Re:Monster Day 375-380 / Chapters List



Day 375 "37th day of the week"

It reached the waters where the waves are calm and the clear blue color is characterized.

Although it is not a special sea area, the tide is fast, yet it seems that there are not too many dangerous oceanic monsters like before.

For that reason, although it is not as rich as the special waters where the Grand Leviathan was, it is a sea area inhabited by many seeds such as small fish if it is usual.

Because it is a corner, we took out two magic vessels that had been stored in the item box and decided to do fishing with it.

It is a simple job of using a fishing net type magic item called "fishing net of owl" on each magic ship and pulling it up.

If it is true, I think that it is a little more troublesome, but since [the fertile effect] is exerted to [fertilization ocean] for fish, if you expand it appropriately, you can pull the fish afterwards .

It is a magic item that can be said from a fisherman what it is, but there is no way it can be said that it is such a silo monochrome.

That night on the day the net was expanded so as not to overdo it too much.

During the meal Kanami told me to come to my room later, the room where I am staying - I prepare my own room, but I often sleep with Kanami chan etc So it has become like a private place - to go.

Although it is said to be the next room, I arrive soon.

As soon as I knocked in, I was told "go in", so I opened the door.

And then it came into view as if it was like a room in the palace, Kanami who is wearing a thin fabric dress and sits on the sofa was graciously inclining the wineglass.

The appearance of Kanami is sensational and beautiful, but my consciousness was tilted to the red liquid poured into the wine glass.

Even if I am away, I feel the magical power hidden in the liquid. I am thirsty without thinking of rich aroma with alcohol.

When I asked the reason for calling while keeping my line of sight on the wine glasses, it seems to be drinking together.

That is nice, but what is red liquid?

As I thought so, when I sat face to face, he taught the identity of the red liquid.

It was a wonder that Kanami made the empress blood as a raw material.

Apparently Kanami-chan, former [Magus] seems to have blended the blood collected at battle with Hurthon, his blood and everything else, but its taste is terrible.

Impact of rich and aged rich and complex taste that runs through the whole body as it drinks a bite.

It feels like a freezing mind and body, but it feels like a burning magical feeling.

Although it is hot, it is cold, it is hot although it is cold. The combination of Kanami and Huron 's magical powers gathers up without compromising the good part of both, making it jealous unexpectedly.

Even after dead, it makes a good blow.

I drank it with Gubirigiri with a slightly more complex thought, and then took out the [Magiani cuisine] cooked in advance by Iiyu and eat it.

Incidentally, Hurthon who had peeled his clothes was like a human-type dark slime, so it is cooked and has a unique softness like tofu.

[Ability Name [Lord of the Imperial Imperial] Learning Completed]

[Learning completion of ability name [summoning]]

[Learning completion of ability name [contract skill]]

[Learning completion of ability name [one who watches a different world]]

[Ability name [Legend of Magical Spirit Magical Emily] Learning Completed]

After being satisfied with that which exceeds even the dragon emperor by the amount of [god power] that it was included, Kanami also got it.

Since it deliberately stimulated jealousy, it is probably on preparing for the corresponding thing.


Day 376 "376th day"

Today it was supposed to play on the ocean, but this time we will use the "Ship Kamiyoshi steering wheel" to "Black Eggse Seadragon" which has been able to refine newly by meeting the conditions.

It was bigger than ordinary egress sea dragon by blackening, but the size was compressed by the ability of [ship god Kiyoshi steering wheel] which is [sacred treasure], finally a special small vessel - that is, a water bike [ BRAGSLESS].

[BRAGLESS] is an adult male so big that three or four can ride with afford, so will it be a runabout type as a classification?

In any case, equipped with a separate jacket that will replace the floating rings, I ride the aur and Argentos behind the sea.

It was felt faster than on the ground, and the auris were also hilrifying, even laughing deliberately and being thrown to the sea deliberately laughed.

What is now is a «lace roof waters» where the waves are relatively calm and characterized by highly transparent seawater.

There is no marine monster that attacks, so it is a translation that is enjoying quite well, but gradually it got used to [BRAGLESS], the reaction is dull at first.

So make [BRAGLESS] about the size of a motor boat and set up a rope with hands.

In short, it is a wake board which slides on the water surface while being towed with a board on both feet.

At first I challenged by example as a model, but here the rarity ability [water ride Johnny] demonstrated its effect.

While being towed by [BRAGLESS] to navigate automatically, we decide the skill to fly, bounce and turn around.

Children who seemed excited to see it for the first time are all challenging, but at first it was a bit difficult.

It took a lot of time to get up and on and off the rope on the way.

But once I got used to it, I got used to it, so I got to be able to get on each one.

Although I use physical fitness pretty much, my kids seemed to be comfortable with keroli.

By the way, Mino Yoshikuni was also challenged, but it did not seem to think with the power shortage of [BRAGLESS] just to its size.

At that time [Shark Head No.] and covered with a magical ship.

Anyway, it can be said that it was the day when I enjoyed the ocean like that.

I thought that it was going to be a good day tomorrow while grilling fish caught in raw cutting into a grilled fish and eating with an umake.


Day 377 "377th day"

Unfortunately, today is a timewise.

It was troublesome to go outside as the thunderstorm rushed down so I spent slowly inside the ship.

There may have been an option to go somewhere in [Demon gate], but there were also documents to be written, so we decided to stick to office work.

And the night came when I noticed it.

Well, there will be such a day.


Day 378 "378 days"

Small meteorites falling around are sloppy while sailing in special waters called "sea descending sea".

There is no direct hit as to whether it is a mysterious defense, nor is it swaying by the wave of rough storm.

But the explosive and shock waves never stop around, the splashing sea water falls like rain.

It was troublesome so I decided to spend it on board the ship today.

While digesting work, while taking a break on time with Kanami on his back, he takes a look at smiths and alchemists.

A blacksmith is recently crazy about making jewelry along with Asu - chan.

Beside, not only Ogura who is interested in smith but also Osiri who has [god of protection] of [God of jewels] seems to say what I thought.

While chatting and chatting, try designing something for design.

Alchemist seems to be doing something in the kitchen with some sisters.

Since I was interested in it, I seem to be studying new condiments matching seafood ingredients.

Because it was laughing happily that it was neither ah nor awesome, we mixed preserved ingredients into a conversation as a souvenir.

The road of new condiments is still long and steep, but it will surely make something.

Iiyasu also mixed up in the second half, so it seems to be in any way.

Besides, I went around everyone in between moments and I was doing this.

In that way time passed and I crossed over the gloomy «desert sea» so the outside is calm at night.

After dinner, suddenly I wanted to drink onion wine, so when I was dinner while being blown in the night wind, Mino Yoshi came in silent.

It seems that it was cooked by Iiyugu in that hand, there is a meat dish of Lionel before [Beauty King].

Sit with meat dishes in between without saying a word, pour a drink.

Together with flesh of tempered limbs and a heart that had been circling hotly, silently at the same time with a knob.

Kishi is unchanging and tasty, but only tonight was a supporting role to color meat dishes.

It was not very handy, just like a baked but it was brilliant enough to think of Lionel who was shining in that gold just by eating a bite.

Illusion that wild living in the whole body every chewing. The magical power that overflows is full of limbs, and the sense of fulfillment that the power is full of the whole body.

Lionel 's opponent handed over to Mino Kichi, but I think that I wanted to actually make it even with just one hand.

It is already late, but eats meat with its slight regret with spices.

[Learning completion of ability name [Shishi King golden armor]]

[Learning completion of ability name [Lion Kingdom no Horo] Roar]

[Learning completion of ability name [Muon Lion King]]

[Ability name [Completion of Learning of Beast Conquest of Beast King]]

As we did not forget the taste of the enemy that killed and eaten, we just kept silent and flattened all meat dishes.

I felt I could see not only Lionel but also Hürthon in the night sky.


Day 379 "The 37th day of the week"

The special waters where there was a thriller began to start to decrease, and it feels like it was when sailing somewhere.

Perhaps the new continent is close.

So I thought to Admiral Kuro 確認, it seems that it is rather close to me.

It is impossible for current people to arrive today but I can arrive tomorrow.

I heard that it is impossible for the continents to come and go unless it crosses the ocean in a few months if it is normal.

The reason why I could shorten it so much was that the performance of Ambrasseim Parabellum was wonderful as well as proof that Admiral Kuroyoshi's route was right.

Well, if such a story is okay, when today is still unchanged enjoying the elegance in the upper layer pool elegantly, I found a shadow that seems to be a fleet of armed ships that are far away.

At first it was far too far to understand, but the fleet is progressing in the same direction and the direction is faster, so the distance shrank as time went by.

The appearance gradually became clearly visible, which was a fleet built with about tens of vessels.

Damage is conspicuous to all hulls. Although there are relatively few injuries, most of them are first-handedly hand-crafted and seemingly floating.

Were they hit by various marine monsters during a long long voyage?

I do not know if there was a sunken or strayed armed ship, but I could imagine the trouble of the fleet.

When it caught up for a while, when sailing side by side as it was, the sailors were able to watch their hands with a smile on their hands, and watching their hands and attaching their knees and dedicating prayers.

The reactions are different, but it is all cheerful like everyone relaxed, as if released from something.

There was only a new continent, a little after the voyage of life.

However, the state of the hull was not good, and in the situation where it was attacked by a group of marine monsters or when it encountered a big crisis, it could become quite dangerous situation, the fatigue and stress of the mind and body were heavy pressing on the sailors I guess.

If you think that the [Goddess Dungeon] of [the god of the ship] which is one pillar of deeply related gods to sea men such as sailor has passed, that reaction also nods.

It seems as though he encountered a guardian.

For such reasons, the fleet that springs up rises speed at what speed.

Did you think that you were not attacked by a brutal oceanic monster near [Ambrasseum · Parabellum], or just did not want to separate simply.

In the case of

Anyway, although they had to work in parallel for a while due to their efforts, they still gradually leave because the ground power was too different.

Besides, there were various hot exchanges, and I took a look at the whole story, I switched feelings and decided to enjoy a little vacation.

Yeah, the ogre drinking under the blue sky is good.


Day 380 "The 380th day"

As the land was close, the number of armed vessels we saw increased around noon.

It leads to expansion of the fleet of armed vessels accompanying us, but in addition to that we have been able to find a figure of a mid-size ship like a flyer and a fishing boat.

Although it can not go far beyond armed ships, fishermen go out for fishing on medium size ships reinforced with armor.

That is to say that the land is nearby, which means that there is a new continent at a distance that can be reached by medium-sized ships.

While waiting for arrival while waiting to arrive, a medium-sized ship [Fisherman] I will hold a net and observe that fish people are hiding in the ocean with harpoon.

We are a quick fishing by magic item, but there is no doubt as to its movement as it is the main business.

While slowly looking down on it, while looking back a bit like a long, short turning point, if I turned around slowly, I went back to the beginning of the first voyage, and as everyone gathered with nature, I made a petit banquet.

If you arrive in the New Continent, there are many jobs to do, such as expanding the power figure, seeking unknown ingredients.

There was also the meaning of nurturing the spirit. At the petit banquet, Iwa and the sisters' s dishes were behaved, and a number of barrels containing elf and labyrinths became empty barrels and rolled.

When I was doing a petit banquet that made me think about why I drank it as much as I could, the first voyage was over by the time I noticed it.

[Ambrasseum · Parabellum] anchors somewhat offshore from the port city, Admiral Kuroda brings the news of arrival.

As I saw it, the New World was definitely there, and I could find a birthplace city that is full of busts.

From here it is necessary to take the ship down to the New Continent, but sometimes it was close to dusk, so I decided to take a rest here.

Petit banquet is an ordinary banquet, drinking and singing fuss.

We prayed that we should discover delicious ingredients that we have not encountered yet in a new place called New World.

Pour noodles and have a toast.