Re:Monster Day 281-290 / Chapters List

Day 281

Since starting the conquest of [Blue Roses Zoo Park], I felt that the condition of my body had somehow improved.

At first I thought that it was only me, but when I asked Kanami and Avenger's company, all the members said they were also in excellent condition. If it was only one demon it could be a misunderstanding, but when all of us are affected there must be a cause.

When considering the cause, the first thing that came to mind was the sweet fragrance of the various roses that wafted in the surroundings since the beginning.

As expected, since the [Demigod of Roses] created this [Age of the Gods Dungeons], a great variety of roses grew wildly here.

Come to think of it, the different types of roses that I can see here easily surpasses 100.

There are many dungeon monsters with appearances and traits related to roses. The flowers hidden in the shade that couldn't be seen which I could perhaps spot if I bothered to look at it all in closer detail means even more varieties could be found I guess.

Possibly the number of them I recognize may even double, simply put there are a lot of roses here.

Then, along with the aroma of the different roses that are sweet and refreshing, it wouldn't be strange for some to have effects like providing a restful sleep or stamina recovery.

If the ambient smell was influencing the quality of our physical and mental conditions at this time, it would explain our current condition.

In that case however, as opposed to improving someone's conditions while they breathed the air in, it's a little strange for them to not have a poisonous aroma mixed in.

In fact I can confirm that there are several species of poisonous dungeon monsters.

It cannot be that there are only fragrances that help improve the physical condition of the challengers, it's unlikely to think the [Demigod of Roses] who would be in trouble if the dungeon was so easily conquered would do so.

In the first place, I do not think I would have the confidence that the dungeon could not be conquered if I was in the situation of the [Demigod of Roses], thus it would be appropriate to mix in aromas that hindered the condition of conquereres along with the ones that improved it.

Even in the case that there weren't originally any roses with such an aromatic effect, it's hard to think that the [Demigod of Roses] would be unable to create a new species.

However in reality, our bodies are in good shape and without any sign of negative effects presentsly.

Maybe we were fortunate and were only moving in the areas where fragrances of those kinds could not affect us, however the chances of that are low.

Alternatively, the aromas of the Abnormal State (Bad Status) group may be weak while being many in number.

Well, it's simple to think about for myself who has [Abnormal State Nullification] and as for Kanami-chan, [Abnormal States] are incredibly poor against her race. Since the [Hero of Sunlight] Avenger and the four people part of his [Vice-Important Figures] have various tolerances stronger than an ordinary person, the effect is thin, I suppose it is such a thing.

Since there's no time to examine it any further I'll stop thinking deeply about it now and at any rate, the comfort here isn't bad.

If there is the ability to repulse the dungeon monsters here that are stronger than those in the outside world, the scenery here is beautiful, the water that's so pure its crystal clear is delicious, you're healed by the clean air with the sweet smell of roses mixed in, the place is like a rich, natural resort.

Without being troubled by natural phenomena such as typhoons and earthquakes because it is a labyrinth, it seems like I could leisurely pass the time away here.

--It's decided.

When I conquer and obtain this place at daybreak, I've decided to build a health resort for exclusive use by the general firm (mercenary group) Parabellum.

This environment looks good for when one wants to temporarily forget the brutal everyday life.

The dropped items that can be obtained here will be very useful in various ways.

The aromatic oil, aromatic candle, rose tea, and rose jam that can be processed from the roses will certainly sell well and it seems like it'll become one of the main axes (weapons) of our business.

Not only is it stable and can be put up for sale in newly established stores in various places, if I make use of mass production through an undead factory using Black Skeletons, I can put up products of the highest quality on sale for royalty, nobles, and wealthy merchants, even achieving a brand wouldn't be a dream either.

While I was thinking about all sorts of details, incidentally, I remembered that the fruit of a rose could be used as an ingredient for liquor such as rosehip liqueur.

Although there are other necessary materials besides the fruit of a rose such as a sealed bottle, distilled liqueur, and sugar crystals, it is still a liqueur that can be brewed relatively easily.

--Liqueur made by my own hands, I want to drink it by all means.

Such thoughts sprang out.

In fact, these days, not only buying it from shops and collecting the labyrinth liqueur from labyrinths, wouldn't it be good to start producing it myself too? I started to think of such things.

There was no time because of the hectic work of my past life and the law was also an obstruction that stopped me from trying, but I somehow became able to in this world.

For the time being, though, there's the feeling that there's a prohibition against illegally brewed liqueur, isn't Princess Tomboy part of the royal family? Although I don't want to rely on them too much, I would easily get permission even if I ask the First Queen.

If there's permission, not only at our base in the Great Forest, we could produce it with dignity in the mansion at the kingdom's capital.

Fortunately, among our comrades there are several people with the knowledge and experience of brewing liqueur.

Those being the elves. Members of the clans who made the elven liqueur appeared, although I did not intend to take them in the past troubles, they mixed in with us.

Perhaps I should say the elves in question seemed to work as assistants in the process, the skill of elves that live a long time gain mastery equal to the amount of time they spent, the knowledge was also abundant.

Although a [Job] revision is not provided, it seems like I can still expect satisfactory results.

However, I understand that to brew a high quality liqueur, good quality materials are needed, multiple years would also be necessary, a lot of failures will be experienced repeatedly before we succeed.

Although I hesitated whether to go through the trouble because of all the time it would take, the time to make a decision seems to have come.

--Alright, let's start making it in earnest.

It was a lucky day that I was able to make up my mind, I immediately contacted Princess Tomboy through the ear cuff. When I explained the circumstances and applied for permission, it was accepted with an immediate response.

As expected of Princess Tomboy, the footwork is light.

While feeling admiration, a souvenir was asked for. It seemed like Boy Knight's birthday was nearing, so she seemed to want first class equipment from a labyrinth.

Because she was helpful, I consented and finished with out communication.

Good grief, Princess Tomboy was prudent as usual, I couldn't stop myself from smiling wryly.

At any rate, when it was decided to brew liqueur just now, one more reason to absolutely conquer this place was added.

Although it's bad for the [Demigod of Roses], shall I plunder it without mercy? For the sake of brewing liqueur of the highest quality.

The liqueur made by one's own hands will be delicious, setting aside the growing delusion, while thoroughly enjoying the breakfast using the drop items I obtained yesterday, let's organize all the matters which quickly increased.

First of all, it's about Gladiator King who obtained [Gladiator Demon].

Gladiator King, because of the strengthening and revision from the title [Gladiator Demon], the ability for battle greatly improves.

Especially, the rate of improvement in physical strength that's been forged through many years of training is distinctively higher than that of other people, the muscular strength that was improved from the past makes it possible to easily handle the heavy weapons he specializes at like a twig, overwhelming an enemy with attacks from a superior attack without allowing for retaliation.

In addition to this, he seems to have received the new ability [Gladiator Demonization].

The backlash is big when used, after the effect ends it becomes impossible to move according to the time it's in use, [Gladiator Demonization] temporarily raises the physical ability of a human body to a state more than equal to a [Lord], and to Gladiator King who had [Gladiator] and [Grappler] from the beginning, it was an ability with high level [Job] revisions added to it.

If it's hard to understand, he acquired the ability to become a [Chaos Species [Mix Blood]], it can be thought of that way.

If he uses this, Gladiator King can temporarily become an existence in the same class as a [Legendary Hero].

However, to be honest, I did not think Gladiator King would be chosen to be part of the [18 Demon Warlords].

No, well, Gladiator King is a strong person among my subordinates, it's certain that he plays an active part as a teacher in combat for the children.

Because he is a believer in pure power, the loyalty to me who pinned him to the floor from the front was great, there's no worry of being betrayed--in the first place it's not possible because of my clones and [Parasitism]--he is a capable subordinate.

Talking about his stance towards fighting, should I say he's fond of it, his body is in good agreement with his mind, the evaluation by his peers is not bad either, he's assimilated himself quite naturally.

I expect him to be a talented person who'll play an active part in the future crusade.

However, I still did not think he'd be chosen, it's my honest opinion.

But, well, it's fine. He's not a bad guy, there are no problems if he gets results. Let's just say that.

Thinking too deeply about it is useless.

Next, about [Purgatory Sword] which Fire Lord-kun obtained.

Fire Lord-kun, for a certain period of time, trained together with Wind Lord-san, and Illusion Lord-kun. I somewhat felt nostalgic for the time when I first left the Great Forest, let's set that aside.

It's not clear whether it was an opportunity due to my having personally guided him, or because the [Fire Lord] originally has a tendency for battle, since that time I found him training eagerly, achieving military results on the battlefield, and challenging labyrinth expeditions daringly and raising his level.

When going to challenge a labyrinth he often paired up with Wind Lord -san the [Gale Lord] and Illusion Lord -kun the [Illusion Lord] with whom his relations are good, from having conquered a labyrinth at this time, the three demons simultaneously underwent [Existence Evolution (Rank Up)], however it seems only Fire Demon-kun obtained a title.

Although the possibility that Wind Lord-san and Illusion Lord-kun are part of the [18 Demon Warlords] strongly decreases, let's settle things first for the time being.

Fire Lord-kun who was a [Fire Lord] became a [Blaze Lord - Subspecies].

Wind Lord-san who was a [Wind Lord] became a [Storm Lord - Subspecies].

Illusion Lord-kun who was a [Illusion Lord] became a [Vision Lord - Subspecies].

When all three experienced [Existence Evolution] at this time, each respectively received a [Demigod's Divine Protection] and became a [Subspecies].

Unfortunately they did not seem to arrive at the [Sovereign] class, still there is no doubt they've become a powerful demon species.

The respective features of each have changed a little, what [Divine Protection] they get, since describing such trivial details would be troublesome, I'll omit it at this time.

As for Fire Lord-kun, just like Gladiator King, the straightforward ability for combat has improved.

Although he always forged himself through daily training, the synergy can be seen in his becoming a [Blaze Lord], which is superior in close quarters combat to a [Fire Lord], being added with the reinforcement from the title, the racial limit of the [Blaze Lord] is exceeded, it seems he could reach for a stage above that of a [Legendary Hero].

And just like Gladiator King, he got a new ability called [Purgatory Demon Sword].

Heat Demon-kun's Demon Jewel (Ogre Orb) becomes a flamberge gushing flames when released, it becomes gigantic when [Purgatory Demon Sword] is used, and he enters a state where the flames he is clad in are strengthened.

Because he becomes just like a miniature sun in such a condition, if there is no [Tolerance] or [Complete Tolerance], it seems like it would be difficult to approach first.

Although there is the drawback of rolling up allies in it accidentally if used unskillfully, since you need only take measures beforehand, the convenience isn't so bad.

Anyway, the enhancement of the war potential to be used for the crusade is a happy thing.

Since I am happy, I'll send the other two demons items of quality as celebration. Because they often act together, the Magic Items for Intense Heat will be needed immediately.

And finally, the Paraberangers that obtained [Five Karma Oni].

First of all, I began with being troubled about what to question these fellows on.

Why it is those five demons are treated as one, and so on. If the five demons aren't together will any limitations in ability occur, and so on? If one dies or there is even one demon missing from their number, does it become impossible to demonstrate an effect in unison, and so on.

Though I can think of various things, well, I'll set that aside.

The Paraberangers also, just like Fire Lord-kun and the others, experienced [Existence Evolution] upon obtaining the title.

The race the five demons became was [Karma Oni (Karma) - Subspecies].

To describe a [Karma Oni] briefly, it is not of the [Lord] system but a higher species of the [Ogre] system, it's such a thing.

With massive, muscular figures over 3 and a half meters, brutal features which can naturally frighten adversaries, the tough hair which grew down to the waist, and each individual possesses different living body weapons and living body protectors.

Although their forms are not compact like a Lord's, their physical strength seems to be considerably high in exchange.

Because the ability for magical power or intelligence improves for the two demons of the mage group, they seem to fall behind in physical ability to the other three demons but they still surpassed the average Lord.

The fighting techniques driven into them up to now, it's certain that the ability for battle has improved greatly.

Additionally each one's body is dyed in their iconic colors of [Red], [Blue], [Yellow], [Green], and [Grey] making them easy to distinguish, there seems to be a slight difference in ability according to each color.

And like Gladiator King and Heat Demon-kun, the Parabengers attained a new ability.

It's called the [Five Karma Oni].

When they activate it, the Paraberangers have their whole bodies dyed in their symbolic colors and are equipped with a special living body protector of metallic armor added to a rubber suit.

As for the living body protector that covers the whole body without an opening, there seems to be something like a power assist system similar to the external skeleton I have, it seems to improve their physical performance even further.

Moreover their appearance, the design was somehow like the heroes that appear in a squadron.

Originally it could be said that they cared deeply for their companions, compassionate towards others, punishing evil doers, it was an appropriate ability for the Paraberangers who had such characters.

It did not seem that they had a secret technique like a union attack or anything like that, I'll take the time to ask them about it at the next opportunity.

I compile the approximate information, arrange it, and switch my thoughts.

Although the Paraberangers is an unusual case that hasn't happened before, since it makes little difference, I should continue.

Now then, once preparations are over, let's energetically continue our capture today.

The number of monument challenges we've cleared so far is 88. Although it's a considerably quick pace, the end is still farther yet.

To end it quickly and continue, let's begin clearing the simple tasks first.


Day 282

"Deliver 3 pieces [Aruman Roses]"

"Kill [Skunk Smelling Roses]"

"Deliver the roots of [Pink Arbabesa], fiery spikes of [Pink Knight], lunar drop [kertifii]"

"On the lake Anbar there is a wreck, with growing "Anbararoshitora" , deliver it to the grave of the captain of the sunken vessel on the lake Anbar."

"In the area of ​​the park Brustela, race the [Red Pink Dragons], you must win."

"On the grave of my beloved, bring roses that fill the senses. This is my last wish."

The monolith settings were very different, ranging from the simple to the nearly impossible.

Frankly, jobs, like, kill some monsters or something more personal.

And although there are mixed monsters similar to floor field bosses, Avenger's team managed to cope.

But the delivery jobs were very problematic.

First, finding the necessary items among the foliage was very difficult.

I have [Analyse], because even as it copes without it, to quickly to conquer this place is not exactly will come out.

Secondly, to have prepared special magical items, given to special creatures, training and so on.

It's certainly troublesome, but still it's is nothing serious.

Much time is spent on the monoliths required to solve a particular puzzle, in such cases brute strength is no use.

Among them, those which respond to certain keywords are the simplest.

And what to do with tasks such as "On the grave of my beloved, bring roses that fill the senses. This is my last wish" it was not clear.

In order to solve these puzzles, you need to look for clues in the stone tiles dropped from monsters in certain areas.

That in itself is time-consuming.

The one who created this place the [Demigod of Roses], certainly had a few screws loose. (Changed from: their head bolts is clearly lacking. Faye)

While it is true, this place is hard to conquer. Among the powerful head he thinks not all. Even saying, it is quite the right idea, in order to prevent the conquest of the dungeon. (??? ~iamgarni)

But judging from the conquerors, the conversation will be different.

How to get to the dungeon? I will personally give him straightened. Of course, again, only the ruins remain, but this has nothing to do about it. No idea what this paragraph means ~ iamgarni

I so hate this dungeon that I was ready to give up, an as yet unknown feeling to me .

That's just the sort of pace; we are behind schedule. We ought to speed up.


Day 283

Currently, after spending a few days to conquer the monoliths we got 168 pieces. By creating a set of clones, using strong ability, I calculated there are a total of 200 pieces.

That is, there are only 32 more pieces left.

Also among them, some are located quite far from the exit, monoliths with tasks like "Deliver 3 pieces [Sapphire Roses Fiery Star]," "In the area Armadroz bring an offering to the altar," and the like, a relatively simple tasks - 15.

"The parks Alice kill [the commander of the Knights of the Queen's roses]" or "Catch without killing mimic [Pink Rabbit Fugitive]". Tasks like this are little troublesome job that requires high level of combat power - 12 pieces

"Flaming rose wearing a kingfisher, a blue, should not bring the golden pot" (* Yes, yes it is direct and it is written ... *) "Mother of life, embracing the blue seeds, flowering before the ominous, does not disintegrate" (* see there also Hemp grows *) just such tasks to perform that, we must also understand what they are - 5 pieces.

Perhaps, in such circumstances, acting on the basis of information received from my clones may be best.

The delivery was performed using the best routes. Before, because we were training Avenger, I particularly did not interfere, but he had had enough training, so we needed to finish this quickly .

Anyway, it took quite a while, and in the evening we completed the last task monolith.

After that, we heard the music as if to bless us. Echoes of it could be heard, it is likely you can only hear it if you carry out the tasks of the monoliths. Or maybe the music was just in my head.

Again thinking of useless things; together with the completion of the last job, the earth trembled and there was a sound "Gogogogogo..." Instead of rising up for us, a monolith staircase appeared leading to the boss room.

I admit, very theatrical. We descended the bluish stairs, made of silver metal, illuminated by glowing roses that were growing on the walls.

The staircase was much shorter than I expected. We went down in just a minute.

Along the way, we found the last place to rest and test equipment, just a few tens of meters in diameter, was the only waiting room of the dungeon floor.

Normally, we would have to rest, but we just ran past, throwing opens the gates, and went inside.

From the entrance straight ahead stretches a stone-paved road of width 4 meters.

Above it, are a few rose arches, all the rest of the space is filled with red, white, yellow and purple roses separated by color.

Like a sea of ​​roses. It seems that if you just went down, off the stone road, you would drown in this sea.

On the ceiling, the color of the night sky, like a star in the center, There was a huge blue rose (probably the same type as in the city center), which emits blue light, like the moon.

Illusion show.

The Boss room is about 300 meters in width and 100 meters high. Not very broad, compared to the first floor it looks very modest.

But apparently, to such an extent there was some reason. And the color of roses, like a fold in the picture, interested me. Surely in this there is no sense. (no idea what he means ~ iamgarni)

While i thought about it, a throne rose,cmade of a huge blue rose, on which sat the dungeon boss.

Dungeon boss [Dark Blue Roses] [Empress Colors Blue Roses], incredibly beautiful, like Doriane-san, the Dryad.

Silver blue hair woven into braids, elegant tiara adorned with roses.

Her deep blue slightly sad eyes, a person with a great devilish [charm] , so strong that one look was enough to pull out the human soul.

White soft skin, so tender that  it seems ready to melt under the touch, and dressed in her gorgeous blue dress, decorated with ornaments, only emphasizes her charm.

The skirt, like an inverted blue rose, looked very cute, but at the same time gave the impression that underneath lies something quite unprecedented.

Frankly, she looks more like a flower princess than an Empress.

But being a dungeon boss, her skills are real.

Within a few seconds after we entered the room, she slowly and elegantly rose from her throne, in her hands, from nowhere appeared the staff of blue roses, and in the room rang her beautiful voice.

The voice echoed throughout the room, along with the surrounding Rose began to move.

Gathering together, they began to forms a humanoid figure. [Pink Knights], we have already seen enough of them in the first floor.

The Individual abilities are not so high, but there are already around 1,000.

They do not allow us to approach the [Empress Colors Blue Roses], their lady, they are obliged to protect. Before us lined  the ranks of the Knights, hiding from view the [Empress Colors Blue Roses].

In addition, depending on the color of [Pink Knights] the equipment varies. First yellow lined rows of knights, carrying a huge shield bigger than their own size; then knights in red, armed with enormous spears, just under 5 meters long, which they put forward through the gaps in the shield panels; then purple knights, armed with bows and arrows; and in the back the white knights with staffs and wands.

At the same time they are very coordinated, moving like a single organism.

Normally, to fight them is like trying to fight with an army.

But I don't care.

I would just like to quickly deal with all of this, because Kanami-chan and company stepped back, I alone came forward.

Ignoring the lances aimed at me , I took the scarlet spear and put it in 10 times more mana in than is necessary to activate the [Army Bloody Scarlet Copies].

After that, the shape of the Crimson spears strangely begins to change, while violently radiating glow.

Feeling the unexpected response, I began to pour more mana into it, as well as adding part of the accumulated [Divine Power].

Before that, under the infusion of mana the [Calling Lightning Shark Rope] became [Demonic Shark Rope Thunder Dragon].

This time, I decided to do the same thing, but added [Divine Power].

In context there should be almost no difference, because the chance of success is quite high. Here,  the moment I added [Divine Power], something unusual happened. The center of the Crimson Spears sank like space.

Feeling a high risk, Kanami-chan and company quickly retreated to the walls.

Space began to roll into the funnel, the dungeon itself began to crack at the seams.

Even if I just carried the spear in hand, doing nothing, all who just approached me, were swallowed. (i have no clue what it says~Carlosott)

Before such a distortion, as expected,the pink knights apparently coudn't move.

It may sound strange if I say it myself, the mana is nothing, but to pour [Divine Power],  I think I went too far...

It is interesting so it's fine? Even I'm excited, looking at how a spear likes devouring the space.

Fortunately, a few tens of seconds, the phenomenon successfully completed.

At that moment in my head sounded an alert:

[Magical object of the [Legendary] Class of conditions [Arms of The Living God]]

[Magical item of the [Legendary] Class [Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)] condition of release the [Use of a Living God], [Demonic Hammer of Living God] [Transcendental Shipping]has been achieved]

[[Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)] becomes a magical object of the[Phantasmal] Class [Device Istesannogo Fierce God, Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole]]

Without thinking I took the highest grade subjects, in order to verify its capabilities.

Title: [Device Istesannogo Fierce God, Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole]

Classification: living god device / missile weapon

Grade: [Phantasmal] class

Ability: [Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)] [Temple Thirst for Fresh Blood] [Bearing Scarlet Desperate Proclamation of The Kingdom (w? ruzepia.goshute)] [The Two-Headed Dragon Source End Fierce God (tsuvarubu.geshupen)][Heretical Retribution] [Transformation of Divine Power] [Pierce the Wicked] [Equipment of the Living God]["" ​​""] ["" ​​""] ["" ​​""] ["" ​​""]

Note: [Yatendouji] as a subspecies [Living God] investing [Divine Power] in [Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)] converts it into a magical object [Phantasmal] class [Device Living God].

This spear painted in a sinister scarlet piercing everything has many terrible abilities.

[Only [Yatendouji] can touch it, or the ones to whom he will allow.]

Touching it without waiting for permission will lead to unimaginable disaster.

As the [Device Living God], to destroy - save for special exceptions, is not possible.

Do you need more information?

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Everything seems clear, except for the [Device Living God], because I decided to click "Yes"

term: [Device Living God]

Meaning: something that has been created by a subspecies [Living God] extremely close to [Divinity], investing his own [Divine Power] in a magical object of the [Legendary] class or higher.

Its abilities are on par with a [Sacred Treasure], it contains a special ability and when certain conditions are clear it is capable of further improvement.

If the creator is a [Furious god] it will be a [Device Living God] for a [Dragon God] it will be [The Sacred Treasure of The Dragon God Dragolorda], depending on the race, the name will be different, but they are classified the same way.

All clear.

It is clear why the Scarlet Spear, becoming [Device Living God]  has became a sinister color of blood, the tip was now thicker and longer.

And at the base of decoration appeared in the form of an infinite dragon devouring its own tail.(ouroboros)

Also, if you look good, his eyes move, and if you bring your finger, he might even try to bite. I do not live there, he.

In addition, there is a strange difference in the details, but let's leave it at that for now.

Once again taking shape, emitting the overwhelming presence of the Red Spear, I stuck it into the ground, putting enough mana, and activate its abilities.

[Activated hereditary unique ability to [Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole] [Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)]]

As soon as it was activated, it was all over.

Everything in sight is filled with a forest of Red Spear copies. Before, at the time of activation [Army Bloody Scarlet Copies], there would be a lot of red spears, but this time it is a little different.

[Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)] is able to even change the size of the copies themselves. Length changes up to 5 times, and the thickness is up to 20 times as much.

Increased to the limit, it becomes the size of a tree.

Bodies caught in the forest Pink Scarlet Knights copies have been transfixed from the feet to the top, or torn to shreds. In the middle of the floor, protected by them the [Empress Colors Blue Roses], a spear was sticking through exactly where its core was.

And not a minute had passed since the battle began before it ended. I was letting off some steam, but I think it's a let-down.

Remooving the real body of the Scarlet Spear from the ground, the forest of copies disappear, collecting the body of the [Empress Colors Blue Roses] got me in a very good mood, as long as it has not yet disappeared.

[Dungeon boss [Empress Colors Blue Roses] successfully eliminated]

[History of God [Blue Rose Garden] conditions of passage [The Murder First Strike] [Destruction of The Army] [Capture of Empress] have been met]

[Performer granted a special ability [Skies Blue Roses]]

[Performer, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, will be sent the treasure chest [Princess Blue Rose]]

[As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted]

[Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate]

[For those who have Awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God's Lost Psalms, a part of the [Demigod of Roses]'s divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[[Yatendouji] has obtained the [Demigod Rose Pruners] !!!]

[Conforming to the conditions, it is possible to seize the [Blue Roses Zoo Park]]

[Will you do so?]

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

This time I received [Sacred Treasure] [Demigod Rose Pruners] vygldeli as small blades that can easily fit in the palm, describe the arc, falling into my hand. ~confusing lines.

After putting the [Sacred Treasure] and Treasure chest into my item box,  I chose <<Yes>>.

[Special Ability [Dungeon Plunder] has been invoked.]

At this moment, control of the [Blue Roses Zoo Park] will shift from the [Demigod of Roses] to Yatendouji]

[From now on, please manage the Dungeon at your own discretion]

With that, our goal has been achieved here.

Gripped by a thought, to my own surprise, I felt I did not want to engage in dungeon conquest of this type in the near future.

Having dealt with the chests using the Warp Gate, we moved to the street of the city, in order to have a rest in the hotel. 


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Day 284

The dark sky with shining stars was barely giving way to the sunrise when I noticed a suspicous presence near our hotel.

Still half asleep, I looked out the window in order to assess the situation. I found men hiding in the shadow of nearby buildings.

Three of them were visible from the window.

But it was not only them, the [Sense Enemy Detection Zone] and [Sense of Space] found a total of 12 beings, and almost all of them belonged to the [Demon Race - Midian].

They acted in groups of four. Their equipment consisted of black cloaks heavily enchanted to concealed their presence, under which were military-grade body armor, gauntlets and greaves made from magic metal. Magic accessories such as rings and earrings were also used to increase their stealth.

They wore matching unfiroms, although their weapons were all different - various swords and spears that were of [Unique] or [Ancient] class.

The way they hid themselves that seemed like they were dissolving into the envirnoment as well as their silent movement clearly displayed their skills. Rather than adventurers or bandits, they were more like an elite squad.

Still half-asleep, I recalled one report in particular.

Looks like this group belongs to Atarakua Demon Empire and reports directly to, one of [6 Great Generals] "Great Ai sumus Herbie Indigo" - [Indigo Secret Squad]. Without a doubt, these elites engage in covert assignments like assassinating the Demon Empire's enemies and gathering intelligence. They are rarely seen in public so the information about them is very scarce.

The question of why they are here was obviously because of us. Whether they were following Tatsushirou's trail or simply keeping an eye on us, we still needed to be wary of them.

Although information gathered from my clones was limited, I was confident in my assumption. It was possible the owner of the inn was part of an anti-government movement, but the chance of that were slim.

They were faster than I expected. It was immediately evident they were professionals. After confirming their skills, I ordered a morning coffee.

Since they are keeping their distance, it is possible they may simply leave. If they do approach us, I will respond according to the circumstances.

With this in mind, I anticipated my ordered coffee.

After some time looking at the sunrise through the window, the form of a great black rose became illuminated in the distance.

The huge blue rose at the entrance to the former[Blue Roses Zoo Park], now called [Funeral Black Rose Garden], was now black, although its function was the same. Since the change happened during the night it was not immediately noticable, but with the rising sun it became obvious and was causing a huge commotion that could be heard all the way here.

It was understandable since the rose that had been blue for a long time suddenly became like this.

While I was drinking coffee with Kanami, the rest had already woken up and we went down to breakfast together.

As expected from an upscale hotel, the food is excellent.

The food here was not only delicious, but also beautiful. Each dish was decorated with roses from the dungeon, like a work of art.

Having dealt with our preparations, we left the hotel and, without stopping by the shops in the maze-like city, immediately headed out of town in the [Skeleton Centipede].

There is not much point in hanging around this place right now.

Although I was expecting the [Indigo Secret Squad] to follow us, that did not happen. They were still tailing us within the city, but did not take a single step outside the city. Perhaps due to the fact that following the [Skeleton Centipede] at its current speed while remaining undected was not possible even for them.

Well, it makes no difference.

For now, we headed towards our next destination, located in the Atarakua Demon Empire, close to the border of the Beast Kingdom, the Labyrinth City [Deegambling].


Google Translation, NEEDS EDITING

Did some editing to increase the readability, some sentences I couldn't make sense of so I left those alone. Please fix any stupid mistakes I made since this is my first time editing. ~Anon

Day 285

There is a considerable distance between the Labyrinth City [Glory Rose]and the Labyrinth City [Deegambling].

Also, there are lots of places impassable for ordinary wagons because finding detours may take weeks.

Since our [Skeleton Centipede] was not hindered by terrain, we could move at incredible speed even without following the existing roads,

Therefore, even if we were being chased, I am confident we could easily outrun them.

It's just that, even though I had the feeling we were being watched from the moment we left [Glory Rose], I could not detect anyone despite my best efforts.

It was probably the work of someone who, like Kugime-chan, possessed a race or high-level abilites that specialized in surveillance.

Even though I had a huge radius of detection, I would without a doubt lose out to experts like that. As such, I could not find who was watching us.

I could, of course, send out my clones in an attempt to find the culprit, but if I made a mistake I couldn't pretend to be ignorant and would also reveal one of my abilities.

After all the clones are only effective because nobody knows about them. If they were exposed, it would become much more difficult for me to collect information in the future. 

Since there's no way for me to detect our pursuers I decided to stop thinking too hard about it and focus on increasing our speed. If we were being watched, we just needed to move at a speed at which they could not keep up. It was a simple conclusion.

The [Skeleton Centipede] can cross roads and fallen trees without problems. It will keep moving along the shortest path with its top speed.

Leisurely driving through a sprawling forest, flying over a vast steppe, climbing rocky mountains, literally jumping from a steep cliff, we raced like the wind along a road only we could follow.

On the way, we saw bandits attacking a wagon. Using ranged attacks, we gave them some support by burying the villains into the dust.

Having met some previously unseen monsters on the road, I quickly hunted them. There were a few small events.

By the time stars appeared in the sky, we had traveled a good distance and [Skeleton Centipede] still continued to run forward.

We lost our observers by evening, but they were certainly still in pursuit so we continued to move forward.

Tomorrow we can travel without fear. With this thought, I fell asleep in the [Skeleton Centipede], which does not need a break.


Day 286

By continuously moving forward throughout the night, we have significantly reduced the distance that remained to the Labyrinth City [Deegambling].

A few more hours and we would have arrived at the scene. But it was decided to arrange a short holiday in the natural hot springs on the mountain which was just along the way.

In order to get rid of tiredness it was perfect to enjoy this natural hot spring, which we found by mere accident along the road, before arriving in the Labyrinth City [Deegambling] and grinding one boss after another.

Initially it was a simple spring, in which a lot of people wouldn't fit.

By using [All Creation] and changing the landscape, I created a respectable size and altered the depth to the shoulders, a swimming pool, and outdoor bathroom.

The view from here was superb, because of that, Kanami and me enjoyed drinking.

Dissolved in the natural source of energy which penetrates into the very depths of the body, while trying a variety of drinks - this was the best way to relax.

Still, the hot springs are great!

Not far from us were Avenger and company, slightly embarrassed by their nakedness they still joined us.

Well, whatever it was. While we enjoyed the hot springs, our presence attracted monsters that lived in the area.

Low intelligence, sufficient enough to use sticks and stones as weapons, and attack in groups [Red Headed Monkey].

The size of a human child, covered with a dark red skin, for a sweet look and calm nature, are popular as pets [Celestial Demonic Mouse Capybara].

Having a three-meter great body covered with thick hair, characterized by long and thin legs [Long-armed Bears].

The targets of hunting because of their beautiful silvery skins that are sold at sky high prices, but thanks to their excellent fighting ability able to send most of their poachers to the netherworld, [Silver Tigers].

And the other various species who began to gather around the hot spring.

Apparently these monsters were instinctively afraid of us, while staring at us they were shaking with fear. If we are that neither will take, they immediately took to his heels.

If it were not for the hot springs, we would have killed all monsters gathered here, which is quite natural. But for now while we were enjoying the hot springs, I do not have any desire to hunt them.

Wondering why they did not run away when they saw us, they probably want to get into the hot spring, but because we are here, they do not dare to act.

Then I tried to gently wave, as a reaction the Capybaras slowly and cautiously entered the water, and took part in enjoying the water.

I could not understand the expression of their faces because of the difference in races, but them enjoying the hot spring was still easy to understand.

The dimensions of the hot spring I created was quite large, however the monsters that came into the hot spring over the time increased significantly thus resulting in the hot spring being crowded.

I had to make one more bath. But almost immediately it was plucked up by the crowd. I had to make a third one to have enough space for all of them.

Having finished the work, I again plunged myself up to my shoulders.

Normally, the wild world is divided into hunters and prey, but here, indiscriminately, all the monsters are enjoying the hot springs.

In this area, apparently at the top of the food chain are Silver Tigers, and Rhesus Monkeys usually serve as their prey. To see them peacefully relaxing next to each other is a rare spectacle.

The humans settlements still have not reached to here, therefore the chance are that this place will be known to people is pretty small. I wonder if this spectacle will repeat itself for some time. Apparently I unexpectedly created a local landmark here.

As I thought about it, I stroked one of the Capybaras swimming up to my chest on the head.

Very much so Capybara, probably quite long lives.

Capybara dutifully held up my hand under his thick fur. By doing so, the rest of Capybaras also approached us.

The Capybaras, sniffing the air, looked pretty cute and Kanami decided to stroke their smooth coat.

Although, in my opinion, Kanami hugging the cute Capybaras was quite the cute scene.

Well leave these creatures to their tenderness. After that, I made a couple of stalls made of stone, in case we come here again, then I slightly warmed up with the Avenger and the company, restoring the magical energy and strength in the hot springs. The evening came once we were recovered.

Too relaxed.

The terrible power of the hot springs!

Since this happened, I fed [Black Fomorians] meat to the monsters gathered here.

Thus, unexpectedly I gave a banquet. Well, sometimes it is nice to spend a day like this.

While surrounded by capybaras and Silver Tiger, who became attached to me, I fell asleep in a group of fluffy lumps.  


Day 287

The next day, after the creation of the hot springs, we were escorted to our tied capybaras and other monsters. We set off towards the Labyrinth City [Deegambling].

If possible, we will come back here.

And just after few hours of traveling, without any incidents, we safely arrived.

Before dinner, we were standing in a queue in front of the huge gates at the entrance to the city.

It has been about an hour before our turn came. After passing inspection and paying for passage, we happily got into town.

I thought that the recent observers would stop us here, but apparently I worried for no reason.

(Made some edits so the sentence would make more sense - Anon)

Or maybe the observers did not belong to the authorities of the Demonic Empire.

Well, right now to worry about this demon sense.

Choosing an upscale hotel, which will be a base for our operations, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

The roads here are lined with stone and the houses look planned out.

Thriving shops lined both sides of the road, from which came the pleasant aroma of cooking.

Moving forward on the road we came across a large building, which houses the gambling house - the casino. We all entered together.

Inside, representatives of a variety of races, both sexes, heartily enjoyed gambling, creating a very festive atmosphere.

Here and there, you could see a very unusual scene.

Apparently noble origin, the boy in the expensive clothes, the commoner man, middle-aged, middle-aged woman with a dazzling smile and a young girl with a beautiful smile, sitting at the same table. A boy dressed as a dealer was shuffling, having just opened them a new deck of cards.

Generally, because of the difference in status and power, they should be isolated from each other. However, no one showed concern about this.

In addition to this, there was quite a lot of such groups. Apparently their social status and power do not matter here, I felt that here, in spite of the situation, you can compete on equal terms. Moreover, the losers in the game dutifully gave the winners what was at stake.

The loser pays, the winner receives.

This is the basic rule of gambling, but in other places, especially where noblemen play with commoners, if the noblemen begin losing, they will say, "I do not know", or "You're cheating", or could even kill the opponent. So the location of itself is quite unique.

But only for the Labyrinth City [Deegambling], it is quite natural behavior.

Fortunately in the city center, there is a huge dome structure, where the casino is located, an [Age of the Gods Dungeons] [God Rank] created by the [God of Gambling], the [Holy Land of Gambling].

Located literally in the lap of The [God of Gambling], countless casinos in the city, although weaker, but still receive a portion of his influence, became a special place, which can be called a part of the dungeon.

Thanks to losing the game, and refusing to give delivered or wishing to return power rate, and in the case of other violations, the foe is waiting for [divine retribution].

If you simply enjoy the institution, you will have no problems, not that there are no detours, but if you break the rules, victims will be a chur a lot, because then even if the gentleman will lose a beggar, he will still have to pay.

Due to the fact that, led by greed and passion, inside [Deegambling] there is a lot of money in circulation, and the city is well known for its dungeon of light and dark sides.

So, coming to a place and entering the casino, our further actions are quite obvious.

We will enjoy gambling.

Here, on the [Holy Land of Gambling] are kinds of magical items, slot machines, arranged races between huge monsters, as well as [the battle of swords] being carried out, putting lives at stake, gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, as well as other gambling casinos .

Thinking that I would try, I gave each one a gold chip on costs.

If Avenger and company in down to lose, I can easily recoup, then I sent them some fun from the heart.

That's fair, just set a condition "not to put equipment at stake."

Yet I do not think that they will put your equipment, but just in case you need to prevent. In addition, if they need more pieces for the additive, they may come to me.

As I sent them into battle, I sat down at the table, where there was one seat available.

Kanami-chan stood next to me, watching with interest for my actions.

And I chose a closed poker, so-called casino game.

One type of card game where you have to collect a combination of cards, "Hands", a very deep game, a place for a battle of wits.

Minus the dealer, a demon man [Half Midian], four other people sat at the table. A beast man, a human youth, elderly female human and a half demon middle-aged woman. Such is the collection of figures.

First of all, because of my overwhelming presence, I loosened using [Weak Overwhelming Presence], but still, at the moment when I sat down at the table, everyone, even the dealer, broke a cold sweat.

The reaction of the demon woman was especially dramatic.. She began to shake, and tears flowed from her eyes, and she held her hands clasped together, as if she were praying to God. I just wanted to enjoy the game, but I did not need such a reaction, it is not fun at all. I tried to calm her down, but she just would not cooperate. What a stubborn woman.

In the end, I almost used force and she sat at the table and the game began.


Day 288

I did not notice that I was at the Casino all night since yesterday.

In the beginning, I was playing with the guests, but as I continued to win, the game continued against the casino itself.

And then I went on to win, and now I have accumulated platinum chips (each of which is a white gold coin), more than 10 of them.

I came here not only to enjoy the casino, but in order to collect the necessary funds for the conquest of [Holy Land of Gambling], and I have already scored three times more than planned.

In the aisles of the city, the game pieces can be used as currency in almost all places, with only a few exceptions. I had almost finished providing the necessary funds for my main goal.

Here are all the casinos, except for the [Holy Land of Gambling], and there is the manager. If I win too much, he will have problems with me.

And just before I was about to leave the casino manager came [I was at the third largest casino the city, one of the great casino [Deems-Lucked]].He looked like a pig, and the frightened dealer whispered, "At all costs, come back! I can not get fired," looking at me as a sworn enemy.

Well, if someone wants to fight, he will get it. Thus, I decided to stay to the end.

We'll squeeze them to the limit.

Fundamentally, in the end, the casino always wins.

It may seem like you are winning, but in the end, you still lose to such a system.

That's only sometimes with visitors with high success rates, and in this case there is some kind of "mercenary" who is extremely skilled at dealing.

(Editor's note: I gave up on the previous sentence... I had no idea what it meant! ~Noctoturtlopus~)

(Don't worry bro, I got ya ~RDCro)

Of course here in the [Deems-Lucked] they also have games where skills are the main focus.

The dealers that played with me before at other casinos were pretty good, maybe even among the top dealers.

But they kept losing.

And along the way, my stack of chips kept growing.

Among the dealers across Schuler, they juggled cards, but it is easy for me to notice things like that, and it was easy to stop.

(I changed the sentence under the assumption Schuler is a place ~RDCro) (schuler - if it's from russian then it means cheater)

At the same time, I aquired quite a lot of chips.

Incidentally, when the dealer is caught cheating, the credibility of the casino falls, and as such, when detected, the dealer is immediately fired.

I caught my fair share of cheating dealers who will likely be unemployed tomorrow. It's a cruel thing to do, but it is the survival of the fittest out there.

As a result, it turned out that if I walk away with all the platinum chips that I have earned, the casino [Deems-Lucked] will fall into a very difficult financial situation.

Finally, in a hurry, the manager played his trump card.

There, in front of my eyes, a Dundee demon man with skills good enough to be included in the top five dealers in the city. He doesn't go out into public very often, but when he does, he always wins.

This demon man was a blackjack dealer.

Taking a completely new deck, he began to shuffle so quickly that there was almost no visible slots. He was obviously extremely skilled.

If he ran the card as usual, it would have been very difficult to win.

His art, honed to perfection, appeared to me to be quite sluggish.

The fact that I was able to solve a scam from the casino's prior dealers, there was a fault in part of the dealer's psychological factor, or perhaps my overwhelming presence and look, and looking at the production created an almost physical pressure, and besides ,[Golden Rule][Happy Elephant Wealth] and [Luck] strongly pushed my victory.

Because of the Demon man dealer's sluggish movements in the game, he began to make mistakes, which accumulated and eventually undermined his carefully planned victory.

As a result, I just relied on my abilities, and I kept winning and platinum pieces lined up in front of me as a whole mountain.

As expected, seeing as I had defeated the dealer who was the manager's trump card, before he passed the point of no return, he surrendered.

I regretted looking around, and I decided it would be no good if I completely defeat of the casinos while I'm here (as the goods will all be mine after I capture the dungeon), so, collecting a huge amount of chips in one hand, I went outside.

After purchasing more than enough assets, tomorrow I'm going to the [Holy Land of Gambling], and today decided to walk around the city.

At this point, from behind the counter, the old woman asked, "Do you need to get lucky charms?", pulling earrings with little crystals inside out from under the counter.

The item slightly increases [luck], a children's pocket money couldn't buy it, but it is not very expensive. The magic item is easy to find in this town, and usually does not make sense to sell somewhere else.

By type, item's level [plain], close to the [average], and although a lot of them, but the sense from them is almost there.

But in order to raise my level of [High Luck], they may come in handy, so I bought everything that she sold.

Still, it was a pretty cheap.

As I chewed the bought charms, I examined the local attractions.

Because of the large numbers, the level of [High Luck] rose higher than I expected.

The next time I meet this old lady, I will have to buy another.

Incidentally, the Avenger and the company participated in the battles in the Coliseum, and apparently one could earn a killing, provided that they continued to win. In the end they even defeated the king of the Colosseum, but that's also not a bad way to spend a night.

I had bought all sorts of personal belongings with the gold I won. But, since the gold is necessary our original purpose in coming here, I did not spend too much.


Day 289

So, today I took the money we earned yesterday and went to conquer the [Holy Land of Gambling].

The dungeon was a simple dome in structure, with five sections on the inside.

Most explorers and visitors who enjoy gambling stayed in the first section, the outer ring. Then there was the second ring, which led into the narrower third. That led into the fourth ring, which led into the heart of the casino, the fifth center circle.

Unlike the other dungeons, where one would only have to look for the stairs, you would need to earn a certain amount of money or pay a large sum to move onto the next ring. And every time, the amounts get larger. It is difficult, but not impossible, because the betting rate goes up the farther you go.

After getting past a ring, you can move to all of the previous ones without charge, allowing you to go back outside to earn money if you lost a fortune here.

As such, a lot of rich people from the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom, among many others, are almost constantly entertained here.

Meanwhile, the local badges are strictly personal, so even if others possess them, they will not work.

In the first round, where everyone is allowed in - they are not needed, but to move to the second ring you must earn the bronze badge first and to move to the third, the silver badge, to fourth the gold badge and to the fifth, the platinum badge.

Also, the dungeon monsters that appears here for the most part working as dealers or bartenders of the restaurants inside, so there is no need to fight except in the Coliseum arena.

Therefore, you can even see women and children inside, and it is possible get to the final section with enough luck; it is this kind of a place.

It is very difficult to capture this place with sheer power, and all of the gambling inside will make it a very stressful place, even without any traps.

Going inside the [Holy Land of Gambling], we were able to slip past the first two rings into the center third ring because of the large amount of money I had earned in our war chest prior. After storing the silver permit badge into an item box, we all started at the slot machines. 

The slots rotate in the machine at a high speed but due to our vitality and eyes, it seemed stable and we could easily keep track of them to consistently make money.

It seemed like we were committing fraud, but it was not since it came from a physical ability. Because of this, the dungeon monster [Black robes (Black clothing)] wearing sunglasses did not see our cheating and move to stop us. 

Even if we only played slots in the third ring, the amount of winnings made is excellent. While the bets wagered are large, in exchange the money to be made was comparable.

Having played here for 10 minutes and earning some seed money to start with, I sent the Avenger and his group to the fighting arena (Coliseum) to gamble and earn more. After wandering around with Kanami-chan to figure out what to do, I went to the roulette table.

When I went to the table, the game had already begun. A dungeon monster dealer with the appearance of beautiful Northern European woman turned the rotating roulette disk (Wheel) on top of which spun a ball that must land in one of the 38 sections.

They were broken up into the sections numbering from 1 to 36 and painted in alternating colors of red and black, with the other two sections at the beginning numbering 0 painted in green.

Since the game was already beginning, I decided to watch the bets (Bet) of the other visitors (Player).

While observing for a while to understand the habits of the dealer and how the ball moved on the wheel, I bet small amounts. At this point, I was only winning double what I bet. Then, putting my bet all on one number, I safely won a large dividend of 36 times the amount.

At this point, the atmosphere around the table was wrapped in tremendous hustle and bustle, but there was nothing I could do about it.

This time I put 20 platinum chips that, due to coming straight into the third ring, was about all I had left in the war chest.

If I lost, it would have been necessary to leave and earn more. Since I won however, I had earned 720 platinum chips.

That much money is on par with, or even superior than, the budget of the Sternbild Kingdom. Because of that, the hype that emerged was not unusual.

That amount of money was uncomfortable to hold, so I exchanged almost all of the chips to black steel chips, which isn't used anywhere else except in the [Holy Land of Gambling]. After that I was left with 20 platinum chips and 70 black steel chips.

While feeling the weight of the money in my hand, Kanami and I went to Avenger and his company.

Since we had earned more than enough money, we can quickly travel to the 5th round.

Fortunately, finding the Avenger group was easy since they were in the area where the Coliseum arena-based fighting and gambling occurred.

I found them at a good moment, right when the Avenger knocked the King of the Arena out of the ring with a light blow.

The king of the arena had been undefeated until this point, so the odds were stacked in his favor. Therefore, a large amount was won with the Avenger's victory, with his four teammates having placed all their money and hopes on him; they all had an overjoyed look on their faces.

I would have liked to have gone further into the dungeon with the Avenger group who rejoined us, but Kanami-chan wanted to have breakfast in one of the restaurants located in the [Holy Land of Gambling]. The dish was incredibly expensive, but a dungeon monster cooked by a dungeon chef was so delicious, it was priceless.

Suddenly, I had to order it several more times.

After a little break, we moved on. We could move to the fourth round for free since I had earned more than requirement to advance a ring, so I just paid for everyone to go straight to the 5th round.

(This is so hard, I'm gonna die T-T. I promise to stop pushing for manga translations if this is what you guys have to go through ~RDCro)

The final and 5th round in the deepest center in comparison with the other ones was extremely small since only a few could reach here. Because there was no need for a lot of space, as a result it felt a little cramped. In exchange however, the interior decoration could be compared to that of a palace. Furthermore, the amount of money moved here were several magnitudes higher than that of a kingdom. I was told that the equivalent of a small country's national budget could be won or lost in a single game. As such a place, the wealthy could lose an overwhelming amount of money. 

At the same time, if there are those who could lose everything in just one defeat, there are also those who could become wickedly wealthy when they were just at the brink of bankruptcy before.

Right now, I saw a well-built middle-aged raccoon beast-man desperately screaming after losing a big game, and a dragonnewt in underwear flushed with excitement giving a courageous shout of victory. Thinking it a very understandable reaction, we glance at this presentation as we pass by.

We stopped once we reached a certain place.

This was something similar to a department store.

There were armor and magic potions, books and ornaments, precious jewels the size of a fist, lightly laying haphazardly on the shelves.

It was clear that these were all goods for immediate sale with the price tags attached to them, but the amount asked made it seem like such a rip-off that it's someone's joke.

However, the quality was not a joke. The store sold armor type magic items with powerful stealth abilities, consumable medicine providing [longevity] or [internal magical power increase], and other incredible magic potions, a magic book (Grimoire) containing a terrible magic spell, as well as jewelry containing mysterious magic. So many wonderful treasures that it was impossible to look away.

If you look at them carefully, really the prices seem quite reasonable.

If you were to ask why there is this kind of a place in the [Holy Land of Gambling]? First of all, the merchandise are all items lost from visitors, where after losing too many games with the dungeon monsters, were used as collateral for a bet.

But anyway, there is not much use for visitors coming to the [Holy Land of Gambling] to buy anything because honestly, the dungeon monsters will just end up winning them back. (I guessed the meaning of this sentence from the other two translations because the original one here made no sense. It would help if a native Japanese speaker could confirm this line from the RAW ~Anon Editor)

As a result, there are all of these items here on display are luxurious commodities, but only the conqueror of the dungeon can end up buying them.

Before in the earlier rings, there were these places too; but, the things here should be of the highest quality. With this expectation, I took a brief look.

I only took a brief look because one quick glance is enough to tell that the quality of goods is different in each section. That's why it made no sense to waste money there purposelessly.

Incidentally, for a certain period of time the original owner has a preferential negotiating right to buy the item supplied after it has been exhibited, where no one else can get it. So if the last owner appears with enough money, he will be able to buy the item back. However, actually doing so is quite difficult.

The items exhibited here are things with a extremely high value in order to cover the large bets; so to buy them, you need quite a large sum. At the same time, buying back an item lost to a bet is even more of a struggle since the already high amount is marked up even further by the store. 

Therefore, while looking for possible items to eat, I have no choice but to pretend to give up and sigh; but still, I keep on it looking around for something good to eat. (I guessed the meaning of this sentence. This translation made no sense. ~Anon Editor)

Gambling has lead to all these items being lost by somebody, who can do nothing but stare nervously to confirm that it has not yet been bought by anyone else. If it turns out to be still there, they can only look more worried. But if not, despair on their face instead.

If they have the time to worry like that, it would be better spent making the money instead. With this idea, I began to choose what would be useful here to buy. Every time I picked up an item, I would get a reaction from somebody. For one item I picked up, there was no reaction.

It was a huge gem.

The gem, which had a transparent bluish color, was charged with a mysterious magical power. According to my appraisal, it seems to be [Jewel-Sealed Ability (Sealing Gem)]. (The naming is guesswork. Help confirming is appreciated ~Anon Editor)

Although it is a gem, it seems that if I wanted to I can easily crush it in my hand like a balloon, and while crushing it, acquire the [Ability (Skill)]--something good.

That's the most dreadful thing about the [Holy Land of Gambling]. You can play not only for gold, but anything you like, exchanging its worth for a corresponding amount of chips.

Naturally, things like armor and other personal belongings can be exchanged. However, other things can be exchanged too, including but not limited to: past memories, internal organs, the maximum value of your mana, [Jobs] and [Combat Arts], even your sense of honor or your life. However, abilities that are a disadvantage like [Weakness to Blunt Hits] or [Weakness to Cold] cannot be used as collateral since they are not beneficial and thus have no value.

If you win using the chips received, there will be no problems and the collateral will be delivered safe and sound back to the owner.

But if you lose... the result will something like this [Jewel-Sealed Ability]. It may contain [Jobs] and [Combat Arts] as well as other abilities, which have no form themselves.

Normally, there is no way to materialize something like this and transfer it to someone else. But we can assume it can be done here through the [Jewel-Sealed Ability], an unique item that can only be obtained in the [Holy Land of Gambling].

These [Jewel-Sealed Ability] are rare. But if you look around here carefully, several can be found.

In other rings, there were only mediocre ones. Only on the last section was it possible to find [Jewel-Sealed Ability] of good quality. That is, it is a rare commodity.

I found one [Jewel-Sealed Ability] with a green light, containing the special ability [Demonic Insect's Natural Enemy] that could be obtained in a [Age of the Gods dungeon].

For the purposes of the Avenger, it is a very useful ability. It allows for the application of critical damage to certain creatures. Given that this is one of the skills obtained in a [Age of the Gods dungeon], it is very expensive. But probably because it is a [Jewel-Sealed Ability] with a relatively low level of utility, it is classified as unpopular.

Because of this, the price is slightly lower, only 3 platinum pieces.

For something of this price, I immediately bought the [Jewel-Sealed Ability] and gave it to Avenger for use right away. While doing so, I thought if it would be good to find abilities that are more easily applicable or useful. 

After that, Avenger was surrounded by glow that almost immediately entered into his body. With this he had the ability of [Demonic Insect's Natural Enemy]. Thus, since we have achieved one of our goals here, I decided to look for something else for myself.

Among the exhibited products were a group of items that have stayed here unsold for a long time due to their exorbitant price. In addition, among them are even a few [Jewel-Sealed Ability], which were made here from the lost bets of [Great Heros] and even [Emperors]. Fragments of their abilities were there, emitting radiance large enough for my eyes to pop out of their sockets.

At first I thought to buy them, but then changed my mind, deciding that they would still be there after I conquer this place.

Since gambling relies on a luck factor though, stealing this place will not come as easily as before. So I decided I would be content with just successfully completing one of the goals for Avenger here. However, it would be disasterous if I spurge here and as a result there is not enough money in the war chest when I need it. Though when you win, you should do whatever you like.

With this in mind, I headed toward the center of the 5th section, which is located in a recess that allows you to watch all the games around--the place where [Legendary Gambler], the boss of the [Holy Land of Gambling], sat in front of me.

He had rich white hair tied back into a ponytail, with a black vest and a white shirt, upon which laid a neatly knotted butterfly bow tie. On the face of [Legendary Gambler] appeared a fearless smile and he asked me, "What kind of game shall we play?"

The [Holy Land of Gambling] has countless methods of gambling.

The only way to beat [Legendary Gambler] is to choose 3 types among them and win 2 out of the 3 matches. Even if I attack him, there would be no response. I cannot even touch him.

Thus I did not do something useless and chose to play the most popular roulette first.

Nodding, [Legendary Gambler] beckoned the roulette table to rise from the floor.

At the same time, music began, playing to all the visitors in the fifth section that I have issued a challenge.

As the audience gradually gathered, the [Legendary Gambler] laughed, "Actually, roulette is my greatest specialty."

[Dungeon boss [Legendary Gambler] successfully subjugated]

[God Psalm [Holy Land of Gambling] Clearing Conditions [Excessive Victory] [Revenge] [Ultra Luck] have been met]

[Achiever granted a special ability [Probability Control (Probability Oscillation)] ]

[As a bonus for the first subjugation, achiever will be awarded a treasure chest [Price of the Bet] ]

[As a privelege for conquering, use of the Warp Gate will be enabled]

[Please be careful when using the Warp Gate]

[For those who have awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God's Lost Psalms, a part of the [God of Gambling] divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[[Yatendouji] has obtained [God of Gambling's Gambling Dice - Noriyuki !!!]

[Activating the unique ability [Dungeon Plunderer (crying demons of other worlds)], it is possible to seize [Holy Land of Gambling]]

[Would you like to steal?]

"Yes / No"

Placing the received Divine treasure [God of Gambling's Gambling Dice - Noriyuki], radiating a golden glow, as well as 3 treasure chests into the item box, I selected "Yes"

[Special Ability [Dungeon Plunder] has been invoked. At this moment, control of the [Holy Land of Gambling] will shift from the [God of Gambling] to Yatendouji ]

[From now on, please manage the dungeon at your own discretion]


Day 290

[Legendary Gambler] was strong.

With a deep knowledge of all casino games, but it's just an incredible talent to control the game can be called perfect.

In this place, where the simple force does not work, [Great Heroes / Heroes] [Emperors / Kings], as well as tens of thousands of others, the conquerors (and maybe more if you count just to entertain the guests) to get to here, then playfully squander state , on and finished.

But due to the fact that in a previous life, among my colleagues was the one considered a strong player with [Mental Capacity] and [Future Foresight], this time I was able to win.

Frankly, even without [Luck], compared to my colleague, [Legendary Gambler] was weak.

This time the game got troublesome, because the match was delayed, but after my two wins [Legendary Gambler] with a smile on his face, covering the light broke up into particles.

I did not get to eat him I thought with regret. After eating him, I would have gotten even more useful abilities and why he suddenly collapsed.

That is very unfortunate.

But still, I did not think me when neither useful experience from the pile of losses former colleague. In life, the demon did not know what useful, I thought, remembering the battle with the red bear, and how I used [stink] again lamented the fact that I have not got a corpse [Legendary Gambler] I renamed [Holy Land of Gambling] in [Funeral Gambling House], I took the change in the interior.

Frankly, I would like to take not only the interior, but everything else to change, but the local maze is not so simple.

In order to play with the chance of winning a loss, there was a need to sense and knowledge, because for me the change in the interior, was the limit of changes in [Funeral Gambling House].

But still in the store (or rather the place seem more at a pawn shop), I was able to pick up the unsold goods.

And yet, I did not help with the ability to manage change prices (as I do, the spirit will fall away completely), so I just took a huge amount of chips obtained from the victory over the legendary player.

These chips certainly could be exchanged for money, but if you overdo it, there was a high probability to demolish the economy of the Demonic Empire, because the exchange of chips for more than a certain amount, there is a lot of complexities.

Because in order to get rid of the accumulated mountains of chips - the most it.

Still, after that I still have enough with them, I will be entertained here next time.

So this time we made one of our goals, strengthening the Avenger and the company, but I myself gained strength, as well as procured useful for our purpose abilities.

Just completed a bunch of other things. One could of course continue to keep training, but we are waiting for Redhead and company.

Thus, it was decided to return to the Royal Capital Osvel.

In spite of this, we have recovered enjoy shopping until the evening.

The blessing was a mountain of gold.

Doubting about what to buy, as expected, I bought on sale here in a variety of games that we will be able to enjoy and home.

Roulette and slot machines, dice and cards of course, and the rest was bought by me in great numbers.

By setting it all in [Parabellum Hot Springs Village] we will be able to raise even more dependent elves, there is no doubt. And so as to increase the prosperity of the usurers and [Debt Hell].

And indebted elves will be our hands and feet, which will force yourself to work well.

As a result, the elves will become stronger, and bring us a profit. The ability to increase their defenses, and trophies and stories about military exploits decorate their secluded life.

No one will lose.

Gufufufu, yet gambling is better to be the organizer. And for one, it is necessary also in the kingdoms to do it. And to attract not only the nobility, but also the common people.

Seeing through my evil plans Kanami-chan approached and looked at me, "Know the measure" seems in this sense.

"All the early" I thought, and nodded in response.

Although my plans, did not change, but oh well.

I bought more magical metals and other souvenirs, before we knew it, it was evening, and again we entered the gates of [Funeral Gambling House].

Going to the bathroom, near the entrance, making sure that no one was near, I activated the gate movement.

Move to the control room for the personnel that are in expansion on the 5th floor, we faced located there [Funeral Gates].

[Funeral Gates] to move freely from one captured dungeon to the others, regardless of the distance.

On the right and left flap gate is statues of the [Demon King] and [Emperor Demon], which looked as if about to start moving.

These [Funeral Gates] form inside the swirl space through which you can not look ahead, but it is definitely in a different dungeon.

Yes, even over long distances, can be overcome almost instantaneously.

The existence of these very gates, is one of the reasons why I suddenly decided to conquer other dungeons in different countries.

And in the forthcoming [Holy War] those same gates will play an important role, but now it's not about that.

Whatever was going through the [Funeral Gates], we went out very near to the capital of the kingdom, from the dungeon [Funeral Boiler Falls] I conquered.

We have moved to the top floor, where the roar of the thundering water falling into a huge pot. Do not pay attention to it, to use the portal, we moved to the nearest exit to the secret room.

And I went out, until the gates of the city are not closed, we hurriedly left [Aquarium].

This time we did not use transport, and just went running to the capital of the kingdom.

At speeds exceeding rider, we ran without stopping in the capital.

First Avenger and company would not sustain such a pace at this speed, but now they kept up with us.

The benefit of such a short period, on normal, not so much to conquer [Age of the Gods dungeons].

Of course, I still killed the bosses, but the experience from slain monsters was simply enormous.

Like totally different people, and they continued to run in the darkness behind us.

Quick access to the capital, and slowly enjoy the results of our trip.

Of course, we were surprised in a way, but I also got my hands on a lot of different delicacies.

Thinking about how I should prepare them, and assessing our future plans, I moved forward.