Re:Monster Day 291-300 / Chapters List

Day 291

Traveling on foot is practical if you have the endurance, but we avoided the high mountains and deep valleys where possible in order to save time. Continuing to run through the night, we had to cut through some dangerous areas but we kept a steady pace and weren't attacked by any nocturnal monsters. Thanks to everyone's determination we arrived at the capital earlier than planned.

However, as a result of our relentless pace, the youngest members of our party - excluding Kanami-chan and I who are still less than a year old - finally gave in to exhaustion. [Usurper] had until recently been living an unhealthy lifestyle and was still quite physically weak, and because [Witch of Mystic Flame] and [Merciful Maiden] both had weaker bodies due to their specialisms it was difficult for them to keep up as well.

Thanks to their leveling up and increased physical abilities, they were just about able to keep up with us although as time went on they began to sweat heavily and their breaths came with ragged gasps. As their clothes and armor absorbed the sweat it grew heavier and started to make it harder to run, so they eventually stored most of their clothes in their [Item Boxes] and ended up running nearly naked.

[Usurper] started to dress in comfortable clothes so he didn't really have to do much, but it was quite interesting how few clothes the beautiful young girls [Witch of Mystic Flame] and [Merciful Maiden] ended up wearing.

Their flushed appearance and the sweaty underwear that stuck to their skin gave the pair a strange but very erotic appeal.

Well, since there was no one else around to see at the time, perhaps there was nothing for them to worry about.

It would have been fine to slow down the pace, or even stop for a while and take a break somewhere. Whether it was the determination forged through successive Labyrinth conquests or just pure guts, they had become stubborn and pressed on without stopping even though it wasn't really necessary.

Of course, it's not a bad thing to push past your limits as doing so is an important element for continued growth.

Indeed, the fact that they pushed themselves and managed to keep up with us the whole way is honestly quite commendable.

That said Avenger and [Cavalier Defender], a front-line fighter despite being a girl, both had energy to spare so they encouraged and assisted the others along the way, but even still it was quite a feat.

More likely I think, those three persevered so well from the fear that if they made us late I'd inflict some even more brutal training on them!

Judging by the result, and the shadow of terror I caught in their eyes, I think I'm probably right. Well, this topic is probably better left alone.

After all, I barely had any intentions along those lines.

Well, be that as it may, we ended up arriving much earlier than planned. Rather than being late, it's better to be early and then be ready to act on an opportunity as soon as possible.

However because we arrived early, it was still dark and the capital's gates were firmly closed.

In short, we're too early. Damn!

Of course, the lights were lit inside and guards were on duty to keep watch for monsters through the night, but the law forbids opening the gate during the night time.

Even though the guards are there, they won't open the gate at night for anyone except the royal family, so there's no chance they will open it for us.

If it came to it, we could get over the wall without hesitation. However, there's also no real reason to hurry so we decided to wait outside until the sun rises and the gate opens normally.

We could have just used the waiting time to sleep, but it's a bit uncomfortable to sleep outdoors and we were all still hot and restless after the continual running so getting to sleep would have been difficult.

In order to make use of the spare few hours, we left the densely populated area near the capital and went to a forest a ways off to do some light training until the gate opened.

Although it was Avenger's idea, I also wanted to experiment with the [Red Spear] so I agreed.

The pair of us were keen, but Kanami-chan and the others just smiled wryly at us.

It seemed that Kanami-chan and the others were hungry and wanted to eat instead.

Yes I see, that is definitely something I can agree with!

In my Item Box I had accumulated a mountain of ingredients from the recent Labyrinth conquests, so we could enjoy a delicious meal with just some simple cooking.

It might be a bit early for breakfast, but having a meal is really not a bad idea.

That said, it's a natural law that food tastes better after exercise.

Since I hadn't expended much energy just running here, I wanted to have a proper workout first so that the food would taste even better.

Huh? The other members weren't feeling like it? They're saying it's fine to just skip the exercise? No, no, if they do that I'll be stuck with no one to train with! So I'll just order them to do it.

There is no way they will disobey my orders, but while that would force them to train with me it's much better to work with people who are motivated to participate. So, in order to increase their motivation this training session will be held in the form of a game with prizes.

Firstly, the rules. We need to avoid drawing too much attention, as clumsily causing a disturbance could bring the royal army to investigate in the morning. It's probably okay since the capital city is some way away, but there's still a chance. We could probably politely explain the situation and resolve the matter, but there's no need to cause the locals any anxiety as it could hurt our reputation and damage our future business plans.

So, large scale magic is banned and the fight will be with mostly physical attacks, while avoiding those techniques that are too flashy and generally keeping it simple.

Next, the victory conditions: If Avenger and the rest can hit me a certain number of times, it's my loss. If I can avoid their attacks it's my win.

All the same, even in training mode and restricting my ability usage it will be very difficult for them to win, so I proposed a compromise.

The winner will receive a large selection of the best tasting, finest quality ingredients from defeated Labyrinth bosses, allowing the winner to enjoy a huge amount of great food.

If I lose, those who have already been defeated before I lose will receive a smaller proportion than those who are still standing.

So therefore the amount of food each person receives will vary depending on their performance.

But regardless of who wins or loses, everyone will receive a minimum amount of good food for their breakfast in order to keep everyone motivated.

It's my hope that this teaches them that if they want to fill their bellies with good food, they need to work not only for their team but also for themselves as individuals.

So after all that, hoping to win some delicious food we kicked off a pretty serious training bout.

So, in the vanguard against me is Avenger, armed with [Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol], as well as the items gained from the former Holy Land of Gambling (now renamed Funeral Gambling House) for their victory over the arena champion, [Notorious Indestructible Armor] and [Fate of Attracting Cloak].

Dressed like that, he's really starting to look like the [Hero of Sunlight].

Directly behind him was [Cavalier Defender]. She was equipped with a [Red Queen's Complete Set] which was obtained by defeating [Red Queen's Rose Knights], (their strength was on par with a floor boss) in the [Blue Roses Zoo Park] (now renamed [Funeral Black Rose Garden]). The set contained:

[Red Queen's Rose Sword]

[Red Queen's Rose Mail]

[Red Queen's Rose Shield]

Their middle guard was [Usurper] dual wielding [Stone Rose Estoc] and [Venom Butcher Knife], both gained in the [Museum of Stone Sculpture] (now renamed [Gallery of Funeral Statues]) from the floor boss [Magnificent Virubiras]. Also wearing a stealth cloak [Shadow Stiched Camoflage], [Usurper] was poised to exploit any chinks in my defense.

The rearguard, [Witch of Mystic Flame], was equipped with several items for the 5th ring item shop in the Funeral Gambling House:

[Dragon Staff of Heavenly Roaring Flame] ([Fiery Dragon Rod])

[Roaring Flame Ring]

[Fine Scarlet Robe]

Similarly, [Merciful Maiden] was also equipped with items from the 5th ring item shop, and she equipped:

[Healing Silver Mace]

[Bracelet of Snake's Regeneration]

[Floating Shield]

This collection strongly reinforced her defenses, allowing her to focus on immediately supporting her teammates when needed.

By now, repeated training sessions with the same group has really improved their coordination, and they have gotten used to the way Avenger fights.

Without needing to speak, they communicate with just the slightest glance or movement. They're learning to read each others intentions which in itself is great progress.

They are now managing to co-operate fluidly at high speeds, so even though there are still the occasional rough patches they comfortably earn a passing grade.

Kanami-chan has used her racial ability [Summon Ice Blood Familiar], and is joined by [Ice Blood Hydra] and [Ice Blood Sirus], making this a very strong battle formation.

Household should be "familiar", since they're pets :) - grifonenero

[Ice Blood Hydra] (lit. [Ice Blood Many-Headed Poison Dragon]) is an intelligent species of dragon, over 30 meters in length and distinctively long and thin, making it one of the smaller varieties of dragon. However, its small body is extremely strong, and it's not called a hydra for nothing. If you cut off one of its heads two more will immediately grow from the wound thanks to its strong regenerative ability. Its scales are tough, reminiscent of red-tinted ice, and so poisonous that any living thing that touches them will immediately die.

Boasting an array of abilities associated with poison and ice, it is a very dangerous creature. It could probably kill a lower level dungeon boss in an instant.

[Ice Blood Sirius] (lit. [Ice Blood Heavenly Wolf]), boasts a similar stature to Kurosaburou, and its silvery fur reflects the light giving it a glittering appearance.

With its fur able to manipulate light, its able to become invisible and on top of that it has a lot of abilities associated with ice and excellent physical speed and strength. It is far more threatening than the average [Heavenly Wolf].

By attacking blind spots while also invisible, it can tear off an arm or a leg before you even know it's there. With abilities like that it's also probably able to one-shot kill ordinary dungeon bosses.

Of course, let's not forget Kanami-chan herself. I can't let my guard down fighting her, and with her ridiculously strong familiars added in I won't be able to relax for an instant.

There we have the full composition of the Avenger and company. A grand total of six plus two pets against me armed with my two spears, [Scarlet Spear] and [Cursed Spear]. As a result, coming up with some simple rules looks to make this a pretty effective training session.

Unfortunately, before I managed to finish off Avenger and Kanami-chan, they managed to get enough hits on me to win according to our rules. I did knock out the other four and both pets though.

Well, without being allowed to use all my abilities, I guess it's not a surprise.

Still, I got some practice with [Scarlet Spear] as I planned so it wasn't a waste.

Now we've had some good exercise and worked up a healthy sweat, the food should taste delicious!

While thinking about that, I realize that we'd already missed the gate opening time. Still, there was no reason to hurry so we relaxed and started cooking breakfast.

The main ingredient for breakfast was the dungeon boss [Blue Rose Empress Flower], and some selected other ingredients we had collected in the previously cleared Labyrinths. By now we were all starving, so we only made a half-hearten effort at cooking.

For now, our main course is to be the [Blue Rose Empress Flower], but I'm wondering if we should avoid it. It's human-shaped so eating it could be a problem for Avenger and co.

We started preparing it anyway. Even though it looks like a human, it can be classified as a plant monster, so we briskly chopped it up with a kitchen knife. The feeling while cutting it up varied from part to part. The outside felt like meat, but once past that it felt like cutting a plant's stem. It was a strange feeling, but having dismantled many [Rose Knights] previously there was also a sense of familiarity and I soon got used to it. It didn't leak red blood, so there was nothing to splatter about while preparing. I stored a portion of the prepared food in my [Item Box], and piece by piece we chucked the remaining pieces into the pot one by one along with the other ingredients and left it to cook.

Bustling about, we managed to fry some vegetables [Fried Roses], [Blue Rose Empress Hana] and [Black Minotaur] simple ham salad, rose fresh herbal tea, [Black Minotaur]'s sirloin, and similar dishes.

As breakfasts go, this one was pretty extravagant.

After everything was ready and just before I ate the first bite, I took the set of [Gambling Dice] out of my [Item Box].

Although [Gambling Dice] are a top level item, they are completely useless in actual battle. This just means that they are a [Sacred Treasure] used in a supplementary role.

Of the various abilities [Gambling Dice] hold, [Roulette Destiny] (lit. [Whimsical Changing Fate]) is especially useful. In order to invoke this ability, I poured a large amount of mana into the dice while praying for luck.

Once the dice were fully charged, I found a bowl just the right size and threw in the dice. The others watched to see what numbers came up as the dice made a rattling sound rolling around in the bowl.

I thought I heard a faint voice desperately screaming "No Count!", "No Count!", "No Count!" while the dice was spinning. I must have been hallucinating, so best put that to one side...

This seems to be a reference to a well-known gambling manga ~Dynamisx

[Roulette Destiny] has been safely activated, and I had  injected ten times as much mana as normally used to invoke the ability, resulting in my body being engulfed with a golden aura.

While thinking "Good, good", I also activated my [Probability Control] and [Good Luck] abilities.

With all the preparations finally taken care of, I braced myself and tried the [Blue Rose Empress Flower] and [Black Minotaur] raw ham salad.

The [Blue Rose Empress Flower] mixed in with the raw ham allowed me to enjoy several distinct flavors together. Normally the raw ham is just meat, and quite tasty in its own right. However, once eaten alongside the [Blue Rose Empress Flower] meat, it becomes clear that its not in the same class. [Blue Rose Empress Flower] was a meat-like vegetable, fresh and with a crisp texture that was a pleasure to chew. It's deep flavor with natural sweetness was of the finest quality, and it leaves a feeling of satisfaction similar to having eaten meat. On top of all that, the texture, flavor and aroma all varies between each part of the dish, so you can eat it repeatedly and still enjoy new sensations every time.

As everyone was agreeing how delicious the food was, I suddenly learned a bunch of new abilities.

Ability Learned: Rose Dance

Ability Learned: Empress Fragrance

Ability Learned: Predisposition to Sweat

Ability Learned: Morale Fragrance Rose Troops  Not 100% sure on this one ~Dynamisx ((For better wording it probably should be Rose Troops Morale Fragrance ~AnonymousPanda))

Ability Learned: Self-Defense Techniques of the Demonic Boar Knight

It's always good to pick up new abilities, and come to think of it I haven't picked up anything new except from the Dragon Empress and the [Sacred Treasure] since evolving into a Vajrayaksa Overlord.

Having suddenly found a way to increase the chance of gaining abilities, I grinned spontaneously and my tense expression relaxed.

By combining the [Gambling Dice] and [Roulette Destiny], and feeding them a huge amount of magical energy it seemed the overall effect was greatly increased.

Basically, using this method I can greatly increase the chance of gaining new abilities, even as a Vajrayaksa Overlord, so I called this experiment a success.

Of course, the dice might not always come up with such a good result, but I was very glad that I had a way to increase my number of abilities.

Incidentally, if I ate the [Gambling Dice] to gain the equivalent ability, I wouldn't need to physically roll them, but since rolling the dice is one of the ability's conditions, there is some chance that the ability would fail to work if used in that way, so I'll refrain.

Praying for continued good luck, I returned the [Gambling Dice] to my [Item Box], thinking that they would be helping me out a lot in the future.

I enjoyed finishing off the remains of breakfast, delighting in the [Blue Rose Empress Flower]'s rich and delicate flavors. Once we finished eating, we all headed back to the gate, which had already opened and started allowing people in and out.

As usual, we didn't have to stand in line, we simply flashed the royal pass without stopping and went straight in.

While enjoying the familiar sight of the capital, we headed directly to the mansion and let Redhead and everyone know we'd returned.

Without even a taking a chance to rest, I proceeded to the palace alone to meet Tomboy Princess and was taken straight to her as soon as I arrived. After making small talk for a while, I handed over a new set of dungeon equipment for Boy Knight as previously agreed.

Of course, I kept the most powerful magic items for Parabellum members and I won't give them away, but this time I had accumulated a whole bunch of items from the [Knights of the Rose] so I was able to provide a full set of gear for Boy Knight.

With [Rose Knight Mail], [Rose Knight Helm] and [Rose Knight Poison Lance] all equipped, [Boy Knight] looked just like one of the [Knights of the Rose] himself.

A full set of metal armor is quite heavy, but since these items were all magical they weighed no more than leather armor when equipped.

After a quick bit of sparring, it turned out that not only does the new armor not slow him down, but it actually has a positive effect on his movements which became better than before.

In exchange for these gifts (basically a bribe), Tomboy Princess gave me official permission for the production of alcoholic beverages.

With that problem solved, I hurriedly made my excuses and rushed back to the mansion to get started on building the brewery.

I also contacted the master craftsman we used before (an experienced fellow in his 50s), and let him know that as planned we would be starting work tomorrow.

With the time until tomorrow, I drew up the plans and set about collecting the necessary building materials. All that remained was for the hired workmen and our elves to work diligently and get everything ready.

-Then, it was time to start brewing!


Day 292

I woke up on a bed in the mansion.

Having the added benefit of the high-end bed, I slept perfectly. The sense of being revived was very enjoyable.

After breakfast along with everyone, we at once transgressed to work together with their declared masters on this early morning.

Through past experiences, we had a workforce of experienced comrades whom I immediately picked and attached to the work on the brewery.

The brewery's foundation was made with my ability. I brought wood from one of the floors of [Funeral boiler Falls] and the stone of [Gallery of Funeral Statues], so, in a short time, we have made very strong brewery.

I left the job to finish the preparation for the brewery to the Master who is a professional in this case. After finishing other routine work, I decided to appraise my silver hands , which has transformed into four hands since the evolution.

As a result of [higher analysis objects], it becomes clear that these silver hands [Silver Artificial Arm - Airgeatlámh], have already became a part of me.

But still, first and foremost, I want to confirm if it's still a magical thing [legendary] class because by giving them [divine power], they did not evolve into a [device fierce god] like the red spear.


Title: [Superior Silver hands of furious god (Superior Silver Artificial Arm - Airgeatlámh Vizra)]

Classification: living god device / armor / artificial arm

Class: [Phantasmal] class

Abilities: [killer weapon ], [the killer magic], [self-evolution], [attribute changes], [Damn shot], [revived demonic Gazette], [the superior power of the king], [repayment compression heat], [Dark Silver Armor], [instant self-healing] [dignity ruler], [capacity hungry demon],[■■■■],[■■■■],[■■■■],[■■■■].

Note: Artificial arm created by the gods, once discovered in one of the [Age of the Gods dungeon]. Currently, became the four arms of [Yatendouji] [Superior Silver hands of furious god].

Created together with the formation of [violent god], it has automatically absorb some [divine power] and divine blood, transforming into a [device fierce god].

Keeping the absorption capacity of the old metal, through a variety of gain, it has already become a completely different subject.

Destruction (with some exceptions) is fundamentally impossible.

Do you need any more information?

≪ YES ≫≪ NO ≫


This was the result of the appraisal...

Apparently, it had already become a [device fierce god]. Well, yes, she was with me for a long time, because for me as a real hand, and even as things turned out after my evolution, it does not seem odd to me.

That is as i have already become too used to it, thatI did not notice the changes.

Well, of course, I concentrated on the holy war, but to spend time alone is not very good.

I need to know myself in order to prevent unexpected errors. Repented, I decided to make myself some relief.

Having given the team its clones, in order to free yourself some time, I have the benefit of affairs which is still full.

Well, it would be necessary to triple the output itself, after repeated conquest of dungeons.

The benefits are constantly working, fatigue accumulates quickly.


Day 293

Yesterday, we began the construction of the wine cellar.

Today, I am helping the workers in hopes of finishing it sooner.

I can easily carry the heavier things, which will save us a lot of time, but for fine finishes I'll have to leave that to the master craftsmen.

Taking over, a simple auxiliary work with which to handle each case was to move with incredible speed.

Yes, and the experience accumulated, as a result, among his comrades were the ones who received the profession [carpenter].

Thanks to the [Sacred Treasure] [Masonery Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Sculptures (Nomed Caster)], which allows you to quickly make the stone into any shape, I was able to quickly build a solid foundation.

Because of the ease of use [Masonery Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Sculptures (Nomed Caster)], I hesitated even slightly, and whether they should be there.

As a result, I will still eat them, but a little later. I am waiting for this moment with impatience.

Also, I ended up training throughout the day and took the chance to complete some chores and odd jobs.

In general, the whole day was filled with mainly recreational activities, which isn't bad once and a while.


Day 294

Unfortunately, it began to rain in the morning.

After a short warm-up under the roof and breakfast, a message came from the Tomboy Princess.

About what happened, it turned out she had a job for me.

The subject of this job is to carry out a secret training to the [Heroes] of the Sternbild Kingdom.

In general, the theme of the task is very similar to the one I previously adopted.

I just wonder why this issue suddenly surfaced right now.

More apparently Tomboy Princess wants to strengthen the [Heroes] forces.

Compared to the Lumen Holy Kingdom, the power of this kingdom is quite weak.

Since the difference lies in the size of the territory, their industrial power and most importantly the number of [Heros] that serve in the military.

Although the fighting potential of this kingdom has been restored thanks to the efforts of the Tomboy Princess and the collaspe of noble faction, the fact is that this time the enemy is another kingdom, the threat can not be ignored.


Usually, after a country's civil war, allied nations will take advantage of the confusion by extending a helping hand during the chaos. But thanks to an alliance with the Kirika Empire, secured by the political marriage (and given the history of the invasion of the Great Forest and the war with the elves, the union secured another mutual love), the unrest in the country does not exceed a certain level.

Although because the union in the states are not absolute, there are still tension.

But the leaders of these states should be able to ease this through hard-work.

Although the royal army is strong enough and quite capable to defend themselves against foreign aggression, if things goes well, there will even be aid from the Kirika Empire.

But after the Holy War, who knows what will happen to the global balance of power.

I'm not going to be a participant in it, especially to join a losing battle, although the future is not decided yet. 

Yet, no matter what happens, a holy war will happen and there will be chaos, I guarantee it.

Because in cases after the Holy War, there will be countries that will decide to revise the national boundaries, or bandits that try take advantage of the confusion in the political turmoil, and the amount of monsters that appear will increase.

No matter what the situation is, just in cases neccessary to self-defend, the more power the better. And to get power, military training is still the best way.

Especially considering the fact that this world have a system of level and jobs, training will show effect in a short time.

Like it or not, training a large number of soldiers will take a long time still. Because raising the overall level of the force is no simple matter. If this weren't the case, the difference between the forces of the Kingdom and other country would've been increased even further.

(That's just training a large number of soldiers, like it or not, takes a long time, because to raise the overall level of force is not a simple matter. If it were otherwise, the difference between the forces of the Kingdom, and other countries , if only increased.) - Original line.

Instead of raising the overall strength of the troops, it is much faster and cheaper to strengthen [The Heroes], which will play an important role in the upcoming conflict. Because even [The Heroes] are mortal ...

Fortunately no hero of the state had died in any of the war the Kingdom engaged in.

This is good be the [Heroes] are an important national force, and if any of them die, the loss of state will be tremendous.

Because the risk of a battle with a force substantially equal to or superior to them is a big problem.

So I become neccessary.

Carrying out tasks, I, at least, they do not kill, but the wounds and can be cured.

Of course, it is good for the Kingdom to have me training these [Heroes]. And given that they can defeat some opponents for me in the upcoming holy war, it would also benefit me to train them.

Thus, from a rational point of view, since we are not part of the Kingdom's military, I would not be obligiated to help. Nevertheless, I decided to accept this task of the Tomboy Princess.

Also another reason is that  the Tomboy Princess knew what commodities we require, and came with gifts prepared, making this situation pretty hard to refuse. But the most important reason for us participating is that it would be good practice for the members of Parabellum.

Yet, I feel that the Princess tomboy has just got a little too used to negotiating with me.

Thinking that she might've grown up, I patted her on the head and to prepare for the assignment, which will start tomorrow.

Although I have additional plans for 2 days, I will have to start right away. 


Day 295

As soon as we finished breakfast, we met with the Dark Hero.

It seems that today she is in a buoyant mood. Today, in order to do the job, we, together with Auro and Argento, as well as Opushii who has already grown up and learnt to walk together with Redhead, have been invited by the Tomboy Princess to the Amber Palace.

Usually I go with Kanami-chan, but today it seems she had other things, as a result, for once, I spent some time with Redhead and the children. After all, the relationship of children and parents is also important.

We rode on a [Skeleton Spider] and went to the palace and had a family conversation to pass the time. On arrival, it seems Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight were already waiting for us. After a brief greeting, we headed to some room, located in the palace.

Inside the smartly decorated room, we waited for everyone else.

Three characters, including three companions arrived with the Dark Hero and they all looked pretty grim. It was the first time I saw all Four Symbolic Heroes together.

Water Hero looked a little angry, Rock Hero stood at the counter, arms crossed over his chest, Dark Hero had a dangerous smile on her face, and the Wood Hero looked sleepy.

First, during the coup, we drove the Water Hero into the dust with all the members of his group. It seems that the incident is the reason for his dissatisfaction today.

The Rock Hero, as usual was calm. Only there is one important secret, which he knows, because of this, on his face lingers a strange smile.

The Dark Hero, as usual, was absorbed in her fantasies; her smile and fiery glances made me itch on the back.

Well, and the Wood Hero, dressed up kind of indifferently but actually watched me intently.

The Wood Hero, the only representative of the elves among the Kingdom's [Four Symbolic Heroes], have good observational skills; although only slightly, she was able to realize my hidden abilites. 

According to rumors, (though I have not fought her) among the [4 Heroes] certainly the strongest is Wood Hero, then Rock Hero, then Dark Hero, and last Water Hero.

The Wood Hero, was absent during the last civil war. Usually she does not make particularly big moves. No, of course she is also taking some kind of action, but that's just trying to avoid anything that she is not interested in.

For a long time living in the kingdom, she has seen a lot of excitement, because of the selected position of the observer.

Well, yes, for long-lived species it is a normal attitude.

Whatever it was, we are seeing each other directly for the first time, so I decided to briefly greet her. Having dealt with cheers, it was decided to immediately go to the combat training.

As expected, the palace is too small for this. Even if we were to hold back, anyway, our battle will certainly have an impact on it.

Restraining ourselves in order to not kill is of course correct, but if we were to restrain ourselves, it would not be training. In addition, the training should be a secret, because we can't make a fuss in the palace.

It is not known where the foreign spies might be hiding.

Thus, leaving the palace without the Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight, who still had remaining work today, I used a [Skeleton Centipede] and went out of the palace.

After passing through the main street, pointing the royal pass at the gate, and leaving the capital city, we headed to the closest to the Royal Capital Osvel and the Labyrinth City Purgatory. We arrived in less than an hour.

Along the way, with passenger seats, surprised shouts were heard rave about the speed of [Skeleton Centipede], so here, whiling away the way of responding to the various issues, we came to the main gate of the Labyrinth City Purgatory. Safely passing inspection, hit the town, we headed to the separation of "Ready for Battle Parabellum."

Normally, delivery carts used here were [Skeleton Centipede] that served us as not a bad disguise to prevent someone noticing that the Four Symbolic Heroes have gathered in one place.

In addition, all were dressed in coats with strong effect [Hide]. Because even if someone would see the face under the cloak, they should not be identified as [Characters], as well as hats and masks with the effect [Redirecting Attention].

Handing out on the spot communication device and omissions in the dungeon, we parted.

After moving in separate groups, we met again, in one of the cave situated here [mine Cyclops], in the reception hall which is located on the 10th floor.

This is the reception hall, located at a distance from the shortest path to the dungeon, also located here was the lair, where there are large crowds of monsters.

In addition, due to the location of deadly traps here, this place is particularly popular for various uses.

In addition, there is no need to worry about the damage to the surrounding area and if there will be persecutors (spies), they are quite easy to get rid of. Because this, this place is very convenient.

In a sense, it was the best place.

Less than an hour from the time we went, all came together again. As expected the usual dungeon compared to [Age of the Gods dungeon] Quite simply, there is nothing here to detain a squad of heroes. And due to the fact that this is one of the closest to the capital city dungeons, each of them at least once already conquered this dungeon, and there is no place to get lost here.

Well, upon arrival at the reception hall, quickly removing the monsters by sending Redhead and Opushii watching out of the corner, I immediately took up the task of the Tomboy Princess. That is the beating of [Characters].

Water Hero group has 6 people.

Rock Hero group has 5 people.

Dark Hero group has 6 people.

Wood Hero group has 4 people.

In total 21 people.

For the first time I found myself surrounded by a crowd of [Characters] and [Supporting Characters].

At this time, we only do military training, because [Heresy Nemesis] has not been activated; that is, the effects [Eschatology: War of Conquest] will not take place.

This time, I will restrain myself, at the same time, for the [Heroes], it makes no sense to hold back. This workout is for [Characters], and the company, but at the same time training for me. So it was a necessary limitation.

Although this limitation, for the characters, as if to say "you're mocking me," which naturally hurt their pride, and caused outrage.

But the truth is that between our capabilities there is a big gap, and knowing that, on their face reflected determination. Especially the atmosphere around the group of the Water Hero is different.

Perhaps they dream they will repay me for the previous humiliation.

Well, all right.

I'm armed, with the evolved Scarlet spear, the Cursed spear which has not evolved, as well as improved Blacksmith-san halberds and demonic shark got roped into the rack.

In fact, instead of the Halberd it would be better to use Hisperiol since as a weapon, the sword would be stronger.

But yes, Blacksmith-san's halberd, created from stunning materials with exciting techniques is a superb magical object, and I got used to it. But if we compare, as a weapon, it is still lagging behind.

Well, all the same, this time it stopped the sword of the Water Hero [the Sword of the Demigod of Water].

Slightly troublesome when the crowd suddenly rushed me, I had to think a little about their behavior.

So, as a result of the job starting in the afternoon, I faced a pouring attack from all sides.

Well, I'll continue on like this until they have run out of strength.


Day 296

Since the beginning of training, there were already a ton of bodies all around me.

Of course nobody is dead, but they were very close.

The Water Hero and his companions attacked me the fiercest in the beginning. As a result, all of their equipment is broken. Of course, most of it is fixable, but it will still be necessary to sell them to get something better.

At that time I gave them a small discount as a reward for their perseverance.

In the wake of the Water Hero, Rock Hero and his company hit pretty hard, and their equipment broke as well. I'll have him, too, to make allowances for the new equipment, we had the benefit of a good spar.

As expected from the strongest of the heroes in terms of physical attack.

I was pretty surprised that by using a time interval between his comrade's coordinated attack, I was dealt a powerful blow [Steel Hammer Isunbaru].

That was even a little painful.

As for the Dark Hero and her team, who were trying to attack my blind spots, their equipment has suffered considerably less.

In some sense, it is quite natural, given that they were almost never in the frontal attack, but I always enjoyed the moment when I blew out another.

But it was quite troublesome when they sprinkled me with annoyingly accurate attacks.

I am by far the most powerful, but the constant attacking from the darkness by the Dark Hero was quite dangerous.

However, the most problematic opponent was not the hero of Water or Rock, but the Wood Hero.

When I initially observed Wood Hero and her team, all of their stats are at a fairly high level, but most of all their defense attribute stands out.

Thanks to her protection, support for the comrades at the right time, skills and vast experience, she was able to fend off my attacks so I didn't get a chance to deal with other [characters].

Of course, it was only training, so I did not hit seriously, but the protection of several layers of wood has sufficient strength to hold off my attacks for a couple of seconds.

A couple of seconds is not much, but for the heroes, this time, was sufficient in order to escape.

In addition, without the experience of battle in large groups, there were holes in the defense.

But the Wood Hero covers this disadvantage.

She is not only experienced in battle, but is also an excellent commander.

Apparently the title of the strongest among [the four heroes] is not just a title.

Well, even with their efforts, they still could not beat me.

As expected, I still took a lot of attacks, but I did not receive any fatal wounds. Most of them were at a level such that I healed them in the duration of the fight.

If I was serious, the result would be quite different, but because this is training, I held back.

That's just how fierce they were. This was probably the first time I had moved so much in a while (* yes yes I know the author has forgotten the Battle of days to fly from Minokichi at the funeral of a volcano *), so for me it was also a very productive day.

Whatever it was, after a series of battles and exercises, the job was completed.

During the battle, the naturally appearing crowd of monsters perished quickly from a blast waves that came from the battlefield. The unexpected increase in experience, of course, was part of my calculations, but the amount that I got was more than expected.

So, the training is over and the best way to celebrate is, well, food. The best time to eat is after a workout. I have personal experience with this, so it is an undeniable truth.

Since I still have a mountain of food, including the Dragon Empress's, it was decided to use ingredients extracted in the dungeons.

Quality is of course the quality, and owe were lucky, as the Wood Hero got profession [Royal Chef] - the highest level of the profession [Chef].

The peculiarity of this profession in bonuses in cooking from rare ingredients, and its view of the operation, has a certain grandeur, because I lay on her cooking some hope.

While the food is ready, I decided to start with the booze. Of course, the drink I obtained for the implementation of [History] was not served, but apart from that I still have a lot of other brands. 

We had a good drink today, especially the Rock Hero.

In short, the dragon meat was yummy!

Coming from the hands of the [Royal Chef], eating the meat of the dragon is even tastier than before.

Leaving attempts to describe its taste, I tried to eat as much as possible, to the benefit of the other members of the company as they were also eating without any constraint. Here I relaxed and admired the clean plates.

I still had a mountain of ingredients, but they were so delicious, the more you eat, the more you want.

So even if there is a lot of food, we can not relax.

While we enjoyed the food and drink I caught sight of the Water Hero, sitting in a corner and muttering something under his breath.

During the banquet, he became even gloomier than Dark Hero, so the Rock Hero poured him a drink.

Apparently the Hero of water is quite weak with his alcohol, and with a flushed face, he pulled back the booze. After a brief struggle, and a pair of alcohol bottles, it turned out that he was getting drunk.

Not that I was very interested in that matter, as no matter how drunk the Water Hero was, he was left in the care of his friends.

After that, we, together with Redhead and the company, and enjoyed a delicious meal. The Dark Hero topped up my drink, and, with the Wood Hero, we talked about the Great Forest (apparently they have some relationship with Father Elf. Yes, the world is small.), As well as instructed Auro and Argento that there was time to hunt monsters,

In the evening the banquet was over, we just like we came, we left the dungeon individually, and then assembled together, and went to the Royal Capital in the [Skeleton Centipede].

I was tired,  so today was a very productive day.

Tomorrow, I plan to visit several [Age of the Gods dungeons], and from there we'll come back to the base in the Kuuderun Great Forest, where I plan to hold a general training session to strengthen the troops there.


Day 297

The short, but very beneficial weekend vacation ended, and in the early morning we loaded onto a wagon of [Skeleton Centipedes], we went to the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

Arriving in Labyrinth City Aquarium the journey ended safely without incident. We immediately went to[Funeral Boiler Falls], where the newly created hidden room the [Funeral Gates]was located. I connected it to its sister location in a dungeon of the Labyrinth City [Deegambling] which is located on the border of the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom, [Funeral Gambling House].

At this time, among our group was I, Kanami-chan, Avenger, Redhead, Opushii, Auro and Argento.

Among the absent children was Oniwaka, with Minokichi-kun, to conquer [Age of the Gods dungeon] (although Oniwaka is weak, because under the protection of Minokichi-kun, and his main concern is self-defense, because in a fight, he almost does not participate).

Nicola is the only person among the children to be left with her mother at the base of the Kuuderun Great Forest, because she is relatively small due to her slow growth rate.

In the future, I plan to take a look at the world with Blacksmith-san and Sisters, who sat at the base of the Great Forest.

Today, we will spend some time here, in order to satisfy the curiosity of Redhead, who for the first time saw the very real casino.

Redhead was very impressed to learn that such a place exists. Because briefly joining her rule, she went to storm the gaming machines.

After it was followed with interest Auro pulling the arm of Argento. This scene made me suddenly attack of emotion.

Besides, standing next to me Kanami-chan, which at hand, though matured to such an extent that it is able to walk independently, but at the moment Opushii sleeps without care while Redhead gambles and I watch, just enchanting...

(Missing additional doting praise to his loved ones)

I admire the happy company. I placed an order to supply the combat capital while suddenly noticing close to me a demon dealer call out to me. This was the same demon dealer with whom I played "Blackjack" in the casino I entered for war funds procurement the last time I was here. When I looked at the state of everybody around him seemed to enjoyed him while speaking fondly of him as a sweetheart.

We are now on the last 5th floor ...

Why is this man demon dealer suddenly making an appearance here now with us? It turned out he was fired.

The reason is that he lost to me. Well, yes, he had a problem before with his manager, so it's not so bad.

And today, with heavy eyelids, came here in order to dispel the accumulated stress during this time. Well, be that as it may be.

As a result of some questions and answers, I have successfully been able to hire him for work. 

Having dealt with the issues, giving him the ear cuffs after a quick talk, obeying orders, he went to the base in the Great Forest.

Expansion advances smoothly, on the basis of today is a big adjustment, resulting in the number of departments increasing, which is why I need such a very skilled demon dealer.

After the unexpected meeting, closer to dinner, Redhead and company apparently played enough since we left [Deegambling] and headed for the real purpose of our trip, the Beast Kingdom.

The Atarakua Demon Empire, still remains full of [Age of the Gods dungeons], only under the supervision of [Indigo Secret Squad], it seems better to leave the chapels of the Atarakua Demon Empire.

So inside the Skeleton Centipede, heading towards the Beast Kingdom, we fairly quickly close to the state border.

On the border of the State, as expected, was placed a barrier, as well as a very well marked military unit and its security and customs.

Watching from afar, it is clear that the passage of customs, travelers and traders are required to present a passport, as well as documents related roadside, while paying a fee.

Unfortunately, we did not have these documents. Perhaps, if you pay a little more, we could have passed it, but I bet it would not help.

Because nothing can be done, we will simply have to make them miss us.

Going into the nearby woods, I used [True Summoning: Dragon] to create a [Storm/Gale Dragon].

I wish it should be Tatsushirou, but I made him return to the kingdom now because Tatsushirou is marked.

Therefore, this time, I choose a dragon class superior in flying ability and it's the reason that I decided it should be high-speed, and to such a speed and altitude that is not noticed by the border patrol.

As is expected, there is only a dragon class superior in flying ability, and rise speed and the airspeed are no match for Tatsushirou.

Two Storm Dragons crossed the border without giving it heed while border patrol reacts as before, and we whom rode separately will enter the Beast Kingdom safely after having enjoyed a short trip by air.

Because of this, we could see located on the territory of the Beast Kingdom, the[Age of the Gods dungeon] [God Class] [Great Amaratia Steppes].

[Great Amaratia Steppes] was created by the [God of Steppes], that due to the large number beast-people it is very revered in the area. This applies to the naturally formed cave type, is a vast steppes, leaving this structure very simple.

That's just, I do not know that there is a simple structure, but the space are for [border area], extended with respect to the external border, so that the area inside is unbelievably huge.

Looking from the air, the space is indeed distorted. It is said that in order to get to the dungeon, you need to spend a few days on the road. It is likely, however.

Thinking about the conquest, looking inside, I noticed a Beastman that only just entered the [Great Amaratia Steppes].

Looking closely, what we have here, it turned out that it was a Beastman with a lion's head, who was busy fighting.

His splendid golden mane was cast, the sun shone, three-meter muscled body, his presence radiated a terrible pressure.

From the equipment he wore, huge skin pants reinforced in some places with magical metal inserts. His hands were covered with thick black-red gauntlets, emitting a dim light, pretending to have a high-level magic item. Also tied around his waist bag the same color as the mane with equipment. Above the waist he was not wearing anything.

Well, considering that he is covered with hair, it is hardly bare, but in fact it was a half-naked Beastman not armed with weapons like the spear or sword.

Aside from the gantlets, there was no excess equipment, leaving the preference towards ease of movement, apparently he specializes in melee. That was my simple conclusion.

This, obvious Leo Beastman left attacking monsters on his comrades Beastmen suddenly staring into the sky.

His gaze was directed to us, is high in the sky, and then our eyes met.

Obviously he sees us. His face broke into a smile, and his golden eyes, he looked at me as if he's looking on a prey.

Embedded in this view fighting spirit, I caught my instincts.

Not the befitting the ruler of the kingdom, his eyes seemed to say, "I'll hunt you."(I will kill you)

The true identity of this lion Beastman was the [Beast King]: Lionel.

Representatives of the stronger races [Golden King of Beasts (gorudiasu Lion King) (subspecies)], commanded his force the Beast Kingdom.

His overwhelming force can cut an army, making him one of the leading world powers.

In this case, it is likely that his comrades - [Canine Animal Generals].

[Canine Animal Generals], consisting of 10 Beastman by forces and role equivalent to Six Chief Generals of the Atarakua Demon Empire, they have Beastman body abilities and are very strong.

Our meeting with the [Canine Animal Generals] and the [Beast King] Lionel was just a moment.

And he followed for a considerable distance, but even that was enough to me to know that we understand that this is an enemy of survival of the fittest, to kill or be killed.

Without any conversation, it is a world where the strong devour the weak, this is our relationship with him.

In other words the only relationship to kill and devour, that such type of relationship.

Aah ... I can truly only say that I look forward to the moment when I can eat the [Beast King] Lionel


Day 298

A day has passed after I saw [Beast King] Lionel, who must certainly be as delicious as the Dragon Empress.

After crossing the border on the storm dragons to find a suitable place to land, we continued the trip on the Skeleton Centipede. We arrived in a city called Dur Gha Varia that is associated with some [Age of the Gods dungeon], where we spent the night in a hotel. 

Labyrinth City Dur Gha Varia, is one of the cities associated with the dungeon, but at the same time, the associated dungeon was located in the ocean, because this city is a new type for us - the port city.

Here you can find trained sea monsters accompanying sailing ships.

From here, the whole trading fleet to another continent, from Bei[?] taken extremely rare items that attract the nobility and the royal family.

The structure of the city is like the "Queen of the Adriatic Sea, Venice" from my past life.

A lot of water channels interweaves the whole city like a maze, which scurry countless boats that serve to transport people.

With one difference, due to the fact that many among the inhabitants of the continent were very specific races, like mermaids and Gillmen, the underwater world is as rich as the surface and located inside the channels were the same great variety of shops, as on the surface.

As a result, on one hand the Labyrinth City Dur Gha Varia is an important commercial and strategic hub of the Beast Kingdom. On the other hand it is also a very popular tourist destination.

Since we have come to such a place, it would be a waste not to enjoy it.

Thus, today, we decided to visit the local attractions.

Not knowing the local popular places, it was decided to take the tourist boat, which were designed for such cases.

Scattered around the city are many interesting places to go to but there is not enough time to explore everything, both on the surface and under the waters.

Tried to decipher the portion above, might not be correct, but it sounds more natural. -(anon)

However, I was able to enjoy this place with my family and kids, making some good memories. And considering that the last few days were very hot, traveling around the city with the breeze blowing in from the sea was quite nice.

Today, we went to bed pretty early after having some very expensive dishes from another continent, which was great for the sake of tomorrow's trip to the dungeon, .


Day 299

After a breakfast that consisted of seafood dishes, we moved jauntily to conquer dungeons.

Located in the Labyrinth City [Dur Gha Varia] was the [Age of the Gods dungeon] [God of Algae].

[Deep Lair Female Algae Blessings] (* name * Well).

At the bottom of one of the channels that pass through the city is a dungeon called Blue Hole.

Due to the water pressure, the conquest of the depths is very problematic at the same time on the shelf, since the monsters are not aggressive and will not attack as long as they are not touched. Even children of Fishman may dive without any danger.

So, you can find not only the armed conquerors, but unarmed locals visiting this place for many sea products. There are plenty of products here and are well-suited for sale to tourists.

Also, without needing to go onto a dangerous sea, it is possible to stably produce a large number of marine products. Thanks to the development of city infrastructure, the resulting products fairly quickly fall directly to dealers.

Without the conquest of the depths, giving a blessing to residents while collecting [faith], provides self-defense. Was not a bad idea.

But now the goal is not conquering [Deep Lair Female Algae Blessings].

No, of course I'll do it, but it is better to conquer underwater dungeons alone.

A large number of vessels, from small boats to large galleons of different shapes and materials, berths in the huge port. A huge number of different sea products which are unloaded from diverse races and species. On the part of all of this is reminiscent of eternal fair.

At some distance from that same port one ship dropped anchor.

On the prow, detail carved sculpture is of a beautiful girl armed with a spear, sitting on a sea dragon, and the structure of the hold, was much like a passenger ship. A thousand meters long, a width of up to two hundred meters, and the height of more than one hundred and fifty meters. Like a small mountain in the sea, its size was no joke.

This same ship is the goal of our today's hike, [Age of the Gods dungeon] by [God of Ships], [Ship Ambrasm Pontus].

Despite the fact that the interior of the ship became a dungeon, it still has the ability of a ship to travel by sea. Thus it travels around the world while appearing in different parts of the world which is different from the underground and naturally made dungeons. It representatives of a very unusual type - itinerant dungeon.

[Make sure the above is accurate]

There is also a huge island, floating in the sky, as well as floating on the bottom of a huge turtle with a dungeon on the back, which ranked this type.

Due to luck this time [Ship Ambrasm Pontus] temporarily anchored here at[Dur Gha Varia], and given our future plans, the benefits of owning them is considerable.

So we're going to win, that's only for the challenging [Ship Ambrasm Pontus] there are as many as 3 ways.

The first - in the sky.

The second - under water to get inside.

The third - to swim in the ship, and climb the anchor.

This time we chose a third way, sitting on a ship plying to [Ship Ambrasm Pontus].

On the road, rocking on the waves, caught an unusual fish, pulling the silver hand, I immediately butchered it, and we enjoyed fresh sashimi.

Slowly, enjoying the taste, we still arrived at the scene, sending Avenger and company to climb up the anchor, I wondered what would happen next.


Day 300

First of all, the [Ship Ambrasm Pontus]has clearly defined safe and hazardous areas.

In safe areas, everything is organized like a small shopping mall, hotel, in other words a resort.

There is a bar, a place that looks like a restaurant, a swimming pool, as well as a casino where you can enjoy gambling.

Besides there were weapons and armor shops where you can not only buy weapons, but they also held other useful tools for the conquerors.

Take into account the specificity of errant dungeon if the conquest is too tightened, you can not manage to raise the anchor and go wandering on the ocean, so these places are well structured.

In contrast to the equipped for the convenience of explorers hazardous areas, the internal structure is full of danger zones, home to the dangerous monsters that significantly slow the conquest.

The [Ishiriddo] with his octopus like head and it's humanoid body, its kind spreads madness.

The [Fierce Brawler], a six-meter giant armed with an ax, like an anchor, with strength that doesn't compare with the conquerors' physical ability, attacking opponents with brute force.

The [Nereis] which has the excellent appearance of a mermaid, able to charm anyone, is a subspecies of natural perfume nymphs.

The [Crab Strong Fist] covered in a red and white shell with capable round claws, and strikes that can split stone, the representative of the family of non-human crab.

Or, the [Bishop of Vicious Seas] which has an old man's face, with its body covered with scales, tail fins like a fish, and is dressed in luxurious clothes.

Such are the monsters we've found on the road. In fact, they were quite strong.

Among them [Ishiriddo] almost exceeds the average floor boss.

Attacking the mind, casting a lot of negative effects, enhancing monsters that obey him, it was a very troublesome opponent.

His personal ability is also very high, because if you relax, you can get significantly damaged.

Well armed with a Scarlet spear and a cursed Spear, no matter what may come it will be dealt with.

Besides the [Ishiriddo], the [Bishop of Vicious Seas] and [Crab Strong Fist], the monsters, and the rest coped well with Redhead, Auro, and Argento.

We gained quite a lot experience from them for Redhead and company to greatly increase their levels.

Besides, Redhead and company, thanks to ingesting part of a Sacred Horn , and the ability [Eater of Sacred Beasts] they grow much faster by ingesting monsters.

By quickly raising their levels here, it will be much easier later.

Of course, if it becomes dangerous, I will step in, but in a weak spot, after several battles, it became clear that if the opponents are not too much, Redhead and company are quite capable of their destruction.

Apparently their growth rate has far exceeded my expectations.

What is particularly pleasing is the maturing Auro and Argento.

Redhead is also developing incredibly fast, but as expected the ones who grow most are still the growing children.

Thus at this rate "evolution" is not far away. Perhaps this view is of a loving parent, but children growing up is a good deal.

Thus, due to the size of the [Ship Ambrasm Pontus] and the strength of the monsters, the speed of the conquest was not very fast, but the progress was still quite stable.

Just a couple of days and we will be able to conquer it.