Re:Monster Day 371-374 / Chapters List

Day 371

Riding on [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum], early one day has passed.

Current situation, I our first voyage'm very steadily progressing.

Well, riding the ship because the ship would be a sense of course.


[Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] is only in the size of its size therefore is a, or [Kojiro dungeon], there is no thing to be attacked by a large and small marine monster, does not pass through to avoid would normally when the large-scale armed ship But it can sail without a problem it would be dangerous special waters, such as easily sinking.

And the route that is the shortest route to the New World, became than previously [Anburasse-time No. Parabellum] By now, the thing is strengthening, which is an upper species "Black Sea conquest to Grand Admiral Pontus Mega QUEStionable Val" Shachihokoatama beast human-based boss - because me and steering choose black Orcinus Admiral, I only ours are just riding.


If this in there is any problems, it would not even supposed to be such a voyage in this world.


Since the ordinary if the ocean there is a huge ocean monsters and special waters, but will not be forgotten that it is a dangerous journey of deadly, in any case is why, ours had continued the voyage without a problem.


Although labyrinth city for a while from the departed «Dur and gas-Varaia» was talking Arekore while watching such as the small island that had been scattered from a distance, only spreads out nothing but blue ocean to Kanata for some time to when the horizontal line become.

While it might have enjoyed in it, if a large number of distinctive special waters, had encountered since the departure is much special waters with large vortex was dense, only peaceful scenery is not the after that for a while instead shine It lasted.


It recessed on board because even gone to see especially Sonaruto.

But If it was just a vessel on board might spend a such as card games, is ## Kojiro dungeon] of luxury liner type [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] is very talented in entertainment and other aspects.


Because there is irrelevant cheats who do not know anything to the ship down the partition wall so as not to encounter, thus in isolation Lot, ours will continue to effectively use the various facilities such as the casino and pool.

This nothing would spare time it is without you in the cruise in, would not be in what a thing.


Not neglected only in the morning of training at the newly built training field, but had to love each all afternoon.


It, such as children and red hair short is Kyoji in the game at the casino, such as Minokichi kun and Burasato's has stacked the combat experience the dungeon monster to the other party on board.

Asue chan performs the processing of jewelry that was mined in conjunction with the smith's, have indulged in reading space star's was piled up "magic Manual (grimoire)" to.

Other political kun and or the treatment of Dontetsu knights and YoIsamu who was injured in the voluntary training, are the respective busy.

Part of the like-minded person who Aikusa chan led, spilling a smile full of madness, had spawned a Kusakai embodying the delusion run a brush, if Ne careful not to touch it not not wonder.


Anyway, a few days to over a destination the New World, because the majority was free action, it was're enjoying their own way of vacation each.


Also I say so, but to swim in the large pool located on the top floor, basically had been bathed in sun on sea bread appearance of sunglasses and surf type.

We already have a black skin, in the first place because it is not to sunburn even stay under the long-term sun flesh is too strong, but not as we speak in the tanning purposes.

Since recently has become stronger sunshine along with the gradually rising temperature, it is the condition of the body by the energy captured by you and [torrid absorption] and this is very good.


I will say the activation of the cells, and. This until a fine damage of the deep that has been accumulated by the fighting, such as healing or, pleasant feeling indescribable to.

But to use the [torrid absorption] in the hot springs of the base was a dangerous effect is too strong, sunshine of summer par seems just good strength.


In my next door that is refreshing in such a feeling, there are such as involuntarily Admiring beautiful Kanabi-chan and the swimsuit about, alchemist's gap is amazing swimsuit and usually wearing clothes that show not so much the skin .

Coating the magic drug of sunscreen unlike me, in the same gracefully relax ladies drinking juice sister's who made me the swimsuit shade, it was like a model population to enjoy a vacation like in the tropical It was.


Ganpuku Ganpuku, I think while. Gubiri, and inflame the demon drink.

Exhilarating blue sky, gentle sea breezes, delicious wine, such as extensive facilities were equipped, comfortable voyage.

 We spent a slow time in the best environment, or would not in one day and fulfilling.


 Day 372

By food that has been Tamekoma in a large amount to the item box, ours of the food situation is very rich.

Vegetables and meats that are stored remain fresh on the type also amount also rich, there is the more it is business until the seasonings and alcoholic beverages.


In the Age of Discovery, which is that there was a long time ago of the previous life, sailors except for the part, such as the captain that can provides a sumptuous meal is likely scurvy due to lack of vitamin C had become a problem.

Sometimes develop more than half of the sailors, but there was a also that led to death.


Although I like raw vegetables and fruits was a problem to solve, if, at the time could not be immature a long-term storage refrigeration technology, it was negative in the doctor of the power struggle, the greater the number ten years to solve for reasons such as it so time was needed.


However, because in this world there is a storage system magic items that carry a large amount of fresh while vegetables and fruits, food situation is not such a bad thing.

Storage system magic items will not be forgotten that it is expensive and scarce goods, but the first place because the number are aligned because only powerful fleet of very small part is to the long-term voyage, information collection mono's so little home to develop in the long as.


Place now the talk of, such as a translation which is decorated in a lavish food on the table even in the cruise at why, but I much trouble being in the ocean.

Enjoy the dishes made with fish caught from the ocean to spread around what, or would not be the best part of the voyage.


Might get tired and just seafood much indeed, but not passed still only a few days.

Since eaten and not as tired, thinking there is no such meaning is trying to be going once aside.


First, although a translation that there is a need to lift the food in and say things, too there is a distance to the surface of the sea that it from the upper part of ours are.

Until the raise, I do not want to use excessive force.

So, the newly extension a dedicated room near the stern of the sea surface to the fishing.

The because it was a little bit mess just setting it was completed in a few seconds, the thread using, for example, [Silver fishing rod Shirubangafuru] and [red purple fishing rod Parurenaido] of magic items that were obtained when you capture a [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] from there the dribble.


It is bait in the big game aim've used the meat of the black dragon purified, but with eating than you thought it was well, was just a large, more than five meters in the minimum to be lifted up.

Be lifted up fishing our size as weight from Silver fishing rod and red purple fishing rod of bends big, but break such sign is absolutely no.

But only in specialized to have Silver fishing rod and red purple fishing rod that fish is, because there is performance lifting even Kairyu, is meant natural result there.


Anyway, I always enjoyed fishing as a few hours, but the fishing began five meter-blue blade shark "Blue Sword Las", thick sharp needle of about eight meters explode with systemic huge explosion needle fish "die Bonsenbou "and fish's giant version and even fifteen meters class to say" Insumagigasu ", then lower sea dragon of a kind of about fifty meters" it is different to the big game, such as the egress sea Dragon ".


The fishing, this time gave me judge is MeshiIsamuItaru.

But apparently there was a first time deal with food as several kinds, nothing seems no problem if Kakare in their hands.

For the first time but, hesitation is not in that even while saying such Tesabaki.

Custom kitchen knife is sparkle, it has been dismantled if noticed like a magic trick.

What delicious likely cooking is completed in front of the eyes, it was still what you feel swollen.


Beside the MeshiIsamuItaru works, sister's who had been staring at the state of cooking and jitter with a serious look.

You leave is that muted except to occasionally note, but can see well that are going to get the technology of MeshiIsamuItaru even a little.

Will us surely to sister's who is cooking in the future.


While expected, such as, the resulting dish was decided to taste and carefully.


That although none of it was delicious enough to immerse yourself, personally making alive of egress Sea Dragon is not only the taste, the impact also was outstanding.

Complex ocean currents of egress Sea Dragon that is an elongated body type and smooth in order to swim the waters intersect head is moving jerks as if still alive.

No, I wonder is actually alive.

That is alive even if only to head there, which boasts a degree more than the strength of many, is to live for a while even if only to ours also head to say nuclear.

Since it has actually experienced, it is no doubt.


Lower the vitality of egress Sea Dragon, which is a kind of strong real dragon than Yalong said is not the only good underestimate even if the mono head, and if alive, it is also it should be possible violent.


Or use some kind of [magic], with or bite a big mouth moving in the neck only, so much if egress Sea Dragon of the wild, which has lived in the fierce nature of the competition for survival will of course be able to.


To say that, for egress Sea Dragon can not move only slightly, because he is cooking in the wind that say so.

The excellence of its cooking technology alive seal its motionless, it is caused to involuntarily admire.


Well, "cruel" by the viewer of that building go, "poor", felt like "feeling bad", may cause loss of appetite.

But, such a thing is to must not think if you look at the body, such as shining in its pink color, from the next time if once you eat it would become fun.


It is like a egress Sea Dragon of plenty and it's as if marbled meat riding of fat, if in fact the mouth fat taste of the spread in the mouth, overflowing.

Distinctive sweetness and taste of fat is going to increase the depth enough to bite if chew only that the firm, the sense of well-being, such as if the smell is coming ascended Standing appetizing even after swallowed unbearable.

Or different and grew up dragon species on land, delicious depth of what has been nurtured because Naru majestic ocean is, it is likely to be dragged to the soul when you off guard.


Well, so I know the taste of the sacred treasures] that get upset until there is not, drink Onishu along with the grace that has been nurtured in the vast world of other ocean.


Gubirigubiri, Kaa, delicious.

 Delicious when you have a meal, words or would not is too sufficient only this.


 Day 373

Also unchanged today, even where advances a likely spread ocean.

I wonder because I have been far away from the land, the ocean began floated various aspects, the voyage was becoming increasingly exciting thing.


This is because, although a translation that there is unusual terrain such as the flying island in this world, it is not the story of the only land anything.

It is a translation of that kind of place are called special waters in the ocean, but -


Waters ocean currents is in the myriad pop up on the sea while swell to as a dragon.

Waters would be dragged if ordinary ship unsatisfying, is a huge large vortex dense.

Ball of the myriad of sea water float in the air like a soap bubble, is also likely waters that crash death to sea.

Like volcanoes, such as the eruption, the waters that seamounts blow up violently seawater.

It continues until the trench at the bottom of the deep sea, which does not reach at all, such as light, there is a sea of ​​holes, such as the cave waters.


- In addition to the example of such, it is full of characteristic and variety of the mystery of nature.

Although only in the degree to which or was calm or rough to be tired, and so much dizzying, I enjoyed than I thought.

Well, I wonder what fun because is viewed from the safety zone that [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum].


Anyway, such a large number live distinctive races that are not found on land in the special waters, its own civilization and ecosystem seemed to have been built.


- Deep in the sea fog is forecast is very bad special waters that occurs, one hundred and several shellfish system, such as a small islet of about ten meters marine monster "Misusherunaru" was lurking.

Misusherunaru is but mild-mannered marine monster of just hiding in sea fog, due it is often hovering near sea level, there are things that are by the ocean current to be sunk by collision with a ship that is sailing.

In between the sailor when advancing through the sea fog, it can be said that there is harassment very much.

But such Misusherunaru, but different size had been the oyster-ish appearance.


When I first saw in the sea fog, "the contents broke that shell I wonder how integral of magnitude. It may be larger in appearance street, but perhaps surprisingly maybe small. What a wonder it is essential for taste. We do have a taste of the oyster-ish appearance street, or probably unknown taste that has never been experienced or "that the idea came naturally.


The first place because was worrisome from the time of purchase the information of Misusherunaru in advance, was going Shitomeyo absolutely encounter.

And since the actual encounter, I tried plunged by holding the Shuyari and Noroiyari saying " 's hunting'm hunting."

Giant's, but without any counterattack seems to fight back, but he was Shitome and frankly, momentum knob eating a huge content of the appearance Street was milky ass to the left.

Taste's it of oysters, but it was more dense and complex, taste to become a habit. Nutrition preeminent wonder, is so pervade the energy in the body.

While increasing the tension, to recover all, including the will likely shell to something of material to the item box, ours went on as it is.


- In the second of waters, such as the sea has been formed in the sky, it was encountered by chance and HakuRikukujira "Fass Tito Ashkelon" that emerged in order to breathe only once in a few months.

And "Fass Tito Ashkelon" is whether the huge [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] seemed to fellow, or something of whim or, reason is what was supposed to be run in parallel so much small one hour.


At that time, forming a large island which is about the gigantic figure in the flat back, such as the rocky "Fass Tito Ashkelon", depending on conditions in the change in a variety of colors and shapes "protean coral Shah Din Corral" that special coral at was the city fish people and mermaids who live «Adora = Dendisu», a little only able to interact with fish people and mermaid us.

Upper body mermaid lower body in humans is a fish aside, Sakanajin or was a difficult language understanding as "Ugyogyo" to the head and body with the characteristics of the fish, "Ia'! Ia'! It had issued a profane something such as, "but made it possible to communicate your intentions without problems By through an interpreter fish people generated by the [medium fish human generation].


And I found it by often conversation, either because usually is spent in the dark of the vast ocean sea, alternating current thin mermaid us with those who live on land is thin is wariness, was very friendly .

But might be a margin of just because you think and do I Nigere even into the sea if there is some kind of danger, in any case because it's also not necessary to state 's hostile if friendly, remains to be guided «Adora = Dendisu» the tried to tourism.

It was also good unique streets, but catch the attention of the goods that are sold in the store Rashiki location.

It crafts and made with materials such as bones and scales of colorful corals and deep-sea fish, it is the numerous Rashiki ingredients of the deep sea.

Any mono or worrisome, became want, do not have a common currency.

Therefore, purification dragon meat and labyrinth wine, then processing that does not or rust in the sea have obtained it by barter the decorated with dwarf-made ornaments.

Outside of the customer is for very rare, because the presented goods was therefore difficult memorabilia I get from him, girls, barter is also rather like or discount or especially Fukkake, was carried out without a hitch .

As you many things lively chat in the meantime, the old fish who belong to organizations that have ruled the «Adora = Dendisu» that [= lag ing de] is, fish shark system will Re sleight of hand-looking It came doing it with an escort of people.

Atlantic Footballfish ish, but I wax fish who through age with features, old fish who is a medium people friendly, a good story.

Shark-based Fishman of the escort is also a rugged sociable Contrary to appearance, had exchanged opinions on the battle with the warrior temperament of the one amino Gil-kun.


Since neither was it is also not to be particularly hidden hostility, signed drinking Onishu friendly testimony, broke in after passing a contact means Meitetsu.


I wanted to talk a little more, there was a timeout.

Was slowly breathing about an hour "Fass Tito Ashkelon" blows a big tide, I go to dive the body into the sea again. Also it after a few months to come out on the sea again.

Gradually sinking his big frame, back of «Adora = Dendisu» is also disappear into the sea.

I who parted waving with a smile until no visible, was the then was also chatted with such ornaments that were put in hand.


- In does not he shall be deemed to be replaced waters as a wide range of sea level is like a mirror, close to the apex among the sea dragon of blue like the sea "Umiwazawaiharyu Leviathan", [despair in the ocean] and [Overlord of calm], etc. I encountered a herd of giant marine monster, such as handed down as a legend among fishermen and sailors and.

Several hundred meters in length is small things, that more than a few kilometers in the big things, the number of Leviathan who boasts a big frame that only can also be viewed much like [Kojiro dungeon] of a small part in this world, was counted as cursory I wonder was there is only even a dozen bodies.


If the encounter with the herd of this size, do not have a few tens of seconds even in a large fleet of armed vessels.

Whether rather than biological, or would think this is a kind of natural disaster, not Koe.


It is extremely small person who can actually encounter survived from the roughness of the temper, but that very few have also been the cause sick the spirit in much of the fear Leviathan, but this time encountered the herd was very Otonashika'.


But the evidence that the ocean is in calmed down without any rough it.

If the marine monster Leviathan size Abarere, there is no reason that is calmed down so far.


Just quiet reason is clear, it is to dominate the Leviathan us [Emperor] class - because the "Toyouzu Umiwazawai Emperor supremacy dragon Gureranasu Grand Leviathan" was present.


Grand Leviathan was a further huge unbelievably only as a child, such as normal Leviathan.


Since the majority of the big frame is submerged in deep water, in its entirety it is not clear.

However, jumping up on the sea due too long, even in the only part of the big frame that looks even in like a mountain range, that would width is several hundred meters can be confirmed.

And a huge head that you can imagine from just like in stacked thick huge Ryuuroko and covered with the fuselage of the thickness Ryukara strata, do not know even if no longer where to find, do not know even the tail to be the opposite.

Sagureru at least from the sign at full length is definitely more than a few tens of kilometers, there is even the possibility of several hundred kilometers or more maybe.


This time, I tried asking Kugime chan with excellent search operation capacity to me above, in the current situation where most of the big frame has dived to near the bottom of the sea, become a truly [Kyukami Onihime nail you to the princess, subspecies] the whole picture was not confirmed even the eye of Kugime-chan.


At this point, it is assumed that would not only say that common sense, however.

More on the size of the imagination, we continued to observe from a distance even while surprise indeed.


Thereby, apparently as anemone fish in harmony with sea anemone, small fish that have escaped from a wide variety of foreign enemy to its surroundings it was found that in droves.

Grand Leviathan is not to even recognize is therefore small fish we too huge, because the Leviathan who has been governed as well as is of more large-scale monster to feed on small fish we wonder thinks enough berley.


Circumstances aside, the sea that free environment, such as certain of paradise has been built.


I still entertain a strong interest in the herd of Grand Leviathan and Leviathan personally, but this time keep in just viewing the figure.


To be honest, there is a desire to try eaten.

Thing you want to try eaten because say even a single scale.


But it can not be even estimated time required to kill a huge ground Leviathan can not even measure.

Or a few days or a few tens of days, will also Arieru more time that is required.

And that is currently headed to the New World, we should not dabble.


Also as a defined the challenge to another opportunity, would at that time is what is made from prepared a hundred or two hundred of measures known.

Even in the Minokichi kun we can help me, it is reckless to fight without the measures in terrain too advantageous to the other party of the ocean, and also it is correspondingly hard to eliminate the Leviathan of the surrounding.


Eliminating the entourage, but would be a minimum condition is under preparation, such as a fight in an advantageous place to here, to capture where how well prepared is not change to it is a difficult opponent.


After all, Grand Leviathan is because it is very likely is the presence of [Kamijuu] should be called incorporating part of the power of the [gods].


There is no such clear evidence that [Kamijuu], but my body is in the [demon] as though to find the likes have reacted.

I'm not a [Kamijuu], but no difference in the presence close to it if from the world.


So is also no evidence advance the story assumed to be [Kamijuu], but from also difficult to heavy feeling that the entire past overwhelming ground Leviathan to grasp, [Demigod] and [God] rather, it is [Kamijuu] related perhaps to the one pillar of [Okami].

It is not considered in addition.


- Well, Sonaruto, which [Okami] of [Kamijuu] a wonder.


And [Okami responsible for the demise and the source] a deep relationship with me, as the relationship is [Okami responsible for the birth and wisdom] deep can be excluded [Messiah].

If it ish whether [nature and Okami which governs the soul], would either of [Okami in charge of space-time and the Xinghai].

Both have likely but, [Okami responsible for the nature and soul] From a symbolic color that governs is the leading.


Body color of the ground Leviathan has a thin purple such, the reddish like a purple color to the base calf.

Given that the Leviathan of the surrounding is the blue color of the body, such as the sea, symbolizing the color of [Okami responsible for the nature and soul] is sometimes called red, not became red purple mix of red and blue I wonder?

Since symbolic color would have been in a is that's [space-time Okami responsible for the Xinghai] more deep blue and blue, would not be a misguided reasoning.


Thinking up there, remember the dreadful "Dear White" that was encountered in the suddenly Valor led by the Fomoru was there «cluster Mountains».


But I did not know at the time, it is a kind of also [Kamijuu] Deer White, no doubt to the ability [patron area of ​​God Beast] was learning and eaten the corner.

If and, Deer white is thing that what [God] of [Kamijuu] of the, it is [God] has a certain level of force, and considering the symbolic color, it is responsible for the [birth and wisdom Okami] or is very likely of [Kamijuu] of its dependent God.

And considering also that the children had just been born, but I seem to like is ## Kamijuu] of [Okami] responsible for [birth], the force resulting from the corner and it felt weak as .


If you really do so, it would have obtained a more Totetsu no power.


No, because if you came out in the body maybe is too strong influence of something, I met Deer White or not sealed and decorated, or may have been weakened state than the body.


If think so, consent can be.

However Sonaruto, Why did came to see all the way? I wonder because I had to give a [blessings] of [Okami responsible for the demise and the source] of apposition. Or something else would be the reason.


Although worry often, [Kin of ■■■] of remains from putting in the hands of the now also use unknown fifty days I feel suspicious is.

Because this is certain, [Okami responsible for the birth and wisdom] wonder who brought the corner to children's birthday celebration? But If you think calmly, would think that somehow silly story.


Because the more the story is too derailed, attempts to return the once talk to the ground Leviathan.


But all of the domination to likely [Kamijuu] Grand Leviathan the sea of ​​this star, would not a heck of honest guy what [the world of nemesis World enemy]? I think to watch, such as, but either would not its possibilities enough likely.


But I do not wonder at the [nemesis of the world], and immediately to deny yourself.


And it will obtain the possibility [nemesis of the world] would be a great deal. If Abarere is this giant, land has a considerable range eroded, islands such as will will sink into the sea.


Although it only forces there, but he is missing something to become a [nemesis of the world].

Only live in the ocean, there is no willing to advance, such as the land, or wonder why such.


Anyway, in front of the would equal to or greater than the [Messiah], which failed to eating quality goods, also Naa somehow say that there is no choice but to put up with, and I think while.


It was at that time that I met also decided to heart and I'll eaten and ready, to observe the surrounding waters that never has finished the environment like a sea of ​​paradise by the ground-Leviathan.


I thought also I'll hunt if there are Leviathan away from the herd, but apparently not unfortunately.

Once the residence if, it would get in gently recovered by cutting off the neck ....


Even so, in this way or would not in the things that one of the best part of the trip is also to encounter the unknown presence.

You see things that has not been seen yet. seeing is believing. Actually see it is, there is only become the only important food it.


While I think such as, spent in a relaxed manner while observing at the top floor of the pool today.


Everyone is a swimsuit, men team rabbit also corner, glamorous things glamorous thing of ladies.

Kanabi-chan who was wearing a variety of swimwear is something Ganpuku.

Because a good opportunity, trying to be get in here also let a closer look.


Day 374

Even where the ocean, such as subsequent, proceed are two vessels.


One ship is a [Kojiro dungeon] a huge luxury liner type [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum].

Majestic and perilous as that has progressed over the ocean like a champion, would only say that no longer overwhelming.


And [Anburasse-time No. Parabellum] and looks small when you run in parallel, but still one hundred meters class of the other one ship, [Noriyuki ship God steering wheel Poraidorasu-Harudora is a [sacred treasures] of hidden abilities one [ship by sublimation], black demon shark dragon was summoned by [召雷 black dragon future bodied dragon} - Onisamenawa-out shark wa] that has been decorated with black blue yellow red gold and silver, which are wrapped around the waist belt instead usually - "Death Shark head black bolt Dragon "is a sea dragon boat [No. Shark head] has been turned into a temporary vessel.


It awaited the voyage.

Also you may enjoy riding on until the end [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum], but I would like to that which can not be experienced only in this opportunity.


Another one ship with the [steering wheel Noriyuki ship God] in the fact that, ours is that were prepared [No. Shark head] in saying the more easy-to-use size of the ship, and, almost everyone started to me is this [ It has been aboard the] No. shark head.


Based on the [No. Shark head] that black demon shark dragon features are out heavily became had shaped like a warship to slaughter the enemy armed is attached to the whole body each place.


Sharp dragon angle becomes a beak extending sharply, it is possible to open the air hole in the enemy ship and marine monster.

Tonnage sequence dozens Gate magic gun that is part of the thunder jewelry made of fin was deformed and Zurari to, shells made up of lightning and try to try beating the Uteru.

Cannonball's become a big Kaminaridama When you land on the ocean, but because lightning in the sea level is going to spread, it seems excellent as attacks against the enemy of the sea than the sea.


Armor of the hull is a structure, such as a Ryuuroko, but there is also a role to increase the sailing speed by something efficiently parry or a wave, it is equipped to the ability to cut the enemy if touches. If the per body riding speeds, it would kill just scraping the enemy it.


Come to looking through the bottom, there is equipped with a myriad of thunder needle.

This is Rashiku monster measures coming attacked from the sea, lightning-tinged magic will drilled the enemy around no matter even in the sea.

And figurehead also said the face of the ship is like in the design, such as the ferocious head of black demon shark dragon you open a large, are hidden the gun off a breath of Ryushu in its mouth.


[No. Shark head], which is equipped with a wide variety of armed also to others, or would be appropriate to express even a high-speed combat battleship which enables high-speed navigation and automatic navigation by fin made of thunder jewelry.


By the way, because even if the [Shark head No.], such as remaining conscious of the black demon shark dragon, the monster is a good thing us to automatically intercept with lightning coming eyeing trying to attack from the sea.


It will also recovered defeated monster, here each and just to put the block meat of fresh black follower Mall as Dobodobo and berley.

After Waiting hanging the fishing line, the monster who was invited to the flesh and blood was caught in large quantities.

If normally fished things also, things also often Shitome by lightning. Toward me who was enjoying the fishing in the tonnage of [No. Shark head] is in, was there of things to come attacked from the sea.


Had been caught by fishing rod, chubby To "mob tuna" and rode the fat in the rugged surface, it is somewhat small prey, such as "blue snake eel" of appearance, such as the blue snake.


The was Shitome by lightning is, by drag the ship into the sea famous large and "sea large squid contrast giant squid", aim the Okobore in Hittsui to giant marine monster "large-format shark Oobanzame" large prey often like.


Now that we have attacked vigorously to ours was Shitome directly, maxillary and "spiral spear feather fish spiral marlin" growth characteristic snout Hun and is formed as a spear to draw a spiral, until the body from the head behind is a ferocious prey at large, such as "Moby Dick Daitako white whale giga Octopus" like Daitako was coalesce but white whale.


If indeed come far up here, it is filled with never seen monsters.


And the unknown is the still the fact that the encounter with the taste that has never been experienced, was a delicious cooked it like are also delicious likely Which by the sister's and MeshiIsamu us.

It What about the appearance basis is it, also not not because, but also there is the fact that different from the usual situation, none was received well.


It recommended Moby Dick Daitako personally.

Texture of Takoashi that was Korikori is, it was perfect for the knob of the demon drink.

Demon spirits, Takoashi, Takoashi, demon spirits. I went into more and more belly in such a flow.


Banquet which was held at the [Shark head No.] also, and returned to [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] put away in the evening.

Although there Again banquet lasted, the [Shark head Nos.] There is a goodness of [No. Shark head], the [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] there is a goodness of [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum], and be compared it also had to be seen in.


While loading one by one experience, I we were to proceed.