Re:Monster Day 351-360 / Chapters List

Day 351

"Three hundred fifty-one day"

Finished the morning of training, after you enjoy the dragon meat dishes MeshiIsamu and sister's who made me, saw off the happily dive Minokichi-kun and Asue chan [Kikoku Gate] bases.

Two of demon is headed in the first [Kikoku Gate] it is, but [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] of appearance, such as the luxury liner.

[Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] is still because it is anchored in the vicinity of the labyrinth city «Dur and gas-Varaia» which is in contact with the ocean, was good it is something convenient.

I mean, it can be said that it much only options were not.

After all, where you can move using the [Kikoku Gate] in the beast kingdom is now two - because there is only - [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] and [Totoki seafood Shokuhora of demon].

It made towards the [Totoki seafood Shokuhora of demon] is closer to land, but here is the entrance is in the water. It might be vital capacity if the margin of the two-demon, but because it is not good race to a little water Both demon, it is up to this happens with nature.

Nioni which has moved to the board in such things, toward the land equipped with a magic item "Mizukagami of over shoes" of the shoe type that from there to allow the water walking, in accordance with the navigation by the minute body of then Iyakafusu, inconspicuous as much as possible I have been planning to go to the location that you specified while act like.

However, the two demons to say that so as not to stand out is a huge form.

If the move is the presence of a magnitude such as the house, will be able to recognize that neither a compelling imaginary only person.

Prima facie, the two demons way to hide the signs from the hunting experience of a large forest but still better than normal because it is mastered, so somehow become stage is too long ago.

Speaking at inconspicuous noticeable, there is only referred to as a very noticeable.

As there noticeable thing is unavoidable, it is engineered so as not to know that it is Minokichi kun.

Method is simple.

Not stick thin minute body to the whole body of the two-demon, only to disguise the appearance by changing its shape.

No need for time and effort in doing so, would unusual is recognized as also no giant species of the couple can not stay. Even as this if was Mino Gil-kun it is even attention, not Bale is that it Minokichi kun us.

Because I have to be no problem even been recognized as Minokichi kun us, is only coming quickly back do it that do after.

If even if there was a problem, would be in what because it will think that the giants who live in the beast kingdom.

By the way, because the existence of to a great extent When you have to be fathom this impersonation, do not think that far. It is much less likely to encounter with such presence, because there is only give up that there is no other way if this happens.

Anyway, thus two demon disguised is a translation progresses towards the destination.

To move up before, now also I performance also is much easier if you can lend labyrinth firm hand of «tail Deneb-Darufimu of dolphin» that is stretched out on track, but in «tail of dolphin» consider the future because I want to have in a position to not know that there is ours and the relationship as much as possible, this is supposed to not help.

Well, to nice to say that physical fitness fool Both demon, would be all right because I continue to Disrupt also even Morioka in the wasteland if someone were so inclined.

The first place is also there to be an enemy of the two demon he does not stay on the periphery, the end to the groundless be Arekore worried about would be the punch line.

While prayer that to achieve a prima facie Mino Yoshi-kun purpose, worry about the base was labyrinth of today.

While so as not tampered is man-made labyrinth [velvet hidden Treasury] spread in the basement of as much as possible sites, Toka adjustment of the nutritional balance of the «large farmland» of the earth, in every direction in the base so easy to get the characteristics of the four seasons Toka, Toka become «external training grounds» easy to increase the Members of our resilience, try toying with Chimachima in a range that can be.

But can it is still small, and I do is there if available, but there is no problem apart from without, but only those effects also leave something to be desired and so on.

But this is also present condition Surely the case way.

Currently, or rather it runs the bases was labyrinth of, the energy source that is moving to the presence of the second pattern and my magic [divine power].

In the past when that has been variously toying the gods dungeon which has been plundered by [Labyrinth looting Dungeon plunder, Kikoku alien world] has been using the [divine power], which is basically stored.

So I never plagued the head in the current issue of energy shortage.

But still [divine power] held by the I'm for small to continue to set the various of the labyrinth, magic is in the management of the site has been mainly used.

It is magic can be easily recovered by the ability, but that Sosogikome a considerable amount at a time, efficient in [divine power] is a status quo that has been struggling since the fall far short.

Easily, and loosely and try to quantify [divine power] for one, magical power is ten thousand need, whether it be nice if you.

To run a maze only magic is not realistic past the tough.

Well here began springing natural hot springs, because lot of useful components therein are mixed, whether than other places I would get in or are equipped with much better conditions, it is now put.

Yeah, a problem that will resolve the time what to white.

It is a translation that came out personal conclusion that it is not the time being need to hurry, but also serves as a replenishment of that was reduced when [holy war] in the previous [divine power], decided to eat one of the [sacred treasures].

The chosen this time, is ## Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki formula God] that got to defeat the number Isamu.

About three meters if to express a word of length white 棍 - or white bar - and would be this [sacred treasures].

At its both ends is embedded jewels, such like a red fruit, a distinctive geometric pattern to almost reminiscent of the trees have been engraved on the periphery.

Is a small number or symbol if you look well the A pattern, but might be a some kind of mathematical formula, it could not be honest understanding.

When I shook lightly jewel in the red light is conceived, something like Usura and numbers appeared on its surroundings.

Also try to turn a while round and round, it is not particularly something happens.

The feeling I have used for a while, like a white surface, such as a tree has been a little rough, but grip comfort is not bad, easy to handle and there is also good of decent weight and balance.

You can either as equipment of the novice, there is no problem as the equipment of the skilled person, or would not be a pretty easy to use is good [sacred treasures].

I was doing a one way type, but did not know about the red light.

So things Come to tapping the rock that was in the neighborhood about to try, penetrate into the rock with a red light for a moment, rock if you and whether you were like a sand as if it was so from the beginning.

While a little surprised with the "Oh", the next is try to hit another rock, this time would be lost in the blink of an eye from the spot.

Honesty, meaning do not know. I just can not understand.

Well, the ability of the [sacred treasures] because usually such things as, but might be waste only think deeply.

Anyway, I decided to try a little more various and try before you eat.

By the way, if you check its performance using the [tool-level appraisal All Appraisal Magic item], is as follows.

Name: [Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki formula God]

Category: [sacred treasures / Nagara weapon]

Grade: [fantasy] class

Ability: [Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki formula God] [treasure Verdot-Izeira formula]

[Mathematical formula tampering Aga Fell] [forbidden fruit Arb wells]

[Transient Mugen La Wels-Runessu number of phantom] [mathematical formula Irma Vel Usu that God loved]

[Eggs of numerology] [pagan damnation]

[Capacity expansion] [No penetration]

Note: night Tendoko is «pagan heretic / Psalm awakening's epic Away training / main person main cast» and of the eschatological Esukatoroji Conquest war Conquest War] fantasy grade obtained by victory in Kami棍.

Gods that exist in the world will take three forms of «sacred treasures / ■■ / ■■» is a sacred treasures, which is one of the, has a shape reminiscent of the World Tree.

Night can be touch to this Tendoko is only the person who obtained the forgiveness of the person or night Tendoko, to those who have touched without forgiveness would be unimaginable disaster will befall.

Because it is a sacred treasures, destroyed except for the exception, absolutely impossible.

Furthermore Are you sure you want to view the information?

«YES» «NO»

It has become.

Unlike the [sacred treasures] that got to overthrow the Avenger and MizuIsamu is ## EiIsamu], the ability of column would be the evidence that there is much merit what is all open.

Anyway, as a result of the earlier of the phenomenon that occurred in the rocks [Transient phantom number of Mugen La Wels-Runessu] or [equation Irma Vel Usu God loved] around manipulating the probability to derive some sort of formula, rock There probably was lost or Sunaka, leading to the idea.

But to say many times, I do not know honestly. Would surely there is cod Yeah difficult Koba. As details will be omitted because it is cumbersome, but the area just to the mouth in order to eat.

As usual [sacred treasures] is hard, but must be repeated chewing again and again, Gorigorigori, the texture and crunchy to enjoy a long period of time become a habit no matter what someone says. And finally slightly scraped, through the throat to absorb from the pieces that were sent to the stomach [divine power] is comfort to attend to the whole body. The cells of the body one by one, such as if reborn, strange feeling, such as new me is going to be built. And whether from modeling that reminds a tree, basically it has to taste, such as the "tree of cake Baumkuchen". Part of the jewel in the both ends apple Ppoku, part of the formula is as somewhere chocolate, and overall classy finest sweetness, such as has been furnished in maple syrup, is characterized as a sweetening different for each site tired of not arrived even have eaten there. Honest, speaking in a sweet taste that was eaten in this world, [Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Noriyuki formula God] had by far. In the brain and the "Oh Oh Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" is likely to cause to the explosion in the sweetness and sense of well-being, is this temporary to spend the time that fulfilling the body and mind in the words there are things that it is difficult to express. When Tashinamu the Onishu at odd moments, not this also likely to be stopped by to bring out the goodness of both. Really Do not I great, [Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Noriyuki formula God] is because I'm full of flowing out and taste from the beginning to the end. ...... Well, but if there is a disadvantage, or would be its length. Indeed to eat the 棍 of about three meters, I think the picture surface to very surreal.


Day 352

If you think the time that has been targeted to if there is something any chance [Labyrinth of seed], Hisomaru on the ground surrounding the minute body about number field.

In [demon overload] and current I of minute body of which became, and dragon because the meat was also grown using, Emperor class is Will not be able defense can come.

If you up there, the mess the setting of the base is, came to an end all for now.

I mean, it's just that can use energy we can do too little has been limited.

Well, because of the remodeling of the site carried out by the street team members who up to now, not a problem to rush to tampering.

All will solves the time.

Finished the thing to do in outline, in peace today, we decided to put a force in the pursuit of [蠱毒] using the generated body typified by a black skeleton.

Because, can not be too much calm so far, of it but to undead who have the ability to produce has been left a long period of time, the pattern will be exhausted spear roughly, because I have been a little stagnant.

Of course, not all that bad.

Repeated trial and error, it's important to do a number. The production Even strengthened individuals is also the outcome, it is also true that forces are increasing.

But the width that can be generated is increasing than before, has been increasing combinations that must be trial and error.

Because I was able to much trouble time, it is why you have decided to try a little earnest.

Generating body [presence evolution] - seems difficult than usual, but - so that no even generation of the specific time limit if it has been found, as the forces ensure, deepen the understanding because it is quite efficient technique I wanted to leave.

While it referred to as, and [generation] in large quantities along with the Kanabi-chan, but I had just to watch much of the battle of the producers who unfolds in the large hole.

Even so, it rubbed good to spend the even way while enjoying the carefully and wine.

I because it was busy with [holy war] relationship recently.

Because I was settled down also finished post-processing, it is those who want to enjoy the time and spacious.

[Learning completion of Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Aboga-Muferu] Noriyuki capability names ability [formula God]

[Ability name [learning the completion of the treasure Verdot-Izeira] of the formula]

[Learning completion of ability name [formula tampering Aga Fell]]

[Ability name [learning the completion of the fruit Arb wells] forbidden]

[Ability name [Transient learning completion of Mugen La Wels-Runessu] the number of phantom]

[Ability name [learning completion of a formula Irma Vel Usu] who loved God]

[Learning the completion of the egg] capability names [numerology]

The results continued to eat and Gorigori, were safely able to learning.

Divine power is also increasing number of ability, it was able to be relaxed.


Day 353

Following yesterday, we decided to work on experiments using [蠱毒].

Currently, the large hole for [蠱毒] located in a dedicated space in the direction of the back among the base, as well as black dyed undead system, a variant of the devil and the wide variety of demon species, such as the small size of the dragon species and giant species It is more and more turned on.

[Lower undead generation] and leave the individual that has been generated by the [lower giant generation] of instinct, movement with full force in order to kill in front of the enemy the only th to buy the farm life.

[Upper level demon species generating] and taking advantage of the [large devil purification] and [true dragon purification] height of intelligence equipped individuals that are generated by, flexibly while to determine the tactical situation, as well to kill the front of the enemy's eyes running at full power on.

After all, but I mean you are moving only to kill other than your own, the minute that a growing number of tribes that kill each other again, lot of drama occurs.

Black black small demon black goblins that were fighting picked up the black bones of the skeleton, instant death a blow of the ax that black pig demon black oak that has been approached from behind the swings down in response to the head.

Eyeball momentum jumped well, fluid in brain was scattered around. Curran, a black bone sound fall to the earth is drowned out in the periphery of the battle sounds.

Although the black pig demon who killed the black small demon tries to pull out the ax immediately, it took much time to pull what telescoped deep, the heart by the body spear three prong having to hand a gray Lesser Devil been caught off its chance It was impaled.

In the nearby, rotting in a terrible sharpness while spilled eye and internal organs sharp blade tail and blade claws alive neck hunting Kabaneusagi vorpal Undead Bunny was feeding from the blind spot blow, no neck knight shield sword equipped dullahan is Mukaeuchi, it was abruptly ground to reverse.

Scattered vigorously Carrion of undead bunny is, in scattered around, the cut without putting Kanpatsu's yellow demon who load.

Zig-zag shape of the living sword reminiscent of the lightning is to have in their hands. In similar thunder sword demon Thunder Road and Chiken'oni Bloody Road, a kind of superior sword demon to lightning and the sword.

The lightning sword of such Thunder Road, dullahan is prevented by the shield. Moment intense lightning sword and shield is in contact strikes the dullahan, but without any particularly worked state, to fight back immediately.

Bargaining unfolds tens between relative was dullahan and Thunder Road is blink. Not ceded both retaliate of slashing filled with a sense of urgency that breathtaking.

And it has raised the demon spirits because not obediently interesting in one hand look, after all last was Nagiharawa by a small fire dragon breath in both battered both.

Range of breath is widely, the ash also collectively such as Goblin punk that had flocked to the cave giant Cave giant there is a stature of about six meters, the bottom of the large hole was a sight like a burning hell.

Those who burned to death and burned at a high temperature of the fire, of course, painfully gasping person seek oxygen often.

If Hanate in covered around in the wall space, well, it will also say that it is a natural result.

Integrally generated body that had survived the large hole lost the unbearable firepower, also lay fallen To heck, a small fire dragon was alive and well among the issues a Kishin Houkou of victory.

Move person because he was not there on the other, it will not be helped even if I won a small fire dragon.

However, a small fire dragon is penetrated to the myriad of tentacles with sharp nails protruding from the suddenly his own shadow, desperately violent but is constrained to be climbed all over the whole body to the octopus, is unsatisfying stifle.

Off guard that was won, which is the result of leading to death at the last minute.

Surviving of this time, it seems the "altar of the devil Alter Devil".

It has the ability to lurk in the shadows of the living, bearded the tentacles of the octopus of the profile from the back, Alter Devil with the appearance, such as the black clergy, have the ability to causative the souls of those who were killed.

Physical combat capability is not high up there, but by a variety of magic and special abilities, is a devil of a nasty category.

Winning once out outside the Alter Devil was, ordered to rest for a while while appreciation, continue to put the next generation body in the large hole.

That it helps me also Kanabi chan when, but Kanabi chan can not be generated only undead, is I any other generation of the generated.

After that is a repeat of almost the same thing until the day sunset.

But also children of the other party, such as Oro and Argento, Naa basically was endless it takes to [蠱毒].


Day 354

Minokichi kun're crush the bandits and thieves of the population found along the way, but there is while wait-and-see and derived dungeon, seems to be going well.

Also it would be encountered if a few days later.

It was a good, this time trying to be touch only a little to the situation of each country.

I mean, but only not able to speak, especially today.

Anyway, first for the kingdom.

Here there is no particular problem.

It came a messenger from St. kingdom, but so was told this and that about the [holy war] of earlier, I wonder about it.

The following is about empire.

But here was happening uproar that has lost a large number of [EiIsamu], to remain ranking first place is still, of the lost six people, was taken by four people [fate looting Fate plunder] [ EiIsamu] it.

That is always the loss of strength was originally enemy, painful it is costly, but only was born and raised in the empire [EiIsamu] was not lost only two people, will people still say.

It seems to be this and that in politics, so the sides will not come so great relationship.

The following is the magic empire.

In the magic empire, steadily new [Mattei] Vasukia is at the helm, it does not mean that.

Well, there is a variety of mess.

It becomes longer if talk in detail, as eliminate so troublesome, and ultimately would need to wonder a little time govern is Vasukia.

The following is the beast kingdom.

Here is already stable began.

Tekken negotiations if there is a commotion new [Shishio] Asuti is in person immediately, got seated in it of repetition.

It is a better-than-expected brain muscle the first time.

Persists all what a person who has the power, but the rough technique just does said to get.

Below for distant countries.

The current location basis of the country, Shikoku other than the countries mentioned above, in the majority across the St. kingdom other side.

The kingdom as is or there is also such a small country that is in the opposite direction across the large forest, so the sides are also to now.

Distant countries, there was a frightened against the mighty St. kingdom. It was inferior to the quality as well as the number of [EiIsamu], from the difference between the simple national power and general soldiers of average quality, it will not be how this is so.

In some cases to become a vassal state with bent head, the United Nations was launched Beku compete with St. kingdom - Ahito by «Haizekusu alliance» and military state of the principal «Harendia federal »-- but or a jumble such as, Anyway, to know the outcome of the [holy war], we have started to move a lot.

That said, it is still ahead when it comes actually move.

After the move to it, would the Holy Kingdom are targeted first and foremost.

Finally for the Holy Kingdom.

By already black dragon who I had sent, consequences of the [holy war] of this time is known throughout the majority of the people.

Therefore, what is happening is chaos in the country. There is also that country is wide, the scale is much larger than the surrounding countries.

Governance to have greatly upset to church officials, which is also the nobility and the spiritual pillar, now is the surface still in the work of the assignment have been soldiers in the country quiet, but the person who was annexed lost the war in the back movement has begun.

King Seong you perceive it, it was dispatched to immediately around the subordinate that you can trust.

St. kingdom as lost a large number of [EiIsamu] is a powerhouse.

The number of [bless possession] that has the potential to become a [EiIsamu] of the next generation is also still many, also a large number of soldiers to be a force.

Dangerous signs can be seen, or By preferentially deployed, such as in the city is likely to happen is something future, it seems to be trying to Osaekomo before that becomes a conflagration burning the country.

Will come out full of even much to it, and from the competence of King Seong, might mayhem is smaller than expected.

Well, the world would be nice if you and are beginning to move gradually.

Regardless of the intention and desires of individuals, because the only world continues to move.


Day 355

After the finishing the training of the morning today, is in a large forest elves called a «Arebasura» was to be fishing in a big lake in about a third.

Arebasura is located in the place where the river that flows through the various parts of the large forest intersect are four, there is a decent size and depth.

Water is reasonably clear, and go, I was able to recognize the various sizes signs of fish that swim in the water. Since it was confirmed also snake-based monster of a small crab-based monsters and aquatic in addition to fish, it might also interesting fish eyeing the neighborhood about there.

Blue sky under which clear and serene, entered the shadow created by the branches of trees that spread overhead, wait and jitter prey it will take in the fishing rod of the Labyrinth production sitting in a chair, which was installed on a lake.

While listening to the hum of voices and insects of singing birds in the distance, going past the time that was quite a relaxed. In peace itself, it is not bad Also a time.

And because the signs of prey that take the bait will know the way to take in hand, the fishing that would caught almost infallible, me sister's who is fielding on the spot.

Forty centimeters likely river fish "Renbomasu" is cleanly removed the internal organs, were side-by-side bites Tetsukushi in front of the charcoal fire.

Seasoning's only salt, but the fat that was riding with plenty, only that has been trained and Pukuri. Smell drifting from the rainbow trout that were burned and Juwari over charcoal was piqued appetite until intense.

I extent that drinking Gollum, and the spit involuntarily.

What was aroused the appetite, to follow me to raise one after another, Kanabi chan and blacksmith's, Mr. woman knight and Dorianu, Oniwaka and Opushi us Oro and Argento were also fired up.

Alchemist's is also coming, but the alchemist's are sitting on the couch for the outdoors hugging Nicola.

So, it's also serves as some sort of family service today.

This is why, spent to enjoy the barbecue or fishing today.


Day 356

Boriboribori, and while eating a [EiIsamu] clone knob, and the Akita dog [Shogun Kobold] coming with his fully prepared to die if necessary from before the eyes of an alloy 棍 for two of training, the Ramla's [thunder dragon people] to the other party to.

Akita dog to the hand, large sword type magic item [month heaven 闘狼] gave previously. Sharpness sharp, there is the ability to generate a slashing like 闘狼 from the blade, such as the beautiful moon.

The Ramla's is in hand, the shape of the living body spear, such as the halberd. Wearing a Shiden, could be burned from the inside with an electric shock if touches, a kind of deadly Kaminariyari for most organisms.

Both are serious, is Emono to hand there is only the sharpness bisect the training for the alloy 棍 that I have.

It does not receive the order directly, it was always addressed dropped hitting the sides.

Before both the violent attack approaching from the front, while poised and Don without OJ fine movement from the first position, also to deal with the two demon of Netsuoni kun and Kazeoni who came approaching from behind.

Just two of the alloy 棍 is to use. The remaining two of the silver arm you do not use is also not also used abilities and other capabilities, three meters To little to deal only with a little long alloy 棍.

Divert. play. Entwined take.

Being attacked from all sides, still battle continued without incurring even a single blow.

If there is a chance the launch from under the chin of the Akita dog, then fall down Hook the foot of Mr. Ramla, put against a dove-tail of Netsuoni kun, blow hit the ass's Kazeoni.

Because it was loose recently, but I have a training in which the members of the executive class to the other today, was able to feel that is up is everyone's level as compared to the previous.

It was enough in 棍 earlier if wooden, but because there is a need to use the steel alloy is now.

Many points should fix still Aredo, only I had to change the Emono to use, before and will not be compared.

Then for a while Akakami Yara woman knight bear Jiro Yara black Saburo Yara Yara short, Limbaugh's chair-Hur's Yara without neck knight dullahan of sword 闘王 Yara boss monkey Yara mantis type instep 蟲人 Yara, anyway certain level or more of the team members who collectively they went to the other party.

Although only one day had crushed it, while realize the growth and Umuumu, I exhausted all of the corpse - but do not of course dead - go beyond.

Even if this time is more strictly, would go if this.

Maybe. perhaps. surely.  


Day 357

After severe morning training as yesterday's continuation, decided to get down to work on the treasure that Tamekon.

In just the fact that the hand is open, the assistant smith's and the alchemist's, and sister-san told me to raise the bid.

Previously, the minute there is a experience that was the hawkers, four people of help honestly grateful.

Such as the blacksmith's if armor and ore in it, such as if the magic drugs and formulated material alchemist's, such as the sister's if food and fiber material, because each specific field is divided, sharing is the smooth.

Thankfully, while representing the actual behavior to that I think, to defeat Yara dungeon boss Yara hierarchy boss led the items obtained from the treasure box that was dropped, continue to fill in all the numerous treasures book.

Well, because it's also roughly the past had been classified, but this time it a more finely, but to go scheduled for more detail.

I say if in the more frequently actually, but the number is fed up only to a few, is always urging that had been in rough has been doing with this now.

Retribution and wonder if I should say.

Anyway, it is removed from the item box to organize, also was repeated for housing in the item box.

Kind of magic drugs and material types the number also conspicuously many, preferentially selected because of the high frequency of use.

The level of goods which I think is too early armor of the kind will give the team members a lot, no problem even if the release was decided to quickly release.

Other also too the content is little things, too long and talk there to the detail.

It becomes the contents of the treasure box obtained from the gods dungeon dungeon boss and hierarchical boss speaking by force, because the number is too high also this time, trying to be talk, even when it becomes necessary.

One day today quickly gone, drop the tired immersed in hot spring.

From now, I will try to a little more frequently.


Day 358

Today in the morning, still time zone that it does not ascended the sun.

Minokichi kun safely encounter with the new [Shishio] Asuti, and Uchinomeshi up to smithereens and development in the battle, it is so attached to the return because doing things to do.

To report that I heard almost at the same time and wake up in the morning, I got a little surprise, also convinced.

When I heard the full story, do not you apparently Mino Gil-kun met once in the "daughter from before [Shishio] Lionel. Nde Yoo, me doing it to show on the To Choi. Without killing if possible, seems there they'll miss want was told, but Do not "thing.

Apparently Lionel wish to become more strongly daughter Asuti, also so as not to be conceited, it seems destined to hit a formidable enemy that Minokichi kun.

I think also whether directing the presence of enough to kill an ordinary myself, force what justice, might have wanted to know the strong presence than his likely Lionel to just pure There is a belief that.

Dead would of if it up to things. The experience if survive us become the future of the force.

So I think, I wonder if such it was thought thought that of Asuti Nari until the last Lionel.

I do not know if you know such a feeling, aside Mino Yoshi-kun battle, won.

Was confirmed by the minute body, bones of the whole body of Asuti enters the fracture or cracks, in the terrible plight and or viscera twist or rupture, muscle and skin is or tear or rupture, massive bleeding regardless of inside and outside It seems to have become a critical condition of the half alive were.

Although life had been tethered by the tremendous life force, of the extent life it was certainly not if left as it is hurt.

But so it was allowed to recover in the elixir of labyrinth production after Mino Gil-kun has been completed, and complete recovery without sequelae if for a while resting, it should rather be healthy.

However, not at the level of injury, such as move soon to say that the healed.

Whole body does not move for a while decent, just consciousness only seems to have directed to the Mino Gil-kun.

Rolling on the ground, with respect to Asuti looking up the Minokichi-kun, Minokichi kun kill its own Lionel, also [sacred treasures] of Lionel - [Shishishin'notamashi Tsuyoshimukuro Birusuforuga] because they have, if you want also challenged is Come, it seemed to say that such.

The intent of Minokichi kun can roughly guess, but did not dare listen to it.

Since probably have an idea of ​​Nari Minokichi-kun, I just decided to believe the judgment.

Although there has been a shocking report from the morning, it is no other is that particularly unusual.

Because the day was to be spent on training, trying to letting Kisa challenged in earnest to Members us.

Training that began in such thing, was held at the «external training field».

Noroiyari my armed this time halberd to the right, to the left hand. Since the sub-arm of the left and right does not have anything, basically only the two.

Everyone else is, but each of serious equipment.

This time will be quite serious things, they are asked to stand so that it can be treated at any time to Say 冶 kun.

If the preparation is appointed, it was to be quickly started.

¬ ¬ 〒

By Works take heavy feeling in the whole body, shallow nature and breathing, faster.

Without saying a palm without saying and back, cold sweats ejected from the whole body is going to run off with Tutu.

Countless veteran who Shi gathered in «external training field», even while surrounded thick aunt Akira just Ichioni, had vision of the end of its own.

Pierced if put, it is Nagiharawa if thrown, crushed Slapping if rush.

Increase the level of experience value, and training while discharging the Chihedo, difference of Higa has been fought risking the life that feels only by confronting therefore is, will know clearly enough exercise if Kitaere.

But, still, why veteran're hold the Emono.

Nejifuse fear, was a fledgling to their length, which has accumulated countless times defeat.

"Consequences Aaaaa!"

Raise the Kishin Houkou that stain somewhere beast, shining in platinum [Shogun General] red hair short equipped with a series precedes alone.

Red hair short and aunt distance of Akira is packed in the blink of an eye, it dwells a red phosphorescence to [Shogun large kitchen knife general chopper] of the right hand to be swung down and put the momentum of the sprint.

- Combat Maneuver Arts [Kiyoshijuuchidan Sutiruma-Burainesu]

Only [vocational and eating Holy Beast] those with is one that is of combat maneuver that can unleash, its destructive power from nature that put our best to blow is enormous, with a single blow in such example dragon species if hit slaughter thing it is possible.

But the minute that consciousness to attack is concentrated, there is a drawback that it is absolutely defense become neglected.

Although red hair short is to reduce the gap in that set up the [Shogun kite shield general shield] with the left hand, but still the choice of this time would say almost desperate of suicide.

Even while to understand it, Oba Akira slightly smile. To look at it, it was aimed at the neck of the extent to leave behind the sound with a smile also red hair short slashing.

For slashing aim at beheaded, Oba Akira shook the left hand of the curse spear.

The pike collision with the [Shogun large kitchen knife], movement or a thought was the moment forces to deflect slightly different direction, the minute there was no shock that I thought that there at the time of collision, the red hair short body slightly flowing.

Cause there is only a slight chance, Obaro is feeding the [foot pay] in the right hand of halberd not miss it, hooked a foot of red hair short.

Quite conscious to have did not attack delayed the corresponding red hair short will fall, but before taking around passive immediately, approaching the trampling of Oba Akira is a pursuit.

"-... Kunu' notch Uno' Choma'!"

To barely avoid it rolling in succession, but the giants of the trampling of state that such destruction and [hammer of the earth shake] to generate a small earthquake and a [棍砕 cinch] were overlapping triggered as hammer is repeated relentlessly It was.

Just know that sorry is just if Rarere trampled, red hair short is desperate while becomes muddy.

But hardly move because the ground is shaking, it would seem to get after captured by a little.

"Tono, your readiness Tsu"

From the right side of the Oba Akira aiming the red hair short, in turn, come to assault the Akita dog.

Akakami short on its chance to save, the blade of the month heaven 闘狼] wield Akita dog draw an arc aimed at the torso.

Slightly faster than the blow of the previous red hair short, but was a sharp blow, Obaro killed the momentum in 巨水 blade that caused by shaking the halberd, was directly played the blade.

And a slight delay the kick before the fed-out Oba Akira not miss that occurred.

Akita dog was twisted himself trying to avoid in the moment, but can not be avoided that the golden thread that was ejected from the toe of the foot of the Oba Akira was binding on the whole body.

"Nuguo'! This is Masa Ffun'!"

To recognize the golden thread entangled in the whole body, with the inevitable decided preparedness, first one of the Akita dog is the ability of the soul sealing surface Perudiosu mask raid Noriyuki Kamen] which was equipped as Kabuto - [masked ball use the meeting masquerade], it was to soften the own body.

The first place is the mask, which is a tool to become something different.

If you can master the a [sacred treasures] [soul sealed surface Noriyuki Kamen] of [God of Kamen] not only to another organism, it is also possible to Sunaka and liquefaction, from the restraint of yarn if so it also would have been easy to get out.

It can not be that far because the Akita dog is not yet good command, but much become flesh with flexibility, such as the slime was able somehow.

Then softened Akita dog, was to move the abdomen in orbit before the kick.

Not only softened flesh, damage than the subject in the body if other sites are covered with bio-armor, such as armor seems to have determined that small.

Receiving a kick powerful unmatched pre-in hard living body armor, impact parry using the whole body softened.

And Miseru endured if blow, the Akita dog accepted the attack while weakness fully prepared to die if necessary.

But also allowed not be blown away by the golden thread, also the power of before kick of the fed-out Oba Akira so that the impact on the internal to penetrate was beyond imagination.

Living body armor is greatly deformed, softened have the Akita dog's body is bent in the shape of "Ku", extending the more become any moment thousand cut likely.

Broken bones throughout the body, the skin of the whole body is cut by hand, if attacked by severe pain and shock, such as agitated the internal organs in the mixer, death would normally, will become crouched and lesbian couples be alive.

In fact Akita dog, it was almost collapsed and stripped the white of the eye.

"Gufuggeboo! - But, but, still or Gahyu'!"

Akita dog pulled back the consciousness in the fighting spirit but also without stopping the movement while vomiting violently from the mouth, I tried to bath the [moon heaven 闘狼] again.

Arm of the remains is softening is bending like a whip, the tip was more than lightly the speed of sound.

But grabbed his hand by the right vice arm of Oba Akira, the next moment was shake the figure of Akita dog.

It was [throwing] without during the reaction by Oba Akira.

At the tip of enigmatic stone gravel parallel to fly go Akita dog and the ground, there are Ramla, who had been living body has been spear with a rushed, such as the halberd.

"Cho, Tsu Tsu"

The total weight of such as a biological armor were also included Akita dog is more than lightly hundred kilometers and it is coming towards momentum of enough to fly horizontally to the ground.

Direct hit even as it hefty thunder dragon who indeed if, in Ramla, who is a woman would not be one reservoir.

Therefore, Ramla Mr. receive the Akita dog from the beginning, did not the fact that.

To avoid that lie down just like crawl on the ground.

Akita dog in the winding occur wind when passing overhead Ramla's hair shimmer, far behind in the slime is sounded strange sound like was slammed to the ground.

"Whew ...... want - Gutsu'!"

[Throwing] has been the Akita dog was superb avoiding show was Ramla's, but is blocked by the stature of the past the overhead Akita dog, had lost sight of Oba Akira had with Mai release the eye.

Already figure is not, there is no sign when the visibility is opened again. But Ramla's the instinct, threw himself to the moment forward.

But slightly slower, if you whether Shiden was SPILL violently in the back of Mr. Ramla, Ramla's body as if it had received a direct hit of the shells are blown to the front, delicate stature of Mr. Ramla is rumbling and the ground the go rolling.

Without missing a moment lost sight of appearance, but Oba Akira moved behind's Ramla that yelling slapping the back fist of the left sub-arm.

"Yeah? This is, oh, I see. Discharge what he skived the momentum."

Oba backfist of wax, or break the spine and ribs if hit, the power of the only crack at least would have had.

But Ramla's supposed to have been rolled violently rise immediately by using the momentum, not even stop the movement while frown quite painful to face.

And although it was Oba Akira who smiled a question only for a moment, the moment you enter the back fist, Shiden that occurred at the back of Mr. Ramla to understand that it was cutting the momentum, did "well. It floated like I was impressed with the good's decision "smile.

"Ha Aaaaa Aaaaa up!"

"Uoooo Ooooo covered!"

Woman Knight and Dontetsu knight approaching from the left and right of such Oba Akira were both feeding attacks using combat maneuver arts.

- [Sakuraarashi Haimasuto-Regefu of 憐輝Shi] combat maneuver

- [Kibatsume撃 Mar Blaze Faro of war iron Beast] combat maneuver

Take away the power of those who were touched, continuous piercing harboring the [憐気].

Continuous slashing like fangs claw of four-legged beast is coming attacked without interruption.

Both are powerful combat maneuver to repeat the attack of high power in a continuous, but its entirely is prevented by the halberd and Noroiyari that continues to move at a high speed, it does not reach to the only aunt Akira.

The hands of the woman but Knight and Dontetsu knight of attacks did not stop.

The aim of the earlier and compared both the name you are sword itself improve enough not to things is to contain weapons of Oba Akira.

Body itself is not attached hand and already applied to weapons to Oba Akira is a lethal weapon. Whether it is possible to seal it, because it becomes the first thing is to Oba Akira capture.

Or because I have focused aim a weapon, first had pressed woman knight and Dontetsu knight in the attack of the angry waves. But the tide If noticing is overturned, will increase gradually wounds to the extremities.

"Tsu Tsu! Kuwuuuu!"

"Gu sew Ooooo Oppland"

Groan voice of the woman Knight and Dontetsu knight.

Had been desperately endure, Oba Akira is to increase the speed of the attack, like when the continuous attack, such as a muddy stream is fed will do slightly defense Hokoron, that moment, received a [rounded up uppercut] that jumped from the bottom respectively It was launched into the sky on.

Although it prevented what hit in Emono and shield, respectively, in the air is blown to the far can not also be how to.

"Ukyi Ooooo Oppland"

At that moment, it was Odorikaka' boss monkey from behind aunt Akira.

The aim of the boss monkey approaching with no hand just one. With Oba Nishigami Akira from behind, it was the only thing that is also bound by slightly.

Followed by red hair short, it is a desperate second edition.


"Oro sister, continues to shoot Tsu"

That said, of the otherwise boss monkey desperate would have been in vain death.

It was the left and right of the sub-arm that is still vacant, are visible to the Oba Akira also behind anything else. I had no trouble, such as that catch the boss monkey come Tsukamikaka'.

However, in order to disturb it, silvery white partisans of the sub-arm only eyeing Oro of magic cannon and Argento was emitted to burst.

"Oh, I Do not have raised also the arm of the shooting. But still, sweet sweet"

Is Oba wax obediently rejoice the growth of the children, but not as sweet as anything attacked without.

Vice arm of usually from the fingertip that no black curse bullets used rarely - [curse out Cars shoot] the out shot, to intercept the magic bullet and partisans approaching.

[Curse out] a magic bullet-like black bullets exploded in cryptic fireworks in the air, was sprinkled colorful flash.

Play skipped the partisans is, go flying enigmatic meteor.


While receiving the aftermath of the blast, the boss monkey screamed.

And assault in desperation for the fellow, a fellow of the attack to cover the it had been unsatisfying powerless.

That is to be on the watch the boss monkey, it comes to Oba Akira trimmed the posture.

It is the same with certain suicide.


Oba wax is changed to shield the shape of the side arm, [Tatekabe Shield Wall] increase the strength, the boss monkey with overlapping invoke the [shield hitting Shield Bash] and [Se撃 back attack] "Hayama靠TenzanKo - was feeding the "alias" Tetsuzan 靠 Tetsuzankou ".

Boss monkey attempts to defense in its thick arms, but the meaning is not.

Arms are folded pressure, blew while flew the whole body. Its momentum is stronger than anyone, leaving the orbital flying fresh blood so the spray of blood.

Death of the boss monkey - of course dead is not - or things to waste, launch a veteran who also attack that remains like that, but the dominance of the Oba Akira as meaning of course that did not collapse.

Netsuoni kun equipped with [Tamashikibaken Urufarosu Noriyuki wolf] chair Her san and you sickle both arms thrust, but was Nagiharawa with halberd and Noroiyari like a repeat of something.

Woman warrior along with the resurrected Akita dog let out a sharp slashing from the shadow of fellow also, does not hit been fathomed in Oba Akira.

Oba Akira is a blow of Oniwaka paid out along with the fighting spirit crowded holding with one finger, biceps jewelry Meijuu that Opushi's shot is telescoped on the ground trampled.

[Sunaushi Noriyuki soul angle ax Nusutufu-Rabyusu] swinging down to decide the upper to Toro heavy jaw floated its big frame, Naguritobasu the bone bodies of Scarface supposed formidable strengthening and improvement has been subjected.

As you get playful, but usually if fatal to throw Tomoe bear Jiro that feed the rush, shook the brain while stroking the three of head of black Saburo coming attacked along with the subordinate from all directions.

Each member in order to defeat the Oba Akira go challenged by taking a collective effort, but the wall was to realize the endless high chunky thing.


Endlessly repeated training, gradually tinged with heat.

But still there was a margin The first one, but from the second half of the Kanabi chan and Burasato san and around the space star's entered the war, it was quite the last minute in a life-or-death implications.

That Miki must have seemed willing to kill me. I would have died no doubt if you do not 's me.

Anyway, is training with a feeling that was too much pretty, at first was going to only some of the leaders.

But repeated allowance to hold back because it is much trouble, decided to try to actually fighting with Members of the bottom, such as five-length Yara ten length.

Well, rather than fight, would be accurate is anyone who was doing playing lightly. It fell in a gale that occurs in one Nagi of hand, because he can not even be approached decent.

I still because I can feel the power of the top in the skin, reputation is a very best.

Labor is also less because it to the other party in a hundred units, birth Festival - because the long-awaited, birthday approaching plans for the festival - or would not than to say that as a previous sideshow.

Today's synthetic result.

[Takosumi of black should be repellent] + [Takoawa repellent black acid should be] [Acid bubble breath] =

[Fireproof mucus secretion] + [Sumireao fluid Iolite Liquid] = [fireproof viscosity blue fluid]

[The Black Knight clothing black undead Knight Cross of immortality group] + [blue shrimp steel shell] + [Yoroijo shell of Fuwa [multiple shell] + = [Yoroimatoijo shell of Hue become demon]


Day 359

Are Iribita' at the alchemist's from morning today.

Speaking of what you are doing, but experiments to reproduce the taste of memories.

And sister's if to reproduce the taste of the food, is the certainty who involving also MeshiIsamu us if now.

But this time towards the alchemist's is a perfect person.

- It is abrupt, but the I was the first time eaten since the reincarnation is or will remember something.

White well-rounded a soft and flabby, nutritious ingredients.

So, it caterpillar.

That's cave that once lived, is a caterpillar that was able to get relatively easy if digging the wall.

Will miss is suddenly of that taste, but he was eaten to find a caterpillar, something that, thin I mean, I deep there was no taste.

Why are different taste? And incline the Kokubi.

But Come to well well recalled, also feel like it was such a feeling to caterpillars caught in the previous yourself. I at that time did not think deeply until there, but did not especially care because were not many things that eat into the other like a now, the difference if the tongue is discerning now has been found in the clear.

- I wonder is this what it.

When I use the [Wisdom of old demon] that takes into hand eaten the gob old man thought to so doubt, that seems to have given to the caterpillars to somehow dilute the special of the poison that gob old man is [arrow poison of Goblin] Knew.

Becomes the mellow taste of the caterpillar in doing so, it seems to become delicious to the rich, ass.

That was not eaten in at that time, it was not an ordinary caterpillar.

When the poison is to be required, it is unprofessional in the sister's and MeshiIsamuItaru.

Although MeshiIsamu also make if medicine Zen, poison truly is unreasonable.

That is why, it is of the alchemist who was skilled in the production process, such as poison is singled out standing.

In order to reproduce such a such a taste that, I and Renbara stone made of mortar that there is a surprisingly long the historic [medicinal rise effect, was made of wood that "India"TatekineI EmotionThe use, several kinds of poisonous plants a few days the sun that are native to the neighborhood about a Gorigori and large forest - "Ghost drunkenness treeAnsebi"Leaf of,"Spine AsakusaIgurashisa"The roots of,"Isshi realIsshimiSuch as the fruit of "- the had ground.

[This, etc. were born oursVillage of gnomesGoblin communityIn], it is a traditional magic items that the oldest person has been taken over the years clans.

Previously's goods gob old man had been favorite but, gob old man has been enshrined in everyone used without warehouse from the dead.

Because if you look only at the effect of other better have a lot of, also have been put away in the warehouse Surely the case way.

Tool in the fact that reproduce this time also I will try to prepare the same things, are using pulled out from the warehouse.

Next time may not be used because would have been found also approach if there is, trying to be explored or not used to something future because it is long-awaited.

Anyway, it is advised to alchemist's, continue to work while asked to occasionally help.

Although poison can work comfortably because I in effect is not, I think in gob grandfather, Do was doing well a quite difficult preparation, such as self-destruct if one step make a mistake, actually to try and.

Anyway, a few hours that struggle while adjusting the amount by pouring the water.

Failure there is also lack of experience a lot, again had several times.

The bastards of poison it was me undertake it willingly the alchemist's processing seems find use in, but vowed to heart and at the same time is always success and apologetic.

It was not want to end up with a failure.

Accustomed been, finally so could it - like the poison is in the mortar - apparently has been referred to as the [arrow poison Goblin] - were taken, to reduce a certain amount.

[Goblin arrow poison of] is also in the possible later use, pour the sap of high detoxification effect to mortar the contents is low "Battera".

Then white smoke went up while producing Shuwashuwa and sound.

White smoke is gaining in one place using the [universe] so that it does not appear the damage around so toxic, add water in the mortar.

Then white smoke was gaining more momentum.

Little has decreased after a while, poison Usuma' from blue to light blue remains. When coming up to this toxicity is weak, it will poison the remainder is no use.

Among such, it was dropped as the number ten animals a caterpillar.

Sipping poison in the mortar, rapidly grow caterpillars we are wriggles.

When the poison is almost eliminated, from the wash and quick using the [universe] and remove the caterpillars, eat a rip-off.

Puyo and the body is provided with a reasonable elasticity that was angrily, such as shrimp, juicy and rich fluid fills the mouth.

Would inferior to the dragon meat. Not the win to other labyrinth ingredients.

But like to remind the old days something, it is nostalgic taste.

Since the meantime procedure has been found, I think to try and distribute them to everyone to mass production. Since the mass production likely alchemist Mr. us to help, we will be able to easily.

Oh, but, really nostalgic taste.


Day 360

Which wields knife at the Mr. sisters today.

The next there is a sister's our form of apron, MeshiIsamu party is present across the countertop.

MeshiIsamu party and prepare the main meal, has been instructed to teach cooking to the sister's're in when you have time.

This time is me in it are bother you, I mean that.

[Conditioning pot seaweed GodTangurea PotterStarted], [The conditioning with foodCooking OzeruIt there is a [sacred treasure] class of cookware such as], have such [seaweed cuisine initiation into the secrets] and [special grade seafood cooking surgery].

Since the food is I've been also until now, if decent food, can you give me to tell things.

Time when I thought, such as there was in me.

've Been cooking like a decent, also it has been a help to this.

But it seems too differences without permission and also the top level.

Rapidly flowing process. Site running in second increments. The difference was too clear taste to come out with a slight difference.

Vividly dismantling technology ingredients. Charge to maximize the goodness of the ingredients. Serve show ingredients deliciously.

There is also a lot to the other, but I had imagined, mono was here beyond that.

And sister's we seem to have reached indistinguishably to level up there.

Feel free to it may be better to is sealed to help in the future.

But it can be as harmonious if a little cooking, must not only get in the way at the time of rice.

There is that I think a lot, but still enjoy the was able delicious cuisine.

Yeah, it rubbed good after all the I sister's our homemade.