personally will not climb into their problems.

We're comrades after all, and one family.

Personal tastes are different, we need to respect them, while maintaining the freedom of each.

No one should engage on their business until they asked for help. Personally, I will not meddle in this issue.

My clone is there but the details are not known because that side should not be touched.  

As for Redhead, she was tired after the party so I took her to my room, and now she is fast asleep hugging Opushii. Auro, Argento, and Oniwaka also went to rest in their rooms.

At this time, they may already be awake, but the training ground still lay quiet, so they are probably still in their rooms.

Seiji-kun who slept on a large sofa with a blissful face, a little away from us, had the same drunken stupor as Supesei. On both sides of him were Aifu and Kugime who were also sleeping. With them slept a few more random demon girls. They were ladies in love with him, in other words members of his harem. [ED: My boy Seiji! Getting them honeys!!~Limit]

Seiji was popular before, so this is not surprising. Honest and good, nice looking and has a high status in some sense, we can say that falling in love with him was quite natural.

Moreover, when receiving fatal injuries during a training, seeing Seiji-kun carefully treating their wounds will trigger a "suspension bridge effect", it is quite natural to fall in love with him in that situation.

It is a kind of levity, he does not hesitate, saying very constraining phrases. In the eyes of the girls that is worth a lot.

The trembling girl's heart, Seiji catches naturally, without any calculation.

After falling in love with the natural gigolo Seiji, the demon girls will likely bring us more problems.

But also at the head of this list were Kugime and Aifu, who were getting close to him and had overpowering skills. Because of that fact if all this becomes something extreme, I will intervene. The demon girls, in internal consultation, took their hands-off him in iron rule, so currently there is no strife.

The fact that Seiji was basking in that situation made the unpopular party members jealous, but Seiji still maintained peace and order.

Well, in this direction, it is better to not dig deeper. After all it is a troublesome matter.

It's Seiji, so he will overcome it.

Next Tomboy Princess, Boy Knight, The First Queen, and Dark Hero who had stayed over for the night.

Though I had prepared them private rooms they slept on luxurious sofas along the walls in the same way as Seiji-kun

Even though a sofa bed is slightly inferior to dedicated bedding, because the furniture is top class, it is easy and comfortable to sleep through the night.


The sleepy people who got on this sofa, a young couple, the Boy Knight and the Tomboy Princess are now blue.

Apparently in their sleep they suffered from nightmares.

Perhaps the reason for this was because the fact that they slept in their clothes, but it's most likely the effect of being drunk. They're still children, so initially I just treated them to fruit juice from the labyrinth. But apparently fascinated by the atmosphere of the holiday, or leaning on someone or some provocation, they are now as drunk as a lord. Maybe it's because they breathed in the smell of alcohol that permeated the entire ballroom. The latter reason is most likely.

Fortunately, this time was especially served the popular drink and dragon meat.

Dragon meat is fine alone with nothing to complain about, but with the drink, it becomes simply unbeatable.

Such a delicious thing I just can't help but want to make it even tastier.

In addition, we, a race of [demons] originally liked alcohol very much and are good at drinking loads of it. Many of us drink it like water. But if the amount of alcohol in the drink is too small, or if it doesn't pass certain thresholds, we just can't get drunk. Before we can get drunk, most of the alcohol just degrades in the body.

One example is, my [absorption ability], the cases where I got drunk at least a little was pretty low. This is one of these days. Fortunately, in today's drinking, the amount of alcohol was fairly high, so we partook in carefree drinking. One of them was Minokichi-kun, who devastated the barrels one by one.

Thanks to his efforts, the amount of liquor consumed at this banquet was enough to freely swim in it. As for me, I was drunk. However it was an easy matter to throw back another drink or two, especially in a drunken state. Nonetheless because of the amount of liquor cosumed at the banquet the room was stifled with fumes that caused a choking smell. From only this smell, those who are weak against alcohol could easily get drunk.

And the smell did not get weaker, but rather accumulated, it filled easily in the Great Hall. The smell of sake, it feels like it soaked in the body.

Among those affected by alcohol, it was not only Boy Knight and Tomboy Princess, but also the Solitude team under the tutelage of Commander Punk.

All of the younger group, almost immediately went to their rooms, but the group head, Commander Punk and some younger ones did not escape this fate and became drowsy. Greedy because of eating, the younger ones and their commander were drunk and they did not even drink, they probably did not have time to escape. Surrounded by older members, perhaps they even watered them, but at their age, it is not contrary to the laws of the kingdom, so I will not be punished.

Well, whatever it was. Drunken Tomboy Princess and the company felt unwell.


What a business... Thinking of alleviating a little the suffering of the punks that collapsed here and there, I started using [all creation], and got rid of the vomit.


By controlling fluids and gravity, I squeezed the vomit into a small ball. Freezing it, I sent the ball into the bin. A very simple action and useful, and I did not even have to get my hands dirty. It seemed a bit strange to use such a powerful skill for cleaning vomit, but it was clearly faster.

It is painfully convenient.


Like Tomboy Princess and company,the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness are on the other sofa and are thoroughly drunk, but their stomachs did not empty, so I pretended I saw nothing. Saliva flowing from their mouth, and sliding on their clothing, it's nothing yet.

Sloppiness is in each of them, because of their vulnerable species, they became defenseless.

The First Queen pressed the knife and fork I used at the banquet close to her heart like some sort of treasure.

Using a handkerchief, I wiped the drool flowing out of her mouth, and as I was doing this I heard "Ehehe" and on her face appeared a depraved smile. It was hard to look at. As if under the influence of dangerous magical drugs. It was difficult to do something.

Typically, following in the shadow of the elegant First Queen, was the Dark Hero, who now looks worse than the Tomboy Princess. The same is true around her maids. At that point, they would just go on stage, but not only is the hostess drunk, but her servants are as well.

Therefore, I personally did not see anything. Touching them is dangerous. Because, it is possible that their spirit will receive fatal moral damage...


At the same time, a lot of our friends fell asleep on the floor and tables.

The ratio was approximately 7 to 3, that is to say, on the floor there were more.

But the floor of the great hall was covered with a magnificent carpet, and it is likely that to sleep on it was nicer than on an average bed.

This carpet, stained with food and drink, vomit, saliva and mud, will be difficult to clean.

Well, it's nothing to worry about, those who have smeared it will be the ones who clean it even if using force is necessary.


Well, in this way, the dawn of the feast was over.

With the end of the holiday, those still conscious, did the cleaning.

I removed the mountains of empty wine barrels and bottles, sending them into the item box.

But, in order to remove the heavy tables, I had to push aside the sleeping members, and while they were sleeping with happy faces, but in order to help me with the cleaning I needed to wake them up. I awoke them by pouring water on their faces by using [All Creation]. After this they immediately woke up. It is certainly a harsh treatment, but compared to the conventional training, it is still very soft, so there should not be a problem.

But among some of the sleeping members were the maids and butlers, in their case, I acted softer.

The maids and butlers were engaged in service, but apparently they became intoxicated by the smell of wine as well. They fell asleep when they became too drunk.

As expected, for normal people today's drinking was probably too strong.

Well, not that someone has gotten acute alcohol intoxication. So it should be fine.


Awakened and being fellow professionals, the maids and butlers significantly helped with the cleaning and completed in a short time because we were quite quick.

I wholeheartedly think that for the cost, the need to hire professionals for such a time like this is very great.

Before returning to the great forest, we had to send Tomboy Princess, Boy Knight, the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness back to the palace.

Last night, a messenger was sent, so not to cause a panic it would be better to send them back as quickly as possible.


I woke up the Tomboy Princess, the Boy Knight, the shining First Queen and the Hero of Darkness and gave them the remains of the food in a lunch box, afterwards I sent them home through a group of bone spiders.

It was a bit strange, to give the leftovers to the royal family as a meal, but all the leftovers were of dragon meat.

Though a bit cooled, it was still quite tasty and good enough that you would be willing to sell your soul for it.

Moreover, it is likely that the problem here would be that declared nobles would want to take over this meat, but I think that in that scenario, neither the Tomboy Princess or the First Queen, will let them take it.

Well, if they are too annoying, they will probably disappear. That certainly can happen, but it's better to avoid it.

Not for us, but for them themselves.


After finishing the clean-up of all the messy things and troubles, we began to prepare for the departure to the great forest.

As usual, in the morning there should be training, but after yesterday a lot of us were suffering of a hangover, so today is a day off. At this time, the group who was returning to the Great Forest was collecting their belongings and putting them in their luggage. We will depart from the Royal Capital after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, due to the fact that many people went to buy souvenirs.


Initially, I wanted to leave Female Samurai in the capital's shops, but I already decided to take her with me, so she hastily gathered her belongings.

Using  [Summon Archfiend], I made up for the missing store personnel. [The original was [Supreme Summon Demons] I interpreted it as [Summon Archfiend]'~' Nullgath]

I called upon several demon merchants known as  [Trade Lord], a race of demons very good at trading.

[gave up at this point, sorry....~Random Chap]

It seems that after becoming a [Living God] I fulfilled a certain condition. 

This allowed me to summon demons via [Summon Archfiend] that possesed a high degree of intelligence. That allowed them to potentially become excellent employees, which only encourages the use of [Summon Archfiend]. This demons were the best option in this regard because in the next few years the business will expand, entering the top of the merchant trade. Up until now, I just needed qualified personnel, so things would not be out of place, so any additional help is much appreciated. [ED: Kind of a screwy paragraph but i think it gets the point across alright. Basically the guys summoned are very suitable for the job. They are very good.~Limit] [Got your back pal. It was a rather tough interpretation though. I might have missed something.~ Nullgath]

Because, to begin with, for the sake of the experiment, I decided to leave one of them in the capital's shop. If all turns out well, I'll replace all the  members of the store with the new demons and send them to the branches.

Freed workers serve for the benefit of "Parabellum". After all The General Chamber of Commerce is going to extend steadily.


While I was doing this, and other routine business, it was finally time to go.

When we finished with the preparations, we were aboard on [Skeleton Centipedes] and [Skeleton Spiders],and we happily went towards our base in the Great Forest.

Just before you leave the capital, you have to travel a small distance of the city, primary the Noble Street and Castle Street.

Therefore without wasting time, it was decided during the travel to do some advertising.

Compared to the morning, in the afternoon there was a crowd in the streets, but this time outside the streets were unusually crowded.

It was the best time for advertising.


After lunch, music suddenly spread in the streets near the entrance of the capital. Easy and fun, we made them tremble in anticipation.

Before leaning out the window, faces of locals, fascinating pictures appeared. Members, using a variety of magic and magical items, created on the streets of the parade a flame lion roar and a water army.

Some have looked at this magnificent sight from the outside, and those who came closer, members showed some magical items sold in our store. Causing the residents to enjoy the event even while puzzled.


Enjoying the carnival, broke the monotony of an ordinary day, and it well-publicized our shop. With preparations completed, I created dragons of light and darkness in the sky using [All Creation]. Sitting in a carriage [100 bones], we enjoyed the spectacle.

This advertising was similar to a parade or circus or even a theme park.

In this world, this is not a very common technique. The effect of it was much higher than expected.

But most of all the biggest attraction that got the resident's attention was Minokichi  with Kumajirou and Kurosaburou.

If you ask what he was doing, it was juggling. Of course not just simple juggling.

Minokichi juggled Kumajirou and Kurosaburou.

Kumajirou weighted just under 10 tones, but thanks to the incredible power of Minokichi-kun, he easily lifted him and even Kurosaburou with just one hand.

He juggled, their bodies curled up in balls of wool. Kumajirou's biceps which turned into a hand-riding wolf rounded like a ball, the sight of a huge object dancing lightly accompanied a tremendous intimidation, but something is left out. It felt rather charming. This overwhelming show of force from the outside suddenly looked pretty cute.

On all sides could be heard cheering and flying coins.

Thus, we were able to triple its advertising, at the same time earning some money. In addition, we were showing our great fighting force at the same time, thereby getting rid of fools who were willing to interfere with us.

So we were able to achieve some other purpose, in truth turned out killing two birds with one stone.

While thinking this i thought that maybe we will repeat it in the future.

Of course prior to doing this, I got permission from the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen. As expected, to arrange this without permission, it is easy to imagine what panic could rise. Although it is possible to pass forcibly, because unnecessary dispute will happen if so it will cumbersome. It would be wise not to create an enemy.

After a while, we came to the gate, where we waited for a little inspection, but we had a pass so it was over pretty quickly and left the capital of the kingdom.

Picking up Kumakichi waiting outside, Minokichi-kun's bear, he now showed us juggling with three pets. The figure is a masterpiece.

He looked pleased.

Thus killing time until all the members came out, we continued our way to the top of the high mountains.

Columns of stretching unusual vehicles, we moved more quickly than horses, but for others we looked quite strange.

Well, we are used to it, as planned, we went by the shortest route to the labyrinth city «Purgatory».

We arrived pretty quickly, we did not go inside, but decided to stop nearby.

Among us there selected employees of the branch were higher in position, but it is not necessary for the work members, because they were little. Because charges have not taken a lot of time, and quickly left the neighborhood of the labyrinth city «Purgatory», heading to a slightly distant, less popular mountain range. [ED: First part doesn't really make sense but it doesn't seem too important.~Limit]


After a while, we arrived at the scene, Kugime-chan checked that no one was around, and I even used a wide range of perception abilities to examine around us for safety, I called Tatsushirou [Giant Ancient Dragon]. A few seconds later, his huge body could already be seen. His huge body bent the trees under him, but this cannot be helped.

Then, it will be necessary to bring everything in order here using [All Creation] (The ability he synthsized from various elements).

While I was patting the playfully dragon, I changed [Skeleton Centipede], fixing it on his back.

I made sure that it would not interfere with his wings, therefore problems during the flight will not occur.

Thus, a large number of members will be able to comfortably travel by air.

However, we have too many members, so to carry all of them and drop them off at the great forest was simply impossible.

Given that we had a huge Minokichi , as well as livestock and Kumajirou, Kurosaburou and Kumakichi. Kurosaburou still did not go far, but incredibly huge Kumajirou and Heavier Kumakichi [a great armored bear].

As expected, the breaks fall from overload.

Of course, I can fly in the sky, and to reduce the number of victims to an imaginary, but it will look rather silly.

For the members on bone spiders I used [Summon: True Dragons], to call dragons, black dragons.

Of course with the force of Tatsushirou, they are not equal, but thanks to my influence, the black dragons were very strong, besides, I could call quite a lot of them so in less than a few minutes, we left the forest to the sky.


Many of the members that first took to the air were shocked but quickly got used to the feeling.

Among us there were those who like I and Kanami-chan could fly, but most of them did not know how.

Although raised in the air, Tatsushirou, the black dragons were experiencing this feeling for the first time, from different sides you heard them cheering. The first experience, so he should be.

Enjoying the general reaction, I suddenly noticed among our luggage, two strange barrels.


Lightly tapping on it I heard some movement inside.

Based on this, I could not throw them away, so to begin making a small holes in the barrel, using [venom] created a soporific poison, vaporizing it with [all creation] and drove inside.

After this I heard from inside the loud snoring.

That's because, well, okay, it is also not quite a bad chance.


Thus, the mission of the terrible sky, ended in an instant, and in the evening we arrived at the base in the great forest.


Day 262

What are hot springs in this world?

I believe that they are the place where the soul is purified.

While filthy with sweat, tears, and dirt, my exhausted body is wrapped in warmth, forcing my rooted core to ascend to a heavenly world. Power slowly leaves your limbs, while the accumulated damage to the body and fatigue begins to gradually melt away.

This is a true hot spring.

Especially because it wasn't artificially created, instead, it was formed by the order of nature. Once experienced, it is no longer possible to forget that feeling.

Fortunately, in this world, they have a wide variety of positive effects caused by magic power, which was not possible in my previous life. As a further result of magic, the once imperceptible effects are enhanced and become quite noticeable

Among these sources, you could say that our spring excelled over all of them in this. In the blink of an eye, you can cure tiredness. And if used regularly, even someone with a fatal wound or a deadly and incurable disease would improve their condition. Dry and rough skin would become as smooth as a baby's, and if the water itself is consumed by someone with a healthy body then it will help further reshape their figure.

All of this is caused by the act of spirits, which are invisible to the naked eye. As these spirits dwell in the water under the light of the night sky, when touched, they'll bestow the life force that causes all of these various aftereffects.

One of our best selling products is in fact water from the spring. Sold in small vials and other recipients, the water is so popular that it is almost immediately gone after reaching the store. Most of our customers are women and daughters of royalty and the aristocracy, who are ready to buy it in spite of its high price, bringing us a solid source of income.

However I have to admit that the new natural hot springs found near the summit of our new base ([Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts] or [Funeral Volcano].) which I named "Bath of the Violent God", is, by the combination of a first-class bath, amazing scenery, and the power to heal, the best place to relax.  ~Unsure if I kept the intended meaning and/or reference in the sentence. "Bath of the Fierce God" works too. -V.

You just had to enter the water, and waves of pleasure overwhelmed you, as if your soul was washed away from your body.

In the morning, going to to the hot springs was so nice that there was a risk of going to Heaven from bliss alone. After enjoying the thermal springs, I went down to business. I finally returned to the Kuuderun Great Forest, where I accumulated a whole bunch of work.

From Blacksmith-san I received my fully repaired halberd. I then went to Alchemist-san where we worked on a new drug using the diverse drops and collected materials I got from my adventures. The sisters Alma and Felicia were busy cooking and Female Knight, Female Samurai and the Gladiator King, all opponents that I would not be afraid to accidentally kill if I hold back, had a training session with me. I also took a look at the newly evolved Black Skeletons who were born in the fighting pits. I decided to check on the residents, and the number of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogres and Half Lords had increased quite a bit, and many other things required my attention.

Although I originally came back here on vacation, that would have to wait for there was much to be done.

Thanks to my clones, I was aware not only of external events, but also those within the Parabellum HQ. But as a leader, information is not enough to rule. It was a necessity to show myself and display my charisma and power to my employees. It was yet another task I had to accomplish.

I would have liked to immediately prepare another banquet with dragon meat cooked by the Sisters, but there were still many Parabellum members that had not yet returned to the base. We thus delayed the feast a bit.

Me and the Sisters happily began working on the best way to cook the dragon meat.

Soon we will find the best way to cook dragon meat.


Day 263

I woke up covered in sweat and felt sticky. I was reunited with Blacksmith-san and for the first time in a long while, I had a hot night with Blacksmith-san and companions.

I decided to bathe into the [Fierce God] hot spring before starting the training, I wanted to try out the [Heat Absorption] skill. Having done so, the heat energy rushed within me, and I felt like I was dissolving into water. The test from this experiment of enjoyment had exceeded my expectations.

"Fuuahhh", words could not convey the feeling but my brain was dominated by happiness. In my mind, it was like I was dissolved in hot water. (1)

Most likely, this was one of the most dangerous states upon my body. I tried to get myself out of this situation, but I could not.

My mind fell apart and I fell into a trance. When Minokichi entered and saw me in this strange situation, Minokichi called out to me.

Receiving no answer, with one hand, Minokichi pulled me out of the water.

Once my mind returned back into my body, I stopped the [Heat Absorption] skill.

So I survived this crisis which was rather pathetic (which looked pretty stupid, so it was decided to keep this our little secret).

Yesterday was very busy, because we had to reconcile with the "Uninvited Guests" for whom it was necessary to keep an eye on. (2)

The "Uninvited Guests" were Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight.

Lulled to sleep by my poison, they appeared from the two extra barrels.

In her words, "I wanted to look at the home of Aporou and his companions but Aporou wouldn't allow us into the secret fortress." Thus she decided to secretly sneak inside! Having come to the conclusion, "while everything was going well, nobody would have thought that we would be put to sleep! We were sincerely waiting for the flight across the sky on a dragon! But it turned out into something like this." (3)

Pouting out her cheeks with a scorch deificating expression that was dissatisfied, she protested as she pounded on the table with both hands.

Apparently after we sent them back to the castle they used a secret passage to the mansion, and during the time Aporou and his comrades were preparing for departure the Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight climbed into the luggage.

Judging by the expression floating on the face of the Boy Knight, who was currently sweating, he tried to persuade the Tomboy Princess not to go but it was a waste of effort.

As the secret base was discovered, I was angry with her for a long time. But since the Tomboy Princess was somewhat like a niece to me, I can't show it or she may become conceited, and I was too tired with continuous problems stacking up I'd rather not be too angry and reflected upon the situation. (4)

But should she cross a certain line, I'll have to get rid of the Tomboy Princess. And there will be no negotiations, for I have no pity towards enemies, but after intimidating her I felt pity for her.

I was convinced after thinking about the reason that the Tomboy Princess cannot betray us and become our enemy, so it's useless thoughts.

Naturally, Tomboy Princess as a member of the royal family is well aware the danger posed by the Holy Kingdom.

The fact is that the Holy Kingdom is making preparations for the [Holy War] against the [Enemy of Peace] and [Insatiable Gluttony] (me). (5)

And as befits a [Holy War], all who oppose are considered accomplices of the [Enemy of Peace] and shall be destroyed. (6)

The Holy Kingdom will not be forgiving. Absorbing the earth, the Holy Kingdom will invade the land, consuming everything in its path. The Holy Kingdom has much more power than this kingdom. There is a very large gap in the number of national forces and [Legendary Heroes], and even considering an alliance with the Empire, there is still a high probability of losing.

If we were to add  the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom to the opposing side, we may be able to avoid total destruction but the damage will be very severe.

Because of this the Sternbild Kingdom simply cannot leave it unattended.

First of all, the damage from the civil war was quite large and it has not recovered yet, so there is simply no choice.

From the perspective of the Kingdom, the relationship with me could be seen as opposing the [Holy War]. (7)

Because information is sometimes worth more than a mountain of gold. Thinking about the national interest as the priority, there is an option to betray me. If I were an ordinary monster the Tomboy Princess perhaps would have made the choice to betray me.

After the Tomboy Princess had seen enough of us and our work that choice no longer existed. Of this I am sure.

Although she is still like a kid, with her ability to look into other people's hearts, she has quickly matured and collected a huge amount of information. No one was better than her in gathering information, and even if she did not have that she had intellect. (8)

Therefore she knows what would happen if she betrays us.

As long as she's not a complete fool, the choice of betrayal was no longer possible from the beginning.

This time they didn't get in the luggage to gather information to betray us, but to learn about our fighting potential personally and make sure what the best to do was for the good of the kingdom. Such were most likely her thoughts. (9)

Well, there was some personal interest too.

Slightly anticipating what she was up to, I put the Tomboy Princess on my shoulder, pampering Opushii, as well as holding Nicola in a hand (daughter of Alchemist-san, the only human race of my children), and gave her a tour of our homebase.

Currently, our base has grown incomparable to the previous size.

Black Skeletons significantly reduce the amount of hard work and their number exceeds a few thousand. Furthermore, many representatives of skilled race have gathered here.

Although I was not here for a few months, the use of the labor power to the maximum, has made the base grow so much that it completely engulfed the whole mountain.

Roughly explained, the former residence of our group, the "Former Mine", became the living quarters; the "External Training Field" allows us to carry out large-scale military exercises; on the "Agricultural Fields" the agricultural dwarfs and Doriane-san's [Field Workers] took care of a variety of crops; the "Ranch" was inhabited by tamed horses, wolves and other mounts as wel as by domesticated animals for food; in the "Workshop" a variety of tools and weapons were manufactured; the "Hospital" was always on duty healing the injured; for entertaining the elves the "Parabellum Onsen" was established.(10)

All this greatly improved and greatly expanded, and for example the "Agricultural Fields" grew to such an extent that they are better described as "Great Agricultural Fields," but there are more places that deserve to be described.

To begin, the annoying trees were cut down while the ground was made more robust by Half Earth-Lords, so as not to fall apart. The summit became relatively flat making this a good place for an "Airport".

Here we use flying familiars such as Falaise Eagle and dragons, for exporting products from the forest and for importing goods that are hard to find in the forest. (11)

Most of the space is an open platform which made it easy-to-take-off and land, but there were also buildings for the temporary storage of goods, pets, recreation personnel and other devices that reduce the burden of work.

Rails was laid down like a spider's web to reduce the burden of work.

[Bone Trolleys] are used for transporting small amounts of products. They are made from black skeletons which made them easy to make and easy to control. If only given an order they would move automatically to the right place.

Large [Skeleton Trains] were used for bigger amount of products, this solved the inpending problem of transporthing our products.

The rails themselves were made with the help of the dwarfs.

Originally the dwarfs were ordered to mine for minerals. They knew that the transport of miners and minerals was going to be important for the efficiency of the mine and made some kind of rails. (12)

Using those rails as a prototype, the current system of rails and trolleys was made by trial-and-error.

History has preserved quite a few examples of the great use of such structures, this kind of mines still exist to this day.

When I was looking for a convenient way to transport goods on the basis I was lucky because among the dwarfs appeared familiar with the methods of construction and operation of rail and truck designs. I think I do not use [Luck] there.

The dwarfs use black skeletons as driving force to lessen the stress on themselves.

At the moment all the facilities at our base were connected by the rails, this made the movement between them much easier and faster.

The "Factory" makes the products we sell at our shops. Non-battle personnel, those unable to fight on the front line and black skeletons are used as labor force.

The black skeletons were used at the assembly line and the non-battle personnel and those unable to fight had works such as monitoring and commodity check.

Of course the black skeletons were not skilled enough to make delicate products like magic potions, but for the less delicate product they were skilled enough. (10*)

Receiving detailed instructions, the black skeletons showed their worth as industrial machines for the manufactured goods. The goods they make are of good quality and could be sold at a cheap price and since their workflow is stable this made very solid source of income. Because they need no rest, salary and food I began to think the black skeletons were more suitable at the assembly line than at the front.

Incidentally, these basic manufactured products were about the same quality as in the "Workshop".

Furthermore, there appeared a significant increase in the number of our member who live in "Residential land".

A lot of members were living in the "Former Mine", but since the population has increased from a few dozen to a few thousand a newer and bigger "Residential Land" was necessary.

Since a lot of different races live together the houses differ a lot. Some were made of wood while others were made from bricks, stone or even thick cloth. Not only is there a difference in buildingmaterial, there also is a difference in building style. There are houses that looked like the ones in Sternbild Kingdom, Kirika Empire, Atarakua Demon Empire and Beeast Kingdom.

And even if the style is the same, depending on the size of occupants, the sizes were very different.

In these houses live the representatives of various races, comparable in size with the Minotaur, respectively, and their homes they are huge. But while passing those you could see  relatively small houses belonging to creatures such as Cat Fairies.

Despite the apparent chaos they were all pretty well sorted and the general atmosphere in the "Residential Land" is very harmonious. It looks like a medium-sized city which was in harmony with nature.

It's a major change.

Located around the mountain, which has become the center of our base, external areas were completely surrounded by huge solid, magical fortified walls, similar to the improved version of the one that were there before.

Besides the big innovations there are some smaller ones. We now have a "Shopping Street". Here they sell food, necessary items and products that are useful for training. Since it is not an important facility, I won't go into detail about it. 

While I walked around the base it looked more and more like a city.

Looking around while walking made me feel emotional.

In addition, it only took a few months for the base to grow this big. Honestly, I did not expect this.

Normally it is an impossible growth rate, this is the first time this kind of development took place. I can't helped but to think so. But here live selected representatives of differen races which all had different useful skills and abilities. By my influence they used those abilities at the right place, that's why the base could develop this quick.

Using black skeletons as the labor force, our homebase has become like a fortress city. It is like that, but in fact, it seems very illogical. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.

"Well, good" the Tomboy Princess said with glee full blast. Oh well. I spent the whole day with my lovely kids. That in itself makes this day not bad.

Copr94' Cleaning Corner

(1) Words can be conveyed but feelings are sometimes to hard to covey in words.

(2) This was a realy strange sentence so I changed it a little bit to let it make more sense. If it is strays to much from the original content please change it back. Which is for things, whom is for people.

(3) The Princess is saying these things.

(4) I changed the order of the sentences and phrased them a bit different to let them make more sense.

(5) The Holy Kingdom is making preperations for the war against Rou, not Parabelum.

(6) Changed [World of Evil] to [Enemy of Peace] for continuality and because it makes more sense.

(7) The relationship between the Princess and Rou isn't the cause or purpose of the [Holy War], but it could be seen as opposing it.

(8) She is like a kid, not like a baby.

(9) Treason is mostly used for betraying your country or a trustee. Technically it is correct but betrayal itself seems more appropiate to me.

(10*) I changed the phrasing a bit to make it flow better.

(11) The phrasing didn't make any sense.

(12) I added some words to make it more sensible.

From Of course the black skeletons were not skilled enough to make delicate products like magic potions, but for the less delicate product they were skilled enough. I changed a lot of phrasing. It was a real mess.


Day 264

Our comrades still haven't returned from their trip so we couldn't arrange a banquet yet.

So after we had done the morning workout, we had to reassign the care of the former "uninvited guests," who became the "invited guests", Tomboy Princess to Auro and company, who were having a good relationship with her, and after that I secluded myself with the Sisters in the kitchen.

"It's not like that and it's not like this too" our debates are overlapping.

Because we have so many ingredients, we proceed to start our trial and error, and decide what to do in order to get the best dishes from the dragon meat.

But this is quite difficult. 

What is the most delicious part of the dragon? What is the best method to cook it with? What are the missing ingredients? What kind of utensils and tools does this thing require? You must know a lot of this thing.

Because we have many things which we still lack, it looks like we can't make an optimized way to cook this.

But we're not going to stop our efforts in trying to make the best meat of the dragon, even tastier.

Eating is life. Life is eating. 

Since this is an important thing, it is clear that there is nothing better than something tasty.

Thus, we are able to invest our strength in this case.

I can't spend all my time only with the Sisters, I can't leave Blacksmith-san, Alchemist-san, Female Knight and Doriane-san alone.

Taking the time to take a break, I go to their places and check their condition.

First, I visit Blacksmith-san's place.

Blacksmith-san, by using a large variety of magical metal, my halberd was enhanced and improved to the extent that it couldn't be compared to its previous state. And I judge many weapons which were made by skillful dwarves.

At first glance, it was clear that her skills certainly increased, so much that she couldn't be compared with her previous stage. Surprised by her unexpected growth, we started the inspection of my comrades' equipment, and we inspected the mass produced equipment too, which would be sold in stores. After the inspection, I asked whether there were any problems.

In response, I have learned that before there was a problem with the delivery of a variety of metal magic, but thanks to the work of the supply service it has been solved.

Personally, I wish that they, along with dwarves, continued to develop it further to ensure the quality.

In addition, Oniwaka (Blacksmith-san's son), is also interested in blacksmithing and during the lessons he made a knife.

It was his first time, so we cannot say his skill was good, but because you still need to learn from it, I also praised the knife.

But Oniwaka wasn't pleased with his work, and he hides that knife out of embarrassment.

Because of that, I laughed with Blacksmith-san.

Then, I proceed to Alchemist-san.

She was making magic potions that couldn't be made by the black skeletons in the "Factory".

Blending the solution, processing materials and entrusting to the others the production of some part, which anyone can do if they have the  appropriate knowledge for that, she does the most important processes.

Among our products, comparatively to the expensive potions, the potions made by Alchemist-san are very popular. As expected, even though her potions were inferior to [Artifact]-class potions, her potions still sold very well.

I help as much as I can, and after that I watch over them.

Alchemist-san's technique is undergoing extraordinary changes, and I'm never tired of admiring her gently making magic potions.

We can say that a woman at work has her own charm.

Next I went to the place of Redhead and Female Knight, who were training.

And, making them pair up, I have them train with me lightly.

Becoming a member of the [18 Demonic Warlords] and receiving the title of [Brilliant Mercy Righteous Knight] and [Red Deadly Fury], they are now able to fight with me, but only when I hold back.

Unlike Redhead, who received a very significant increase in her body capability, looks like Female knight gained the ability to control  [The Light of Mercy], which can be used to the target mind and body.

Anyone touched by [Light of Mercy] will be robbed from their own strength. A type of ability which inflicts Bad Status.

I tried it on myself, and it looks like the more time it took, the more sever the effect would be.

Gradually, it shaved my will to fight, and I felt like my power was draining  away from me.

The appearance of this light is like a noble golden aura that covers your entire body. If you see it for the first time, it is very difficult to determine if this light has a bad effect or not.

Deceived by this light appearance, maybe enemies will only lose more and more power the longer they fight.

In the battle, when the slightest difference in the state can decide the outcome, I find this ability very formidable.

For now she still handles [Light of Mercy] very poorly because she still inexperienced, but it's still capable to cover the prey and person body.

But when she will become adapted to [Light of Mercy], probably she could extend the range of the spread.

Obviously, this it is necessary to be cautious to not make a friendly fire, but if she can control it very carefully, she can fight with a high-class opponent. 

Personally, I have ways to counter it, but without it, Female Knight will become a very troublesome enemy.

The training continued for some time, and at the end Akitainu joined the training who become a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] [Loyal Samurai Dog] with Redhead and Female Knight. [King of Demonic Bears] Kumajirou and [Emperor Black Wolf] Kurosaburou also sprinkled with training.

Like Kumajirou and Kurosaburou, Akitainu evolved from [Kobold Samurai] in the [Kobold Shogun].

(was some weird text here so i believe there used to be a picture here, probaly of the shogun kobold but it is now text indicating that it has probally been deleted)

In the days of [Kobold Samurai], Akitainu was like a beastman with the upper part of the body like a middle-aged man. Becoming [Kobold Shogun], he had a vivid scarlet armor of black color in the old Japanese style, covering the entire body, a biological armor. His main weapon was the spear with a live cross, crescent-shaped tip. [Crescent 'moon spear]'

However, his body resembles a much larger version of a conventional kobold.

Now his brutal appearance was more impressive then an average ogre.

Characteristic for predators, sharp look scoured in search of prey, sharp claws ripped the ground. If he howls, only by the sound, the weaklings will lose any fighting spirit.

But not strong enough to induce fear.

Not only possessing animal instincts and physical ability, but high intelligence, and outstanding combat technique, he can control other kobolds like his own hands with command ability.

With personal and command abilities Kobold Shogun, he could easily tear the Lords and dragonkin to death.

There were records about how Kobold shogun, leading the tens of thousands of fellow kobolds to destroy a small country.

He could not only cause huge damages, depleting the army of neighboring countries, but also depriving [the hero], contracts for the destruction of his hands, and his three companions, but before he dies he is still here walking around cracking jokes ( he is wanted now in some places, the shogun)

In some cases, representatives of this race, even becoming dungeon, for example in one of the dungeons "A couple De Rama" a very high level.

That's just this very Akitainu in front of me, happily wagging tails and bright eyes glistened. He was bigger than me in size, but still, Akitainu for me looked like a friendly puppy.

His every action is simply affection to me. It was so touching.

In the days of the kobold samurai, it looked a little strange, but now it looks very similar to what it was, even hugging and patting does not cause strange moral contradictions.

Like a pet, Akitainu [Loyal Samurai Dog] until the Lord is loyal (in this case me) all his abilities significantly increased.

Before training, as a reward for his efforts in the service, I gave him a magical item, such as a long sword [ancient] class [War Wolf celestial moon], because of this training, among the five members who are participating the training, Akitainu was perhaps the strongest.

In a short time, he may well achieve power equal to a [legendary hero]. Many of his blows were quick and his punches are heavy.

Looking at the growth of Akitainu , my face broke into a smile in anticipation of [holy war].

Upon completion of training, I went to Doriane-san.

Today, I have come to dip in a hot spring, but I caught Father Elf , who is now taking oil massage.

I even thought that all his greatness was an illusion, because as his face was very relaxed.

Well it is better not to dig too deep.

Everyone has one or two weaknesses.

Having made a circle again, I sat down to study cooking, and then I went to the hot springs again. At this time, in order not to repeat the shameful mistakes, I just got into swimming.

Hot Springs are the best! 


Day 265

Some of the comrades who were out of the forest, returned to the base today.

But some still remained missing. Because of the distance or because of the convenience they have taken missions. In general, the reasons were different.

I'm all tied up, and the latest group, without any error, will arrive in a few days.

Because we knew the details through contract, it was easy to make a plan, and we started training, so any time we can start a feast.

At this time, the participants have to order more so the workforces have excess because of the preparation was process without delay.

So I decided to finish first with the case, which was no less important than the banquet.

Put simply, a fighting festival championship.

As expected, the strength of our business - that's it! These thoughts still remained, because to determine the position of a fight is inevitable.

So far, the spread of forces was quite high, but the positions have simply no change.

Since, I decide not to miss the opportunity when gathering the comrades together so the tournament was held in the «external training field».

This time, the fighting involved only members of all significantly increased, thanks to this show was truly spectacular.

The result of the tournament:

1st Redhead

2nd Akita - name of Kobold Leader (Akitainu)

3rd Desolation Spirit Panda (Kumajirou)

4th Hell Cerberus (Kurosaburou)

5th Gladiator King

6th Female Knight

7th Fire Lord-kun

8th Female Samurai

9th Auro

10th Argento

11th Kumakichi

12th Ramura-san (first Lightning dragonewt)

13th Isuha-san (Lightning armored insectoid (might be the Female Mantis from Day 124 sidestory))

14th Monkey Boss

15th Rinbo-san (Dullahan)

16th Wind Lord-chan

And others. Such are the results.

Depending on the combinations of opponents, perhaps they would have been completely different, but still very reasonable result.

This time, I, Minokichi-kun as well as other [8 Demonic Generals], due to the obvious difference in strength, did not participate, and the Avenger and Rusty Iron Knight have not returned so the results came out that way.

I did not think Redhead would have won, she really has gotten herself stronger.

Of course there were other changes in the ranking of power, but still, it's all good will to increase our combat capability.

Due to the fact that there were a lot of participants, the festival battles lasted until late.


Day 266

Yesterday we had the individual battles. For today, for the sake of improving teamwork and leadership skills, matches will be formed in groups of 4, 9 and 49 with a commander. We have the team competition duel.

(matches will be groups of the commander plus 4, 9 and 49 individual.)

The biggest was a battle of top 99 commanders of subordinates. In itself, this training was different from yesterday, a show of individual force.

In each of these battles, weapons and armor were made of wood, which grows in the great forest.

But with only this one material, it surpassed mediocre steel strength.

All particles of clones in the ear barrette were replaced by clones [violent god] that automatically blocked fatal strokes, while if the slightest sign of life remained, it would be cured by Seiji-kun and the company, because the battle would likely be very fierce.

Even in the battles 5 vs 5, the pride of the group was at stake, and the more they fought, the more this same pride was at stake.

The last battle carried 100 vs 100. Here the most numerous goblins and hobgoblins mixed together, to fight head-on with ogres and the insectoid.

Riding the black wolves and Triple Horned Horses were Goblin and Hobgoblin riders, who, using their agility, loaded fast attack and thanks to the elves' skirmisher training, were just shooting arrows on the move, right in the opponent's weak spots.

Frontal attack, heavily armed dragonewts and centaurs charged and smashed enemy ranks.

And to secure the front line, at the forefront of fighting, the Mages, arranging Air Sea flares appearing collision battle magic from rear to fought for destruction and annihilation

At the forefront the fractures were common. Broken teeth were quite natural under the heavy blows which can even easily tear internal organs, and unless you are lucky, you can easily lose your eyes from flying stones or fragments and there was great chance to be crushed by the blast from the terrible spell in the air collisions.

There might be an overwhelming body gap who were stepping on the body on the ground and get crushed, it often occurred. [?]

It would not be surprising if they were dead. Moreover, normally, certainly there would be several tens of corpses. But thanks to the strengthening of my clones, and the excellent team work of Seiji-kun, despite the huge number of wounded, no one was killed. We were able to maintain the situation.

Maybe this method was too cruel, but even without weapons, the result would have been exactly the same. For the leaders' group of 5 people and 10 people, yesterday's promotion received its increase, so it was their last test.

At first we made the team randomly, to see whether they had the ability to reach the position but in the end, having gained combat experience, their management took proper shape.

But as expected, most of the leaders, groups of 5 people and 10 people, were commanders in the day.

However, many individuals have reached their limit but were not be able to [evolve]. They were many among the commanders group of 5 people and 10 people. They train themselves by honing their skills with experience, rather than increasing its level. That is something cannot be measured in terms of level.

To go through this obstacle, I hope that they can get the skills worthy of their rank.

Incidentally, Father Elf and Daughter Elf had arrived at the time of our training and they were very shocked. As expected, Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight were just at a loss of words for such a spectacle.

Well, nothing can be done.

Although it is barbaric, such training is essential. 


Day 267

Before the morning workout. Only the sun has risen, so I went for a walk alone in the Kuuderun Great Forest.

Even by doing nothing, from just my presence, all the living animals fled in fear like cockroaches. So I freely visited many different places.

All of the great forest was already on my mental map, so it was easy to find all the places where I hunted.

The place where I first killed a Horned Rabbit, the place where I met Doriane-san, the place where I saved the kidnapped Daughter Elf. Everything was stored until I went to memorable places. Different memories flooded me.

At the same time I felt a kind of nostalgia, but it was something new.

All this is because, at the moment, the great forest has grown considerably.

Thanks to our natural hot springs magical power, the rate of growth of the great forest throughout the surrounding territory has increased significantly.

As a result, there was a race that appeared that was not there before, as well as senior representatives of the races that formerly lived here.

The number not only increased but also the quality, compared to the past, there is no doubt.

Now you can get the best materials here, and it is much easier to raise your level. For us to live here is not such a bad thing.

Moreover, due to this the probability that our base is detected has decreased.

Of course you need to watch out for adventurers who come to explore, but this is not a problem.

For a while, walking through the great changed landscape of the forest, I was curious and I looked into the cave in which we were born.

Arriving at the place, I silently crept to the entrance. I noticed almost no difference from the constitution of goblins that was here before to the small orcs that lived presently.

Apparently, after we moved to a new location, this place was left without owners, and was inhabited by roving orcs.

Watching them for a while, I realized that this tribe came here from the outside of the great forest.

In their conversation they slipped a mixed dialect that is unfamiliar language in this area. Besides, the small orcs were very weak subspecies of the race and having a natured personality, but they are rather skillful and intelligent.

Conventional orcs prefer raw meat, and small orcs eat fruits and berries, as well as soup made from roots and meat. That is, at least they are skillful enough to cook tasty (at least for small Orcs) food.

Preparing a meal on the fire is in itself quite a shocking ability, but in addition they made their own clothes and armor made of cloth and skins, produced by monsters, so they could hunt, as well as they used spears made of [Steel Rose Hips] long wooden sticks tied to rusty daggers. Which had their peaks covered with purple paralyzing venom.

After some observation, I noticed that their leader is a magician, and was slightly unusual. Maybe even a representative of the [Subspecies].

Becoming a furious god, for the sake of the orc version, I did not lift a finger, but by itself it looks quite interesting.

It is not known what will be in the future, so I left them with one of my clones for spying.

Also, I sent some newborn hobgoblins to spy them, because watching them can be quite interesting.

Perhaps if the orcs appeared here there might be other neighbors, who might be willing to trade with us or the elves. Therefore, I decided to look for other residents of the great forest.

I returned quite late to the base, and almost immediately went to sleep.

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting]: [Supporting Character] [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] have encountered [Main Character] Ace Sven Sigurd Avenger]

[[Yatendouji] activate ability [Fate Stealer]]

[The fate of [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] falls under the power of [Yatendouji]]

[[Cavalier Defender] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[[Usurper] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[Decision to release special abilities for both belongs to [Yatendouji]]

[Would you release them right now?]


This is...

Well for starters I chose "No".


Day 268

As usual, immediately after I went for a morning workout, to expend some energy, I had breakfast cooked by the sisters.

Finally, all of the missing groups had returned to base.

The last group that arrived was Avenger , Rusty Iron Knight , and Scarface . The reason for their delay was the mission to eliminate the bandits and dangerous monsters in a variety of places so it was fine. 

During their return, they traveled through several small villages and towns. On the way, they destroyed 4 large gangs of robbers, two medium-sized clans of robbers, and killed 6 boss-level monsters as well as countless little things and small fry. 

Not only that, on the way, they found a new dungeon and conquered it, bringing a large number of magical items.

It's all good, but I had a little doubt about what to do with the detected message yesterday relating to its subsidiary characters. 

Both of them are still children in their teens. 

The [Cavalier Defender] was a blue-eyed blonde beautiful girl, and the [Usurper] was an unnecessarily pale, emaciated ordinary boy, but his eyes were full of bright light.

In the words of the Avenger, when they were on the border during the regular raids to destroy the monsters, they accidentally rescued them from the den of monsters. They were likely to be eaten, apparently there are various and complicated circumstances.

For those reasons it would be necessary to deal with them. 

At the moment, the pair more or less trusted Avenger and company, who saved them, but in relation to the rest, they were very wary. They didn't make a commotion, but are constantly on the lookout.

Well, maybe they're just afraid of us. For now I will leave it alone. 

The kids may be worth something and I sent them to the Solitude group, so that they could become useful. Well for now, in order to prevent their betrayal, I put the ear clips on both of them, and just like the [Flame Witch] and [Merciful Maiden], set them as Avenger's subordinates. 

Once I dealt with the troublesome talk, everyone finally came together, and we immediately started preparing for the banquet.

Although by large, almost everything has been done, there was only a mere trifle.

Before the evening we finished with this, and successfully started the holiday.

The food here was from the sea and was of such high quality that not even most nobles could afford it. The barrels from a variety of well-known manufacturers were stood in a row. These barrels were acquired and stored by the members who have been veterans until now. The scale of the unrestricted binge was unprecedented, the base was turned into a festival at once. 

The banquet at the center of the number of participants is in the thousands scale and it was big enough to be compared to the banquet at the Royal Capital. Some time after the beginning, our homebase fell into chaos. 

Accidentally, newcomers that came were Father Elf, Daughter Elf, and some leaders of the elves, in which they did not have time to escape, and were involved in this festive commotion.

As a result, the feast lasted until morning.


Day 269

Once again, we drank the night away.

The surrounding scene was very similar, it was the same as at the house in the capital, except the group from the capital had gained experience from that night's drinking, and I knew how I should behave and deal with them. 

I cannot say that they got used to it, but the fact that they already knew what to expect allowed me to easily instruct them to clean after the banquet. After making our way through a field strewn with bodies drunk on sake, we went to the [Hot Springs of the Fierce God]. 

At this time I went with Kanami-chan.

The [Hot Springs of the Fierce God] here was special, reserved only for management, as it was impossible to get there without authorization or without being a special guest of the host (i.e. me). In spite of this, the bath was divided by gender, but we decided to enjoy a dip together. 

The [Hot Bath Fierce God] can not only easily removed fatigue but also had the effect of slightly increasing the magical force stored within the body.

During its use, it opened onto a superb view of the mountain morning that shows even more splendor. 

We enjoyed a morning bath, and eventually one of the special guests came in, the Boy Knight . 

The Boy Knight had a towel around his waist. Although he is still young (though when you consider that, my new self is still less than a year old), he had a trained body of a warrior, arms covered with rigid muscles, and there was not an ounce of useless fat on the boy. 

His broad shoulders show all the effort that he has put in his own development, and his sharp eyes are full of strong will.

He was still in the transition to adulthood, but I felt that the Boy Knight will definitely become very strong. 

Maybe he felt embarrassed, due to the fact that I had been considering him so carefully or his noticing the presence Kanami-chan (8 of 9 that this is the reason), but he blushed and quickly plunged almost entirely in [Hot Springs of the Fierce God].

Almost immediately, his face took on a blissful expression. After enjoying this paradise on earth for a while, he turned to me and started talking. 

In his words, the Tomboy Princess wanted to talk to me face to face. The Boy Knight came here in order to convey this message. Having come as a messenger of the court, while enjoying the hot springs, one could suspect him of carelessness, but that's not important. 

It is highly probable that this secret conversation will be related to the imminent [Holy War]. I thought it was time, so it wasn't much of a surprise. 

Pulling out of the item box [Demonic Alcohol [Lunar Cherry Drop]], pouring it into glasses, I drank with Kanami-chan. 

(ED: Why would this be Sort of Demonic Alcohol? Is it only 140% proof or something? - Gluttony)

Thinking about how all this sake will come back, we have enjoyed an excellent drink. 

After the Boy Knight left, we have some time to enjoy the hot springs, and then went to the meeting place arranged with Tomboy Princess. 

The venue was the large building located in the "Residential Land". Due to the size and luxury, one might think that the royal family lived here. It was my personal residence. 

Though I personally like small cozy houses suited for a family of medium size, rather than huge ornate mansions. 

But standing as the head, I have to be worthy of the residence.

The place of residence at a glance can tell you about the power and wealth of the owner. 

Every comrade that submits to a neighbor living as they are will likely serve as living in a huge mansion. 

(ED: Basically, everyone judges their standard of living based on how big the house they live in is? The boss man should have the biggest house? I dunno.)

So my house has become a huge mansion.

At the moment, I live here with Kanami-chan, Redhead , Blacksmith-san and the company of children.

The household is upkept with maids and black skeletons, we'll leave it at that. 

In this mansion, Tomboy Princess came exactly at the designated time. 

Her hair was beautifully cleaned and her face had a little makeup. On her dress was a sophisticated design, covered with precious stones, each the size of a finger. I've seen her inthis outfit a few times. 

Radiating morale, Tomboy Princess enjoyed tea made by a high elf and ate sweets that had been successfully produced on the industrial scale, based from honey, fruits, and berries collected in the great forest.

At the same time her face was no different from her usual self, she smiled broadly, enjoying the sweets. 

Then she changed completely unexpectedly. Not only her posture, but her eyes became completely different. Now she was no longer my niece. 

Before me sat a future representative of the royal family, this person had the biggest chance to become the full-fledged queen, Princess Rubiria Eisu Faure Shuterunberto. The conversation was long, but to sum it all up, from the Lumen Holy Kingdom, a request came asking for help in the removal of Obarou, a global enemy.

The Sternbild Kingdom has just survived a civil war but dismissed it as almost impossible. Besides, the request concerns eliminating a creature of the class [Divine Disaster]. To think of it normally, the global scale of the threat would necessitate participation. But taking action against Obarou is seriously unthinkable.

In this vein, the battle against the Holy kingdom looks much more realistic. But to do so it is impossible for the number given to each side.

"I dispatched [Heroes] to reject the call of the [Holy Kingdom], and I would like you to at least ensure that the royal [Heroes] safely return. In exchange, I promise inside information and adequate remuneration."

Maybe the conversation was long, but considering that it was necessary to discuss ethnic relations, the economic situation, combat capabilities, personal conflicts, it was still quite short.

Although radiating royal aura, the Tomboy Princess, with her sour smile, because there was no difficult discussion of the details, quickly adopted the treaty. 

Discussion of details and awards took only about an hour. 

After that, the Tomboy Princess was exhausted more than usual.

Because both of us were exhausted from the long discussion we just had, the two of us decided to head to the [Hot Springs of the Fierce God] for relaxation.

Along the way to the bath we met Kanami-chan and Boy Knight. Coincidentally after meeting Kanami-chan we also met Minokichi-kun after he had finished the training, along with Redhead and the company.

At the hot springs, we had a small continuation of the banquet. Afterwards each went about their own business. 

I also have my duties, so I went to the "Airport" 

There, I sent envoys to various countries, then engaged in routine work and finally got to bed.

[Currently the fate of [Witch of Mystic Flame] [Cavalier Defender] [Usurper] and [Merciful Maiden] belong to [Yatendouji]] 

[[Mystical Flames Witch] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[[Merciful Maiden] confirmed to be in awakened state] 

[[Cavalier Defender] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[[Usurper] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[Decision to release the special abilities for all belongs to [Yatendouji]]

[Would release them right now?]

"Yes or No"

Before, I typically chose "No". But this time, I probably will choose "Yes".

Although I have only known the four of them for a short amount of time. During my observations, the four have not given any signs of bad impression.

Especially, if they rebel, I can quickly suppress them, but in the future they will come in handy for combat potential.

["Yes" has been selected] 

[Awakening [Usurper] confirmed] 

[Awakening [Cavalier Defender] confirmed] 

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting] the awakening of all the auxiliary characters confirmed]

[All abilities of [Mystical Flame Witch], [Merciful Saint], [Cavalier Defender], and [Usurper] will be released] 

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting] enters the next stage]


Day 270

Yesterday I sent out messengers, they safely reached the Sternbild Kingdom, the Lumen Holy Kingdom, the Atarakua Demon Empire, and the Beast Kingdom, as well as a variety of smaller countries on the other side. As a result, the response was dramatic.

Because of the slightly scary content of this letter, small countries fell into chaos, and large countries like the Lumen Holy Kingdom and the Atarakua Demon Empire reacted very calmly.

As expected, the majority of messengers had been killed on the orders of the heads of state.

They were killed for the sake of a simple prank, but they are quite suitable for the analysis of the enemy's combat potential. It will be a good idea to send more messengers again, to those countries that had killed them for further analysis of their combat potential.

Well, I'll explain how neither one of the other day.

Now is the time to prepare for the [Holy War].

Therefore, in order to achieve our goals. We all left the base and went in different directions.

Some went to the Kingdom, some went to Labyrinth Cities, and some went to other countries.

Those who are gaining experience to a new level, those who have honed their skills in combat, and those who are entrusted with shops, trying to lift the sales, the goals were very different, but the overall objective was to prepare for the [Holy War].

Gathering for [Holy War], it threatened to become very fierce.

Therefore I tried to prepare as much as possible to raise our chances of winning.

Although regretting parting with [Hot Bath Fierce God], I, along with Kanami-chan and the kids returned to the house in the Sternbild Kingdom.

We returned by flying using Tatsushirou so we almost immediately got back.

Tomboy Princess enjoyed heartily her first flight in the sky and Boy Knight turned blue and shook the whole time. Apparently the poor man had a fear of heights.

The Princess forcefully dragged him to the window, which made him give a sour smile, and I prayed silently to myself that he's not sick.

Incidentally, in the Sternbild Kingdom's Royal Capital Osvel rejoiced almost the same team, but this time with us was Avenger and his 4 auxiliary characters.

From now on, I will personally engage in training Avenger.

Before, I was quite busy so Avenger traveled to many places, gaining experience by fighting with different monsters, but this came to an end.

Generalized Avenger day is not so far.

I intend to carry out enhanced training, so he can become strong in a short time. 

Well, all this starting from tomorrow. So the rest are resting in house. We had nourished the excellent talent.

Today, I have to deal with the affairs of Skopje during my vacation.

With the Princess and the Boy Knight, I went to the palace, along with souvenirs for the First Queen. Then head buried in routine work, but as darkness fell, crawled into bed.

Tomorrow, there will be a lot of things going on. But there is a chance that a new snack and drink that I haven't tried yet will be available. So I will be looking forward to the meeting, especailly those snacks and drinks. Soon afterwards I had fallen fast asleep.


[History of the World [Dark Legends] sixth chapter [The Coming of the Divine Scourge Gluttony], the conditions of release executed by more than 1/3.

In fulfillment of the conditions of release, it was possible to promote.

The first paragraph of [The Aura of Thunder Demon], second paragraph [Saving Presence], third paragraph [Next Word Dragon], fourth paragraph [The Earth of Beginning].

Currently it is possible to release the world's history [Dark Legends] sixth chapter [Coming Divine Scourge Gluttony].

Do you want to release?

"<Yes> <No>"

This is...

Well for starters I chose "No".