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Day 321

Oniwaka's [ Rank UpExistence Evolution] seems to be [Gokusotsu Abare Oni] 獄卒暴鬼 ( " Hell's Tormenting Prison Guard Rampage Oni").

Oniwaka has always had a huge body as he is a great ogre, but now he is twice as big. In addition, the musculature on his whole body has developed and is as thick as armor.

The color of his skin is dark red as if dyed in blood. His dark purple hair is lustrous and as sharp as a knife.

Two horns point upwards on the top of his head like thick stakes. They are extremely sharp and look like they could drill holes into an object when headbutted.

A pair of crimson eyes glitter with the look of a hungry animal. His sharp fangs have now fully grown. Metal armor wouldn't stand a chance.

His protective armor, the loincloth, is worn as if it were clothing, and has tiger-like patterns. He also seems to utilize what looks like a ball-and-chain in battle.

The ball-and-chain seems to be a useful tool in capturing prisoners.

Although the weapon looks small in the hands of Oniwaka, the size of the iron ball easily exceeds 30 centimeters in diameter and is quite heavy.

I had thought that there was an ability that was restraining the high level power from Oniwaka's mind and body, but now I discarded such a thought because it didn't exist.

On observation of his weapon, it was clear that the chain could be quickly expanded and contracted. The length of the chain could change from 1 meter to 10 meters.

It could even act as chain mail if wrapped around the body in extended form. However, actually swinging the weapon would become difficult in that state. Nonetheless, it was really useful having both a means of offense and defense in a single item.

He could possibly hurt himself while using it if he wasn't too careful. That shouldn't be a problem with constant practice though.

[ED note: what happens when a noob using nunchaku recklessly fast?]

I did not have a lot of knowledge on that type of weapon, but I could tell how useful it was as I had used my thread to attack in a similar way before.

Then, the living body weapon was a spiked-club with a brutal appearance. It's huge to hold in a hand and looks like a thick column of iron which have spikes that line up regularly.

A strong wind is unleashed if an object with that kind of weight moves. Even if it is just waved lightly, it could damage the surrounding area.

If he is serious, most people won't be able endure the heavy slam and will be destroyed if directly taking a hit from the swing. Even with defense, they won't be left unhurt with more than just a scratch.

Physically, it's very powerful, but its obvious that it doesn't have the ability which could make it classifiable into [Magic] apparently.

It's possible to inflict status on mental state from abnormal attacks such as [fear] by roar or the power of observation. But still, it is not [magic] in the first place. However, on Oniwaka's case, there is only one ability which could be considered as related to [Magic].

I should think of [Gokusotsu Abare Oni] ( " Hell's Tormenting Prison Guard Rampage Oni"). as a subspecies that purely specializes in physical stats.

He'll be mistaken for a muscle brain.

He's got a slight vulnerability to magic or sorcery because he is specialized in physical stats. However, I am astounded that he doesn't seem to have almost any problem with vitality and defense towards it.

His skin will regenerate back which was carbonized even when it got roasted, came loose and fell from the Hell's flames before the skin, and they also can take the cannonballs of a spear and the ice of the rock with his thick muscle armor.

Uneasiness remains for the mind attacks and the like, but he won't have any problem if I supplement him with magic items for it.

Still, he often follows Minokichi and Asue whose evolved race is superior in physical aspect, but somehow I feel a sense of loneliness when looking at the subordinate of the two big Oni.

I wonder if it was better to have more physical contact, but I am on the verge being troubled as a father.

Well, even I personally haven't lived for one year yet. I shouldn't be too troubled.

Put the personal sentiment aside, today is the eleventh day for the holding of the "festival".

Since today is the last day, I climb the platform which I build by raising the ground after having myself filled with vitality from the grand breakfast using dragon meat and dungeon's ingredients. Just like the first day when I declared the opening of the holding, then I look around the members along with the orderliness and spoke words of the appreciation in [outside training ground].

Like the first day, the number of members standing in line surpasses 3,000 people.

However, the planned members who participated in today's event had decreased to under 1,000, which was less than a one-third of the total.

Treatment was provided and done by the medical care corps Prière which were lead by Seiji-kun with a large amount of magical medicine used in the middle of the event. However, the best treatment system is by soaking oneself inside the hot spring which had many of the hot spring's benefit including the promotion of natural resilience. From the slight wounds such as a scratch or the blow to the serious wounds such as comminuted fracture (Breaks in multiple locations of same bone) or internal organs exploding, it is cured in the degree that does not have aftereffects. By luck, there is no dead people appearing from any unexpected accident that didn't happen at the event .

However, you cannot be sure whether all of the injuries are completely recoverable.

There are limits to regeneration due to differences in the degree of physical ability when weak members are compared with top-classes such as Kanami-chan and me. They also were consumed in the harsh schedule which is beyond their body's limit.

It is hard to wipe the fatigue that is clinging onto the depths of the body with just having a rest, since there are those who require more rest for a while for trauma caused by extreme fear and stress. The numbers aside, I would say it was less than 1,000 people.

Though the members less than 1,000 were not in a perfect state, mostly it consisted of members who got hurt and tired.

It could only be said that they were simply not at their the limit yet.

As I did the event, there were times when I was doing one thing or another, however I could notice the improved quality and the quantity of magical power that can be felt from the body of the approximately 3,000 members who lined up. Then, somehow it just decreased though I only naturally stood there.

Even if it's not perfect, there is no doubt that almost everyone has improved one stage or two-stages or has more strength than before the festival.

Many members achieved [Rank UpExistence Evolution] which will lead us to greater success in the Holy war.

I wonder if the growth of the members, especially the Goblins and Hobgoblins, that are particularly in the childhood period of growth are remarkable or not .

The bodies containing useless fat had decreased by hard work and had gotten muscular instead, and they looked like a full-fledged soldier that had somewhere become lax on their guard.

[Rank Up (Evolution)] did it, or let's expect it when it only happened to the ones who seem to have the Oni talent carrying our futures core.

Anyway, I go to the seat which is next to the [Outside Training Ground] and explain the things for the last event after having finished saying words of appreciation to anyone who is none other than the approximately 1,000 members who were able to make it until this point.

Finally, ten people who were inspectors for those events ―― In other words, they're me and Kanami, Minokichi-kun with Asue-chan, Burasato-san with Supesei-san, Kugime-chan with Aifu-chan, and Avenger with the Rusty Iron knight ―― will have a battle against the approximately 1,000 people.

If one were to speak of..., the face of top are lining up in front of many eyes, Rusty Iron knight is warped in complicated feelings having to mix himself lining up beside the platform of the top members class, and also Avenger is somehow shows a discouraged expression.

Rusty Iron knight was saying that the members [Event's Inspectors] who stood in front of them are good. Why you had such a reaction Rusty Iron knight ? I thought, but then realized and puzzled if perhaps Rusty Iron knight might want to fight against us.

He is sure is so greedy to become strong every passing day.

And, for Avenger it must be the same too.

Rather, it is more blatant.

In the first place, I wanted man power and Avenger fell to me to achieve his revenge for oneself.

I want a strong man to acquire power all the more because he is settled by string-pulling when the revenge object came out from this [Holy War].

If that's the case then I must grant the wish. Since it's the case, I had the eight Oni [Top members] who added Rusty Iron Knight and Avenger to a counterpart vs. the composition of approximately 1,000.

A courageous shout and screaming showing some slight desperation echo in the vast forest. It's good If their spirits are that high.

With that said, I decided to start it on the [Outside Training Ground] at once.

Of course, we also won't be serious.

Since if I become serious, I might bring a person to death in an unexpected accident. Even without mentioning to limit of the each person's [Top Members] ability and having their specialized weapon made from wood by construction arms for the training.

Still, there are differences that come from my existence and potential isolation some of the tribe. However, this mock battle rather won't be any use if the differences like this couldn't be overturned by fighting spirit as if it is as the actual battle.

Since having used specialized weapons made from wood in it, it's better if members do their best as much as they can to set their aim at these weapon's destruction?

I made them from dark brown sturdy flexible wood called [Astor Ard] which in fact I could gather only in a small portion of the large forest in various ways because their condition at least won't be disintegrated even if we used it as complex wooden construction. Anyway, its got a superb reputation for its sturdiness.

They won't die instantly even if I hit them directly given safety measures, but we cannot try using them too hard even if it's unpleasant to top members because the bones of several of people among the mass could be easily broken.

For the time being, I continuously made hits and drove them away by having four tree spears by my four arms.

There are a few strong people such as those 100 times more tenacious than before who I can usually only dispel them by just to swing the spears around, but I might carelessly go too far since it just happens to be a counterattack.

In that case, it should become their nourishment to grow because I placed my hits carefully while pointing out the weak point.

Since this time the children - Auro and Argento, Oniwaka and Opushii came aggressively at me, my motivation is raised.

So to them they think again the fact that their father is great, I kindly, carefully and thoroughly play with them.

It may be violent physical contact, but such a physical contact may seem to be quite good as lineage of the Oni.

Anyway, Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan of the heavyweight division that strengthened my right and left, acted violently with wooden axes and wooden hammers to wait for in a hand.

I plunge into the place where a great number of people gather, and the defense are weak smashing the battle formation without care.

The state that two large ogres question on is a scene such as a natural disaster that even resistance is not permitted at all.

Still, from the experience of the event, the decrease of members was a bit more slow than before.

Burasato-san is running about in length and breadth inexhaustibly fighting against Avenger who projected sword techniques which he cultivated in the actual fighting.

Her physical movement is refined more than before, and there is little consumption such as physical strength or the concentration by reducing waste, the single blow adds to sharpness and weight more, and the model of one offense and defense confines even a counterattack.

Burasato-san has the power, but Avenger endures as well. Since going easy was useless when having anything to do with Avenger, Burasato-san let a wooden sword wrapped by blood and strengthened it, and the surroundings got shredded only by its aftermath while giving off an intense spark.

Just as expected, it became big vacant space around them since it was not at the level that could be meddled by other members.

And since they could die too soon if caught in it, it would have been inevitable.

Kanami-chan and Burasato-san waited at the rear, while Kugime-chan put up a barrage without ceasing.

As for Kanami-chan, there is the shock with the devil gun [water pressure shrinkage gun]·[water egg], but using a non fatal water hammer bullet, fired through the member who was careless from a long distance.

Members could not come too close at all if she continued supplementing a magical power because in a sense there was almost no intervals long enough between the continued shooting and Kanami-chan aiming and squeezing a trigger together endlessly.

Having the only non-lethal aim be too accurate and its weak power was what saved them from it, also water hammer bullets are cut off by minimum movement or because the members who can prevent it increased from before, the numbers do not seem to decrease greater than they thought either.

Supesei-san brings low rank magic like rain as if it was a festival event.

It is calculated so that plural magic raises each others effects this time ―― For example, I place magic to produce explosive flame in magic to produce a whirlpool of the wind in the same orbit. ―― It was sublimated to simple mixed system magic.

While a degree of difficulty goes up with it, if I can establish this in the technique that I tested in the last event than, as a result such as the mixed system magic with high power it comes to be relatively easy to have.

But, it seems to be farther from practical use since it still at research stage.

Because the magic of the same person uses the same fuel called the magical power, anything relatively easily mixes, but when it is the magic that others use, I resist it and seem to dampen it.

Well, I put the detailed technical stuff aside, and the movement of members is quick if it becomes the second even if innumerable magic falls. It may be said that experience is reflected by a result.

It may be said that Kugime-chan is the most quiet one but she checks members approaching by [eyes of the paralysis] and [eyes of the chaos] to spread in a constant range. Still when she was close to a shield by her comrade, she performed a reading of an action to see physical movement, it pointed out an exact chance and rolled it to the ground.

There are many members who got defeated against Kugime-chan which is not a battle type although it is hard to attract attention as much as she was while not more flashy than the surroundings.

There is composure for movement of Kugime-chan which forecast near future to see all of the companion's moves, there was elegance to the feel even if the impression that she was totally dancing.

I continued hitting the first move to forestall and wanted members to get a method to overcome the partner who controlled the flow of the battle freely, but, as for it, it seemed to be still a bit more difficult.

I strode along a battlefield with feeling like in the case of Aifu-chan which was search-and-destroy mode personnel.

I feel depressed from handy members, she operates without knowing what she is doing.

Some members were also trying to fight back but long-range attack were not effective due to majority of corrosion, but she also could not be easily attacked because the mind is contaminated if they come to close.

Even if they somehow come close through mental pollution, they got intercepted because her ability for simple battle is unexpectedly high and she had repeated that things all over.

Actions to be taken are incomprehensible only at a glance, and it seems to be difficult to deal in members.

I continued it for such a feeling from morning to the early afternoon, but approximately 1,000 people have been tired out, too.

A small number of it might be unavoidable and because of such fact that the more of the burden is increased.

So they rescheduled it, and remaining approximately 2,000 people who took a rest in half day added it.

If it be said that I reach the limit and take a rest in the half day, I recover to some extent.

It will be said that I endure it for remainder around several hours, and outrunning you has you do your best.

The last event which there was also a little gap so in the plan invited an ending of corpse troubles.

I do not die, but am really a state such as the dying one step before.

After Seiji-kun took minimum treatment generally quickly, I held the ceremony of end.

For words of the considerably short appreciation, I spend it for maintenance of rest and the armament for six days from tomorrow, I convey a plan such as departing for the planned site for [Holy War] seven days later, I distribute arms from the dungeon for the persons that results are excellent as the reward that they tried hard.

The items dropped which I got when I killed a dungeon monster in a labyrinth accounts for most of it, but the things which came out of the treasure chest of the hierarchy boss are few but I still release it.

By the way, there is a magic item of the grade that I got in spite of being a minimal number from a treasure chest of the dungeon boss grade [Legendary], but it is scheduled to be provided for top brass members again at later date.

Team members that are full of bruises are maintained to standup dignified much as they can, as soon as I finished the closing ceremony while doing so, they fell dramatically to the ground almost like a doll that was cut the control strings.

A wry smile leaks out to the figure through guts unintentionally till the last.

However, it is not bad too. It may be a rather good tendency.

I entered into a banquet of the launching while being satisfied and slept late at night.

The liquor is delicious after all.


Day 322

After I woke up before sunrise and finished the daily training early in the morning, I walked to Blacksmith-san's place.

This was because I had been called via ear cuff during training to come after it was over.

Blacksmith-san's voice could be heard, and she was shouting at the chief of the dwarf blacksmiths that mixed metal in the «Workshop» everyday. I heard them fired up and roaring as if they were responding to those who are working as a disciple.

Similarly, judging from the work's contents, the leprechauns that are working in the «Workshop» do not have a loud sound to begin with. However, as for the business, there is no inferiority because I repair a large quantity of leather armor or battle dress that they carry.

They who have been striving to work while dripping sweat in the day-to-day «Workshop», would often be doing things such as making or repairing the arms of members whose numbers have increased.

Though it is also busy even at a time of peace, the «Workshop» seems to be in full operation for the readjustment of worn arms with the event of the festival since early morning.

Through craftsmen who were busily moving, I called out to Blacksmith-san who was in in the depths of the workshop.

Then she lively said hello and greeted me with a big smile on her face.

After having made light physical contact, I decided to hear the circumstances for being called at this time.

According to her, she seems to want to strengthen the halberd some way or another.

Personally, my halberd is a weapon with almost no flaws which has been strengthened and remodeled time and time again by Blacksmith-san.

I am familiar with the handling as well, and there is a large variety of techniques which can play an active part in various situations.

Although inferior to the truly sacred treasures of [Phantasmal] and [Legendary] class of magic items, it is without a doubt a gem.

However, the further remodeling has been said to be difficult before.

I had lacked ability in - - whose skill level went up in Blacksmith-san and the chief of the dwarf blacksmiths, and presently I've made a little progress. However, the biggest reason was "lacked necessary materials".

At that time, I was asking what on earth the necessary materials were, but it was said that even Blacksmith-san did not know it.

Anyways, I ran out of ideas. That's the real nature of ignorance, isn't it?

I honestly wonder if such a thing could exist.

It is a thing that I can't understand enough because the story is strange if I try to think about it.

However, I wouldn't be convinced if it is said that the answer derived from such a racial ability [Prayer of Mineral] and [Blacksmith's Artisan] which are racial ability from chief of dwarf blacksmith, were actually the family of the ability [Voice of Arms] and [Whisper of Blacksmith Spirit] which are abilities from occupation [Smith] and [Smith Spirit] that Blacksmith-san has.

The development of the magic alloy has the ability to discover the answer for it but sometimes it doesn't. It has started to reach a result of above a certain level but there was a part at which I half gave up without making the thing I still lacked.

It would be a lie if I said it didn't shock me when i heard it had been found.

I have no idea what the heck it actually is. It can be heard from the sounds from Alchemist-san who is one of the joint developers. She said "this is the answer" while pushing the cart with the ingot of the magic alloy which was a strange hue mixed of black, gold, silver and green which she had already prepared from another room.

The magic alloy is slightly soft and elastically lukewarm if I squeeze it in hand.

It distorts If you add pressure with a single finger. It might be closer to the metal slime or biological metal.

While I was lost in such thoughts I accidentally made a glance sideways, there to Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san who were standing there drilling me with stares, and quickly looked away.

[ED note they just did not like the movements of his hands XD]

I avoided their stares while in a cold sweat. It was quite obvious that my actions were shady.

As for the material, you might say is better not thrust too deeply and I shouldn't question it in too much detail.

Seems that, if I do, than they will explode. [ED note: Blacksmith-san and Alchemist-san will XD ]

I may be looking into an insane abyss if I question too deeply.

When I put the raw materials aside and ask Alchemist-san what kind of metal it is, it seems to be one of the best masterpieces which I can announce with confidence in the magic alloy which had been made by trial and error through repeating dozens of hundreds of times with success and failure so far.

Well, it seems like they want to resume the magic remodeling at once because the missing subject has finally met the conditions according to the careful conversation that I took part in.

Such a material does not seem to have a problem. It's plain to see that my favorite halberd is strengthened.

I feel a slight sense of uneasiness with the materials, but also filled with confidence that it won't degrade.

The fact is that I took the halberd out of the item box and incidentally took out [Lord's Spirit Stone of Four Wing Jade Eagle ] and handed it to Blacksmith-san.

Alchemist-san does not know whether they are usable, but I keep handing out kinds of rare magical medicine from the dungeons in dozens of units.

The two people who had received the respective goods were immediately immersed in their work.

There was a strange atmosphere in the air which I don't think was very pleasant or maybe it really wasn't there, but it will be wiser to pretend not to notice it.

[ED note: still mad at him XD like the when he came back after that night with Dryad-san XD]

I then left the «Workshop» and they saw off my retreating figure.

There is still important work that remains for the Holy War.

I look forward to seeing what happens to the halberd.


Day 323

Today was started through learning about the handling of the iron balls of Oniwaka's chain in his early morning training.

Argento and his partner Opushii ran side by side with Auro in this occasion as well.

I rolled to the ground while reconfirming that it was nice to look at my children growing up every day.

Once it is noon, I go to help the Sisters and there all was completed unlike with Blacksmith-san in the afternoon yesterday - aside from material development, Blacksmith-san puts finishing touches to high grade products and is heir to department and Alchemist-san is in similar position too.

After training in the evening with Female Knight and cheerful Redhead, I received a massage from Doriane at night.

The massage technique of Doriane was a lot better than before and I had reached the land of happiness in a short time.

It can make Father-Elf, who sits in in the hot spring, perform a "doh" when receiving a massage from Doriane as well as massages that happen after coming out of the hot spring's bath.

{ED note: I don't know what precisely "doh" means here but seems it expresses kinda "stupid relaxed face" if you got what I mean]

I feel great and want to enter the hot spring again.

In addition, it could be said that peace in one day may be used to boost the spirit to prepare.

A kind of day such as this is necessary to recharge one's "battery".


Day 324

Today is a similar day as yesterday, there is nothing in particular to talk about.

I trained myself and only did a filing or something or other.

So, I will summarize the situation in each country, even a little back situation today.

First, the Sternbild Kingdom.

The kingdom has the contract exchanged with between the Tomboy Princess and me, we also know the circumstances of the [Holy War] properly.

Their decision to dispatch the Rock hero party is because they have a relationship with each country, but the three other Heroes are not going to be dispatched due to concerning to the protection of the country.

On the other hand, Tomboy Princess will send some supplies, she said this to me; 『 This amount is cheaper than losing [ Hero ]. If I think it as an offering of people who will be consumed in it, then it's a modest thing to be afraid whether it will be good or not.』

They are the fellows that we called as the necessary expenses.

Next, the Kirika Empire.

Kirika Empire has 12 people that hold the job [Hero]. Of those, 3 of the Eight Great Knights are sent, and another 4 Heroes captured the Psalms by the city to combat victory [Fate Plunder]. It seems they are sending 7 Heroes against me.

4 regular [Heroes] and 3 of the Eight Great Knights. To dispatch more than half of their maximum war potential, it is only because of the heavy presence of [World's Arch-enemy ].

I normally think so and the actual conditions is just like that.

But, I will reveal one circumstance behind the scenes here.

Will Kirika Empire and Sternbild Kingdom remember what they attacked in the vast forest before?

To obtain effective medicine curing the intractable disease that undermined an older sister of the Princess tomboy who married into the Kirika Empire from the Sternbild Kingdom, and various expectations are those fights that intersected.

It was possible to end it and made the army retired by handing over the medicine to the husband of the older sister of tomboy princess who was the next emperor by taking the rear without being noticed by the surrounding guard.

I did not take any life, but would seems like threaten that situation with [(Dead if he did not pull back)].

The trouble including the responsibility problem occurs after withdrawal, and there was call to bla-bla-something politics game, but it puts ruin aside the noble avarice that demanded negligence and the profit of the military authorities which underestimated an enemy force.

The older sister of the intractable disease was cured by medicine made of my blood.

And when I give the older sister medicine, the next emperor holds the medicine in mouth once, and is giving it to the elder sister by mouth-to-mouth feeding.

This is because I told a lie, [(The recuperative power goes up once if the other hold it in mouth before give it. This is a kind of magic medicine that its effect will rise more if done by the person who loves the patient)].

As a result, my partial body [Parasite] is in the next emperor's body. He did not notice, and even the person derives a thought nothing strange happen afterwards.

well, in other words, there are a lot of this numbers because I induced it so.

This time about Atarakua Demon Empire.

In the Atarakua Demon Empire, Demon Emperor Mildion Caesar himself, 3 of the Six Chief Generals, and about 2000 elite troops will come.

Once, saying that [Heavy White General] who is the son of [ Demon Emperor ] making it to the first seat of [ 6 Heavy general ] assumed to be next [Demon Emperor ], [Heavy Indigo General] who is supporting demon empire back, and then the youngest [Heavy Purple General] are like the caretaker or house-watching.

[ Demon Emperor ]doesn't lead all heavy generals in order to possess preparation for the case when there is anything in emergencies or where he have something by any chance. The current [ Demon Emperor ] who is appear to be old aged, entrusts the son with the demon empire for the next generation who is personally seems to be happy with faces by enthusiasm that you may die a noble death by risking the life at a holy war.

The reason is simple. This is because it is the honor to challenge a powerful enemy if judging from [Midian] which is fundamentally a combat tribe.

The Beast Kingdom also virtually resembles the Demon Empire.

Not only the person in question [ Beast King ]to come out from the Beast Kingdom, Six of [ Beast Fang General | Bifarogu ] is also likely to come.

As a beloved daughter of [Beast King], she is assumed to bethe next [Beast King] and in the same way is the first seat or the first place of one [Beast Fang General]. It shows from one fang by ten fangs ―― [Earth Tiger Beast Fang General | [Teigusu] [Bifarogu] ] and so forth seems to be the caretaker or house sitting.

The details are different, but all other affairs feeling is also the almost same as Atarakua Demon Empire.

Having seen [ Beast King ] by [Ancient Time dungeon ] and [ Amla Tears Prairie ] of [ God class ] before, he seems previously to have been trying to train the body that had become a little dull.

He seems to sip dungeon boss's lifeblood after that, and the state seems to be perfect.

Even though he is the top position of his country, Won't neither footwork be too light? Yet he is not without the desire either.

By the way, unlike the Atarakua Demon Empire, though there seems to be a taking care of personal needs minimum accompaniment member but the elite force and the like that participate in the holy war do not seem to take them along.

Well, [ Demon Emperor ] is strong as someone with many number of subordinates as that of [ Eiyū ]/(Great man), and the elite of [ Beast king ] is as stronger on the contrary as that of [ Yūsha ]/(The Brave/Hero).

[ED note: Both [ Eiyū ]and [ Yūsha ] are term for Famous man as hero but [Yūsha] described more in "military term" which in this case stronger than [Eiyū]. So I decide Yuusha more fit to translate as Hero. ]

It is likely to have gone out as the result of the direction different suitability on their ability side to made the differences.

Finally, about the Lumen Holy Kingdom.

From the order of magnitude of Heroes, Lumen Holy Kingdom is greater compared to the other countries with 24 Heroes, [ War Elephant Eiyū ], [ Iron Ring Eiyū ], [ Rock Soldier Eiyū ] and [ Hero of Magical barrier ] was excellent in defense for the defense of the country for this holy war, then making it to [Hero of Rule] with 19 people except [Holy King] who is the current master of the house, Probably it was settled from the start that [ Saint ] of two people and [ Saviour ] whom [God] would prepare as a natural enemy for [ World's Arch-enemy ].

With such a large number of [Heroes], we have expected the number of soldiers will be in the tens of thousands or more.

Even if a march becomes slow when there are too many numbers and squeezes it to the elite force because it is hardly significant in the holy war if they are ill-natured, but the seriousness of the Lumen Holy Kingdom that boasts of a strong war potential may not be underestimated even if the numbers overfull.

Well, the common soldiers are going to have keep company by [members]. It won't be such a difficult thing if I use traps and advantages of the topography.

Aside from [Heroes], I couldn't accurately grasp the movement of [ Saviour ] and [ Saint ].

I seem able to make a collection of it in various ways but dont understand the usage properly.

They not only subjugates a strong monster in the vicinity one after another but also collect huge power in the body hair and the piece of skin or something of the risked original monster before.

Aside from the living monster subjugation, of which I am worried about, "what" gather the organizations of the strong monster so as to remain for the past history now.

I might possibly use peculiar [ Magic ] that makes it something like a catalyst.

Though information is few and I don't understand it properly but I might have to examine even what only origins articles collected for the time being are.

And..., what is this?... This [ Saviour ] is considerably sick.

The more I observes it, the more it was showed only that one's sick mental and inevitable expression.

Nevertheless, it may be said that the ability is extremely troublesome because of its very high existence.

Please pardon me, really... while I thought that, are the internal conditions of each country to be roughly as these kind of things ?

The details would be that there is an opportunity again later.

TL Note :

I change [Nemesis: Enemy of the World - Gluttony] to [Nemesis: Enemy of the World - Gluttony] since I can't find where "Gluttony" context came from.

[ Saint ] and [ Saviour ], the story haven't reveal their gender

term of [ Eiyū ]and [ Yūsha ] will be used more at later DAY


Day 325

After morning training today, I saw Kanami-chan and Redhead going to the pond who were among the great forest with Alchemist-san and children.

I saw the fish that were swimming by the clear water, a nice place where a soft wind blows through.

Since I had become too tense for a moment in the counter-plan for the holy war, it also serves as a little breather and family duty.

Though Blacksmith-san is busy and unfortunately absent. Still, spending time together this way is just nice and becomes a recreation.

I may be somewhat carefree with thought, but someone will die in the holy war.

They might be members and they might be children. Even Kanami-chan and me are likely still possible to die.

As for the deaths, there are plenty of ways if I do not want to die and don't want to let any members die.

Break military forces of the formation state from the distance endlessly, spread the epidemic in the enemy country, and assassinate them for sure one by one.

That will be nice only if it wins. Even for me as a single ogre, it would succeed so long as there is enough time.

To begin with, if I don't find the enemy base in its current state, they could begin setting things one-sidedly without trouble either.

But then it will be useless.

The obtained experience value would be concentrated on me too much, I would execute the trial that members should get over as a proxy.

Though there are many reasons that it might still not big enough to benefit members, it is not a good thing for the future to miss the opportunity to grow up greatly either.

In the first place, I cannot do it bluntly due to the desire from the members: "I want to fight".

We might be attracted simply because it is a battlefield where ones have risked their lives, but the desire certainly exists in how much we want to demonstrate the power which cultivated by training in the actual combat.

Typical to the tribe, there are many people expecting and hoping for war, not peace. They desire the battlefield where the instinct quarrels with one's own flesh and blood.

However, average members might not be needed, and there is also my personal thought that discarding things might also become the choice if the difference becomes any greater.

The part where my rational ideas are thinking might pick such a choice though the possibility might be extremely low. However, our current state already has generative capacity ability of many tribes.

The generative capacity is excellent. It is convenient such that it may be said that to be overly superior.

The common soldiers who can use it till the end without hesitation will keep generating it as long as they has magical power, and this application works for many aspects as long as it meets the conditions.

It could be said that they are a colony while being a simple unit.

However, the member who is there from the beginning is me and and the blood relative family.

The members who joined later are an existence like the apprentice who trains, and also the fellow with companion-like [ nakama ] feeling.

There is a little possibility that I might discard them, but this is unnecessary due to the generative capacity they have, what I say to myself but as just as expected, I don't think it is a good idea.

Therefore, though I am recommending members to participate, the holy war was made voluntary participation not compulsion. The plan is worked over because they don't lose spirit as much as possible and pay attention to the details like geographical features.

I am likely able to win in 9 cases out of 10, and the present conditions will considerably lessen the damages.

However, those never exists in the battle.

It is surely not a mistake that the match has ended before it starts, but there are certainly some existences that able to overturn it.

The likes of [ Savior ]and [ Heroes ] or something like [ Emperor ]are the first on the list.

It would be possible that they might to get enough chances of victory from the slight possibility.

Therefore, a time like this is necessary.

There would be a few regrets if it were to happen in that kind of situation, Aaa..if it possible to die while thinking that moment* and doing something like that* being (at war) would be nice.

Or, is it the same? Since we live from desires such as the ability to struggle and wanting to thoroughly enjoy a good time.

As for other members, they will able to spend their time as they please.

TL note: moment* refer to "recreation"; that* refer battlefield moment


Day 326

During the morning training, I was called by Blacksmith-san

Apparently, it seems that she has completed the halberd.

Aa.., when I excitedly went there to look for it.., the [ Workshop ] was noisy as usual.

However, the work has also settled down a little bit in these past several days since there has been a lot less pressure. Seeing as the departure day is the day after tomorrow, we should be able to afford more mess than we have now.

"There..there..", despite myself being deep in thought, Blacksmith-san came to me with a self-satisfied look when I arrived at her workshop.

In a similar way, the triumphant blacksmith dwarf chief does a daunting pose by folding his arms.

The solid built physique of blacksmith dwarf chief, and the daunting pose by folding arms did the thing as a dignified presence, but the innocence glare and the sparkling from his both eyes are as pure as child's.

Aside from that, even if the bearded face old man has such eyes, he isn't cute.

While saying "This is our best masterpiece!", Blacksmith-san took out the halberd. I understood that the status was different at first sight.

The magic metal which I had extracted from my silver arm, its long shaft comprised of the new magic alloys in question, the huge axe-head hue that compressed ice of the frozen soil, the long spearhead with the sharpness that made a form of thunder that gushes out to the air, a thick pick of hue-like that keep super-high temperature, and the black butt end that like condensed land were all new.

Not only it has greatly improved the ability that kept it on each part than before, but she also embedded the[ Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King ] exactly in the central part of the long shaft.

As a result, I seem to become able to develop new ability which also need to be confirmed later.

It was very different before as the halberd had an more overall growth and became familiar to handle even more so than before.

The weight also went adequately and it seems to weigh several more kilos. Normally, the weight would make it harder to use, and yet the current me could use it freely even without any abilities.

Rather, this much heavier version seemed much easier to handle and more natural.

I went out once and try to shed the usual form.

I get warmed up to get into a more integrated sense, and have the red spear, curse spear, black body spear in each arm and stand opposite to an enemy in the imagination.

I pretend the enemy is Minokichi-kun.

It is image training in the end, but the performance of the halberd is pretty good.

There is no distorted thing even if I swing it around at the speed that far exceeds the speed of sound and there is also no need to modify the grip either. I seem to be able to use this much strength at ease, and do something somewhat unreasonable would also be possible.

After I had it confirmed, I hugged Blacksmith-san and showed her my gratitude.

I also hugged Alchemist-san who came over to where I was working on confirmation and handled miscellaneous routine duties afterwards.

I got the business done today and quickly went to bed.


Day 327

I devoted myself to prepare the necessary items and I'm going to carefully check if there is anything that got left behind because tomorrow is the day to depart.

Since all the work was completed by evening, I may be on schedule tomorrow.

This might be my last chance to have drinks and make exchanges with others, so I held a banquet as a free and easy party to members.

I finished the opening speech, with some top-brass such as Kanami-chan and Minokichi-kun, we slipped out from the banquet for a moment taking only Redhead and the children.

It's because of the invitation to Father Elf [(How about some alcohol before the war?l)]

Though at the beginning we had to pass through where the trees grew dense and thick in order to reach the Elf's village, a direct passage was made to ensure the safety of the Elf's traffic and the transportation of packages is completed now.

It's also only paved in something like stone pavements to value nature, but the state of the road surface is not bad, and it has become easy to walk on foot.

Moreover, to pull in more customers, there was made an environment that they're able to arrive at the village in an instant which is regulated if they got on the regular service due to the skeleton centipede and the skeleton spider.

The dwellings that integrated with trees did not seem to change just like was before, as for something like furniture, the number of commodities that we are selling seems to have increased.

The reason is because it became famous when the magical item imported from the outside can be bought easily, I will say that a monopoly on sales is delicious.

By the way, Father Elf and servant elves met us when I arrived at the mansion where I came over to after a long absence.

Since they usually spend all their time in ≪Parabellum Hot Springs≫ Village, or more precisely the ashamed Father Elf, though the scene where his first image feel was crumbling has been seen many times, he seems to be in a serious mood this time.

The stiff ,tense expression is dignified and there is feel of the presence as the chief.

I am guided inside while having a simple chat, and the dishes ,which has been already prepared are served.

The main ingredients were made from vegetables that can be harvested in the Great Forest, it becomes more delicious by the recipe ,which made the best use of the ingredient's flavor to the maximum.

Of course not only the vegetable dish tasted delicious but also will be good for a body, the beef is cooked until it's brimming with melted fat, roasted river fish is covered by rock salt, there is something like bee larvae which are fried in oil, I was able to enjoy the various cooking enough.

To satisfy the appetite of hearty eaters like me or Minokichi-kun besides, there are also the type of dish that had the both quantity, quality, and that is more than enough to our satisfaction.

I do a toast with Father Elf who welcomed it with the cups filled by elf liquor, drinking a lot, eating, talking, and laughing for a while.

Soon, as Father Elf mutters, "papa-pan" and he clapped a hand lightly.

Not only servants enter the room in which we are, though two or more elves were standing by, more entered and made a line in a good order which was triggered by the signal from Father Elf.

They had a kind of a stringed instruments and wind instruments that elves hold in a hand. In other words, it was the elf orchestra which consisted only of the elves that have entered.

The outfit of the elf orchestra which Father Elf would prepare as entertainment are not the things which elves usually wear, It was clothes based on blue and the green of a unified design.

The music from the elf orchestras are conducted by the leader of a beautiful middle-aged elf who neatly play with a stringed instrument and a wind instrument that has unique charms, I'm totally being reminded of the magnificent nature of the great forest.

The clear sounds comfortably affect the ear, when naturally drawn to listen to the music, Daughter Elf has entered a room with direction like a leading role of the stage.

Like the elf orchestra, Daughter Elf is also not in the usual appearance.

She wears clothes with a design which is easy to dance in and with overall neatness her back and waist are exposed, also it's made out of a semi-transparent material,

I'm certain that were the clothes which she wore when I saw Daughter Elf for the first time. That means, Daughter Elf is not Daughter-San, but she is likely to become something like a [ Shrine Maiden of Sala ].

at the moment that I watch closely to what is going to happen, she is dancing a traditional dance where it transmits [ Shrine Maiden of Sala ] to the elves.

Without faltering, the light steps are like wind that blow through the grassy plains, they are flowing elegantly, and the moving limbs express various natures such as greatness of the big tree and the spring water which begins to gush out

The pretty face that especially attracts attention among the elves, who are full of beautiful women in particular, are floating a soft smile, also combining her pair of eyes with powerful passion which mesmerize the person who sees them, she totally looked like a goddess.

Moreover, countless spirits concentrate on the surroundings which might have been responding to the dance of [Shrine Maiden of Sala], while generating balls of light or water spheres in the surroundings, it throbs matching together to her to dance gracefully.

The Elf orchestra also play with burning spirit as if to respond it.

Indeed, even [God ] may enjoy it if this is this case.

I merely watch it while thinking so.

As much as twice and as much as three times ..the usually beauty of the Daughter Elf.., no, this is because it was more charming.

It looks like I've been admiring too much and being too loud, my side has been pinched by Kanami-chan. However, it can't be helped that I looked on admiringly, having been pinched might be a charm.

When the dance almost ended, naturally applause also happens to follow. [Shrine Maiden of Sala ] fixes the breathing that falls into disorder from the intense dance, she bowed once as her body which is flushed then she left the stage.

Then I thourght of the purpose if she could easily changed clothes and back being from [Shrine Maiden of Sala] to Daughter Elf, she then entered the room again.

Apparently, she seemed to perform a dance of the victory prayer before the upcoming [Holy War].

Then in front of other members, though they think its also because this is a special ceremony, it was the story that reached only us in particular.

Well, I think that cannot be helped in this case.

being a thing that wascpurposely done, we will have to express our gratitude.

I pass a little gratitude , when I said it's already a good time for us to return, and I came back to the base and soaked in the hot spring then slept.

TL Note: I almost TL "papa-pan" as Papa Bread [(>,0)


Day 328

The day of departure came.

After I finished parting with the group that stayed behind, such as Blacksmith-san, Sisters-san, Alchemist-san and Doriane-san, I concentrated on ≪ Outside Training Area ≫ for a moment, and I finished things, such as confirmation of several plans and headcount.

Since the preparations had already been done, we rode several large skeleton centipedes separately one by one.

There is no air route with dragons this time, and having chosen the land route by large skeleton centipede might be a little bit strange.

However, there is a reason for this.

Obviously, the air route using dragons is faster. It is possible to travel in no time. I might not hesitate either and use the air route if it was only a few people.

However, a lot of dragons are needed if I move approximately 3,000 people at a time.

As expected, if dragons of such a number moved to the direction at a time, the monsters which sensed neighboring presence might be frenzied. Or perhaps I should say, I almost am sure of it.

Though it is safe in several cases, a fairly huge dragon is necessary when carrying several numbers. Thus, a huge dragon is high-level existence of a high-ranking kind excluding very few exceptions, it is a threat equal to a natural disaster.

Being realized it is as if a large-scale typhoon passes in the vicinity or a large earthquake occurs, it flies by practicing magic principally from the wing even if at times which it cannot check the comparison visually at most fly, it is very difficult to conceal all the enormous magical powers that a high-level dragon kind scatters at the time of a flight, increasing the chances that they will be sensed.

To begin with, since the high-ranking dragon kind of the high level has a sense of powerful existence than the group of the lower dragon class presence, meaning that if there are few numbers of them could cause the same effect. ~

So that being the case, is the reason to moves with the land route.

They're easy to be concealed in this case because it doesn't casually scatter magical power, there are few of them if I compare their influences.

However, it was planned that the main battlefield of the [Holy War] would be on [ The Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl ] which I owned before hand by using [ Dungeon Plunder - The Underworld Oni's Howl ]it takes too much time if I go normally by the land route.

Thus, it is convenient to head to the place that geographically nearby to shorten to the time it takes, Labyrinth City ≪Aquarium≫ where [ The Waterfall basin of the Water Oni's Howl ] exists.

Just in case, to decrease the possibility of being discovered by someone as near or far as Labyrinth City ≪Aquarium≫ as much as possible, I went through the place where the public eye won't notice large skeleton centipedes which is a condition to let me execute [ Hiding ] in forests.

Though the route took a detour, the large skeleton centipede's terrain traversing power is there.

It ran through without care even if it is the forest or if it is a valley or if there is a monster's den on its path, and I was able to arrive at the Labyrinth City ≪Aquarium≫ at midnight.

After I did some sightseeing, I entered quickly by showing [King recognition promissory note] from the princess tomboy which was accepted by the soldiers who are guarding the entrance.

As expected, there were less crowds of people around since it was already late.

However, since I can hear the cheerful laughter from the tavern, the eye-witnesses that comes alongside the entrance of [ The waterfall basin of the Water Oni's Howl ] increased, I let members on break get into [ The waterfall basin of the Water Oni's Howl ] quickly.

Afterwards, I moved to a deserted place in the surroundings, then we transferred to the isolated space into the 49th floor that I developed and at once had prepared a warp gate one step through to the other side in an instant.

Knowing the possibilities to come, the space that I prepared for beforehand is widely comfortable, and even if there were many of these numbers, I was able to afford some more.

Since I am going to take a rest here today, I fixed myself a bedroom when I tried cooking a dish or something to conduct.

Since I had done the drill training, it's easy and there is no trouble to instruct everyone.


Day 329

I add the early-morning training with the usual list, but also added some minor bosses to rush though for the only ones who have an interest in it.

Though it is a simple matter to continuously subdue dungeon monsters with their ability's they are a bit inferior to a Floor Boss, probably because it was a first time to members seen the species which they had not fought so far, few of them seem to have a hard time to get used to it.

They got powered up more than before I ruled over the place, even so, it really can't be helped right?

Well, they should be easily defeated if gotten used to, also they'll be making a great effort for a while until found the capture method.

With something like that to set aside, I go with several members to [Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl] using the gate of the Howl of Oni.

Though the flying division are coming to the cool location in [Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl], and yet it was plenty hot to pass by.

The thing that could be transferred together as many as we can from [Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl] is its cold and abundant water, but the drop of temperature might be too big. Since I took measures beforehand, there was only damage at the minimum, personal constitution among the member whom I brought, or, the persons who easily got exhausted that is typical to its race or tribes.

From the Therianthrope group whose the whole body got covered with the hair are typical to the tendency, and also there are a lot of undead groups etc. that like dark, cold place.

Members whom I brought this time were all scattered to test their ability for environmental adaptation of each tribes, but turned out about as expected to some extent.

As expected according to the prior planning, I might have to divide the battlefield.

Then just as it be, from [Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl] again through Gate of the Howl of Oni, in regards to the Labyrinth group - - [Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl] which was plundered by me and under my control, [The Stone Statue Corridor Of The Oni's Howl], [The Black Rose Garden Of The Oni's Howl], [Gambling House Of The Oni's Howl], [Anbrassm Parabellum], [Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God].

I made sure of whether it was easy to fight for the tribes here, and the plan has been decided in general.

Nonetheless, the eight Oni's that were led thru [Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl] by me seems should defeat each one such as [Saviour] and [Saint], and then fight with High ranked [Heroes]and [Emperor], and other members should also crush several [Brave Heroes] who divided into group are sounds good.

By the way, why'd they assemble to battle together?, To that point, there are some reasons.

First, they receive involvement together by make a war against us, out of reason so we would be anxious and cannot fight with best effort.

Next, when [Demon Emperor] with the strong influence for military forces and [Eiyuu] have assemble, it might cause their soldiers strengthening and restoration.

Thus, it would be disadvantageous if I make frontal clash against them due to greatly inferior to the numbers, would I do that?

Well, although I can supplement the war potential shortage with straight mature form creation, but I got complicated consideration since the experience value to members will decrease if I kill too much.

Anyway, I handled miscellaneous routine duties in various ways in order to straighten the battlefield.

TL note :

Therianthrope is a tribe that has humanoid form of a beast. Mostly, looks like human with some beast parts such as ears, eyes, fur, also tail and etc.

Eiyuu has meaning as Hero but also means more Great man on a country, a figure that have might have great influences in military field or extraordinary individual with great talent and accomplishment to a country.

Yuusha also means Hero, but has superior meaning as Brave man, mostly also superior in battle than normal as Individual. Usually refer for Aces that also superior growth on their strength whose abilities will in involved against crisis.

Demon (Ma) word that refer to Demon Emperor here is different from Oni. Demon here would refer to Devil or Mazoku.

Oni's Howl Gate is a warp gate that placed to each Demigod-God rank dungeon that Rou has owned so he can travel between them.


Day 330

Today too, I am engaged earnestly to get ready for the battlefield.

Since I judged that [ Gambling House Of Oni's Howl ] and [ Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God ]were not fit to be a battlefield, I am doing the work in other labyrinths.

For the time being, there will still be a delay in both date and time to when I declare war against each country.

However, whether it will or will not, there is no guarantee that war will definitely come.

In fact, dozens of scouts are still dispatched from [ Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl ] where they collect information, even a little, and then as soon as the preparation is complete in each country, their voice or something like votes will come out and make a challenge immediately.

Moreover, though the possibility of marching before the expected date is low because the oligarchs who have the decision-making power to arbitrarily reject, even so, it is not the thing which I may be careless about.

That being the case, I promptly tamper with the terrain.

I really pay attention to battle formation and the topography so the members who actually fight would be easy to do it, I am also thinking about how much I should put the straight mature form (ED: from Rou creation ability) as insurance, I will make a way out by thinking if there is room for growth when the person is looking forward to the future, and also some time is necessary if I think some various things for a while.

By the way, I feel hungry as I use my head.

The brain wants nourishment as much as I worked it.

That being the case, I decided to cook a dish using [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God Tongue Glare Potter] which is a metal pan-shaped[ sacred treasure ]

I invoke [Full Mastership of Seaweed Dish ]and [ Art of Best Quality Sea Foods Cooking ] as soon as I made the seafood dinner using [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ], it became food served in a pot (ED note: nabe), and used the meat of Dragon Empress as the main ingredient.

The cooking using marine products is higher in taste revision with [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ] though it also possible if I intend to use other ingredient than that, it would also become delicious.

I invoke the [ Huge Stew-making ], which was one of its abilities because there were many people here to eat this time, but I did not think that it became the size in which it finally would even possible to include Minokichi-kun entirely.

You might say, given that it is just right to cook the dish for a great number of people, I drop the vegetables from the labyrinth in large quantities and meat of the dragon empress in large quantities by pouring it in massive amounts without thinking deeply.

[グツグツ]/[Gutsugutsu*](Simmer?) as it began to boil thoroughly, I distribute the completed dish to members who spill drool putting it in to two or more pans again. Although I might say the hot pot is huge, as I would expect since there are areas where it's not possible to enclose for all members, I could do nothing but distribute it in this way.

With no less than 100 chiefs of leader rank are turning in a circle around the place which overwhelmed the pot in secret, they came flowing in to eat greedily.

The eating location is in [ Waterfall Basin of Water Oni's Howl ], and it has been slightly cold out, so the warm hot pot is even more delicious.

The dragon meat unleashing the good flavor that condenses in the mouth with a gentle, warm texture, the food texture of the crunchy "Silver Horn Bean sprouts" and "Azure Sky Chinese cabbage", and the slight acidity of "Red life tomato" deepens the taste more.

Assuredly that the mixed-up hot pot was made by inserting various ingredient materials in various ways, or perhaps I should say... won't the flavors fight or turn out to be strange? The taste in itself is completely unusual.

Since taste doesn't change from the hot pot which I shared to members, [ Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ]will probably adjust it automatically.

To be able to taste various dishes at a time, how convenient of a [ sacred treasure ].

Though I feel its well done somehow, the learning was not possible even if I shook the [ Dice of Gambling God Gambling.Dice ].

Though it might be inevitable since a lucky spot did not appear this time either.

Done having something to eat, I immediately began to work.

Since the concurrent processing of clones is possible there is less trouble than normal, there is no change in other troublesome things.

I will pray for each country to come over on schedule.

TL note:

The Hot pot here is refer to Nabe from Japan's cuisine culture of stew

I change the basic race of Rou family as Oni since Goblin classify as Oni but not Demon/Devil on the lore of this novel

[グツグツ]/[Gutsugutsu*] is SFX on the boiling nabe (hot pot)