Re:Monster Day 271-280 / Chapters List

Day 271

This morning wasn't refreshing at all.

It was cloudy and by afternoon it seemed to be on the verge of raining.

Whether it will rain or not, we can't be certain but judging from my experience, it is better to act on the assumption that it will.

I took some time to execute some previously signed contracts and shift some of the remaining resposibilitlies on to the assistants. From today on I'll seriously train Avenger and company. I had planned to give them a devilish training match, but somehow nothing strange happened. ~Changed up to this point for minor punctuation and clarity. Reworked some content that didn't make sense - Please check if it matches the RAW - Lexoh

Because Avenger is the [Hero of the Sunlight], in such cases, it should be clear sunny weather.

Oh, does this mean that dreams do come true for Avenger.

If it happened to me, it becomes a problem. By signing the contract, if in the end all else fails, the whole plan will come to nothing.

Because this could not happen, for their sake, I will kill all human feelings I have and prepared their special menu.

In any case you need to prepare for Avenger and company, that all went smoothly. True, in fact once you do not know what might happen.

Due to the impending Holy War, being well prepare is much better, to be prepared for unexpected situations.

Therefore, in order to achieve our goal, it is necessary to change the workout plan if something were to happen. The spirit of the [God of Sunlight] also seems dim but was able to understand. It warned not to be careless, ambushes lurk in unexpected places.

As I thought about it, in the dark clouds overhead, a gap in thick occur; I  withness a moment of light on the mansion insert the moning sun from there like the bay lighthouse.

You would think that the [God of Sunlight] thus decided to send me a message.

Naturally, there was a great chance of coincidence. Worldwide, this often happens without any reason. In addition, it would be okay for [Supreme God], but for the [Sun God] is unlikely to know about my thoughts and make a joke.

The blessing in this world, the [Gods] are not omnipotent.

Well, what would have been the truth, the mansion, only flooded with sunlight throughout the city, a pretty good show. Old landscape in a new light, I was a little touched.

Even the mood was better, enjoying the scene the most appropriate with Avenger and company, I decided to start the first phase of training.

After receiving such a gift, as expected "full speed ahead".

As I thought about it again, I delayed because of the clearance clouds. But my resolve has not changed from that.

Thus, I shone the morning workout to Avenger and company.

In addition, I received a report from the [Trade Demons], and it is going to rain , so first I need to at least make sure of their abilities.

Making sure is not difficult. From early morning till noon without a break, they had military training with me.

I alone against five.

As usual, even melee with me could become fatal but we have done without it.

Armed with my cursed spear, my red spear, the halberd improved by Blacksmith-san and created with the [supreme materialization equipment] guerrillas. With four spear style will be all right.

As expected, because of the severity and urgency [Hisperiol] that I returned to Avenger repulsing something other than red spears, was likely to damage the weapon, which is why trying to avoid it, I just took a couple of body blows.

I had certainly felt the hits I was taking, but because of the living armor, which absorbed most of the impact  I did not received serious damage. But with an extremely strong Overlord body like mine, I do not even need to use any abilities.( ED: Original Sentence: With an extremely strong body Overlord, you do not even need to use the ability).

The attack was not at full strength, but a pained expression appeared on the face of the Avenger, then he started to attack me even more. In response, I drove it in the red mud with a spear.

To sum up the purpose of the training. Avenger has become much stronger, as a [Hero] should, absorbing everything he was taught.

But I, too, became much stronger. The result of the match was obvious.

Having finished with my red spear attack, I almost unilaterally showered him with blows, covering his entire body a variety of serious wounds.

Although the fight was one-sided, if I were distracted by someone other than the Avenger, then the Avenger may have beaten me. In other words he has become stronger.

This time, all four of his companions launched their attacks at me but they were easily deflected by my three spears.

Each of them were hard and fast, but not enough to distract me, throwing flares and explosions, with my level, what they are doing will not distract me so there is no difference.

As I released their abilities yesterday, they received substantial overall gain, plus a huge racing opportunities in a particular area related to their specialization.

At this level, they are far superior than local monsters or royal elite. But with all this, it is still not even enough to leave me with a scratch.

They are still not hatched chicks. Anyway, I proceeded to mercilessly hammer them into the dirt.

At the moment because of the rain,  I had stopped the training, the four exhausted, lying on the ground, bathed in sweat.

Avenger, although moving more or less was still on his feet, but lost nearly all his power and speed, and is in a pretty pathetic state. Despite that, the [Main Character of Psalm] and [Supporting Characters] showed strength and dignity .

I think they are very gifted with talent and tenacity.

So deal with it, I need to deal with other cases, because of which I was contacted by a demon trader. The capital we have left a few days ago for a time normally should not be any big changes.

Maximum "This product is necessary to raise the price" for example, or "invent a new outfit, whether to put up for sale?".

I thought so ...

Perhaps I underestimated the ability of trade demons.

Looking at the report, a satisfied smile appeared on my face.

Trade demon in such a short time managed to conclude an agreement with one extremely wealthy merchant and fully absorb his company and thanks to the work behind the scenes, was able to significantly expand our customer network, the extending reach right up to the neighboring countries.

As a result, store profit increased by five times which well reflected (paralleled)  the state "Parabellum". And besides, its scope is still expanding.

There is a slight confusion as a result of the many changes, but thanks to the pre-written manual, chaos arose.

That was the report.

To begin with, the project for which a couple of years, thanks to the manipulation behind the scenes, all trade in the capital will go into our hands "The idea of ​​trading a demon. The plan to seize the cash flows of the capital of the kingdom" was stopped.

Unfortunately it would not be very good in relation to the current owner (Tomboy Princess). If you perform it, it is not necessary here, you can do it on someone else's territory. Why antagonize friendly forces.

However, trapped in our possession, as a result of non-payment of debts, suicides owners or selling stores, I plan to use as the rest.

Returning to the theme "What is it? The horror! So an excellent worker, just terrible!".

Of course, this played a big part of me received by clones information about some fraudulent fees from the merchant, whose state has been absorbed, but the right to use such information without the noise plots and contrive, with all of these effectively driving after absorption, it's just terrible.

The shock was such as if a small company office suddenly became a huge corporation.

If the stamp of an industrial scale, the subjugation of the continent's economy would be possible. That's just their life, compared with ordinary people, rather small. Well, in that case it will be enough just to create new ones.

No, heredity still exists because it is necessary to think about many things.

Considering the changes in the plans, I looked at the pouring rain outside the window. Something he broke. Until tomorrow,it probably will not pass.

Falling into a sentimental mood, I took up the plan for the mass production of [Trade Demons].

I think a lot of things happening, and I can only pray for their victims.


Day 272

This morning the rain is pouring.

Well, if it happened, I, along with the Avenger and company went to a training ground where I used the [All Creation], to increase the force of gravity to 3 times its normal, in order to prepare it for today's exercise.

With the mud up to his knees while suffering through the piercing, spear-like rain, the Avenger will fight my newly created monsters.

These monsters are opponents I created as a result of combining [Lesser Summoning: Undead] and [Lesser Summoning: Giants] with [black giant skeleton soldiers] and [Black Giant Skeleton Guard] as well as a [Black Giant Skeleton Archer].

They looked like giants made of black bones and about 4 meters in size.

I could create more, but in a residential area, I have to restrain myself.

Their awfully thick black bones from which they are made are not the least inferior in strength to steel, and not even a few dozen ordinary attacks will leave a scratch on them.

The [Black Giant Skeleton Soldiers] are armed with huge swords and shields. The [Black Bone Skeleton Guard], clad in armor, is wielding a huge shield and heavy armor. Finally there is a [Black Giant Skeleton Archer] with leather armor and a bow  similar in size to a ballista.

This time, I'll manage them personally since their movement has slowed slightly, but in return, thanks my controlling them,  they have come to represent a significant threat and will attack the Avenger and company.


The result was a victory for the Avenger and company.

Quite an expected result, but considering the hostile environment, their losses were considerable in this case.

Terms were not one of those who should meet the body unprotected, because the Avenger and the company suffered a lot in the fight.

Avenger fought in the forefront; [Witch of Mystic Flame] gathered interfering rain and sent it to bomb the enemy; [Cavalier Keeper] using her high mobility and protection to covered comrades; [Usurper] with his abilities to weakened enemy's defense by taking the armor; [Merciful Maiden] treated wounded comrades.

But with all this, their coordination was still weak. After all, they only met a few days ago, so it's better not to expect much yet.

With experience their interaction will be better by increasing efficiency, increasing their combat capability, this is the purpose of combat training.

In the wake of the Giants' defeat, I used [Greater Summoning: Demonkin].

Starting with [Black Ogres] , [Black Orcs] before [Black Boar Orcs], and [Black Minotaurs], amounting to about a hundred.

Thanks to [Greater Summoning: Demonkin], except for a powerful body, summoned monsters are endowed with a sharp mind and armed with a magical artifact.

They have the ability to act independently, driving the Avenger and the company, but apart from that, when they die they give experience points, and leave behind Orbs that you can sell for a high price, bringing us even greater profits.

In addition, using the job [Magician], I have strengthened some of them, so that the battle will not become too monotonous.

After a few hours of fierce battle over the arena, in pouring rain, there was a victorious battle cry. Naturally it came from Avenger and company.

Members initially distant to each other became real comrades.

I did a good job in simulating an actual battle scenario because if you relax here you die.

Thanks to well-chosen conditions, their actions were now harmonious, as if they have fought together for many years.

Avenger lost his beloved and remained alone, but now he has found true mates and has taken another step towards becoming [The Hero Of The Sun], thus becoming stronger.

Lightly touched, thinking of them opening the gates of hell, I could not endow them with warm applause.

To begin with, the initial level of training with this is over, tomorrow we will have activities outside the capital.

[tn: his drill seargent nasty routine is about to enter Hellish Training mode]

Satisfied, I went to sleep.

[ Scarface awakened to 18 Demon Warlords ]

[Title  "Annihilate the Body" will be sent]

[ Female Samurai awakened to 18 Demon Warlords ]

[Title "Sakura Samurai Trader, Royal Samurai" will be sent]

Falling asleep, I heard another announcement.

To begin with, Scarface I get, you can say that he does not lack ability, but what is this? Female Samurai is one of them, quite unexpected.


Day 273

As expected, the training of Avenger and others in the Royal Capital continues.

There was clear weather from the outset and because of this, we decided to go outside the city. When the preparations were finished, I decided to visit the shop to talk to the Female Samurai in person before setting off.

Yesterday she received the title of [Sakura Samurai Trader, Royal Samurai] and because of it, her fighting abilities have increased. As a Samurai Sakura, she can summon cherry blossoms which can be used to attack as well as to blind the enemy. It was quite an unexpected but useful ability. (ED: think of Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach)

The Dance of the Cherry Blossoms was quite a beautiful sight, and at the user's whim, the blossoms can acquire a magical metal hardness which could easily cut steel.

At the same time, they can form an attacking stream from a few hundred to tens of thousands of petals, like a tornado, wrapping around the victim.

In order to defend this overwhelming mass of an attack, you would need to have an exceptionally strong defense; otherwise, trying to avoid it would prove very difficult. At the moment however, the Female Samurai is still trying to get accustomed to controlling their complicated flight paths. If properly taken advantage of, it can become a solid combat capability in the future. 

In addition [Sakura Samurai Trader, Royal Samurai] is also a "Trader", due to its ability to increase trade significantly.

"Trade"  has generally increased her ability in all aspects of trade especially in acquiring the customer's trust and understanding what the customer wants. It has become quite useful.

Of course, while the demons traders are still better, I can't help but think of the potential to be understood in the future. Yes, indeed. The Female Samurai is quite a promising woman. 

Speaking of Female Samurai; just recently, she pleaded to me, asking to "reassign me, please. I can no longer continue the trade domain like this". I wanted to acknowledge her wishes but I pin great hopes on it on this front and because of this, she would have to continue in the trade domain for now.

Naturally as a reward for bringing excellent results, I appointed a deputy in order to support the Female Samurai. Albeit, the deputy will only be around for as long as its life span allows it, but for now, it will do just fine.

Honestly, the fact that the [Master Swordswoman from an Unknown Land], being [Otherworlder] got into my [History] rather surprised me.

At the same time, I began to consider rthe possibility that the [Otherworlders] may be interwoven into the [History] [Characters Stories / Characters Awakened], just as the Female Samurai has been interwoven into mine.

[Otherworlders], by default, are stronger than the ordinary creatures of this world. 

Of course, if you search hard enough, you can find a bunch of creatures that are stronger.

But all [Otherworlders] are strong without exception.

Although, maybe not. One of the [Otherworlder] that got caught by Female Samurai was strong, but he just let himself be killed by a surprise attack. I cannot remember if he even did anything mildly impressive.

Oh well.

For a start,  [Otherworlders] are strong and quite tasty. Of course, knowing the taste of the [Flame Dragon Empress], one cannot be satisfied by it, but it does not change the fact that they are delicious.

With regard to [Heroes], everyone there have [Characters], I have grasped the fact that they have an incredibly fast rate of growth. That is, the [Otherworlders] that have become [mates] should be even tastier than usual [Otherworlders].

A very joyful discovery, but most of all I am glad that before approaching a holy war, we have increased combat capability.

As for Scarface, he got hold of a title [Annihilate the Body] and has changed more than during the [Evolution], acquiring a pretty brutal appearance. Well, with regard to it, I'll talk about that later.

After spending some time on cooking, I, along with Kanami-chan, Avenger and his company, 7 of them left the capital.

As for Redhead, she still has to look after Opushii, but this doesn't pass a lot of time, as for [Auro] and my other child, and this is no longer necessary. Because they have growth enough to look after themselves and they will join us.

Redhead, because of her profession job, which allows her to enhance the ability by eating monsters had grows quite easily. In the place where we were going, according to my calculations, her growth should go even faster.

Minokichi-kun already left to train, and the rest of the squad has something to do, so it will not be any problems.

After leaving the capital for some time, traveling to Skeleton Centipede of the highlands, we headed to a nearby forest.

Making his way among the overgrown trees, and making sure that we were not being followed, I called the Supreme Dragon Tatsushirou. He appeared rather quickly, as he was nearby, and together we flew toward the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

If you ask where the Labyrinth City Aquarium is, I will say that this is the city in which it is located, I conquered the Age of the Gods dungeon [Demigod of Spring Water : Aquarium Forlia].

Currently, the city is controlled by [Atarakua Demon Empire] and stays on its territory. This town is our goal, but in addition I have something what matters in the nearby kingdoms.

Due to high speed flight of the Supreme Dragon Tatsushirou we arrived in Labyrinth City Aquarium by lunchtime. 

As usual, the noisy atmosphere of the city was pretty good, which is why I felt certain nostalgia.

And yet, perhaps because of the fact that I [Evolution (Rank Up)], this time I drew even more attention. But I just ignored everything and went about my business.

Why is it now people fell to their knees, not only representatives of the [Demonic] races, but even here and there? I noticed the silhouette of people praying. Communicate with them was very troublesome, so I just ignored them.

Walking through the streets filled with the voices of merchants smiling, sometimes I looked into some stores to but things, it really please me, and I went to the "Banjo But," in which I stayed before.

Although they take a huge fee for a simple room, but behind it they offer one of the most high-quality service throughout the Labyrinth City [Aquarium], because among the elite dungeon explorers, this place was popular.

At first I thought, what I should do if there were crowded, but luck was on my side, and I got a decent room.

After paying for one day, and having had dinner outside, we immediately went to the Forlia dungeon of the [Demigod of Spring Water].

Although, I say the conquest of the first floor will be engaged by only six people, not including me. [Kanami]-chan will be in the role of an observer, the conquest of the default was [Avenger] and his company. Until they are about to die, [Kanami]-chan will not interfere.

Well, with them was the Hero of Sunlight, so everything should be all right. 

If not, then we will interfere. Well, I think that everything will turn out fine. 

For starters, if they do not win [Warpidron] on the fifth floor before dinner, I told them not to come back. Before dinner, an additional 8 hours, and the shortest way through the floors, I explained to them. Without knowing the details, it would not be very easy, but if it didn't work after telling the shortest way, I will have to switch to a more stringent training.

But Avenger, the Witch fire field, merciful maiden currently quite have sufficient powers for such a reckless assault dungeon.

Of course there are some concerns about surprise attacks and traps, but I warned them about it.

Besides, the yet mature Cavalier Keeper and Usurper could cause problems were armed with decent magic items.

Cavalier Keeper got so high gain for protection, and Usurper item allows him to temporarily take away the ability of the enemy.

In the worst case, before they would die, [Kanami]-chan will help them, so I just have to wait for results.

Sending all the way to today, before the results will be, I have decided to end their cases that needed to be done.

Alone, I went into the dungeon "Demigod of Spring Water", reaching a point where I was sure that I was not being followed, I activated a teleportation circle (not: television reporter) who was available to those who had already conquered the dungeon.

Thanks to this, within the dungeon "Demigod of Spring Water", I can instantly move to any place at my will. Upon used, under my feet shone a circle of light, and then a moment later the field of view in an instant is switched

This time I went to the last floor.

That is the arena in which a huge amount of water falls from a giant waterfall, where I was waiting dungeon boss [Sharkhead Thunder Wyrm].

But I have not moved under the water, and the only one rising above the surface of a small island, which is some distance from the waterfall.

Straight ahead was the staircase leading from the 49th to the 50th floor.

But to her, without flying, it was impossible to reach. Since, the island beneath my feet was the only piece of land in this area, especially appeared at my teleportation.

Thinking how much it's convenient, I dived into the furiously raging water boiler. At the moment when I plunged into the water, my body was seized complex streams of water, which ruthlessly tried to blow me away. By moving the hands and feet, I regained freedom of movement. I myself will decide where I go.

This time, I did not use the ability of [underwater inhabitants], only the force of the body, I fought for the assertive torrent, which once again proves just how incredible physical strength of fierce god. It felt more like a swim in the pool with waves.

Water resistance, of course, has not disappeared, but the more I move the limbs, the easier I would go ahead. If I go with the flow, I can easily swim with an impress speed like a fish.

I thought it was funny, because for a while I was so amused, but my fun was interrupted by an attack of Sharkhead Thunder Wyrm. The first attack, a battle cry, he pulled me into a frontal.

his attack I've seen before, because it is quite easy to avoid, just by the movement of your own body.

Not only that, out of curiosity, I swam at that moment and come close to him and looked at him. Provoked by the enemy it fell into a rage.

As expected, the fight with the furious Sharkhead Thunder Wyrm was very difficult without the ability, but this time I activated significantly less capacity than before. And only with this, I was able to calmly watch his movements.

Then for fun, using the creation of suckers, I clung to his back, and for a while I let him rage (buck?). It felt like a roller coaster.

Now I'm more like a sucker fish. It would be nice if I can get an image of a remora.

And yet, to have so much fun toying with an enemy, with whom I once spent a hard battle, I begin to understand, what is the difference between my old and new body?

While these thoughts raced through my head, I began to disassemble it alive, absorbing domestic direct underwater. In return, I asked by the Sisters for the simple seasoning for cook, and yet enjoyed the underwater meal, which by itself is very entertaining experience.

The taste of the meat was a bit raw, but under the water, so it's even better.

Slightly playing with Sharkhead Thunder Wyrm by traveling. I usually cue it as serving belt, [shark rope].

Woven in black, blue and yellow ropes on contact beat lightning, this artifact [legendary] class can be used as a thunder whip.

Although it became a powerful melee weapons, but its real value comes when giving it a huge amount of mana, as I did this time was able to made the appeal of [Sharkhead bolt Wyrm].

The minimum amount of mana to summon was very large, but if it is now, it will not give problems.

Since then, I decided to make an experiment. This time, I put it in the belt 10 times more mana than necessary. Absorb it by the [shark rope] threw a huge lightning that started emitting a fierce light. Judging by the apparent, it is definitely not the most common response. There are signs that it was soon to explosion, but halfway through I could not stop, so I poured more mana. It explodes, well, to hell with it, heating their determination. However, this phenomenon came under drifting near Sharkhead apparently was unable to sustain.

In the place where his body was hit by lightning, dragon scales was torn breaking his body down to the guts, but because of the electrical discharge his body violently beat in convulsions, then it is even more furiously raged.

At a time when the dragon scales was broken, I slipped off his body.

It was enough for Sharkhead to break the distance between us. Just a moment, he had sailed far enough.

That's just called [shark rope] phenomenon has ended.

[Magical items [legendary] Class [calling Lightning Shark Rope] conditions for exemption [use living god], [demonic hammer living god] [Transcendental Shipping] made]

[[Calling lightning shark rope] becomes [calling lightning black dragon [Demonic shark rope Thunder Dragon]]

Such is the announcement that resonated in my head.

Checking as to what happened, I looked at the shark rope, it became demonic rope, its' shape has not particularly changed, only now it has intertwined red, silver and gold rope, the three new colors, and now it does not consist of 3 colors but 6 colors like six knitting.

As it became more pleasant to the touch. Covered with black lightning, and the strength of its much higher.

Then I saw the changes finished as I finally summon the Sharkhead.

Then, out of a huge black crack that seemed ripped space, there was a huge black head demonic dragon shark.

The head of black demonic Sharkhead was crowned with sharp horns and was covered with durable black dragon scales. It looked much more brutal than usual Sharkhead Wyrm. His glowing red eyes reflect your thirst production.

When his head began to move, the space around the black hole, from which it appeared, covered with cracks, and then the huge jaws bit into it, even wider tearing a hole in space. Until such time as the whole bodies appear, it seemed to have taken a few tens of seconds.

This period of time in combat could be fatal because is defenseless but Sharkhead Wyrm did not take advantage.

His entire body ached greatly from fear, it seem purely scare. Well, there's nothing you can do about it. The fact that [Mortal Sharkhead bolt black dragon] was the superior form of Sharkhead.

Most likely due to the fact that it originally came from the kind of Sharkheads, the structure of their bodies were quite similar. That's just because of the various changes to strengthen, now he looks like a completely different creature.

The mere difference in size is more than 2 times.

Since I called Sharkhead black dragon that it is fighting now.

In the end, absolutely terrified Sharkhead Wyrm from despair attacked frontally, who push for it, in all respects superior to his black dragon shark.

But against such an opponent, Sharkhead Wyrm naturally could not resist and was killed almost instantly.

Unfortunately, Sharkhead dragon after mutilating the Wyrm, he swallowed it whole, because the body was consumed I was unable to collect anything.

[Dungeon boss [Sharkhead Thunder Wyrm] successfully eliminated]

Performer [Yatendouji], passes a second time, because the divine power will not be played, as a reward for passing will be sent to [Large Box Spring Water Dungeon] 

[Conforming to the conditions, it is possible to seize the [Aquarium Forlia]]

[Will you do so?]

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Hearing the warning in mind, I chose without hesitation, "Yes"

[Special Ability [Dungeon Plunder] has been invoked.]

At this moment, control of the [Aquarium Forlia] will shift from the [Demigod of Spring Water] to Yatendouji]

[From now on, please manage the Dungeon at your own discretion]

With this goal successfully achieved today.

Preparing for a holy war has only just begun, but you can call this result a good sign.

To begin rename dungeon "Funeral boiler Falls" (* in fact he is not crying the boiler falls repose of the souls, but let it be as a mountain and buried *).

The structure of the dungeons, I particularly did not change. But it has significantly strengthened the bosses, as well as adding a new kind of squaloid Fishman and added all sorts of obstacles to the conquerors.

The journey was a moment, but when I got outside, it was evening already.

It took longer than I thought apparently, after contacting Kanami-chan and company, I went to meet them.

Dinner was late a little. While we enjoyed it, I decided to learn the details of their campaign.

In fact, it turned out that they had defeat [Warpidron] safely. With a smile on his face showed me a box with treasures.

However, the campaign was very cruel. Driven by a kick in the butt from Kanami-chan, they fought all the time at all without a break.

In gratitude for the hard work, thinking about tomorrow's even more hard training, I did a simple massage for [Avenger] and companies. At such moments, especially good at helping manufactured [Doriane]-san, massage oil. By tomorrow their fatigue will disappear.

We do a variety of things then Kanami-chan and I slept soundly. 


Day 274

After eating a delicious breakfast, we left the Labyrinth City [Aquarium] with no small amount of regret.

Just like usual, we passed some time riding in the [Skeleton Centipede] before going deep into the woods. Satisfied we move on to Tatsushirou [Ancient Flame Dragon].

(ED Note: Rou method to not attract attention using dragon as transportation)

This time, the destination is set within the territory of Atarakua Demon Empire; [Age of the Gods dungeon] a [Demigod] Class.

[Museum of Stone Sculpture]

[Museum of Stone Sculpture], belongs to an underground type and is located in the Labyrinth City [Stonehenge]. Although its location is on the territory of the Atarakua Demon Empire, it's rather closer to the Kingdom of the Beastman. If we were to move along the ground, getting there would be problematic because of the difficult terrain.

In addition, to the approximated areas located near to the 2 dungeon's  exits, there were monsters that have very troublesome abilities.

I, myself was not yet here, but because of my scouting clones, a map of this area is already in my head. And because of that, it was possible to get there with the shortest route.

Moreover, we don't have to traverse the ground, considering all the trouble associated with the landscape.

I did think of it before, but, as expected from the Atarakua Demon Empire. Residents are mainly representatives of the demonic races and races of fairies.

Riding Tatsushirou [Ancient Flame Dragon] flying straight across the border, pretty soon there was something chasing after us. We were chased by an organized group of several dozen of people that sit on birds and people with wings that belong to the race of flying demons.

Since at the national border, they have followed us. Probably guards of the demonic empire. They were armed with equipment designed to capture, so I'm pretty sure they belong to demonic empire.

They used a formation that gives the most effective for chase, due to all the forces trying to catch up with us.

Of course Tatsushirou [Ancient Flame Dragon] is not as fast as [Wind Dragons] or [Storm Dragons], specializing in flight speed, but because of its high initial settings and effects were added here from my protection, it cannot be called slow.

Spruce-fir, but still keeping up with him when he is flying at cruising speeds.  They do have some skill to keep up with the chase. (ED note: on Google trans "some skills they have things to eat." kinda pun that means "they have enough skills to bear with" in this case Tatsushirou speed)

But this pursuit unit is still small. To fly at full speed, you can't do that so easily, because fatigue accumulates instantly. Even from a distance, you could see their desperate views.

Even for the elite, just following us was already pushing them to their limits.

Well, just I don't understand them. (ED note: Rou doesn't get why the chaser bother to go that far for unknown reasons)

Stop EDIT from here. ~[INA].XP32

Well, if they were to catch up with us in a tired state, in a battle with Tatsushirou they'd instantly die. They should understand this as well. Still, they are trying to follow us. That's the spirit!

Trying to think about their suicidal tendencies, the reason has emerged quite quickly.

The reason was me.

They actually sent me a message, or rather to deliver my message, I created [Summon Greater Dragon: Black Dragons].

Infected them with [Parasite], after they successfully fulfilled their mission, as a warning, I made them a little aggressive.

This was necessary in order to scout the combat potential of the other countries that I have completely failed to estimate. Then, in the Atarakua Demon Empire and neighboring Beastman Kingdom, the black dragons were killed relatively quickly, and they have caused minimum damage.

For other kingdoms, it was perhaps hard, because once they're a little aggressive, I stopped them.

As expected, even I don't want meaningless genocide.

Thus, from the moment that day had passed it was quite natural that the neighboring countries have strengthened their security at the borders more than ever.

I've been wedged carelessly. The fact that it happened won't bother me as nothing can be done about it. If we proceeded at a high speed this would not have happened. Frankly, I underestimated them, so I need to rethink abit.

That is, they didn't pursue us for battle, but in order to know where we're going.

Chances are, if we attack them, they will scatter in different directions, and when flying further, they will take up the chase again.

This is certainly a good thing that they are so serious about their job, but for me an unnecessary hassle. I threatened them because they were starting to get annoying, using the [Lord of All Elements] I dropped them.

Although, they are not broken by using wind and gravity, so I've created in their path a zone of turbulence. Having flown into it they hung in the air. But with all this, there was one person which could still endure the turbulence and passed through the it. Well, I pressed him a little harder and he also fell.

All of them are alive and almost immediately return to the chase, but to follow us on such a distance is impossible.

Despite this incident, just after noon, we arrived safely at[Stonehenge].

I decided that Tatsushirou would better not to appear too close, so we got off the dragon, hopped on the ground and took out the [Skeleton Centipede], thanks to this we were able to see the beautiful scenery that[Stonehenge]had to offer.

A valley surrounded by mountains, filled with scattered boulders and overgrown shrubbery in the middle. We're on a wide plateau, and there are towering walls of the Labyrinth City [Stonehenge].

We immediately went to the huge stone gate and stood in line to get inside. Since the queue was not as big compared to other places, we quickly got inside.

The check at the gate was pretty strict, but most of our stuff was in my item box. Thankfully we were not faced with any problems, such as the confiscation of our luggage. Then again, if a problem like that occurs, I could just fly into the city at night, but fortunately I didn't have to.

The first thing that I realized, after I came into the city, was the fact that it was the first city of those that I have seen in this world.

This is a city where all the houses were built entirely of stone.

There were buildings, made from a boulder, and the structure assembled from many small stones, but there wasn't any that were made up of wood.

All this is because of the special situation of[Stonehenge]because of the surrounding landscape building a wooden house was too luxurious, even for the nobility. The stone has been in excess supply, so there is no need.

Well, let us leave aside these reasons, in general, all the houses in the city are built entirely of stone.

The second distinguishing feature was that all the people are very muscular.

Of course, as conquerors of dungeons it was quite normal, even sellers in shops were mostly macho men who had a very muscular body.

In the city there are many representatives of different races. I came across animal-gnomes, giants and demons, and the vast majority of them were huge.

One reason for this was the fact that most of the monsters in 3 cities located in the labyrinths ([Museum of Stone Sculpture] and 2 underground cities) had stone bodies.

A stone monsters are very resistant against thrusting and cutting weapons, such as swords and spears, because of this the main weapon used by the populace tends to be heavy weapons like a mace or hammer.

Besides that, a lot of people here are working at the quarry in order to move the heavy stone slabs, so they can train their body easier. 

Thus, the locals have a very athletic lifestyle, which is why my first impression was, "such a sweaty town."

Well, whatever it was, quickly doing away with the preparations, we immediately went to the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] this is because we have little time to spent here.

The dungeon,[Museum of Stone Sculpture], resembles a huge ancient ruin. 

The width of the corridor can easily allow for several people to traverse it, the ceiling was also quite high. The ceiling is littered with minerals that emit a dim light to illuminate the corridors.

The Avenger and company progressed further into the dungeon.

This time the head of the group was Avenger with Kanami-chan at the back to support them at the rear.

After a few tens of meters, we've come to a fork in the road. Avenger unhesitatingly turned to the right and after a while we met the first monsters.

[Rigidly Built Stone Wolf], the living stone statue that looks like a wolf.

About the size of [Black Wolf], it is normal for the size of a wolf.

The body is made of gray stone, and because of the stone it move rather slowly, but it weighs quite a lot and because of that its charge is very powerful. 

Even if you completely block the attack with a shield, it will likely break it.

There are just 30 monsters in the area, but since the group still had our support, dealing with them was not a problem.

The back rows of the monsters are [Royal Stone Alpha Male Wolfs]. 

Well, anyway, they were almost immediately destroyed.

Indeed, made of stone, chopping them is very difficult. But by having enough agility and skill, they are just slow opponents.

As expected, Avenger and company is not so weak to get into difficulty with such an adversary.

After that [Stone Clattering Bats ] appeared flying through the corridors, with [Stone Crushing Wild Boars] partitioned off walkways, and holding stone swords the [Stone Statue of the Knights] and other stone monsters preying on us when move forward.

Incidentally, there are quite a few different types of monsters, I suspect this is because they are all creations from [Demigod Stone Statues], which then have been repeatedly copied.

It's like the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] is more like a place where the[Demigod of Stone Statue] decided to boast the strongest. In this I am almost certain.

According to my information, [Museum of Stone Sculpture] underground type, has a total of 20 floors, which is very small, and if it is fair to say, among the dungeons of the class [Demigod]. This dungeon's complexity is considered quite low.

This place, even in comparison does not go with the [Funeral boiler Falls] which I first conquered alone, since that dungeon closer to the class of [God] than to the class of [Demigod].

Because, even though there really are very annoying monsters, but to deal with them is not so difficult, and there aren't alot of traps.

Bosses are on floors 5, 10 and 15, but the structure of floors don't change a lot, and usually, the structure of the floor is quite simple, as a result in this dungeon, even quite experienced explorers may very well get deeply lost.

Due to this, a few hours later we were able to get to the boss on the 5th floor.

The Boss of the fifth floor [Majestic Statue Tahiti] was waiting for us in the middle of the room before we entered it.

The [Majestic Statue Tahiti] is made out of white stone, it looks immaculate and doesn't have a single dirty spot. The statue has a face of a man with curly soft facial features.

The clothes don't look like they are made for him, but his body is like a living organism, it exudes strength and at the same time, beauty.

The [Majestic Statue Tahiti] stands at a height of 5 meters, and he holds a sling as his primary weapon. Its solid body is invulnerable to conventional attacks and at the same time has a high speed. With the help of a sling, he was able to use ranged attacks, which made it quite the troublesome opponent.

[Boss floor [Majestic Statue Tahiti] successfully removed]

[For performers it recognized the right of further progress, continue to the boss floor [Majestic Statue Tahiti] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Performers as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent a box of treasure [Agatemiya Giant Statue]]

Well, Avenger and company took about ten minutes to eliminate it.

The group suffered in the battle against it, fortunately no one died. You could say that [Majestic Statue Tahiti] tried to be nice.

So, after the battle with the boss, we took a break. 

Before the Avenger and group continues, they need to replenish their mana, strength and energy.

And though no one was hurt, there is still a need to relax a little bit, yes.

During the resting time, I take the corpse [Majestic Statue Tahiti], along with a box of treasures received as a reward for the elimination and sent it all to my item box. The group restored their strength and mana by using potions. And then by using their abilities, they regrouped and I sent them off to slaughter all monsters on the road.

The young [Usurper] quietly began to resent but I just ignored it.

The only problem is, there is almost no monster meat to eat.

Well, yes, because the statue was made up of stone. 


Day 275

Yesterday we fought without sleep and so we were able to get to the 10th floor boss [Gorgeous Verberas].

In contrast to the 5th floor where the boss was [Majestic Statue Tahiti] who represented the statue of a naked man, [Gorgeous Verberas] was made in the image of a [Heroine] and the beauty of the past Verberas Anbasugortsedo.

Equiped with a garment like a toga worn in ancient Rome, in her right hand she held a rapier - estoque, decorated with ornaments in the form of a rose, while in her left hand she held a weapon like an ax or machete, decorated with ornaments in the form of a snake.

With beauty she devoured the people like a poisonous snake.

On both sides of the [Glorious Verberas] were its defenders [Golden Lion] and [Mercury Tiger], fully obeying her commands.

Despite the snowy white stone from which it was made of, and the expensive ornaments on its arms, the defense force was quite bleak, however the [Gorgeous Verberas] had a special talent. The defenders, [Golden Lion] and [Mercury Tiger] were also just huge statues, though with their speed and strength, they were pretty strong.

Well, usually, it was already quite enough for us.

Several times faster than conventional a lion and a tiger, with a few tens of times heavier, an ordinary attack is not something that will even leave a scratch on them, so our weapons were the one that took damage instead. It is easy to imagine how difficult they are as opponents.

In addition, while the [Gorgeous Verberas] alive, the [Golden Lion] and [Mercury Tiger] is constantly restored, and she can use stage 4 stones magic.

The owner plus the two animals - were a well-balanced team, and were to be a difficult opponent. Apart from the winners [Majestic Statue Tahiti], explorers most of the time stop in their tracks at this boss.

But still, Avenger and company successfully won the fight.

[Dungeon boss [Gorgeous Verberas] successfully eliminated]

[For performers recognized the right of further progress, continue to the boss floor [Gorgeous Verberas] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Performers, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, will be sent a box of treasure [Booty Battle of the Virgin]]

Collecting fragments of [Gorgeous Verberas] that appeared  in treasure box, again without rest we went forward, jamming the road with dried entrails of the Akulogolovogo that attacked us.

By evening we got to the waiting room of the 15th floored boss, the [Real Estate Moay].

As a result of such a reckless march through the dungeon, Avenger and company's equipment had taken significant damage. 

The [Sacred Treasure] Hisperiol was as good as new, but as expected, the rest of the equipment was covered with mud and various scratches. Among them, were those that were in a continuous state of use, such that they became unrepairable. Staff of the Witch and the Mace of the Virgin were still fit for battle, others things in the middle of the campaign have been replaced by dropped equipment from monsters.

Because the monsters look like works of art here, weapons that you can get from them are pretty valuable, they drop [Rare] magical items that can possess high enough performance, suitable for our campaign.

Having dealt with the preparations, we entered the boss room.

In the center of the huge room, with a ceiling at a height of 100 meters, towered a huge stone head.

Made of a silver mineral [Real Estate Moay] looked like elongated vertical head thats 6 meters tall. In addition, the head is supported by something like a neck, but there was no trace of the arms or shoulders.

Despite such a grotesque appearance, the battle with him was unexpectedly difficult.

The major attacks [Real Estate Moay] were rays that it emits from the eyes and mouth, he spit stone bullets, fire beams and sound waves; besides using stones magic , or trying to hit his opponent as well as the emitted high-frequency vibration, blowing through the land like a wave.

Due to its odd shape, it was fixed in one place, which may seem like a disadvantage, but to compensate for its blind spots [Real Estate Moay] had the ability to turn its head quickly. It appears it is in fact rather smart, whenever we were trying to distract him on the forefront and sneak up on him from behind, he almost instantly reacted and counter attacked.

The silver mineral turns out was the most durable of the creatures we have met here, it has a strong resistance to magic, and because of that the battle turned out to be quite long.

[Boss floor [Real Estate Moay] successfully eliminated]

[For performers it recognized the right of further progress, Continue to the boss floor [Real Estate Moay] will be available with a choice of promotion without a fight]

[Performers, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, you will be sent a box of treasure [The Person of the Living Stone]]

The battle lasted until night and was well earned. But the condition of Avenger and company was at its lowest, and as expected, they will not be able to continue.

It is still hard to fight 2 bosses in one day, considering that, not only the boss, but also the monsters on the way to the floors, so I have to praise them a little.

Having reached this far, thanks to the tough experience, their level has increased significantly, as a result, Avenger and company have become much stronger than before. 

But still, there is a limit to how much you can do in one day. And right now we're in front of the 16th floor, the best moment to relax.

We fill ourselves with delicious food and lay down to sleep.

I gave them enough food to recover any lost strength, and gave them treatment for pain their muscles using some massage oil. I'm waiting for them to have an even greater success tomorrow.


Day 276

We resumed our dungeon conquest early in the morning today. 

However, the complexity of the next five floors are on a whole different level compared to previous levels.

After all, if a lot of key figures manage to conquer this dungeon and hog a portion of the [[Divine Power] of the [Demigod of Stone Statues]], it will cause a serious problem. So from here on, this dungeon seriously intends to kill any intruders.

Here lives [ Exploding Stone Balls] monsters which roll at high speed and roaming the tunnels. [Cruel Stone Master Boxer ] which looks like a professional heavyweight boxer when striking with its stone hands; [Connected Stones Snakes] which are huge interconnected moving boulders shaped like a snake, and other powerful monsters. (Onix :D)

Among these floors, we faced a monster that was competing in power with the floor boss. A giant lizard with a mouth capable of swallowing a man whole. It had huge overgrown hind legs and a tail topped with spikes; it is the [Strong Lizard Huge Rocks "Great T-Rex"].

The dungeon floor proves challenging, not only have the strength of emerging monsters increased, but also the strength of minerals that they are made of as well. They also have an assortment of abilities that weren't on the previous floors.

It looks more and more like the previous part of the labyrinth was weakened on purpose so the owner could show off their favourite statues.

The remaining floors put together all the of strongest monsters that the dungeon had. Immediately there were instant activation death traps, which were not present before and there were a lot of them which only supports that my hypothesis is correct. 

But still, we moved on.

I can see the lectures that I held at regular intervals have started producing results, the [Heroes] have a fairly fast growth rate compared to before.  

Besides receiving growth correction from me, Avenger and company held a very interesting potential, and to polish that, it was necessary to have many battles one after the other.

In a place where you can die if you relax for even a moment, this fighting experience significantly affects the results of training, increases their growth rate, and increases the rate of experience absorbed, making what was previously impossible, possible. 

Even though Kanami-chan and I supported them, the fact was they already had sufficient forces to fight immediately and independently.

Because of this, a little past noon, we got to the boss room of ["Gorgon"] [Female Demon With Hair of Snakes and Stone Shield]. The final boss of the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] [Gorgon] was an incredibly attractive woman with snakes for hair, who look like a demon celebrity. The snow-white statue was spotless, and the carving was performed so delicately that even when not moving, it gives off the illusion of graceful movement. On her beautiful face shone a smile of kindness, but her snake-like hair bared its fangs and hissed like a carving production. This bombshell statue had the height of 170 centimeters (5'5) and was wearing [Gorgeous Verberas], revealing clothing similar to the ancient Roman Togas and her smooth legs protruding from under the clothes looked so sexy that it was hard to look away .

Despite the fact that she was a statue, her appearance was very arousing. Looking at her beauty I suddenly retorted, "As expected from the masterpiece of a [Demigod]." (I imagine Rou having a silly look on his face, while drooling due to his arousal by this statue O.O)

Slightly enchanted; I got a kick from Kanami-chan, who did not seem pleased. Well, her kick was justified.

Even though this room was intended for only the battle with the boss, the space extended to 200 plus meters; the appearance was that of a temple. The room is filled with loads of huge columns, which created a lot of blind spots within the room, making it difficult to aim within in room. 

Since it was too troublesome, I temporarily entrusted the battle to Avenger and the Company. 

During the battle, the Avenger and his company, against the initially unarmed [Gorgon]. The Gorgon summoned several two-meter stone shields; as one would expect from it being mentioned in her title. These shields did not obey gravity, hovering in the air and obeying the will of the [Gorgon]. The [Gorgon] defended attacks with these shields and after these shield accumulated enough speed, slammed toward her opponent; dealing a destructive blow using the shield's weight. These shields made the fight more complicated, and utilized the blindspots.

After just a moment of being lost sight of, these shield will fly at the enemy from a blind spot; an attack that is very difficult to stop by itself.

Because of this Avenger and company suffered significantly more injuries than the previous conquests. These attacks started reaching me and Kanami-chan in the back rows. If Avenger and company end up losing, they cannot accomplish our goal which is to seize the [Museum of Stone Sculpture], because we cannot afford to lose, I had to get serious in this fight.

I activated [Overwhelming Power of the Black Demon], [Divine Destruction of the Black Demon], [Fiery Dragon's Blood], [Vibrating Crystal Wave], and [Frontal Breakthrough] at the same time. In addition, the ability of shocking multi-attacks [Three Steps of Destruction].

Everything that I can use, I activated, then immediately went and hit [Gorgon] in the stomach. At this point, there is a burst of flashing light which blinded the eyes and the space around swept with a shock wave that made it seem like all the air is gone due to the power of the hit.

[Dungeon boss [Gorgon] successfully eliminated]

[Performers, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, will be sent the treasure chest [The Queen Stone Statues]]

[As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted]

[Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate]

[For those who have Awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God's Lost Psalms, a part of the [Demigod of Stone Statues]'s divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[Yatendouji has obtained [Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Statues] !!!]

[Conforming to the conditions, it is possible to seize the [Museum of Stone Sculpture]]

[Will you do so?]

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Thus, it was over in an instant. The resulting [Divine Power] become [Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Statues], which looked like a hammer with chisels bonded together with a conductor chain, which I obtained by taking it together with the treasure box that appears after clicking on "Yes".

[Special Ability [Dungeon Plunder] has been invoked.]

At this moment, control of the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] will shift from the [Demigod of Stone Statues] to Yatendouji]

[From now on, please manage the Dungeon at your own discretion]

Thus, we accomplished our goal here. because we were just starting, everything is easy to inspect.

I double checked the fight zone to make sure that the [Gorgon] was destroyed, as expected not even a dust from her remain. So it was impossible to collect her carcass. In addition, the explosion of my punch had destroyed much of the boss room, enough that it only resembled a speckle of its former beauty; the room now resemble a dusty ruin. Moreover, the room was now much wider, due to a huge hole forming on the wall of the maze, the same walls that were made of a material that was even tough to scratch. Also, Kanami-chan froze Avenger and company with ice magic to protect them from the explosion, but because of that they are temporarily unable to move.

Kanami-chan was the only unscathed person other than me. Her expression was showed a little anger, "Well, you've overdone it again!" but she still remained just as beautiful, in fact, it even makes it sweeter.

Despite the fact that this is a closed space, which was made it a pretty cruel bombing of my comrades. Well, this time she was able to protect them but maybe next time things won't work well, I would have killed not only the enemy, but also allies.

I should not blindly reduce our military capability.

It seems I need think a lot about what I do from now on.

Well, we handled her case (I think "her" here is referencing Gorgon but I wasn't sure so left it out), then started collecting everything that could be looted, cured Avenger and company, and we proceeded outside. Because it was already evening by the time we got out, we have found a suitable quality hotel and settled there for the night.

Unfortunately, in this maze (Dungeon City), there are very few monsters that can be eaten and those that can have a taste that is quite strange.

Therefore, to get rid of their taste, I decided to host a small banquet in this hotel room. I decided to become generous for today. So I wanted to cook something delicious as an apology, I used the most delicious monster I captured from Aquarium Labyrinth as the ingredient and made dishes with the innards of [Shark Head Thunder Wyvern].

The crispy and delicious taste of these dishes came just like an excellent appetizer. While their taste were inferior to dragon meat, variation was necessary. If you eat only one type of food, sooner or later it will get boring.

A snack will be enough because this time I found it a little vain. After the banquet they stopped complaining about the previous incident.

Drinking after work makes the alcohol even more delicious.


Day 277

After I dealt with my business in Labyrinth City [Stonehenge], I changed the name of the dungeon from the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] to the [Gallery of Funeral Statues]. I was too lazy to change the infrastructure of the dungeon too drastically, instead I increased the overall complexity and below the 15th floor, adding new monsters including monster statues of  [Black Minotaurs] and [Black Ogres]. In addition, I added a variety of traps, and strengthened the floor bosses with slightly reinforced armor or an added extra circuitry attack.

If the temples final boss was too easy to defeat, it would cause a problem for me. So instead of  having just one  ["Gorgon"] , there are now 3 ["Gorgon"] and the final boss is now retitled as  [The Three Gorgon Sisters With Stone Shields].  

The elder sister [Strong Demon Woman "Stheno"], the middle sister [Wandering Demon Woman "Euryale"], the youngest [Imperious Demon Woman "Medusa"]. The three black stone statues were made of material similar to obsidian had a special charm.   

Not only have the number of shields they can control increased to 18, but also the accuracy of their movements, strength and speed have all increased significantly. Besides that, I slightly reworked the boss rooms' blind spots which can now be used much more efficiently.   

Thus, even after getting to them, challengers will undoubtedly be killed here.  Looking forward to achieving even more, we finally hit the road. 

Our goal this time is situated in the territory of the Demonic Empire, the Labyrinth City of [Glory Rose].   

From our current position it is quite far away, but travelling on Tatsushirou now might not worth it.   

So instead we set off on the Great Skeleton Centipede, which moves without stopping. Meanwhile, we can take some time to enjoy the journey going through other countries. Well, thanks to the Great Skeleton Centipede moving non-stop all day, we quickly arrived at our destination. 


Day 278

While traveling on the rocky road on the Great Skeleton Centipede, I coached Avenger and company while admiring the scenery.

Thanks to my clones, most of the demonic empire was already mapped out in my head so we were moving directly toward our destination.

Yet, when you change places, the mood also changes.

In addition, on the large path, we met a female beastman, traveling on a cart drawn by two large caterpillars, a male insectoid riding on a giant grasshopper, which flew past us at high speed and a group of nymphs, like Doriane-san, traveling on [demonic tree Treant].

In the kingdom, you rarely see such scenery. There the ways of transportation are radically different.

As expected of the demonic empire, whose inhabitants are mostly non-human monsters, you can find a quite unique things here.

Also as we drove into the Labyrinth City [Glory Rose] I started to notice that among the demonic races,  plant and insectoid races are more common than beastman and Midian (Half Demons).

The Labyrinth City [Glory Rose] itself is fundamentally different from the previous labyrinth towns.

I sent a lot of clones to different countries and made great efforts to gather information and map cities, details of this city have not yet been found.

Drooling in anticipation, I made Avenger's group work up a sweat.

At the same time, due to lack of space, the training was fairly simple, but they had to cope with Kanami-chan's attacks.

In this area just the Great Skeleton Centipede was fast enough and we drove down the road. We were moving at this speed since yesterday morning; we easily arrived safely at our destination in the evening. Everything was fine, but sometimes we had to cut across the countryside and then we would take a break. Training continued during the break which strengthened their bodies and spirit. In the past they would have already needed a break from being out of energy, but after improving in the dungeon and through their own effort, their bodies gained enough strength to endure through this exercise. Fatigue was being accumulated all the while, but they did not give up and their training continued.

ED Note: I tried my best to make this understandable, so many edits... I wanted to cry. ((Brackish))

Normally such a journey would take several weeks, but we were able to get here in an incredibly short period of time. As expected from the Great Skeleton Centipede with the ability to be able to move off-road and not need any rest.

Upon arriving the gates, which were made from plants like a huge rose came into sight, were already locked. It was late, so the gates had already been closed. Although the city still has a gate where people could pass through, with a cart it's not possible to enter anymore for today at least.

Because of this, we would have to wait until tomorrow.

There is nothing we could do about it, so I put the Great Skeleton Centipede in the item box and tried to go through the gate. When questioned by the guards about where our wagon went, I showed them a [storage] artifact with enough room to store Great Skeleton Centipede.

ED Note: Changed "glove box" to "item box", is this a joke that I'm just blind to? ((Brackish))

The warden was surprised by this fact of course, but it's strange because they didn't show it.

ED Note: I tried to edit this and reword it, but I have no idea what the heck the original translation meant. ((Brackish))

Instead, we had to pay a fairly high fee for passage and a tax on goods, but there was nothing we could do about that.

Even though it's night time, I was very surprised by the Labyrinth City Glory Rose.

Briefly described I would call Glory Rose the capital of roses.

I was surprised as soon as I entered the city. At the entrance, we saw a huge blue rose larger than the average house located in the center of the city.

ED Note: Somebody check with the raw, this confused me so much! I wanted to throw something! :( ((Brackish))

Bathed in moonlight, it emitted a blue glow that flooded the entire city.

By the way, for some unknown reason, all the houses in the town were made of stone. Even though there is enough wood around the city, there is probably a reason for it.

Moving inwards from the gate, I examined the local architecture and noticed that the stone walls of almost every house were covered with a variety of plants, including roses of various colors.

Apart from the huge blue rose, there were also a lot of smaller roses, most of which were located along the road, but you could find them everywhere. You don't even have to look hard to find one, it was easy to find them everywhere.

Because of this vast number of roses, the night air was filled with a pleasant aroma.

To illuminate the city at night they used the "Pyroxene Rose", a special kind of rose that emits a glowing gas, it's an environmentally friendly light which is used for the benefit of the city.

Although they are only a little help to the blue rose which emitted a large blue glow, without them some parts of the city would be plunged into darkness.

Due to this, the roses growing in the city night are a beautiful illusory spectacle.

The Labyrinth City is incredibly unique in its kind, but the main reason for its structure is that there is a dungeon of class [Demigod], owned by the [Demigod of Roses], [Blue Roses Zoo Park]. (Editor note; Even though the naming still sucks I reword the name it from [Park Zoo Blue Roses] to [Blue Rose Zoo Park])

The Labyrinth City gets most of their items from the dungeon, so it isn't strange that all this happened.

Chances are that the rose growing here sprouted because of the dungeon.

While enjoying the view, we arrived at the hotel.

Tomorrow we will go into the dungeon.


Day 279

The morning was refreshing.

Probably, the reason for it was the scent of roses in the air.

Well whatever it was, I ordered breakfast in the "Via Rosetta", an upscale hotel where we spent the night. For breakfast we had meals prepared with the use of roses as ingredients. There were rose petals of edible flowers called "Ebidaru" from which jam made from and was well spread on bread slices with flower drinks on the side. Everything was quite tasty and I particularly liked the flower tea which had a refreshing aroma and strong taste, a clear sign of a high quality product.

The breakfast we were able to enjoy in an elegant atmosphere.

After finishing with breakfast, it was time to get to work as we had planned to go into [Blue Roses Zoo Park]

The entrance was located by the roots of the huge blue rose in the center of the city.

Gathered together, we went to the blue rose, we saw gazes off the side of the road.

Due to the fact that there are basically only plant and insect races, it seems we are very isolated.

Well unless they get in our way, they can simply be ignored.

As usual we just passed by. Having arrived at the roots, despite it being relatively early in the monring, there was already quite a long queue. We had spent some time waiting and when it was our time, the roots of the rose ahead of us opened the way to a spiral made from plants leading down.

[Blue Roses Zoo Park] is classified as a type of underground dungeon.

However that doesn't mean that there are a lot of floors, there are only 2 floors here, on the second floor - the entire floor was the boss room, and the ordinary adventurer conquest of this dungeon stop just on the first floor. The dungeon's structure is weird compared to other dungeons.

However do not underestimate the first floor.

This floor is incredibly huge.

The ceiling was blue like the sky, towering at a height of more than one kilometer tall and a width greater than a few tens of kilometers. Even if I tried to jump higher, I did not see an end to the roof. In addition, there is natural vegetations which is you could find around the world thus it is fairly easy to lose your way and get stuck here forever wandering around. You cannot just relax here - in the forest, there are numerous natural traps.

Also inside the [Blue Roses Zoo Park], there is a fairly strong magnetic anomaly that occurs and because of it, compasses behave strangely.

If you do not prepare in advance or somehow do not have a way to survive while trying to find a way out, in that case, the death rate is close to 90%, because most beginners do not make it close to the exit.

Well, considering the map I have in my head, I do not feel threatened.

Like before, we are moving ahead with Avenger and company.

The monsters we encounter mainly belong to the insect and plant species.

Collected from a variety of roses, in the likeness of a human figure, with a rose shield for defense and attacking spikes [Rose Knight].

 A carnivorous plant that ambushs its prey with an attractive scent, resembling the form and habits of wolves [Rose Wolves].

Pretending to be flowers in the meadow and biting everyone who comes near [Fake Rose Snake].

When [Fake Rose Snakes] grows to a size that it is no longer necessary to hide, [Fake Rose Python].

Flying freely through the maze with a speed exceeding the speed of sound and creating aerial bombings here and there while moving from flower to flower collecting nectar [Supersonic Bees].

Although there are many rose plant monsters there are also a lot of insects that are masquerading as a rose. Due to the small number of floors, the monsters are strong and their numbers are great so we need to move carefully.

Despite this, I sent Avenger and company ahead.

There are many monsters here with plant origin, because if you kill the insects, items associated with roses and their related items fall.

There are a lot of things I wanted to try after I collected a few more items.

For example, the larvae of the bees and their first class honey, something better simply does not exist.

Today, we did not discover the entrance to the boss floor or meet any field boss'.

Bad luck, but maybe this place is just too large. I even searched for them with my clones and I managed to find him but we couldn't do anything since we saw someone had already killed it and it still hasn't respawned.

For dinner we had the larvae. Why? Well it's because I remembered back to a time when I had just been reborn and I was attacked by swarm of bees, it makes me feel nostalgic.

For now let's talk about the future, as the guards were out for the night with the help of the [Supreme Demon Summoning] [Black Orcs], I enjoyed a leisurely bedtime. 


Day 280

Today we cheerfully went ahead again.

On the way through, cutting all of the caught monsters, crossing the sea of roses, and running freely in the woods. After several hours of collecting boxes with treasures and various ingredients, we ate breakfast a little late.

Then I heard a sigh over the unnecessary hassle.

In fact, the whole [Blue Roses Zoo Park] had already been explored by my clones and I had a complete map of the place. Slightly crooked reception, which cannot rotate along with many floors. Because I used it here for our mutual benefit. (couldn't make sense of the last 2 sentences, someone with a better translation please fix)

Thanks to the intelligence of the clones, I was able to discover a way to conquer this place. In different corners of the floor, there were large scattered stones and there which we had to bring special flowers or items to from monsters and other different conditions. There were many jobs, but only by doing everything would the staircase appear leading to the second floor.

Those are the needed activation conditions.

I found 200 stones among the conditions needed to advance, requiring a lot of intricate items and that is very troublesome becuase for example, if the desired monster was already killed by someone, you will have to wait until it respawned.

Performing all of the required conditions is troublesome, but even more troublesome is that the implementation of these conditions is compounded by the huge size of this zone comparable to the size of the former [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain] (now [Funeral Volcano]).

As far as I know, [Blue Roses Zoo Park] is the most overwhelming of the dungeons in the [Demigod] class.

In this area, there are not only forests, but also small mountains, valleys and other various landscapes and depending on the location, monsters vary considerably, which greatly complicates the conquest of this space.

<p style="font-weight:normal;"I've met  this type of dungeon before. But,there was simply not enough forces to conquer it. (not sure if this is right)</p> I tried to clean it up while meaning the same thing, hope i got it right. ((Brackish))

It is within the anticipated complexity, but at a pace we continue on schedule.

Thinking about this, afternoon came and we cheerfully began the conquest of the dungeon again.

Today we are engaged in the daily conquest of this place, the Garden of falling roses.

[Fire Lord has awakened to the 18 Demon Warlords]

[Title [Purgatory Sword] will be sent]

[Gladiator King  has awakened to the 18 Demon Warlords]

[Title [Gladiator Demon] will be sent]

[The Paraberangers have awakened to the 18 Demon Warlords]

[Title [Five Karma Oni] will be sent]