Re:Monster Day 361-370 / Chapters List

Day 361

       is he is chosen [God of the sun] [hero of sunlight], to destroy the village in which he was born and raised, where the living were villagers, killing the above all lover had loved dearly vengeance who has vowed to avenge the enemy. 

Real name, Sigurd-Eighth-Sven. 

The first time I met the he killed in front of the lover, fight to remain in the sworn enemy and anger, was when you accidentally escape without being completely Shitome. 

He dyed his hatred of at that time, probably all around had been visible to the enemy. 

Once as [Berserker Berserker] to mount an attack regardless of friend or foe if Abaredase, has been attacked I was at that time the apostle demon A post Le load remains the runaway. 

But is dominated by feelings of anger, the movement was linear in monotone. But what was certainly faster because was running at full power we do not think of consequences, just deal because only it is relatively simple, consisting in that defeat easily without struggling as a result. 

He then returned to sanity, asked the force to sincerely revenge, and my subordinate signed a phrase contract. 

Then trained their day-to-day, along with a new companion who met while there twists and turns, leading to the battle to be the enemy in the [holy war] in the previous蟲英. 

And I have Cleave the higher the vast number of Ma蟲fill the decisive battle field was prepared, even at the end, while wounded fellow together killed蟲英that became a variant of the huge Ma蟲, played brilliantly revenge. 

And after finishing the [holy war], and departure alone in order to visit the tombs of the lover broke up with fellow, the morning of today that a few days have passed, but it was he returned to the large forest base along with the sunshine. 

Came back with the sunshine he is, the earlier had become like a different person like. 

Earlier he was wearing a constantly gloomy atmosphere, was a man who was honest damp. 

In the eyes dwell the light stained revenge and madness, the consciousness is honed towards the revenge target, approaching the poor had only the sharpness hesitate. 

Kogare seeking power greedy, in the specific field of battle that had been signed a day-to-day hot discussion led by such Dontetsu knight. 

Nothing but to push forward in order to revenge, was a man, such as living for the. 

But he already etc. no such remnants is that feedback, just like say even with the [hero of sunshine], was had become a good young man to become the fresh morning sun. 

Honestly, I can not hide the surprise is in the transfiguration the first time. 

Who's this guy. 

"Good morning, master with a refreshing smile. The moment that was said, such as it is going to be a good day ", I'm as I had defensive unconsciously. 

Ni bad What is this feeling. 

There was a sense of discomfort about goose bumps. 

Eyes he is in front of the while suspicion mind whether not the fake observed until thoroughly and detail, was listening to the various story, apparently this is the original of him, leading to the conclusion that. 

This means that he is no longer in the avenger in that played the revenge would be to say that has regained its original appearance as [hero of sunlight] chose the [God of sunlight]. 

But it is a change of about this. 

If not, the minute body [parasitic] to Avenger amended YoIsamu, is the level of doubt that it is the garbage was a spy. 

But there is also a dark atmosphere to show the moment casual, it can be seen that the existence of YoIsamu also suit also dark part refreshing part is formed. 

As the front and back of the coin, two sides with anyone. 

If you do so, I am convinced that it's a kind of thing. 

I was surprised in the morning, but retaken care, tried fighting YoIsamu in the morning training. 

Defeat the蟲英, it seems to further raise the one-stage ability. No difference to us become even more strength in the future. 

After completing the training of the one way YoIsamu, lunch sister's who made ​​me from the taste carefully, using the [Kikoku Gate] to [Totoki seafood Shokuhora of demon] with Kanabi chan moved. 

[Kikoku Gate] ahead leaving the are present in a submarine cave, it shall be deemed to be replaced Room. 

Here Members who came out from [Kikoku Gate] which is installed in the center of the room, the entire area was prepared in order to prepare to move freely in the [Totoki seafood Shokuhora of demon] that becomes the water, horizontal and vertical height There is a square room of about thirty meters. 

Because only team members who to basically use here, the road that leads directly outside as an outsider is not Mayoikoma a mistake of something does not exist, there is no way to only enter and exit using the warp gate. 

Here to say, even with such a secret of the room, going to prepare for this time accompanied the Kanabi-chan. 

Kanabi chan race to poor underwater - unconsciously wear there is also a danger that could freeze the surrounding zone in the cold - so, put it in the previous hand, [it remained placed in the item box Mizu妖outer shell: Okutorupu decided to get with the]. 

This is a [relic] class of magic items that were put in hand to clear the previous [frontier Psalm [Mizu妖Okutorupu]], the effect seems to be wearing the exoskeleton of shapes, such as Okutorupu high. 

This in a translation that can work without problems in the water, but the time was very much before I can use seems different shape.

It my time was shaped like a nearly Okutorupu high, but he came to the female body and Kanabi chan use. 

The head comes with something like coronet tiara made ​​of bone of shark, it grows tentacles like tentacles and octopus, such as moray eels from the back, lower body is like the reverse-like spread casually as dress and it has a shape such as became sea anemone. 

Although the upper body is so much change is not, such Kanabi chan there is atmosphere, such as the queen to almost dominate the ocean, but I I do not mind at all because there are also different Iroppo of the everyday, this is will on earth What does it UGA. 

Because I tried to think of a moment I did not know after all, also I have retaken the mind wears which is one [placoid scale of Kaminarisameryuko] of [enhanced exoskeleton]. 

This is also been spotted from the men and women of all ages a wide range of other cheats's in, no difference in kind of magic I'm using the item, seems to be. 

Other than to duplicate trigger the ability of such [aquatic], moving at warp gate along with the Kanabi-chan. 

The destination is quite towards the back when from the original entrance, but compartment pillar of the myriad of rock is mushrooming. 

Warp gate should keep caution so as not to be seen, just say so here if cheats who seldom Yatteko. 

To move while I think so, to confirm quickly around. 

No other signs all around, it seems not been seen anyone. In outline with peace of mind, if you look at the whether it is Kanabi chan, seemed a little surprised by the strange feeling that appear suddenly in the water. 

But [water妖外shell: Okutorupu] breathing is to be by, so swim faster than fish by a characteristic movement using the lower body of the part, it seems no particular problem. 

Still a little [water妖外shell: Okutorupu] from practicing how to use, I we went to collect the items in the food system while enjoying the sea dating. 

I is there just had to put a force on the more food-based items from the put in hand, the number of fish-based monsters that swim around than before Many, such as seaweed and shellfish also kinds amount is also in abundance. 

The time being the result of continuing to collect the noticeable item about two hours, the item box has become that a large amount of food is ensured. 

In outline I think it would be good at this, elaborate fancy and normally underwater dating from it. 

Such as small school of fish swim like having a beautiful scales, to interesting to watch, it became a good atmosphere. 

Then various Gad and Kanabi chan from up to land, a day and spacious.


Day 362

     Early in the morning, the site of a large forest since the night in the luxury hotel - was named [Kikoku forest builders start], it would be easy to understand more of the base - after the returned, was the morning of training, rice was travel to «workshop» the blacksmith's who is present from eaten.

It swung down a hammer while hanging «workshop» In craftsmen Asemizu, constantly hear the sound of breathing life into metal while scattering sparks. 

Members our armor of production, or here that have been carried out on a daily basis is an important job of maintenance, to the help of the blacksmith's who is my main job today. 

And also to say, in the same way as not Kuwaware to culinary sister's us, not put out a hand directly to the blacksmith of the smith's. 

From now of smith's level of, it will be pulling the foot in my degree to which hair is growing in amateur. 

I the will is, so far of about one hundred and several dozen from the dozens that were mining and taken from each dungeon magic metal uptake in Gin'ude, numerous, including, such as armor utensils and made ​​by us of «workshop» the artisans as desired of the alloy was to be produced in the ingot. 

Originally, to the magic metal alloy it is necessary to prepare for accordingly. 

Although still it is somehow If you study with a small amount, quite difficult when it comes make the alloy in large quantities. 

But in the case of me once it captures a wide variety of magic metal in Gin'ude, is only'll change into ingots while changing the respective ratio. 

An analogy easy to understand, or would be close to the sense to build anything or even mass knead the clay. 

Accuracy is much more precise than the example, this is close as the rough image. 

So it is too easy to do, but more than half came to a visit to tour all of the work, it still this would not have is meaningful in this. 

Me have tried various made ​​while changing the ratio in a short period of time alloy, led by master dwarf that play a huge hammer, the carefully carefully various armor is blacksmith's our serious enough can not imagine expression in everyday continue to forging. 

Each Komori in a dedicated workshop, incessantly flame is leaking from the furnace using a spirit stone. 

High-pitched sound of hammer hitting the magic alloy, violently flying sparks incessantly. 

Slowly and gradually, the work which the soul has put the craftsmen will be built. 

Certainly there was craftsmanship in there.

So far technology has been cultivated by the practice, inherited and has been tradition, it is to go finished the results that were found at the end of many of trial and error learn even impressed. 

Characteristics and of the magic metal that is used as a raw material, or by [profession] that [blacksmith], the armor that made ​​magic is conceived, will be sublimated into a magic item that was better than just armor. 

High fever the harbor in Long Sword with improved sharpness, tower shield to prevent the wearing attack the wind, automatically staff would generate a gravel sling, such as Mace Komu hitting at the same time lightning strike and conflict, it is made ​​work a wide range. 

Seriously sight that the blacksmith is simply fun to watch, or are inspired by it, I also decided to try to build a lot. 

Just, because some children of a blacksmith's Oniwaka was there in the workshop which is in a corner, wield a hammer with Oniwaka. 

Material to be used is the one my corner, it is suitably magic alloy extracted from Gin'ude. 

Since the magic alloy are larger amount blended mithral, ​​it is slightly bluish. 

And what kettle and a while are advised to smith's it or shake the hammer for a while. 

Is was finished by trial and error with Oniwaka, was a thick knife, such as a hatchet.

It just polished my corner, was fitted with a magic alloy handle, but the material is sharpness only to the material's outstanding. 

It rocks expires by its own weight only, or there is also [automatic repair] Toka various capacity. Toka dismantling knife at the time of dismantling the prey, it would not be just to say to such a user-friendly deputy armed. 

The one that was first completed and presented to Oniwaka made ​​together, the rest of the children - Oro and Argento, for Nicola and Opushi, we decided to continue the blacksmith again. 

Because the way was already possible, after the end and Papapa'. 

Anyway still Nicola can not be used because the baby, so me other Miki also pleased, let me good. 

This time also, but things that want to build something.


Day 363

Today went visited each facility of the base.

However, «airport» is to particular problem also did not look in a little before that is the air base by purified dragon who, in particular also «original mines» and «residential» that is the Members our settlements things not seen. 

Large-scale combat training possible «external training grounds» is not also like to visit too late because it uses well in training, I just went with yesterday to «workshop» the blacksmith's we are. 

Although it is worth to «Torino Palavela hot spring village» If the visit also customers of non-elf began to increase but little in recent years, because it is going to be a little longer, it also would be good at a later date. 

So was headed to the current visit is - 

Dorianu's and agricultural dwarf Poreviku who is managing «large farmland» 

«Tsukai magic» and such as wolves and horses, bears, monsters that are bred as domestic animals such as Big Cocco «ranch» have a such as free-range 

«factory» has been mass-produced goods in the black line production system by the skeleton mechanism 

such as the selling of Ringai Omori produced goods, also serves as a training for the time to work outside «mall» 

and pioneered a little distant mountain «first mine» 

- is five places. 

First we headed «large farmland» But, here are growing a wide variety of vegetables on land that pioneered the woods. 

Here or benefit by the force of the harvest can be vegetables land that a large forest, or whether the effect of such improvements and spirits stone soil, or by all those acts, the growth rate even faster than the other, but above all quality. 

Which vegetables mined here are also delicious, even in the outside has become quite a popular products, it has become one of my our financial resources. 

Originally vegetables such as delicious freshly caught is the best, but he falls is Hodoaji that goes over time, the strength of ours in the Ikeru have far in a short period of time than usual because there is a means of airlift there were. 

Since recently it has become famous as the brand vegetables, either going to contract directly with such well-known restaurant, it is being considered as such. 

Us to produce a quick and large amount of high-quality food here, ours of is willing to contribute greatly to the food self-sufficiency rate, it is one of the important facilities. 

Here worked What is mainly agricultural dwarf Poreviku us, there is nitrous people of the acquired human and plant systems, etc. [farmer Farmer] to assist it and the like. 

Everyone is there just to say that I prefer farm work than such dangerous combat or troublesome Kyakushobai, while hanging Asemizu even when I went to visit, I found working with a smile cheerfully. 

Or are plowing middle-aged man with a body that has been trained in agricultural work is swinging down the hoe along with the youth of the younger, or have been harvesting the crop at a rate of phrase Poreviku is enough doubt the eyes, green Wanda It is or has been the breeding of vegetables gathered. 

It would not be bad for a work environment. 

Finished the visit of such a «large farmland», then headed for is a «ranch». 

Here began the «Tsukai magic», livestock us and Big Cocco and Boruforu have been kept. 

Or look into the barn, while looking at the growth condition, look through the documents Members submitted that work here. 

And to improve livestock our taste even a little in the documents, trial and error, which is repeated in the day and night «ranch» has been written. 

That is, the research material. 

The research materials begins with the "taste of the changes due to the feed given to livestock us", "what to do in an environment without making stress", "or taste by the level up is to change", "plague list should be addressed in advance." such as, have ranged widely. 

Eyes ran over to it, etc., were instructed to continue also thereafter. 

None to thing you will need is time, not only do while failure. 

Members're as in the past, good in it if me good luck. 

Although not say that missing the lazy and the gas, because the bonus issue if put out the result, will not or do or do is up to the team members. 

By the way, stay here also bear Jiro and black Saburo, was attached playful to me who came to visit. Since coming Suriyo' to back, appropriately to the other party. 

Other Kumakichi and of Mino Gil-kun, but such as are favorite horse of no turn thin sense of presence Kanabi-chan, it is now put. 

After «ranch» has been toward the «factory», silently products will be produced like a machine. 

Constant quality is ensured, it can be mass-produced at a fixed price. 

I often if you want to do it on the individual things over the goods that are produced here, but better because it provides cheap if as a commodity. 

Here the production of such goods, it seems there is no particular problem. 

Or try to build a line of new products for development, plus the improvement while listening to Members our desire to work here.

In «factory» of next went «mall», that is not to say in particular. 

Senior originally here, but I facilities for when you work outside of the store, the information of the outside is always shared by Iyakafusu, How it works as a clerk or come back out from the outside, was or is guidance to smith's us Members have completed a mechanism to guide the junior team members. 

Because only see there, we went to the «first mine» from seeing to some extent. 

Because until the «first mine» is a little away, often you can ride a skeleton truck. 

At the tip of the straight penetrate as laid a line in the woods, there was a decent size of the mountain that does not particularly different from other. 

Here originally, it is one of the mine located in the large forest mining favorite Asue-chan was the first to find. 

I Asue chan was found in the middle of taking a walk is digging the larger the number hundred meters in one demon, but had been left for a while in particular and it was interesting no ordinary mine, because there was also to do the other. 

While not rare magic metal is mined, but mine is a mine. Attempts to re-use because there's much trouble, it has now been advanced mining by Members who became such as "mine demon ground load" in the fact that. 

There are also things that are dug in advance deeply by Asue-chan, so much does not take time and effort, it is likely to be going to an increasing number of such facilities in the future. 

To accumulate know-how is now for the future, trying to be careful, etc. to the cave-in accident. 

Traveling to end the visit, around a large forest dyed red with the setting sun, and are spent with lazy in front of the mansion while eating a munch and Caterpillar, [Kikoku Gate] from Mino Gil-kun and Asue-chan came back. 

So just say, decided to eat the caterpillar of nostalgia together. 

Me and Kanabi chan, then a four-demon of Mino Yoshi-kun and Asue chan, rise in the story of gnomes goblins and Chuoni hobgoblin era. 

After one year from the incarnated goes a little bit. 

Goblin and Hobgoblin era was short in terms of the period, was felt somewhere distant as of old.


Day 364

       Today when a synchronous birthday was cut down tomorrow with us and the start system of the born festival which is planning to continue for three days were held.

Even if I say the start system, we don't assume that it's loose for an endless talk, and they bring to an end short and break up quickly.

This festival be up to now, a battle isn't a main demolition derbies.

No, there is a quarrel tournament competition certainly, and this competition will plan to be developed tomorrow, but even if it's done such as assuming that it's that according to the class, almost all result can be expected.

It's probably apparent to rise, but though it's a special born festival, it's probably wasteful that it isn't too different from usual.

So the street stall where an easy dish is made in ACHIRAKOCHIRA in a base in addition to a quarrel tournament is here and there here and there this time and the game place where a mark aim seller and a quoit seller can have a free gift according to the result is built.

[Foreigner] but the place where the one brought in or the sport system playing really similar to badminton and basketball can be enjoyed was also prepared. A free gift competes for the individual who participated and a team, and goes out by the order, so there is a member challenging by the member with he's on good terms here and there.

Anyway when saying easily, it's a festival like a mixed festival day variously.

It's the festival begun from such morning, while enjoying a sport badminton with children in the morning, the neighborhood.

DARADARA has time while taking a walk properly from the afternoon.

When I'll go around briefly, a preliminary meeting place of the quarrel tournament which becomes Maine of tomorrow is prospering most, the street stall the feed courage is taking out and the sport system tournament meeting place where the drop item made in a labyrinth was made a free gift, the same, I eat and it seems to rise.

There is also a thing popular with couples such as the street stall where excellent silver work by the smithery chief dwarf is sold and the street stall where alchemists sell magic medicine for night.

That a dish and liquor were also prepared for this day, everywhere is hearing cheerful laughter.

What is it also to say by oneself, but isn't it a good festival?

By the way, today and tomorrow are the festival performed only by a relative perfectly, so the elf and the animal people which are a visitor of≪ para wrasse hot spring village≫ don't participate.

The person who can put a father elf and the trust with which he has a daughter elf etc. acquaintance may be invited, because there is no intention which puts an outsider of an unspecified number in the base in anything but a division of≪ para-wrasse hot spring village≫.

But, a special festival.

Even≪ para-wrasse hot spring village≫ does an entertainment, and the last day is planning to cut the price.

It would be better to share a good affair and enjoy itself.


Day 365

     Today is ours synchronization of birthday. 

Early one year after reincarnation. Suddenly a lot in retrospect, really lot of a storage of dense year crosses. 

That night, which is also in the beginning is the end, I was killed in Aoi Aoi was a little sister. 

Also try to look back on now thus calm, incline the Kokubi and I wonder now why this.

I It totally is not willing to sizzle Aoi who killed me, there is even worried that have been arrested as that after the murderer. 

If there is a complaint, there was what in my own tameness was killed frankly. 

Even as was stabbed in the stomach in a surprise to Aoi is almost relatives, as well as the murder weapon is a kind of military weapons, it'll be made ​​a little more resistance. 

When Why that more - when you wake I think, memory is hazy. Memory of that time is not clear. 

Whether it is interfering with something, but the question of floats, thinking to give up one o'clock became so troublesome. 

Well, anyway, after that was killed for some reason incarnated in small demon goblins, engaged in a survival struggle, we have experienced a variety of meeting and farewell. 

There has been able to realize the raw. There has been able to experience the death.

Looking back on many things, including the Minokichi-kun and Kanabi-chan, [there evolution] also including those who quality is had stopped at the small demon goblins without, eat a caterpillar that becomes a breakfast and munch in synchronization of all members. 

Body was angrily, spilling fluid. 

Now I know the [sacred treasures] and dragon meat is not comparable, but reminiscent of the days of the newborn, was a nostalgic special taste. 

While immersed in deep emotion, see everyone's face that has been sitting in a circle. 

It seems to have eaten the caterpillar while thought something each. 

Simply those who enjoy a caterpillar. What decision was such a person. Those who are tinged with sorrow. Those who look up at the sky and the distant eye. Those who are smiling. A really different. 

Caterpillar that was distributed to synchronize the order of a few animals per Ichioni. 

Since there is only in an amount no immediately, I to Shuhai after eaten is to have everyone go pouring one of the direct demon liquor. 

The amount is about sake cup. Although there is a sense of injustice since the size of the body is different, it can not be helped because of a small amount of the demon drink. Here we get patience. 

Then, when poured into Shuhai of all, I drank all at once everyone. 

Same as when you eaten a caterpillar, the reaction is also'm different. 

But those who loosen the cheek to that drink simply delicious sake. Person who tears of gratitude drinking choice demon drink that can not be class to everyday drink. Who Kakeru ascended to the impact of non-experience. Those who shiver in ecstasy. 

And even I had a such as those who drink like me. 

Had a look at a little distant we are not subjected to sitting in a circle in a place Burasato san and space star's we are envious in here, unfortunately, birth Festival is ours is the main. 

Only the seat of the protagonist is not negotiable today. 

While there is such a one-act from the morning, spend fun as yesterday, around evening. 

Among the red dyed world, the finals of the quarrel tournament that is most excited by the birth festival was held. 

Location duel field that has been installed in the «external training field». 

Since it is possible to also reduce the damage fighting here if everything that has been improved anyway seek robustness, it is possible to abandon fight. 

And surviving in the tournament, was hit in the finals was YoIsamu and red hair short. 

A combination of good and bad is it, fight of both that went on winning ability, but became a thing Rashiku finals intensely hot, progresses from beginning to end remains YoIsamu is advantage. 

Are there any agreement between the two of, each unique ability is hardly used, was fighting only in combat technology trained with the pure physical ability. 

If Come in only the performance of the body, the difference between the two is not much. 

Such as Ryoryoku and endurance would outweigh better of YoIsamu by gender, but will exceed better of if red hair short agility and flexibility. 

Move around the YoIsamu that actually set up comfortably at high speed, the tactics for disrupting red hair short was selected. 

Both legs as well, that continue to capture the red hair short for the movement, such as the expected difficult beast using also both arms at the field of view, must have been difficult in the narrow duel field. 

If Misere a chance even slightly, Soga of red hair short as carnivores would have taken scraping the neck of YoIsamu. 

But previous Unlike, prevent all the attacks of red hair short in the absence of movement of the waste is YoIsamu has changed as fell inherent, or parry, was Nejifuse squarely. 

At birth Festival, was splendidly victory was YoIsamu. 

It is a pity that was lost this time because I personally support, but still the growth rate of the red hair short is a degree comparable to the Mino Yoshi-kun and Kanabi chan us. 

Initially not help but think that although it was so much weaker, and. 

You might win next time maybe, no matter expect. 

Anyway, pass the prize to a winner YoIsamu, it was carried out as it is the birth festival second day the last of the entertainment. 

Its content is simple, that hit the attack to me who is in a circle with a diameter of about three meters within the time limit. 

That is, it is the basis applied to me to target. 

A is I also of course resistance is specific, since it is not possible to move from within the circle, it can either to the simultaneous attacks participants from long distance, dare I also challenged the close combat. 

If it is possible to put in a single blow because anyway say anyone, the success come true to the extent that come true items and was obtained from such class boss, or the equivalent of desire and it, you can win prizes such as. 

The last event that began to do so, close the middle act of success. 

While troubled a large forest in the noise incessant though it is night, the last to spend funny. 

Mess to have been or would not be a way of ending that seems Speaking seems to us. 

By the way, the first to have cleared the last of the event is Kanabi chan. 

If it is an attack, such as freezing the space, it could not prevent indeed. 

And whether Kanabi chan was what the demand. 

It is also, by the fact that if there is a chance.


Day 366

Birth Festival, the last day. 

I'm at the «Torino Palavela hot spring village» that is vibrant without what time in the morning, had received Dorianu's oil massage. 

The next there is a figure of the father elf that become a regular customer. 

The facial expressions, such as the fall out dignity, is that of a sloppily melts and is grandfather. 

Did not it stick to its indescribable appearance since had already familiar, but had been just to say Buchibuchi and bitches and instead. 

Briefly summarized, it seems "here two days, was struggling to remonstrate with the elf and beast people drawn an interest in a cheerful voice heard from within the base." If today «Torino Palavela hot spring village» in the unprecedented event is carried out, and if it is not notice, must have been Tsumeyora and the like or do not you put inside, the leak also. 

Father elf is only in relationship with me, I wonder petition there were many. 

I had to say My condolences like, and only. 

And Gununu, and it has been, but also doing the father elf looking good until the desperate. I had to remember the frustration rather. 

That sort of will to do is pretty child, such as daughter elf. 

Such as Well put, after receiving a massage, I look around the state of the festival, which was transferred to the venue in «Torino Palavela Onsenkyo» along with the father elf. 

If I have elf smiling smile in the fun, specifically against or beast who has been in chagrined is stay lost, etc., such as Butaoni oak that has issued a like a pig bone ramen cuisine in the stalls there, Although a variety of chaos had been to everyone happy. 

And attraction by the skeleton mechanism built for today - the roller coaster beetle and merry-go-round beetle - is one of the sections that are most crowded, it seems matrix is made. 

Members who work as staff move around happily, «Torino Palavela Onsenkyo» would have flooded about ever in humans. 

Today is the last day, rather than ours, such as elves and beast people, it has become a festival where the local residents in the main. 

It was also good to do just ours all three days, but your neighborhood association would also be important. 

We hope the purse string is loosening in the festival, but there are other reasons as well, such as, is no doubt the main reason the case for the fellowship. 

Just because it can not be put into internal base, but a translation of the «Torino Palavela hot spring village» that can freely enter and leave instead the venue, suggesting that even a look at the state of the festival it was the correct answer. 

By the way, are we working in offices inside, or the processing of the garbage that came out in the festival, is present, such as those who are or move the stalls that are no longer needed in a different location, or slowly from the tired rest but, it is now put. 

After around the crowded «Torino Palavela hot-spring village», go to the special compartment that is prepared, signed drinking elf wine along with the father elf. 

Knob I MeshiIsamu has issued the memorabilia that was cooking the food and dragon meat of labyrinth production, but father elves seemed liked very, drink often in silence to eat, not eat was drinking. 

The amount is I still say because there, but I wonder if not a little more refrain. 

If you think put her, she began gathering well as Minokichi kun and Asue-chan. 

An increase in the number of gather gradually, became like a little banquet. 

So eat and drink is to be able to be in a different location, would be the place that is the same thing if you look. 

Anyway, I signed drinking fun sake. 

Also today, the sound of binge continued sound in large forest until night.


Day 367

        Cleaning will wait after a festival.

≪ The trash can in which trash is put is installed in para-wrasse hot spring village≫ in ACHIRAKOCHIRA, so throwaway is hardly, so the cleaning is easy.

There is a case that trash also has gone out and removes cleaning in a street stall and decoration variously by a banquet with that freely.

It was special, so it was just cleaned to do overall day by day inside the base.

A member is cleaning the place where one is active mainly respectively and each house mainly.

I rallied a part body and cleaned a house in bringing to an end and going around at the smithery teacher, the alchemist, Ms. sister and Mr. DORIANU readily.

If it was seen feel, everyone seemed to be cleaning briskly, but still there was dirt you can't finish taking.

I make controlled liquid sink into from acidity into alkalinity by [own body fluid nature operation] according to the place where I knit gold thread, do like cloth and clean, and I'm rubbing.

Then dirt was coming so that it was fascinating. A medium also had the stubborn dirt which doesn't fall easily, but the most part can be taken easily.

Stubborn dirt may use a part body and the magic medicine an alchemist made may be used.

A cleaned fact for one day using various methods.

Collected dirt and dust are taken, and they seem able to get to quite good sleep today.


Day 368

  after the [holy war], do the birth festival, was washed out also accumulated dirt. 

Sonaruto, or trying to do next, and although he comes to say, here is how would not it should be searching for the ingredients also become unknown. 

Because, are going to for a while quietly in this continent. 

Or get the [gods dungeon] in a convenient place to move in the interior of the Holy Kingdom and the beast kingdom, I want to challenge the [Okami] class [gods dungeon] in the middle of the around the continent, such as that you want to do still although there is, now I want to put a little time. 

Again, the large impact of the [holy war] ahead. 

And ours is the center now, rather than activities clarity, was allowed to stand it is interesting will likely feel. 

If and, now, than to work in this continent, we should look to another continent. 

Yet unseen food is, because there in no place of that went still. 

Although saying that, such as difficulty to go to another continent is not a terribly high mono for us. 

It becomes voyage while scattered kick the heinous marine life by the otherwise armed convoy, but ours to have a «Anburasse-time Parabellum issue». 

Some even at the same time [Kojiro dungeon] If it is a huge ship «Anburasse-time No. Parabellum» to without going to have such a monster that comes attacked - in the home was a place, but it will not be a problem - I're free it is possible to go to another continent with such route. 

And even as «Anburasse-time Parabellum No.» did not work, Madou armored medium-sized vessels, which are manufactured by ours were put in before hand to the Madou armored medium-sized ship manufacturing kit] is also five vessels. 

Madou armored medium-sized vessels, reform, the size of the Mashirubesen the total length of about one hundred and sixty meters. 

Power is run by Madou engine to an energy source the magic, Madou armor made ​​with magic metal there is a defense force of only Hajikikaesu the attack of monsters coming attacked from the sea. 

Further, in order to intercept not only protect, various armed has been added mounted by blacksmith length dwarves produced. 

As a typical thing, [acoustic爆針-Activision Nar] have been installed in the ship's bottom, [shock Maho-Buradokanon] of small-sized, which is installed on the deck twelve gates and a large [spirits Maho-Emerioru Canon] Sanmen, and there is a [spiral beak-Harudesunoa] provided in the bow. 

There is also such as [through銛銃-Hairado] that bombarded the [capture network-Supanesu] and harpoon out shoot the cast net to other, but it is now put. 

Mashirubesen to hold more combat capability armed ships and equal to or doing a trade with another continent in convoy, even as one of [God迷遺production artifact] obtained in truly [gods dungeon] I wonder should I say. 

This, etc. will be able to sail the ocean, which was fraught with danger alone. 

And if there is such a means, not the hand you do not use. 

There is also to be come immediately back in the [Kikoku Gate] if you try to Koyo back, future goal is a foray into another continent. 

Well, also it is busy now likely.


Day 369

      Preparations are developed variously, and I go to go to another continent.  

 But it would be nice is heard speaking of, or did not have to be up there because there is a [Kikoku Gate].

It supplies can be prepared by the «Anburasse-time Parabellum No.», should I move, such as in offices when it comes. 

So is not that much to say. 

This is why, one day today just do a job, each was left, it is not that particularly unusual. 

Asemizu to train while passing, playing with children to approach and tell me how to fight, hit a smack in the cuisine of MeshiIsamuItaru, enjoy an elegant evening and Kanabi chan us. 

While the day before going to a new ground, nor was particularly unusual, is a day of peace.


Day 370

    Waking up and doing morning training as usual, and after taking a bath and having a good sweat, it's a thing before noon that I ate a feed, arranged preparations and matched in front of [ghost's wail gate].

Additionally children are the group by which red hair shortstops are tens of main members Yaki, Auro and Argento Mr. grilled chicken tripe good luck and the Japanese syllabary beauty with me at the head for their gathering.

When preparation is finished, I have passed through the [ghost's wail gate] and have moved to≪ ANBURASSEMU Parabellum number≫.

It's possible to be the bowl city I appear on the ocean≪ where the harbor where trade is popular asks ANBURASSEMU and a Parabellum number≫ vanity and see≪ DURU moth VARAIA≫ which is also a maze city at the same time.

Apparently, the one more cheerful than usual even understood the long time ≪ state of DURU moth VARAIA≫ well from a far place.

Or barker's voice sounded in ACHIKOCHI like a festival just like some ceremonies, and smile had spilled from the people who take the way.

In advance≪ ANBURASSEMU Parabellum number≫, soon, during, the whistle which knows to depart is rung and an anchor is also drawn up, so I'll make sure merrily that it can be seen off anytime until that.

Because that there is not≪ ANBURASSEMU para vellum number≫ surrounded the world periodically any more must also be an ideal event for them.

Anyway I move to behavior after I'm bathed in sea breeze for a while.

The last whistle rings big more, and a huge screw is increasing the number of rotation gradually. A hull like a hill goes up speed certainly slowly and but, and a bow is facing to the vast ocean slowly.

I'd hear a whistle and notice this state.

A≪ DURU moth and VARAIA ≫ "RESONACHESURENA" where you assume vanity wished that sailors finish sailing safely, and that RESUTONAREISU where the past is famous [minstrel] wrote writing the words have begun to be played.

I mix with the sound of the musical instrument and am also hearing men's voice in a bold sea.

I'm cheerful, hear bold that and please.

The delicious ingredients which don't meet well yet while being seen off magnificently are purchased, and it's to a new continent.