Re:Monster Day 301-310 / Chapters List

Day 301

After spending the night in one of the last safe havens located nearby, in the early morning, we resumed our conquest of [Ship Ambrasm Pontus].

The [Ship Ambrasm Pontus], like most of the previous dungeons, depending on the location, the interior differs considerably from the previous levels.

The higher the level, the richer the interior, as befitting of an ocean liner. At the same time, the water level is deeper in this area and is actually quite close to the bottom. Sacrificing the temple, the interior is like sinking in the ocean floor.

The walls here are almost always wet, thus, covered with poisonous colored moss, like somewhere in a cave under a waterfall. Here and there, I heard the cries of fanatics bowing down before the statue of the evil god with an octopus head, emitting a purplish glow, while still stinking like a huge pile of rotten fish.

Frankly, we can say that the whole[Ship Ambrasm Pontus] is a place mostly flawed.

There are almost no traps here, because treasure chests are quite hard to find here, and the magic item's quality are generally low.

Note - not sure what this sentence actually refered to - Agf2896

Don't worry, I got you :3 - [IC]

In general, it would be much more profitable to skip this place and go on.

Here we are only slowly moving along this zone.

Of course, if it's only the conquest, one of us would be enough to get through.

Fortunately there is I, Kanami-chan, Avenger and company, so from the point of view of a fighting force, we have more than enough.

In addition, I was able to get a map, as this dungeon has been explored for quite some time, and though it is not quite complete, it has about 80 percent of the dungeon.

Talking of dried out, I know the location of the dungeon, as well as the shortest route to them.

So, if no unforeseen incidents occur we may seize the[Ship Ambrasm Pontus].

But since this time Auro and Argento, as well as Redhead and Opushii are with us, I decided to use our family trip to the dungeon for training.

Well, although it is a family camping trip, we were missing some members, yes, we will have fun with them a little differently.

Because, despite the fact that this place is quite defective, due to the fact that most of the monsters here are in groups of no more than 3, as well as the benefit of experience with them being slightly higher, this area is very convenient for us.

Especially because here you can almost always fight one on one, thereby reducing the cases where our intervention is necessary.

Yet, if we begin to weaken the monsters, or reduce their number, the children will get to experience much less. So it is much better if they are left to cope with the enemy themselves.

So we went far enough away that we could come to their aid at any moment, while embracing my favorite Opushii ,watching the brave battles of Redhead and company, glad that everything is becoming more difficult and at the same time worrying about them.

Auro's Point of View

For the first time I see the ocean.

Translucent ocean waters seem to stretch into infinity.

Yet at the same time, for him to say, there are other continents, unimaginable worlds increasingly pique my interest.

I learned of this only a day ago. And at that moment I had new ambitions. I will seek these out. They are somewhere here on this earth.

Well, let us leave aside these ambitions. It is good that we were able to see the incredibly beautiful ocean and slowly enjoy the sightseeing of the[Labyrinth City], [Dur Gha Varia]

As expected there is a completely different living environment, different culture, different levels of technology.

The manners of life, food, and culture, here you can find a variety of unknown things for me.

Especially since I have not seen these types of cities, which in itself is very interesting and fun.

However, it was very disappointing that at this time, mom or Oniwaka was not with us.

A stay in such a beautiful place, and without mother and the others, it seems a little in vain.

However with the presence of our dad, who I don't want to fight, the beautiful and kind aunt Kanami, strictly wraps aunt Rubellia, as well as my half brother Argento, my dear sister Opushii, and same time helps with the training Avenger and company.

So that's all right.

Moreover, dad said that we willl come here again together in the future.

For now, we need to have some fun with all our heart and then all arrange a tour.

The next day, we all sat on the boat are not great, we went to a gigantic merchant ships[Ship Ambrasm Pontus]that is huge like a mountain . This is our first experience in the conquest of the [Age of the Gods dungeon].

Perched on the anchor inside, it was clear that this is different from dad's [Age of the Gods dungeon].

The intense specific atmosphere.

The feeling that someone has set his sights on your life.

The surrounding air is saturated with hostility.

Enemies hidden away in the shadows.

In dad's dungeons, I felt a certain peace of mind.

But here in this place, since it has not been conquered, the feeling is not there.

The lack of guaranteed security for me and Aru is heavy.

Alone, we would have been killed here almost instantaneously. We can say that we are small fry. It is not a place where we are allowed to challenge.

But father and the rest of us, are always ready to help, so we were able to get combat experience.

By reducing the number or weakening the enemies, the amount of experience gained will be reduced. Since the enemies are stronger than us, the experience gained is still a lot and our levels are growing quite fast.

Above needs work, I get it but its to Yoda

In addition, eating the meat of the opponents whose bodies did not have time to disappear after the battle, due to the effect [Eater of Sacred Beasts], the efficiency increases significantly.

As a result, our strength has increased dramatically in comparison with the moment we arrived here.

But still, we are still too early to be in this place. I think that we need to gain experience in the world above. Dad could quickly conquer this place and then we'd have to train.

Yet, my father said that "This area is great in order to raise the level of Auro and the others. Therefore. we will move slowly."

Of course, we also want to quickly become strong.

Becoming a little stronger, to stop being those who are constantly helped by dad, and to help ourselves.

But nevertheless, I think it is not necessary to do this in this area.

Here, close to the bottom of the ship, the horribly humid walls are wet and slippery and covered with slime. it's awfully nasty.

Only one kind of goosebumps.

Besides there is a terrible stink with monsters who are slimy or raw. In general, the dungeon is covered with nasty-looking slime.

In addition, each enemy is stronger than us, making it impossible to relax even for a second.

If you make a blunder, you'll be immediately killed.

We accumulated mental and physical fatigue very quickly as we continued on without talking.

The accumulated stress can be removed from the soul by blowing everything to smithereens with magic guns, so it was not really so bad.

"Sister Auro, how much longer?"

In order to support, aunt Rubellia, brother Argento, I quickly released several bullets at the enemy in front of us, [Furious Brawler (Albion)].

"Goooooooo !!!"

Came the roar of a crowded malice "Rampaging Brawler". It stands at a height of 6 meters and has an enviable physique, armed with an anchor which is suited to the race of giants.

His huge body itself is dangerous, but his huge bluish thick skinned muscles as well as bones was a natural armor that won't get damaged from conventional attacks.

Fortunately, it does not have long-range attacks, but only melee attacks. Aru and I did not have any problems fighting against it.

"Damn ... what kind of protection does it have?"

Aru was aiming at weak spots, such as the eyes, the ears, the throat, as well as the patella, in order to slow down. But as expected, the skin is too thick and the attacks are not strong enough.

We hoped to reduce it's strength by inflicting enough wounds. The resulting blood loss will eventually slow it down.

A common opponent in the current state probably would have fallen, but with his huge body, the damage we dealt is still not enough.

Because now it is still cheerfully rowdy.

"Gaaaaaaaa !!"

Being closest to the "fierce buyan" Aunt Rubellia, uttering savage roar, moving from side to side, began a fierce attack.

Evading the huge anchor and temporarily reject his shield, his thick concentrated attacks pointed sword covered with red glow on the right knee.

As expected, even a thick skin and strong muscles did not survive the blows of fighting techniques, emitting a powerful jet of blood, like a huge tree was severed Naga.

"Ki ha ... Gooooooooo"

Losing balance due severed legs "fierce brawler" finally decided to at least counter, throwing the anchor in the fall, aiming at Aunt Rubellia.

The attack was like a falling rock, only aunt Rubellia was not there.

With agility, which is envied even by animals, she had already left the area of the attack.

And though after the impact of the armature on all sides flew fragments of the stone floor, it caused no damage.


This is what aunt Rubellia's said.

"Already started to recover? The same growth would have long collapsed, the big enemy is really troublesome"

In the small period when Aunt Rubellia increased distance "violent brawler" decided to restore the severed leg.

With a severed leg, he has grown back almost immediately.

It did not look quite natural, but it does not look like it hurt. Then he rose again from the state when he should lie on the ground.

At the time when he joins the leg Aru attacked with his partisan, but "violent brawler" ignored him, concentrating on regenerating.

As expected, compared to other monsters in the dungeons, he has a very developed mind.

Even in the event of an attack, it can properly assess the situation, and focus on action needed to win.

"Against the enemy of superior level lacks decisive force. In the future, will need to work on that moment."

Aunt Rubellia, superior melee "violent ruffian", more herself, height three times, without receiving damage, inflicts unilateral attack. This is certainly understandable, but still, that priodolet regeneration, and to kill him, our attacking forces are not enough.

If the level difference is too much, there's nothing you can do about it, but still it is probably not good enough.

Aunt Rubellia, dodge, mutters something, trying to process the necessary space in their attack, Aru helps her, but due to lack of decisive force, it is almost not moving.

You can say a stalemate.

Just now its my turn.

Creating a magic bullet Completed! "Give us the experience"

If it is difficult stabbed "Vicious buyano" just cause him damage, which did not arrive in time for regeneration. For example all the time to burn physique.

[Fighting techniques Auro [destroying gun] is activated]

At this time, fighting techniques include a bonus, so I do it immediately cremated.

"Hey, Aunt Rubellia as yet ..."

Aru shouted something, only even though he did not see, but Aunt Rubellia has long retreated.

In addition, before she could retreat to use fighting techniques and knock the eye "fierce Buyan".

After a while, they would still be recovered, but still, he temporarily lost his sight as a result of my chance to evade attacks has fallen even lower.

In gratitude for this, I'll cover it.

"Fire !!"

Pressing the magic gun's trigger, that my dad gave to me, a blinding flash flew out of its muzzle and a shot rang out. With the speed that is not visible to the eye, the bullet, that was made by compressing my mana, crashed into the enemy, as it is unavoidable because of the wounded legs and impaired vision.

Flames broke out like a huge torch. They were so huge, that they scorched the ceiling and the walls.

"Gee, gigaaaaaaaa"

Bathing in the bluish flame of hell, even "fierce brawler" to stand the lies.

Prominent areas of blue skin blistered from the heat, the beginning was to recover the eyes, immediately boil and burst again, take a dip in hellfire light, fry the inside, and the smell of grilled meat.

Used in this time the magic bullet, the magic creates an unquenchable flame, called the [Ancient Bullet Flash] by [Synthesis] creates flash and wind in a certain area firestorm.

After raising [Magic Gunner], including not long ago there were synthesized by a bullet, the bullet has the greatest offensive force, but also, as a bonus, I used the combat Reception [Destructive Magic Gun], as a result, its capacity has increased by 3 times

But like any living creature with its body on fire, the damage can not be avoided, even by the incredibly robust [Fierce Brawler]

"Gaaaaaa !!"

But he was still alive.

Fully covered with flames like a fire giant, [Fierce Brawler] produced a wild roar turned in my direction.

At this point, flames covering him have reached a temperature of several thousand degrees.

Due to the effect of the magic bullet to the surroundings misses the flame near as expected, quite hot heat waves.

"Fire !! Fire !!"

Hate is in principle possible, but there are limits.

Hastily stepping back by pouring the same fire bullets.

Flame temperature further increased, and the waves began to diverge around the hot air.

"Gaaaaaa AAAA AAAA !!"

Finally, unable to withstand the stress inferno, burning his limbs began to fall apart into pieces.

Leg fractures unable to withstand its own weight, and then his huge body began to fall forward. At the same time, he still had his hands, because he continued to crawl towards us. As expected it was scary, but still Aru, releasing [Arts] one by one, began to destroy his softened body.

Even when more than half of his body was burned, he was still moving, but after [Fierce Brawler] stopped moving, Aunt Rubellia dealt him the final blow.

The previous top to the bottom of the combat technique looked like a flash. The attack was so acute at the sound came only after the sword reached the goal. It looked so beautiful that it was possible to fall in love.

However, the battle against the "violent ruffian" ended.

"Okay, now ..."

After defeating "violent Buyan", I just lost my sight for a second.

That was a fatal mistake in the face of a new enemy.

"The waves of evil, destroying the psyche of r? Nasu.aburuba".

From the side of the corridor, in my blind spot, immediately after passing through my body, I flew black wave "wave of evil, destroying the psyche", belonging to the 5 range of mental magic.

Relax in front of overwhelming force, resistance is almost meaningless, and I felt as if my brain is stuck a red-hot metal rod.

Still, I managed to raise a person in order to confirm the situation. In front of me I appeared a mountain of corpses, which were not only Aru and aunt Rubellia, and all my friends.

Heavily soaked with blood, mixed with the entrails, bone fragments mixed with rotten meat.

All five senses are saying that it is not a hallucination.


Nausea rises from the stomach, feeling the glow of esophagus, rises to the nose.

The spectacle of death all the family has a lot of stress on the mind and the red-hot pain in the head prevents any logic.

Rather, I am now been affected by [panic] and [confusion].

Hit me "Waves destroy evil mind" has no effect on the body, but it causes a severe blow to the psyche, and entails several negative effects. I learned from the lessons of magic, so there is no doubt.

Because all I see now an illusion, as it should be.

But too realistic picture casts doubt, but I do not if this is true.

Shake it until now I can not. I can not resist the magic superimposed overwhelming force. "Ia! Mugudiangurumu"

Mount bodies, which must be an illusion. And there was an enemy to use magic.

The head, like an octopus tentacle sticking out of his mouth eager to devour the brains of all this on the body, like a man, emitting dungeon monster madness "ishshiriddo."

Body it is not particularly distinguished, but in the magic field he is very able. For those who knows, in this dungeon, a meeting with him is considered to be the worst outcome.

Speaking Honor, we have a chance to win. At the time of the meeting, his victory sealed, so his status.

"Ah, again, again. Why is again lost. How furious."

The head does not hurt. Apparently the negative effects over.

Is there a good way to vent my anger so, after watching this stupid show, and I do not hesitate to use it.

"Everything, everything, everything'll blow !!!"

Bullet born magical gun filled with manna to the limit by creating and sending it to isshiriddo, I pulled the trigger, then the overwhelming outbreak swallowed him whole.

Obarou/Yatendouji POV

I'm a little worried when soon after the battle with the "fierce Brawler" from the corridor which is in the blind spot, but there were "ishiriddo" was magic in Auro.

It seems she was terribly hurt by him without me realizing it. I rushed to help her, but as expected from my child, even under several negative effects, thanks to a strong will, she could win.

While I was glad she surpassed my expectations, growth, released insurgent Auro bullet caused the vast destruction of the surrounding environment.

Although hitting a range of Argento blown blast, yes anyway.

As expected, the kill with a single blow ishiriddo did not happen, but it has received significant damage from the blast, which he smeared on the wall.

Of course Redhead, could not miss the moment when he was still moving away from the shock, approaching him from the blind spot, she finished off successfully, immediately cut off his head.

Octopus legs ishiriddo quite tasty, because I have not forgotten immediately postpone his carcass in my Item Box.

After the meeting, over the last battle (relaxing after the victory, missed a surprise attack), I praised them for their good work. There were, of course, mistakes, but in general is not bad.

Focusing on children's education, we slowly conquered dungeon. This is how the day went.


Day 302

It seems that Auro and Argento need a little bit more levels to reach level 100.

If that's so, It is a plan to hover/wander around the area that is not far from the bottom that has been observed yesterday for the whole day.

Opushii, who had come to visit yesterday and had been inspired by the battle of Auro and the others, also began to say she wants to participate.

She has strong fighting instincts, which is dark evidence of [demon] in her blood.

I didn't think that she would say things like that someday.

However, it's not the time yet, Opushii is still too small.

Indeed, because of my blood, the speed of her growth is significantly above the normal [Lord]. She is able to walk, but to fight here, it is still impossible.

Although light training has already started, but compared to Auro's growth nowadays, I don't think that her body is able to withstand such full-fledged training.

In the first place, it's quite ridiculous to arrange the first battle for her in a [Age of the Gods dungeon], but in the end, I did. (ED:lol)

Opushii has two kinds of [Divine Protection] belonging to the [God of Gems] and [Demigod of Dark Beasts], and have had to clear the problem.

Opushii Through the [Favor of God Gemstones], has the hidden ability to temporarily transform her mana into gems.

Opushii, As a [Demon Apostle (Apostle of the Lord) (sub species)] has included a lot of magic power while still being just a child. Just by expending her entire inner mana, it could be converted to a gem with fifty "kilos" at the maximum.

However, this method of magic gem conversion for materialization will make it dissolve again as mana after the predetermined time has elapsed. As it is, there is nothing we could do about it.

Fifty kilograms of gem that was obtained by exercising one of Opushii's ability [The patronage of the dark beasts], can be used to form certain beast which could be made from magic gems.

It sure would be nice if we have some sort of golem using the gem.

So now, thanks to these two types of [divine protection], two dark beast created from corundum rose to fight along side Opushii. (one being ruby-colored while the other is blue sapphire)( she can summon a wolf, a tiger, or a lion.)

As a result of this first battle, it was clear that each part of the body of the dark beasts of Magic, gems itself is a weapon.

For example, the sharp fangs to drill which rotated at a high speed, scraping stroked the enemy hair one by one in with each coat of hairs on the tail like sharp wires. It's also possible to cut through the enemy by changing it's limb into a blade.

And given the fact that they are made of corundum, which is used for grinding, conventional attack from them did not do much after all because from the very beginning, I thought it would be enough to use them as a (defense/tank)"wall" for Auro. However, sometimes it was more "active" than expected, such as hunting dungeon monsters, and proved the strength-class here.

(ED note: "active" = kinda aggressive toward foe)

By the way, it seems that there is a thing called chemistry or compatibility toward magic gems that Opushii can convert. She had obsidian as the most suitable one.

And by converting it for a longer period of time, it's possible to have it ready immediately by adding more Mana and do more damage, to a certain degree.

But this is a battle that has a certain goal. Since obsidian's hardness is not suitable for this battle, the role of [Jewelry Dark beast] is to participate as a "wall" auditor.

(ED note: the auditors/observer took a part in party, but doesn't participate in the fight. In this case, it refer to Opushii

Since it can be killed quite easily by the dungeon's monsters, because it is quite fragile, it is considered a bit inappropriate as an Auditor's wall.

Therefore, this time, the chemistry/compatibility conversion isn't good, but it was neither bad since she chose corundum.

To be frank, it is really interesting to watch Opushii fighting while laughing happily, whilst gaining more and more strength and experience.

As her level rises, so does her magic and skill. With more magic, she will be able to convert more gems.

Compared to her previous level, The number of [Dark beasts of the gemstone] that are under her, have increased by two and now are able to organize themselves better.

For the first experiment, it turned out quite well. Apparently she inherited my [delicious allies in the army] and [the power to unite the army] genetically .

But if she somehow in the future is surrounded by a large amount of gems, I can't help but have thoughts that she would most likely become a queen to Dark Beast Magic gems of various type of color whom are quite loyal.( Samurai-like)

Well, it feels too good to be true.

After raising the level of the children, we were able to arrive at a safe area before the last part of the dungeon.

Having fallen into a soft bed for the preparation for the next day, I immediately went to sleep ...

[The character of World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Auro, a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] completed [increase in rank (evolution)]].

[Condition "1" [increasing rank (evolution)] is fulfilled, the title [Golden Queen guns] will be granted]

[The character of the World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Argento, a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] performed [increase in rank (evolution)].

[Condition "1" [increasing rank (evolution)] is fulfilled, the title [Great King of the Silver Spear] will be granted]

ED note: Russian translate said [a silver king Copies], originally it was "Gin yari-ō gin sō ō" which mean it has 5 different part of context. Google translate result had 3 context [Ginyari-o silver commensurate] (ED: I changed [Great King of Silver Spear King] to [Great King of the Silver Spear] because it sounded better - Anon)

Apparently, both gone through past (evolution).

While looking forward to what they had become, I fell asleep slowly.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


Day 303

After [Rank Up (Evolution)], Auro and Argento became representatives of the race [Half-Man Warrior Demon (Lord ・ Mixblood) ・ Subspecies (Variant)].

Since we can see the big changes from the growth of the body. What I had found out was that they each gained an ogre orb on their chest and still retained the other two located on each of their hands.

The magic emanating from the Orbs made it easy to understand that their power had increased.

Somewhere I read that the main condition for the evolution (subspecies), seemed to be divine favor. In this case, Auro received [Divine Protection of the God of Gold] and [Protection of the Demigod of Magic Guns], and Argento received [Divine Protection of the God of Silver] and the [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Magic Spears].

The [Divine Blessings] of the [God of Silver] and the [God of Gold] are very similar. The blessings manifest when the owners use magic items made of gold / silver; The [Divine Blessing] also allows you to temporarily turn the mana into gold / silver.

[Protection of the Demigod of Magic Guns] manifests itself when using magic guns.

[Protection of the Demigod of Magic Spear] will be effective when using a spear.

They both said that they wanted to try their combat capability immediately, which significantly improved overall; of course, when it comes to it, breakfast is first.

The unexpected can happen at any time, fighting with an empty stomach is like fighting before one is "equipped."

No idea what the above sentence is about. Maybe, "That isn't to say that the unexpected can't happen on an empty stomach, when you're not prepared for a fight; thus it is necessary to be ready at all times." - Gluttony (ED: I saw it as always eat like its the last time you are going to eat, since it's a dungeon and they may starve to death and what not. But seriously I think it's more or less like since Rou is a big time glutton, the lack of food is one of the most scariest possibilities for him, thus exaggerating how important food is.)

While eating breakfast, It seems that the body of the first two demons rapidly increased in size. Now Auro is a little bit beyond that of 180 centimeters tall and Argento's close to 2 meters in size - his clothes became too small to fit because of his growth [Original: too small to fit accordingly affected by it main cause]. So, just in case this happened, the Sisters, whom are their mothers already prepared things that I could pass to them. Previously, it was the thing that was passed to me when we stopped at the bases.

When I changed their clothes after we finished eating breakfast, the size seemed perfect, and it doesn't seem to inhibit the movement the evolved Auro has. (ED: talk about woman's intuition about their children's growth.)

Such things like this give me an impression of what it's like to have the affection of a mother who gave birth through a painful cesarean section.

After small adjustments to the height of arms, checking equipment again, we began to fight with the dungeon monsters around.

From the first battle, their improved abilities were visible.

Any "fierce brawler" that Auro had been struggling with, were easily defeated by her alone.

Bows and spears that are summoned when they release the ogre orbs, could also become a hidden trump card that had even more power. The power of combat maneuver had greatly improved one by one.

After that, I let the kids, which included Opushii , fight as much as they want with our aim to reach the boss of the dungeon after eating lunch.

Because we were close, not wandering, we quickly got into position in front of the boss room without getting lost up there.

In the place closest to the stern, the last level was the ship's bridge.

According to the size of the [Ship Ambrasm Pontus], inside the bridge stretched a pretty vast space.

[ED Note: In Greek mythology, Pontus (/ˈpɒntəs/; Greek: Πόντος Pontos, "Sea")[1] was an ancient, pre-Olympian sea-god, one of the Greek primordial deities.]

All the sides offer an extraordinary view of the sea and the interior had tables laid out with maps, ship rudders and other things necessary for navigation.

"Cards" - Maybe charts? "Cards" - has two meaning in Russian both playing cards and maps. (cebus)

Due to the fact that, there were so many obstacles in this room as compared with the previous boss room, it cannot be said this would ever be an easy fight. Despite its large space, there were places that felt painfully narrow.

In this room there's a dungeon boss called [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea Port Santos Mega Russia Naval Host][ED Note: Possibly Novorossiysk, a Russian port on the Black Sea, recently turned into a naval base], wearing a black military uniform that covers his muscular Beastman body while his head has the look of a Killer whale.

With a size just under 3 meters, it has a tail; in addition, here and there are visible characteristic features of a killer whale.

The most notable part of the Killer Whale is his peculiar eyes, where the real eye is hidden under a black and white pattern that shows the all-out war in his mind; it has such a war-like character that it's hard to imagine that "loveliness" could be felt from that figure.

(Did what i could. ~BlindViking)

Judging by the magical power emanating from his arms, swords and daggers, which are part of his body, it is possible to judge his strength.

In the beastmen of the ocean, the Killer Whales are known as a tribe that has spread its power alongside the fish's shark base.

Somewhere in the ocean, there exists their country. His combat ability underwater can't be taken for granted, and it seems high enough to the point were we wouldn't be able to guard against him in the sea.

But, in spite of this information, it's not something to worry about, because I crushed it from the beginning with full force while he was moving at the same time to have a face-to-face with me.

First, setting the motion to trigger the activation of [3 Steps of Destruction], I then leaped forward in the blink of an eye, while jumping over obstacles, and closed the distance between us. (ED: changed the tense since it felt sort of off -dimber)

The distance of about a few tens of meters disappeared in an instant. Reacting to my movement, [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea], in order to seize the initiative began to pull out his saber from his waist. But faster than he could do it, I activated [Silent Stab] and [One Injection Bee], hitting him with the Scarlet spear that was augmented with them.

Against a conventional enemy, Scarlet Spear enhanced with activated abilities can pierce through without much resistance but as expected from the dungeon [divine] class. It is not so simple.

His uniform already had a high defense force contrary to the appearance of what it was made of: the skin is really hard to cut through. Being equipped with strong skeletal structure and thick, supple muscles, the overall hefty body is not inferior to [wise serpent/Dragons] and [giant]; unexpectedly it has higher density than them.

Due to the fact at the time, hitting the [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea], it felt like the response you got from stabbing some kind of huge mass of metal.

Surely the majority of attacks would not even hurt his skin.

But, still it was not enough to stop the Scarlet Spear.

Piercing his real skin, coming from the end of the spear's tip, I could still feel the pulsing of his heart.

If possible, I would like to finish him off, damaging him as little as possible. But, as expected, this one was not that weak.

Just tearing his heart was not enough to kill him. Without even grimacing, [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea] came towards me, and unsheathed his weapon.

He did it with such speed that it created a shock wave. But before his weapon cut my body, I closed the distance on a step, and using two of my four hands, completely stopped its motion. His sword froze, barely touching my side, but it had not been able to cut.

While immobilizing the enemy, restraining his hands, and taking out the Scarlet spear that was stuck deep in his body, my other two hands went to work; I started to squeeze him from both sides, using concentrated power in my legs and activating my strongest abilities [Irresistible Destruction of the Black Demon King] and [Overwhelming Tyranny of the Black Demon King].

ED: Original was: Immobilize the enemy, freeing his hands, releasing scarlet spear that was stuck deep in his body, the other two hands, putting the force, I started to squeeze him from both sides.

After this, all resistance by the [Black Sea Admiral] was completely pointless. Palms entered his violently writhing body, and I felt under them torn muscles and breaking bones wrinkle inside.

Like a squashed frog machine or wrung cloth after washing.

Having been pierced and squeezed by two silver arms, the body of [Black Sea Admiral], was ragged, being crushed into a poor state.

Flattened on both sides, his insides turned to mush, and then they started to come out the mouth, eyes bulging, blood gushing from his nose, and underneath him a pool has begun to accumulate.

From the state of his condition, from a glance one would know that it is enough to be a fatal wound.

But, still it is not dead yet, barely clinging to life.

Normally, this damage is enough to make one die dozens of times, so injured in his condition, but he is still trying to regenerate at a visible rate.

Either way, it would be nice, if I can observe an image of a scene such as going to reverse playback of the destroyed object.

[ED:It means he want view "rewind" of destroyed object in motion like some video]

Frankly, I had not thought that any kind of organisms would be able to do something from this destroyed state and would start to put up my weapons Original: you think you have shelved their own; but even while it was hard to move its head, it still kept trying to do a last counterattack. [Grand Admiral of black sea] was trying to bite.

His huge mouth, studded with sparkling white light teeth, was large enough to swallow my entire head.

While making the last of the three steps at the same time, I head-butted him.

In addition to the [head-butting] and [hard head], which were activated at the time the attack, as well as [the devastating Thunderhorn blades] [Frantic Dance Pair of Horns], one blow blasted out lightning while ripping the body of [Black Sea Admiral] in half.

It seems that it was trying to do some sacrifice attack without having any further goal anywhere from there indeed. The blood becomes a spray of blood and evaporates, meats spreading the fragrant of something lightning-burnt.

Unexpectedly, I even took a bite once. All over my body ran shockwaves.

While it has the feel of a wild taste full of meat, rich, and delicious. I wonder if the flavor it has comes from the flexible and powerful muscles that were needed to swim in the ocean.

The quality of the meat is strongly reminiscent of the Dragon Empress. Unexpectedly, I took another bite, but then I came to myself, and the rest will be recovered in the item box.

I'm afraid to think about the reaction of others if I'd eaten a demon whole.

[Dungeon boss [Black Sea Great Admiral] successfully eliminated]

[Performer, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, the treasure box [Killer whale meat of forests Double Kling of Orca] will be sent.

[As benefits after the conquest, will activate use of the warp gate]

[Since the warp gate will apply only to people that captured it, please take caution]

[Awakened hero / main character for the implementation of the history of God's divine power receives a portion of the [God of Ships]]

[Because collection of the Divine power from Collection Lord was Superior God, Divine power of God inferior level has been repelled ]

[By some of the provisions of the divine power that was repelled, it will materialize]

[[Yatendouji] party got the [Steering wheel of ship God ~ Paradise - Hull Drum]] !!!]

[Due to the effect of the special ability [Dungeon Plunder (Demon of another world)], Domination of The Labyrinth now can be received.

Due to conditions fulfilled, you can now plunder the [Ship Ambrasm Pontus].

Do you want to plunder?

"Yes - No"

Naturally, I chose "Yes".

While I was trying to understand the capabilities only received my [ship's steering Demigod ships], looking like a golden wheel the size of a coin, as well as engaged in the restructuring of the dungeon by superimposing the three straight lines to circle go outside from doing various things,

Unexpectedly, I took a lot of time and when we went outside, it was evening already.

The view of the sunset that dyed the ocean in a madder red was unexpectedly wonderful.


Day 304

I would be struggling a little bit more if the [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea] that I defeated yesterday was a giant like the [Dragon Empress].

While looking back on yesterday's fight, we head back to the harbor with the [Ship Ambrasm Pontus] which renamed to [Ship Ambrasm Parabellum] which became my ship after the use of [Dungeon Plunder], and made me able to control the ship.[TL note : 1].

All because, I received information that recently, the armed merchant ship from another continent has docked their ships on the harbor of [Dur Gha Varia].

Previously mentioning the labyrinth city, [Dur Gha Varia] trades with other continents, it is done by the convoy composed of armed merchant ships towed and escorted by a sea monster that's has been tamed.

However, the voyage across the ocean involves very dangerous risks. If the marine monster that has been trained is annihilated, the escort would be wiped out.

From the story that I heard, this ocean gets called [The Absolute of The Devil Sea Area].[TL note : 2] In this ocean, a super huge monster that boasts its length for several kilometers called [Devourer of Islands][TL note : 3] seems to exist.

Also there is a Shark and Killer Whale which they can't handle so in order to continue trading and reduce the risk of complete destruction, the action they took is to disperse the risk, which the ships divide into small groups.

That is why only a single one of the several groups arrived safely today.

Today is referred to as the first day. I shouldn't waste the opportunity to obtain rare and unique goods from other continents.

I, who was already in high spirits, sighted the two hundred meter class armed vessels that are reinforced with magic metal being unloaded promptly. The marketplace at the harbor opened so i will go around looking to see if there are any bargains.

There are a wide of variety trading goods.

From magic alloy's and magic items that are made with their own techniques, to item drops which are produced by the labyrinth. From valuable livestock that have never been seen on this continent, to plant seeds that don't exist on this continent. From unusual shapes of clothing and beautiful pottery, to jewelry and precious metals that are made from a special process.

Trained Monsters are sold as well as Criminals who are sold as slaves with a [Slave Collar]. A lot of the Criminals have been involved in heavy crimes and torture.

What comes from the ships is not only trading goods, but also people that want to cross the sea. wandering [Bards], and [Adventurers] that have been in search of unknown adventures around the world .

It being just the first day there is an abundance of trade goods, but, in order to be proportionate to that, the number of merchants who seek the trade goods is many.

Because of that it is so hot its painful. The market is full of ardor to the point of bloodthirstiness of a certain kind. We to are motivated despite the merchants continuing to swell up around, I went to buy goods that i carefully and accurately selected in a short period of time.

The method is simple.

I use the combination of [Parallel Speed thinking] with [Spatial sense of Objective Identification of Area], also [Expert level - Equipment Appraisal of All Magic items] with [Appraisal of Goods with Detect and Analyze]. All ability effects overlap with each others invocation. With all that, I got all of detailed data of the trade goods which is arranged one after another so I would only purchase what we really need.

I've got more than enough money in the first place. However, In order to be able to omit troublesome negotiation, I invoke [30% Purchase Price Reduction]. I would say that this is the main reason why we could finish the business/trading within a short period of time.

Since I have collectively bought many expensive goods, I occasionally appeared be a kind of guest of honor among the merchants. Because of this, I can pull out the goods that are treasured by the shop which usually common folk won't be able to buy. It can be said that I was lucky.

I considered there are some vicious merchants behind the scene that might be doing a scam with cunning moves such as switching the goods with fakes after purchasing items. However, since actually the majority of the merchants didn't do such things, I naturally want to make sure some items are secured.

(ED note: The previous context a bit complex to chew after translated. In short, Rou thinking about the Merchant that doing cheat by swapping goods actually secure the goods for him. )

Nevertheless, shopping took until the early afternoon. We got some free time after I finished going around to look for everyone.

Right after that, Auro is tried to convince and drag Argento out, and Opushii said that she would like to go with the two demons.

Auro immediately agreed, Auro and Argento held Opushii's hands with their beloved younger sister in the middle. I walked away while they happily discussed the fun places to go.

Since the goods here are better compared to other places, you can search and buy things that you need. After all, going around the city is going to be a good experience for the children.

Really, it would be nice if the children would just stay put near me. It just can't be helped for now.

Well, I think that's okay but I still attach my partial body clone to them as insurance.

They already have enough strength to take care of themselves, even without my partial body clone. If something really does happen to us, I still could literally fly to them.

Well, the one who worries about them is one to be worried.[TL note : 4] Closer to "home is where the heart is"

Anyway, I had ended in needless anxiety after all, but this is for the best.

By the way, Avenger is still battling the dungeon monsters to his heart's content inside [Ship Ambrasm Parabellum] that is anchored offshore. As for me, I went sightseeing together with Redhead and Kanami-chan.

It was a very good day.


Day 305

Today, I decided that I'm going to capture [God of Algae] [Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women] which is located at the bottom of a large number of intersection canals at the city center. This seafloor cavern's entrance turned out to be an enigmatic "Blue Hole".

I decided to conquer this one alone, so I told the rest that they could have some free time.

I gave them the okay to do special training in [Ship Ambrasm Parabellum], or go shopping and sightseeing.

With only Kanami-chan as a representative of «Parabellum Mercenary», I asked her to ensure the establishment of our new branch by selecting a suitable building for hidden use such as the building in the Atarakua Demon Empire, the same as the [Snake's Heart Core - Hydra].

With Kanami-chan's charm she attracts both men and women, so getting a contract would be easy and lead to favorable conditions. Also, it wouldn't be good if by some chance my body clone was discovered by the trading company leader of the city. With that, we probably could finish the service quickly and take the children shopping somewhere.

After setting things up, I left early in the morning by riding a "Rowing Board" with money until I arrived near the intersection where the [Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women] is located.

There are large numbers of boats that traveled around here. It could be seen that whenever they pass each other they are almost close enough to collide. However, they never managed to actually hit since the boatmen are already accustomed to the area.

This place is the only location where it's quite busy from early in the morning, full of energy and enthusiasm.

After entering an alley with shade, I saw the destination near the area I landed at.

I then used [Conceal] so it would be difficult to be noticed, and also activated [Scale Armor of the Thunder Shark Dragon Lord] which is one of the [Exoskeleton] types that are currently registered on the [Exoskeleton Suit].

The exoskeleton has some differences from before. It now has a unique luster of blue tones, and on the back there's some kind of a dark lightning decoration made of countless fins that fade in. It also sharpened the forearms with sharp fins, which had increased to four with my additional arms.

There's webbing between the fingers, and from the long tail extending from my hips was a large fin on the end.

The change from before is only slight, but since the capability has been improved I can't complain.

After checking to make sure no one saw me switch into my gear, I quietly dove into the water.

[Scale Armor of the Thunder Shark Dragon Lord] was gained from [Shark-head Thunder Wyrm] which is considerably faster than a swimming mermaid and merman, so my [Exoskeleton] made me similarly as fast when equipped.

Moreover, its abilities are significantly increased while underwater. I could comfortably move with [Fast Swimming] and [Aquatic]. The swimming speed also became even faster since I had overlapped effects from invocation abilities such as [Underwater Predator] and [Terrain Efficacy: Water]. I effortlessly passed by a mermaid and merman, and rushed to the seafloor cavern in the enigmatic Blue Hole that lead to the entrance of the [Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women].

I immediately went down about ten meters into the submarine cave. I then went into a lateral hole at the right.

If you look within the poorly lit lateral hole, you can slightly make out a light further down. As you move forward, the space begins to spread open and eventually becomes a wide open area.

This place is like an underwater paradise.

The bottom coral spread throughout the place has become a light source shaped like the vine of some sort of "ocean grape". The stock of [Umami Kelp] can used to make soup with a deep and excellent flavor.

[ED note:try google "Umami" is kind of a broth that used in soup made of certain ingredients from sea product. I dunno the what Umami means literally in English] -- Umami is one of the 5 basic tastes that human tongues can register

There are [Golden Sea Urchin] that are covered in spikes and needles (splinters), but it has high quality contents inside.

There also could be found [White King Oyster Hakuoukaki] which is referred to as "sea flavored ​​concentrated milk", It's not untranslated because it perfectly said "Hakuoukaki" in katakana. Anyone knows?

and only here you can find the firm and lean "Crown Snow Crab".

In addition, there were big [Black Headed Tuna] which could be sold at a high price as a luxury fish, if there is a special occasion then there is something useful like the [Glory Red Sea Bream], and so many more!

You can find a variety of seafood all over the place.

Looking at the sight, I was left speechless.

On land, there were a large amount of merchant retailers that had expressed their descriptions about here. After coming to this place, I found that it was just as described.

Here you can get all kinds of delicious ingredients from this dungeon as long as you can grab it. I can only think of words like, "here you can be filled to your heart's content."

There is some skill needed to collect this stuff however. If not done well, it can result in destroying the taste. Also, you need to make sure there is no poison in the ingredients so it won't be dangerous.

Here you can safely collect a large amount of tasty foods, foods that can't be found in other dungeons.

(but also there are other things that can't be found from other dungeons.) - original


Probably because the shallower area is known to be safe, there are spectacles that are similar to that of a group of friendly "moms" chatting together at women's meetings.

The merman's children that look a little younger than 10 years old kids and other mermaids would freely play with visitors around the edges, and eat "sweet shrimp" that they caught by themselves.

For these children they probably considered it as a common snack, but "sweet shrimp" is a dungeon ingredients that is quite expensive if sold outside.

If you looked at this as a person who cannot swim underwater, the sight might cause them to envy these children.

A couple of merman and mermaid sat down close together on chairs of coral, the atmosphere seeming like it would lead to a situation where one of them would put some sweets on their lips to then try to feed to the other as if it will lead to something like a kiss.

As far as this "sweet" things goes, besides spreading a pink aura around, the things that the couples were eating are called "Jellyfish Love Balls".

It was a hard pink candy that looked like a jellyfish. By mutually eating it with a lover, the love between them will be long lasting. That also is one of this dungeon's food.

Therefore, it is quite hard to obtain because of its high popularity and rarity but couples here seem to have managed to obtain it in abundance.

It's not unheard of for people to be relaxing in a dungeon like this, however here the occasion seems to be an every day occurrence.

Honestly, I can say with all certainty that this is a wonderful place.

Due to the fact that there is a huge variety of seafood ingredients, I couldn't go into detail on all of it.

So for the time being, I went around examining what I could.

By weaving a net of gold thread and swimming quickly around the area, I managed to collect a large catch of marine fish and seaweed.

Outside of the nets reach, some shellfish started clinging like reef on to the thread as I swam.

I can ask to the locals later whether I picked any unusual finds if I run into one.

As I continued examining and catching the wildlife, I came to the realization that night had come without me having fought a single thing.

But all the same, the seafood here is too delicious. I just couldn't stop!

While regretting that I had spent the time uselessly, I decided to put serious effort into capturing this dungeon properly tomorrow.


Day 306

With strengthened will power and mental focus, I immediately proceeded nice and quickly below into the depths of the dungeon.

Having to move my ass and stopped picking seafood ingredients, I aimed straight to reach the deepest part while taking in what I can take as long as it's in my range.

The more deep the dive, the more it's losing signs of life, the internal structure becomes more complex like an ants nest, the frequency of dungeon monsters that attack me became increasingly persistent.

Between the border of the shallow area before the intricate corridors, apparently to ward off those who come in by mistake (Refer to Fishman and Mermaid from safe location), there are many fish type dungeon monsters such a heinous small fish with human face, that looks scary, called [Yakuza Faced Fish] in this current place.

[Yakuza Faced Fish] usually shouts loudly while attacking in ferocious groups with their fellows, but in reality it's just a small fry that with its direct attack bites is such low level that doesn't really count as damage.

Since it has some sharp teeth, it would be painful if it bit you normally, but it is still on the level that couldn't leave any scratch on my exoskeleton.

Advancing down the corridor, while ignoring the [Yakuza Faced Fish], I then came across a huge octopus that took the form of an armored warrior, [Octopus Heavy Warrior], as well as a group of turtles, [Cannon Turtle], with bombs that shot from their backs. The bombs that are being shot at me in a suicide attack became a human form which chase after and try to stick to me. This is also powerless in front of the exoskeleton.

I had been wondering, before recovering their carcasses from the instant killing and moving on, I couldn't tell whether the number of people, Mermen or Adventurers, who would come here is becoming less and less because of it getting too deep or because possibility of more attacking monsters, but I got an abundant answer from this encounter with the dungeon monsters.

There is also a place, which is extremely narrow and eventually it will increase, with the probability an assault by a pincer ambush would happen.

Although I had no problems, while still cramped, the quality of their attacks aren't that high, they're sure to be very annoying once they come in terms of physical quantity a large number of ingredients that need to collected is quite troublesome.

They did manage to make subtle scars here and there on the exoskeletons surface, which were probably coming from the repeated numbers of their attack.

It isn't a particular problem since I'm not that narrow-minded and would easily overlook their low level. Moreover, It became troublesome to distinguish and classify the enemy which is going to engage in a fight because of the intricate amount of internal structure at this deeper part.

In exchange for those troubles, rare seafood ingredients also increased as the depth level of this place goes. Since I'm at a location that's quite difficult to comprehend, the rate to engage with monster become lower than before.

The quality of ingredients at this place are really stimulating my appetite which seems quite tough to be ignored.

Even after suppressing the harvest of ingredients to the minimum, the more I had advance to a deeper part, the irregularity of how many rare ingredients could be found here is sure against me or some natural law. (ED note: it was hard to resist temptation not to harvest it).


Day 307

Somehow, I managed to locate a safe location without monsters ambushing out of nowhere. I wanted to have some warm cooked foods using the harvested ingredients - but this is underwater (normally fire won't exist in water). I used some abilities so that the water around me can be eliminated temporarily. Therefore, it became possible to use fire proficiently for its function. Right after that I continued my plan of capturing this dungeon.

In this underwater cavern, not only the internal structure will become more complicated when you get in deeper, if it exceeds a certain depth,the regular water current will become a fluctuating mechanism.

When I happened to arrive at some point, I sometimes would get pushed back by the rapid water current coming from the front, however, I could also swim faster than usual by being pushed from behind. Sometimes, I got washed away to where it might lead anywhere and is also got pressurized from the left or the right.

Moreover, if I made contact with the nasty "mine jellyfish", it would for sure explode. The explosion's sound would resonate with the dungeon monsters that come occasionally by riding the water current. They are suicide bombers called [Explosions "Jiba" Blowfish].

[ED note: Ziba is from the novel katakana ジバフグ jibafugu. Fugu means blowfish, for Jiba... looks like the author twisted the words character from jibaku which mean "Suicide bombers" I left it as Jiba for its originality from the author

Forget the idea of countering these creatures one by one since basically, they are flowing in a herd of several dozen animal units. Although the vibrations from the explosion that exerted would drew them from all directions, the timing itself wasn't fatal. However, it was quite intense so continuing the capture became difficult.

Finally, with a stature for about ten meters, it began to appear. It also boasts the strength of the hierarchical boss-class. It is [Demonic Earthquake Shark: Megalodon]

The skin of the [Demonic Earthquake Shark] somewhat represents a fine blade that could scrap its enemy by simply ramming its body. The bites from its hard and sharp fangs were able to cut steel into thousands of pieces as if chewing a pudding.

It can improve its overall status with berserk ability which would get triggered by the smell of blood. Its skin tinged with red glow when it turned on berserk mode. Its berserk stat gives a reduction to its hidden ability for high-speed vibration.

Its swimming speed is also fast. Not only can it advance through the narrow interior of the cave without trouble, it can also erase it's signs of presence while being in vicinity without being noticed. It's quite nasty for a dungeon monster.

Nevertheless, I advanced by having it defeated which eventually is a certain thing as the conclusion.

The deepest part of the undersea cavern.

Almost all parts of the bottom is spreading spaces in spherical shape, except the ceiling part of entrance and the center of the space. It was a place that was filled with abundant amounts of marine plant.

The walls are covered with seaweed which make it not even possible to be seen. Although it quite common for seaweed to be found in the sea, it doesn't give a good feeling if they have density up to this point as one might be expected.

Unintentionally I got frowned from its presence. There was a humanoid type of Parsley (a biennial plant with white flowers and aromatic leaves) whose slowly coming up from among the seaweed.

The dungeon boss whose sit in the deepest part of [The Cavern of Seaweed Woman's Deep Blessings] is the [[『 The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings of Tongue Grace Empress  』]]

The whole body of [The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings ] was appeared to be covered in a many variety of seaweed.

I have no information about this except that it is a humanoid type.

Its figure was the appropriate representation of a true shaped of seaweed in human form.

「ED NOTE:The context below is quite hard to translate since the author kinda make a pun with using the name of algae "藻" [Mo] with adjective it will be read as "そう" [sō] or [sou]. Example, "褐藻" [kassō] "かっそう" [kassō] which both means "brown algae" So I try to got the author's idea on this context. maybe genuine Jap could fully understood」

Splendor, Its constructed figure is likely consist such as 「Brown algae/褐藻"」 that shall be deemed to be replaced/phrased as sort of [brown algae/かっそう] plant-class type, "Red algae/紅藻" as sort of [red algae/こうそう] plant-class type, "Green algae/緑藻" as sort of [green algae/りょくそう] plant-class. Although, I couldn't help but had thought that it didn't have a very good associated idea for the concepts.

I have no choice but had to say that It really lives up to its name.

Well, this place's name is also so much like to the personal impression of her.

To also end it quickly this time, I tried to attack. While on it....

『Ara ara, It's the first time a visitor comes to such a place like this you know 』

『If you'd like my seaweed, won't you try to eat? 』

『It is very delicious, I'm proud of it you know 』

When the [The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings ] uttered a voice at me.

ED note: Just imagine a voice of beautiful seductress from Host Club in Japan, XD

I listened to bestow such as voice, it is such a beautiful voice like that of an angel.

Spontaneously, I stopped my movement.

Dungeon monsters that have a degree of intelligence have ability to speak with its voice, so just like previous example as that scorching hot dragon empress are exists.

Although, it's not like that I only met [God]grade dungeon boss so far, but here is [God]-class.

In other words, it is kind of that, even just being able to speak, rather than being impossible. We are actually speaking in front of the eye.

When I thought about what the heck is actually going to happen, "Algae Empress" is pulling the body of seaweed and had it shredded, separating them with a knife that appeared from out of nowhere, and likewise she also started to toss it into the pot that was taken out of nowhere.

It is one way or another to have variously put the ingredients as well, though its way to make a dish remained unchanged in spite of underwater, the dish never came out to leak from the pot.

Enjoying cooking, "Algae Empress' tasted the contents of the boiler, while her face shows a satisfied smile (because of the fact that her body is covered with algae, about how it was true, I can only guess from her gestures), poured the contents into the simple plate and handed it to me. (* All under water *)

Elegance can even to be felt from that gesture,

『It might not fit the taste, here you go if you'd like to, please try a cup』

and she speaks with carefree beautiful voice.

While being underwater, brown liquid in the soup bowl is there without being flooded out.

You can also check the appearance of sliced and torn seaweed, but other than that I was also able to confirm a number of fish and shellfish.

At first glance, it was a miso soup.

And I try to write a smell in the bubble that was created inside the space with temporary repelled water, Nevertheless this is unmistakably the taste of those [miso] soup.

If you examine the ingredients in [Goods Appraisal Detect Analyze], together with seaweed that floats out of miso there's a stuff that appears to be like those "Misokonbu", "sea tofu seaweed" which becomes a texture and the color such as the tofu when I boil it and I can enjoy the texture such as the onion from "Heavenly water onion", Then the small clams which the firm body that is tightly good is such as a delicious small clams, "Stiff meated freshwater clam".

Many ingredients that were used are rare things among the dungeon ingredients.

I let myself tie up a fragrant of such a grand miso soup and thoroughly enjoy it.

Judging by the smell, there was no poison inside.

I watch [Algae Empress] before attaching it into my mouth, I am wondering if she probably will smile. Part of seaweed falls on the face, it seemed to be loose somehow.

Well, even if she has any purpose on it, it does not matter to me how deadly the poison that is mixed into the miso soup.

If anything is ingested into my mouth, even if it is deadly poison that can kill a dragon with one drop, it is harmless with my [bite intake ability absorption]. It is right where I want it since rather getting poisoned, it only becomes my food.

With that said, I'm really grateful since I got called for the miso soup.

At that moment, my tears are overflowing.

This was not because it has never become some kind of attack.

But simply because the miso soup was delicious.

All of the ingredients is drawn to each other's merits. It was an enigmatic kind of art of how gently palates got spoiled by the exquisite taste and rich in harmonization, yet it is clear and stimulating.

A large amount of pleasure substance along with the comfort such as those secreted in the brain, to the nostalgic taste which reminiscence the distant past.

It remind me the miso soup that my deceased mother made in my childhood, I wonder if I shed tears.

Anyway, I have finished eating the miso soup quickly to cup base.

The taste that reminiscent of the distant time is something that I also eventually get used to, but it felt like to eat simply delicious miso soup again to become more familiar.

I come to regret from getting embarrassed because the soup bowl has become clear rather than the sky,

『Ara ara, Oh, come now, so I wonder if it was delicious? Then, would you do for another serve?』 is what "Algae Empress" said.

Of course, my answer has been decided.


Day 308

From the time when I got asked if I would like another serving, it become vacation without building and I had continued to enjoy a wide variety of delicious cuisine from the [Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings].

Apart from delicious dishes, I just want to continue to eat until I got satisfied, Since that was what I plan, isn't it.

Since basically the dish from the [Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]are be made by the seaweed that make up from her the body as the material, its volume is gradually reduced as she create more of dishes.

In other words eventually it's being a reason that there is a limit for it so possible to maintain its shape, It is something that will lead to its weakening.

The issue was not that simple.

After all, As much as she used her partial body, it can be replenished from what filled in the boss room. It is because abundant amounts of seaweed that cover the walls were being absorbed in order to undo the volume that was reduced.

Even for me, it's difficult to eat it up with just by a single demon when it has quantity that would be worth for several giants.

However, since I had [ Ingestion of Giant Whale] Fortunately, it is why I dare to take on this kind of tactics.

Ability learned: Seaweed Absorption

Ability learned: High-end Seaweed Cooking

Ability learned: Made from Seaweed

Ability learned: Subspace Storage of Marine Products

In the process of eating seaweed, I also got a few worthy skills. The first I met [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]], her height was a about 180 centimeters and now it has become even less than 40 centimeters.

Since the seaweed is already not in the surroundings, It might be good since I believe she wouldn't be able to restored anymore from this situation.

If I eat up the rest, therefore [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]] will disappear, then I became able to subdue for the capture.

While it is becoming smaller and smaller, while still looking [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]] is smiling and joyful, and I tried to question.

Why this, you perform something that is equal to suicide.

For the person who came over to capture a dungeon, there is no need to serve a dish until cutting itself.

Only harm piles up, can I assert that there is no one do suicide except it has its own interest to do so.

However, why do you perform it?

――『I want to do it, just because I thought so.』

was the reply from [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]].

I wonder that's not the reason. Is it a thing by the instinct? Or is it the ending that [God of Seaweed] established?.

I do not understand it, the last dishes, Small empress jumps into the pot by itself, It was cooked automatically by the pot and was completed in a short time, the food with the brown alga boiled in soy sauce of the empress was piled on the white rice which got cooked from warming.

It's which there is for one pot, and I'm gonna chewing it to taste as each chew by one chew.

The number of finest material of charm has been cooking as complements for full cuisine. It gave me temporary supreme bliss that it was hard to express by words.

At the same time feeling that the dishes that would have more and more, yet over, mingling with this feeling has led me in a difficult state.

I did not leave even one scrap, I carried the white rice topped with spreads of salty-sweet brown seaweed into my mouth.

Even temporary the supreme bliss, eventually end up.

I put the pan which became empty, Put palms together, I close my eyes for a while.

- "Thank you very much for the food" / 『Gochisōsamadeshita.』 It's not unlikely and since I was exhausted from eating but, I had a feeling that it was said "You are welcome" / 『osomatsusamadeshita』.

『Succeeded to subdue the dungeon boss [Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]』

『History of God, clearing conditions of Psalms [Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman][Solo Kill][DIsh Meal Completion][Avoided Battle]has been achieved 』

『Special Ability special skill is granted to achiever "Yatendōji" [ Full Mastership of Seaweed Dish ] 』

『 The [ Blessing of Seaweed ] treasure box as an initial punitive bonus is awarded to achiever Yatendōji 』

『 As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted』

『 Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate』

『 Awakening Character of Psalm /According to Psalm of Lost God, a part of the divine power of [God of seaweed] will be granted 』

『 As the collector is a more powerful blessing of a Greater God, the quality of the granted Divine Power will be inferior』

『 Portions of the rejected Divine Power by this rule will be turned into an object 』

『 Yatendōji got the Mysterious [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God Tongue.Glare.Potter ] ! ! 』

『 The effects of the Special Skill [Dungeon Plunder] allows complete mastery and ownership of the conquered dungeon. 』

『 Since the conditions have been met, it is possible to seize the  [ Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman ] . Do you want to plunder? 』

『 «YES» «NO» 』

Of course I selected «YES».

I got it renamed from [ Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman ] to [ Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God ], amended and meddled with the internal structure a little, creating various things such as a secret passages.

Since I established a new company, cover-up of the source of supply goods from here will be much easier. As I was satisfied with that, I returned to the hotel.

TL note:

[特大鯨呑] [Tokudaigeidon]-> 特大鯨 literally means as Giant whale and 呑 is used for expression for putting something (food) whole to digest. I use Ingestion for an analog.

[ Fierce God ] was translated from [Kishin]-> [ 鬼神 ] but the first kanji alone is [Oni]-> [ 鬼 ], [Kami] -> [ 神 ] which means [God]. In other words, the author seems want to convey that if there is a "Demon God" then Rou is [ Oni God ]

Kikoku->[ 鬼哭 ] which translated as [The voices of wailing ghosts] also contain [Oni]-> [ 鬼 ]

Seaweed translations here also could means as Algae but since it used as food, naturally it should be seaweed.


Day 309

I think if I look back to yesterday. It is troubling to accept how it's possible to eat the dungeon boss without ever fighting it. I wish I had rolled the dice in order to greatly raise the probability of learning new abilities.

However, while in the face of [Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings] cutting itself to make the food, it felt sad but it can't be helped since such a thought didn't occur at that time.

Although it can be said that to finish eating the banquet of meals was the only issue which had become some sort of a "battle" on its own.

In in a sense, isn't it natural that if I had rolled the dice to propose another idea for not having been tied to that kind of "operation"?

Anyways, Since I considered that there was the ability [abnormality nullification] that I could invoke to prevent the delicious dish whether actually had [enchanted] negative effects...

Ah, I Never. will do something like that. -Ynack

Simply, only it is was delicious.

Anyways, as it happened, it just can't be helped


To check on how comfortable it is to use the Mysterious [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God Tongue Glare Potter] which is a metal pot-shaped [sacred treasures], [Full Master-ship of Seaweed Dish ] and [ Art of Best Quality Sea Foods Cooking ] abilities were used to let me practice using it and to serve everybody the seafood which I cooked as breakfast.

The way the cooking works without adjustment is done by an effective ability, semi-automatically, as for the dishes that's made with only dungeon ingredients, it was spectacular, the result that one wouldn't think that it was prepared by just a single person.

Everybody ate it with great appetite, reconfirming that it's good to eat with great relishing satisfaction.

Since we safely obtained two Age of the Gods dungeons and have finished about all of what we should do here. Anyway, Kanami-chan told me of a company for ensuring camouflage, in the large store such as the pretty good noble mansion with [Senior Dealer Oni - Merchant Lord] as the employee. In addition to act as the hands and feet are handed to such as that "middle demon Hobgoblin Mage" and "half-demon half lord race". I also want to place [Gilman Lord] or [Ocean bishop - Arc Sea Bishop] to supplying products from the [ Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fearful God ](ED:The Blue Hole underwater Dungeon )

It is for using in case of an emergency situation now because it is difficult to call members here since the upcoming Holy War, I made there multiple [Quotient Arch demon]. Whatever they do, it won't be a serious thing.

By the way, the management of the store as a dungeon company which is named ≪Dolphin's Tail - Deneb Dolphins≫(Bright Dolphins?) are entrusted to the straight mature forms of newly born.

I used the [Oni's Howl Gate] from [ Anbrassm Parabellum Edition ], to warp to [Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl ] closest to the Royal Capital.

Once again I was pleased by how much more it's convenient, far in excess of instantaneous teleportation, we jumped into the Skeleton Centipede and left the city. After a while, we came to a quiet place, where we are again reunited with Tatsushirou.

Right after that, then we enjoy for a while by strolling the sky up to the Royal Capital nearby by riding Tatsushirou, get off to a nearby forest to avoid too making noise in addition we can take the skeleton centipede, I returned to the Royal Capital.

Before returning to the mansion we took a little detour because the places were lively since the day hasn't reach its peak, and to do a variety of errands while watching how the stores are thriving.

Because tomorrow it's in the plans to early return home to the base of the Great Forest, I'm getting ready to fall a sleep.


Day 310

In the morning, leaving friends whom I had not planned to involve in the [Holy War] in the mansion, I took the rest with me and we left the Royal Capital Osvel.

Next, I picked up the team members from the Labyrinth City Purgatory that were participating. Just as I went to the nearby forest, they boarded the dragon Tatsushirou.

There were a lot of people, so I had to summon additional dragons via [Summon Supreme Dragon] so that all would fit. After that, we could afford to relax and enjoy the flight in the sky in comfort.

In the end, we came to a location in a mountainous area, at the periphery of the Kuuderun Great Forest. There was a cleared plateau used by Parabellum as an [Airport].

Here we met domesticated familiars such as Falaise Eagles and Dragons, which we use to deliver supplies and goods to remote branches.

Because the [Airport] handles both exports and imports, a large number of comrades are actively bustling about and examining the goods.

Of course, in the [Airport] is a [Skeleton Train]. Thanks to the fact that all have become accustomed to it, the number of passengers and users has increased significantly.

Now, from morning to night, silence is a rare occurrence.

Seeing Tatsushirou and several summoned dragons, the news of our return quickly spread throughout the [Airport]. Comrades have been running to line up in order to greet us, but I told them to concentrate on work.

Immersed in the [Skeleton Train], everyone went to their own business.

Fortunately, now that we have returned home, I decided to make a holiday for those who have no urgent work.

Do you want to meet your friends? Do you want to spend time with your family? You can sit in your own room or house and to train your knowledge or power. In general, everyone has their own business.

Together with Redhead, Kanami, and the children, I went to the mountains next to the [Residential Area]. It's such a big house that you would think that the royal family lives here, that is our home.

To go straight there seems boring, so we decided to drive around the base in order to marvel at the changes made here in our absence.

On the big [External Training Field] where you can easily carry out large-scale training, we could see comrades soaked with sweat.

[Farmlands], which we had cut down part of the forest to make, has overgrown so much that it is now simply packed with a lot of ripe vegetables. Also, familiars and monsters, which we breed for food.

[Workshop], you could see the Dwarves and Blacksmith-San working using their hammers.

[Factory], which was releasing heat from a furnace, there were a lot of black skeletons that produce different products.

Next to the [Clinic] were comrades from many different units, creating a hodgepodge of colors. At the Parabellum Hot Springs, where there is a set of elves, I met with Father Elf and Daughter Elf again.

Vowing to drink with him again, we finally arrived at the [Residential Area], which grew from the last time, next to the mountain.

Tired, entering my house, I habitually say "I'm home", the answer was, "Welcome back".

Smiling happily, I met Blacksmith-San, the Sisters holding Nicola, Female Knight, and Doriane-san.

I warned that today I will be back, probably because they were waiting for me specifically.

In addition, the Sisters had prepared a feast.

Unfortunately, among the children, only Oniwaka was missing. Minokichi will arrive tomorrow with Oniwaka.

Therefore, although a bit early, but we decided to arrange a holiday.

Filling the stomach, do not hesitate to talk, to laugh heartily, and then warm up the body in a hot spring, and dispel fatigue.

At night I also have plans, and tomorrow too, because a little earlier, I decided to relax. (Gigady x8)

Unfortunately, we have an army of opponents that are [Great Heroes / Heroes] and [Kings / Emperors].

I doubt that many will go through the [Holy War] unscathed.

Even after my training, there will still be victims among my comrades who are much stronger than conventional representatives of their species.

Therefore, let's have a festival.

Losing blood and consciousness, in order to gain power to survive the [Holy War].

[Hell Week Festival] is about to begin.