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Day 341

Holding a golden wineglass in one hand, I sat in a chair admiring the sunrise beyond the horizon.

Sometimes this kind of morning is not bad.

Thanks to my high physical recovery, the wound already closed but the mental fatigue still remainings.

It can also be said that I have less vigor than usual.

It feels like something heavy, and somehow my movement also become slow.

Thinking about nothing, I continue to gaze at the sunrise for a while.

It is a little dazzling, but because of [Ultra Light Resistance], I can see it normally.

After regaining some vigor, i tried to get up.

The desire to finish the [Holy War] and lazily rest is rising but the clean up is more important.

Before I can enjoy the hot springs, there are some various things to do from now on.

Frankly speaking, from now on the age of civil war is coming.

The lost of powerful [kyuusei] is big but the important thing is the majority of warforce called [Hero] is also lost. Thanks to that, the protection of the [Holy kingdom] also become impossible to do.

Vassal country can't refuse the request from the [holy kingdom] but with no good result and only losing the precious [Hero]...... [Rotten one] is still living but from now on dissatisfaction and anxious from the small country is accumulating.

Not only the [Emperor] and the one that followed him [Masaru], along with talented elites is lost, but until the next generation of emperor is decided, various confusion will continue and easily expected by the [Magic Country] and [Beast kingdom].

Also, the Empire and [cloud hero] has lost more than half of their [Hero]. The lost of their warforce is at the level that can't be ignored.

And other countries will sieze the opportunity of the reduction of warforce to change their international approach. Especially the countries that are far away from the holy kingdom that will plan to take the land.

The Holy Kingdom still have [Sages], therefore, it will not be easily defeated. However, until now, they have history of brutally attacking and trying to conquer other countries.

There are many local people that are holding grudges. Those in the conquered lands may try to rebel and make a new country. Originally, the source of flame is already there.

This [Holy War] triggered that flame.

A Holy War that incites greed and violence.

The sounds of those footsteps are heard, quietly but surely.

Those strayed ones works in favor of me, it may even give birth to a new [Hero].

That is what I thought of, but before taking any action, cleaning up after the party takes priority.

I stand from the chair and see the surrounding, there are many miserable dead drunk people lying down.

[Holy war] is decreasing but this time there are approximately 2000 people attending this party.

There are a few people that are weak to alcohol but the majority here is Demon species that are big eater and drink alcohol like water.

Also, there are giants that drank the different amount of alcohol, Dragon people like Ramuna and Uwabami so the cost for foods and drinks are quite costly.

Fortunately, the ingredient for cooking, "Dragon King" and "Dragon Emperor" can be obtained in mass amount from the mountain. If that is not enough, we can just use [kikoku gate] and collect [Shokuhora seafood from the demon of totoki] as much as we need to.

But the problem is alcohol.

To provide alcohol for 2000 people means a large amount of alcohol is necessary. Also, each one of them are not a half-assed drinker, as expected to make sure these people satisfied, it is harsh even for someone like me who have a large amount of alcohol storaged.

Up until now we collect alcohol by going into labyrinth and sometimes bought it but because of the [Holy War], we often do party the night before so the alcohol that are storaged become less and less.

I still have enough if only for these kind of party but i dont know whether this amount can make them satisfied or not.

Maybe i need to replenish it between the party.

But since i already completed the [Psalm], i got 3 kind of demon liquor as a reward. That may solve the problem.

although the taste is a little mild compared to the demon liquor that i obtained back then, the ability to replenish itself overtime is the same. And also, i already put it in the large barrel so i have a large amount of it.

In other words, i have endless supply of alcohol.

This is good, while lining up the demon liquor and binging.

There are a few drunk people brawling but regardless of race, people are laughing, exchanging drink, remembering about the fallen comrades, and laugh again.

Such party will eventually faded out in the morning but as a result, there are mountain of dead drunk people.

They experience [Holy war]. there are some demon species's ritual that are drinking to ease the grief of eternal farewell but i think they drank too much.

They feast until even the strong ones are down, various dirty things like vomit are scattered everywhere. it mixed with the smell of alcohol, and it is a little irritating.


Anyway, i will ask [Seiji] to recover them from this dead drunk state.

Seiji agreed and release a radiant warm light and soon the people are waking up one after another. They start to clean up the scattered dragon meat dishes.

I drink my alcohol from the golden wineglass while watching them.

The alcohol that i drank is the one that i got recently [Demon liquor-Demon god that sit in heaven] . It has color like the sky and a unique dry alcohol.

At first, it has refreshing taste, in the middle it has a strong stimulus taste.

And it works well along side the grilled Dragon meat with "shiden radish"   

Its juicy when chewed. The dragon meat alone will have a very strong taste but with spicy refreshing taste from the "shiden radish", and the dry taste of the alcohol, it has excellent compatibility.

Mmmnnh, with this rich flavour in my mouth, no matter how much i ate it, i can't get tired of it.

Unintentionally, my cheeks loose and my drink pace is increased.

I still want to eat but the clean up are almost finished so i endured and moved.

First, i must return them to their post.

Some of the 2000 remaining member before the [Holy war] are working in the local shop, and some of them are even dispatched from the "Great Forest"

Right now, the member who are not participate in the [Holy war] are doing their best to work but their work increase just because there aren't enough people.

This event already ended and we also took a rest, it's time to return them. The member who have been working deserve some rest. I will order them to finish the preparation quickly.

As a part of the preparation, we also bring gifts. A chunk of dragon meat is the main gifts but we also bring 3 kind of demon liquor in a bottles and barrels.

Even if we don't meet up, all member will surely enjoy it.

But the amount of food they receive is low compared to the one that participates, they must understand the difference because these guys risk their life for it.

Anyway, we will also return by diving to [Demon gate] and through the nearest labyrinth but this time is very noticeable time. We must split into a smaller group and sequentially move out.

After that, first i will send black dragon as a messenger to each country.

And then briefly talk about victory and defeat, i will tell them [What a great fight, lets put that into consideration and have a good sleep, when we wake up lets enjoy a good peace].

It's like the [Demon King] that conquer the world---- it truly exist in this world but doesn't seem to have the ambition to do that i think. For now, these kind of things is nice.

Rather than making plans left and right, the simple one is easy to understand and easy to deal with if the confusion is happening.

After also giving various instruction other than that, we dive with [Demon gate] to [Rock Hero]'s place.

With this degree of [Holy war], the surviving member from both Alliance forces and Coalition forces are few.

[Kyuusei] become white sand, [Emperor] alongside his subordinate died, majority of [Hero] were scattered.

The one remaining is [Cloud hero] who ran away with [Lightning hero], [aifu] who have common ground and the best [Rotten Hero] who overcome [Holy war], the [Rice Hero] that i already captured, and [Rock Hero] who are tied with secret agreement and now in [Demon gambling parlor] prior the event.

Among these 4 [Hero], Rock hero is the one i have very less information.

For now, annihilation issues are ordered but i don't tell the detail explanation because it is too troublesome.

But that leave some small problem, even though it is a facade, I have the obligation to explain when [Rock Hero] return.

Other countries wil highly pursue because of suspected relationship with me, there are many things he has to know.

And after explaining about it, when we dive into [Demon gate] to welcome him. we found [Rock Hero] in the place where the previous avenger participate in the gambling arena.

But, [Rock Hero]'s condition are quite different than the one before.

He hide his face with Gray ash made by iron rock mask and shamelessly show off his hefty body with boomerang pants figure. He doesn't seems to wear any wearable armorlike armor, he is fighting with seems like iron rock hammer with one hand.

The enemy is the dungeon monster, golem species called "Black Dra-goyle". Mix of dragon and gargoyle, its like rock statue that the surface is dyed with black.

The combat power itself is not that high but, whether it is because of my presence or not, it seems even though it is a rock statue, it is greater than magic metal.

With a half assed weapon, you can't make a scratch on it, and surprisingly it is difficult to defeat the 3 meter tall "Black Dra-goyle".

It is challenged and already defeat many.

Not only that, the multiplication rate is high, and it reward appropriately to the winner.

I wonder why that "Black Dra-goyle" and Rock hero is fighting.

There must be something, and that reason lies in the visitor seat. When we asked [Rock Hero]'s comrade that seems to have more jewelry than before, it seems Rock hero bet various things in the slot and lost continuously. It seems he bet his body to earn some funds.

For now, it seems he don't bet his armor nor he lost his power.

It seems he regained his self-control at the last minute but to see the serious [Rock hero] fallen figure reminded me of certain father elf.

But, father elf is better. He spent on hot spring and massage.

In contrast, [Rock Hero] has fallen into a swamp of gambling.

For now, i will advice him to not fall more than this.

After that, somehow i sent [Rock hero] to kingdom.

Even when i said sent, it is only diving to [Demon gate] to the [demon waterfall] in empire, it's not troublesome. They already prepared skeleton spider to move him. After several hours, he should have made it to empire.

At that time, i asked the tomboy princess to bring the gifts.

It would have been better if i bring it myself but if someone confirmed that i have been in kingdom, i can't escape when they questioned whether i am connected to the kingdom in the back by other country .

"Just coincidence" is too suspicious, i can't give that excuse to them.

So that's why, until other country are not pursuing kingdom i can't meet tomboy princess for a while. That's why i bring luxurious gifts to her.

After that and doing some chores, i slept.


Day 342

Although already Members who went back to their workplace, some, such as I and Kanabi chan remains to still [Anburasse-time para base Lamb No. Even today, he inosine in the post-war process.

Scrutinize Members our veterans who participated, to distribute the reward accordingly.

As well as parallel processing using the minute body, because it was while asked to help to members that can be paperwork such as Kanabi chan and red hair short, not that troubled so much.

Although proud to have roughly overall able to take decisions in the balance, handling of [sacred treasures] collected a little troubled.

But to a waste to dead storage to put the item box, too good even for eat at a time. The method operation, lend to the team members, because would be the appropriate.

It is also to force the bottom raising of That way, if not the ability of completely [sacred treasures] will be released because it is not the original owner, some that have been sealed maybe there is a possibility that can be released.

I do not know If you do not try, but if if when I was so, I mean that can enjoy the [sacred treasures] more delicious when you eat.

Benefits are many Aredo, disadvantages are not many.

Dare that there is likely to be deprived if raise the shortcomings and, or will much decrease of energy to their time taken up because the lending occurs.

Although plans to basically lend in that say, Who do the lending which [sacred treasures], because get lost again.

For now, actually fight, there will be the priority of ownership in superb Uchito' person.

Well, I would If this is the case is I will be owned by the [sacred treasures] of more than half.

Through the story to the members that there is ownership, such as Minokichi-kun, if any person who is not required, keep in a while stored If you that, do I Kashidase to another team members.

When I talk to think so, almost all of Hachioni is ## Hachijin'noonisho] seems to have decided to keep with the time being.

However, Aikusa chan had been immersed in the hobby of the story in this case is an exception. It has had to deepen the friendship, but would be natural because I do not is defeated.

And when it comes to non-Hachioni, avenger and Netsuoni kun, red hair short and the Akita dog, in Oro and Toro heavy there is ownership.

Avenger was defeated 蟲英 is a sworn enemy of fate, but the [sacred treasures] 's seems unnecessary. Because of that nausea is to just have the weight of the avenger of thought is suggesting.

And the lover was struck of the enemy, will not have can still various and organize feelings.

Netsuoni kun as proof that Uchito' the wolf Britain was enslaved yourself, we allow so wanted to be owned.

There is also a common point in that just use Emono say the sword, will us with meaningful.

MadokaIsamu and Kirimusubi, red hair short wrested the victory with Eaters on the neck in the end while becomes a bloody, was also permitted because wished ownership.

Although the has gained dimensions strength different from the original that my flesh and blood be met because they eat on a regular basis, the other party also had the strength of the corresponding.

Whole body in place there is no scratch is not, but seems to have been to avoid the fatal wound at the last minute, the Do a little preaching to the totally unreasonable.

Well, since the reflection, one in which I want to subdue the enemy be careful in the future by the force of the [sacred treasures] of this time.

Almost alone in holding the MenIsamu, were also permitted because wanted to be owned by the sword skip Akita dog at the expense of one arm its neck.

Then, "In the past even more than, as much as possible will be devotion to the force of the buttocks" and the like and to say, deeply lowering the head.

Muzugayuku made but directed straight feelings, not in a bad mood.

After the end of combat, one arm, such as the beating mashed meat mass seems to have been perfectly treated by Say 冶-kun, but was lightly bout if not for the time being a problem.

By an experienced, it seems to have become stronger slightly than before, it is peace of mind.

In the melee, luckily the magic bullet of magic gun becomes a stop that shot, Oro was Nagihara' birds Britain were also permitted because wanted to be owned as a matter of course.

When I used to try, and things that causative as limbs of the birds that are in the surrounding area, temporarily the sight of birds are seen, such as yourself can also be seen, apparently there is a variety of ability.

Lightly heard alone Will not the birds can be used as an observation personnel when bombarded the magic gun from a distance, only to think, of having the Oro will not bad.

And is the last, in the same melee and Oro, Toro heavy was supposed to stab a lucky stop to cow the British were also permitted because wanted to be same ownership and other.

Toro Heavy is a hundred people length of the Mino Yoshi-kun led by heavily armed troops «Anger», "巨鬼 trolls" boasts a unique giant, but influential person of the middle people.

Hold the shield as Minokichi-kun, because it was the style to fight a large weapon, Emono also been changed to [sacred treasures] of ax type, in particular problem would not.

It is expected in the future.

Well, almost Come to end has to be possession, this would be of course.

Is a powerful magic item, also it loot defeated the formidable enemy. You would want to have, are using because of a choice of goods than the armor.

Not also be confused so much because it was largely as expected, others are also to be determined in accordance with veterans, odd jobs came to an end without incident.

Well, who would be suitable.


Day 343

Early in the morning, Minokichi kun want to meet new [Shishio] was born in the beast kingdom, it has been said.

For the time being and ask why it seems "Lionel and his own will, and finally verbal promise Kara". Its contents did not tell me in detail with Rashiku secret, apparently there is a need to really meet.

Listening to it, I was satisfied that I see.

We shared the dense time about it.

A result of fighting in the best bet their lives to each other, in a complex emotion, probably respect was born.

And the last wish of such a partner, it is natural to think that I want to come true by all means.

If that'll grant that wish or would not in Shin'yu.

While I'd like to ask you to do meet, into action by holding a jerk their feelings.

First of all, I need to prepare is to prepare the place for meeting.

After all, the current of the new [Shishio] Asuti is busy.

Minokichi kun is the daughter of the superb Uchito' was before [Shishio] Lionel end of mortal combat, Asuti was the most was strong [Chitorakiba Masaru Tigusu-Bifarogu] in [Shishikibasho] is, the ability of [Emperor Psalms] became the new [Shishio] by is one [Emperor inheritance].

However, there is the beast kingdom is also a person who not convinced whether is high likely. Alternatively, such as those who move in only that it is they rise in the world a chance, it was able to confirm via were submerge minute body.

It has replaced the top of the country. Large and small myriad of mess will not escape.

However, also to lead contrary to initial expectations, it might be much nor in the previous story.

Originally Asuti had resound the name in the country as the movers and shakers.

Lie falsehood is not in its ability, to have been hammered in the body as the person of the beast kingdom of the central, since it is understood to be allowed to sag by the force also will Hirugaeso the standard of revolt, beating some of the rebound crush Baaruteido will be effortless.

Well, political power, such as the initiative of the policy to enrich the beast kingdom but unknown, as keep next to because it does not matter right now.

I want to see of Minokichi-kun, in order to fulfill a wish that is, we need back work.

Or Arekore using the minute body, this also or Arekore by appropriately to [parasitic] to criminals, to various. The grant, also will be a few days later.

Minokichi kun asked ready end to some extent of, and are small pause, I have said this time Kanabi chan want to meet new [Mattei] of magic empire, and.

When I heard the story, it was almost the same reasons as Minokichi kun.

I would get in to be advanced even the ready, the son of the previous [Mattei] Hyuruton, formerly the first is a one seat [Jushiro Masaru Herubyi-vias] of [six-fold Masaru], same [Emperor and Asuti If by inheritance] of Vasukia became the new [Matei] is, we need seems a little time unlike Asuti.

Even Unlike beast kingdom brain muscle that most of the cases would be resolved if there is a force, just pure fighting ability in the magic empire is often not resolved.

Something Yara interest, speculation and desires are at stake in the complex. Before was a long-lived [Mattei] and a variety of cases have been hidden under the Hyuruton plotting also, would be come lifted.

Well, it would the ordinary.

Anyway, Kanabi chan still there will be a need to have to wait a little.

Other than doing the chores, it was quickly asleep.


Day 344

ven although I have been staying in the still [Anburasse-time para base Lamb No.] today, after the early morning of training, the move to the kitchen with her MeshiIsamuItaru.

Here of the kitchen's the dungeon monster of white cook chef type is located, but temporarily it is also because you can to obtain the special dishes and ingredients to increase the variety of status, very useful facilities in the dungeon It is known as one.

The aim of the food and the food here in a concentrated manner, but seems to have also capture who that resell outside is a major work, it aside in outline.

To manipulate the is part of this time, from the outside was there I're in a private room that was prepared so that the internal do not know.

Here stove that can be operated freely in the firepower, refrigerator Okeru to save the food, such as various types of knives and pot, such as for meat and fish, cooking utensils are substantial.

Other than me and MeshiIsamu party, anyone not stay here.

I do not even thing hide separately, but before going back to the base of a large forest, there are things that must be kept doing.

So, you can cook a lot of [EiIsamu] our corpses Uchito'.

Before [Shishio] Lionel and before [Mattei] Hyuruton might also need to be cooked, but would be First is better to treatment here in large quantities.

By say, one day today continued the loosening in the innocent.

MeshiIsamuItaru also once to judge the fellow was that's our corpse was disgusting likely, and that without saying, was began to cooking to flow and snappy is impressive.

When I heard so was worrisome little, anyway if when you are alive, it is not to think too late because he already dead, apparently the fact that.

Is amazing Warikiri.

And we clone [EiIsamu] that has been replicated by white Lord without anything in the gut, a very beautiful, clean past and, because she can understand that it's not in those who themselves know, had said Tomo .

But it seemed to some place where I think only truly a little and get the real thing, but still proceeds cooking without problems.

Crunchy munch, and while cherry-pick, cooked memorabilia at a phenomenal rate goes packed the item box.

It was a day of such spadework today.


Day 345

Moderately while knob clone [EiIsamu], wield silently black spear in a single demon in [Kikoku God volcano].

Psalms clear was that two of the black spear that got in the ---- is my [sacred treasures], or the also first I thought, but seems a little different.

This black spear is still one of growing the middle, before the magic items made to the sacred treasures], and I wonder if I should say.

Use ripe, so it is possible to exert its true value becomes [sacred treasures] formal for some conditions are met thing, that kind of stuff.

Anyway, first repeat the type using two of the black spear.

Black spear as if was the case from the beginning, but familiar with the hands thoroughly.

It can be treated with a sense such as on the extension of the hand. Weight also may be the balance of the center of gravity, it will no doubt be the future of the dependable partner.

Only tried to use a little, I could be convinced otherwise.

Anyway, it was silently training about three hours.

After that, although he Minokichi kun who was also good at the other, today because I felt somehow dangerous was training of combat form the dragon empress was blackened been influenced by me to the other party.

As a result, to use in training the black spear is too dangerous, and believe the black dragon empress extinct breath in front.

If Ugate in [black spear Gediheruda lead to demise], to change something about the surrounding five meters of black sand-like.

If Ugate in [black spear Kasutiheruda leading to the source], as the surrounding five meters is changed to red liquid, such as blood.

Black Dragon Empress was bored the whole body each place by such black spear, nearly the whole body except the head is in the red-black muddy.

It is a result of the black sand is mixed with the red liquid, and try sipping I scoop to try, taste is neat, but such as the texture is getting better is smooth and texture.

Well, would there be such a cooking method.

While I think like, I think sincerely that it was good not a training partner to Mino Gil-kun us.

This black spear is deadly if hits.

Because he was not allowed even Ugate it seems resistance resistance even in the black dragon empress, it would Kiwamarinai danger in even Mino Gil-kun our level.

In order to become liquefied or sand At the stage after inflicting the wound, you can not even want to do hold back.

And other than to be like there is a lot of capacity it, it is for the time being today walk around the [Kikoku God volcano], deepen a more understanding in that around hunting around the dungeon monsters.

After a large number of dungeon monsters in dark red mud, return to the bottom of the spiral volcano, is cut from the base of the right leg by deforming the Gin'ude.

Cut surface is smooth as if they were fit almost cut off the molecular bond, but gently likely will be attached Damn if you put along with the right leg it just up to the muscles and nerves.

In fact, it is going to be so etc. If you try this, but allowed to play the right leg by consuming magic at the time being [Inochisei of Mujin Naru Ryutei].

And after the blood overflowing from the cross section of the cut right leg to the minute body, to observe their body structure that has become a moment [demon] from a cross-sectional.

Incidentally skin was cut, also confirmed such as the muscle of the lead, finally changing to dark red mud pierce in black spear.

And I tried sipping it, but it was honestly delicious.

Speaking of easy-to-understand, is a delicious equal to or higher than that of the [sacred treasures].

It has been eaten the many times myself in the past, or would not than previously has become increasingly delicious than.

While swallowing it was Gokurigokuri and myself, we'll later to also drink red hair short.

For now, the amount of both legs Sunset content is already secured.


Day 346

Because should it did do in outline, today is fed back to the large forest along with the amino Gil-kun our key members from the morning.

Another is the number of Kanabi chan our Hachioni, because it reduced to ten a few people with red hair short and children only, enjoyed the air travel often riding on the Tatsu Shiro.

By the way, it flew in the Magic Empire normally but the previous difference, it also was not to be tracked to the soldiers of the magic empire.

I wonder still is mess of [Emperor inheritance] have affected.

While recovered shoot down the appropriate flight-type monster, was able to come back to a large forest in the early afternoon.

But seems to have more green is deeper than before while you do not see for a while, in the surrounding base can be well understood that it from the sky that has spread the hand of development.

However unprincipled rather than to cut down trees, but ingenuity suggests structure, such as easy to life even while making the best use of the natural terrain.

Trees, such as in the way of the traffic has been cut down, but above a certain nature is left, it is easy to defend on the livable.

Once also base was Orcs of «mine», is to represent the city that is in a large forest, and even had to be in the proper state is now.

While satisfied with the steadily expanding to go base, landing on «airfield» at the summit that was developed.

A long time given the mass of the dragon king meat to Tatsu Shiro that are somewhat tired flight, after stroking as shave a face covered with scales in Gashigashi and silver arm, large-scale special specifications that came while making a rumble and sound in order to distinguish it from the other, from the skeleton train and the next to signage - - skeleton truck headed down ride.

Skeleton train hundreds of people can ride with a margin along the rail that has been laid in the internal base, proceed almost gently without any vibration.

By the way, rail is more than before, but has also followed in such mineral resources, which is one of the new facility, which pioneered a little distant mountain for the collection «first coal mine», it is now put.

It was good even if the round with Gulli to confirm the change of the base because he came back, but in the meantime decided to go back to my our house.

While made hardly even sleeping from home, I usually either because the blacksmith's we are living in, the feeling that somehow settle down to.

And have some time to organize your luggage, smith's work clothes wearing what has been rounding up the work came back.

And sister's our apron is in the back, woman knight of just finished training. Then and Mr. Dorianu who was the education of subordinates, already not only began to walk on their own, alchemist's is present that holding a Nicolas know if simple words second daughter.

Since had been contact us in advance and go home, but so it had started to return at the time of confirming the appearance of Tatsu Shiro.

Since it was glad that was me to come back to see all the way, decided to spend in the mansion forget the other work, while talking about a lot of things at all today.

Because the rare opportunity, slower than the only child the growth rate of the other in that it is human in children, is a mother of outright leave the child care contact with the alchemist's little Nicola a knee wrote Cross-legged put on top, touching on the soft had cheeks and limbs and Punipuni.

I have I have Furea' thus does not hide the forgotten and indeed shock it is a parent, but Nicola is without the unpleasant face, on the contrary has been asked only to fawn.

Or tattoo is interesting in my body, it is impressive that come to touch the relentless and Petapeta.

Or because they have a [vocational and coat of arms surgery nurse crest maker] was born, it might be instinctively drawn the interest.

While I think that will go around the various places along with the other kids if large, Oro and Argento, do not forget physical contact with the other of the children, such as Oniwaka and Opushi.

Minute in contact with severely in the usual training, when these gradual will be'll Amayakase.

It was one day at home feeling today.


Day 347

fter a morning of training was doing with the children, go around the base in Kanabi chan and two-demon.

Extension of the base is continued day-to-day, had become a mono and fulfilling than ever before.

Nevertheless, plenty of room for improvement are many and. While using day-to-day right now, it is the stage, such as we find the problems to be more easy-to-use.

After turning to some extent, outsiders beyond the inner wall was built so as not to enter, it was to be directed towards the «Torino Palavela hot spring village» a person who other than the team members gather.

Is to come to previous use here, it was the only elves.

Such as father elf and daughters elves, the first is that the elves are good neighbors now although there is some dispute, enjoy also unchanged hot spring today, steeped and soak in gambling of the swamp that was just newly introduced, such as slots, which melts in the paradise of oil massage.

«Torino Palavela Onsen» is aimed Street, in the table will be a place for maintain good neighborhood relations, it becomes a place where you can ensure stable the memorabilia that can not be made only part of the elves, such as mithral and elixir is in the back, steady growth Was.

Such «Torino Palavela hot-spring village» But, in recent years are beginning to more and more people who come in addition to elves.

It is mainly the kingdom and a few tribes and of the beast who is wandering the thin local ties are countries, such as the such as empire, nitrous people who lived in a remote location in internal large forest.

I do not have my best regards so much of the information is spread, but a thorough also the defense of the base is now, and it is possible to prepare the bases in various places, not the information regulations and thorough about the old days.

We have been warning about the kind of "grass spy" because it was Hisoma prima facie minute body, plans to resolve the use of force If you find the problem, but so far the problem has not come out.

Anyway, these changes are a tidbit.

To some extent patrols, it headed slowly to the hot springs.

Today also spent a leisurely, was to cultivate the excellent talent.


Day 348

St. kingdom of the frontier and the neighboring countries have gradually kina began to smell.

Ran through the impact of the "defeated [EiIsamu At holy war", he has began a peristaltic sect that was lurking in the darkness in the confusion.

Etc. and try to express, but still become conflagration would need time. Now a small pilot flame is Tomo', do you think that

St. kingdom of thing Well put, after today's morning training, was to be a hunt in the large forest along with the children.

Even though, monsters that live already in a large forest is not a threat.

I was Nagiharaeru in the aftermath that shook lightly arm, not to tear a piece thin skin even under the best of the attack on defenseless.

On the contrary, in the state and we do not assimilate signs about not notice also stay in front of the eyes around, would no longer stay one animal insect.

Indeed children although not reached until there, it is possible to slaughter in the margin of the herd of Hind Bear alone.

Nicola only'm an exception, but not impossible, such as to be hurt because I have to bear in a piggyback ride string of golden thread.

So to say that the hunt, Emono favorite as I usually do not use.

It emono that this time I we have is a bow and arrow that elves me made.

Use it, I go hunting monsters while hiding the sign.

There may be too late sense, such as hunting with bow and arrow, but is not the only purpose hunting separately.

Or find a trace that can be when the wild monster has passed, you can own a trap that uses such as plants in the large forest, such as assessing the possible things or not, those of eating, the point is much to learn in non-combat .

Children and later generations, but has been in education in many ways, has also become the bias tends to combat surface.

But it is also incorporated, such as field training, survival ability to survive when isolated is the level that will still worry as a parent.

Although knowledge is put, it can practice but also the fact that a different problem.

So as the opportunity now that there is time, was to try to not actually do and discount rate.

And was back anything to the kettle and matching base at dusk, hunting outcome is a very best.

The corner of the horn rabbit to two, was larger body fourteen animals the "double horn Rabbit".

The higher species of eight animals a "black iron Railways Yoroitanuki" such as hard blackened Yoroitanuki.

The higher species of "poison Cocco" six birds was a big Cocco in purple, which makes birth to eggs in the base every day.

Colorful rainbow bat to increase the size of the, twelve animals more of the added-level species color "FILL UP rainbow bat".

Others also were able to kill a lot.

Somewhere nostalgic, but a little different game we would say to represent vividly that a large forest is growing.

Pass triumphant and the outcome of today's sister who gave a hand to the cooked memorabilia while being leaders in rice Isamu.

I do not wonder delicious from the smell of the stage, and I thought, but it was delicious than you think of if you eat a bite.

None was delicious, but in particular I liked would be steak of black iron Yoroitanuki.

In-used to have the back of the meat that was provided in just under the hard shell, softer than other parts of the body or to absorb the shock, and yet it is the thickness what has been trained.

Such meat is through the well fire degree overall, are in medium rare to enjoy the difference in the surface that has been burned to the red center and firmly of half a lifetime, have been multiplied by the demi-glace sauce of sister's our specialty.

Overflowing in one bite is, it is rich and mellow taste. Without leaving the taste of meat, there is a strength to convey to eat mono.

Skilled skills and accumulated knowledge of this time has been cooked by cuisine, honesty, among which I ate in Omori forest, Red Bear and one is even nostalgic now, or would not is a delicious with which compete two.

And by the teachings of MeshiIsamu sister's our cuisine comes to improve this much, I must say to expect more in the future. With the dragon meat is much more choice ingredients than this time, must Itareru to further perfection.

While poly-crunching sound, and black crustaceans fried also knobs, try to describe the obedient or impressions.

Yeah, still delicious rice is it rubbed good.

However, it came out likely to Ascension too delicious, but I wonder okay.


Day 349

Even after finishing the training of the morning today, I went to hunting with her children.

Although using a bow and arrow yesterday, this time decided to use a corner of the horn rabbit Recall the original intention.

Can not only corner that pierce with a length of about dagger nostalgic, reminds us before nearly a year.

I mean, or try amazed while too late to be not yet past than a year.

I think Toka few years if normal, Toka several decades, or is currently, such as all kinds that will not experience is concentrated, and honesty if.

Well, I will repeat the same thing in the future.

And retaken care, often stroll.

It seems to have been slow even children to be unfamiliar, but it seems interesting in it.

Happily frolic Oro and Oniwaka, a chide Argento is struggling. Opushi across jewelry Dark beast Romp around, Nicola being piggybacked depicts digging something A pattern on the corner in the magic that is contracted to the fingertip.

Lively and act in such a such a fundamental, creeping quietly turn off the sign if perceive the signs of prey.

Basic performance is so good children also succeeded in hunting while unfamiliar, had imperceptibly come to the village of elves and are suitably walking a large forest.

But it just came in before the holy war in the village of elves, toward the father elves of the house because just good.

Since the contact. I have not had to say that "at any time good, but come without hesitation", trying to prey hunted this time to what body or souvenir. I thought, but apparently, his father elves away.

Again, it seems to idiot in the «Torino Palavela hot springs».

Why not be helped, the souvenirs in and say things passed to the servant elf, and you go home, daughter elf's gave me entertainment coming out from the back.

Because it would have tired, who also put out snacks along with the tea in the fact that. While children also vegetables center, snacks souvenir was also used seemed was calling for mind, and eat the Bakubaku and delicious.

While watching it, I eat out a or replace the diaper of Nicola, had been pre-cooked from the item box cuisine.

Although it was endless left to the alchemist's, because the minute body way were watching, or middle. Cleanly is not good, but I have thought, such as it is now put.

Daughter Elf's also sprinkled, often to stay with the story of the holy war.

If in time, I wonder enough three hours. Because too slow more than expected, decided to go home before dusk.

At that time, we also put put three kinds of demon liquor was placed in a new hand bottle.

Without also frowned on sudden visit, it returns that were asked to the entertainment that has been consideration to a fine place.

While I think that it was the middle. Meaningful day, smack in the sister's cooking of MeshiIsamu supervision.

Oh, it is useless. Safe base from which there is a hot spring and delicious cuisine.

I do not also do not feel that a little corruption.


Day 350

So likely to corruption and the environment is good, make the Minokichi-kun and Kumite from morning.

Assault at the bottom of the holes that were dug deeply so as not out damage around, kicking beat is repeated with only pure physical ability.

Hard huge fist of Minokichi-kun meat collapse if Ukere also prevent perfectly, there is a power of about I think bone has been crushed. I am blown away every defense if Ukere such as a poor kick, must be drilled the continuous attack of angry waves with a fatal gap.

So we bear in mind that the parry as much as possible but, or come to break the posture of here so also has been improved earlier as compared to technology, was supposed to come to sudden unexpected behavior.

And anyway tough, muscle of armor would have received most of the blow attack. So go attack around the penetration system sounds inside and bit by bit, but it seems not very effective.

Overall, although I was still winning the last minute, because there is no big difference in the resilience of the amount of damage and the Minokichi-kun to give, to settle would be necessary anyway time.

Since went on end until it without lunch to rest from the time being in the morning, the whole body is wet in sweat and mud and blood, is full of blue bruises.

I also a degree also Minokichi-kun heal quickly if allowed to stand, but was determined to to enter the hot spring in order to clue so keep on standing is feeling bad.

Onsen It is [hot water of demon] to enter. And slowly soaked from wash the body with the chitin, such as fatigue accumulated in the internal go out melting dreamy.

There is a feeling that will heal even small injuries of the body in the hot water of efficacy, but a little itchy, and is feeling as if going to like reborn.

Divulge the voice of ecstasy not think "Oh". Minokichi-kun comfortably likely as "Bumo".

While leisurely soak, drinking demon drink a clone English Isamu in knob, soaked from noon to lazy and hot springs.

[Learning the completion of the pieces] capability names ability [wisdom]

[Learning completion of ability name [presence deterioration]]

[Learning completion of ability name [EiIsamu pedigree]]

[Learning completion of ability name [reproductions Brave Hero replica of EiIsamu]]

Drinking is what was good that the progress in hand to PacPac a knob, could be learning.

Well, I had eaten a fine number. Is where I thought is soon kana, and.

So but this time the learned ability, easier to use [EiIsamu pedigree] and [piece of wisdom], [presence degradation] and [reproductions of EiIsamu] seems there needs to be a special use.

So sides in the c'mon think that, or can not be learning on the other, trying to be wait while consuming patiently stock.

Had been chatting only in Mino Gil-kun and two-demon while soak in hot springs, the topic becomes Mino heard a few days ago Gil-kun of "I want to meet with the current [Shishio]", roughly preparation can Speaking from conclusion ing.

Since the unexpected work was easy, speaking of go at any time, he said Minokichi kun go to see tomorrow [Shishio] Asuti in snap judgment.

Because we say go with also Asue-chan from the front, foot of available would be sufficient if I purification dragon per head. If you go flying, you can arrive much faster than land.

But since it came up that I want to do before that, is I was out of the hot spring was taken out [Labyrinth of seed] from the item box.

Got to win the [holy war] [Labyrinth of seed] was tinged with magical power to become even dragged is likely to where and staring, but black jewel sparkling in the palm-sized suspicious.

This, try the time being planted in the garden of the mansion.

Then, if you black crystal body from where you planted the seed and it has raised, the tube that extends from the crystal body pierce my body, not only the vast magical power from the body, good momentum in the small but filled up [divine power] seed do not go sucked.

It as deprived of the life force itself from the depths of the body, accompanied by severe fatigue, unpleasant sweat was spouting from the whole body.

Although weakened the momentum to be absorbed missing the tube if for a while, seemed made in connection invisible Apparently, there is a feeling that has been sucked to continue in the crystal body.

Then the time being duplicated invoke the ability, while recovery and gulp the hot water of the hot springs, to image the [Teleport Gate] to try.

Then, [Teleport Gate] in front of the mansion has been formed.

So, that should not able to build if it is not within the labyrinth [Teleport Gate] Hurghada.

Briefly, magic also [Divine Power] is also still not enough, although not perfect just born, base by [Labyrinth of seed] is the translation became natural siege type of dungeon, places like.

Just because energy is insufficient, it does not mean that is fingered freely set so far. Well, as around here it is going to be patient because it is a problem that will resolve the time.

From the beginning to be a thing with its own dungeon that I make, however, I never would have guessed.

Overcoming [Holy War], I think that was really good.

Such as this in the movement, because he became very convenient.

Or other also various settings, to recover the magical power to spend the night while or try poured.

Thing to do is increased, it is now also busy become likely.